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Today I sat down with KVHS girl’s rugby captain and team MVP Megan Thorpe.

Lauren: How long have you been playing rugby? Megan: I have been playing rugby for 4 years. Lauren: What influenced you to play rugby? Megan: One day I got a phone call from girls on the team that I know and they told me to play and it just stuck. I originally was going to play volleyball and track but this seemed new and fun. Lauren: What position do you play? Megan: I play outside center and wing. Lauren: What are your expectations for this weekend? Megan: I expect to be physical, make opponents remember who I am and leave it all on the field. Lauren: How have you yourself been preparing? Megan: I have been eating well, sleeping well and just been trying to stay focused on the game. Lauren: What has your team been doing to prepare? Megan: We have been focusing on communication and being vocal, how to be in the opponents face, going over plays and just making sure that everyone is on the same page. Lauren: Do you think the injuries will affect the play of your team? Megan: The game of rugby always has injuries, but there are always people who will step it up. Lauren: Do you think that winning last time against St. Macs is an advantage or disadvantage? Why? Megan: It is neither because it starts at 0-0 and depends on the teams play, it will be whoever wants it more. Lauren: Do you think that you guys are considered to be the underdogs? Megan: We might be a little because of the rebuilding but I think we’re pretty evenly matched. Lauren: Have practices gotten more intense or less intense to stay healthy for this weekend? Megan: More light now, we’ve done a lot of mental preparation, talking and walking through drills and how we want things done. Lauren: Do you think that playing at home you will have the “home field” advantage?

Megan: Not really, we’ve both played on it before but we definitely have more motivation because we don’t want them to take over our territory. Lauren: Is it easier to play the game on grass or on turf? Megan: It depends on the team and if you’re better at defense or offence. But turf is definitely easier to run on and it makes the game faster because there’s not holes or dips in the field. Lauren: How many times have you made the provincial finals for rugby? Megan: Four out of four years. Lauren: Do you think that because you have played in the finals before, that it takes a lot of the nerves away? Megan: No, I’m still going to be nervous no matter what eventually things will just play in and you forget once you get out there. Lauren: This being your last rugby game ever in your high school career, do the nerves get higher because of the pressure that may be put upon you? Why? Megan: it being my last game a little, but I just want to go out there and give it all, it’s more exciting because it’s been four years of hard work. Lauren: With the lack of experience in some of the players do you think nerves could hit them hard? Megan: Depends, not knowing what it’s like could make them do things they might have never done before whether it’s good or bad I don’t really know. All depends on them and how they handle it. Lauren: With the amount of aggressiveness that St. Macs plays with do you think that will impact the game in a big or small way? Megan: it will have an impact on it but we know that they are a nit and grit but talent can surpass that every day and that’s what we hope to do. We know they’re physical but we also know how to handle it. Lauren: After last year’s tough loss in the finals to Riverview, what is something about that game that you would like to change other than winning? Megan: Nothing really, we played the whole 70 minutes. There was a bad call and there was nothing we could do about it and then things just fell out of our control and we could never get it back. Lauren: Will you continue to play after this weekend? Where? Megan: yes I will be playing for the Saint John Trogans in the summer then in the fall I will be playing at UPEI for their team and then from there I’ll go where ever it takes me. Lauren: What has been your favorite memory of high school rugby? Why?

Megan: A lot of people would say winning the provincial championship but I think the people that I have gotten to know, they have been awesome, from going to practices and games and just always being around them is something to look forward to everyday.

Interview with Megan  
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