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Athletics Editorial By Kylar D’aigle KVHS is a school that is renowned for it’s reputation in Arts, Academics, and Athletics programs, but for the results they offer our school, athletics is the best use of funding. Athletic involvement is a crucial component to an individual's development in their high school years because it is an important factor in leading a healthy life and helps students build co-operative life skills through team participation. Athletic involvement is a major factor in attaining an ideal healthy lifestyle of good nutrition, strength, and a low BMI. It is important that we encourage such a lifestyle at a young age because New Brunswick is currently the most obese province in Canada. With over a quarter of the adult population considered obese, we are 11 percent fatter than the rest of Canada. Obesity has been proved to greatly increase risk medical issues like of diabetes and heart disease, which is detrimental to our society because it is very taxing on our health care system to cover all these avoidable medical expenses. By promoting our student body to be active on a daily basis, we circumvent many future problems. Another biological benefit of exercise is that it stimulates the brain into creating dopamine-a neurotransmitter responsible for regulating mood, coordination, and happiness. In addition to being physically fit, sports also help build an individual’s life skills. Succeeding in this world involves a versatile social skill set that can be developed quite aptly through the repetition of these skills in sports training. The most important skills that are acquired in athletics are those that foster team work ability. In nearly any occupation an athlete finds themselves working in, they will be able to apply leadership ability, polished communicative language, and a good understanding of strategy. For instance, if a person goes into business, these skills may translate into motivating co-workers, maturely discussing problems, and applying strategy skills to pick up on stock market trends. Our school has 27 unique sports teams which allows for an all inclusive environment where everybody can find a team where they belong. Having access to so many athletic opportunities means that the majority of the school is involved with something; this creates a proud Crusader network that unifies our school. Budget cuts are a reality in New Brunswick, and judging by the buzz created by a threat of 30% cuts in Anglophone West last year, there may come a time when our district has to prioritize what programs are a best use of government funding. Because of all the positive factors generated by athletics at KVHS--healthy living, skill development, and school unity-it is imperative that our tax dollars account for the greater benefits sports provide and continue fully funding our sports programs.

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