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Chi Omega A Sisterhood for Life! Think about.... When rushing you need to look for a sorority that fits you, not the other way around. It’s important for you get to know the girls and see if you click well with the young women. These well soon be your sisters and you don’t want to initiate and feel like you made the wrong decision. So, rememeber take rushing serious and also have fun it’s a great experince. One you’ll never forget.

Why Chi Omega? I can only speak for myself, but Chi Omega made me feel right at home. I felt like i was speaking to my good freinds from back home. I knew instantly that Chi Omega was the sorority for me. It’s the feeling when you see a great pare of high heels and they fit you perfectly. Now, that I have initiated Chi Omega I have gotten to know major of the girls and I know its a little corny but they are my sisters for life. I have had a rough time being so far home and my sisters have made me feel like I have a second home at WKU. Many have brought me to there home towns and my second family has grown even larger. I can’t descibe the feeling when you know your in the right place at the right time. I don’t know what I would have done, if i didnt go Greek My freshmen year. It’s been an adverture and its only just begun!

New members 2009

Chi Omega Actives

Some of Chi Omega’s Events!

Rachel Reetzke winning Homecoming Queen. (She’s a Chi Omega)

Homecoming Float ‘09 Even though, we didnt place in float Chi Omega won Homecoming!

Greek Week Top: Spring Sing Left: Penny Toss (1st place) Right: Tug (4th place) Below: Karen Towell Award Overall 3rd place in Greek Week

Rush Chi Omega  

Sisterhood for Life