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Kylah Ocampo is a graphic designer with flourishing skills in branding and calligraphy. She enjoys designing products and she continuously aims to incorporate calligraphy with her designs. Her design and calligraphy style is very feminine and fun and she finds inspiration from the elements around her.

Design & Calligraphy +63 917 583 1996 Kylah Naomi Ocampo @kylahnaomi

Personal Branding The brand aims to capture the artist’s skill and design style which is very feminine, friendly and flourishing. It also aims to highlight the artist’s specialty that is an approachable form of calligraphy.


Logo Features

Blunt tip for seamless flowing movement. Varying brush widths to embody traditional calligraphy.

Signature heart flourish


Kite for Kythe This project was a fundraising initiative for Kythe Ateneo - an organization that aims to help chronically ill children and their guardians. A series of 10 postcards were made and sold and the quotes share the theme of service, love and strength.



#HandletteredABCs This project was a personal challenge in which a letter of the alphabet must be written in calligraphy each day of the month. The project was made in order to practice writing each letter correctly and consistently and also practice designing borders and patterns in varying themes.



Calligraphy Tattoo This project was a small one time business venture of calligraphy temporary tattoos. The tattoos featured 10 positive and inspiring words or phrases and were meant as a fashion accessory for women. The designs were also used for a sticker business as well.



Pinnacle Project Pinnacle is a small scale entrepreneurship that aims to support and help different organizations and communities one pin at a time. The main products of the business are friendly, fun and cute enamel pins- most of which have some relation to the partner organization or community. through the partnership of pinnacle and kythe ateneo, all profits of this project will be donated to the organization for any needs they may have.



Honey & Co Honey & Co is a food stall that infuses honey, a healthier alternative for sugar or artificial sugar, in their meals. Honey-based sauces and savory proteins will be the main attraction of the stall and the distinct flavor of the ingredient will satisfy the sweet and savory palette of their Filipino customers.



SIP Metal Straws Sip is a budding environmental social entrepreneurship that aims to reduce the thousands of plastic straws disposed daily through creating a counter-culture and replacing it with stainless steel straws. The main product of Sip is a steel straw set which includes a straw cleaner and a reusable utensils pouch.



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Kylah Naomi Calligraphy Portfolio  

Kylah Naomi Calligraphy Portfolio