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Team Meeting Agenda The following topics need to be discussed in an expedient fashion to ensure all information is disseminated to all team members. Items in red will be part of a confidential electronic survey constructed to ensure everyone has an opportunity to voice their opinion on various items. Introduction of New Players • Sarah Repa • Jessica Blair • Nancy Shields Introduction of NIFHA Executive Members • Kim Elhorn - president • Tammi Nadeau - treasurer • Danielle Benson – scheduler Team Composition and Playing Time • Size of roster • Equal playing time • Equal opportunity • Rotational sit (15 skaters): o Random draw for rotational sit order o Pre-select up to a maximum of 2 voluntary sit dates which count towards your rotational sit dates o Other topics including insufficient cancelation notice and playing men’s teams Tournament Rosters • Enter 2 teams in local mid-island tournaments o Division of teams by: ! Random draw ! Over 30, Under 30 o Supplementation of rosters with intermediate players vs. playing with a short bench • Pacific Cup/Whistler o First pay first play – TBA like concert tickets o Random draw o Random draw from draw base representative of your commitment level i.e. if you attended 16/25 games, your name is entered 16 times. Rotational sits are counted as a game played. o No grandfathering Captain • Role of the captain o Intermediary with the officials o Construction of lines o Designation of special teams in tournament play if strong majority of team is in favor of utilizing special teams o Consistent leadership committed to promoting respect for each other, our opposition, the officials, and the league. • Nominations Additional Roles to Consider • Minister of Finance – collection of all tournament monies • Scheduler – coordinator of Hockey Clubhouse (or preferred application) and rotational sit HCHC • Tournament Organization Committee • Clarify destination of tournament proceeds • Discuss tiered volunteer system based on destination of funds and availability to volunteer vs. feasibility to pay

Team meeting agenda  

Meeting starts at 7:15 sharp! See you tonight!

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