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Illustrator, Graphic Designer, Web Developer


Hospital Mechanical Level Client

Affiliated Engineers, Inc.

Date 2012


A part of the building that is normally not seen by most visitors; this mechanical floor illustration reveals the complexity of the interaction between the structural and mechanical needs of a high-rise hospital. The illustration is true to life. It was modeled from the actual AutoCAD files used by the engineers and architects who were involved in the project. After I built the 3D model, a 2D image of it was imported into Adobe Photoshop and enhanced.

UTMB Infrastructure Map Client

Affiliated Engineers, Inc. / University of Texas Medical Branch

Date 2014


The University of Texas Medical Branch in Galveston was devastated by floods brought on by Hurricane Ike. In an effort to reduce the impact of future flood events, UTMB contracted Affiliated Engineers to come up with an infrastructure design that would be more resilient. This illustration shows the scope of infrastructure upgrades that AEI proposed, such as new utility tunnels, and hardened utility plants.

National Renewable Energy Laboratory Client

Affiliated Engineers, Inc. / The United States Federal Government

Date 2014


The National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL) was created to address some of the most complex energy problems facing the United States today. The illustration at right pictures the Energy Systems Integration Facility (ESIF) which is central to that mission. Specifically, this illustration shows some of the more major laboratories in ESIF as well as the REDB electrical busway which is a critical component to the work done at ESIF.

Other Illustrations (Clockwise from top-left)

Cathedral Section

Personal Project, 2010, Photoshop

Waste to Energy

Affiliated Engineers, Inc., 2011, Photoshop

Conceptual Rendering

Clockwork Symphony, 2010, Photoshop


Personal project, 2009, Photoshop/Sketchup

Video Game Artwork

Personal Project, 2015, pixel artwork

Lightweighting Ad Illustration

Affiliated Engineers, Inc, 2014, Illustrator

Server Room Diagram

Affiliated Engineers, Inc., 2013, Photoshop/Sketchup

Playing Card Artwork

Personal project, 2014, Illustrator

Smartphone Infographic

Affiliated Engineers, Inc., 2015, Illustrator

Web Development

Affiliated Engineers, Inc. Website Overhaul Client

Affiliated Engineers, Inc.




With over 200 projects featured, the Affiliated Engineers website contains a lot of data. The original version of the website was composed entirely of static HTML pages, which made management of all that data a very laborintensive task. For the new version, a custom content management system was built. The CMS is designed to utilize data that Affiliated Engineers already has stored in their existing databases - making maintenance far easier. As part of the upgrade, the website was also designed responsively, and fully utilizes design opportunities offered by modern browsers.

Portfolio Website Client

Personal Project

Date 2015


I wanted my portfolio website to be accessible and look ok great on any device. To that end, I designed it be concise, cise, clear, and completely responsive. An effort was made to improve performance by compressing images, minifying HTML, CSS, and Javascript ript code, and by keeping the design simple. The website degrades gracefully on older browsers, and nd is also fully accessible with Javascript disabled.

Graphic Design

Web-based Booklet Client

Affiliated Engineers, Inc.

Date 2016

Description A web-based booklet celebrating the 1st year anniversary of Affiliated Engineers Inc.'s new knowledge sharing platform (nick-named FiL). The booklet was designed for web-based viewing, and I enhanced my illustrations with a Javascript-based page-turning plugin (Turn.js), as well as various css-driven animations. You can view the booklet online here: (Looks best when viewed on a desktop. I also developed a fallback for mobile devices, but it is not in booklet format and lacks many of the animations.)

Greenbuild 2010 Client

Affiliated Engineers, Inc.

Date 2010


Greenbuild is a trade show/conference for any manufacturer, engineering firm, or architectural firm involved with sustainable design and construction. The concept for Affiliated Engineer's 2010 Greenbuild presence was "Absolutely" -meaning the importance of using absolute metrics as opposed to relative metrics when measuring the success of a sustainable structure. Getting noticed at a huge trade show like Greenbuild requires a really strong and memorable image. To that end, I presented our concept in a simple, yet graphically powerful way. The constructivist-esque imagery of an arrow in a target was carried throughout all of our collateral material - from the design of the booth itself, to the free stickers we handed out.

Other Design Work & Infographics (Clockwise from top-left)

Client Relation Diagram

Affiliated Engineers, Inc., 2010, Photoshop

Knowledge Web

Affiliated Engineers, Inc., 2010, Illustrator

Various Icons

Affiliated Engineers, Inc. / Confluenc, 2012-20 Illustrator

Sustainable Design Process

Affiliated Engineers, Inc., 2013, Illustrator

AEIexe Corporate Branding AEIexe Corp., 2013, Illustrator

US vs. German Building Code Visualiz Affiliated Engineers, Inc., 2011, Illustrator



Traditional Media

Traditional Media (Clockwise from top-left)


2008, Linoleum print

La Sagrada Familia

2007, London study abroad program, Pencil


2004, Linoleum print

Figure Drawing 2008, Charcoal


2003, Pencil

Cardiff Castle

2007, London study abroad program, Pencil


Portfolio of my work Illustration / graphic design / webdesign

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