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2 | Monday, March 28, 2011

UK hosts forum on Japan tragedy By Ellen Baker

Six professors hope to offer new perspectives on the recent earthquake and tsunami in eastern Japan. The UK Japan Studies program, in association with the UK Asia Center, is hosting a “Forum on the Great East Japan Earthquake” Monday from 4:10 to 6:10 p.m. in the William T. Young Library Auditorium. Dr. Masamichi Inoue, director of the Japan Studies program, will introduce and moderate a panel of five professors who will discuss the issues relevant to the events in Japan. “It’s a great educational opportunity to learn about information sharing and en-

gagement in local and social issues ... and being connected to the world,” Inoue said. “It’s hard to get some perspective with all the different news sources,” said Dr. Doug Slaymaker, a professor of modern and classical languages, literatures and cultures, who was in Tokyo at the time of the earthquake. “The parts that are bad are bad,” Slaymaker said. “A lot of people have died and a lot of people are out of houses; it’s a serious catastrophe. Then there are parts where it’s not bad. The city of Sendai — the biggest city closest to the quake — that’s 200 miles north of Tokyo. Not all of Japan looks like what you’re seeing.” Slaymaker will talk about his experience to help paint a

clearer picture of what is happening in Japan and what is not. Dr. Keiko Tankaka, professor of community and leadership development, and Dr. Akiko Takenaka, history professor, both saw the aftermath in Japan after flying in the day after the catastrophe on a short, scholarly trip. Takenaka was living in Tokyo in 1995 during the Kobe earthquake and plans to compare the two experiences. He wants to determine if the research and improvement methods put into place after the Kobe earthquake are currently being implemented and if they were proven useful. “There will be professors who will talk about nuclear power and earthquakes, and See JAPAN on page 3

Major providers leaving Netflix LOS ANGELES — Starz has joined the list of premium cable channels pulling away from Netflix. Just days after CBS’ Showtime Networks said it would soon stop making its original series available to Netflix Inc.’s streaming service, Liberty Media’s Starz, one of Netflix’s longest-term and most important partners, is changing its policy as well. Starting April 1, when its new drama “Camelot” premieres, Starz will no longer put episodes of its original series on Netflix the day after they first air on television. Starz will institute a 90day delay before Netflix subscribers can watch the shows via the Internet. Starz’s new policy also applies to online streaming services operated by Qwest and Verizon, but the move seems primarily aimed at Netflix. The pay channel also said that it eventually would institute a similar delay on movies it carries. Starz currently provides movies from Sony Pictures and Walt Disney Studios

to Netflix. Netflix spokesman Steve Swasey said that under the company's existing agreement with Starz, “movies are not impacted and contractually cannot be delayed.” Starz's deal with Netflix expires early next year. How and whether it will be renewed have been looming questions for both companies. Starz appears to be laying down a marker that, even if the contract is renewed, it will no longer provide its films as quickly to Netflix. The move to hold back original shows indicates that Starz may be growing concerned that providing content to Netflix too quickly could discourage consumers from subscribing to the cable channel. Past seasons of Starz original series such as “Spartacus” will continue to be available on Netflix. Netflix's Swasey called the change regarding television shows “evolutionary” and said it wouldn't significantly affect his company. “We value completeness more than freshness,” he said.

Several movie studios reached deals that include a 28-day delay after a movie’s release on DVD before Netflix can send the DVD to subscribers. Starz’s announcement reflects a growing concern among many in Hollywood that Netflix is turning from a partner into a competitor. With more than 20 million subscribers, many of whom stream its library of movies and programs onto Internet-connected televisions, Netflix has become something like a premium channel that exists outside the normal cable subscription universe. Showtime’s and Starz’s larger competitor, Time Warner Inc.’s HBO, has consistently withheld its movies and television shows from Netflix for just that reason. Looking to capitalize on its rapid growth, Netflix recently announced plans to get into original programming and struck a deal to become home for a political drama series starring Kevin Spacey called “House of Cards.” MCT

Horoscope To get the advantage, check the day's rating: 10 is the easiest day, 0 the most challenging. Aries (March 21-April 19) — Today is a 6 - As T.S. Eliot said, "To make an end is to make a beginning." Like a chimp, let go of one vine to swing on to the next. Don't look down, but straight ahead. Taurus (April 20-May 20) — Today is a 7 - Your energy and resourcefulness move projects ahead powerfully, despite your feeling decidedly antisocial. It's fine to dig in to the work. Be open to changes for the better. Gemini (May 21-June 21) — Today is a 7 - You're planning an adventure of discovery. Doors are opening. You may feel like hiding out before taking this leap toward fulfilling a purpose or dream. That's okay. Cancer (June 22-July 22) — Today is a 7 - Find your spiritual side, and listen. You have the energy, resources and ability to generate something you've been

wanting. Release self-doubt and pessimism. Leo (July 23-Aug. 22) — Today is a 7 - Unless distracted by introspection and self-criticism, you can really move a group project forward. Imagine its intention fulfilled, despite any negative inner comments. Virgo (Aug. 23-Sept. 22) — Today is a 7 - There's this constant dance going on to balance work and home life. Don't be tempted by risky ventures, but rather aim to spend time peacefully managing obligations. Libra (Sept. 23-Oct. 22) — Today is a 6 - Projects are moving forward, propelled by animated, creative conversation. Don't listen to inner cynicism. And get a second opinion before making financial choices. Scorpio (Oct. 23-Nov. 21) — Today is an 8 - You're grounded, energetic and resourceful. Projects are really rolling. Don't go so fast that you run over someone. Be open to something new for an

unexpected bonus. Sagittarius (Nov. 22-Dec. 21) — Today is a 5 - Get out and do something with a friend or sibling. Meet for coffee; go for a day trip or an afternoon hike. Let them talk you out of any lingering insecurities. Capricorn (Dec. 22-Jan. 19) — Today is an 8 - You get a lot done today. Something you've been looking for may suddenly appear. Go ahead and get it, but consider the long-term implications of big purchases. Aquarius (Jan. 20-Feb. 18) — Today is a 9 - You're the king of the jungle. But remember that your species can't survive because of you alone. We're all in this together. Devote attention to others. Pisces (Feb. 19-March 20) — Today is a 6 - There are too many unanswered questions. Some parts of life seem dark and gloomy, while others are bright and colorful. Focus on the latter. MCT

VIP hosts annual event By Genevieve Adams

Shine brightness on darkness. It may seem like a simple concept. The issue of women’s violence has been a problem around the world, and the traditional march Take Back

the Night plans to shed light on the dark streets and back corners where violence against women is so prevalent. The annual march, sponsored by the Violence, Intervention and Prevention Center, will be March 30, begin-

ning at 7 p.m. Current sites include the Patterson Office Tower Plaza, the parking lot of 3rd Street Stuff on Limestone, and Triangle Park. The marches will lead participants to Courthouse Plaza in downtown Lexington where See VIP on page 3

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Kernel selects Talent Night unites editor for different cultures 2011-2012 By Hongchul Yun

By Becca Clemons

A new editor-in-chief has been selected for the Kentucky Kernel. Journalism sophomore Taylor Moak was picked Friday as leader of the 2011-2012 Kernel staff. Moak is currently a managing editor at the Kernel. “It was a very challenging decision,� said Duane Bonifer, chairman of Kernel Press Inc., the nonprofit board that selects the editor. Moak “We had two great candidates.� He said the Kernel is the one of the most important student organizations on campus and has the greatest impact on campus. Bonifer said such quality candidates for Kernel editor are seen again and again, and Moak is no exception. “Most impressive was her passion not just for journalism, but for the Kernel,� Bonifer said. Moak said her goals for next year’s Kernel include ongoing coverage of the new president’s administration, as current UK President Lee Todd will retire in June. “The new president will be of student importance because it will affect students the whole time they are at the university,� Moak said. She also wants to expand the Kernel’s multimedia and online presence. Moak will replace current Editor-in-Chief Matt Murray, who is graduating. Sarah Geegan, student advertising manager, will keep her post for another year as she graduates next May. “I’m very excited to work with Taylor,� Geegan said. “She’s very approachable, and I think she and I will be able to foster the relationship between the ad side and news side that Matt and I established this year.� Moak will interview and select other editor positions next week. Sign-ups will be posted in the Kernel office on Monday for those interested in desk editor positions. “The Kernel gets to tell stories that no other organization does, because we have a student perspective,� Moak said.

Interested in a desk editor position? Sign-ups will be posted on Monday in the Kernel ofďŹ ce, room 026 of the Grehan Journalism building.

It was a talent show with a twist. The Office of International Affairs and the International Student Council held International Talent Night in Memorial Hall on Friday. The event included 19 performances onstage that ranged from cultural dances to music and singing, including a Tajiki Dance, Tae kwon do showcase and Chinese costume show. Many students and their families from other countries such as India, Turkey, Italy, Korea and China performed in front of an audience of about 200. T-shirts and UK sports bags were given out at the event. “We are really fortunate to have such a large and varied international community at campus,� Rutooj Deshpande, marketing head for the International Student Council, said. “Take advantage of that to intermingle with students from other parts of world, make friends and understand different cultures.� Admission was either $2 or a contribution of canned goods that will be donated to the Kentucky Refugee Ministries and Food Bank, respectively, to be used for international refugee rehabilitation in Lexington. The talent night was part of the Cultural Diversity Festival that has been an annual event at UK since 2004. “The purpose of the event is to make the link between organizations and students, sharing their tradition-

JAPAN Continued from page 2 that’s the nature of two of the disasters,� Takenaka said. “It’s more of a nuts and bolts kind of perspective to understand the earthquake and the succeeding catastrophes — it’s a good opportunity.� Dr. Susan Gardner, a physics and astronomy professor, and Dr. Dhananjay Ravat from earth and environmental sciences will also be on the panel to offer scientific explanations of the earthquake and the situ-

al music and dances,� Jimin Lee, president of the ISC, said. “I am glad that many students participated in this event and enjoyed the night with it. ISC want to make the event much more professional and plentiful for next year.�

For more information The International Student Council is recruiting new members. If interested, contact the Office of Student Affairs in Bradley Hall at 859-257-4067 or email

“It was very interesting, and I liked the kids Tae kwon do the best because the kids were very cute and full of energy,� said Elizabeth Hamilton, a linguistic student in attendance. “But I wished that more UK students were there to showcase their talents.� Currently, ISC is recruiting new members. Those interested can visit the Office of International Affairs in Bradley Hall, email, or call 859-257-4067. “ISC makes my job so easy because they are already motivated and enthusiastic about organizing programs that promote the understanding among the various cultures within the university and community,� Elif Bengu, a student group adviser, said.

ation at the Fukushima nuclear power plant. Inoue will also discuss appropriate methods of donations. Donations for the Japanese Red Cross will be accepted at the event.

If you go What: Forum on the Great East Japan Earthquake When: Monday at 4:10 p.m. Where: William T. Young Library Auditorium Admission: Free

Senate rookie Rand Paul makes a big splash in D.C. By Halimah Abdullah MCT

The mood was jovial and congratulatory Thursday at the Rotary Club of Louisville as members sang songs of God and country, noshed on lunchtime fare and awaited the man of the hour. It was Kentucky Sen. Rand Paul’s kind of crowd. From the podium, the Republican lawmaker flashed an impish grin, made a joke about whether his boyish curls were real, then ham-

VIP Continued from page 2 a rally will be held from 7:30 to 8:30 p.m. Both high school and college students are encouraged to join the Lexington community in celebrating 33 years of tradition in violence prevention and safety. “I think that’s really the strength of this movement,� Sally Evans, volunteer coordinator and educational programs director at the VIP Center said. “It requires men, women, young, old. It cuts across all of our differences. When people all over the world are talking, marching, supporting; that’s what is going to help us overcome this.� Evans isn’t the only one fighting for this cause. Since its creation 33 years ago, Take Back the Night has been an international phenomenon that has raised awareness about violence against women. The idea of Take Back the Night came from the womens movements of the 1970s. Women took back the fear of leaving their houses past sunset, took back the fear of standing up to an abusing partner, and took back the fear of being independent.

mered the Obama administration on what he sees as the federal government's unprecedented overreach on everything from the economic stimulus package to low-flow toilets. He chided congressional predecessors on both sides of the aisle for not doing enough to curb the ballooning national debt, and managed to slip in a few plugs for his new book, “The Tea Party Goes to Washington,� for good measure. And, as he had all week,

If you go What: Take Back the Night When: Wednesday at 7 p.m. Where: Patterson OfďŹ ce Tower Plaza, 3rd Street Stuff, Triangle Park Admission: Free “Things like rape, sexual assault and relationship violence are what we call crimes of silence because of their low reported nature,â€? Evans said. “When everyone comes together like in Take Back the Night, we let survivors know they’re not alone. “It’s very powerful to say these crimes will not be tolerated, and we will make this visible, and there are people in this community that won’t be passive.â€? The VIP Center is not the only place on campus that is combating the issue. “I’m in the women’s choir here, and as our philanthropy event we’re going to Take Back the Night,â€? said VIP Center volunteer and freshman Lindsey Steller. “I’ve never been affected by it, but if I can stop it from happening, then I can help.â€? The VIP Center has been working on raising awareness about living the green dot —


Paul played coy when asked about his 2012 presidential ambitions. “I don't know how that all got started,� said Paul, who's visited South Carolina, an important primary state and has plans to hit several other key primary states while promoting his book. He's vowed not to run against his father, Texas GOP Rep. Ron Paul, but added: “If he does not run, I have not ruled it out.� “Our debt is a serious See PAUL on page 6

how doing something small can make a huge difference. Gretchen Gruenberg, an intern at the VIP Center and coordinator for Take Back the Night, explained how her personal connection with dating violence has prompted her to make a change and stand up for women who think they’re alone in the issue. “I have been involved in VIP for the past three years and I have a personal connection towards violence,� Gruenberg said. “I was in a bad relationship, and I was date raped freshman year as well. ... The statistic 1 in 3 should be uncalled for. I think I should educate my peers that this does effect so many people.� The idea that something so small can make a world of difference, especially at a college campus where students think the problem is bigger than them, can be intimidating. The march challenges them to take a stand and find comfort in the number of people taking a stand with you. “We try to help people get in touch with realistic ways to stay safe,� Evans said. “We are ultimately involved in a social change movement. Violence is not inevitable. It’s not like cancer; we have a cure. We know what the signs are and when to step in.�









             859.226.5600 | 351 Foreman Ave


Experience, youth leads UK back to Final Four

Meet the 2010-2011 Final Four

Calipari leads third team to Final Four as UK wins 7th straight in postseason Twelve years. It felt like a lifetime for UK fans enduring their longest Final Four drought in school history. But after four failed attempts to advance from the Elite Eight, John Calipari led his team back where its MATT fans feel they MURRAY belong. The feat Kernel columnist means Calipari now joins former UK head coach Rick Pitino as the only two coaches to lead three different teams to the Final Four. Now Calipari just hopes he can match Pitino in another department — a National Championship. Some are surprised by the fact this is the team that has led UK back to the Final Four, but if fans take a step back, it may offer some perspective. This team is a return to the more traditional type of basketball team. There are no superstars, no guaranteed one-and-dones. Instead, there is a team that learned to play together over the course of the year, a team in which the whole is more than the sum of its parts.

UK joins a group of unlikely Regional champs in Houston By Ethan Levine and Ben Jones

University of Kentucky Wildcats The Cats will return to the Final Four for the first time in 13 years, the longest drought in program history. After losing four starters and five of their top six players to the NBA a year ago, and after disappointing losses to the likes of Alabama, Arkansas, and Mississippi, many thought this year’s UK team would struggle in the NCAA Tournament. But after winning its first three tournament games by a combined 12 points, including two game-winning shots from freshman Brandon Knight, UK found itself back in the Elite Eight against fellow storied program North Carolina, who UK defeated by seven points to reach its 14th Final Four. UK head coach John Calipari becomes the second coach all time to take three different teams to the Final Four, joining former UK head coach Rick Pitino. The Cats mixture of talented freshmen Knight, Doron Lamb and Terrence Jones along with experienced veterans DeAndre Liggins, Darius Miller and Josh Harrellson makes them a formidable force in Houston. Harrellson, the team’s lone senior, is a Final Four MVP candidate, averaging 15 points and nine rebounds in the tournament, and his team is playing its best basketball of the season. With such a short bench, foul trouble could derail the Cats, but Calipari has a real chance to claim his first national championship. Starters: G Brandon Knight, G Doron Lamb, G Darius Miller, F Terrence Jones, F Josh Harrellson Key Reserves: G DeAndre Liggins

“It took longer than I thought (to come together). I was just waiting for everyone to click and get on the same page,” freshman Terrence Jones said. Fellow freshman Brandon Knight has the ability to be the star of the team, but even when he managed to only post two points against Princeton, his teammates found a way to fill the void.

“It took longer than I thought (to come together). I was just waiting for everyone to click and get on the same page.” TERRENCE JONES Freshman forward

Jones has had a relatively quiet tournament, partly because he’s learned to be less selfish and step up his defensive game, losing him a little bit of the media attention he had garnered in the first half of the season. The most notable UK players to step up to the task for the unlikely run: veterans DeAndre

Liggins and Josh Harrellson. Each was buried behind the allstar class Calipari brought in last season, and many believed this would be a rebuilding year until Calipari’s much anticipated 2011-2012 recruiting class came to Lexington. Instead, they both stepped up to prove they could be the ones to get this team back where it belongs. Harrellson helped neutralize Player of the Year candidate Jared Sullinger as the Cats knocked off topseeded Ohio State and Liggins hit the three that put the nail in the coffin against the Tar Heels. “It takes more than talent. Discipline, hard work, all the extra stuff,” Liggins said. UK had never beaten either team in NCAA Tournament play and snapped a four-game Elite Eight losing streak dating back to 1999. Every team Kentucky has lost to this season, they have beaten if given an opportunity to play them for a second time. UK fell to UConn in the Maui Invitational earlier this year. When Billy Gillispie failed to reach the NCAA Tournament for the first time in 17 years, Kentucky fans couldn’t have felt further from a title. Two years and a John Calipari hiring later, they’re knocking on the door of an eighth championship. “We got Kentucky back,” Harrellson said.

University of Connecticut Huskies UK fans know the Cats’ Final Four opponent well. The Huskies handed John Calipari and Co. their first lost this season, a 84-67 blowout in the Maui Invitational back on Nov. 24. The UConn Huskies have been one of the hottest teams in the NCAA this March. After an improbable run in the Big East tournament, including five wins in five days at Madison Square Garden to win the conference championship, UConn earned a No. 3 seed in this year’s tournament. With victories over Bucknell, Cincinnati, San Diego State and a streaky Arizona team fresh off their dismantling of topseeded Duke, UConn has improved its current win streak to nine games in a row, and improved their record in neutral-site tournament games to 12-0. The Huskies have a coach with Final Four experience in Jim Calhoun, and a team that's accustomed to playing in a win-orgo-home environment. Led by guard Kemba Walker, regarded by many as one of the top players in the nation, the Huskies threaten opponents with speed and athleticism from the outside along with physical play inside. Young players like Alex Oriakhi and Jeremy Lamb will also need to make contributions for the Huskies to continue their run. Starters: G Kemba Walker, G Jeremy Lamb, F Roscoe Smith, F Tyler Olander, F-C Alex Oriakhi Key Reserves: G Shabazz Napier, F Jamal Coombs McDaniel, C Charles Okwandu

University of Butler Bulldogs The Bulldogs followed up their improbable run to the 2010 National Championship game with another improbable NCAA Tournament run in 2011. Coach Brad Stevens, just 34 years old, has taken Butler to two consecutive Final Fours, transforming the program from mid-major after thought to perennial title contenders. The Bulldogs road to the Final Four was far from conventional, with a buzzer beating first round over Old Dominion, a chaotic free throw shooting contest late with top seeded Pitt, and an overtime victory over Florida in the Elite Eight. There's no superstar for this team like Gordon Hayward was last year, but with the experienced leadership of senior forward Matt Howard and junior guard and Lexington native Shelvin Mack, Butler has been this far before and wont be satisfied with falling short a second straight season. Mack and Howard both average over 15 points per game, and while the rest of the team is comprised mostly of role players, Stevens has shown that he can propel his squad past collections of more talented players.


UK celebrates is win over North Carolina as time expires in the Regional Final in Newark, N.J. The win sets up a rematch between Kentucky and UConn in the Final Four.

UK beats UNC for first berth in 13 years Liggins nails three to seal trip to Houston By Aaron Smith

NEWARK, N.J. — John Calipari called DeAndre Liggins over to the sidelines, a sly smile on his face. Liggins went over. This wasn’t for an instructional talk, or a chewing out. This was celebration time. Calipari placed both hands on Liggins’ head and kissed it. “He didn’t kiss me back, I can tell you that,” Calipari said. “He said, ‘I love you,’” Liggins said. “And then we got back to the game.” At that point there were only 9.3 seconds left, seconds that ran off quickly. And then UK was

going to the Final Four, ending a 13-year absence with a 76-69 victory over North Carolina. “You live for moments like this,” Terrence Jones said. It was Liggins – the same player who refused to enter a game during his freshman season, who sat out 10 games for undisclosed reasons his sophomore season – who made all the big plays down the stretch. First, there was a chasedown block of Kendall Marshall with UK clinging to a one-point lead. “That was the only time we had the ball with a chance to go ahead,” UNC head coach Roy Williams. And then a three-pointer on the ensuing offensive possession.

UK had made 11 threes in the game already. But that was the “dagger,” Josh Harrellson said. “That was the shot that was getting us to the Final Four,” Harrellson said. Terrence Jones said the team is used to Liggins’ accuracy from the floor though. “He makes the most shots when we do the five-minute (three-point) drill,” Jones said. “Coach always tells him he needs to shoot more, because he is a great shooter.” The next North Carolina possession, Harrison Barnes – who was the driving force behind a late North Carolina run that cut an eight-point UK lead into a tie game with less than

“This is my first time here, so I’m kind of shell shocked. It hasn’t caught up to me yet.” DEANDRE LIGGINS Junior forward

“This is my first time here, so I’m kind of shell shocked,” Liggins said. “It hasn’t caught up to me.”

Added Miller: “I wasn’t even sure of what I was doing (after the game ended). I’m still taking it all in. I still don’t know how I feel right now.” Harrellson chucked the ball up toward the rafters. The team was presented with the East Regional trophy, and the nets were cut down. Jay-Z congratulated the team in the hallway. “We did it in the SEC Tournament,” said Liggins of cutting down the nets. “But this is what matters.” UK used a team effort, in the truest sense. Every starter scored in double digits, led by Brandon Knight’s 22. The balanced offense withstood Tyler Zeller’s 21 and Barnes’ 18. And with the lengthy John Henson on the bench in

constant foul trouble, Terrence Jones pieced together his most efficient game of the postseason, scoring 11 points and adding seven rebounds. “Going to the Final Four, you don’t want to be that dude who’s not playing well for your team,” Jones said. “Guys, you worked hard with, early in the summer when it’s hot outside, and for it to be almost at the end and everybody’s playing as well as they are, it’s just great.” It was again Josh Harrellson who ended up with the net around his neck and a smile plastered on his face. “I was leaving it all in Newark,” Harrellson said. “Or wherever I’m in. Next week I’m leaving it all in Houston.”

The unlikeliest year to end the drought Calipari delivers on a promise to return UK to its former glory By Aaron Smith

NEWARK, N.J. — This is what John Calipari was brought in for. To get Kentucky back to the top of the college basketball world. To get Kentucky back to bannerworthy postseason results. To get Kentucky back to the Final Four. It had been 13 years since the last trip to the Final Four, one that ended in a national

Starters: G Shelvin Mack, Shawn Vanzant, G Chase Stigall, F Matt Howard, C Andrew Smith Key Reserves: G Ronald Nored, F Khyle Marshall

Virginia Commonwealth University Rams The Rams have certainly been this year’s Cinderella team in the NCAA Tournament. An 11-seed from the small Colonial Athletic Association, the Rams become just the third ever 11-seed to reach the Final Four, following in the footsteps of the 1986 LSU and 2006 George Mason teams. VCU was an afterthought just a couple weeks ago, relegated to a play-in game against USC to make the round of 64. VCU was selected as one of the last four team’s to play in the newlyexpanded tournament’s first round. Had the tournament not expanded from 65 to 68 teams this year, VCU would likely have not even been selected to the big dance this year. Becoming the first team to have to win five games to reach the Final Four, VCU has shocked the nation with excellent play from senior guard Joey Rodriguez and senior forward Jamie Skeen. The Rams have completed their unlikely run from the First Four to the Final Four on the strength of a transition game from an experienced core. Four of the top five scorers for VCU are seniors, and the other is a junior. After defeating ranked teams including Georgetown, Purdue, and top-seeded Kansas, VCU looks as though they are a team capable of competing in the Final Four with fellow mid-major Butler. Starters: G Joey Rodriguez,G Ed Nixon, G Rob Brandenburg, F Jamie Skeen, F Juvonte Riddic Key Reserves: G Brandon Rozzell, G Bradford Burgess, F Toby Veal

four minutes remaining – rose up for an three-pointer. Liggins deflected it, Harrellson grabbed it, Knight sunk a free throw to ice the game, and the celebration began.

championship. Since then, there were near-misses (Elite Eights in 1999, 2003, 2005 and 2010) and some not so close (missing the NCAA Tournament altogether in 2009). After experiencing the NIT season, Darius Miller wondered if he would ever experience the success he expected at UK. “I’m sure some of our own fans never thought we would make it here,” Josh Harrellson said. And the thing that made it

so special: this wasn’t supposed to be the year. Even though Calipari incessantly said he liked his team throughout the year, it seemed like the two surrounding rosters would be better equipped to end the streak. Last year had the supernatural talents who ripped apart any semblance of realistic expectations. “It definitely was supposed to happen last year,” Harrellson said of the Final Four run. “We had the most talented team in the NCAA by far last year, position by position. But this year I think we played with more heart and more passion than we

did. It’s more of a team game.” Next year was (still is) primed to be the one, the collection of players that could make the deep run. But this year? No. Not after losing five first-round draft picks. Not after losing the best player from the annual installment of top-rated recruiting classes. Not after losing six conference games on the road, blows to the psyche of both the fan base and the team — but not the coach. “I kept telling them the whole time, ‘I believe in you,’” Calipari said. “I don’t See UNLIKELY on page 8


DeAndre Liggins hits a three with 37.1 seconds left in the second half, which helped secure a victory over North Carolina on Sunday.

UK celebrates its victory over North Carolina which sends it to its first Final Four in 13 years.


Liggins heads back to the game after “the kiss” in which Calipari congratulated him for a big play late in the second half against North Carolina.

Calipari proves coaching chops with latest Final Four NEWARK, N.J.—You might question whether or not UK head coach John Calipari has joined select company in becoming only the second coach in NCAA history to lead three different teams to a Final Four. With UK’s 76-69 win over second-seeded North Carolina, Calipari joined Rick Pitino (oh, the irony!) as the coaches who have taken three different teams to the Final Four; Pitino accomplished the feat at Providence, NICK UK and Louisville, while CaliCRADDOCK pari has now led UMass, MemKernel phis and UK to the National columnist Semifinals. However, Calipari’s previous two teams had their Final Fours vacated (which technically doesn’t affect Calipari’s record book—I guess you know my perspective, now). Regardless of your thoughts on Calipari’s previous Final Four teams, there’s no denying the miraculous coaching job Calipari has performed all season, let alone the NCAA Tournament. In fact, this coaching job is his best one to date. Calipari said after the game that this Final Four has a special meaning to him for clear reasons. “Because we lost five first-round draft picks (last season) and everyone wants to say you can’t win with young players,” he said. “And I say if it’s experience or talent, and I have a choice, I’m taking talent, and we’ll figure how to make them play together, how to get them to defend, how to get them to increase their toughness, how they have to play to win ball games, I’ll deal with that.” Somehow, Calipari molded a small six-man roster consisting of three often hot-and-cold freshmen and three veterans who had as much confidence in themselves as a Louisville fan dressed in red walking down a dark Lexington alley at midnight. With six close road losses during conference play, including one at Arkansas roughly a month ago, the chances of this Final Four run, the first for the Cats in 13 years, seemed improbable at best.

“We never really gave up, but we were definitely in a rough patch right there,” said UK junior Darius Miller, only two years removed from an appearance in the National Invitational Tournament. The loyal hoops fanbase in Lexington probably would’ve been satisfied with a Sweet 16 appearance given the rocky road the Cats have traveled this season. A road, which at times, seemed to frustrate Calipari more so than the players and was made worse on Selection Sunday when UK was placed in the East Region, which was a murderer’s row of top teams — Ohio State, North Carolina and Syracuse. “When I saw the seedings, yeah, I’m a little bit surprised we’re here,” Calipari said. “Not because of how my team was playing, I just thought the path to get here would be so ridiculous that we would have to play out of our minds.” But Calipari was never going to be satisfied with a Sweet 16 appearance. He was going to get his team to get his team to play out of their minds, something they managed to do in Atlanta, Tampa and Newark. Calipari’s team began to play together, all six of the major players knowing their roles on the team, the team began to understand that defense, not running up the scoreboard, was the sure fire way to get a victory and, most importantly, the team began to play tough, mentally and physically; closing out close games in the postseason has seemed like instinctual behavior for these Cats. “It’s just that coach is a great motivator,” said UK junior DeAndre Liggins, who shared an embrace (and forehead kiss) with his coach after a huge block on Carolina’s Kendall Marshall and a huge 3-pointer to seal the win down the stretch. Said Liggins of the embrace: “It just showed that I love him as a coach, he defined my game greatly, he made me the player I am now.” Every member of UK’s 2011 Final Four team should show some love to coach. UK’s upset win over the top-seeded Ohio State Buckeyes in the Sweet 16 might’ve shocked the world, but it should come as no shock that Calipari masterminded and inspired this run out of his team. There’s no question about that.


6 | Monday, March 28, 2011

In March, both genders go mad Few things are as unifying as a UK win or loss. We might handle the game differently, but the people hanging their heads on the way back from Rupp those burning Martha Groppo or couches feel the same. The Big Blue Nation has citizens of both genders. I’ll give you that we girls may handle the game itself differently — maybe. For some of us girls, seeing you guys with faces painted blue and your jugular veins popping out as your eyes light up with bloodlust makes us feel like we are on the set of “Braveheart.” Seeing your inner Mel Gibson emerge is sort of scary. For others, the only reason we do not also have our chests painted, to match our blue wigs, is public decency laws. We will scream just as loud and launch equally scathing insults at the refs. And you can’t forget those of us who are in love with anyone who sports a sacred blue jersey. We hold those signs that say “Marry me — insert name of basketball player” and no one is entirely sure if we are joking. March Madness helps us girls understand why you’re so into it the rest of the year. It’s hard for us to justify waiting in eight-hour lines for front row eRUPPtion Zone spots in the midst of tests until we get our first dose of hoop fever in March. However differently we act during the game, we are all the same after. We feel devastated or elated depending on the outcome. We just might let you haul out the couch we torch together, or buy a TV to replace the one we just threw something at. Girls and guys hug, dance, jump up and down, and yes, cry.

Last week we talked about the lengths guys will go to in order to make sure they’re firmly planted in front of a TV for each game in all of this tournament madness. Now Andy Burress that we’re seated, common courtesy demands we discuss what to expect when the buzzer sounds. For better or for worse, there are going to be some strong, potentially physical, reactions that, unless otherwise forewarned, could do work on a seemingly stellar rep.

The blowout. Unfortunately, the blowout is your best bet at a civil reaction. Win or lose, this situation typically means that you checked out some 10 minutes ago, three or four minutes after the route started. Glasses are empty, regardless of how tall or short they may be, and any semblance of a bird has long since migrated from your plate. “Ah man … Anyone down for some ping-pong?”

The last-second loss. It’s devastating. Plainly put, we will

cry “for the first time” every time, and don’t care who’s watching. As the final horn sounds and reality sets in, all eyes are glued to the screen, hoping to catch a reaction that would imply more time going back on the clock or even a foul on the other guy. For what seems like a lifetime, we’ll sit in silence, completely oblivious to surrounding activity, until someone makes the first move toward Facebook. When the online banter starts, get ready. In these parts you’ll rarely see a man go 0 to 60 so quick over something so “seemingly minute.” All I’m saying is you better be leery of your surroundings when the trash-tweeting starts.

The clutch win. As soon as you realize your team will get one shot to decide its fate, you should consider grabbing a pillow. As if on the bench itself, all breathing stops for that split second from release to net, and then the real madness starts (and the pillows come in handy). Never before have you jumped so high, so hard, for so long. Nor have you shouted such nonsense at the top of your lungs and directly into your buddy’s face. It doesn’t even matter, though — nothing matters. Go on and forfeit your dignity for the rest of the night. Once you settle enough to start speaking words again, it’s time to take it to the streets — these four walls and an illplaced girlfriend simply cannot contain the excitement of more than a few fullgrown men. No injury, spillage or legal discouragement can take away from the eight or so seconds you’ve got playing on loop in your head. “Are you kidding me?!? This is awesome, baby!”

A battle of words Student Activities Board brings rap battle event to the Cats Den By Joy Priest

“Rap Battle: Why We Love Hip-Hop Series,” sponsored by the Student Activities Board, will take place Monday in the Cats Den at 7 p.m. The third and final event of the spring series will showcase the skills of UK students. Freestyle rap battling originated in the 1980s as a form of rap competition in which artists would perform previously written verses a cappella. During the ‘90s, “freestyling” transformed into its current form, which involves delivering verses in a battle “off the top of the head.” This form was popularized through hip-hop artists like Eminem in his motion picture “8 Mile. “ “Freestyle battling or freestyling is the essence of making a song or compilation with little or no planning based on content,” Warren Edwards said. Edwards, also known as DJ WarrenPEACE, will be one of the judges for the competition, and will be playing the beats for participants to rap along with. “We wanted to conclude with a rap battle,” Jasmine Whitlow, director of multicultural affairs for SAB, said. Last year in our very first Why We Love Hip-Hop event we incorporated a rap battle. A lot of students turned out, and a lot of students could rap.” As of right now, around five students are signed up to participate in the battle, according to program chair Jasmine Pulce. “The rap battle is a way for UK students to

get involved in the series,” Pulce said. “I hope students come out to participate because the prizes are really good.” The first place prize for the rap battle is a pair of Beats by Dr. Dre Studio Headphones worth $200, and the second place prize is a pair of Beats by Dr. Dre Solo Headphones worth $150. “We didn’t have a sign-up last year and a lot of people showed up,” Whitlow said “so I anticipate more (students) will come out on Monday to participate. We will also have performers who didn’t want to battle, but who still wanted to showcase their talents.” Whitlow describes the battle as “similar to Freestyle Friday but not as structured,” referring to a competition every Friday on the popular BET show “106&Park.” “We’ll have judges determine each round, and the final round will be based off of judge input and crowd reaction,” Whitlow said. “We have a couple female rappers this time around, so I’m excited for that.” To participate, one must be a UK student. He or she would need to send an email to the director of multicultural affairs for SAB at However, students may still be able to participate by signing up at the event on Monday. “I expect a lot of people to come out, enjoy the show and have a good time,” Pulce said. “It’s on a Monday night; you’re not doing anything else. It’s in the Cats Den — free popcorn and free game play.”

PAUL Continued from page 3 problem,” Paul said, adding that whittling down the debt is a key goal of the tea party movement. “That platform needs to be represented in 2012 and I want to influence who that candidate will be.” And just like that, Paul, a newly minted senator just three months into his sixyear term, made national news — again. In his first months in office, Paul, arguably the highest-profile face of the tea party movement, has made the rounds on the national media circuit espousing debt reduction, hit key primary states to promote his book and released a budget plan calling for $4 trillion in spending cuts. However, discerning exactly how much impact Paul's had on the congressional debt debate is another matter altogether. “Rand Paul has quickly established himself as a leader in the Senate by challenging Washington's status quo with bold ideas to balance our budget and increase personal freedom. He's done more in three months than some senators do in their entire careers,” said Sen. Jim DeMint, RS.C., an ideological soul mate. True to his campaign promises, Paul's budget plan calls for eliminating the departments of Commerce, Education, Energy and Housing and Urban Development. He'd also repeal the health care law, nix some small agencies and trim the budgets of others. “For a newly minted freshman senator, he's been more effective than usual in getting publicity and getting news coverage of his causes,” said Stephen Voss, a political science professor at the University of Kentucky. Paul's ambitious modus operandi may win him kudos among die-hard supporters, but it certainly won't win friends and influence people when he's trying to cultivate important relationships and coalitions in the

Senate, said Larry Sabato, the director of the Center for Politics at the University of Virginia. Paul isn't part of the socalled “gang of six,” a bipartisan group of lawmakers working on a debt solution. Nor is Paul among the group of Republican leaders regularly called upon to have tete-a-tetes with the White House on reducing the federal debt. Paul also “wouldn't be in the top tier” were he to run for the GOP presidential primary, Sabato said. His newcomer status would make President Barack Obama's brief tenure as a freshman senator from Illinois look like a lifetime by comparison, he added. “Part of it may be that he looks and sees so far no pure tea party candidate is running,” Sabato said. “Is there room for someone like Rand Paul? Sure. This is a free-for-all, and I'll be surprised if we don't have some surprise candidates. Having said that, you don't win a presidential campaign on the fly. You need to have raised money and spent time in South Carolina, New Hampshire and Iowa.” So far, former Minnesota Gov. Tim Pawlenty is the only Republican to take the formal step of creating a presidential exploratory committee. Former House Speaker Newt Gingrich, Mississippi Gov. Haley Barbour and former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney are almost certain to run. Tea party favorites Sarah Palin, the former Alaska governor and 2008 vice presidential nominee, and Minnesota Rep. Michele Bachmann are also mentioned as possible GOP candidates, as are Ron Paul, former Arkansas Gov. Mike Huckabee and Jon Huntsman, a former Utah governor and soon-to-be departing U.S. ambassador to China. So far, Paul's greatest contribution to the debate may be his ability to push the debt-reduction cause through the media buzz that seems to follow him wherever he goes.

kernelopinions monday 03.28.11 page 7

shannon frazer | opinions editor |

The couch, the couch, the couch is on fire Couch burning is the latest sacrificial rite in Big Blue Nation — the most sports-religious group of fans within the bigger nation. Yes, couch burning. You know, the riotous act of revelry and celebration typically following an important sports victory. Who knows why an ecstatic fan first decided to set a couch on fire; maybe it was a sacrifice to the entire sports season he or she had spent on it? But wait. Wasn’t this someone else’s tradition before the UK community’s State Street incident on Friday and subsequent incidents on Sunday (see the March 26 Kernel online post and the infamous YouTube videos)? conducting some much-needed research, I found JOY PRIEST thatAfter the couch burning capital of the world is Morgantown, W. Va., home of the West Virginia University Mountaineers. Contributing In the past, the fire officials in Morgantown literally had columnist to issue an order for “the removal of all upholstered furniture, debris and flammable objects from porches in city neighborhoods with high (WVU) student populations,” according to a 2005 USA Today article. In a more relevant geographical area, Ohio University fans have adopted the couch burning tradition as one of their own. On Friday, the Big Blue cult — or congregation, depending on how you look at it — stole that tradition from OU. Between 1997 and 2003, according to the USA Today article, Morgantown led the nation with 1,129 intentional street fires. Kentucky will be leading the Big Blue Nation to the Final Four on Saturday, but hopefully will not lead the rest of nation in couch burning, as we know our overzealous fans are perfectly capable of doing. Recent basketball wins prompted nights full of Big Blue rituals in the name of victory, but let’s wait and leave our latest rite for a NCAA championship victory … just kidding, UKPD. Joy Priest is a journalism senior. Email

SHANNON FRAZER,, Kernel cartoonist

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Wanted Researchers are recruiting social drinkers with or without ADHD for studies concerning the effects of alcohol. Looking for Male and Female participants between 21-35 years of age. All participants are compensated for their time. Please call 257-5794.

Roommates Wanted Female Roommate Wanted to sub-lease 4BR townhouse from May 1st – July 31st, Red Mile Square. $370 + utilities. Available May 1st. Call 859-446-6552 or 859-553-6096 $520/4BR. Need Roommate. All inclusive. 859-4558208 $619/2BR. Need Roommate. All inclusive. 859-4558208 Roommates wanted. Brand new. Student housing complex. 859-455-8208 1-2 Roommates Wanted for House in center of campus. or 859-433-2692 Roommate Needed. Extremely nice. All utilities, Cable TV & Highspeed Internet included. Dennis @ 859-983-0726. Female Roommate Wanted: Female Student a Must. 1BR for sub-lease, near UK. $375/month + utilities. Available immediately. 859-588-5757

Lost & Found FOUND! Apartment Key on a lanyard, on campus. Please call 257-2871. Lost: Black & Green Flip Phone, Sony Ericsson. Email Found: Beautiful silver and pearl earring on the sidewalk between Mines & Minerals and Hilary J. Boone Center. Call 859 229 7256 to describe and claim. FOUND- TI-84 plus calculator in room CB 207. Contact the Math department, 257-6802, to claim.

Travel BAHAMAS SPRING BREAK: $189 – 5 days or $239 – 7 days. All prices include round trip luxury cruise with food, accommodations on the island at your choice of thirteen resorts. Appalachia Travel 1-800867-5018,

The Kentucky Kernel is not responsible for information given to fraudulent parties. We encourage you not to participate in anything for which you have to pay an up-front fee or give out credit card or other personal information, and to report the company to us immediately.

110328 Kernel in print  

The pages of the Kentucky Kernel for March 28, 2011.

110328 Kernel in print  

The pages of the Kentucky Kernel for March 28, 2011.