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CREATION MUSEUM CLASH Creationist, scientist to debate life’s origins

Bill Nye

Ken Ham

By David Schuh

Bill Nye, who garnered nationwide fame with his popular science TV show in the 90s, is now making a new name for himself as an opponent of creationism — and he’s bringing his views to Kentucky. “Bill Nye the Science Guy” will challenge Creation Museum founder Ken Ham on Feb. 4, in a debate that some say some say isn’t a debate at all. “Evolutionists are much more reluctant to debate creationists nowadays,” said Mark Looy, co-founder of the Creation Museum. Ham’s beliefs of strict creationism come alive at the museum, a 70,000square-foot dedication to the tales of the Bible in Petersburg, Ky. According to Ham’s

Blog, Answers in Genesis, creationism is the belief that the Bible is literal and true, and its teachings are applicable to science and history. This includes the assertion that all creatures on earth were created deliberately and not by evolution. Looy said creationists rarely participate in these types of debates, but not because they don’t want to do them. The reason for that, secularists believe, is that there is nothing to debate. “I don’t agree that it’s a debatable topic,” said Dan Arel, a writer for the Richard Dawkins Foundation, a nonprofit that supports scientific education “in the quest to overcome religious fundamentalism, superstition, intolerance and


What: Debate screening When: 7 p.m., Tuesday, Feb. 4 Where: Bluegrass Community and Technical College, Oswald Building Auditorium, Room 230


human suffering,” according to its website. Arel wrote a column on Jan. 16 denouncing the debate, creating buzz on the Internet. Arel not only brushed aside Ham’s ideas, but also blamed Nye, saying it was wrong of him to even conSee DEBATE on page 2

Biography: Ham opened the Creation Museum in Petersburg, Ky., in 2007. He’s a biblical apologist and a renowned public speaker, appearing on shows such as “Good Morning America” and “The O’Reilly Factor.”

Star of the popular TV show, “Bill Nye the Science Guy,” Nye spent six years educating kids on the quirky nuances of science on PBS and Disney Channel. He studied mechanical engineering at Cornell University and began his career working at Boeing.

What he will argue:

What he will argue: Nye believes children should not be taught creationism, because it will prevent them from becoming “scientifically-literate.” He says it halts the culture’s intellectual progression.

Ham responds, saying that Nye has an agenda to teach children not to believe in God. He claimed in a YouTube response that Nye doesn’t actually understand science. Ham believes his creationist ideas teach people to think critically, and that religion can co-exist with evolutionary science.


he Creation Museum is a 70,000 square-foot facility that has seen two million visitors since its opening in May 2007. It brings to life the pages of the Bible, filled with exhibits and technological features including animatronic dinosaurs, an indoor ark and a planetarium.

UK grad to compete on ‘Survivor’

Stoops hoping for 28 recruits By Matt Overing

Jefra Bland joins ‘Beauty’ tribe on popular show

A UK alumna will compete on “Survivor” against 17 other castaways for $1 million. Jefra Bland, of Campbellsville, Ky., will be on the “beauty” tribe of the 28th season of the popular reality show, “Survivor: Cagayan — Brawn vs. Brains vs. Beauty.” Bland, 23, was crowned Miss Kentucky Teen USA in 2009. Joining her in the fight to the title are a horse trainer, an ex-NFL cheerleader, and a male model. Bland described herself on the CBS website as “outspoken, charismatic and fierce,” adding that her that her reason for being on the show is for the $1-mil-

lion prize. “I’m a broke college girl who is tired of eating Ramen noodles and wants to pay off my student loans and to open up a drug rehab with my dad,” she said in her profile on the “Survivor” website. She also wants to prove that pageant girls aren’t just cute faces, but also smart. Of the 18 contestants, she thinks she has what it takes to win. “In my 22 years of life, I have already survived cervical cancer, losing everything financially, the disease of addiction and more,” she said on the “Survivor” website. “It takes a fighter to survive this world and that’s what I am.”

Jefra Bland

“Survivor: Cagayan” will premiere at 8 p.m., on Wednesday, Feb. 26 on CBS. STAFF REPORT

Rupp Arena to rival Louisville’s Yum! Center when renovations are complete During the first years of head coach John Calipari’s tenure in Lexington, one of his common reiterations was that UK was the “gold standard” of college basketball. This “gold standard” meant that in terms of talent, acDAVID complishSCHUH ments, fan Kernel dedication columnist and even facilities, UK was the best of the best. And had Cats fans been asked at the time, they’d agree. But the opening of the KFC Yum! Center has given the University of Louisville one of the premier venues in all of college basketball. With its wide concourses,

high-class dining and bars, and space to fit more than 22,000 fans, the new Louisville arena has dwarfed nearly everything that Rupp Arena has to offer. For some, this may have been enough reason to expe-

dite plans to renovate (or even replace) Rupp Arena, a facility that hasn’t seen significant upgrades since it opened in 1976. The concourses are narrow, the scoreboard is grossly outdated and the concessions

and bathrooms leave a lot to be desired. The Yum! Center is superior in nearly every facet, and the city of Lexington and UK had to take notice. See SCHUH on page 2


A rendering of the renovations proposed to Rupp Arena shows some of the amenities, such as luxury suites.


CLASSIFIEDS.............3 CROSSWORD.............3 HOROSCOPE.............3

UK football head coach Mark Stoops has continued his impressive run on the recruiting front, with 13 days left until Signing Day. Four-star cornerback Kendall Randolph (Lincoln High School, Tallahassee, Fla.) confirmed his commitment to the Cats on his Twitter account Tuesday.

Dedric (Brinson), if they offered him, he would go. He’d like to be at UK.” ROD SHAFER

Lake Wales High School head football coach

His commitment, which was first reported by Kentucky Sports Radio, bumps UK's 2014 class up to 25 commitments. Randolph is the fourth player from the state of Florida in the class. His offer list, according to Rivals, included the University of Georgia, the University of Oklahoma and Florida State University. Most recruiting classes are only allowed 25 scholarship players. However, in a press conference on Dec. 18, Stoops alluded to a rule that will allow UK to sign 28 scholarship players in the 2014 class. “We can count three back from last year, so we could go up to 28 this year,” Stoops said. “We plan on signing all 28.” UK signed 23 players

OPINIONS..............4 SPORTS.....................1,3 SUDOKU.................3

in the 2013 class, and player transfers along with dismissals allow for three additional recruits to the 2014 class, according to UK Athletics. One player no longer on the list of 2014 recruits is tight end Kano Dillon (Vanguard High School, Ocala, Fla.). Dillon was scheduled to visit UK over the weekend but canceled his visit, said Alex Castaneda, Dillon’s high school coach. The 6-foot5-inch three-star (per 24/7 Sports) tight end is committed to the University of South Florida. Two players from Lake Wales High School (Lake Wales, Fla.) could help round out the 2014 class. Davion Riley, a three-star tight end according to Rivals, and Dedric Brinson, a two-star cornerback, both have seen interest from UK rise in the last week. “They love Riley,” Lake Wales High School head coach Rod Shafer said. “They’re just not sure if they have a place for him. Dedric, if they offered him, he would go. He’d like to be at UK.” Brinson was committed to Iowa State University, but de-committed on Jan. 14. Shafer called UK to gauge their interest, and interest has been shown. But limited scholarship spots means Brinson and Riley may not make the cut for UK’s 2014 class. Matt Elam (John Hardin High School, Elizabethtown, Ky.) is one player that UK might be holding a scholarship spot for. He will announce his collegiate choice on National Signing Day on Feb. 5, selecting between the University of Alabama and UK, said John Hardin head coach Chad Lewis.


2 | Thursday, January 23, 2014

DEBATE Continued from page 1 sider the matter a debate. He said they must be careful not to give too much credit to something that doesn’t deserve it. “When you talk about this with creationists, you give them validity when there is none,” said Katelyn Mason, a UK psychology senior and the president of the Secular Student Alliance. She doesn’t think the debate will be helpful to anti-creationist views because Nye is not well-known in the creationism world. Yet, Ham believes the debate will be beneficial. “This debate will help

highlight the fact that so many young people are dismissing the Bible because of evolution,” Ham wrote on his blog on Jan. 2. Nye, who began his career as a mechanical engineer at Boeing Aircraft Company, has a much different view on the world, one rooted in evolutionary science. “I say to the grown ups — if you want to deny evolution and live in your world that is completely inconsistent with everything we have observed in the universe — that’s fine,” Nye said on a YouTube video in August 2012. “But don’t make your kids do it, because we need them. We need scientifically literate voters and tax payers for the future.” The YouTube video actually sparked the debate, Looy

said. The video, which has more than 6 million views, highlighted why he believes creationism is a dangerous idea for children. When Creation Museum staff saw the video, Ham posted his own rebuttal on YouTube. When the museum staff then proposed a public debate, Nye agreed. “We want to show Christians that you can defend your faith in this science era,” Looy said. “And we want to show non-Christians that you can accept the Bible’s history and its teachings.” The two-and-a-half-hour debate begins at 7 p.m. on Feb. 4. Tickets sold out in minutes earlier this month, but a free live stream can be found at

Strange excuses: Kernel reporter Kyle Arensdorf spoke with UK professors and teaching assistants about some of the most unusual explanations students have given them for missing class.


“ “ “

I had a student tell me that he was going on a week-long hog hunt and he wanted me to excuse it because I was from Texas. One student fabricated a note from an Army officer saying that he was in training for a week that he had missed. One of the days, however, he was in class, so we were able to catch him.” Brenna Byrd, German Studies

One of my students told me that his cat died and he had to give it a proper burial so he wouldn’t be in class that day.”



The Creation Museum will host a debate between museum founder Ken Ham and scientist Bill Nye on Feb. 4.

SCHUH Continued from page 1 The city, however, said it has had renovations planned for several years. “Our primary tenant is UK, and that lease runs out in 2018,” Lexington spokeswoman Susan Straub said. “We wanted to be ready for that. But more importantly, Rupp Arena is 35-something years old and needs to be renovated.” Proposed renovations include a new high-definition scoreboard, luxury suites and chairback seats throughout the upper deck, to name a few. Straub said construction will begin sometime in 2015, most likely at the conclusion of next basketball season. While the Yum! Center has impressed visitors in more than three seasons of operation, it is struggling with major financial problems. In short, the revenue projections for the arena have not come

close to meeting the cost of bonds used to fund construction. Therefore, the city of Louisville could pay more than “$300 million over the life of the bonds,” according to Insider Louisville. As those revenue streams continue to fall below the anticipated average, debt continues to rise. It’s a messy situation, one that Cats’ fans are hoping their team can avoid. While Lexington officials aren’t ready to speak on the financing, an announcement seems close. It would be difficult for the city to fall into the same problems that the Yum! Center is mired in, especially after Tuesday, when Lexington got some comforting news from Gov. Steve Beshear’s two-year state budget. Beshear announced that he’s asking lawmakers for $65 million in bonds to go toward Rupp Arena’s renovations. Beshear also mentioned the total cost to renovate the arena and relocate the convention center is $310 million.

It’s a steep price tag, but government funds would make it more manageable and easier to avoid the crippling problems that now surround Louisville’s shining gem. “We’ve learned from that example,” Straub said of Yum! Center’s financing. “We haven’t really talked about what our financial plan is … but we have identified several revenue streams.” Rupp Arena could function as is for several more years, but UK couldn’t sit back while its archrival opened a more appealing venue on the banks of the Ohio River. Whenever construction is completed, Rupp Arena will again be a state-of-the-art facility. It may not have every amenity that the Yum! Center brings, but it will combine functionality with tradition. That’s a good combination for UK going forward, but one that may not have been achieved without some unintended motivation from its rival down the road.


“A fellow professor of mine had a student tell him, ‘my grandmother died and I have to go to the funeral. I won’t be using this excuse again because I don’t have any grandparents left. I do have an old aunt, but none of us like her.’”

Serving Ser ving UK for 15 years

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Sarah Szczepanski, assistant in German

Walter Forman, English

THURSDAY 01.23.14 page 3

Hoops back at home kernelclassifieds after close win Team looking to veterans for offense against Alabama By Tyler Spanyer

After surviving an upset bid at Auburn University on Sunday, UK Hoops returns home Thursday to face the University of Alabama for the second time this season. “We have a tough game tomorrow against Alabama,” UK head coach Matthew Mitchell said. “We will have to work hard to get a very important victory ...” The Cats (15-3, 3-2 SEC) squeaked by Auburn with a 73-71 victory. Alabama’s backcourt is led by senior guard Shafontaye Myers, who is “one of the best 3-point shooters in the league,” Mitchell said. Myers is averaging 15 points per game and shooting 42.5 percent from behind the arc this season. The Crimson Tide has junior guard Daisha Simmons in the backcourt. She averages 14 points and almost five assists per contest, good enough for eighth-best in the conference this season.

“Defensively we are having a hard time getting a good start,” Mitchell said. “And that’s a part of our problem. We need to come out with the right kind of focus and energy tomorrow night to be successful.” The key to the game may come on one side of the court, as Alabama (8-10, 1-4 SEC) has the 13th-best defense in the conference this season, allowing teams to score almost 71 points per game. UK has the highest scoring offense in the conference, scoring almost 89 points per game this season. But Mitchell has still expressed concern with his team’s performance. “We certainly aren’t clicking on all cylinders right now,” Mitchell said. “You look at the rankings and the record, and that’s just not representative of what’s happening on the court.” The Cats are led by their front court senior duo of forward DeNesha Stallworth

and forward Samarie Walker. Walker leads the conference with 10.6 points per game to go with 9.8 rebounds per game. Stallworth has missed time this season with a knee injury, but is second on the team in scoring, averaging 12.2 points per game. The last time the teams met, UK rolled the Crimson Tide by 22 points in Tuscaloosa, Ala., thanks in part to 50 percent shooting from behind the arc. “I think we shot the ball really well against them, and that gave us a lot of momentum,” said sophomore guard Janee Thompson. “I think they will probably try to expand their 2-3 zone to take away our perimeter shots.”

Next Game Who: UK vs. University of Alabama When: 7 p.m., Thursday Where: Memorial Coliseum

Call 859.257.2871 to place an ad • Ads can be found at DEADLINE - 3 p.m. the day before publication

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UK’s Janee Thompson dribbles past a defender toward the basket at Rupp Arena on Dec. 22.

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The Kentucky Kernel is not responsible for information given to fraudulent parties. We encourage you not to participate in anything for which you have to pay an up-front fee or give out credit card or other personal information, and to report the company to us immediately.


4 | Thursday, January 23, 2014


Tobacco-free Taskforce pushes for change

SEC Exchange a chance to learn from other colleges ROSHAN PALLI

Contributing columnist

This weekend several members of Student Government and I will take part in this year’s SEC Exchange, a gathering of all the student governing bodies from across the Southeastern Conference. This year the conference is being held at the University of Missouri, and we are excited to use this opportunity to share our experiences and learn from what other schools are doing. SEC Exchange offers a wonderful chance to gain valuable insight into potential new programs or adjustments that could be made at UK. We received the initial idea for Cats Cab from the University of South Carolina. A year later, the program has done remarkably well and we will be presenting our progress at the Exchange. Although Cats Cab has been limited to only a few taxis in its first year, it has surpassed the previous safety program (Cats Cruiser) in total ridership and has been considerably less costly to operate. We will also present our

Leadership Development Program, which has become an excellent way of getting freshmen involved as leaders on campus early in their collegiate careers. Many of the leaders of current student organizations began as members of the LDP. On a separate note, last night, I officially informed the Student Senate that I will not be running for another term as student body president. This decision was made quite some time ago, but with campaigns for next year beginning in earnest, I felt it was appropriate to officially take my hat out of the ring. You will undoubtedly hear quite a bit about SG elections over the next six weeks, and I would encourage you to consider what you want out of your student representatives. Civic engagement from students is essential to the success of our organization, and that starts with your vote. I have no doubt that come March the student body will choose capable leaders to keep our university moving forward. It has truly been a pleasure serving you. Roshan Palli is the student government president. His column appears weekly in The Kernel. Email

By Dr. Melinda J. Ickes, Dr. Ellen J. Hanh, and Anthany Beatty Guest Columnists

What were you, your parents or your grandparents doing in 1964? Fifty years ago, the U.S. Surgeon General issued the first Report on Smoking and Health. While the U.S. has enjoyed a 58 percent decline in smoking since 1965, too many Kentuckians still use tobacco. Kentuckians smoke at higher rates than adults in any other state. An astounding 1.2 million Kentucky adults smoke cigarettes, costing Kentuckians over $1.5 billion to treat sick smokers. UK’s decision to go completely tobacco-free more than four years ago (November 2009) was a bold action toward ending the tobacco epidemic. UK is one of 811 100-percent tobacco-free colleges and universities. As leaders of the Tobacco-free Taskforce, we remind all tobacco users, employees, students, vendors and visitors to please respect others on our campus by adhering to the tobacco-free policy. The goal of the policy is to create a healthy place to live, work and learn. Use of tobacco of any kind is strictly prohibited everywhere on our campus. Cigarettes, e-cigarettes, cigars, snuff, etc. are not permitted on any university property. E-cigarettes are covered under our policy because they are not an approved method of quitting and they emit chemicals, nicotine and particles into the air. We remain committed to helping students, employees and sponsored dependents get the help they need to quit using tobacco. We have many

convenient options for employees and students interested in quitting. We know that some people just aren’t ready to quit, but want to feel comfortable while on our campus. The good news is that UK has documented a four-fold increase in attempts to quit tobacco since the policy took effect in November 2009. That means healthier employees, sponsored dependents and students. Promoting compliance with the tobacco-free policy is a priority. We believe compliance is everyone’s business. We are proud of our Tobaccofree Take Action team. Ambassadors promote compliance and report violators. Since adding ambassadors to the tobacco-free campus effort in April 2012, we have seen a 35 percent reduction in cigarette butts on campus. To report a violation of the tobacco-free policy, please contact the Take Action ambassadors. The ambassadors investigate all complaints to the report line. Student violators are reported to the Dean of Students and under the Student Code they can receive disci-


• • • •

Infomation about the policy, compliance, availability of nicotine replacement and quitting services is on our website: or via UK’s mobile app under myUK. For more information about e-cigarettes, go to To see a map of UK’s on-campus boundaries, please go to: Visit Quit here! To report a tobacco-free policy violation, please send specific details to

Obama takes step to protect college women from rape ByJason Felch Los Angeles Times (MCT)

President Barack Obama vowed Wednesday to combat sexual assault on college campuses, telling the estimated one in five women who are raped in college, “I have your back.” Flanked by senior members of his Cabinet at a White House news conference, Obama signed a presidential memorandum establishing a task force to recommend policy changes within 90 days to protect college students, especially women, from sexual assault. Obama credited an “inspiring wave of student-led activism” that has cast a spotlight on the issue over the past year. He vowed to make the issue a priority, and called on men to get involved in the fight and “summon the bravery to stand up.” A report released Wednesday by the White House Council on Women and Girls found that 22 million women and girls in the

United States have been sexually assaulted, most of them by men they know. Only 12 percent of college students who are assaulted report the attacks to police, the report says. The report identifies college as a particularly risky place for women and says campus rapists are often repeat offenders. The president called on college presidents across the country to do more to prevent assaults. The U.S. Department of Education has seen a significant spike in complaints filed by students across the country in recent years. In California, students have filed federal complaints against the University of Southern California, Occidental College and the University of California, Berkeley, alleging the schools had discouraged victims from reporting their assaults and had bungled investigations. State auditors launched a review of four campuses: San Diego State University, Cal State Chico, UCLA and Berkeley. Amid the scrutiny, evi-

plinary sanctions. Employee violators are reported to their supervisors, with assistance from human resources, and they can receive disciplinary sanctions under Human Resources Policy. UK is well on its way to reaching the national goals to reduce tobacco use, in large part, due to our tobaccofree campus policy and UK’s stateof-the-art tobacco treatment services. The national goal is to reduce smoking to under 10 percent by 2024 and to make all workplaces smoke-free within five years. Based on research by UK’s Kentucky Center for Smoke-free Policy, it is predicted that smoking in Kentucky would drop by 32 percent if the General Assembly enacts a comprehensive smoke-free workplace law. The 50th year anniversary of the first Surgeon General’s Report is a remarkable success story in the U.S. But we cannot claim victory until we can protect all Kentuckians from tobacco’s enormous public health and economic toll.

dence has mounted that the colleges have failed to comply with federal laws that require impartial investigations of sex assault allegations and accurate reporting to the federal government. Last fall, USC and Occidental acknowledged that they had failed to report dozens of sexual assaults in their annual crime reports in 2010 and 2011. In September, Occidental reached a monetary settlement with at least 10 women who were part of the federal complaint. In December, a Los Angeles Times review found an additional two dozen or more sexual assaults that Occidental has failed to report, a likely violation of federal reporting laws. Similar stories have surfaced about campuses across the country as students and their supporters use federal laws to hold administrators to account. The task force Obama launched Wednesday appears to target those concerns, calling on federal agencies to coordinate their response to the growing complaints.

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Kernel in Print — Jan. 23, 2014