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DJ Moore’s booking at local bar causes controversy Group uses social media to protest By Anyssa Roberts

Despite backlash around controversial DJ Hunter Moore, local businesses stand by their decision to bring Moore to Lexington for a New Year’s Eve party. Moore, who is known for his “revenge porn” website called, has been scheduled to perform at Art Bar in Lexington on Dec. 31. The booking has insti-

gated a protest in the form of a Facebook page called “No More Moore in Lexington.” “He has ruined so many people’s lives, and when we found out he was coming to Lexington we sounded the call,” said Karen Conley, a member of “No More Moore in Lexington ” and a founder of a Facebook page called “Kentuckians Against the War on Women.” The Facebook page “No More Moore In Lexington”

was created by Caleb Ritchie on Thursday and had more than 2,000 “likes” as of Sunday. Ritchie said there were

When we found out he was coming ... we sounded the call.” KAREN CONLEY

Member of “No More Moore in Lexington”

two big reasons why he began the protest site. First, he said, Moore never faced criminal charges for the website he created that was harmful to the people featured on the site. “(Second), he was able to capitalize and gain celebrity while this was happening,” he said. allowed someone to post photographs, videos and contact information of a person without his or her consent. It was launched in 2010


See DJ MOORE on page 2 A screenshot of the “No More Moore in Lexington” Facebook page.


Joyce Puckett smiles on Sunday after receiving a wreath from UK’s Young at Heart, a group that works to connect young people with those in nursing homes. By Judah Taylor

Sharing smiles, wreaths


Smiling faces is what chemistry junior Kim Nguyen was hoping to see. And that’s what she saw when UK’s Young at Heart program delivered 100 wreaths to residents of Lexington’s Mayfair Manor nursing home on Sunday. The group, which “brings together the young, and the young at heart,” connects students with those living in assisted living communities, nursing homes and senior centers, according to the group’s website. Nguyen said they chose wreaths because they were easy to make and symbolized Christmas. All 100 were made by a number of students over a three-day period. Some residents were hesitant to accept the free wreaths at first, asking how much they cost. But all were smiling with their visitors by the end of the evening. Both Nguyen and Kamla Jones, the group’s adviser, agreed that their favorite part of the visit was “seeing smiles on the residents faces.” “I know they really appreciate it and are excited to see us. Many of them don’t get a lot of visitors,” Jones said. For more information about Young at Heart, which is a part of UK’s Center for Community Outreach, visit

Chemistry junior Kim Nguyen, left, hugs Eva Serhgeant, 95, after giving her a wreath at Mayfair Manor nursing home on Sunday.

Students find viral videos offer ways to make money By Will Wright

A new way of marketing is emerging online, and UK students are in the midst of it. Marketing and management senior Kalyn Bradford uploaded a YouTube video about three weeks ago that went viral, or in other words, was picked up and shared by a large number of people over a relatively short period of time. The video, which shows a cat swatting a piece of popcorn into a dog’s mouth, did not just get the attention of people browsing the in-

ternet for a laugh. “Two days after (it was posted), we had 5,000 (views). Then four days after it was 25,000,” Bradford said. “It all happened really fast and we were all pressured to sign contracts.” Bradford and her friend, Kris Preston, were contacted by five companies asking the them to sign contracts that would allow them to make money from each view b y placing advertisements around the video. Bradford and Preston signed a contract with Jukin Media, who they said had See VIRAL VIDEOS on page 2

Newsroom: 257-1915 Advertising: 257-2872 First issue free. Subsequent issues 25 cents.

Q&A with the AcoUstiKats UK’s all-male acapella group shares their experiences on NBC’s ‘The Sing-Off’ Anyssa Roberts

The UK AcoUstiKats have become regional celebrities for their musical talent and will be on season four of NBC’s “The Sing-Off” on Monday night. The show features 10 of the best acapella groups from around the country. Before the show’s debut, the guys sat down with Kernel reporter Anyssa Roberts for a Q&A about the group and their time working on the show in Los Angeles.


What is it like being in an acoustic group?

A. “Well it’s pretty exciting. The

AcoUstiKats have been around for 21 years. It started in 1993, so there is a lot of history and heritage in the group — a lot of traditions we try to upkeep,” said the group’s business manager and a tenor Evan Pulliam. “But recently, ‘The Sing-Off’ is definitely the pinnacle of what the


AcoUstiKats have been able to accomplish.”

Q. Tell me about your music selection.

A. “This semester everything we’ve

done is new except for one or two songs,” said Nick Johnson, the group’s arranger, a coach and tenor. “We’ve done ‘Wake Me Up’ by Avicii and ‘Back At One’ (by Brian McKnight), which isn’t brand new, but it’s new to us and it’s relateable to the people around us.”


What do you do to prepare before you perform?


“If you watch the basketball team, it’s a great example of what we do,” baritone Patrick Banks said. “When they call out the starting lineup, they all get in a circle and they just kind of go around screaming, acting stupid, getting pumped up for what we’re about to do. And that’s what we

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do. We just get extremely hype.”

Q. When you were in L.A., did you get star-struck by anyone?

A. “So one day on the lot, we were

practicing … and right next door was Queen Latifah’s set, and she walked out the door and said ‘y’all good, y’all are really good.’ So she came and took a picture with us,” Pulliam said. “I mean Nick Lachey was the host ... Jewel, who has won so many Grammys, ... and we were around them every day. Also, we just released our YouTube cover of Brian McKnight, and he found it and retweeted it to all 94,000 of his followers, which was amazing. And he called himself an AcoUstiKitten.”

To read the full Q&A check out


2 | Monday, December 9, 2013

Winter storm Cleon sweeps through Lexington

Winter weather driving tips

From 70-degree temperatures to ice, expert says weather should stabilize By Laura Shrake

Branches sagged under the weight of freezing rain and cars were glazed with ice this weekend as winter storm Cleon swept through the region. The days of 70-degree winter weather that WKYT chief meteorologist Chris Bailey called “an anomaly” have come to an end, with temperatures expected to stay much closer to average winter temperatures in the coming weeks. A normal Lexington winter will see 15 to 16 inches of snow, Bailey said. “We’re a little ahead of normal for snowfall,” he said. It has snowed about three inches in Lexington so far, he said. “It was a heck of a weekend around here,” Bailey said. “Lexington was right on the dividing line (of snow and mixed precipitation).” With this weekend’s storm, for example, Bailey said the line appeared to divide Fayette County, with the northern part of the county seeing about an inch of snow, while the

DJ MOORE Continued from page 1 with regular videos being uploaded to an audience of roughly 350,000 unique viewers each day, according to Rolling Stone magazine. The website shut down last year after Moore sold it to an anti-bullying website. Ritchie said he began the social media page not knowing what would come of it. “It was incredible to wake up and find it had 1,200 likes,” he said. In October 2013, Moore was invited by A-Team Social to DJ a Halloween Party at Art Bar, and after that party’s succes, he was re-in-

southern part saw more rain. He said Lexington has seen more ice events in the past decade than history has shown us. More of these types of storms can be expected throughout the season, he said, with possibly another storm hitting before Christmas. On Sunday between 6 a.m. and about 1 p.m., there were about 20 accidents amidst freezing rain, said Lt. Sam Murdock of the Lexington Police Department. Eight of these accidents involved injuries that were not life-threatening, he said, and 12 accidents were non-injury. In these winter months, UK and the Lexington area take precautionary measures to prepare for inclement weather and the possibility of having to delay or cancel classes. “Our primary consideration is always safety,” UK spokesman Jay Blanton said. “And we always take into account the operations that don’t shut down no matter what.” In the case of Friday’s cancellation of classes after 3 p.m., Blanton said the decision was made by process, including many people from vited Moore to perform at the New Years Eve party. Management from Art Bar and A-Team Social declined telephone interviews with the Kernel, but in Facebook messages they provided press releases. “For anyone who is against our events the solution is simple, don’t attend.” A-Team management said in a Facebook message to the Kernel. “… We stand behind our decision.” Art Bar rents out their venue to event companies, but they do not book entertainment, according to the Facebook press release. The bar said even if they wanted to cancel the DJ, A-Team Social is in a legally binding contract with Hunter Moore’s


Federico Lopez sprays salt on the parking lot in Memphis on Friday, as the same winter storm that hit Kentucky also hit Tennessee.


Robert Neal, an employee in the UK grounds department, uses a leaf blower to remove snow and melting ice from the sidewalk outside the W. T. Young Library parking lot on Sunday.

different departments around campus. Emergency management monitors the forecast and weather modeling as they see the potential for inclement weather approaching. University officials ulti-

Agency and would not only lose their deposit, but be responsible for the remainder of the DJ fee and potentially face other legal repercussions. Conley said she has been active in contacting Art Bar and A-Team Social to voice her concern. She has also used her social media sites to speak against bringing Moore to Lexington. A similar protest against Moore occurred in Omaha, Neb., where a large social media outcry prevented Moore from performing at a local club. Conley said she hopes the same will take place in Lexington. The group will hold a meeting at 6 p.m. on Monday at Common Grounds

mately make a recommendation for the situation to President Eli Capilouto. “We’re a campus where people are walking and driving a lot,” Blanton said. “… Safety is the driver.”

Coffee House to discuss further plans of action to increase pressure on Art Bar to replace Moore or cancel the show, Ritchie said. “A goal is to acknowledge this in Lexington because the law has failed us in allowing Hunter Moore to capitalize on his celebrity,” Ritchie said. A long-term goal, Ritchie said, is to look at passing a legislative law making pornography illegal in Kentucky. “We are generally a really cool city with lots of cool businesses that really enrich our community,” Ritchie said. “But just like Hunter Moore, Art Bar and A-Team Social are capitalizing on this kind of issue.”

VIRAL VIDEOS Continued from page 1 more connections to media outlets like MSN. Jukin offered them $150 upfront, as well as 60 percent of revenue made from placed advertisements, Bradford said. “Whole industries work on this idea of permission marketing,” said Jeff Rice, a UK writing and new media professor. “For example, a small craft brewery will use this kind of marketing.” Small breweries and local businesses can especially use this media because it is cheap and still has the potential to reach a lot of people. Rice has been attempting to use this same type of marketing to get people to take the Facebook class he is teaching next semester. “There are definitely schools of thought that think the pay-off is extremely low and others think it is extremely high,” Rice said. “So a Superbowl ad will get a lot of people, for sure in a short period of time, but a shared ad will reach a lot of people over a long period of time.” If the right video is chosen to attach an advertise-


Senior Kalyn Bradford’s video went viral shortly after posting it on YouTube. As of Sunday, it had more than 231,000 views. ment to, it can reach a lot of people in a very short amount of time once the video goes viral. Bradford and Preston’s video, for example, has more than 230,000 views in the few weeks it has been on the Internet. Another video that went viral from UK’s campus

was titled “2 cops get owned by student in dorm,” and currently has more than 1 million views. There are certain types of videos that are more likely to get picked up, though. Rice said videos that are funny, short and simple work the best. He said for this reason,

it makes sense the 10-second “Cat-dog popcorn trick” video got picked up so fast. “Sharing someone else’s information (is) doing their marketing for them,” Rice said. “We keep sharing and spreading each other’s ideas and they reach larger and larger audiences.

kernel. we do it daily.

• Always keep your gas tank at least half full to avoiding freezing the gas line. • Try not to use your emergency break in rainy, snowy or cold weather. • When driving on slippery surfaces (wet, ice, sand), do not use cruise control. • Accelerate, make changes and do everything slowly while driving in winter weather. Everything takes longer on snow-covered roads. • Make sure your exhaust pipe isn’t clogged with snow, ice or mud. If it’s blocked, this could cause dangerous carbon monoxide to leak into the car. • Increase following distance to eight to 10 seconds. The more room you have to stop, the better. • Avoid trying to stop. If you can slow down enough to roll up to a traffic light, do that instead of braking. • If you have to leave, make sure someone knows where you’re going, the route you’re going to take and when you expect to be there.

Information from the AAA Roadway Safety website.

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‘Share the road’: Not just a catchy slogan

Learning to share the roads with bicycles and pedestrians can be an adjustment for people when they visit our campus or become a member of the UK community, whether they are in a motor vehicle, on a bike or on foot. UK is the single largest generator of bicycle and pedestrian trips in Lexington, actively workSTUART ing to increase the number KEARNS of people cycling and walking to campus through both education and infrastructure improvements. In the past month, an alarming number of collisions between automobiles and people on bicycles and people on foot have made local headlines. Between Nov. 6 and Nov. 24, there were nine incidents between motor vehicles, people on foot or bicycles in the Lexington area. Two of these were fatal. We all have a role to play in promoting roadway safety and protecting ourselves and fellow citizens. It is imperative that all roadway users remain attentive and alert and understand the rules of the road. Those operating any vehicle — automobile or bicycle — have the same rights, rules and responsibilities on most Kentucky roads. All roadway users should exercise

caution and patience, particularly on campus where bicycle and pedestrian traffic is especially heavy. I have been very deliberate in not using the labels “cyclist” or “driver.” That is because we are all people, first and foremost — whether we are behind the wheel of a car or truck, on a bicycle or on foot. Regardless of how we choose to traverse campus and Lexington, we are students, employees, alumni and friends. Sometimes people on bicycles or on foot do not pay full attention to their surroundings or are in a hurry, and they do not obey traffic laws — just as people in motor vehicles do not always pay full attention to their surroundings or are in a hurry, and do not always obey traffic laws. Inattention in a roadway, no matter how brief, can quickly lead to life-changing, even deadly, consequences. “Share the Road” is not just a catchy slogan — it is a responsibility that we all share as people and roadway users. Please be safe out there, Wildcats. Stuart Kearns is the associate director of transportation for Parking and Transportation Services and chair of the university’s Bicycle Advisory Committee. Email

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Help Wanted

Crew Wanted! Coba Cocina, Lexington’s coolest new restaurant, is hiring top notch Coba servers and Cocoh! clerks to go places with us, to travel the world with us. . . because traveling alone is never fun. All server and clerk positions, all shifts, all fun, all the time. Jump on board. If you’re up for the trip of a lifetime, or just the opportunity to show off your talents, please come by 2041 Richmond Road, Lexington, KY 40502 to apply in person, we want to meet you. We are an Equal Opportunity Employer M/F/V. Johnny Carino’s in Hamburg is now hiring friendly, energetic servers. Apply in person Monday-Friday at 2333 Sir Barton Way. Researchers at the University of Kentucky are conducting studies concerning the effects of alcohol and are looking for male & female social drinkers 21-35 years of age. Volunteers paid to participate. Call (859) 257- 5794. Researchers at the University of Kentucky are looking for individuals 21–45 years of age who have received a DUI in the last 2 years to participate in a study looking at behavioral and mental performance. Participants are compensated for their time and participation is completely confidential. For more information, call (859) 257-5794. Seeking part-time IT assistant. Software and coding experience preferred. Email resume to

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gray | sports editor |

NCAA run ends against Michigan State Cats unable to overcome 2 overpowering final sets By Kyle Arensdorf


Senior Whitney Billings rises to spike the ball during the UK-Michigan State University game on Sunday. The game marked the end of UK’s play in the NCAA Tournament.

Cats quietly surrendered against No. 20 Baylor John Calipari said it perfectly: UK was outhustled DAVID SCHUH

Kernel columnist

UK quietly surrendered a comfortable second half on Friday in a game they had no business losing. The Cats imploded in the final 13 minutes, making just two field goals and allowing No. 20 Baylor to upset them for the second straight year. Head coach John Calipari put it well after the game: His team was outhustled. UK spent much of the night methodically keeping the Bears at arms length. And with 13:09 left in the game, after UK freshman forward Julius Randle rose for an emphatic two-handed dunk, the Cats took a ninepoint lead, their largest lead of the game. They scored just 12 points the remainder of the game, losing by five in a game they had firm control of at the midway point of the second half. For the first time all sea-

son, UK was outrebounded, and the margin wasn’t even close. They finished with 25 rebounds, 10 fewer than any game this season and 16 fewer than Baylor. The Bears are the longest team UK has played this season. They played a

Head coach John Calipari said it well after the game: His team was outhustled.” DAVID SCHUH

Men’s basketball columnist

zone defense that made it difficult for the Cats to corral anything on the offensive glass. But they also struggled on the other end, allowing Baylor to amass 18 offensive rebounds. Despite shooting a pedestrian 52 percent from the free throw line, UK did a lot right on offense. With 19 assists on 21 made field goals, they

showed they are starting to figure out opponents’ zone defenses. However, against ranked teams, UK has to be proficient in nearly all facets of the game. Whether it was UK’s effort or Baylor’s strengths, UK can’t be grossly outrebounded and hope to beat a ranked team. The Cats win over Providence College on Dec. 1 was a big step in the right direction. The Friars are not as good as Baylor, but UK did just about everything well, winning comfortably over a viable opponent. Sunday’s game was a regression. UK did a lot well, but didn’t show the fight that championship-caliber teams must possess. When the game got close late, Baylor got the loose balls, made their free throws and got defensive stops. Luckily for Calipari, they have time. If the Cats want to return to AT&T Stadium in April, they’ll need the late-game poise they sorely lacked on Sunday. Without it, the losses will continue to mount.

UK volleyball suffered a tearful loss Sunday as the Cats were unable to overcome two powerful final sets from Michigan State University in Memorial Coliseum. “The hardest part for me is when you have a group of seniors that deserve to keep playing,” UK head coach Craig Skinner said. Skinner spoke as he sat next to senior outside hitter Whitney Billings and junior libero Jackie Napper, who entered the room full of reporters with tears in their eyes. “But you have to give Michigan State credit — they killed the ball at an extremely high rate in the third and fourth set and that was the difference,” Skinner said. Michigan State standout senior Lauren Wicinski led the way for her team with 16 kills, the second highest total of the match behind Billings’ 18. The Cats were in an early hole in the first set, 10-7, but were able to knot the score at

the second period to tie the game, 1-1. WVU freshman forward Nick Olds scored the game winning goal for the Mountaineers in the third period. On Saturday, UK senior forward Ryan Thomas scored a hat trick while junior forward Corey Kopach scored a two-goal brace and junior forward Andrew Baron scored once past WVU freshman goaltender

Geoff Saltarelli. WVU sophomore defenseman Tristan Shorter and sophomore defenseman Kyle Dolan beat UK freshman g oaltender Tucker Boyle for the Mountaineers’ two goals late in the game. Player discipline on Saturday amounted to nine ejections and 34 penalties. The Cats return to action after the winter break on Jan. 17 and 18 against

Spartans set point. From an early 2-8 hole, the Cats managed a 5-1 run to minimize the Michigan State lead, 7-9. The Spartans’ lead grew to 11-15, as they were able to keep UK at arm’s length the entire set. Despite a small comeback attempt by the Cats, Michigan State punched their ticket to the third round of the NCAA Tournament with a Wicinski kill. The loss marked the end of the careers of four seniors, including starters Alexandra Morgan and Billings. Napper voiced her disappointment in that reality as she assessed the loss. “I just didn’t want it to be the last game for the seniors. They’ve fought hard their entire careers,” Napper said. Reflecting on her storied career, Billings managed what was probably her first smile since the loss. “I gave my team everything I could,” she said. “I know that they looked up to me, and sometimes I didn’t come up for them, but most of the time I felt like I did.”

Record-breaking game wasn’t even aired on TV BOYD HAYES

Kernel columnist

The most exciting game of this women’s basketball season was played out in four overtimes between UK Hoops and Baylor University in the AT&T Center on Friday night, and it wasn’t even televised. Heroes, drama, broken records — this game had all the makings of a classic. Every sports lover in America should have been watching, but it was instead relegated to ESPN3, an online-only broadcast channel. However, some of the final minutes were shown on TV as they impeded with the beginning of the men’s basketball game between UK and Baylor, which meant to begin at 11 p.m. Unlike last season’s quick 85-51 blowout, in which the Cats were trampled by Baylor and superstar Brittney Griner, this game was much more fitting of its imposing venue. When Baylor senior guard Makenzie Robertson hit her first free throw about

Cool Cats come back to win 2nd game UK hockey (7-13-1) split a pair of games over the weekend against the Division 2 team from West Virginia University (3-120). The Mountaineers defeated the Cats, 2-1 on Friday, though the Cats were 6-2 victors on Saturday. After a scoreless first period Friday, WVU senior forward Brian Flesche and UK junior forward Charlie Hales exchanged goals in

16-16 after junior outside hitter Lauren O’Conner’s second kill of the match. After five ties and four lead changes, Michigan State won the set on successive attack errors by Billings. UK faced another early deficit in the second set, but sophomore middle blocker Kayla Tronick’s fourth kill of the match put the Cats on top, 9-8. As Michigan State climbed back on top, UK regained its lead when a couple of Michigan State errors put the Cats on top, 18-15. The Cats held onto the lead, winning the set and tying the match at one set apiece. UK took an 8-5 lead in the third set behind three more Billings kills. The Cats, including Skinner, reacted to a call they considered questionable, earning themselves a yellow card. The call put UK in a two-point hole, 19-21. Despite two more UK points, the Cats dropped the set after a kill from Michigan State senior middle blocker Alexis Mathews gave the

Ohio State University. It is unclear whether junior defenseman Jacob Cohen, junior forward Cam Mohler, senior defenseman Jeremy Schmidt or sophomore forward Brennan Fielder will be disq ualified from the first match with Ohio State due to being ejected from the second game against WVU. STAFF REPORT

a minute into the fourth overtime period, she put the game in the history books as the highest-scoring NCAA Division I women’s basketball game ever, as the Cats led 128-125. Four minutes later, another record-breaking free throw dropped, this time from the hand of UK junior guard Jennifer O’Neill. Though she missed her second shot at the line, her first gave her 43 points on the night, a UK single-game scoring record. She wasn’t even the most prolific scorer in the game. Baylor senior guard Odyssey Sims posted 47 points in 41 minutes, playing all but a couple minutes of regulation before fouling out of the game in the first overtime. Time and again, the game seemed over, a few points separating the teams with seconds left to play. But then the first overtime happened, then the second and the third and fourth. Heart-stopping buzzer beaters and missed free throws kept the game going and going and going. It wasn’t exactly a pretty game. Nine players fouled out, whilst five more had four personal fouls to their names.

Both teams missed free throws in high-pressure situations. The game was fun to watch. It gave you 100 reasons to love the sport. And it was on ESPN3. Games like this deserve more respect. NCAA women’s basketball deserves more respect. A top-10 matchup in a major arena should be on cable. It should be on your local television stations. The Cats cemented their place as a championship contender against one of the best teams in the country, and most of the Big Blue Nation missed it.

Game facts • The 263 points scored set an NCAA Division I record. • UK broke the school record for a game with 133 points. • Junior guard Jennifer O’Neill set a UK singlegame scoring record with 43 points. • UK beat top-10 opponents in back-to-back games for the first time in school history.

Kernel in Print — Dec. 9, 2013  
Kernel in Print — Dec. 9, 2013