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Jomby upsets No. 4 ranked player


Column: Linebackers key to defensive improvement

Mays visits kids in hospital By Michael Reaves

UK graduate student and former basketball player Julius Mays visited children in the Kentucky Children’s Hospital in the progressive care unit Wednesday. Mays met with the children and presented each of them with a signed mini-basketball. “Just being able to have the opportunity is amazing,” Mays said. “I have a daughter of my own and to see these kids in unfortunate situations that they weren’t asked to be in or to see them here and still fighting for their lives … it means a lot.” Mays met with children like 8-year-old Ethan Crawford, who is recovering from having his esophagus removed. Crawford and the other children were excited to see and talk with Mays. “To have a little conversation and tell him hello and show them that someone cares about them — I think it makes them feel good about themselves and hopefully gives them a little push to

keep fighting,” Mays said. “It lets everyone know its not just about basketball … but to come back to the community and (give back) like this is great.” Mays was also asked about Louisville guard Kevin Ware, who broke his leg in Louisville’s Elite 8 matchup with Duke on Sunday. “You don’t wish that on anybody whether it’s an opposing team or your team, someone you even hate,” Mays said. “My (advice) to him is make sure you do your rehab and keep fighting … stay mentally strong and when that rough time hits keep on pushing.” Mays, a graduate student who transferred from Wright State University and played for UK for one season, spoke about his future plans after leaving Lexington. “(I am) looking to continue to play and test that and see how it goes and … give it a try and if it doesn’t go how I want it to I can try to break my way into coaching and continue school.”


Pi Beta Phi performs at the annual Stomp-a-palooza event at the Singletary Center Wednesday night. Chi Omega won the competition.

Stomping the night away 18 organizations perform at Singletary Center By Brittany Forte


Graduate student Julius Mays visits 8-year-old Ethan Crawford at Kentucky Children’s Hospital Wednesday.

Creeley discusses free speech with UK students By Chase Sanders

UK students learned about the importance of free speech on college campuses Wednesday when Will Creeley, an attorney with the Foundation for Individual Rights in Education (FIRE), spoke at White Hall Classroom Building. Creeley also held a dialogue with the students in attendance about progress made over the years in relation to the First Amendment. Creeley feels that the administration at UK is on the right track to becoming a completely free speech institution. “The University of Kentucky fully recognizes the importance of the first amendment, and we look forward to continuing to talk to the administration,” Creeley said. The higher education institutions in the Commonwealth are not far behind other states in regards to free speech, but there’s always room for improvement. “We see harassment policies that are too broad, and internet use policies that also impact First Amendment rights. Again we see those at campuses

nationwide and not just here in Kentucky,” Creeley said. FIRE’s representative has been successful while working with other universities in Kentucky to improve First Amendment regulations. It gives him hope that UK will become a free speech campus, as well. “The attorneys on FIRE’s staff working with administrators at Eastern to tweak some of the policies they had on the books there to reflect their commitment to free speech and the first amendment in practice,” Creeley said. Mathematical economics senior Austin Woods is the president of the Young Americans for Liberty at UK. His organization invited Creeley to come and speak in front of the students. The Young Americans for Liberty has become active on campus in the past year, Woods said. “We promote civil liberties and economic liberties so we’re involved with issues like free speech and economic freedom,” Woods said. Woods also pointed out that he does lead a See SPEECH on page 2

Eighteen teams showcased their talents at a sold out Singletary Center Wednesday for this year’s Stomp-a-palooza. Performances started with Kappa Kappa Gamma and ended with a performance from FIJI. Teams trained for about four weeks to prepare a four- to sevenminute routine. “The hardest thing about preparing for this event was getting the stomp together,” Pi Beta Phi sorority member Emily McCracken said. “Practicing twice a week for four weeks helped out.” While some teams fo-

cused on winning, others saw the event as a fun, exciting experience in which they get to bond Alpha Tau Omega fraternity performs at Stomp-a-palooza Wednesday night in the Sinwith their gletary Center. Teams trained for up to for four weeks for the performance. group. “The best part is that it is said before the performance. termission performance from fun and you get to be with “I think this year will be bet- Kappa Alpha Theta and Alyour sisters,” Delta Delta ter, our theme is different pha Phi Alpha. “The intermission perDelta sorority member Jenna than last year and I like it more.” formance from Alpha Phi AlSommerkamp said. This event has been hap- pha was one of my favorite Sommerkamp said she performances of the night,” had high expectations for pening annually since 2005. Throughout the show, audience member and UK Delta Delta Delta’s routine. “Last year was my first tweets were shared from the freshman Danyse Hickman year and it was very scary audience that expressed said. This year’s winner was and our performance was not opinions on each performvery good,” Sommerkamp ance. There was also an in- Chi Omega, their fourth time

Calipari must recruit mental toughness John Calipari is the vil- Lexington are both his I don’t agree with that lain. In the fairy tale vergreatest talking point and — at least, not entirely. sion of his critics’ strongest judgThe 2012 National modern ment. Championship team was college This season, those critgreat, perhaps one of the basketball, ics were in full “I told you greatest in UK history. And he is the so” mode. Even after a nawith top recruiting classes nagging tional championship, a sea- flocking to Lexington antagonist son ending in an upset loss every season, that team can that in the first round of the be replicated — it may creeps un- NIT was proof to some that next season. DAVID der every- the one-and-done philosoThere is an inconsistenSCHUH one’s skin. phy is a mockery. cy, though, that lies in the Kernel It’s They said last year’s process. Calipari’s methods columnist not just team was once-in-a-genera- are risky, but he’s good at because tion and Calipari got lucky, what he does. He has all he wins. that he can’t consistently but perfected the system an It’s not just because he’s win with a team comprised NBA rule has forced him brash. It lies in his philosprimarily of 18-year-old See SCHUH on page 2 ophy: His rotational refreshmen. cruiting pattern that infuriates the conservative members of the sport’s admirers. The national perception of the one-and-done philosophy in college basketball is largely negative. It is viewed as a black eye on a sport that most will say has seen a dramatic fall in quality in the last 20 years. Calipari didn’t invent it and says he doesn’t like it. He is simply its most fervent disciple. PHOTO BY JAMES HOLT | STAFF His 15 NBA draft Calipari points to a player against Marshall on Dec. 22, 2012. picks in three seasons in

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Housing to get facelift By Laura Shrake and Kelsey Harper

UK students “see blue,” and their campus is seeing change, renovation and revitalization in different ways as part of an update to UK’s master plan. The first changes will be made to on-campus residential housing. But with fences and construction sites all over campus and chatter of future changes to the academic side of campus, those on UK’s campus are experiencing change everywhere they turn. Here’s the breakdown of what is coming and going, where and when. Phase I: Central I and II Central I and II will bring 601 new beds to campus in August 2013, according to UK spokesman Jay Blanton. The residence hall, which includes two four-story buildings directly adjacent to each other on what used to be Haggin Field, will have 450 beds See REMODEL on page 3


2 | Thursday, April 4, 2013

SCHUH Continued from page 1 to utilize. However, he couldn’t avoid what has happened in 2013. The one-and-done system is cyclical. It can produce fabulously gifted teams capable of steamrolling amateur competition. It can also breed talented, athletic teams mired in their lofty expectations. This year’s team, of course, was the very definition of the latter. The expectations were reflected by its No. 3 preseason ranking. UK was the reigning national champion, what’s to say it can’t just happen again? That’s the trap.

SPEECH Continued from page 1 libertarian group, but they are willing and ready to collaborate with other politically affiliated organizations at UK. “We are very pragmatic so we are open to work with College Democrats and College Republicans, since we share some views with both groups,” Woods said.

Talent can win games. Experience and talent can take it a little further. But it takes something extra, a certain mental toughness that this year’s Cats never acquired. They were met with adversity and, more often than not, couldn’t respond the way anyone expected them to. And, most importantly, they had nobody to teach them. There was no Darius Miller, no Josh Harrellson and no Patrick Patterson. These freshmen were talented enough for the standard that has been set at UK the past five years. They never brought the mental fortitude to showcase it. Calipari publicly feared that routinely for five months.

The system is cyclical, but it skips years. The overhaul of five first-round NBA draft picks after the 2012 championship was a difficult thing to replace. These Cats didn’t. The 2010-11 season began in a similar way. That team entered the season with slightly lowered expectations after Calipari’s first freshman crop at UK fled for their NBA dreams. But they had upper-classmen leadership and a gritty group of freshmen that fought their way to a Final Four-caliber team by March. Most UK fans have learned to have patience with Calipari’s teams. And that held true for several months until this team’s inconsisten-

cy slowly morphed into its identity. He said he tried everything to turn the season around, and there’s no reason to believe he didn’t. But when all that doesn’t work, and you’ve got the secondbest recruiting class in America, fans (especially at UK) will start pointing fingers. The bottom line here is how this season can alter Calipari’s philosophy. He’s still going to recruit the best high school players in America. Frankly, he would be wrong not to if he is willing and able. How he evaluates them, however, should change. After the Cats’ loss to Vanderbilt in the SEC Tour-

Economics senior Evan Tindle is the Kentucky State Chair of Young Americans for Liberty. “I thought it was very informative and great,” Tindle said. Tindle saw importance in Creeley’s message in his presentation. “The reason we have the First Amendment is so we can talk about controversial things, and it’s very important that UK respects those rights,” Tindle said.

Tindle also has a positive outlook on what progressive action UK is looking into taking when it comes to loosening the reins on its First Amendment restrictions. “From what I hear the administrators seem very open to revising UK’s free speech codes. We were concerned when we first started, but when we did our free speech wall a few days ago, they were very supportive,” Tindle said. Tindle hopes swift action

can take place with free speech regulations at UK. He believes it’s necessary to fulfill what it means to have democracy in action at UK. “Colleges and universities are supposed to be places where we have intellectual discourse,” Tindle said. “People aren’t always going to agree with each other’s opinions, but if you confine free speech to an area or restrict what people can say then college no longer is a place for learning about new ideas.”

Jimmy Fallon to replace Jay Leno LOS ANGELES — Ending weeks of gossip and speculation, NBC confirmed that Jimmy Fallon will succeed Jay Leno as host of “The Tonight Show” in the spring of 2014. Although Leno is still the most-watched late-night television host, NBC is making the move because it thinks Fallon will do better with younger viewers in the years to come. This is not the first time NBC has announced a plan to replace Leno. In 2009, NBC put Conan O'Brien in as host of “The Tonight Show” only to see ratings decline. Leno quickly was reinstated as host of the franchise. People inside NBC are hoping history doesn't repeat itself. Though Leno still delivers solid ratings, he is not the force he once was. ABC this year moved its late night show “Jimmy Kimmel Live” from after midnight to 11:30 p.m. ET and it has started to attract a younger audience. “We are purposefully making this change when Jay is No. 1, just as Jay replaced Johnny Carson when he was No. 1,” said NBCUniversal Chief Executive Steve Burke. “Jimmy Fal-

Horoscope To get the advantage, check the day's rating: 10 is the easiest day, 0 the most challenging. Aries (March 21-April 19) — Today is an 8 — Your teams really deliver now. Committees and group projects are especially effective today and tomorrow, so schedule meetings. Clear up a misunderstanding. Friends are a big help. Extra paperwork leads to extra profits. Taurus (April 20-May 20) — Today is a 9 — Assume more responsibility. Learn what's missing, as you enter a service phase. Get into action, and advance your career. There may be a test. Relax afterwards with your crew. Gemini (May 21-June 20) — Today is an 8 — Watch the big picture. You're entering an intense two-day expansion phase. Rebellions could flare. You'd rather play than work. Keep steady momentum, even as you have fun. Cancer (June 21-July 22) — Today is

lon is a unique talent and this is his time.” In a statement Leno congratulated Fallon and said, “I hope you're as lucky as me and hold on to the job until you're the old guy. If you need me, I'll be at the garage.” NBC has not determined a specific date for the switch but Fallon will likely be showcased during the network's coverage of the 2014 Winter Olympics from Sochi Russia because there is a potentially large audience available. A new host will not be the only big change at “The Tonight Show.” It also will relocate to New York City when Fallon takes over. “The Tonight Show” moved from New York to Los Angeles more than 40 years ago. Lorne Michaels, the executive producer of Fallon's current show, “Late Night with Jimmy Fallon,” will executive-produce “The Tonight Show.” NBC did not say who would succeed Fallon. Some observers think Seth Meyers of “Saturday Night Live,” which is also produced by Michaels, may be the leading candidate for the gig.

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nament, he said he wouldn’t change his approach. “I like that national title,” he said. But it’s more complex than that. He has to strive for consistency. A national title contender is great, but an NCAA play-in game contender isn’t quite as illustrious. “We’ve got to be more precise,” he said. “There’s a certain toughness that you’ve got to have in this thing … When you don’t have it — you know.” It’s just one season, yes, but it can happen again. Just like the title run before it, a season like this can be replicated. Calipari will recruit smarter. He will coach smarter. He’ll look deeper

into his players than their physical attributes. He needs to find mental toughness, not just basketball potential. The consistency of the one-and-done system depends on this change. In theory, a national championship banner will not come every year. But as we saw this season, a team capable of succeeding in the NCAA Tournament can miss it altogether. The possibility of either scenario is the nature of the cycle. Calipari will always be a villain to the college basketball world. There’s no going back. But if there’s another trip to the NIT in his future, UK fans could start seeing him that way too.

Thursday, April 4, 2013 | PAGE 3

REMODEL Continued from page 1 reserved for Honors students, Blanton said. Central I and II amenities Central I and II will be built with more space, privacy and storage, as well as advanced technology. Among the new features will be Tempur-Pedic beds, individual sink areas and improved Wi-Fi. The new dorms will not receive Wi-Fi through ResNet, but through a new system that has not yet been named. The design of Wi-Fi access points will be specific to the number of units in the building and new technology will provide more speed. Access cards will be used to unlock doors, which will eliminate the need for keys. Penny Cox, housing project implementation director, is excited about the Active Learning Centers being im-

plemented to improve students’ study habits. The learning centers will include long tables, similar to the ones in W.T. Young Library, to make group work and collaboration easier, and lounge seating to provide more flexibility. Cox also believes student engagement will be improved by the amphitheater that is to be built outside in the center of the buildings, inspired by the one next to Memorial Hall. Phase IIA: Phase IIA has already begun construction on North and South campuses and will ultimately bring five dorms to four sites. According to Blanton, north campus construction is on the land between Martin Luther King Blvd. and Lexington Ave., adjacent to Roselle Hall and Memorial Coliseum. Part of construction for Phase IIA has also begun on South Campus. New dorms are being built where the Cooperstown Apartments for-

merly stood. According to Blanton, most of the complex has been demolished, but what remains will be decommissioned in June of this year. To complete Phase IIA, Haggin Hall on Central Campus will also be demolished and a new dorm will be built in its place, with construction starting in May of 2013. Blanton said Phase IIA is scheduled to be completed for the Fall semester of 2014, bringing 2,318 new beds to campus. Phase IIB: This phase is subject to approval by the Board of Trustees in May, but is planned to include construction where the rest of Cooperstown Apartments, which was once campus graduate housing, currently stand. Long-term goal of housing remodel: One of the main reasons for the large-scale revitalization of campus is the consistent increase of incoming class size at UK. “The class size this year is about 4,500 students and we are looking at approxi-

mately 4,800 students this coming fall,” Blanton said. “We want to accommodate them and we need the facilities to do that and do it well.” According to the Housing Development plan, UK currently has 22 residence halls on campus that accommodate about 5,100 students. The average age of the halls is 44 years. Of the nearly 5,100 beds, 600 of them are “modern” beds, which are housed in the premium dorms on campus (Smith, Ingles, Baldwin and Roselle). “The hope is to ultimately tear down all but the 600 ‘modern’ beds and increase the 5,145 (beds) to between 7,500 and 9,000,” Blanton said. The estimated cost of the project is about $500 million. “President Eli Capilouto and the Board of Trustees feel it is very important for students to live on campus,” Blanton said. “They do better, graduate at higher levels and get involved more easily. That’s one of the reasons why we want to move so quickly (with this project).”

But giving residential housing a facelift does not come without difficulties. “One of the challenges we have as we revitalize the campus core is that the institution is landlocked,” Blanton said. “We have limited space to grow and still maintain green space on campus.” For the next five to seven years, Blanton calls UK’s challenge to keep as many beds as possible a “balancing act.” For this reason, UK has outsourced some of its housing to an apartment complex. For the 2013-14 academic year, UK will have a master lease agreement with The Royal Lexington Apartments, according to Cox. This agreement includes 364 more beds. “Our strategy is to maintain what we have,” Cox said. “It’s just a matter of doing the planning and getting new beds online before old beds are taken offline.” Although on-campus housing will include The Royal Lexington apartment complex for returning students, only 500 beds will be guaranteed for returning stu-

dents. The university’s goal is not to fall below the threshold of having at least 5,100 beds available at any given time throughout this remodel. Cox said that in the fall of 2013, with the destruction of Haggin Hall, the addition of Central I and II and The Royal Lexington apartments, there will be an increase of 425 beds. Future plans for Central Campus: Although Donovan Hall on Central Campus will be used as a residence hall for the 2013-2014 academic year, it will be demolished in May 2014 to make way for the new 230,000 square foot Academic and Science building. “This new academic building will be a combination of classrooms and research space,” Blanton said. “The provost is currently looking at specific utilization of the space, but it will be both high tech adaptations of classrooms and research space.” See full story at

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kernelsports alex

forkner | sports editor |

Linebacker play will be key to improved defense Much has been made of the new offensive scheme that offensive coordinator Neal Brown has installed this Spring. A return to the glorious Air Raid days of the Hal Mumme era has fans salivating. But, ALEX with Mark FORKNER Stoops reputation as a Kernel defensive columnist coach, fans can expect a newly renovated defense as well. Last season, UK finished a pedestrian 59th in total defense, allowing opponents to rack up an average of 391 yards per game. Even more troubling was the Cats rank in third down defense: 120th, also known as dead last, allowing opponents to convert

on 52.3 percent of third downs last season. A big part of a revitalized defense will be the linebacking corps. Now that junior Bud Dupree has become a full-time defensive end, others will have to step up. That’s where sophomore Khalid Henderson comes in. Henderson wasn’t concerned when Dupree changed positions. “It’s not really a loss for us because on our defense last year he was kind of a stand up end anyway, so they just moved him down and put him in a three-point stance,” he said. Henderson played in a similar defense while in high school, and his experience has helped fellow linebacker Avery Williamson adjust tremendously. “Some of the aspects of the game are similar to last year, some are different,” Williamson said. “[Khalid] is

helping me out. It’s a lot more simplified. He can make some calls and different things. If I’m not sure about something he helps me out.” Fresh off his freshman year and learning from a new staff, Henderson was tentative to be a vocal leader. “The first week in a half he really was [quiet], and I told him to speak up,” Williamson said. “You got to help me out, help me make call and tell everybody the signals and different things. He’s really doing a big part in that now. “ New defensive coordinator and linebackers coach D.J. Eliot said Henderson didn’t really have a choice whether he wanted to fill a leading role or not. The roster necessitated it. “He was forced into the fire,” Eliot said. “If he wasn’t ready for it, it was too bad. He’s taken on the task head


UK linebacker Avery Williamson smiles before a game against Louisville on Sept. 17, 2011. on.” With a built-in knowledge of the defense, Henderson could blossom into a force this fall. He’ll be free to worry less about alignment and focus more on execution. His instincts can kick in as opposed to second guessing himself. And there’s one major difference between last sea-

son and this one that Henderson can’t wait to put on display. “A lot more blitzing, a lot of scheme blitzes,” he said. “I look forward to it. That’s my specialty.” Henderson and his fellow linebackers are facing a tall order. Williamson, as a senior, wants to have a hand in effecting a culture change in

Jomby upsets top Buckeye

Cats fall to U of L UK goes hitless through 5 innings

Cats fall to Ohio State, beat Murray State in doubleheader Coming off two wins against top ranked opponents last weekend No. 24 ranked junior Tom Jomby was riding high then he came up against the No. 4 ranked player in the country in Ohio State’s Peter Kobelt. Jomby beat Kobelt in straight sets winning 6-3, 76 for one of the biggest wins of his singles career. The rest of the Cats fell flat as the Buckeyes rolled over No. 8 UK (19-7), 6-1. No. 5 Ohio State (21-2) took the doubles point with wins on courts two (8-1) and three (8-4). Jomby’s win gives him a 15-4 overall record this season with nine of those

wins coming over ranked opponents. Senior Anthony Rossi, ranked No. 18 in the country, took the first set on court one from No. 13 Blaz Rola of Ohio State, 6-4. After breaking Rossi in the second set and holding on to take the set, 7-5, Rola won the ten-point super tiebreak to decide the match, 10-7. Rossi was named SEC Player of the Week after logging his 100th victory, becoming the 15th player in UK history to reach the milestone. Rossi went 2-0 last weekend, claiming two straight-set wins over No.


UK junior Tom Jomby hits a return to Ohio State’s Peter Kobelt Wednesday at the Boone Tennis Complex. Jomby the No. 4-ranked Kobelt in straight sets, 6-3, 7-6. 69 Jarryd Botha of Alabama on Friday and No. 34 Andreas Mies of Auburn on Sunday afternoon. Rossi has won six consecutive SEC matches, all against ranked singles opponents. In the nightcap, UK got back to form beating instate foe Murray State 6-0 in dominant fashion. The

match against the Racers did not feature a doubles point. Jomby won his second match of the day in straight sets over Adam Taylors (64, 6-4) for his fourth straight victory. Junior Ryuji Hirooka shutout freshman Nicholas Mitric in straight sets (6-0, 6-0).

UK will next be in action Sunday when they head to Nashville to face No. 14 Vanderbilt. The Commodores are 14-7 overall and 5-4 in the SEC, sporting a 10-3 record at home. STAFF REPORT

Richard Pitino hired at Minnesota Son of Rick, Pitino spent one season at Florida International By Amelia Rayno Star Tribune

MINNEAPOLIS _ At last, the Minnesota Gophers have found a new head coach. The University of Minnesota confirmed on Wednesday that Richard Pitino _ son of the legendary Rick Pitino _ has reached an agreement in principle to be the Gophers' next coach in a highrisk, high-reward hire to replace former coach Tubby Smith. Pitino, who led Florida International this season in his first year of head coaching experience, is just 30 years old, less than half the age of Smith, and the youngest of any Minnesota coach since the Gophers' original basketball coach in 1897. The up-and-coming prospect has already made stops at six different

schools. Pitino was an assistant at College of Charleston, Northeastern, Duquesne, Louisville _ working as the top assistant under his father during the 2011-12 season _ and Florida before accepting before accepting his position at FIU last year, where he had signed a five-year contract with a base salary of $250,000 a year. Pitino's buyout is reportedly also $250,000. In two years at Florida, Pitino worked under Billy Donovan _ who also had Anthony Grant and Shaka Smart on his staff _when Teague originally hired each of them for their first head coaching positions at VCU. "I like his pedigree," former Gophers player and current booster Paul Presthus. "I like the fact that he's learned at the feet of a couple of the leading college coaches today in his

his final season. “Being my senior year, I really don’t want to see that again, a 2-10 season,” he said. “That was horrible. I don’t want these freshmen coming in to have to experience that either. So it’s a big change. It’s on me to make a change in this program and to make this team a lot better than it was last year.”

dad and Billy Donovan. Everything that I've heard and been able to check, he's a quality individual, high energy, good recruiter." The terms of the contract with Minnesota are still currently unknown, but Pitino will certainly increase his FIU salary manyfold. Pitino compiled an 1814 record with the Golden Panthers last season _ FIU's first winning season since 1999-2000 _ including an 11-9 mark in the Sun Belt Conference. In his short career, Pitino has gained the reputation of a tireless worker and an active recruiter _ two qualities he will need to employ at Minnesota as he inherits a team that loses Trevor Mbakwe and Rodney Williams for next year, and has six potentially gamechanging recruits combined in 2014 and 2015 in the university's back yard. "It's just a shocker that he left, especially with a great recruiting class coming in as well as some of

the transfers that are going be playing for us next year like Raymond Taylor and Rakeem Buckles," senior guard Manny Nunez told the Florida International University Student Media. "We had one of the best seasons in FIU history and we were going in the right direction. I'm just shocked he would leave right now." When the Pitino news broke on Wednesday, the Gophers' coaching search was in its ninth day _ a relatively short amount of time in the grand scheme of major coaching searches. But considering that Minnesota athletic director Norwood Teague and righthand man Mike Ellis conducted the search underneath a veil of secrecy, some Gophers fans had started to panic. The fan reception and reaction to the younger Pitino, however, was immediately overwhelmingly positive. Teague announced that Minnesota had fired Smith, who received a buyout of

$2.5 million, on March 25, the day after the Gophers season ended when they lost to Florida in the NCAA tournament's round of 32. Six other names were seriously discussed in conversation with the Minnesota job before Pitino's name surfaced on Wednesday morning, but all were either quickly dismissed or never gained much steam. The administration was believed to have set its sights on VCU coach Shaka Smart from the outset, but any conversations were quickly squashed when Smart signed an extension with the Rams. Iowa State's Fred Hoiberg, Butler's Brad Stevens, Cincinnati's Mick Cronin, Florida Gulf Coast's Andy Enfield and former Gopher and Timbewolves coach, current ESPN analyst Flip Saunders were all reportedly contacted by Minnesota. Saunders, Cronin and Stevens reportedly declined, while Hoiberg, like Smart, agreed to an extension with his current school, Iowa State.

No. 20 UK softball fell to its in-state rival, No. 11 Louisville, 5-1 on Wednesday at Ulmer Stadium in Louisville. The Cardinals now lead the all-time series 18-13 and have won the last eight games at home. UK (24-10) scored its lone run when junior Krystal Smith hit her second double of the season in the top of the sixth inning, driving in freshman Sylver Samuel from second base. Junior Lauren Cumbess started as pitcher for the Cats, allowing two hits and three runs and striking out one in two innings of work. The Cardinals (29-6) got on the scoreboard in the second inning, when sophomore Kayla Soles hit a three-run homerun to give Louisville a 3-0 lead. Freshman Kelsey Nunley relieved Cumbess to start the third inning and finished the game for UK, allowing two runs on three hits and striking out two. Cumbess received the loss, moving her record to 6-3 this season. Louisville’s junior pitcher Caralisa Connell shut down the Cats, going the distance and allowing only two hits while striking out four batters. UK was hitless before Samuel’s infield single in the sixth inning. Connell is now 19-2 on the season. UK and Louisville will play in Lexington on April 24 at 6 p.m. The Cardinals lead the alltime series in Lexington 9-6. The Cats will now return to SEC play and travel to South Carolina for a three-game weekend series. First pitches are scheduled for 7 p.m. on Friday, 4 p.m. on Saturday and 1 p.m. on Sunday. UK is back in action in Lexington on April 9 to play Marshall in a game rescheduled from an earlier rainout, followed by a trip to play a doubleheader at Eastern Kentucky. STAFF REPORT

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UK should add wrestling to list of varsity sports Quick question to all of you sports fanatics: What is the oldest sport known to mankind? If you guessed baseball, basketball or American football, sorry to break it to you CHEYENE but you aren't even in the MILLER ballpark (no pun intended). Contributing If you guessed running, columnist swimming or throwing large objects, close but no cigar. The oldest sport know to humans is the rugged, grinding sport of wrestling. This sport is full of history and culture. Countries all over the world practice different forms of wrestling. Some of history's most important people were champions

at the sport, including the Greek conqueror Alexander the Great, Muhammad the founder of Islam, and our very own legendary U.S President Theodore Roosevelt. It is a sport that breaks down cultural barriers, with competitors from all corners of the globe being able to square off against one another — a claim that not all sports can make. With all this in mind, it is crazy to think that the UK does not have a wrestling program. After all, who could be more of a scrappy wrestler than a wildcat? UK is a D-1 school with 19 varsity teams. Adding wrestling as a varsity program would bring new opportunities for many young students, as more scholarships could be given out, and more students would have a better chance at receiving an above-adequate education. Most college wrestling teams have between 10 to 20 athletes, so there is 10 to 20 lives that could be positively affected

every year by instating a wrestling program. As always, the students aren't the only ones who can benefit. There are coaching and staff opportunities, potential for extra revenue if the wrestling matches can draw a significant fan base and of course the chance for the gold. If there is one thing UK is known for it's loving winning. UK has eight national basketball titles to back up that claim. I hope I am appealing to the competitive nature of the Big Blue Nation, as many of you loyal fans are probably saying in your head, “If UK had a wrestling team, we could win four, five or six in a row!” That competitive spirit, the scholarship and job opportunities and the potential for the university are all reasons that UK should add wrestling to it's list of varsity athletic teams. Cheyene Miller is a journalism freshman. Email

CHRISTOPHER EPLING, Kernel cartoonist

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6 | Thursday, April 4, 2013


Kappa Kappa Jamma to showcase country artists Portion of proceeds to benefit Holly’s House By Colleen Kochensparger

Brian Davis and David Adam Byrnes will perform Friday at 7:30 p.m. in the Kappa Kappa Jamma benefit concert at Memorial Hall put on by the Kappa Kappa Gamma sorority for Holly’s House. Holly’s House is based in Indiana and is a safe house for victims of domestic violence to stay and to open up about their terrible experiences. Co-founder of Holly’s House Holly Dunn Pendleton was the only survivor of the so-called Railroad Killer, a serial killer linked to at least 15 murders. Kappa Kappa Gamma is hosting the concert to raise awareness and funds for the charity and is open to the public, said Maureen Neal, Kappa Kappa Gamma philanthropy chair and community communications and leadership development sophomore. “They’re just going to play some country music and it’s going to be fun … It’s going to be family-friendly; you can bring your grandparents, you can bring a little sibling,” said Lindsey Steller, Kappa

Kappa Gamma president and Spanish junior. “We’re just trying to promote Holly’s House as much as we can,” Steller said. Kappa Kappa Gamma members know Holly’s story. She came to talk to members a few years ago, and the younger members have seen a 60 Minutes feature on her. Steller is in charge of making sure the girls involved with the event keep the point of the concert in mind and focus on the bigger picture—protecting victims of domestic violence. “It’s going to be fun and entertaining and it’s carefree. It’s also about giving back to the community; it’s about something bigger than us,” Steller said. The charity aims to help those affected by domestic violence deal with their traumas. “They can stay there and

(the volunteers) help them through the healing process,” Steller said. The concert was chosen as the philanthropy event as “a fun way to incorporate the student body with what we do every spring,” said Haley Abrams, a kinesiology sophomore and Kappa Kappa Gamma member. “We knew that he (Brian Davis) really liked UK’s campus; that’s part of the reason he wanted to come back,” Abrams said. Kappa Kappa Gamma worked together to bring Abrams’ idea into reality. All ticket proceeds, as well as 10 percent of all merchandise sales, will go directly to benefit Holly’s House. Tickets are currently available in the ticket office of the Student Center up until 8 p.m. Friday. Tickets sold in advance are $7 and tickets at the door will be $10.

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