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UK’s win over Vandy online

Equestrian team heads to final competition of the season 4

SG approves grant to help A&S advising By Nini Edwards


Customer Bob Maxwell shops Wednesday in the butcher shop in the basement of the Garrigus Building, at 325 Cooper Drive.

UK college runs butcher shop Agriculture students learn the ‘art’ of meat processing By Shelby Streicher

UK’s College of Agriculture recently opened a butcher shop in the basement of the Garrigus Building. UK Dining Services paired with the college’s meat lab, where university livestock is butchered and processed, to open the shop. This collaboration spawned a butcher shop where different meats are sold. The meats come straight from UK’s farms around Kentucky, said Gregg Rentfrow, a

meat science professor for the Department of Animal and Food Science in the College of Agriculture. Opening the butcher shop has helped agriculture students learn different aspects of meat processing, Rentfrow said. “We have always taught them starting from the farm gates to the grocery store, and now they get to learn the restaurant part,” Rentfrow said. “They get the chance to see the ‘art’ side of it.” The shop is open on Wednesdays and Fridays from 1-5 p.m. to the university’s stu-

Jessica Gallager rings up customer Bob Maxwell’s purchase in the shop. Meat sold in the shop comes from UK’s farms around the state. dents and faculty as well as the general public. Rentfrow said its regular customers are UK personnel but he hopes to see more local customers soon. “Seventy-five percent of the UK customer traffic are faculty and staff; the rest are a mixture of graduate students and under-

After struggles, Cats get fired up in win Cauley-Stein especially shines, with 20 points Only at UK can a team starting “just” three projected one-round NBA draft picks become recast as gritty underdogs. Somehow, that transformation is exactly what has taken place. The Cats LES JOHNS were considKernel ered to columnist be so talent-rich that they began the season No. 3 in the nation. Along the way, sophomore guard Ryan Harrow encountered a mystery illness, freshman forward Willie Cauley-Stein had surgery on his knee and all-everything freshman forward Nerlens Noel had his season shortened with a torn anterior cruciate ligament. Tons of individual tal-

ent remained, but the team never found an identity. Its new identity was defined Wednesday night in a 74-70 win against Vanderbilt — a team of fighters, scrapping for loose balls and overcoming the odds. UK Athletics showcased the new rebranding during player introductions, as a fancy video montage was viewed for the first time. “Tonight is the biggest game on our schedule,” Harrow and Cauley-Stein say at the start of the video. With season highlights interspersed, several players say, “Let’s fight.” “Let’s fight like Wildcats,” Noel said at the end of the video, as the Rupp Arena crowd roared with approval. “Our video guys are good at what they do,” Cauley-Stein said after the game. “I got so excit-

ed when I saw it, I started tearing up.” Cauley-Stein said the team saw the video for the first time tonight during player introductions and that it got the team fired up. Cauley-Stein played like he was fired up. He scored a career-high 20 points, on 8-of-10 shooting from the field. He also grabbed seven rebounds while playing a career-high 32 minutes. “Willie has just not been out there enough to have demonstrated performance,” head coach John Calipari said. “He demonstrated what he can do, which is going to help his confidence, there’s no question.” Although clearly fatigued, he found the energy to block two critical shots in the final minute of play. “Our coaches told us we do not have to block shots and don’t have to

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grads,” he said. The shelves in the shop are stocked with tons of different kinds of meats, varying from ground beef and breakfast sausage, which are the top-selling items, to country ham and beef cuts. Other items sold include See BUTCHER on page 2

Students are being hired to help advisers in the College of Arts and Sciences manage students. Student Government approved a $6,500 grant Wednesday night to support the project. The college’s dean said A&S plans to match the funds to help further. “The college plans to match the funds to build our student employment opportunities for the summer,” College of Arts and Sciences Dean Mark Kornbluh said in an email to the Kernel. “Once passed, I plan to sit down with the A&S senators, as well as the advising professionals, to develop the best possible employment opportunities for students that also helps the administrative needs of the unit.” A&S has lost eight advisers and one director in the past eight months. Kornbluh said no advisers were laid off during that time, but others have said people left amid the threat of budget cuts. “When I learned that there were budget cuts and people were let go, there was a panic and people left when they heard there was going to be another adviser cut,” Luke Glaser, an English and Spanish senior and A&S ambassador, said. Due to this shortage, two students will be hired for full-time academic status working in the front office and assisting professional advisers. “The quickest way we thought we could fix this problem is to provide student workers,” said Maddie Wright, an English senior and A&S senator and ambassador. “When we were approached with this item we enthusiastically took advantage of this,” said Ariel Blythe Reske, a biology junior and A&S ambassador. “The advising problem has hit every student.” Blythe Reske said she hears students constantly complain they cannot find an adviser when priority registration is near. “In some majors, like my own, some advisers have been taken off for junior and seniors,” she said. “Upperclassmen are being paired with professors and professors are going to make advising their secondary priority at best.” A&S is interested in hiring new professional advisers, Kornbluh said. “I believe strongly in student employment and a community that involves students and giving students the opportunity to work at the university. It’s a really valuable experience,” Kornbluh said. “This fits with our long-term goals to have more student workers.”

Cats hold off Vandy, 74-70 By David Schuh

Tuesday night, leading up to his team’s game against Vanderbilt, UK head coach John Calipari did something unorthodox. He saw a group of young men with a burden on their shoulders, expecting to come together as a team after losing their star teammate to a season-ending injury. So, what did he do? He and his staff challenged their players to a game of dodgeball. “You’ve got to enjoy what you’re doing,” Calipari said. “These guys are with the weight of the world on their shoulders.” His experiment seemed to work, as the Cats used a hot shooting start and some late defensive stops to get back on track Wednesday night, beating Vanderbilt, 74-70. “They were very coachable tonight,” Calipari said with a smile, referencing his comment after the Tennessee loss that indicated otherwise. “They played with a lot of confidence today, and that’s all we’re talking about.” UK came out playing


Sophomore guard Ryan Harrow goes up for a basket in the first half against Vanderbilt. He finished with 12 points. with a lot of energy. They started 12-of-17 from the field, using a 13-0 run to



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take a 23-9 lead midway through the first half. See BASKETBALL on page 4


2 | Thursday, February 21, 2013

BUTCHER Continued from page 1 pork, lamb, Italian sausage, bacon, salami and bratwurst. Agriculture education freshman Dustin Ellegood, who works in the shop, said his favorite items to make are the brats. “It’s really interesting to see the whole process of making it, and obviously they’re really good afterwards,” he said. Bob Harmon, chairman of the animal and food science department, said he be-

JOHNS Continued from page 1 take up for where Nerlens was but set charges and to do the extra stuff,” CauleyStein said. “It was kind of uncanny knowing he was about to shoot, I knew he was about to shoot, he has been doing it the whole game.” When not busy dunking or rebounding, Cauley-Stein waved his hand high in the

lieves the shop has many benefits both for the students and those buying the products. He said the research done there shows how different diets affect the animals’ nutrition. The students and teachers see how changing the nutrition the animals receive affects the quality of the meat. Tuesdays and Thursdays are the typical harvesting days for the animals. The animals are killed and processed and brought into the USDA-approved shop for retail, weeks or

days later, depending on the type of meat. Public service and leadership senior TJ Morrison also works in the shop. “One of the biggest benefits of purchasing these products, I think, is that you know exactly where it comes from,” Morrison said. “These animals are being produced on the UK farms, they’re being processed here at the UK meat lab and you’re buying it from UK. You get to interact with the people that actually process the food, and everything is handmade.”

air to solicit cheers from the 22,887 fans. His requests were granted, repeatedly. The fans got behind the team and have seemed to buy in to the team’s rebranding as gritty, hard-working underdogs. Many fans and members of the national media considered UK’s season finished after Noel’s injury and the 30-point drubbing against Tennessee. The only way to turn the season around was for Calipari to completely change

the team. He changed the offense by opening the court up for guards to attack off the dribble and he changed the defense to allow less drives to the bucket. But they have also notso-subtly changed the team’s identity. They are now brothers together in a fight, and each game (and maybe each loose ball) is a life-ordeath battle. For one night at least, the team and the Rupp Arena crowd embraced the new roles.

Many veteran TV shows are struggling this season LOS ANGELES — There has been a lot of talk this television season about the lack of new hits. Indeed, while a few shows such as CBS’ “Elementary” and Fox’s “The Following” are posting some decent numbers, there have been far more flops in the fall and midseason. Recent casualties include NBC’s “Do No Harm” and CBS’ “The Job.” Among other disappointments from earlier this season are Fox’s “Ben and Kate” and ABC’s “Last Resort.” But many veteran shows are also performing poorly. So far this season, only a handful of returning programs are doing better than they were last season. CBS’ “The Big Bang Theory,” NBC’s “Grimm” and ABC’s “Shark Tank” are members of that club. At CBS, shows that have declined from last season in viewers and the 18-49 demographic include “Two Broke Girls,” “The Mentalist” and “Hawaii Five-O.” NBC’s “Law & Order SVU” and “Parks & Recreation” are down as well. At ABC, “Once upon a Time” has seen double-digit declines as has Fox’s “New Girl.”

Horoscope To get the advantage, check the day's rating: 10 is the easiest day, 0 the most challenging. Aries (March 21-April 19) — Today is a 7 —You're testing the limits. Your friends and family help grow your ideas and create new business. Nurture the necessary partnerships for sustainable growth. Taurus (April 20-May 20) — Today is an 8 —There's still a lot of work to do (especially around finances), but with dedication and compassion you make great progress. You can appreciate where you've gotten so far. Gemini (May 21-June 20) — Today is a 7 —Reaffirm your vision for the future, and get some well-deserved attention. Keep it grounded in reality, though, as fantasies can play tricks now. Save something away for emergencies. Cancer (June 21-July 22) — Today is a 9 —You can really complete a project that you'd been putting off. Better fix something before it breaks.

To be sure, there are lots of factors besides age that can contribute to these declines. In the case of “Two Broke Girls,” it moved from 8:30 p.m. Monday to 9:00 p.m. and now has a much weaker lead-in show than it did last season. Also, the numbers don’t reflect DVR, online and video-on-demand viewing. But odds are that even with ancillary viewing factored in, the ratings would still be lower. This has to be of concern to the broadcast networks, especially if new shows are not emerging to pick up the slack. This week alone, CBS’ “The Good Wife” and CW’s “Beverly Hills 90210” hit all-time rating lows. Overall, NBC is the only network up in both viewers and adults 18-49 this season. However, that was primarily in the fall when “The Voice” was on. CBS, which is first in both categories, is down 4 percent in viewers and 13 percent in adults 18-49. ABC is off 7 percent in viewers and 8 percent in 18-49, while Fox has fallen 18 percent in both categories. The CW is up 3 percent in viewers but down 13 percent in the 18-49 category.

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Correction A Tuesday Kernel article about the DanceBlue marathon misidentified the names of the Golden Matrix Fund and the new name of the clinic benefited by the DanceBlue fundraiser. A paragraph also has been clarified about fundraising efforts, which were not affected last year by the marathon being shortened. To report an error, email

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gary hermann | opinions editor |

letter to the editor

In SG race, wet campus shouldn’t be 1st priority After reading the Kernel article “SG Ticket Favors Wet Campus,” I feel I have an obligation to comment on the contents of the article. As a two-year Student Government senator, and the vice chair of the Academic and Student Affairs Committee, on which Scotty Stutts serves, I believe that it is my duty to address the legitimacy of his initiatives in order to ensure that students understand the nature of these claims. “Stutts and (Ryan) Mosley said they would like to see alcohol be allowed back in the residence halls.” Over 90 percent of people who live on campus are freshmen — how many freshmen do you know who are of legal drinking age? Probably not many. In fact, many of the people who have signed Stutts’ “Wet Campus Petition” are underage. If this policy were to be implemented, many upperclassmen would take the incoming freshmen’s spots in the dorms. This would defer freshmen away and decrease our retention rates. The dorms are the best way for freshmen to become integrated with the campus community. Think back to your freshmen year and picture it — not living in the dorms. If there were to be changes in the alcohol policy, it will primarily affect tailgating and possibly future housing built for upperclassmen. This shows that the goal of having a wet campus is flawed and this tactic is most likely a ploy to get votes. Although I do believe that the university should find a happy median between a dry and wet campus, and could make cam-

pus safer, I do not understand how Mosley can say, “If UK were to become a wet campus, students could get more involved.” Student Government currently has programs, such as Tally Cats, to foster involvement among students, and there are over 450 student organizations already on campus; these initiatives are the ones that increase involvement and retention rates, not a wet campus. I believe Mosley’s inexperience with Student Government and lack of knowledge about our programs probably contributed to this misstatement. As a member of multiple SG tickets led by a presidential candidate, I think it is absurd that a presidential candidate would call a wet campus their “Number 1 priority.” While I completely support social activities and legal drinking, I would like to remind students that we are here to get an education and we should elect a student body president that facilitates this. Also, our campus is facing a host of issues, from nearly universal academic budget cuts to severe understaffing in multiple advising departments. I believe that a student body presidential candidate should be focusing on how to make sure that the student voice is not lost among administrative, faculty and staff voices. I advise voters out there to really look into the platforms of the candidates this year, and decide for yourself who will holistically represent your interests the best. McKenzie Bond is a UK Student Government senator at-large. Email

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How can Wildcats lead the pride? TONY GRACE Guest columnist

What makes a UK graduate, regardless of the undergraduate major, distinct? Whether the competition comes from U of L or Centre, how do our grads stand out among the other hundreds of thousands of graduates out there? Well, the answer should be as clear, and simple as the “see blue” slogan. To achieve a top brand status, we need to get beyond a pedestrian approach to undergraduate education. Don’t get me wrong, I am all for generics when it comes to prescription drugs and saving money on the grocery bill. But a UK degree should come with a “topshelf” education attached. But is the UK Core the answer? That was the question I posed to my teammates on the provost’s undergraduate curriculum committee back in 2010, before the UK Core was implemented. Our team of advisers, counselors and staff personnel wrestled to find an answer. We had eventually arrived at a consensus: the UK

Core came close, but was not quite on target. We decided that what would make a student an official “UK graduate” was not the fulfillment of a list of new course requirements but the fulfillment of UK’s mission and the embodiment of UK’s values. Everything else was inconsequential to a UK identity. We felt that our mission and values statements should not be something that was relegated to a couple pages in the UK Bulletin. Rather it should be front and center in our daily conversations and made explicit in every UK Core class. This way, students can begin to understand why we require an arts-and-creativity course and why we encourage students to study abroad or engage in community service. We believed that every student, staff member, faculty member and administrator should know what our mission is and what our values are. In a values-based education, it is everyone’s responsibility to be a role model. To instill a culture of values and mutual accountability, all hands on deck are required to set a flagship university like UK on a new course to topbrand status. We suggested the following acronym for a new inter-

nal campaign (similar to the see blue campaign) to help remember our values: W Worth of all people (mutual respect and human dignity) I Integrity L Leadership (responsibility and accountability) D Diversity of thought of culture, gender and ethnicity C Civic responsibility A Academic excellence and freedom T Teamwork and collaboration (shared governance) S Sensitivity to work-life concerns ! Community But our recommendation was rebuffed as being too costly. Too costly? I believe it is too costly not to pursue it. In an ever competitive economy, if UK wants to distinguish its graduates from the generic college graduate and to be considered a name brand itself (and to justify a name-brand price tag) then the answer isn’t to be found somewhere “out there,” as in a Top 20 research plan, but rather somewhere in here, at the heart of who we say we are. Our future, both for UK and the commonwealth, depends on it. Tony Grace is an academic adviser in the College of Nursing. Email opinions

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4 | Thursday, February 21, 2013

Equestrian team hosts final show By Lindsay Travis

The UK equestrian team will host its final show of the season this Saturday and Sunday at Lakeside Arena in Frankfort. UK is leading its region coming into the show. Riders from Georgetown College, Marshall University, Midway College, Morehead State University, Northern Kentucky University, Transylvania University, University of Cincinnati, University of Louisville and Xavier University will be competing at the show. The top two riders of the region are from UK. Doug Masters is No. 1 and Kennedy Ellingson is No. 2. The two

are within four points of each other. On Saturday, riders compete in two disciplines: Hunt seat and western. The Hunt seat competition takes place Saturday morning. Riders perform flat exercises or jumping over fences. Michelle Zimmer of Robert Murphy Stables in Lexington coaches the Hunt seat team. Last year, Zimmer’s team took eighth place in national competition. Western competition takes place Saturday afternoon. Riders compete in horsemanship and reining. This team is coached by the American Quarter Horse Association’s professional horseman of the year and judge Bennie Sargent, who

owns and operates High Point Equestrian Center in Georgetown, Ky. During competition, each class is judged individually. Each university is allowed eight riders who will be scored, or pointed. The lowest score is dropped to determine the aggregate team score. Riders win ribbons as individuals and as a team. The UK equestrian team is affiliated with the Intercollegiate Horse Show Association. The format of IHSA differs from other collegiate competitions. All different levels of riding are represented. Also, riders do not show their own horses, but compete on horses provided by the hosting university and other competing universities.

Correction A Wednesday Kernel article about new student IDs incorrectly stated that the new student IDs will not have students’ pictures on them. The new IDs will have pictures that identify the cardholder. To report an error, email

from the front page BASKETBALL Continued from page 1 However, the Cats struggled to defend the majority of the night. Vanderbilt’s hot shooting kept them within reach, trailing by 12 at the break. On Jan. 10, UK held an 11-point halftime lead on the Commodores before surrendering it. The Cats ultimately won that game by two, but fell into a deep offensive drought late that allowed the lead to shrink. And Tuesday night, they fell into a similar spell. The Cats didn’t score for a four-minute stretch in the middle of the second half that erased their double-digit lead. All of a sudden, the Commodores were within two. A 3-pointer from graduate student Julius Mays with three minutes left gave

UK some cushion. But, every time the Cats tried to extend it, Vanderbilt answered quickly. Ultimately, UK led by three with a minute left. After two free throws from freshman guard Archie Goodwin, freshman center Willie Cauley-Stein blocked shots on consecutive possessions to hold the lead and seal the win for the Cats. One of the biggest keys to UK’s solid offensive output was Cauley-Stein’s career-high 20 points to go along with seven rebounds and three blocks. His 32 minutes were also a careerhigh. Coming off back-toback scoreless games last week, sophomore guard Ryan Harrow was in a rut. He was benched by Calipari to begin the Tennessee game, but he took it upon himself to go to his coach and get his spot back. “I just felt like I needed

to go to Coach Cal and tell him that I was going to do whatever he needed me to do,” Harrow said. “I called my mom before and told her I was nervous. My hands were sweating.” The sophomore responded with his most productive night in several games. Harrow finished with 12 points, five rebounds and four assists. UK now looks ahead to a big game Saturday against Missouri, part of ESPN College GameDay. The Tigers, who beat Florida on Tuesday night, pose a tough test, but the Cats feel good about where Wednesday’s win can take them. “We are starting over basically,” freshman guard Archie Goodwin said. “We are missing a key person and this is another roadblock that was in our way again. ... It’s another thing that can help us come closer together.”

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