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UK falls to Tennessee, page 3 ends season winless in SEC

‘Life of Pi’ awes, intrigues Film as moving as it is visually stunning in 3-D DAVE STEELE Kernel columnist

David Kring, left, of Kentucky Mud Works, and Marvin Puckett, right, a graduate assistant at Morehead State University, watch sculpture senior Katelyn Gabbard feed logs into the kiln on Nov. 17. The kiln was monitored, stoked and fed wood 24 hours a day for three days straight at UK’s Coldstream Farm.


UK’s Coldstream Farm heats up as the ceramics program ignites its kiln to study natural ash glazes. A group of 25 students from the program at UK fired up a ceramic kiln on Nov. 15 and kept it going until Nov. 18. The firing lasted 69 hours and 25 volunteers helped stoke it. The program built the wood-burning kiln in the summer and hopes to fire the kiln each semester. MORE ON PAGE 4

Inside the gates of a suburban zoo in India, Piscine Patel helps his mother and father raise their exotic array of animals. After being called “Pissing Patel” by his classmates, he decides to change his name to Pi in honor of his mathematical talents. Raised as a Hindu, Pi struggles to associate his earthly endeavors with the teachings of his faith. After a bet to drink holy water goes sour and he stumbles upon a Catholic church, Pi finds himself coming back again and again in hopes of quenching his curiosities. Realizing that practicing multiple faiths is intriguing, Pi decides to throw Islam into the mix to make his journey of faith a well-rounded one. When his family decides that the zoo can no longer sustain itself financially, they opt to sell all of the animals and move to Winnipeg, Manitoba, to begin a new life. In order to cut costs, the Patels embark on a Japanese freight ship along with the animals they intend to sell. In the middle of the night, Pi is woken by what he believes to be thunder and heads to the deck for a better look. Much to his dismay, Pi discovers that the ship is actually sinking, fast. After several attempts to save his family fail, Pi is forced to board a lifeboat with another survivor, an adult Bengal tiger. “Life of Pi” is a beautiful journey of faith, survival and the human spirit. The depth and intrigue of its metaphors are matched only by the film’s breathtaking visual grandeur. Director Ang Lee extracts meaning and purpose from the smallest of details, bringing audiences to a heightened sense of See STEELE on page 2

UK Hoops gives complete effort in 100-34 triumph Head coach Matthew Mitchell’s squad has put a beating on a few teams this season, but Sunday’s 100-34 shellacking of the University of South Carolina Upstate Spartans is the ALEX closest UK FORKNER Hoops has Kernel been to putting columnist together a complete effort. “I felt like we gave a more

energetic performance today. I felt like it was a lot closer to where we’re trying to get,” Mitchell said. At their best, the Cats are capable of wielding an impressive arsenal, a mix of size and speed. On offense, UK can spread a defense with shooting. Should those shooters miss, UK has a slew of post players waiting to gather rebounds, such as the 19 offensive boards the Cats converted into 27 second-chance points against the Spartans. But missing is something the Cats didn’t do very often

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against USC Upstate, shooting 50 percent from the floor and 40 percent from 3-point range. “I thought it was the most consistent energy we’ve had, with people being sharp,” Mitchell said of the team’s offensive outing. “I was really happy we could shoot 50 percent today. I want to try to see if we can keep doing that, and staying around that number is going to be important for this team’s development.” The offense also benefits from a defense focused on applying merciless pressure, See FORKNER on page 2



Freshman guard Janee Thompson handles the ball against USC Upstate on Sunday. UK’s 66point win came in a fast-paced game in which all 13 UK players scored.






2 | Monday, November 26, 2012



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awareness in regard to their own faith. In a market drowning in 3-D ticket prices that are a reach more often than not, “Life of Pi” breathes new life into the widely criticized technology with a stunning aura of light and color. For once, those 3-D hipster goggles that come with an $11 ticket actually do their part. Not since “Avatar” has a film’s stage been so immense and hypnotic. Lead actor Suraj Sharma has a breakout rookie performance that is sure to earn him all kinds of nominations. His conviction and curiosity are as believable as they are relatable. This film will break your heart and piece it back together again and again before the final act. “Life of Pi’s” greatest strength is how it blurs the divisive lines of organized religion and dwells on an idea that spirituality shouldn’t be a concrete checklist of guilt, but more an internal journey of discovery. If you need a spiritual pickme-up that will fill you up but won’t weigh you down, this film will certainly deliver.

which the Cats displayed for nearly all 40 minutes. UK forced 38 turnovers and converted those into 52 points, about half its total points and 18 more than the Spartans’ final total. If a team is lucky enough to break through that first wave of perimeter pressure, the only remaining obstacles are those long, athletic post players, waiting to send a shot back at the shooter’s face, as they did seven times against the Spartans. The most harrowing

fact facing opposing teams is UK’s inability to call off the dogs, because the dogs go 10-plus deep. All 13 UK players scored against USC Upstate, and the pedal was to the floor until the final buzzer sounded. All of this is very impressive, but it comes against a vastly inferior opponent. The true tests start soon, with matchups at Louisville and against DePaul and Middle Tennessee State slated for the next two weeks. All these teams have what it takes to run with UK for an entire game. That’s when Mitchell will really need a complete effort from his team.

Balanced attack leads Cats over USC Upstate Mitchell: ‘Most consistent energy we’ve had’ By Boyd Hayes

UK Hoops advanced to 4-1 on the season with a resounding 100-34 victory over University of South Carolina Upstate (2-5) on Sunday at Memorial Coliseum. Combining lockdown defense and explosive offense, the Cats played their most statistically complete game of the season thus far. “I thought it was the most consistent energy we’ve had,” said UK head coach Matthew Mitchell. Stats leaders for the Cats were senior guard A’dia Mathies and junior forwards DeNesha Stallworth and Samarie Walker. Mathies led all scorers with 17 points in 23 minutes on the court, while Stallworth and Walker both scored in double digits, combining for 24 points, six rebounds, five blocks and five steals. Joining Mathies, Stallworth and Walker in doubledigit scoring was freshman guard Janee Thompson, who posted 10 points, three rebounds, two steals and one assist in 11 minutes of playing time. Offensively, UK’s 52 first-half points were the most scored by the Cats in any single half this season, en route to reaching the century mark for the first time this season. Every player on UK’s roster scored as Mitchell’s squad shot 37-74 from the field on the game, going 1230 from 3-point range. The Cats also won the offensive rebound battle 19-7. Though pleased with his team’s shooting, Mitchell noted some possible improvements to be made. “I was really happy that we could shoot 50 percent


Sophomore forward Jelleah Sidney scored six points and had three assists in UK’s team effort win over USC Upstate, 100-34. today, and I want to try to see if we can keep doing that. Staying around that number is going to be important for this team’s development. We still missed a few too many shots around the basket that I hope we’re going to start making, and we need to do a good job as coaches at helping them do that,” he said. The Cats were dominant on defense as well, with Upstate’s 34 points being the fewest the Cats have allowed from an opponent all season. UK held Upstate to 11-42 shooting for the game, with the home squad also

forcing 38 turnovers. All but one Cat had a steal as part of a 21-steal team effort. Mitchell revealed the defensive performance may be attributed to a change in tactics. “We’re trying to play some 2-3 zone (defense) and trying to see how our players can develop in that scheme while still making it aggressive but giving you a different look than our pressure man-to-man,” he said. UK’s next game is a morning contest against Miami (Ohio) at Memorial Coliseum on Wednesday. Tip-off is slated for 11 a.m.

Hiring Lindsay Lohan to play Liz NEW YORK — Just as people asked, in her time, “What was it like working with Elizabeth Taylor?,” people today wonder, “What’s it like working with Lindsay Lohan?” on “Liz & Dick,” the Lifetime TV-movie in which lightning-rod Lohan portrays the equally tempestuous screen goddess. It’s not an unreasonable question, given Lohan’s history of substance abuse, rehab, jail time, probation, and, on “Liz & Dick,” a health scare on June 15 that prompted a 911 call when she reportedly could not be awakened. “I was there in the room and asked the (production’s on-set) medic to call the paramedics,” confirms executive producer Larry A. Thompson, speaking by phone from California. Why did you need to call? “She needed attention.” What kind of attention? “She needed medical attention,” he says, before a Lifetime publicist cuts short this line of questioning. Lohan, reportedly suffering from exhaustion, needed no hospitalization that day, but was briefly treated and released another time after her June 8 car accident en route to the set.

“We weren’t naive,” says Thompson, 68, a producer with numerous TV-movie credits as well as such films as Ken Russell’s “Crimes of Passion” (1984). “We knew it wasn’t without risk (to cast her). But if we could survive the risk, the reward would be worth it.” Grant Bowler, 44, who plays Burton, is diplomatic when asked whether there were difficulties doing a production with Lohan. “Yeah, there were,” he says — quickly adding, “I imagine it was a lot like those two back then.” Some productions, he notes “have really easygoing personalities where everything gels and meshes and everyone has a dreamy time and that’s wonderful. But sometimes, you get what I like to call a redheaded-stepchild project, where everything seems to be challenging. And ‘Liz & Dick’ was such a monumental undertaking — in 21 days we managed to get decades of this relationship — that it was always going to be one of those difficult children. To lay it just on one person is silly.”

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kernelsports cody

porter | sports editor |

Rocky season for rivals ends with UT win In Phillips’ final game, Cats fall 37-17 in Knoxville KNOXVILLE, Tenn. — A half-full (or half-empty) Neyland Stadium watched the hapless Volunteers defeat the even-more hapless Cats LES 37-17 in a JOHNS battle in Kernel which one columnist of them had to ultimately earn its first (and only) SEC win of the year. Joker Phillips’ UK head coaching tenure ended with a 13-24 record with the loss. How fitting that it all ended at Neyland Stadium, in Knoxville, and against the dreaded Tennessee Volunteers. Battles in this stadium and against this team epitomize Phillips’ career as a Cat. Phillips was a wide receiver for the Cats in 1984 — the last time UK had won in Knoxville, and the last time the Cats had defeated the Vols anywhere until last season. Last season was when Phillips pulled out a win in one of the most unlikely ways ever, with wide receiver Matt Roark playing quarterback in a surprise victory over the Vols in Lexington. But the battle against the team clad in orange has brought some tough moments for Phillips as well. Phillips has been either

head coach or offensive coordinator during a stretch of games against Tennessee in which the Cats have had equal or greater talent. The Cats have had leads and been competitive but typically have fallen frustratingly short. Fans lament conservative play-calling in the 2007 four overtime loss to the Vols at Commonwealth Stadium, and they rail over not getting superstar all-everything quarterback/receiver Randall Cobb the ball in the final possession of the 2009 30-24 overtime loss to the Vols. And then there was the 2010 debacle in Knoxville. Despite grabbing early control of the game, the Cats found themselves a touchdown behind as the fourth quarter began. A potential game-tying drive stalled, as UK faced fourth down with 2 yards to go at the Tennessee 37-yard line. Instead of attempting to convert, Phillips chose to punt the ball. UK punter Ryan Tydlacka booted it in the end zone for a touchback, which netted the Cats a mere 17 yards on the punt, and the Cats never moved in to Volunteer territory the rest of the game — ultimately dropping the contest 24-14. Many believe that singular decision to be the tipping point in fan sentiment against Phillips, ending his coaching tenure honeymoon less than one full year after his reign began.

Saturday’s game also typified Phillips’ tenure — so much promise and opportunity, but so little actual fulfillment. Despite Tennessee using its no-huddle offense to score touchdowns in its first two possessions, the Cats somehow finished the first half with more first downs and total yards while still trailing on the scoreboard. UK had three consecutive chances to erase a six-point deficit. Those three drives for the Cats went 10, 10 and 15 plays each for a cumulative 162 yards gained. Those drives earned the Cats three points. “The thing we couldn’t do was get the ball in the end zone,” Phillips said. “We had two missed opportunities in the red zone where we just came away with three points, and two fourth-down conversions that we couldn’t convert. “When you don’t convert that is like turning the ball over two times.” Six minutes of game action later, the Vols had extended the lead to 34-17 to essentially lock up the victory. Neyland Stadium isn’t intimidating or overly impressive under these circumstances. Cold weather, student Thanksgiving break and fan apathy led to an announced crowd of 81,841 in the stadium that has a capacity of more than 100,000. All accounts have the ac-


Outgoing UK head coach Joker Phillips locks arms with sophomore Mike Douglas (50) and junior Donte Rumph (99) before taking the field Saturday. Tennessee won its only SEC game of the season over UK.

Even without Harrow, offense shines in UK win Polson, Goodwin step up in point guard’s absence UK basketball head coach John Calipari stomped, yelled and scolded the Cats over their defensive effort — both in the halfcourt and in transition. LES ConJOHNS versely, the Cats showed Kernel incredible columnist efficiency on the offensive end of the ball. Friday night in a 104-75 win at Rupp Arena over Long Island University Brooklyn, UK dished out 28 assists on 42 made field goals. Those 28 assists were more in a game than any single performance of the last year’s national championship squad (high was 24 against Marist on Nov. 11, 2011). The Cats had five players score double figures and had four players dish out more than four assists — all without the presumed starting

point guard in the building. Transfer sophomore point guard Ryan Harrow has been the ultimate mystery this season. He has battled an illness causing him to drop seven pounds and missed plenty of practice and game time, playing just 10 ineffective minutes in the season opener against Maryland. As reports of his physical improvement circulated, Harrow abruptly went home to deal with what was described as a family issue. In the meantime, former walk-on guard Jarrod Polson has emerged as a legitimate option and freshman Archie Goodwin has flat-out thrived in the point-guard role. “His (Goodwin’s) numbers were great. He’s a tough guard,” said LIU-Brooklyn head coach Jack Perri. “ He gets all the way to the rim both to his left and his right. He gets fouled a ton. He’s a talented kid and a big-time player.” Friday night, Goodwin came precariously close to a triple-double, netting 22 points while adding nine re-

bounds and nine assists. “He’s capable of this, but he’s learning,” Calipari said. “He’s a good athlete. He’s long. The one thing the dribble-drive gets you to do is play through bumps, and he’s playing through bumps as well as anybody.” Goodwin thinks he has transitioned to the role well so far. “I think I am coming along well with it. I’m still listening to Coach and he is still going to be on me everyday and this is going to help me a lot,” Goodwin said. “I have been to the gym a lot outside of practice and that is going to help me transition to the point guard easier.” The team shares the ball well, and players find each other for open looks both in the paint and from long distance. They shot 42-of-62 from the field Friday for 67.7 percent and shot 7-of-13 behind the arc for 53.8 percent. “We had 28 assists at 10 turnovers today. That’s huge,” Calipari said. “That’s See JOHNS on page 6

tual crowd at least 20,000 south of the announced attendance, but who can blame the fans for not caring about the relatively meaningless contest between programs that are already in the hunt for new leaders. Tennessee has a tremendous football tradition and the Cats have maintained a spot in the top attendance rankings for several years of late, but both fanbases are ready to just turn the page, thus earning the on-the-field annual battle between the border-state rivals a collective yawn. Phillips, who was notified of his release three weeks ago, finished the season with class

while acknowledging his lack of results. “I learned a lot during these last three weeks,” Phillips said. “It’s time to go. I understand that.” Meanwhile, the teams that competed Saturday continue searching for the right fit to lead their respective programs. And that is where the excitement is, as fans speculate on message boards, during holiday gettogethers and on radio callin shows. UK athletic director Mitch Barnhart addressed the media about the search after the game, with very little in the form of an update. The process is ongoing, no offers

have been made and he may have others helping him with the decision-making process (or he may not, as he said that information would come out after the decision is made). After the game, Phillips reflected on the past 10 years he has been with the program — years that have seen a win over a top-ranked opponent, five straight bowl appearances and the Cats hosting ESPN Gameday. While admitting he was given a fair chance, Phillips said the next head coach must be given time to get things going again. “Given a chance, this thing can be good,” he said.


4 | Monday, November 26, 2012

Above: Art studio senior Cassie Weidner props her feet on a wheelbarrow holding wood as business management senior Caitlin Snyder warms up next to the kiln. Temperatures reached a low of 27 degrees Nov. 16. Students were monitoring, stoking and feeding the kiln Nov. 16-18. Left: Morehead State graduate assistant Marvin Puckett squints against the heat as he feeds logs into the kiln on Nov. 17 while Katelyn Gabbard and David Kring laugh.

The constellation of Orion is visible in the night sky as fire shoots from the kiln's chimney the night of Nov. 17. The kiln was constantly monitored, stoked and fed wood logs for three straight days.


UK’s ceramics program fires up wood-burning kiln for 3 days

A sculpture of a head glows in the intense heat of the kiln. Temperatures reached in excess of 2,100 degrees Fahrenheit as students and faculty stoked and fed logs to the kiln for three continuous days at UK's Coldstream Farm. Ceramics professor Hunter Stamps points out a specific piece in the kiln to animal science lab technician Kwangwon Son on Nov. 17. Son holds a pair of sunglasses up to shield his eyes from the light and heat coming from the kiln.

Hunter Stamps, an assistant professor of ceramics, oversaw the kiln firing and thought it went well overall. “The firing went really well, it’s only the second time we have fired it up, the first time being in the summer,” Stamps said. The process of firing the kiln starts with students loading wood into the kiln. The fire starts out small but increases with wood added. Students then continue to add wood every five to seven minutes. The peak temperature of the firing was 2,375 degrees Fahrenheit. “Loading the kiln itself was a lot of hard work, a very long process,” said UK senior Leah Combs. “It took 12 hours to load.” The kiln firing involved 25 volunteers, most of who were students, who worked six-hour shifts for three days. Some students, such as Liz Rubando, a senior at UK, took on two shifts. “I had two shifts, during those shifts there was occasional down time, but for the most part we consistently put wood in the kiln,” she said. The ceramics program plans to fire the kiln again in March. One major change next semester will be reduction cooling. “We plan to use reduction firing to cool the wood down after we heat the wood up, it should give it a different look,” Stamps said. Though the firing ended on Nov. 18, one week is needed for the kiln to cool down so it can be unloaded. The kiln will be unloaded on Nov. 27 around 1 p.m. Anyone can attend the unloading at UK’s Coldstream Farm. “Anyone can come see us unload the kiln; it will be a great chance for people to see art,” Stamps said.

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gary hermann | opinions editor |

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CHRISTOPHER EPLING, Kernel cartoonist

Exiting IFC president reflects on his term on council To the members of our university family, This afternoon, I complete my term as Interfraternity Council president, as the Council officially installs president-elect Michael Gant for 2013. Consider this parting letter my final report on the cumulative strides the council took and the progress it made in such a transformative year. In January 2012, during the first weeks of our terms, the Executive ComNOLAN mittee sponsored a plenary retreat for incoming offiJACKSON cers to draft the year’s Guest agenda and budget. The recolumnist treat grew our relationships and established each officer’s goals by which to measure his efforts. I am proud to announce the council’s plan to sponsor a second retreat for outgoing and incoming officers and chapter presidents-elect to develop camaraderie and transition officers in preparation for their terms. Spring and fall 2013 formal recruitment

periods attracted over 1,200 potential new members. Summer advising sessions and unprecedented promotion generated overwhelming interest and community growth. Formal recruitment introduced enhanced registration and notification software, a mobile application and a recruitment fee that grew revenue by thousands for future programming. Most importantly, council efforts legitimized its process for community expansion. Additionally, the council added three full-status and one petitioning-status chapter, growing membership to 21 member chapters. In a year of university infrastructural development, IFC visited regional campuses with university administrators to evaluate Greek residential villages and develop a blueprint for a similar village at the University of Kentucky. It hosted forums with chapter leaders, housing corporations and alumni associations to share initiatives, identify obstacles and promote chapter participation for residential expansion. For the first time in several years, the Executive Committee reviewed the council’s constitution and bylaws, amending recruitment eligibility, officer eligibility and duties,

and strengthening community service accountability. Judicially, I am proud to report continued legitimization of the council’s Judicial Board. In 2012, though it addressed infractions within the community, the Judicial Board did not permanently suspend a single chapter’s operations. More importantly, it engaged community members and university officials to negotiate addenda to game-day tailgating policies and open discussions about the role of alcohol on campus. Academically, the council shared its scholarship policies with other councils as the most stringent yet proactive scholarship efforts in the southeastern region, possibly the country. Chapters retained each semester’s 3.0 cumulative chapter GPA mandate and developed a proactive partnership with The Study to benefit individual members. By semester’s end, the Interfraternity Council will have raised over $27,000 for regional charities — $22,500 for its cooperatively sponsored Habitat For Humanity housing build and $5,000 for DanceBlue’s 2013 Golden Matrix Fund. For a second year, the Panhellenic and Interfraternity Councils and campus Habitat chapter provide the first

home for a family in need. Additionally, the council Executive Committee’s charity basketball game and “All You Can Eat” event attracted sponsorships, celebrity participation and hundreds of attendees. Overall support for these young initiatives generated thousands of dollars in charitable donations to benefit the Commonwealth of Kentucky and Lexington communities. I am proud of the 2012 Executive Committee’s leadership. I believe cumulative efforts by council members improved governance and thrust the fraternity community forward. I hope the incoming committee retains some of the precedential initiatives established by our council. I am most proud, though, of the relationships formed and skills developed as Interfraternity Council president. To those with whom I interacted and oversaw, I humbly thank you for your continued patience and support. The experience undoubtedly grew my perspective, and I could not be more appreciative of the opportunity to lead. Fraternally, Nolan M. Jackson

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6 | Monday, November 26, 2012

JOHNS Continued from page 3 a big number.” With the team clicking so well, and with Harrow out of the loop for so much practice and playing time, it is clear it will take some time for him to make an impact. “We want Ryan back. I think he’ll be in practice on Sunday and Monday and we’ll get started,” Calipari said Friday night. “At the end of the day, I would hope if it

were your son, you would want me to deal with this the way I’m dealing with it.” Calipari reported on Twitter that Harrow did return to practice Sunday. “Ryan went the whole way & looked good,” Calipari said in a tweet about the team’s first Sunday practice. “Best part was seeing the smile on his face.” Harrow updated the fans about his status in a statement from UK Athletics. “I’m feeling much better and it felt really good to get


Freshman guard Archie Goodwin lays up the ball against LIU Brooklyn on Friday. UK won 104-75, even without guard Ryan Harrow.

back on the practice court with the guys today,” Harrow said. He said he had a family issue to attend to. “Everything is good with that now and I’m excited about playing with my brothers again.” How Harrow will be utilized is the big question mark now. The Cats just ran through a three-game homestand against opponents they were designed to beat handily, and with the exception of the tussle against Morehead State, that is precisely what they did. Next up for UK are a pair of high-profile national television battles that will really tell the Cats a lot about themselves. They travel to Notre Dame, which has won 38 of its last 39 contests at home, Thursday before hosting a very young, athletic and talented Baylor team Saturday. Neither one of those contests are well-suited to try something new, like re-implementing Harrow to the point (or the lineup at all). “If someone is better, he’s (Harrow’s) not playing,” Calipari said. “If he’s better, he’ll play in time. We need him back — need another guy — no question. Like everything else, you have injuries and things that go on.” Even though he has returned to the team, the mystery will likely remain until at least after the Baylor game, when the Cats face a series of four lesser opponents leading up to the Battle of the Bluegrass against Louisville on Dec. 29. In the meantime, the Cats will have to settle for the sharing, balanced-scoring, highly efficient offense led by Polson and Goodwin.


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