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While making his morning rounds at ESPN, UK basketball head coach John Calipari told viewers that freshman center Nerlens Noel “is cleared to practice and cleared to play games.” “No update on Nerlens Noel. We will not confirm eligibility of any student-athlete until the first day of competition,” a UK spokesman told the Kernel Wednesday morning following Calipari’s comments. But, Wednesday afternoon, NCAA spokesman Bob Williams told USA Today that Noel is “cleared to practice and compete.” Noel, who re-classified in the spring, had been investigated by the NCAA since May due to potential amateurism issues stemming from his college visits last year. Two NCAA enforcement officials visited Noel’s prep school in early August concerning his unofficial visits to Louisville, Kentucky and Syracuse. UK chief compliance office, Sandy Bell, accompanied the officials on what was the second visit to the school. The 6-foot-10, 228pound center from Everett, Mass. was the No. 1 player in the 2012 recruiting class. He is expected to help anchor a UK team that debuted at No. 3 in the USA Today coaches preseason poll.



Homecoming slideshow

New wine to aid Ky. charity

NCAA clears Noel

By Mallory Gantenberg

Tayshaun Prince, former UK basketball player, has released a new wine bottle of Kentucky Blue Riesling to partner up with the Kentucky Department of Agriculture to prevent child obesity. Prince, a professional basketball player for the NBA’s Detroit Pistons, teamed up with KDA and Agriculture Commissioner James Comer for the Eat to Win “Healthy Habits” program, according to Eat to Win encourages children to eat fruits and vegetablesto prevent obesity. It creates a fun interactive way of living healthy lifestyles for children. The program has a goal to prevent obesity and diabetes. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, 37 percent of Kentucky youth are either obese or overweight. And only 13.2 percent of Kentucky youth eat fruits and vegetables five or more times a day. The national average is 21.4 percent. Ben O’Daniel is the winemaker and manager of Elk Creek Vineyards where Prince’s bottle can be bought. O’Daniel said 21,000 bottles will be sold as a limited edition in honor of Prince’s UK jersey number 21. While at UK, Prince won the SEC Player of the Year and Most Valuable Player award. The True Blue Signature Series wine bottle will sell for $21 and six dollars of the profit from each bottle will go to Eat to Win. Sept. 21 was the opening for the release at three different Elk Creek Winery lo-

Freshman center free to play after amateurism concerns

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Lee makes fourth 5-star By Nick Jones


BSU hosts Mr. & Mrs. Black UK Annual Homecoming pageant benefits God’s Pantry By Amelia Orwick

Twelve contestants paraded across the stage in Memorial Hall for the title of Mr. and Ms. Black UK Wednesday evening. The pageant, put on by the Black Student Union and Delta Sigma Theta, consisted of business attire, multiple choice questions, talent and formal wear. In the end, Jamal “JB” Bryant and Desirae Duncan were named the winners, based upon points earned for their speaking ability, appearance and other skills. Contestants also earned points for the number of ads they submitted for inclusion in the program, which featured words of encouragement from family and friends. Three UK staff members served as judges in the competition. “We didn’t just want African American judges,”

said Sheryl Miles of Delta Sigma Theta sorority, Inc. “We wanted all different types so that we could get a variety of different viewpoints.” The 2011 winners, Porsha Jackson and Ja’Mahl McDaniel, served as Master and Mistress of the ceremony. “It’s definitely an honor just to have been able to hold such a prestigious title for a year, and come back and see other people that have enough courage to do the same thing,” McDaniel said. The pageant opened with a construction themed dance routine performed by all contestants, to coincide with the UK “Blueprint” Homecoming theme. Talents included everything from performances of song and dance to monologues. Members of the African Student Association dance team entertained those in attendance with a dance routine at intermission.


The opening dance at Mr. and Mrs. Black UK on Wednesday night at Memorial Hall. The dance was based on the theme “Blueprint”. Following intermission during the formal wear portion, contestants were asked open-ended questions, including, “What would you do with a million dollars?” and “Do you consider yourself a follower or a leader?” Contestants received support from friends and family

members in the audience in the form of banners, hoots and hollers. Winning the pageants results in several benefits, including a stipend and an appearance in the Homecoming parade. See BLACK UK on page 2

Just three days removed from his trip to Lexington, 2013 recruit Marcus Lee has made the decision to attend UK to play basketball. On Wednesday during the 3 p.m. announcement held in his Deer Valley High School gymnasium, Lee chose UK over his only other finalist, California. UCBerkley was a major player for his services in part because of the school’s academic prestige. “Obviously he likes the academics of the school. It is a great academic institution and it is one of the best schools in the nation as far as academics are concerned,” Deer Valley head coach Lechet Phillips said to the Kernel in an exclusive interview on Monday. But it was no match for what UK head coach John Calipari had to offer during his official visit to UK’s Big Blue Madness event. However, it may not have been the UK coaching staff that helped Marcus formulate his decision so quickly. There was a major draw from the players in the program. “He likes the kids that are there already and he likes the kids that are coming in. He just likes the whole program,” said Phillips, who thinks Marcus will be an excellent fit with the current UK com-

mits. “I know they are bringing in the Harrison Twins and (James Young), but it’s probably a perfect fit for them and vise versa,” Phillips said. “So it seems like a perfect marriage for all of them.” By adding Lee to the already No. 1 class in the nation, Calipari has once again accomplished recruiting history. Lee marks the fourth 5star player to join UK’s class of 2013 in just three weeks, a feat that has never been achieved before. The 6-foot-9 power forward joins a host of top-10 guards Andrew and Aaron Harrison and James Young, and forward Derek Willis. While there are already five names to this star-studded recruiting class, the UK coaching staff’s recruiting efforts for 2013 are not over yet. 2013 stars Julius Randle, Aaron Gordon, Kennedy Meeks and Tyler Roberson all have scholarship offers from Calipari. Andrew Wiggins of the 2014 class has a scholarship offer as well, and pending a decision on his reclassification, the number one player in the nation may very well end up in UK’s 2013 class. But for now there are currently five members of the 2013 class, and according to the official Twitter account of Lee, “That’s just scary.”

Sustainability Council asking for student input By Robert Hunt

The Student Sustainability Council is working on a project to enhance the sustainability of University of Kentucky’s campus and is looking for ideas from UK students.

The SSC is in charge of distributing the Environmental Stewardship Fee, which is included in tuition costs toward projects that will advance the sustainability of UK’s campus. Some of their projects on campus include everything from the Wildcat Wheels bicycle program,

Newsroom: 257-1915 Advertising: 257-2872 First issue free. Subsequent issues 25 cents.

which bought old bicycles from the city of Lexington for student use, to the new water bottle filling stations on some of the drinking fountains around campus. “I had noticed the new filling stations this year but just thought that it was something the water fountain com-


pany had come up with,” accounting senior Austin Merk said. “I think that it is really neat that a group of students came up with an idea that I use almost every day.” Stratton Hatfield serves as the Director of Operations for the SSC and has held this position for two months.

Some of his duties include scheduling and presiding over meetings for the 15 member council along with working directly with Sustainability Coordinator Shane Tedder. Hatfield said he encourages any and all ideas from students, and if he offered





any advice it would be to not hesitate if students think of a project. He said there is typically about a month’s worth of paper work between when a proposal is submitted and when it is voted on. Hatfield not only has high hopes for the SSC this year, but also for See SUSTAIN on page 2


2 | Thursday, October 18, 2012

BLACK UK Continued from page 1 However, winners also have requirements to fulfill, such as attending a number of BSU and Delta Sigma Theta events.

Rather than pay the $5 admission fee, spectators had the option to pay $3 and donate a canned good for God’s Pantry, a food bank that serves counties in Eastern Ky. “My friend said there was a talent show and we thought, Why not come?”

nursing freshman Lydia Clark said. “We didn’t know it was put on by BSU, but it’s turned out to be really interesting.” Miles also expressed her excitement about the event. “It’s just a great way to open up homecoming and get everybody ready.”

PRINCE WINE Continued from page 1 cations. Prince came to sign bottles and represent the KDA program. “It was a big turnout and several cases were sold,” O’Daniel said. “I think it is very admirable of him to get involved and be a role model for kids,” Evie Cheatham said “I also want to do my part, so I would gladly purchase another bottle and share with my friends.” Elk Creek Winery in

SUSTAIN Continued from page 1


the years to come. “While most students don’t even know we exist right now, I hope the beneficial work we do will one day make us a common name used in student vocabulary,”Hatfield said. “A lot of students don’t

Owneton, Ky., is the largest winery in the state. It was opened in 2003 by owner Curtis Sigretto and managed by the primary winemaker, O’Daniel. It sells a wide variety of award winning wines and also has bed and breakfast lodging. “Some of the grapes were grown in Kentucky,” O’Daniel said. “The Riesling was produced here in Kentucky, a special blend. I’d say about 60-70 percent of the grapes are Kentucky fruit.” This Kentucky produced wine can be bought at all of

the retail locations as well on their website, “I have actually never heard of it, but I would probably buy it if I knew about it,” Tristan Santor said. “I’m not really a wine-drinker but I would put it on my shelf. It’s great philanthropy especially since obesity is so high and worrisome.” As for the future, O’Daniel said several cases of Prince’s bottle were sold and they just keep selling. “The proceeds for Eat to Win should continue to be successful,” O’Daniel said.

realize what we have to offer, a chance for them to directly impact our campus in a positive way,” said Marissa Kruthaup, head of the Outreach for the Student Sustainability Council. While there are no deadlines for student project submissions, Kruthaup said most of their submissions come in the fall so projects can begin in the spring.

Project ideas must be submitted five days before the SSC’s next meeting to be considered at that given meeting. Student project ideas must pass a majority vote of the entire council to be approved. Students can submit their project ideas to the SSC and learn more about the council itself on their website,

Jamal Bryant and Desirae Duncan, the winners of Mr. and Mrs. Black UK, sing at the annual pageant Wednesday night at Memorial Hall.

‘Smashed’, a sobering view of alcoholism They’re young, in love and totally hammered. Kate (Mary Elizabeth Winstead), a first-grade school teacher, sits in her car and chugs from a flask before going in to teach her students. Charlie (Aaron Paul), a music critic, gets to sleep in and drink on the job, because concerts and booze are a natural fit. They’re functioning alcoholics, they enable each other, and they get along great when they’re plastered. Who needs sobriety, anyway? “Smashed,” a refreshingly concise and focused study of a woman under the influence, follows what happens when Kate has a moment of self-realization — she wakes up one morning lying in the street, having smoked crack with a stranger after a drinking binge — and decides she needs to correct her life. Director James Ponsoldt, who co-wrote the script with Susan Burke (inspired in part by her own experiences), opts for realism and modesty instead of sensation. There are no harrowing tragedies or depressing plot twists, the way most films about alcoholism go about forcing their protagonist to get sober. Instead, “Smashed” uses unexpected humor (Nick Offerman plays Kate’s socially awkward

Horoscope To get the advantage, check the day's rating: 10 is the easiest day, 0 the most challenging. Aries (Mar. 21-April 19) — Today is a 5 — Pay close attention. Success is particularly fun now. A female offers an opportunity; follow through. Talking it over helps. Catch up on communications. There's good news. Taurus (April 20-May 20) — Today is a 7 — Write a love letter or a romantic novel. Find a way to work smarter, and it seems easy. You advance through the kindness of others. Show your appreciation. Gemini (May 21-June 20) — Today is a 6 — You're especially charming. What you have to say is important. Don't waste your energy in negativity. Listen to others, and ask questions. A female provides an answer. Cancer (June 21-July 22) — Today is an 8 — You know what you're talking about. Sort, file and discard for maximum productivity. Be unstoppable, and gather up

co-worker, who makes what is probably the crudest, most outrageous pass in cinematic history at her) and strong supporting performances (Octavia Spencer plays Kate’s AA sponsor) to depict the courage and determination of an addict who uses sheer willpower to get clean. The film’s real focus, though, is the relationship between Kate and Charlie, which inevitably changes when she stops drinking. He’s supportive of her decision but is not quite ready to go dry yet, which wrecks the dynamic of their marriage. Winstead is terrific as a young woman scared into sobriety, only to discover going straight and telling people the truth is much harder than lying and hiding her addiction. The actress shares a tender connection with Paul, who plays Charlie as a loving husband who hasn’t hit his emotional bottom yet and doesn’t understand why his wife is slipping away from him. The final scene in “Smashed” is beautiful yet heart-rending … because you’ve grown to care about these characters so much, but you also realize that sometimes love doesn’t conquer all.

treasure. Make sure your partner hears your ideas, too. Leo (July 23-Aug. 22) — Today is an 8 — Generate creative brainstorming with your team concerning communications. There are excellent conditions for group discussion. Ask probing questions, and share what you see. Fall in love again. Virgo (Aug. 23-Sept. 22) — Today is a 7 — Write down a dream. Arrange a social gathering, or join one already in progress. Initiate communications. Others help behind the scenes. Let them know what's needed. Libra (Sept. 23-Oct. 22) — Today is a 6 — Completion leads to abundance. Questions lead to more questions. A female pitches in to help with the right words. Change your tune ... you'll love the new sound. Scorpio (Oct. 23-Nov. 21) — Today is an 8 — Do your best work, and admiration results. Don't forget to thank others for their input. Conditions are good for tender, in-depth conversation. Contact distant relatives.


Sagittarius (Nov. 22-Dec. 21) — Today is a 5 — Whenever you're stuck, stop and listen. A female has a creative solution. Use your special sensitivity to advance, possibly together. Balance romance with career. Capricorn (Dec. 22-Jan. 19) — Today is a 7 — Spread your wings. Nothing can stop you now. Write down your experiences for future reference, a novel or a memoir. Others love your ideas. There's good news from far away. Aquarius (Jan. 20-Feb. 18) — Today is a 7 — You're in the emotional spotlight, but don't be afraid to perform. Play for a standing ovation. You're free to express yourself at home. Remember what's really important. Pisces (Feb. 19-March 20) — Today is a 7 — It's time for travel, even if through books or imagination. Your self-expression helps improve a relationship. Write a poem or a song, or paint something. Develop secret talents. MCT

kernel. we do it daily.

Thursday, October 18, 2012 | PAGE 3

New bike trail opens on Tates Creek Road By Olivia Jones

Lexington bikers have been presented with a new outlet as the Veterans Mountain Bike Trail opened Wednesday on 4043 Tates Creek Road. According to avid mountain biker and President of Bluegrass Chapter of KY Mountain Bike Association, Troy Hearn, the lollipop shaped, off-road path is primarily in the woods and connects to a nonofficial trail. The trail is surrounded by neighborhoods and it crosses over previously established multiuse paved paths.

The KY Mountain Biking Association separated the state into three chapters, Bluegrass, Bowling Green and Louisville, with trails in each. Compared to the other chapters, Hearn said, “[The Veterans Trail] is less technical and for everyone, really…it looks busier than our other trails because it’s smaller.” Kentucky has seen an increase in mountain bikers over the past several years, as KYMBA’s community has increased to 300 paid members. Hearn explained that the Veterans Trail is becoming so popular that there has already been talk about expansions. “But there have

been no official meetings yet,” he said. "Six or seven people have already been here this morning.” Tony Mays, a maintenance employee of Veterans Park said,”It's beginning to pick up.” For information on group rides and upcoming events people can search the Veterans Park Trails Facebook page. The first group ride took place on Thursday, and one will be held each following Thursday rotating through the various chapters. According to Heart, biking in the snow is “a lot of fun.” “When there’s a little snow on the ground…it adds

Red Bus raising awareness for orphans By Judah Taylor

The Red Bus Project is coming to UK on Halloween. The project is a double decker bus spreading awareness to college campuses about the needs and care for orphans. On the bus, students are invited to donate and buy clothing. The mobile thrift store raises funds that will go toward orphans. Emily and Caleb Chapman, whose father is Christian recording-artist Steven Curtis Chapman, and Chris Wheeler founded the Red Bus Project in January 2012. Since founded, the Red Bus Project has toured over 25 college campuses in the southeast as the college program of Show Hope, a nonprofit orphan organization that helps orphans in distress. “We started the RBP as a way to engage students in orphan care,” said Wheeler, director of student initiative for

Show Hope. “We know that students don’t have a lot of money, but they do enjoy thrift store shopping… so, we created the Red Bus Project to get them involved.” The RBP works in a very simple way. It relies on donations of clothes from students and others to sell on board the bus. The profits made go directly to Show Hope and help families permanently adopt orphans from all over the world. Students can get involved with the RBP without being on campus. Students will have the opportunity to be involved in a campus group, formed by the RBP. “A campus group is made up of individual college students together who want to make a difference,” Wheeler said. The first college group campaign is a clothing drive that will run all the way until Orphan Sunday, the first Sunday in November.

There will also be donation bins left at UK, where students can donate clothes and accessories to the RBP after the bus leaves campus. The British double decker bus turned rolling thrift store, has been visited by more than 10,525 students and has sold more than $21,000 worth of discounted clothes to help orphans so far. With a typical adoption costing over $5,000, Wheeler said the projects work isn’t done yet. There are still over 147 million orphans in the world, with a new child being orphaned every 18 seconds.

for more information To learn more about the Red Bus Project or Show Hope, visit them at, and respectively.

to the technical aspect.” On the other hand, he warns of the damages that riding in certain types of weather can cause to the trail. “Freeze fallis when the sun is out and melts the top layer of frost on the trails,” Hearn said, “If you ride on top of that, the tires cause ruts that we’d have to fix.” Planning for this trail began as simple ideas about five years ago. Hearn explained that KYMBA worked with mayor Jim Gray and Pedal the Planet to put their talk into action. Hearn explained that once construction was started, the trail was completed atone-fifth of the estimated

cost and finished a year sooner. "We just wanted a trail, fast," said Pedal the Planet owner Mark Trimble. Pedal the Planet's previous construction of bike trails in areas like Ga. and Tenn., the company was recommended to be the contractor for Veterans Trail. "As everyone knows, Kentucky has a high obesity rate...we need to get people up and moving," Trimble said. Trimble explained how Lexington's economy should improve with the trail attracting various companies. "The trail will help increase the quality of life in

Lexington, it's great entertainment, people will want to come here," he said. "I love that I can take my children out for a ride and not have to travel far to another trail...this one accommodates all levels," Trimble said. Pedal the Planet donated a "fix-it" station along the trail, where bikers can pump tires and do minor repairs to their bikes. "There's a code picture on the station for smartphones that will link you to an instructional page that guides you through repairs step-bystep," Trimble said. "I've even ridden a golf cart on it," Mays said.

Go Green. Recycle this Kernel.

thursday 10.18.12 page 4

kernelsports Cody

Porter | sports editor |

Willis reflects on BBm Weekend Recruits got a taste of Cats fans at Keeneland DEREK WILLIS Contributing columnist

Big Blue Madness was an awesome experience for this year. I finally got a chance to meet the Harrison twins and James Young, who

were cool and seemed like we all had the same goal to get another championship. Other than meeting the new commitments, I had a chance to hang out with Marcus Lee, who at the time was not committed. Lee has the same build as me and was another person I enjoyed meeting on my visit. Starting off when I ar-

New teams join a changing Big East basketball landscape By Mike Jensen MCT

NEW YORK — I had to look it up. Would Larry Brown be at Wednesday’s Big East media day? That would be a layup, writing about the Brooklyn native and former 76ers coach, now 72 years old, returning to his hometown representing the Mustangs of Southern Methodist. Larry, you commuting down there from the Main Line? LB wasn’t here. SMU doesn’t join the Big East until next year. Villanova coach Jay Wright said he was interviewed at the Pavilion in the offseason — “I looked up, we have a big banner with all the (Big East) teams on the banner. They yellowed out West Virginia. I couldn’t tell.” This year, Wright pointed out, is actually pretty simple. West Virginia has gone to the Big 12. Nobody new is in until next year, when SMU and Houston and Central Florida come in. The biggest basketball additions, the ones all the coaches were mentioning Wednesday at Big East media day, are Memphis and Temple. This will be a weird year, though. No Jim Calhoun at Connecticut. No matter how long he decides to keep coaching at Syracuse, Jim Boeheim will be done with the Big East after this season when the Orange move to the ACC. “I was at Syracuse before the Big East,” Boeheim said. “I was at Syracuse with seven teams in the Big East, nine teams, 14 teams, 16 teams, 18 teams. Whatever it is. Things change constantly. It’s just college athletics. It’s going to continue to change, I’m sure.” The thing about college coaches, they’re used to saying good-bye. They hold a Senior Day virtually every year. Boeheim isn’t the publicly sentimental sort, to put it mildly, but he wasn’t going to wax poetic about no longer

seeing Jim Calhoun standing (and wildly gesticulating) from the front of Connecticut’s bench. “I don’t usually look down there too much,” Boeheim said. “I look out on the court and see who’s out there. They’ll have good players, and Kevin (Ollie) will do a good job with them.” As always, being Big East favorite puts a team in the national title conversation. Louisville is that squad this season. The Cardinals were the runaway pick to win the Big East. Asked his thoughts about national contenders, coach Rick Pitino said he thought Indiana might have the best five in the country. “We could have the best 10 players in America,” Pitino said. “We’ve got 10 really good guys.” Nobody had Louisville winning the Big East tournament last season and going to the Final Four after a 10-8 regular Big East season, good for seventh in the league. “We’ve got a chance like I would say 40 other schools do,” Pitino said of the national picture, pointing out that Connecticut, Duke and Pittsburgh were all in last season’s top 10, and none of them were around by the second round of the NCAA tournament. Pitt didn’t make it. Duke lost to Lehigh. Everybody seems to agree the field keeps leveling out. The coaches staying in the Big East will cheerlead the newcomers. They do it most easily for Memphis and Temple — “top 25 programs,” Pitino said. So it won’t just be the names on the back of jerseys changing. Boeheim doesn’t think anybody should get misty eyed. “The old guys, eventually we all go,” Boeheim said. Except for Larry Brown. He’s due to show up next year.

rived, all of the recruits had got on a bus and we were shuttled to Keeneland. Throughout this day I would try and tweet about where we would be publicly so the new commitments could get the full experience of what it is to be committed to a great program like UK. The Harrison twins had no problem with fans recognizing them and they drew a

lot of attention wherever we went. I hope that they understand how much worse it will get, but they are very humble as well as James Young and Marcus Lee. After Keeneland, we went back to the Craft Center and watched practice. Then we went back to the hotel and started to get prepared for BBM. Madness itself has a concert-type atmosphere and I could not compare it to anything else. It was the most

fun I have had in awhile. Everything from head coach Calipari’s introduction, to the players being announced, was on point and everything ran smoothly. Summing everything up, I had an awesome weekend at UK. If you couldn't make it out to Madness this year, I hope you can come when the 2013 class is there because it will be the most memorable Madness yet.

Men’s soccer wins key road match 1-0 victory over Marshall gets the Cats above .500 UK defeated Marshall 10 on the road Wednesday night to earn their second straight win and second conference win of the year. The lone goal of the match came from junior Dylan Asher who was making his first career start at forward. The big headline coming into the game was the Thundering Herd’s impressive defense. Having allowed a mere 12 goals coming into tonight’s game, the Herd were boasting the second best defense in the country

and only one loss. However, the Cats were able to go into hostile territory and get the win against a very strong Marshall team. The Cats got a solid game from junior keeper Jack Van Arsdale who recorded five saves in his third shutout of the season. After a fairly even first half, the Cats got the winner in the 55th minute from Asher, the first of his career. Senior Matt Lodge assisted on the goal, his first of the year. The game was played at Hurricane High School,

Next Game Who: Kentucky vs Florida International When: Sunday at 5 p.m. Where: UK Soccer Complex Televised: None

about 30 minutes away from the Herd’s campus, due to ongoing construction on the soccer complex and was Marshall’s first loss at home this season. UK improved to 5-2 on the road this season after finishing last year with a disas-

trous 0-7-1 record. After starting 1-4 on the year the Cats are 6-2-1 in their last nine to get back to 7-6-1 on the year. The win puts the Cats in a tie for third in Conference-USA with a record of 2-1-1. Head coach Johan Cedergren’s club will next take to the field against Florida International on Sunday. The game is another home conference match slated to kickoff at 5 p.m. Florida International is last in the conference with a record of 0-2-1, although they have played close games with both UAB and Southern Methodist, losing by just one to both teams.



Sophomore mid-fielder Cameron Wilder dribbles the ball upfield during UK’s game against Memphis Sept. 30.

thursday 10.18.12 page 5


gary hermann | opinions editor |

letter to the editor College voters deserve more respect in upcoming election Homecoming week important It’s widely believed that young voters are not reliable voters. However, they will play a very significant role in which candidate will beCHASE come the SANDERS next president of Kernel the Unitcolumnist ed States of America. In 2008, President Obama won the White House with record numbers of engaged young voters. According to a CNN exit poll, voters between the ages of 18-29 pushed Obama past McCain with 66 percent of the demographic’s support. College voters are an important part of the demographic that could throw the result of this landmark election to one candidate or another. According to a NBC Wall Street Journal poll, 52 percent of young voters are highly interested in the election, compared to 72 percent in 2008 in support of President Obama. That’s still a high enough number of students to push the president over the top in the election, but there is lack of energy among young voters because

they don’t hear their issues addressed in most media outlets covering the 2012 election. They could throw the election to Romney if they feel disengaged in the few weeks leading up to Nov. 6. This information makes the media outlets on campuses across the nation that much more important during this election season. When young voters are faced with class, studying, working and more studying, they don’t always have the leisure of time to sit down and watch the news on television every night. Their vote will depend heavily on the resources their jam-packed schedules allow them to be privy to. Last week, the Vice Presidential debate in Danville, Ky., created the perfect environment at Centre College for young voters in the Commonwealth to feel engaged in the general election. Disappointingly, this opportunity was inadvertently decimated due to the Commission on Presidential Debates. The institution’s rules prevent student media from covering all the presidential debates this year. As a result, they block students from relaying debate analysis to their student (and adult) audience. It’s to the utmost benefit of the whole country to have

an informed electorate. College students — the future of the electorate — want to be involved in the discussion. They have a vote, so it’s only logical that they should have the chance to be properly informed so they can gain insight into what’s going on in the world. They deserve more respect than they’re given as members of the electorate. If you have a discussion about politics you might be surprised at what you’ll here. I know they’ve certainly exceeded my own expectations as a fellow student. They know what’s going on in the world, and they want to be informed. To keep that process from taking its course is a travesty. In what is arguably the most important election in three decades, it is unacceptable to disenfranchise college voters in such a way as the Commission on Presidential Debates. College voters will be a difference maker in this election. Maybe when exit polls come out the pundits will be surprised for the second time around. Hopefully after this election they won’t be treated like Rodney Dangerfield while gettin’ no respect. Chase Sanders is the Kernel’s assistant news editor. Email him at csanders@

to few, meaningless to most

the late 1980s, that is, again, voted for Homecoming at the University of by the black Greek organizations. AnKentucky is meaningful for only three other great black Greek tradition is the kinds of individuals: White Greeks, National Pan-Hellenic Council’s Homeblack Greeks and alumni. coming Step Show, an admittedly imLooking at the calendar of homepressive show of NPHC chapters. coming events and how they are organAlumni, the group most unabashedly ized, the interested reader comes across several key points. First, Paint the Town catered-to group that steps foot on campus, are the main focus of the adminisBlue is an annual tradition where stutration of this University. The UK Alumdent organizations — that is, the Greek ni Association invites all alumni back to community — is assigned a space to campus every year, especially milestone decorate in their own way according to anniversary groups, for events like the the homecoming theme as defined by the Student Activities Board. Every year, Golden Wildcat Reception and Dinner, a $35 a plate fundraiser and social activithe windows of White Hall and other ty, and the buildings and Homecoming businesses Breakfast, a are colored special gathwith the anering of chor of Delta Go to to comment on opinions pieces. Alumni AsGamma, the All online comments may be used in the paper sociation Wildcat as letters to the editor. members to Marching start the day band of the wonderful sisters of Tau Beta Sigma and off before the homecoming game itself. For non-Greek (white, black, or otherseveral other representations of the esowise) students (as in not yet alumni), the teric philosophy inherent in each Greek annual homecoming tradition is someorganization. thing to be avoided. As a member of the Secondly, the actual homecoming king and queen are voted for by only the marching band, I have marched in the parade several times, seeing more people in Greek community. I say this mostly beour group of 200 than in the crowds lincause my opinion as a proud member of ing the parade path. When the homecoma non-IFC fraternity has never been ing court is being crowned, the stands are sought for the homecoming royalty that as empty as any other halftime in Comsupposedly represents the entire UK community; a very similar statement can monwealth Stadium. My final point is this: For as excitbe made about the Mr. UK Pageant, preing and spirit rousing as Homecoming sented by Delta Zeta, in which my old Week 2012 should be for a “True Blue friend Kory Brocious was recently Wildcat,” the week will pass as any othnamed Lad of the Lamp. er week (class, homework, sleep, repeat) Understandably, black Greek stuand Saturday will pass as just another dents feel left out in the crowning of Homecoming Court because they are not loss in this disappointing football season. a part of the IFC or PHC. Their reTristan Root is a history senior. sponse was to form the Mr. and Ms. Email Black UK Pageant, an event dating to

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Take charge of your health by talking to your pharmacist You begin to notice a cough and runny nose — allergy and cold symptoms. You go to the doctor, see his nurse and hastily get a prescription for an antibiotic and some cough syrup. He faxes the prescription over to your pharmacy where you pick up your medicine at the drive-thru window. This process is usually quick and effortless, besides a few special cases, and usually CHRIS works well for patients. But TERRY what if you were one of those Guest special cases? What if your columnist case is not as simple as what is usual and customary? What if taking just a few minutes to discuss your medications with your pharmacist was the key to a fit and healthy future? Here’s

how and why: P is for PEOPLE Pharmacists are here for you! Everything that goes on in a pharmacy is to serve the patient. Don’t be hesitant to ask for help! H is for HELPFUL We’re here to help you, today and tomorrow. As mentioned above, pharmacy revolves around the patient. The pharmacy is an intimate healthcare setting that tends to provide long-term treatment. A is for ACCESSIBLE Pharmacists are the easiest of the healthcare providers to talk to about any and all health problems. Going to a doctor’s office doesn’t guarantee that you will see your doctor. A call to the doctor’s office can take tens of minutes, wading through automated voice messaging systems. Pharmacists are available directly at any counter and are legally required to

be in any pharmacy that dispenses medication. R is for RELIABLE Most pharmacies are open Monday through Friday, from early in the morning to after people usually get off work. Some are even open on the weekends or later hours. Make sure you ask your pharmacist what your pharmacy’s hours are — just to make sure! M is for MEDICATION We are the medication experts! We have gone through numerous hours of schooling, studying and practicing to be the best patient care providers we can possibly be. Pharmacists are an integral part of the healthcare team due to our immense knowledge of medications and disease states. A is for ANSWERS Pharmacists are trained to answer any and all questions you have. If we don’t know the

answers to your questions, we will either find the answer for you or direct you to someone that will. C is for COUNSELING More than 60 percent of patients don’t ask their pharmacist for medication counseling. Try asking your pharmacist to counsel you on your prescription next time you see him or her. Medication counseling is required by law for every new prescription. Make sure you’re taking your medication the right way and at the right time to improve your quality of care. Y is for YOU! At the end of the day, you are the person in charge of your health care. Pharmacy is a patient-oriented field, just like your health should be! Chris Terry is a College of Pharmacy Class of 2014 candidate.

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Q&A with Jimmy Dykes ESPN personality makes his predictions for this year’s Cats By Les Johns

Jimmy Dykes is an ESPN broadcaster of 17 years and a regular commentator on SEC basketball telecasts. The wealth of his knowledge about the sport and conference is well-rooted, having played basketball for the Arkansas Razorbacks and serving as a assistant coach during the Eddie Sutton years at UK. College basketball fans know him for his enthusiasm and trademarks phrases such as, “drive the nail,” “cautious closeouts” and “violent cuts”. Dykes brought Big Blue Madness to the national ESPN audience Friday and was able to spend some time with head coach John Calipari and the Cats at practice earlier that day. He spoke with the Kernel about his time in Lexington and how he feels this season will unfold.

Q. What are your thoughts this year's Cats? A. You can't deny their talent when they step on the

floor. They are going to be the youngest team in college basketball — again. Those aren't normal freshmen. They are going to be a great defensive basketball team, much as Calipari's teams have always been even back to his last two or three years at Memphis. They are going to be a terrific shot-blocking and rebounding team. Their offense is going to grow as the year goes on. I don't think they know yet exactly how they are going to play offensively, but defensively they can be really, really good. I was impressed by what I saw. Kentucky basketball is a strong brand right now. With their recent verbal commitments for 2013, you just don't see an ending to it. All you can see is a continuation to what they are doing — Calipari and UK.

Q. Was there any player that surprised or impressed you Friday night?

A. I got to watch them practice Friday afternoon over at

the Craft Center before Madness, so I got a better feel for the real practice and what they look like. I wouldn't say one guy jumped out, but I saw a lot of good things out of all of them. We know what Kyle Wiltjer is — as dangerous of a 6foot-10 kid on the perimeter that the college game has right now because of how well he shoots the ball. But he has a post game too. He is a lot more versatile than people realize. Ryan Harrow will be at the point guard spot. The first thing that sticks out is that he isn't as big as past UK point guards that Calipari has had. He is a good player. Although he is small, he can still get in the lane and make hard layups. Archie Goodwin is probably as close as they have to a Michael Kidd-Gilchrist in terms of his toughness, edge and

competitiveness. He is a machine as far as endurance and plays through contact. He will be a major factor. (Alex) Poythress is a man on the wing. His ability to get to the rim, make shots and get fouled is going to be very important. The two kids inside, Nerlens Noel and Willie Cauley-Stein, are going to be hard to score against around the rim because they are so quick off their feet. They are active, hunt the basketball and aggressively look to block shots. How quickly they come together offensively to get some points out of that position will be important to follow. The pieces are there. It just a matter of how quickly they come together defensively, are they going to be coachable all season long and are they going to be unselfish like they were last season. I don't expect them to rattle off 38 wins, which was the best all-time in college ball. But I think by the time March rolls around, they will be very difficult to handle in the NCAA tournament.

Q. Calipari has stated multiple times that the Cats

could start off 0-2 and still have a great season. Is there really a chance they could start off 0-2?


Absolutely. Maryland and Duke — those two teams will be ready to play, especially Duke. I saw them practice Monday at Ft. Bragg (N. Car.). They are an older, veteran team. They are ready to play right now. They have their offensive, defense and out-ofbounds plays in already. They are accelerated much further along than UK. UK is playing catch-up for that game against Duke. There will not be any question concerning UK's season, however, even if they do start off 0-2. The UK fan base may panic a little bit, but Calipari, his staff and their players won't.

Q. Who would make up your extremely early Final Four picks?

A. I would say that right now, Indiana and Louisville would be two of my teams that would have the best chance of being in the Final Four. After that, there are 15 or 20 teams — UK being one of them — that can slide in to that third or fourth slot. There are a lot of unknowns and question marks in college basketball this year.

Q..Who do you think wins the SEC? A. There are four teams that would be the odds-on

favorites — UK, Florida, Tennessee and Missouri. Florida has some experienced, older talented players back. Tennessee has everybody back from a team that came within a whisker of getting into the NCAA tournament last year — they are an

other team with experience and size. Missouri's transition to the SEC is going to be really good for them. They have a dynamic backcourt with Michael Dixon and Phil Pressey. That is a good basketball team, that I think will be a major player in the SEC race.

Q. What needs to happen

for UK to make a deep run in the NCAA tournament and make the Final Four in Atlanta?


I think for almost everybody it will be about the same. They have to stay healthy. They have to be playing their best basketball in March and get better as the season goes on. As a young team, you would think they would do that. I think if UK has a chance to get there they once again will have to be a great defensive team. They can't just be really good, they have to be great defensively. They are built to do that. They have to be great getting the ball off the backboard and scoring in transition. If those kids are coachable, unselfish, don't have their own individual agendas and live and die on every last word that Calipari tells them, then they have a chance. If they break off and do their own thing and get selfish, then they don't.

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