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12 Days of Madness video interview online

The price of free tickets Madness admission illegally sold on eBay, Craigslist By Les Johns

Log on Lexington Craigslist this week and you can find an ink pen for $250, a rubber band for $300, an envelope for $125 or a paper clip for $280. The reason why office supplies are more valuable than gold? They are all being packaged with Big Blue Madness tickets. Hundreds of tickets to the Cats’ marquee preseason event that were given to the general public for free are now being sold on secondary market sites such as eBay and Craigslist.

There have been more than 900 tickets sold on eBay, with total sales in excess of $64,000. Big Blue Madness tickets have put on sale in more than 600 postings on Craigslist since they were distributed at Memorial Coliseum and on Sept. 22 at 7 a.m. Completed sale prices on eBay vary, largely dependent upon seat location and quantity of tickets. A single ticket in the corner of the rafters, section 211, row CC, sold for $5. A set of four front-row tickets on the floor (section 22) sold for $500. Selling tickets in excess of the price initially charged

for the ticket is considered scalping and is illegal, according to Kentucky Revised Statute 518.070. It isn’t a violation that Lexington police are going out of their way to enforce. “That isn’t something we get into at the Division of Police — not just Big Blue Madness, but any ticketed event,” said Lexington police spokeswoman Sherelle Roberts. “We don’t have the resources to get involved with something like that. They focus on events where officers can physically see tickets bePHOTO BY LATARA APPLEBY | STAFF ing sold and apprehend viola- Thousands camp out for free Big Blue Madness tickets each year, but some then sell them for hundreds of dollars online. More than 900 tickets have been sold on eBay, with more than $64,000 in sales. See TICKETS on page 2

Students, profs look forward to VP debate By Chase Sanders


Fraternities and sororities participated Tuesday in a cheerleading competition hosted by Beta Theta Pi and Kappa Delta.

Cheers for a cause By Anyssa Roberts

UK Greeks truly had something to cheer about at the first “Bring It On” competition at the Singletary Center on Tuesday evening. Back handsprings and tucks were among the stunts displayed at the Greek cheerleading competition, hosted by Beta Theta Pi fraternity and Kappa Delta sorority. Both Beta Theta Pi and Kappa Delta are philanthropic organizations. The event raised money for The Nest Center for Women, Children and Families as well as the Violence Intervention and Prevention Center. Participating fraternities and sororities were paired up and put in weeks of work to perform a routine directed by a member of the UK cheerleading team. “I found out about (Bring It On) during recruitment through Alpha Phi, and we have been working on it for about four or five weeks now,” said freshman cheer-

leader Dethora Hasenjager. “I think it’s really cool that all of the sororities and frats come together, and it’s really fun to see everyone interact.” There was high energy before the show as each team took turns practicing their stunts. Hair bows flew as flyers were basket tossed into the air and caught with care and precision. Many came to see, however, the cheer moves of the fraternity men. Members of Theta Chi fraternity praised the UK cheerleaders for their coaching skills. The event took eight full months to plan, and members of Beta Theta Pi and Kappa Delta believe it was a success. “We are ... lucky to have 17 organizations, including the UK cheerleaders, helping us out,” said co-coordinator Elijah Zimmerman. “It’s a really great feeling to have so much support.” Zimmerman said more events are in the works for fall and spring.

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Even though the biggest boost in the polls went to Big Bird, the candidate who made him an item, Mitt Romney, is also reaping the benefits from the first Presidential debate. In the most recent Pew Research poll, Romney is in a virtual tie at 46 percent with the president among registered voters, but edged ahead of President Barack Obama among likely voters carrying 49 percent to the president’s 45 percent. Obama’s missteps in the first debate were saved by the cushion of unemployment numbers from last month, which fell from 8.3 percent to 7.8 percent. This is the lowest unemployment has been in the past three years. Richard Waterman, a UK political science professor,

Director preps for Student Center’s 75th anniversary By Nini Edwards

Many came to see fraternity men perform their cheerleading routines in the Singletary Center.


said that if the president’s campaign wants to rebound from his lackluster performance in the first debate in Denver last week, then Vice President Joe Biden will need to have a strong showing in Thursday’s vice presidential debate at Centre College in Danville, Ky. “Biden has to reframe the debate,” he said. “He has to be clear on how what he is doing is helping America.” Waterman pointed out that Biden is fully capable of helping Obama regain momentum through connecting with voters. “Biden comes across as personable. He has a way of not being vicious when he speaks. He just needs to be conversational, and aggressive in a way that’s trusting,” Waterman said. He noted that the GOP vice presidential candidate, Paul Ryan, has strengths of See DEBATE on page 2

The UK Student Center has been host to almost 75 years of shows, rallies, trivia nights and table tennis. Although the flow of activity may seem natural to students, there is actually someone behind the execution: Student Herbst Services Director John Herbst. Herbst has been working to provide students with a place to congregate since 1997. He is responsible for improvements and renovations to the 220,000-square-foot building, and he manages all revenue operations and construc-





tions that affect the building. Other than the library, the Student Center is the most used facility on campus, UK spokesman Jay Blanton said. “(John) does so many other things that you wouldn’t even think about,” Blanton said. “He is one of the two or three people on campus that always know the answer.” Herbst was awarded the Omicron Delta Kappa National Distinguished Service Award this year, one of the highest awards offered by ODK, a national leadership honor society that recognizes outstanding leadership and versatility in students, faculty and administrators at universities. Other ODK inductees include Adolph Rupp and Bear Bryant. Former UK President Frank Dickey was presented with the award in 1972. “No one person wins awards like this,” Herbst said. See HERBST on page 2


2 | Wednesday, October 10, 2012

from the front page TICKETS Continued from page 1 tors.” Fayette County Attorney Larry Roberts said he was unaware this was an ongoing issue. “Theoretically that would be a violation,” Roberts said after reading the statute. “But it would pose a difficult jurisdictional problem.”, a leading secondary-market ticket retailer, does not offer Big Blue Madness tickets on its site. “Because tickets are free, StubHub is not offering tickets to the Big Blue Madness at Rupp Arena,” is the message displayed when StubHub users search for tickets.

DEBATE Continued from page 1 his own that could lead to a victory for the Romney campaign. “Ryan has a strong connection with the conservative base,” he said. “He’s very aggressive and evasive.” Waterman emphasized the fact that with 27 days until the

There is clearly a demand for tickets, however. Some fans, such as Daniel Fitzpatrick from Somerset, Ky., have posted ads on Craigslist searching for affordable tickets. “Everybody is selling them way too high right now. $200 for a lower-arena ticket — that’s stupid,” Fitzpatrick said. “I’ve never paid more than $100 for a good ticket.” He was on his computer at 7 a.m. when tickets went on sale at, but he was unable to purchase them. “You have to be very lucky to get them on Ticketmaster, and I haven’t been lucky the last several years,” Fitzpatrick said. “They are impossible to get online.”

He said he thinks prices will go down as the event gets closer and is happy that people are able to buy and sell them relatively easy. “It’s good. If people are willing to pay that, more power to them,” Fitzpatrick said. The Kernel attempted to talk to several eBay and Craigslist users via the websites, most of whom declined to comment, about the tickets they had for sale. Clay from Lexington, who would not give his last name and who has a paper clip (along with four Big Blue Madness tickets) on sale on Craigslist for $280, said he camped out for two nights and planned to attend the event until a scheduling conflict occurred.

“If this (selling them) don’t work, I will just give them away for a friend,” he said. “I do know that more people were at the campout to resell the tickets than to actually attend the event.” UK Athletics spokesman DeWayne Peevy was surprised so many tickets have been put up for sale on the Internet. “It’s disappointing. It is kind of surprising to me that some people that go through the process of camping out are putting those tickets online for sale,” Peevy said. “I would rather they just give them to another fan for free — let them enjoy the moment.” Peevy encouraged fans not to sell or buy tickets online. “This is a special, pure

event that is free to our fans,” Peevy said. “I would love for our fans to keep it that way, and not sell them themselves — or better yet, how about the fans not buy them from the people that put them on sale online?” Each camper this year could receive four Madness tickets, instead of two in previous years. “Maybe that changes in the future to where we keep it at two tickets (per person), so you don’t have two tickets (for yourself) and then two to sell,” Peevy said. “The sad part of that is that it limits the people that really want to come. I don’t think there is a perfect way to do it.” “It does so much good, that it is worth a little

heartache. It’s (the ticket sales) something we don’t condone and we wish wasn’t happening.” Peevy said that the passion for the team exhibited by the fans at the campouts is unique to UK. “It’s something different and unique to this place. It is something this administration wants to maintain,” Peevy said. “We could easily move it all online in some lottery form and still have a packed house, but this is something we do special here that can’t be duplicated every other place.” Are overpriced office supplies also unique to Lexington? “Everybody knows we’re not buying the rubber band,” Fitzpatrick said.

Nov. 6 election, this vice presidential debate will be “another potential game-change moment” for either side. He advises students who are watching the debates to listen with caution Thursday evening. “Listen carefully to what people are saying, and watch after the debates to see if they’re telling the truth,” he said. Assistant Director of the

UK Center for English as a Second Language, Tina Durbin, and a number of students will be taking Waterman’s advice when they observe the debate in White Hall Classroom Building. Durbin is hosting the event to help students interpret the issues discussed in the debate. “The purpose of the program is to get our students to understand political process

in the United States,” Durbin said. Durbin and her students will be paying especially close attention to the foreign policy aspects of the debate. “They’ll have the opportunity to have a dialogue with American students about the differences between their government and ours,” she said. “We’re hoping to engage the students in a conversation with how they view each other’s countries.” Many of the UK students watching the vice presidential debate in White Hall will have crossed international borders to do so.

“There will be representation from 10 countries, including Saudi Arabia, China, Iraq, Guatemala, Oman and Saudi Arabia,” Durbin said. UK nursing senior Lindsey Trujillo also says she’ll be watching to see what Biden and Ryan have to say. “I watched the last debate, and I would say Governor Romney was more assertive,” she said. Trujillo is experienced with the voting process and understands the responsibility of being an engaged voter. “I’ve voted once before in 2008, and I watched the debates then, too,” she said.

She is anxious to hear what the candidates have to say about their plans for America’s health-care system in the short and long term. “I mean, they’re even laying off nurses these days,” she said. She said it’s hard for college students to find time to vote with their busy schedules, but she encourages them to take time out to watch the debate at 8 p.m. “It’s hard to turn on the news, because of all the studying we have as students,” she said. “It’s important that we be well informed voters, too, though.”

event reservations at the Student Center has increased, with more than 11,000 reservations made last year. “The traffic was over 1.8 million,” Herbst said. “That is more than double the people that visit Rupp Arena each year.” Herbst is planning a year of festivities to celebrate the 75th anniversary of the Student Center. The yearlong celebration will start in January and con-

tinue through the 2013-14 year, Casteel said. With a national awardwinning director and a year of celebration around the corner, the Student Center has a busy future ahead. “I think John has a vision to invest in student gathering places; places where students can go and collaborate,” Blanton said. “He cares deeply about the students and he works to put students first.”

HERBST Continued from page 1

CW ‘s new ‘Arrow’ hits the target In its pursuit of young women viewers, The CW has at times relied on such obvious strategies as soap operas, like its reboot of “90210,” and women-centric shows such as the new “Emily Owens, M.D.,” a youngergeneration “Grey’s Anatomy” imitator, which premieres Oct. 16. But the network has also believed that young women like fantasy adventure — and that the boys may come along, too. Hence the long runs for “Supernatural,” currently in its eighth season, and the nowconcluded “Smallville.” Hence also the new series, “Arrow,” which premieres at 8 p.m. EDT Wednesday on the network. This is the latest descendant of the old Green Arrow comic books, part of the same creative world as Superman and Batman. The Green Arrow dressed in a manner reminiscent of Robin Hood; he packed a bow and a quiver full of trick arrows for different jobs. Like Batman, his secret identity was that of a wealthy man, in this case Oliver Queen.

Horoscope To get the advantage, check the day's rating: 10 is the easiest day, 0 the most challenging. Aries (Mar. 21-April 19) — Today is an 8 — Use your talents to create beauty from chaos. A possible conflict or misunderstanding could slow you down until compromise gets achieved. Don't gamble. You have what you need. Taurus (April 20-May 20) — Today is an 8 — You're getting even more interesting. Make hay while the sun shines. Do what you promised, with a friend's help. Together, anything is possible. Gemini (May 21-June 20) — Today is a 7 — You can see the big picture. Good judgment is required. Stick to tested techniques. Let others know what you want, and ask for help. Invest in home and family. Cancer (June 21-July 22) — Today is a 6 — Motivate those doing good work. Provide unexpected service, and the money will follow when you least expect

The CW series begins with the transition of Oliver, the young heir to a fortune in fictional Starling City, into the vigilante known as the Arrow. Oliver, once a tabloid-filling wastrel, disappeared following a mysterious shipwreck; as the series begins, five years have passed and Oliver, long thought dead, is found alive on a Pacific island. Alive, of course, and changed, much as Starling City has changed in his absence. In public, Oliver is still the playboy of the past. In private, though, he sees considerable injustice and corruption in the city. And with skills acquired somehow during his absence, he is ready to make things better. Among the new network dramas, this is second on my best list, behind “Last Resort.” It has considerable flair, a dark look that works well with the material and, in Stephen Amell, a lead actor who is effective both as Oliver and as the Arrow.

it. Success builds upon success. Travel is not favored now. Leo (July 23-Aug. 22) — Today is an 8 — Controversy arises and makes you stronger. Use wits and charm to clear the miscommunication. Note the emotional flow at work. You don't have to control everything. Let it be. Virgo (Aug. 23-Sept. 22) — Today is a 5 — If at first it doesn't work, don't despair. Re-do, until you get it right. A new opportunity arises from working out the bugs. Postpone a romantic conversation. Libra (Sept. 23-Oct. 22) — Today is a 7 — Be patient with a talker. Accept a nice compliment. Gentle persuasion reveals a brilliant suggestion. Do what you promised. It's not a good time to travel. Socialize. Scorpio (Oct. 23-Nov. 21) — Today is a 7 — Loved ones believe you can succeed. Gather data and question theories. Think quickly and move slowly. Financial conditions have changed for the better, despite resistance. A hunch pays.


Sagittarius (Nov. 22-Dec. 21) — Today is a 7 — If words do not come easily now, express yourself with pictures, or with some other creative expression. Accomplishing a goal provides a great feeling; savor it. Capricorn (Dec. 22-Jan. 19) — Today is a 5 — Provide support for those who are weaker. Fan the passion flames. Misunderstandings may be more abundant than usual. Clean up any messes as they come. Aquarius (Jan. 20-Feb. 18) — Today is a 7 — Listen carefully to the team's suggestions, and keep everything on track. One good friend leads to another. List the pros and cons before proceeding to your dream. Pisces (Feb. 19-March 20) — Today is a 6 — Postpone a romantic interlude (temporarily) and avoid arguments at all costs (even/especially if you're right). Invest in renewable solutions for energy. You're gaining confidence. Tomorrow words flow. MCT

“This is an attribute to our students and staff that I work with.” Associate Director of Event Management Ashley Casteel said she was not surprised to hear that Herbst received the award “because he is involved in everything.” Since Herbst has been in the position, the number of

Wednesday, October 10, 2012 | PAGE 3

5 outfits for 5 activities out and about in Lexington AMANDA POWELL Kernel columnist

Sometimes it’s tough to find fun things to do around Lexington and still remain fashionable. So when I saw the article “A Great Getaway: 10 Ideas for a Long Fall Weekend” on the Vogue website, I was instantly inspired. I have laid out five ideas for a weekend in Lexington, and outfit choices to coincide. There is no better place to relive your childhood and

pull out your best fall items than at a pumpkin patch. Boyd Orchards is in Versailles and offers the Pumpkin Festival, Oct. 13-14; the October Festival, Oct. 20-21; and the Harvest Festival, Oct. 27-28. For more good times, travel to Kelly Farms in Lexington and race through the corn maze. Wear a pair of jeans and your favorite boots, and on top, think lots of layers. A great knit sweater with a jean jacket or a khaki trench coat is perfect for the orchards. Top off your look with a great cotton scarf. Keeneland College Scholarship day is Friday.

Usually we see a lot of dresses, but I’m going to propose something slightly different for my girls: pants. So many fun prints are emerging this season. Look for printed, cropped pants or wide-leg pants that are fun to wear with heels. Pair them with a knit or button-up shirt and top off your look with a great felt fedora. Find these looks at Haunted houses are popping up everywhere. “Friday Nights” at Jacobson Park will continue to run through Oct. 31. There are three different attractions: Dark Forest, Zombie Mayhem and 13 Doors. It’s starting to get chilly during the evening so you’ll

want to bundle up. Instead of a hat, opt for a fun knit head wrap to keep your ears warm. You can find different colors and designs at You won’t want to lose your footing while you’re running around, so wear a pair of chic lace-up combat boots. Tie them tight and get ready to run. Theater performances around Lexington are booming. The UK Opera Theatre is putting on “Phantom of the Opera” until Oct. 14 and the Lexington Opera House will feature “Dracula” Oct. 19-20. These are great events to get dressed up for, but you can still remain cozy. Wear a knit dress to a performance.

You can put a pair of colored tights underneath and still wear heels. You’ll look just as fancy, but stay much warmer. And for the concertgoers, Randy Houser will be at Tin Roof this Thursday. Concerts aren’t the place to get super dressy, but they are one of the best places to show your style. Break out a pair of cowboy boots, and to keep from looking too country, pair them with a colored jean or corduroys to keep warm. A big sweater on top will provide the perfect contrast. If you’re bored in Lexington, try out one of these great events and explore your style options.


4 | Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Fresh on the ballot 30 vying for Student Government spots


From left, Greene, Hollinden, Haggard and Ochsner.

Dwight Haggard Hometown: Louisville, Ky. Major: Political science Experience: American Civil Liberties Union intern, participated in Jefferson County Teen Court Program and in National Coalition to Abolish the Death Penalty

Sam Greene Hometown: Bowling Green, Ky. Major: Mining engineering Experience: Student Council vice president junior and senior year

Jenna Hollinden Hometown: Louisville, Ky. Major: Marketing, management Jaclyn Ochsner Experience: Junior class president, Hometown: Lousiville Y Club president, FBLA vice presi- Major: Pre-pharmacy dent, Summit president at KUNA, alternate presiding ofďŹ cer at Conference on National Affairs



Drew Henderson, Hasenjager, Kaylee Hobbs and Ryan Drusano.

Burkhardt and Hempel.

Samuel Burkhardt Hometown: Lexington, Ky. Major: Animal science Experience: Student Leadership Team for two years Karl Hempel Hometown: Danville, Ky. Major: Biochemistry Experience: Elected representative of student body, freshman to senior year

Dethora Hasenjager Hometown: Celina, Ohio Major: Marketing Experience: County auditor, represented high school at Buckeye Girls State, local president and state treasurer of FBLA


Chris Hayden and Mariel Jackson.


Hughes, Engle, Mullen and Hogue.

Hayden Hughes Major: Undeclared PHOTO BY TESSA LIGHTY | STAFF

Adams, Kirkland, Ledford and Jared Wheatley.

Carrie Kirkland Hometown: Louisville, Ky. Major: Undergraduate studies Experience: Beta Club, Key Club, Latin Club

Jonathan Adams Hometown: Cave City, Ky. Major: Biology Experience: Class president for two years

individual candidates

Annie Ledford Hometown: Louisville, Ky. Major: Nursing Experience: Class treasurer

Austin Mullen Hometown: La Grange, Ky. Major: Marketing, management Experience: Junior class president, student body president

Mariel Jackson Hometown: Murray, Ky. Major: Integrated strategic communication Experience: Leadership Tomorrow alumna and Senior Student Government (county attorney)

Caroline Engle Hometown: Richmond, Ky. Major: Natural resource/environmental science, agricultural economics Mandy Hogue Experience: Freshman class vice president; sophomore, jun- Hometown: Buckner, Ky. Major: Special education ior and senior class president Experience: Class vice president for two years, school publicist for one year

Courtney Jaconette Hometown: Dry Ridge, Ky. Major: Political science, English Experience: Vice president of National Honor Society, class vice president for two years Lance Terrell Hometown: Lawrenceburg, Ky. Major: Business management, political science Experience: Class representative, student body vice president Malia Christine Dunn-Reier Hometown: Yorkville, Ill. Major: Spanish, marketing Experience: Student Government president senior year Adam Steele Hometown: Harrodsburg, Ky. Major: Social Work Experience: Vice president of FCCLA, FBLA; liaison between Mercer Maniacs and high school administration

information Polling will begin at 9 a.m. on Wednesday, Oct. 10, and end at 6 p.m. on Thursday, Oct. 11. Polling locations are the Student Center and White Hall Classroom Building. Students also can vote at Uncertified results will be announced Thursday at 8 p.m. on the Student Center patio.

Michael Perry Hometown: Louisville, Ky. Major: Undeclared Experience: Class president

Wm. Kenton Miller Hometown: Canton, Ga. Major: Chemical engineering Experience: SGA participant

Gabriel Anthony Hometown: Champaign, Ill., moved to Dallas over the summer Major: Undecided Experience: Leadership positions in high school Forrest Miller Hometown: Hillview, Ky. Major: Marketing, management Experience: Class president for two years, Student Council for four years, president of National Honor Society, Kentucky State Next Generation Student Council member

Jamie Pate Hometown: Hillview, Ky. Major: Electrical Engineering Experience: Student Council, Senior Council, Track Team captain, Hall Government vice president Dontre Williams Hometown: Louisville, Ky. Major: Undeclared Experience: DECA Region 3 Secretary and student body vice president sophomore year

Pate, Williams could not be reached for photo before deadline; Drusano, Hayden, Henderson, Hobbs, Wheatley could not be reached for bios.

wednesday 10.10.12 page 5


gary hermann | opinions editor |

Students are targets of scam jobs, should know risks How does $2,000 a week sound for a first-time job? How does working 15-20 hours from your dorm, house or apartment sound? Sounds too good to be true, right? It is too good to be true. The real question among these eye-catching descriptions is, “How does having your bank account and personal information compromised feel?” Scam jobs are COLLIN a growing threat to the RAY eternally broke college student, and they are a true Guest columnist threat to your personal affairs. I was almost a victim of this fraudulent system, being within the last phase of their convincing plan to acquire my bank account information. Here’s how it

works: Credible businesses place job listings on online sites that are accessible to students, such as or even Wildcat Career Link, under fronts like “Office Manager” or “Office Assistant.” These positions give no indication of foul play when submitted. The application process also follows an ordinary process of submitting a resume and other jobrelated information. However, it is once they receive your contact information that the ploy begins. For my personal experience, I was contacted by email by a man who may or not be an actual person or actually have the same name that was at the end of the email. First, I was asked to confirm my contact and address information. Next, I was sent information about what the job would entail; but it was very ambiguous and did not specify the actual duties of the job. Also, no contact information was ever given for the man who sent me

the emails, except for the email address. Lastly, I was mailed a check through FedEx and told to deposit it into my bank account, let it stay there for 24 hours, and then wire the money to the Philippines. At this point, common sense took over, and I investigated the situation. With the help of the Career Center, I was able to discover the scam that this actually was: acquiring bank account and personal information. The listing was quickly closed online, and everyone who applied for the job had their information locked from the employer’s viewing. Although I did not have any information stolen from me, the Career Center associates told me of several instances where other students, both at UK and around the state, had jumped to conclusions and deposited the money. For a college student, $2,000 is very enticing, and some want that money as soon as

possible. However, the money is never really there. The check will bounce, and the money that you are asked to wire to another location is actually your money being transferred. Many people in the business world want to help college students because our skills and knowledge can, in turn, help them; but there are also people in this world that want to take advantage of our financial situations and exploit us for the money that we do have. Always remember, do not release your bank account information or Social Security number to employers over email or phone. If you or anyone else run into a similar problem, then contact the Career Center at UK with your concerns; they will be able to help you, and they will notify the proper authorities. Collin Ray is a human nutrition sophomore. Email

Being tall is not as easy as you might think “How tall are you, anyway?” I get asked this a lot by random strangers. It’s the “anyway” that gets me. It’s not like I wear a T-shirt announcing my height, or run around exulting my tallness until I wear down the good-natured patience of strangers around me, forcing one of them to stop and ask. Literally almost every day I’m out in public someone asks me how tall I am. Six feet, 6 inches if you must know. That’s 78 inches. 1.8 meters. 198 centimeters. When you’re asked to assign a number DAVID BURNETT to your altitude on daily basis, you don’t forget that number, and sometimes you get Guest creative when reciting it. columnist They don’t want to know my name. They don’t want to know my degree, my occupation or purpose for living. They want to assign a random tally to a total stranger they may never meet again. (Tall people have hopes and dreams, too, you know!) How’s the weather up here? Ha ha, never heard that one

before. Well little fella, confidentially, it’s going to start raining at your height in about 10 minutes. Did I play basketball? No; were you a jockey? (Apparently I’m the only tall person who never played ball.) It’s not acceptable to do the reverse, by the way. I can’t say “How’s the weather down there?” or “How short are you?” That would be rude. Don’t think I haven’t thought about it. You wish you were this tall? Wish you could “go-go, Gadget Legs” so everyone looked up to you a little bit more? Save yourself. I’ve had seasoned adults twice my age and income confide they wish they’d been taller. You don’t know what you’re wishing for. Sure, it has its advantages. People like to hire tall people. I don’t have to ask for help with items on the top shelf in the store. I can see over crowds. But good luck finding clothes that fit. Big and tall men’s stores? Yeah, thanks, I thought of that. Most manufacturers assume if you’re tall, you’re proportionately ... um, big. So either I wind up with a shirt that piles up around my waist (you could fit two of me in them) or a shirt that fits my torso with sleeves way too short. Forget about finding shoes, too. Forget about style, expect to pay out, and expect a long hunt. And expect the retailer’s eyes to get wide when you ask for size 16. A lot of brands

don’t even make that size. Airline seats turn into two-hour exercises in knee-hugging unless I shell out for exit row, or bat my eyelashes at some benevolent seatmate. Those guard rails to keep you from falling off the fifth-floor balcony? Yeah, they come about halfway up the seat of my pants. One trip or shove, and my center of gravity would take over. Lectern microphones also hit about halfway up my torso. Bathrooms get awkward, too. Stall walls weren’t built for my height, and eye contact gets dang awkward while you’re answering nature’s call. So in summary, for all you munchkins, oompa-loompas and midgets out there, before you judge, remember we’re waging private clothing and shoe battles every day. We don’t walk around thinking about how gosh-darn tall we are, or how we can use it to intimidate. We’d actually forget we’re freaks if people would stop asking us every day. Remember that we’re people, too. And remember that, yes, at this elevation, the air does get a little thin. David Burnett is a business alumnus, a nursing student, and serves as director of public relations for Students for Concealed Carry. Email

kernelclassifieds Call 859.257.2871 to place an ad • Ads can be found at • DEADLINE - 4 p.m. the day before publication

For Rent 2 Bedroom 1 Block from campus! 2 BR apartments! A/C and parking. $430 and up. (859) 269- 4129 or (859) 270-8724. Furnished 2BR second story of Jacobson Park-area home available October 15. Parking & shared laundry. Must like dogs. Utilities, wi-fi & cable included.

Attention BAHAMAS SPRING BREAK: $189 - 5 days. All prices include round trip luxury party cruise. Accommodations on the island at your choice of 13 resorts. Appalachia Travel, 1-800-867-5018. Save 90% on smoking. No smells, no mess. Smoke indoors again. Full nicotine e- cigarettes, accessories and Ego kits. UK discount. Precision Vapor, 511 Southland Dr. (859) 539-8167. Paid survey takers needed in Lexington. 100% free to join. Click on surveys.

For Rent House for rent: 1 block to UK, 4BR/2BA, w/d, parking. Call (859) 523-2363 or visit

For Sale For sale: 2BR/2BA townhome. Completely updated! Pool & clubhouse. 3638 Leisure Creek Ct. $85,000. Call Alicia Huff of RE/MAX Elite. (859) 351-6814 or visit

Help Wanted 15 tax preparers needed for local tax offices. Tax classes and internships available. Call Jackson Hewitt at 1-866-554-1040 for info or to inquire about positions for experienced tax professionals. Are you looking to make quick money in a fun environment either Bartending, waitressing or selling shots? If so, we have got the place for you with flexible schedules around school. Now hiring: bartenders, waitstaff, and shot girls. Apply in person. 1101 E. New Circle Rd. Lexington, KY 40505. (859) 226- 9516.

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6 | Wednesday, October 10, 2012


Injuries hurt UK, Arkansas


Freshman quarterback Jalen Whitlow hasn’t played poorly, but he has yet to be a consistent passing threat.

CODY PORTER Kernel columnist

Another game, another loss for the Cats. Again it came from the team taking on a top-25 opponent, but the injury bug is beginning to get a bit excessive. Even if UK meets an opponent it may be able to play up to, the team is so depleted it’s further set back than anything head coach Joker Phillips prepared for. Upon seeing what has happened to Arkansas during the season, this game has gone from a certain loss to possible win for the Cats. However, injuries to both squads have an impending stalemate in the works. 1. Injuries Freshman quarterback Patrick Towles was supposed to be the answer. He was UK’s next golden-armed quarterback. Saturday he displayed his talents on one drive. The ensuing drive showed his ankle

isn’t so golden as he scrambled away from defenders, resulting in a chilling turn of his ankle when taken to the ground. The result of Towles’ injury is him definitely not taking the field against Arkansas. At Monday’s press conference, Phillips proceeded to list more injuries, which seemingly was the majority of his secondary. “(Martavius) Neloms is day-to-day. Mikie Benton is day-to-day. (Ashely) Lowery is day-today. And then Brown, Kory Brown is day-to-day.” With so many injuries, the Cats are bordering dangerous territory, as the season could go from bad to worse with what is still remaining on the Cats’ schedule. 2. Secondary UK’s secondary, now vaulted by freshmen, has been producing a questionable product all season long. Saturday UK played five freshmen as result of injuries. The 269 passing yards posted by the Mississippi State Bulldogs is the most against any opponent in the team’s five wins this season. Keep in mind they also have

played Jackson State, Troy and South Alabama. Defensive backs coach Mike Cassity will need to see his veteran members get back to full health so that the passheavy teams approaching on their schedule don’t make the numbers more phenomenal than they should be. 3. Quarterback Smith is out. Towles is injured. Newton isn’t a viable option. That leaves the Cats with a banged-up Jalen Whitlow to run the team. Whitlow hasn’t played poorly, but teams should be able to expect what’s coming, given what they’ve seen from him in recent weeks. He has yet to show he can be a consistent threat through the air. His running game is threatening from time to time, but he isn’t enough of a total package to make opponents worry.

121010 Kernel in print  

The pages of the Kentucky Kernel for Oct. 10, 2012.

121010 Kernel in print  

The pages of the Kentucky Kernel for Oct. 10, 2012.