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A muddy challenge

Kentucky Joe’s got to go Football program’s state ties can’t head future decisions


A Mud Run participant climbs through the mud pit, made up of a “concoction”with ingredients added to dirt and water.

Inaugural Mud Run challenges racers to get dirty during 5K By Desirae Duncan

The UK Army ROTC and WUKY 91.3 hosted the 2012 Inaugural Kentucky National Guard Bluegrass Mud Run on Saturday. Teams and individuals gathered at Commonwealth Stadium on Saturday morning to participate in the Mud Run, a 5K course designed with 14 different obstacles. The Mud Run encouraged physical endurance and teamwork. “You can have your older

children do it with you. You can do it with spouses. You can do it as an office. It’s a great team-building sport,” said Gail Bennett, marketing director at WUKY. Runners made their way up the ramps of Commonwealth and ran around the stadium before exiting the course, which snaked around the sports fields behind Commonwealth. Participants could register for the 5K as an individual or as a team. Members of teams, such as the team titled “50 Shades

of Brown,” found that the Mud Run brought out their inner child. “I’m 47, almost 48. I get to be 10 again,” said Cynthia Parker, a language arts teacher at Crawford Middle School. One obstacle involved jumping into a dumpster of cold water, getting the runners wet before they approached the “Wildcat Slide,” a slip-andslide that sent participants into a mud pit at the end. Later in the

Racers had to go through 14 different obstacles, including mud pits and a 16-foot wall, during the Mud Run organized by the UK Army ROTC and WUKY.

course, participants were required to low crawl through mud on their stomachs under white wires without touching them. The stench of the mud provoked many to comment. “I don’t think this is all just mud,” yelled one participant as he crawled. “If I had a nickel for every time someone made that comment,” said Josh Cline, UK Army ROTC cadet and volunteer for the course. According to Cline, the mud was a “concoction” with added ingredients to the dirt and water. “While I can’t disclose the full details, I will tell you that it’s not all mud,” Cline said. “There have been multiple comments about the smell, and they’ve all been accurate.” Participants also encountered other obstacles involving mud. By the end of the race, participants had to be hosed down. While many agreed the course was fun, participants welcomed the finish line. “Heaven,” said particiSee MUD RUN on page 2

Should he stay or should he go? It’s a question regarding the fate of UK head coach Joker Phillips that has swept the commonwealth even more vigorously since the CODY Cats’ loss PORTER to Western Kernel Kentucky. columnist But, with yet another loss — a shutout at that — in the books after a trip to Gainesville, Fla., life may look to mimic art at season’s end. One common denominator amongst all that talk is that Phillips is “a good guy” who bleeds blue. Both truths. However, when the surface is scratched on his coaching career, it reveals the obvious: Kentucky Joe’s gotta go. Since inheriting Rich Brooks’ squad in 2010, Phillips has been a part of a bowl team and a win over rival Tennessee that snapped the longest losing streak to any one FBS op-

ponent. Those two accomplishments aren’t all that meaningful in reality. UK’s BBVA Compass Bowl team in 2010 consisted of many “Brooks guys.” At the end of the day it was led by now-senior Morgan Newton, following the suspension of Mike Hartline, and resulted in a 27-10 loss to Pittsburgh, which featured an interim head coach. That loss seemingly put UK on track to its present condition, which is arguably at its all-time worst for a non-probation squad. UK’s victory over Tennessee last November was suspected to be a rallying cry after another season of disappointment that concluded with a 5-7 finish. However, in the grand scheme of things, the Volunteers haven’t been their typical “rocky top” selves since the days of Phillip Fulmer. Dating back to 2005 Tennessee has only two seasons where it finished more than one game over .500. That’s nothing to write home about, especially when its lone winning record of 7-6 since 2008 is the program’s best. See PORTER on page 2


Head coach Joker Phillips at a 2011 game at Vanderbilt.

Campout wraps up with player, coach visits Nearly 600 tents pitched for Big Blue Madness tickets By Nick Gray

To say the Big Blue Madness ticket distribution lasted 35 minutes would not be a lie. For logistics sake, Big Blue Madness did sell out in 35 minutes, according to UK Athletics. But to the people who filled the 595 tents (the last official count when control cards were distributed at 2 p.m. Friday), the ticket distribution didn’t just start at 7 a.m. when the ticket booths opened. The campout, in of itself, was just as much an event as getting the tickets. Three (or four) days of time, along with several more of planning,

were built into it. Kinesiology sophomore David Martin camped out for tickets for the first time and was the 100th person in line. Martin said he had been camping since Tuesday night. “I love Kentucky basketball. There’s nothing else I would devote this much time to or care about so much. I love this team,” he said. Pre-pharmacy sophomore Spencer Reed camped out with Martin and described their campout as a “four-day tailgate.” “I think it’s something everyone should do before they graduate at UK. That’s why I did it. I wanted to do it one of these years, and this year was as good as any,”

Newsroom: 257-1915 Advertising: 257-2872 First issue free. Subsequent issues 25 cents.

Reed said. “But I want to be better prepared and change some things before we do it again.” Reed claimed classes didn’t faze his mindset on wanting to devote his week toward Big Blue Madness. “Last week was common hour exams, so we had to work around that. We all had sports stuff and class and stuff, so we were pretty flexible,” Reed said. Campers were periodically visited by players over the three-plus days, including touted freshmen Nerlens Noel, Alex Poythress and Archie Goodwin. Many would stay around long into the night playing basketball and signing memorabilia. Noel scared some after a fall while dunking during a pickup game, but he got up fine. “Most of them would PHOTO BY GENEVIEVE ADAMS | STAFF See CAMPOUT on page 2 Sophomore Kyle Wiltjer signs items Thursday for fans who were waiting for Big Blue Madness tickets.







2 | Monday, September 24, 2012

PORTER Continued from page 1 As has been the case with the history of UK football, the ability to bring in a program-changing head coach is a difficult task. There has to be some proven ability to build a winner in the past before there’s any lure for an outsider. Many, not all, of UK’s coaching hires have had ties to the program. Others have even had the local ties that fans may have loved. Phillips’ predecessors of the post-“Bear” Bryant era, who were either fellow Kentuckians or alumni, included Paris-born Blanton Collier (1954-61) and Bryant disciples Charlie Bradshaw (1962-68) and Jerry Claiborne (1982-89). Given what he has accomplished thus far, Phillips’ timetable for recovery doesn’t bode well compared with his cohorts’. Collier took over in 1954 for Bryant and led the

MUD RUN Continued from page 1 pant Joe Hisel when asked what it was like to see the fin-

Cats to a 7-3 season, which he backed up with two additional .500-plus seasons. His final five seasons comprised a series of three-, four- and five-win seasons. Sound familiar? Far from Phillips’ mentality was the infamous UK Thin Thirty, derived from Bradshaw’s hard-knocks approach to practice that resulted in 58 players leaving the program and 1964 probation for illegal off-season workouts. Claiborne completed a complete reversal of the program after taking the Cats to two consecutive Hall of Fame Bowl appearances. When their tenures ended, Collier was the only coach with a record over .500, and that was by the slimmest of margins. The situation for Phillips could be even bleaker if not for the transition into the head coaching slot provided by UK athletic director Mitch Barnhart. That previously mentioned bowl season provided him half of his current win total.

Projecting ahead into the season, it would take an upset for the Cats to even reach the three-win mark, given they defeat Samford, as expected. His potential 13 wins wouldn’t be the least through three seasons for a UK coach, nor among the men previously mentioned, but it would be the first without just cause. No loss of players, probation or any other unforeseen reason has hobbled the Cats under Phillips. Yet the future is bright for one of his own blueblooded players, the highly touted freshman quarterback Patrick Towles. If he leaves because of a lack of playing time, as a Courier-Journal report indicated Sunday, Phillips’ similarities to Bradshaw may end up blaring. From one Kentuckian to another, fans won’t care how nice or loyal you are if another one of their own, a said “sure thing,” departs when most other aspects of the program are fading.

ish line. Tim Kang, a UK Army ROTC cadet and volunteer for the course, said he thought the mud run was a great opportunity to let the campus and Lexington know

about the UK Army ROTC, the National Guard and WUKY. “It’s just a great way to get the word out and also have fun while you’re doing it,” Kang said.

CAMPOUT Continued from page 1 come over and sign autographs and come chill for a little bit,” Martin said. “It was pretty cool. So many people wanted autographs and they signed them all unless they were going to class.” The biggest star to greet campers was head coach John Calipari, who had not been in Lexington during the week because of recruiting. Calipari spoke to the crowd on Friday night in what many called the highlight of the week. “I hope you enjoyed yourself here,” Calipari said. “I apologize. I just got back and picked up my wife and came on over. The flight took a little longer than I thought, but I did want to come over and say thank you all for doing this and being here and being a big part of what we do and being a big part of what we recruit.” The crowd cheered. “You have inspired


Fans line up to get their tickets for Big Blue Madness on Saturday morning, after having camped out since Wednesday. them, no question,” Calipari said. “Because every team I’ve coached, think about it, if you’re them and you’re saying, ‘Six hundred tents and 3,000 people waiting on tickets to watch

me practice. This must be serious.’ ” No matter who was visiting or speaking or camping, it was clear what the three days represented. A love affair.


The UK men’s basketball players served fans pizza outside Memorial Coliseum on Thursday.

Campout game could have resulted in injury ‘Liberal Arts’ finds wit, truth “Liberal Arts” — written by, directed by and starring Josh Radnor — is that rarity: a contemporary comedy about maturity. It’s a wise, warm tale of an adult coming of age in his mid-30s. Radnor plays Jesse, a Manhattan university admissions counselor who returns to his leafy, idyllic Ohio alma mater to attend a retirement dinner for favorite English professor Peter Hoburg (Richard Jenkins). “Nobody feels like an adult,” says a weary Hoburg, who’s not sure he wants to retire. “It’s the world’s dirty secret.” Jesse, who finds himself hanging around campus long after the dinner, is drawn to the idea of starting over again as a college student — or, perhaps, with a college student. Enter Zibby (Elizabeth Olsen), a sunny, ever-skipping but wise-beyond-her-years 19-year-old who’s charmed by Jesse; like Joyce’s Molly Bloom (this movie’s haunted by literature majors), she keeps on saying “yes.” A nervous Jesse — who calculates that when he was 19, she was 3 — retreats into an old-school, handwritten corre-

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spondence with her; they discuss books, classical music and life itself. Should he ditch New York and reboot with Zibby? Or can you really not go home again? For anyone who looks back affectionately at college years — the time, says Jesse, of “the feeling that anything’s possible, of infinite choices ahead of you” — “Liberal Arts” is a smart, snappy pleasure. Radnor and Olsen banter irresistibly; Jenkins is perfect as a prickly prof afraid of the blank page of retirement; and a hilariously arch Allison Janney, as a fellow faculty member, puts the best cranky spin on the one-word line “And?” that you’ll ever hear. (If this movie were an enchilada, she’d be the hot sauce.) Radnor, who previously wrote and directed “happythankyoumoreplease” (but is perhaps best known for starring in TV’s “How I Met Your Mother”), finds both wit and truth in his characters as they face, in their different ways, growing up. “I think being old is OK,” Jesse finally concludes. “It’s getting there that kicks your ass.”

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Players should stick to handshakes, autographs UK fans got a rare treat when they camped out for Big Blue Madness tickets Friday night. First there was free pizza, then the Nerlens Noel dunk show, and then the near catastrophe for the freshman’s future. The TOM five-star HURLEY center, Noel, was Kernel taking on columnist locally known Stone Cold Willow in a oneon-one challenge. Things went well at first, with Noel and Willow trading points before the young star began to turn things on with a series of video-game worthy dunks that delighted the hundreds of onlookers huddled around the blue courts behind Memorial Coliseum. After about five minutes of play, Noel sought the help of teammates and fellow freshmen Alex Poythress and Archie Goodwin whilst two children were plucked from the throng of fans to partner Willow in a threeon-three. Moments after the lighthearted game got under way, Goodwin dished the ball to Noel, who drove toward the hoop before leaping over one of his young opponents to attempt a thunderous slam, when disaster almost struck. After completing the dunk, Noel lost balance after becoming tangled with the young fan he jumped over,

falling hard to the asphalt, landing flat on his back. Landing an inch this way or an inch that way could have resulted in serious injury for the star of John Calipari’s 2013 basketball squad. While Noel was risking injury playing in the pickup game, Kyle Wiltjer was at the opposite end of the courts possibly doing things correctly in signing autograph after autograph for the hundreds in attendance. What if Noel hadn’t got up and said he was OK? Could he have injured his lower back? Yes. Could he have landed a differently and snapped his head onto the hard surface beneath him? Yes. Either would have been catastrophic not only for Noel, but also for the entire basketball program. Could you imagine, one year off of a national title led by eventual No. 1 overall draft pick Anthony Davis, the Cats’ new go-to guy gets hurt in a game with fans before the season even started? In 2009 Ohio State forward Evan Turner missed a large chunk of the season after breaking two vertebrae due to falling hard after a dunk. That, however, was during a game — an actual game that counts in the rankings, not a pickup game on the onset of the season’s opening tradition. I’m not criticizing Noel for attending the event, or even for taking part in the challenge. Overall it was a fun night; many campers were rewarded for their support by getting to see the stars of this year’s team up

close. But perhaps looking ahead into the future, players should avoid allowing themselves to get into situations where they could get hurt. Giving fans the appreciative treatment in signing autographs and shaking hands is a lot less risky then playing in unofficial pickup games that result in awkward falls from 12 feet in the air. There’s no doubt the two young fans had their year made by being involved in a game with Noel, Poythress and Goodwin. Although in the future it maybe be wise to save the acrobatics for Big Blue Madness or other official open practices — in a safer environment with medical staff on hand in case the worst occurs. Even after falling hard on Friday, nobody was there to check on Noel’s condition. Instead, it was the decision of Noel, four months removed from his 18th birthday, to decide he was fine and to continue the game. This time it was only a matter of “what if,” but it wouldn’t be surprising to learn that Calipari has had a quiet word in the ear of his young players advising them to stick to handshakes, signing autographs and kissing babies.

kernel. we do it daily.

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gary hermann | opinions editor |

kernel editorial

UK football needs to make a head coaching change The UK football team has never had a high ceiling for success in the Bluegrass. Despite playing in the almighty Southeastern Conference, home of the NCAA’s last six national champions, the Cats have never had to do much more than finish at .500 and reach bowl eligibility to appease its fans. But no matter how low the ceiling is, it always hurts when that very ceiling is in freefall, swiftly approaching a destructive collapse around the entire program and its fan base. Four weeks into a new season, that is where head coach Joker Phillips and the UK football program is heading. The consensus throughout the commonwealth is that Phillips is a good assistant coach and a great person, but certainly not the right man to be commanding the university’s football program. Phillips took over the program in 2010 following the retirement of former UK head coach Rich Brooks. At the time, UK was in the midst of four consecutive seasons of bowl eligibility and superstar wide receiver Randall Cobb was on the brink of the biggest season of his college career. So if you were to tell fans at the time that in just three short years Phillips would take the team from consistently competitive to national bottom-feeder, what would you expect their reaction to be? UK already has lost to the Western Kentucky Hilltoppers of the Sun Belt Conference this season, arguably the program’s worst loss since one at home to Ohio University in 2004. But that 2004 team still was recovering from NCAA sanctions handed down follow-

ing former head coach Hal Mumme’s recruiting scandal at the turn of the century. Fans certainly weren’t pleased with the disgraceful loss, but they at least understood. To say that Phillips, who took over following somewhat of a renaissance, faced the same challenges as Brooks early in their coaching tenures would be dramatically refuted by most in the Bluegrass. While Brooks took the team from scandal-prone to a consistent winner, Phillips has dragged the team back to its old, inconsistent, unsuccessful ways. Before the start of the season, starting freshman cornerback Marcus Caffey was suspended for the season because of academic issues. He is not the first player in the Phillips regime to miss critical games for unnecessary off-the-field issues, and he certainly would not be the last. A month and a half later, three weeks into the season, just minutes before the kickoff of the game against WKU, it was announced that two UK players — junior running back Raymond Sanders and freshman wide receiver Bookie Cobbins — would sit out the game because of a violation of team rules. The two were dressed and back in action just one week later. Their momentary absence was likely because of their Sept. 13 citation for marijuana possession in which the two were accompanied by Caffey. This kind of off-the-field trouble is never going to fix UK. At its best, the ceiling was still low. At its best, the UK football program was celebrating appearances in bowl games that most other SEC teams would consider a failed season. So unlike teams such as Georgia, South Carolina, Auburn, LSU or any oth-

POLL: What should the future hold for UK football head coach Joker Phillips?


er perennial powerhouses from the south, UK cannot afford off-the-field issues, and Phillips should know this. What’s worse is that UK is more talented than the product on the field would lead fans to believe. While serving as Brooks’ offensive coordinator, Phillips was among UK’s most talented recruiters. Phillips has brought in UK’s best recruiting classes, but it does not translate to the field because of coaching, lack of experience or lack of confidence. Still, with a wealth of talent on the roster and a program on the upswing at the time, Phillips showed a lack of authoritative control and coaching discipline en route to leading

the program into the ground. Even with his job on the line, players do not look like they are playing for Phillips, and Phillips also does not seem to be taking any extraneous measures to preserve his own job. Athletic director Mitch Barnhart has already expressed his desire to pay big money for a high-profile coach to come to UK and turn around the program. For a program like UK, that is easier said than done. But no matter who Barnhart has in mind, it can’t be Joker Phillips: a good man, a proud alumnus, but a mediocre head football coach at best.

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The pages of the Kentucky Kernel for Sept. 24, 2012.