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College marriages common

President-elect ready to lead campus next year

By Natasha Records By Kayla Phelps

Stephen Bilas, a business management and finance junior, will be the 2012-13 student body president, with Mary Katherine Kington as his vice president. He became involved with Student Government his freshman year and has held several leadership positions on campus. Bilas discussed his goals for next year, his involvement on campus and his life outside of Student Government.


Mary Katherine Kington and Stephen Bilas were elected to Student Government vice president and president, respectively, in March.

Q: As next year’s student body president, what are your goals for the university? A: From a Student Government standpoint, I want to put together the right people in the right positions. This will be my last year at UK and I want to make sure this administration leaves UK in the right hands. We can only do so much and we could do the greatest job, but if we leave it to people who are unprepared then that is all lost. We want to see some sort of teacher accountability system in place, kind of like Rate My Professor, but credible. We want to match the intentions and expectations of teachers to the students. Not everybody operates in the same fashion in terms of scholastic achievement and some people have different expectations. It’s not an attempt to find the easiest classes, but to see who the best teachers are for my needs. We feel like a lot of administrations tried to implement this, but it wasn’t their main focus. It was kind of put on the back burner. As for the Board of Trustees, I want to open the lines of communication so it’s not just me See PRESIDENT on page 2

I am really passionate about serving others. You have to give up your life for a year, but I know the benefits of working hard for this position.” STEPHEN BILAS, STUDENT BODY PRESIDENT-ELECT

For most students, balancing classes, work and a social life is enough to worry about. While most are dealing with relationships with friends and significant others, fewer are actually married. Though getting married in college isn’t too common, more and more students are taking on the responsibility of starting a family early. Though the average marriage age is 28, about 18 percent of undergraduates reported they were married, according to the National Center for Education Statistics, which surveyed 20,928 undergraduates in 2008. Crystal Neace, psychology junior, married her husband almost a year ago on May 21, 2011. “I don’t think I am too young to get married. Most (of my) friends and family’s main issue was the fact that we were still in school,” Neace said. Neace said it is tough being a student while being married. “The biggest challenge, in my opinion, is that I feel like I don’t get to see or spend time with my husband as much as I would like to, since we’re both so busy with school,” she said. Emily Meier is a biology senior who became engaged in May. “There were definitely some people that I knew that were at first concerned, but all of my close friends and family have been very supportive,” Meier said. Not everyone wants to wait to graduate to get married, but Meier said she is willing to. “I know that it would be very hard to manage being in school and being married,” she said. Neace said she thinks it’s becoming more common for students to get married “because it’s easier to get married while you’re still in school than it is to wait.” She had planned on finishing school first. “But you find out that it makes more sense See MARRIAGES on page 2

Cherry trees celebrate gift to US

Seeing players as students Columnist reflects on a year of basketball I know (at least) five UK underclassmen who will be much richer and much more successful than I will ever be, starting now: Anthony Davis, Michael KiddGilchrist, Terrence AARON Jones, Marquis Teague, SMITH Doron Lamb. Kernel They are all columnist younger than me. This is the way it works when you’re a college basketball star and I’m a guy who covers college basketball stars. This is why Anthony Davis is plan-

ning on buying a white-on-white Bentley this summer, and I’m wondering whether it’s about time to upgrade my Honda Accord from a car that can only play CDs to a car that can play iPods. (The only thing I need to make an answer is to look at a calendar that has the current year on it.) This is why Lamb gets interrupted during meals around town and why I could sit down in the middle of Willy T. with a pizza and receive only stares of confusion, not recognition. And I’m fine with all this. I’m not the one having to sign a pregnant lady’s belly. But the dichotomy between how See FUTURE on page 5

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Sophomores Terrence Jones and Doron Lamb hug after winning the NCAA National Championsip on April 2.


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Cherry Blossoms aren’t too common in Kentucky, but on Thursday four trees from Japan will be dedicated to the university. In the UK Cherry Blossom Tree Dedication Ceremony, the trees will commemorate the 100th anniversary of Japan’s gift of cherry blossom trees to Washington, D.C. In 1912, Japan gave 3,000 trees to Washington, D.C., according to a news release. The Japan/America Society of Kentucky will be giving the university the trees to celebrate its centennial. The Embassy of Japan and the Consul General of Japan in Nashville, Tenn., will also award 20 offspring of the original trees to be spread throughout the state. The event will be held at 11:45 a.m. on Thursday at the Niles Gallery.

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this position.


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financially for both of you to get married while still in school, and it’s a lot harder to stick to waiting until you finish school when you find the person you want to spend the rest of your life with,” Neace said. Unlike Neace, Meier said she thinks fewer students are getting married. “I think it is definitely becoming less common because many students want to start their career and be stable themselves before they bring someone else into their life,” she said. Meier said she doesn’t know too many students who are married, but she has had a few classes with fellow married students. Like other marriages, a college marriage isn’t too different. “The best part about being married would have to be knowing that there is someone waiting for you at the end of the day,” Neace said. “Someone you can share everything with, especially when you have bad days in classes or anything. It’s knowing that you have someone who understands what you’re going through and is determined to help you out every step of the way.”

making decisions. I want to connect with other people in SG and other people who are interested. I want to have an open-door policy because at the end of the day, I will have to make a vote and I want as much information so I can represent everyone instead of just one person.

Q: Aside from Student Government, what do you do for fun? A: I am very involved in several other organizations. If you stay just in SG, you limit yourself. The important thing I stress to freshmen is you have to be involved. It doesn’t matter where or with who. Once you get involved, the campus turns into a tinier, home base of networks and you feel more at home. I joined Sigma Chi and held several leadership roles, worked on DanceBlue corporate committee and helped raise record numbers. It was such a great feeling. I started right away in SEAM — Scholars of Engineering and Management. It’s a great opportunity and great program to get involved on campus. It instilled in me the idea of getting involved. I just like staying active. I played golf in high school and try to play as much as I can throughout the year. And no one can say no to Keeneland. If there is an event on campus, I try my best to experience it. Now is the time to experience different things, so why waste it? The only thing I dislike hearing people say is that they want to get their feet settled before getting involved. I am a junior and my feet aren’t settled. I am still a little nerv-

Q: Do you think President Eli Capilouto was a good choice to represent the university? A: I couldn’t be happier with the new president and the work he has done. I am excited to work on a higher level and on a regular basis with him. I have spoken to other universities and the willingness to cooperate with the president isn’t always there. It’s interesting the amount he is going to be able to accomplish if given the opportunity. He already broke new ground for a new dorm in under a year. He works tirelessly to figure out ways to benefit students and has been a positive example to me. He doesn’t have a hidden agenda, which is rare. He is very clear and thinks realistically and constructively. I am interested to see, going forward, how he interacts with certain things. It’s a tough position to hold, especially in a year when UK is making a $20 million budget cut, with a $45 million deficit when he is trying to build. At the same time, he is trying to break even but have the university play catch up. It is very difficult, and he is working tirelessly to make this place better. I will do my best to help him.

Q: What inspired you to run for SG president? A: It was a long, drawn out decision. It was always in the back of my mind. I remember sitting at freshman orientation in Memorial Hall and listening to the student body president talk. I went back and forth wondering if it is something I wanted to do. When the decision came, I thought Mary Katherine Kington and I would do well. It’s not the two people at the top, but who they surround themselves with. I felt like I could put together a group of people, not just juniors and seniors, but new upcoming students who can hold higher positions and really benefit. I am really passionate about serving others. You have to give up your life for a year, but I know the benefits of working hard for

Eric Church headlining tour ST. LOUIS — To tweak an old saying, Eric Church is singing in tall cotton. The New York Times last month highlighted the country singer-songwriter as one of the brightest lights in country’s latest “outlaw” movement. This year, his third and latest album, “Chief,” was nominated for a Grammy as best country album and earned glowing reviews from Rolling Stone, Spin, Entertainment Weekly and National Public Radio. And after years of opening for other artists, he is headlining a national tour, “Blood, Sweat & Beers.” “It’s been crazy, exceeding any expectations we had,” Church said. “We spent a lot of time playing clubs, bars, dives. And now, we’re filling up arenas of ten, fifteen thousand. And believe me, it’s not lost on us, how rare and special that is.” Church’s live performances are noted for their rock-concert energy, something in which the North Carolinian takes pride. “We aim to empty the tank every night,” said Church, 34. “We made our mark by playing like that in those bars and clubs. And when we’d come back to a town, we’d need a bigger venue because of word of mouth about our last show.” While Church’s songs are country at the core, danger lurks for those waiting to pigeonhole his work. Church, who has a marketing degree from Appalachian State and a Southerner’s

Horoscope To get the advantage, check the day's rating: 10 is the easiest day, 0 the most challenging. Aries (March 21-April 19) — Today is an 8 — The forseeable future is good for making changes at home. Set juicy goals for yourself. Pull together as a team. Whistle while you work, and feast after. Taurus (April 20-May 20) — Today is an 8 — All of a sudden, everything starts making sense. Old puzzles get solved. Consider your friends' suggestions, but it's okay to turn down an outrageous request. Gemini (May 21-June 21) — Today is an 8 — A new assignment brings in new revenue, and the temptation to spend it all could arise. Rake in the dough, but count it first. Save some for repairs. Check for changes. Cancer (June 22-July 22) — Today is an 8 — You're stronger and more confident. Meditate on the

love for college football and William Faulkner, embraces rock ‘n’ roll with a tight grip. “When I was a teen driving around listening to music, it was AC/DC and Iron Maiden,” he said. “It was (AC/DC guitarist) Angus Young and three-chord rock.” Church said he’s interested to see how rap and hip-hop will influence country music in the next few years. “Country music is more than yee-hahs and hay bales,” he said, noting that the genre is drawing more young people. “Now, it’s cool to be a country artist and roll onto a college campus. … That used to be a place where kids wouldn’t be caught dead listening to country music.” Getting that mind-set past the country establishment was tough. He said some executives and radio stations “hit me pretty hard” for a song from his second album, “Carolina,” that speaks of marijuana: “Smoke a Little Smoke.” “Some stations wouldn’t play it, and some said it was career suicide,” Church said. “But then I’d play the song in concert, and the crowds would tear the place down. I’m glad I stuck to my guns, because that’s what led us to where we are. And I think that’s why ‘Chief’ has been so successful. “I never talk to the label. We send in the songs and, if they don’t like it, I don’t really care. That’s the album we’re making.”

value of compassion. Come up with a new future vision. Others encourage you to a challenge. Travel later. Leo (July 23-Aug. 22) — Today is a 7 — Follow through on details for the next few days. Be sensitive to a loved one's wishes. Invent a new story. It's important to show you care. Call home if you'll be late. Virgo (Aug. 23-Sept. 22) — Today is a 9 — Things are getting fun. Friends want you to play almost all the time these days. The invitation says "dressy." Invent your own style. New options surface. Libra (Sept. 23-Oct. 22) — Today is an 8 — Stay attentive, as new opportunities are worth listening to. Choose wisely. Tune out the static. You and a partner can win. Learn as you teach. Scorpio (Oct. 23-Nov. 21) — Today is a 9 — The day promises to bring you many surprises, for the good and for the bad. Accept a challenge and learn from your failures. A loved one teaches you.


Sagittarius (Nov. 22-Dec. 21) — Today is a 9 — Work on the chores that you've been avoiding but that you know you really ought to complete. You have a keen sense for finances now. Research the pros and cons before deciding. Capricorn (Dec. 22-Jan. 19) — Today is a 9 — Work out strategy with someone who's opinion you value. Logic is only one side. Clarify things by listing the facts. Look at emotional factors, too. New ideas arise. Aquarius (Jan. 20-Feb. 18) — Today is a 9 — When it rains, it pours. Make the most out of publicity. Add efficiency to your work to withstand any storm. Don't gamble or get distracted. Take advantage. Pisces (Feb. 19-March 20) — Today is a 9 — You're entering a romantic phase. Find a quiet place to complete your projects where you're less likely to be disturbed. Avoid risky propositions. Keep your promises. M CT

editorial board members: Editor-in-Chief Taylor Moak, Becca Clemons, Aaron Smith, Eva McEnrue, Sam Rothbauer and Luke Glaser

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eva mcenrue | opinions editor |


Golden Forks 20112012, and the losers are ... Years ago — or so the legend goes — an embittered Kernel editor came back to the office upset, hurt, insulted. A prominent campus figure had unfairly harangued the young reporter for an offense that he did not commit. It was at that point, in the heat and sweat of tension, that the young editor vowed revenge. From those feelings of hate, the Golden Forks were born. As a testament to that young reporter we take it upon ourselves to strike back with venomous pleasure at those who have wronged the mighty “Fourth Estate.” Editor’s note: OK, OK that’s a lie. We’re a bunch of sarcastic, immature college students who feel like venting their frustrations at the end of the year. It’s unfortunate that some of you must bear the brunt of that. But take comfort in the fact that in about a month the summer Kernel begins, under the direction of Les Johns, and then comes the fall with the woman you love to hate, Becca Clemons. You are encouraged to make the life of these two fine people a living hell. Until then, if you’re upset, feel free to send in letters to the editor, as always. But this is the second-to-last issue, so they won’t get printed. We’ll read them though. Have a good summer. This blurb was adapted from the April 28, 1989, edition of the Golden Forks Awards.

The “Prince Charming Combover” award goes to Student Government President


Micah Fielden. Never before have we seen hair flow so smoothly from one side of the head to the other. Never before has a Student Government president been so closely groomed — appearance-wise, that is. At least, he’s the prettiest in recent years. We’re too lazy to look up the mugs of past leaders.

The “Always on Vibrate” award goes to basketball walkons Sam Malone and Brian Long. Thanks, guys, for answering our phone calls.


The “How to Make a Quick Buck” award goes to poster sellers on eBay for making money off of Anthony Davis. Some of the auctioneers sold the posters for more than $150. Take that, NCAA.

The “Give

This Guy Some Damn Basketball Tickets” award goes to a man from Charlotte, N.C., who posted a listing offering his wife in exchange for NCAA Tournament tickets. Classy, right? This man deserves an award. He’s just doing what millions of men across the country could only hope to do: See UK in the Final Four. We hope it worked out for you, big guy.

The “Look Ma, I Finally Did It” award goes to this year’s football team for beating Tennessee after a 26-year losing streak. Congrats for finally beating the team that our parents never could. Next year, maybe an actual quarterback can lead the team to victory.

The “That’s What She Said” award goes to DanceBlue 2012 participants for going “twice as hard, half as long” (their words, not ours) after the annual marathon was shortened to 12 hours because of weather concerns. Don’t get us wrong, we love the mission of DanceBlue, but long nights in the newsroom can make you channel your inner crude high school sense of humor. *Runner-up goes to Kyle Wiltjer for this quote: “Not a lot of people have seen it. When I pull it out, they don’t know what’s coming. Then Wiltjer when it goes in, they’re like, ‘Whoa, what just happened?’” (He’s talking about his hook shot, people.)

The “Most Photogenic” award goes to Kate on State. Getting to New Orleans and buying Final Four tickets were expensive endeavors. But, one UK student found a way to bring Bourbon Street to the Bluegrass. Whether she received any beads on State Street that evening has yet to be confirmed.


The “Smile, You’re on Candid Camera” award goes to UK fans who set a car on

The “Freshman! Freshman!” award goes to President Eli Capilouto, who is finishing his first year at the helm of this institution. Our new president has survived his Freshman 15. But can he survive the Sophomore 20? As in, a $20 million budget cut for UK. Take a deep breath and do one last keg stand before you head into upper division, Capilouto Eli.

The “Finally Leader of the Pack” award goes to Provost Kumble Subbaswamy, who recently landed the top job at the University of MassachusettsAmherst. The job market is tough. We know, we’re newspaper journalists. But you’ve proved the old adage that if first you don’t succeed in getting the top job at a state institution, try, try again. Looks like fourth time’s the charm.

The “Party Crasher” award goes to UK’s former president, Lee Todd. We expected current President Eli Capilouto to cut down the nets in Atlanta after the win to go to the Final Four, but we were a tad surprised to see that Todd hopped on that ladder, too. We know Capilouto’s just a freshman, but he’s ready to fly on his own now. Todd


The “Long

Eyebrow Hair, Don’t Care” award goes to UK fresh-


fire on State Street after UK beat Louisville in the Final Four. No, no, keep telling yourself that gasoline isn’t flammable. And forget about the fact that someone might need that car to get to work. Celebrating a sports win is much more important than safety and livelihood. What a bummer that police figured out how to use that darn YouTube thing and identified your faces in a video of the incident. Oops!

man baller Anthony Davis for refusing to shave his unibrow at the beginning of the year. And for subsequently making it the biggest fashion statement on campus since “Jorts.” Good luck in the NBA. Maybe Gillette will sponsor you.

The “Our Biggest Pet Peeve” award goes to DeWayne Peevy of UK Media Relations. When one of our reporters called two unofficial basketball players, Peevy revoked our access to an interview. That ticked us off. Then, he finished the year by NOT giving us any more trouble. That REALLY ticked us off! Thanks for making pubPeevy lic relations the news.

Thursday, April 26, 2012 | PAGE 5


kernel. we do it daily.

Three things learned in spring football Cats want open offense, strong secondary, punter By Ethan Levine

With the annual Blue/White scrimmage come and gone, the UK football team will shift back into offseason mode before players return again for training camp in August. Now that spring practice has concluded, let’s reflect on what we learned over the last month. 1. Joker Phillips and Randy Sanders are trying to open up the offense for 2012. In the scrimmage, both offenses operated almost exclusively out of the no-huddle and shotgun formation. Quarterback Maxwell Smith told me coaches have said they would like to throw the ball up to 70 percent of the time during the upcoming season. This is a drastic shift from the safe, screen-heavy offense the Cats featured in 2011, placing them near the bottom nationally in many statistical categories. With explosive targets like wide receivers Demarco Robinson and Daryl Collins, three capable tight ends with different skill sets, a healthy offensive line (for now) and depth at running back, Smith should have the tools around him and the experience to put more points on the board this season. 2. The secondary is still UK’s biggest question mark heading into the summer. Defensive back Marcus Caffey had a good spring season and made an impact on

Phillips, but defensive coordinator Rick Minter says the position is still an open competition. Caffey made some plays in the scrimmage, but the secondary was beat down the field multiple times by Robinson and fellow wide receiver E.J. Fields, and was torn apart over the middle by UK’s tight ends. Aside from Cartier Rice, the team’s special package cornerback, who mostly saw the field when team’s opened up into three or four-wide receiver sets, there is not a wealth of experience at a position that was a weakness for the Cats in 2011. With a strong front seven in front of them, the secondary is far from hopeless. But it remains one of UK’s biggest areas of concern heading into the summer. 3. UK’s punter is not on campus right now. Well, maybe he is. Phillips said he hasn’t been able to check all the fraternities and other student organizations to see if any unknowns have a leg. But for now, the position seems up for grabs. Whoever assumes the punting duties will have big shoes to fill, with Ryan Tydlacka departing as one of the Cats’ most reliable performers in 2011. The punter before him, Tim Masthay, is now the punter for the Green Bay Packers and has a Super Bowl ring to show for it. “Punter U,” as UK has been referred as in the past, will be looking for its next in line, or at least for someone who can consistently benefit UK in the field position battle, something Tydlacka excelled at during his career.

Lexington Legends fall twice to Charleston Have opportunity Thursday to break the streak The Lexington Legends dropped the first two games of their four-game series with the Charleston RiverDogs Tuesday and Wednesday. Charleston entered Whitaker Bank Ballpark winners of eight in a row and continued their hot stretch. Tuesday, RiverDogs starting pitcher Caleb Cotham, who entered with a 2.08 ERA, held the home team at bay. He left the game after five innings, giving up

just one run on four hits. He lowered his ERA to an even 2.00 in 18 IP. The Legends offense struggled to mount a rally all night, ultimately losing 4-1, breaking a four-game win streak of their own. On Wednesday, Legends starting pitcher Kyle Hallock was chased after only four innings, giving up six runs on nine hits. He didn't get any help from his defense, however, as Lexington's defense com-

mitted three errors. The RiverDogs got a solid outing from starting pitcher Bryan Mitchell, who gave up no runs on two hits in five innings, striking out seven. The Legends will try to stop their two-game losing streak when the teams square off Thursday in the third of a four-game series. First pitch is scheduled for 7:05 p.m. in Lexington.


how much media attention the whole “one-and-done” culture — especially at UK — has created. I’d like to think I would find motivation for schoolwork, even if I was projected to go in the lottery. I always have cared about academics. But I’ve also never been able to posterize anybody, either, and maybe that difference might make all the difference. So yes, those five people and I (and you) lived vastly different lives, an existence that I can only know from an outsider’s perspective. But some of the more rewarding moments came during times when I saw a common ground between us. Most of these came outside the confines of a basketball court — as previously stated, I have no business trying to relate to them in that aspect, seeing as how I was cut from my middleschool team and failed to

make a Jordan-esque career turnaround — and instead came in the college-kid realm. Teague dancing lightheartedly for a White Boy Academy video. Davis and Kidd-Gilchrist professing their roomie love for one another after winning the national championship. Jones and Lamb posting a camera phone mirror picture on social media. Those are the moments when I connect these players more to a campus than an NBA arena, and those are the moments that only amplify my respect for how they conducted themselves through a season of incessant attention and adulation. And then those moments pass, and they morph back into basketball players ready to make the jump into a professional league and become much richer and much more successful than I ever will be. And I don’t resent them for that one bit.

Continued from page 1 those 18- and 19-year-olds are living their life and how I’m living my 21-year-old life struck me repeatedly throughout this season. I often found myself wondering, as I sat with a voice recorder pointed in the general direction of one of these players after a game (almost always after a win), what it would be like to be on the other side of that recorder. Would I grow accustomed to the attention and approach it nonchalantly? Would I embrace it and be the media’s best friend? Would I be incredibly awkward and give incomprehensible answers? Probably this. And on a more serious note: would I care about school if I had the near-certainty of millions sitting months away from me? This is the far more interesting question for me, considering


thursday 04.26.12 page 6


luke glaser | features editor |

‘Thoroughly Modern Millie’ keeps audience laughing Packed for opening night, continues on stage this weekend By Kayla Pickrell

The performance of “Thoroughly Modern Millie” was met with a packed house on opening weekend. “Millie” is a musical about a small town girl trying to make it big in New York City in the early 1920s. The play tackles the subjects of love versus money and human trafficking. “It was thrilling to be part of the nearly sold-out house in the Guignol Theatre for the opening night,” Nancy Jones, chairman for the department of

theater, said. The live orchestra, which brought a feel of Broadway into the musical, sat in front of the stage. The plot of the musical was seemingly simple throughout the performance, until the end. At the end, the actors’ roles were revealed. “Everything connects in the end,” Abby Sheridan, who played Millie Dillmount, said. Minus the stumble at the beginning of the musical with lines by William James Bradley playing Jimmy Smith in Saturday’s performance, the musical was played with absolute per-

fection. “Our students did a fantastic job; The voices are wonderful, the choreography and dance numbers are pitch perfect, and the orchestra brings incredible energy to the production,” Jones said. One of the greatest performers of the night was Madison McGhee, playing Mrs. Meers. She kept the crowd laughing with her witty dialogue and was a wonderfully deviant character. When the plot was heading more on the romantic side, she was able to keep the audience laughing by turning the tables. Those playing Ching Ho and Bun Foo, Chris Floyd and Evan Jennings Pulliam, put on a wonderful performance. Minus one or two lines,

if you go What: “Thoroughly Modern Millie” When: Thursday through Saturday at 7:30 p.m., Sunday at 2 p.m. Where: Guignol Theatre Admission: $10 for students, $15 general admission

their entire performance was in Chinese, making fun of other characters or in Bun Foo’s case, falling in love. “The audience was on their feet opening night honoring our incredible cast and crew with standing ovations,” Jones said.

Pardon the Interlude: A farewell and a melody Summer brings opportunities to reflect on year, chance for a new start My dearest, most cherished readers, this is it. This is just a simple and temporary goodbye, you see, because this is the last column of Pardon for just a little ALEXANDRIA while. SARDAM For many of you shining, Kernel columnist bright folks, this might be your last semester here at the big blue UK. Maybe you’re an eager media law professor who is bidding

adieu to the university and embarking on personal adventures. Or perhaps you’re a soon-tobe graduate, complete with hungry eyes and an unmatched anticipation of what’s waiting for you to tackle in this invigorating home that we call the world. And maybe you’re on the opposite end of that spectrum, reflecting upon how fast your first year of college has blurred past you like the memories of those late drunken nights seemed fast forward with the other college firsts. Either way, this close that is approaching is something special for it unites us all. This end that’s vastly approaching,

George Zimmerman’s personal website taken down By Rene Stutzman MCT

ORLANDO, Fla. — George Zimmerman’s website, used to solicit money for his legal defense, has been taken down. A spokesman for defense attorney Mark O’Mara said Wednesday that that was intentional, and that people should not look for it to come back. The point, said Jimmy Woods, O’Mara’s office manager and spokesman, is for Zimmerman to have no Web presence. Zimmerman, 28, is charged with second-degree murder for shooting Trayvon Martin, an unarmed black 17year-old, as the teenager walked through Zimmer-

man’s gated community Feb. 26. The shooting set off demonstrations across the country by critics who accused Zimmerman of racial profiling and were outraged that Sanford police made no arrest, saying they were convinced that Zimmerman acted in self-defense. A special prosecutor, though, did charge Zimmerman earlier this month. He’s now free on $150,000 bail. Before his arrest, Zimmerman went into hiding but created a website,, to air his political views and solicit money for his defense. He later hired O’Mara, who has since worked to minimize media exposure.

whether it’s desperately wished for or anxiously avoided, is granting us all something that’s precious and rare. The end might be dwindling down but what’s at the end isn’t really the end. It’s just another beginning of some new journey with endless possibilities — an ice cream bar with an array of curious flavors and tantalizing toppings, just waiting for your picking. It’s a record store with every eclectic musician, every album and song, yearning for the tip of your fingertips to flip by and purchase, playing on repeat. This new is something that

could be humble and painful, breathtaking and rejuvenating. Regardless, it’s a new start. It’s not erasing the past, but embracing it all, the good, the bad and learning how to mold that into something so unique to your being that it can only make you flourish. Enjoy the warm summer days ahead and cherish the memories you have with your loved ones, friends and neighbors. Bask in the glory of the day and the melody of the song because life is short but music is forever. “Such a long, long time to be gone and a short time to be there.” –The Grateful Dead


By Alexandra Hawkins

UK OUTsource will host the Gayla, the organization’s main event of the year, in the small ballroom of the Student Center at 6 p.m. on Thursday. The event will consist of a student drag show, the Imperial Court of Kentucky drag show, free food from UK catering, a disc jockey and student performers. “It’s the biggest event we host,” Ross Cowling, senior OUTsource resource coordinator and official planner for the Gayla, said. “We always have a huge turnout, great food and a great time.” The unveilWhat: Gayla ing of the DiWhen: 6 p.m. on Thursday versity Project, Where: Student Center a quilt made by small ballroom Catherine Brereton, Gaines Admission: Free Fellow and junior English and Gender Women Studies major, is set to happen early during the event. The quilt began as a community based project with the thematic concentration of celebrating diversity and identity in the LGBT community by creating a large piece of yarn art as its visual representation. It soon gained world-wide recognition and participation. The project began last September, when Brereton started putting up fliers and using different forms of social media to promote her idea. By the end of January, 168 squares were sent to Brereton, and she began to assemble the quilt. “Quilts came from literally all over the world, so many people wanted to be involved,” she said. “I received work from many people in Lexington, all over the US, Canada, South Africa, everywhere.” The quilt is 140 square feet and weighs more than 100 pounds. “It’s enormous, beautiful and really, really difficult to work on at this point,” Brereton said. “I wanted it to be a reflection of every individual personality and taste, not what I think it should be.”

if you go

Viewing other’s work


Margo Ubele, a graduate student working on her master’s in medical science, and her friend Amy Ferry admire the work of the A-S 280 Introduction to Photographic Literacy Students on Wednesday in the Tuska Center.

On Monday, the Tuska Center for Contemporary Art opened its doors for the exhibition of the Art Studio 280 Introduction to Photographic Literacy Students.

George Zimmerman, left, appears before Judge Mark E. Herr on April 12 on charges for the shooting of Trayvon Martin.

OUTsource hosts Gayla, unveiling of diversity quilt

The exhibit, which runs until May 4, is called “From the Streets to the Studio,” and allows beginning student photographers to showcase their work.

editorial board members: Editor-in-chief Taylor Moak, Becca Clemons, Aaron Smith, Eva McEnrue, Sam Rothbauer and Luke Glaser

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eva mcenrue | opinions editor |

Tips for graduates to remain healthy after UK You probably have a long list of things to do before you leave campus, but there are a few things that you may not have considered. 1. Stay fit JILL Develop a KINDY plan for exercise. Guest You may be stuck columnist behind a desk for eight hours a day instead of walking around campus. Plus, without the convenience of the Johnson Student Recreation Center, it may be difficult to stay active. It will be

important to find ways to exercise, like taking the stairs at work or scheduling workouts into your daily routine. 2. Kick the habit The longer you smoke, the harder it gets to stop. If the UK smoking ban didn’t help you kick the habit, this is a great time to try as you transition into your new life. UHS has tools that can help you quit. Call 323-APPT to schedule an appointment with a Tobacco Cessation Specialist. 3. Are You Covered? Up to this point, you may have had some type of health insurance. Some students may now find themselves without coverage. If you have

some “lag time” between graduation and when your new job starts, then continuation coverage may be an option during this transition period. Contact your carrier to see if you have the option to continue your coverage. If you are enrolled in the Academic HealthPlans/Humana insurance plan you may elect to utilize the “continuation plan”. Email for details. Also, if you are under the age of 26, you may be eligible for coverage under your parent’s health insurance policy based on the Affordable Care Act. If you will be buying your own plan, compare more than just monthly premiums. Before you purchase

anything, be sure you understand their out-of-pocket costs, provider choices and covered services. Tools are available online to help you make a well-informed decision. A guide to choosing a health insurance plan and glossary of insurance industry terms can be found through the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services website at 4. Don’t stress out Some people may find that they feel anxious or stressed about graduation. It may be overwhelming to think about life after UK and being in the “real world.” This is normal and is something that many graduating seniors experience. You may

find it helpful to talk to friends who are also graduating. They may share similar feelings, and it may be easier to cope with your own anxieties or fears. It may also be helpful to talk to someone in UHS Behavioral Health (323-5511) or the Counseling Center (257-8701). The staff at the University Health Service wishes all graduating seniors the best of luck in their future endeavors. Jill Kindy is a registered dietitian at the University Health Service and UK students can schedule one-onone appointments with her by calling 323-2778. Email

kernelclassifieds Call 859.257.2871 to place an ad • Ads can be found at • DEADLINE - 4 p.m. the day before publication

For Rent 1-9 Bedroom 1 Block from Campus - 1 & 2 BR, A/C, Parking. $430-up. (859) 269-4129 or (859) 2708724 1-6 Bedroom Apartments/Houses available in August. Secure and nicely remodeled with W/D and dishwashers., 859-983-0726 3-6 Bedroom campus rental Houses and Apartments. Washer/Dryer. Appliances furnished. Call Kevin at 859-619-3232. 4-5 Bedrooms, $1,380-$1,800/month. W/D, Dishwasher, walking distance to campus, off-street parking. Leases start in August. Call 859-351-9473.

2BR/1BA Apartment for Fall Semester on Press Avenue. Available in July. Please call 859-233-1760 2BR/1BA Apartment. 113 Hagerman Court. 1 Block from Campus and Downtown. All Appliances. All Electric. $350/month. Call 859-333-1388. Need to sub-let a 2BR/2BA apartment at The Lex starting mid-May and ending July 31st. Not furnished. Quiet, corner apartment. $550/month + electric. Please call 859-338-4459 or 502-741-9321. Pre-leasing for July - Center Court - 2 bedrooms, $1,300-$1,450. Beautiful units! Kitchen fully equipped, w/d, parking. Call 859-523-2363 or

3 Bedroom 3 Oversized BR/3 Private Baths: ONLY 1 MILE FROM CAMPUS!! $1200/month. Call Kelley @ 859.225.3680 For Details

1BR/1BA Apartment, 162 North Hanover. Walking distance to bus stop and Woodland Park. Central Air, W/D on site. $550/month + electric. $250 deposit. 859- 230-8079 APARTMENT FOR SUMMER SUBLEASE AT THE LEX. $100.00/WEEK (ABOUT $400.00/MONTH). WASHER/DRYER, PERSONAL BATHROOM, FURNISHED. CALL (419) 262-1149 FOR MORE INFORMATION. Efficiency Apartment available in August., 859-983-0726 Furnished Studio, 1 block to UK or Kroger. Marquis Avenue. Awesome, nice & clean! Private entrance. Has everything! Quiet area. Rent discount available. $475/month. 859-312-7705.

Full-time babysitter with car needed for the summer. Education majors and spanish speakers with experience preferred but not required. Contact asap!

608 East High Street, across from Woodland Park. 5BR Apartments/2Baths. Central heat & air. W/D connections. Off-street parking. $1,500 + utilities. Available August 2012. 859-338-7005 Ground floor Studios 1 block from UK. Leasing starting June. $500 - $570/month, with parking, utilities included, cable, central air, washer/dryer, mini-kitchens. 859-537-0463

Full-Time Spanish speaking class assistant in elementary classroom for 2012-2013 school year. Call 859-277-6765

174 Prall Street, 5BR/3BA House. Across street from UK. Leasing for 2012-2013 school year. Lease/deposit $2,000. Call 859-333-8129 or 859-338-0987.

2009 Cub Cadet LT1050 Hydrostatic Drive, 25 hp Kohler Engine (116 hours), 50 in deck. Has new belt, air filter, fuel filter and oil change. Blades 1 yr old. Also comes with the Cub Cadet 17 cu. ft. Utility Cart. Ready to go!..$1750, Will Deliver! For more information or questions please call 859-621-4563

Now leasing for 2012-2013 school year. Newly remodeled 2&3 Bedroom/2 Bathroom Condos within walking distance to campus. All appliances included. $800-$1,000/month. Call 859-333-6320.

1 Bedroom

5BR/2BA HOME! By Campus - Off Red Mile Road! Huge rooms. Awesome yards/decks. Parking. All Appliances. $325/month. Call 859-333-1388.

5 Bedroom

For Sale

Campus Area Housing: We have several units still available for Fall 2012. For more information, please visit: or contact: Steve: 859-519- 9466, or Keith: 859-396-3273,

Wildcat Textbooks Apartments: 2-3Bedrooms Now Leasing for Fall. Best on campus. 30 feet from B&E. Luxury, vaulted ceilings. All appliances. W/D. Call 859-621- 3128 or

5 Bedrooms, 2 Full Baths, Off Street Parking, 2 Blocks from Campus (Linden Walk), Call: (704) 905-5312 For Information

Don Jacobs has an immediate opening for a part-time receptionist. We are looking for a career-minded individual who enjoys working with customers and has good communication and organizational skills. Candidates must have a professional attitude and a strong desire to learn. Duties include answering phones, waiting on customers and assisting staff as needed. Hours are M-F, 5:15 pm – 8:00 pm, Saturdays 8:00 am – 7:00 pm. Please email resumé to Amy VanMeter at EOE

3BR/2.5BA Luxury Townhouse/private development, close to campus. Richmond Road. All electric, 2-car garage, hardwood, large bedrooms, security systems, custom kitchen, dishwasher, W/D. August lease. $1,150/month. (859) 288-5601 3BR/2BA ground floor Condo with W/D and Dishwasher. Available August 1st. 251 Simpson Avenue. Easy walk to Campus. $1,100/month. 859-396-2685 3BR/2BA Large Apartment. Walk to class. W/D, D/W, Electric utilities, ENERGY EFFICIENT, Private parking. GOING FAST! Call Brian @ 859-492-5416 or WWW.232WALLER.COM 3BR/3BA restored Victorian home in Woodland Park Neighborhood. Small pets OK. $1,200, available July 15th. Prefer STEM undergraduate majors or Graduate Students in any discipline. Contact David at for more information.

Great security! Great location! Condo, 1BR/1BA. $625/month, including all utilities. Close to UK, Central Baptist & St. Joe. Call Brad 859-983-0434.

Help Wanted Atomic Cafe’ Restaurant & Bar now hiring Servers. Great atmosphere! Flexible shifts. Nights only. Apply in person from 10:00am – 4:00pm @ 265 N. Limestone. Basketball Camp Internship - Lead basketball camp June 25 - 29, from 9:00am - 12:00pm, to earn $1,500 college scholarship. Located at Windstar Farm. Interested applicants must submit to background check. Contact Mandy Otis @

Healthy Occasional Smokers Needed for Research Studies. Researchers with the University of Kentucky College of Medicine, Department of Behavioral Science are recruiting healthy non‐daily tobacco users between the ages of 21‐25 to participate in ongoing behavioral studies. Qualified volunteers will be paid for their participation. Studies involve completion of up to 4 testing sessions that are run in a pleasant setting during daytime hours. Snacks, movies, video games and reading materials will be provided. To apply visit our website at: Healthy Volunteers Needed for Behavioral Studies Researchers with the University of Kentucky College of Medicine, Department of Behavioral Science are recruiting healthy volunteers ages 18-50 to participate in ongoing multiple research studies that evaluate the behavioral effects of prescribed FDA approved medications. Qualified volunteers will be paid for their participation. Studies involve completion of 1 to 47 testing sessions depending on studies for which you may qualify. Studies are run in a pleasant setting during daytime hours. Snacks, movies, video games and reading materials will be provided. To apply visit our website at:

Hiring for various positions. Apply in person @ 114 N. Upper Street, downtown Lexington. Must pass drug screen and background check. No calls, please.

Large Efficiency Apartment, $440/month + utilities. Perfect location for those attending UK. 1/2 block from Main Campus, 1 block from Main Library, Grocery, Laundry within walking distance. Unfurnished. Call 859270-6860 Anytime. Pre-leasing for July/August - Efficiency/1 bedroom - 1 block to UK! Starting at $425.00/month, some include utilities, w/d, parking. Call 859-523-2363 or

Laser Perfect Med Spa, a full skin care facility in Palomar Centre, is looking for an aesthetician/laser technician. Full or Part-Time hours. Email resume’ to or apply in person.

2 Bedroom 162 Ransom Avenue, off East High Street. 2BR Apartment/1Bath. Central heat and air. Porch, yard and off-street parking. $650 + utilities. Available August 2012. 859-338-7005.

Pre-leasing for August - 3 bedrooms - Townhome, 2 full baths, w/d, parking, all electric, affordable and efficient. Call 859-523-2363 or

4 Bedroom 4BR/2.5BA Luxury Townhouse/private development, close to campus. Richmond Road. All electric, 2-car garage, hardwood, large bedrooms, security systems, custom kitchen, dishwasher, W/D. August lease. $1,400/month. (859) 288-5601 4BR/2BA HOME! By Campus - Off Red Mile Road! Huge rooms. Awesome yards/decks. Parking. All Appliances. All electric. $325/month. Call 859-333-1388.

2BR/1.5BA Luxury Townhouse/private development, close to campus. Richmond Road. All electric, hardwood, large bedrooms/vaulted ceilings, security systems, custom kitchen, dishwasher, W/D. August lease. $825/month. (859) 288-5601

NEW and Nearly NEW 4BR HOMES. Only a few left. Very nice. Close to campus. View at Showing daily. Call or text James McKee, Builder/Broker 859-221-7082 or email

Leather, Inc., Lexington’s Home for Luggage and Gifts, is now hiring for part-time sales help. Apply in person at Lexington Green. Camp Counselors, Male/Female, needed for great overnight camps in the mountains of PA. Have fun while working with children outdoors. Teach/assist with A&C, Aquatics, Media, Music, Outdoor Rec, Tennis & more. Office, Nanny & Kitchen positions available. Apply on-line at Construction help needed. Must meet these minimum requirements: Able to lift 75lbs., valid driver’s license, pay best for experience. Full/Part-time available. Email to Construction/Property Maintenance Job for the summer, be prepared to show up on time and not hung over, work hard, lift heavy objects, and engage your brain. No experience necessary, but common sense, a good attitude and modicum of intellect required. Please send resume to

Office Assistant Needed. Tuesday & Thursday. Apply at 860 South Broadway.

Part-Time childcare, 15-20 hours/week. $10/hour. Must have driver’s license. Various hours, evenings and weekends. References required. Non-smoker. Text/call 859333-2656 or email resume’ to Part-time clerical position available (year round) at Gainesway Small Animal Clinic, 1230 Armstrong Mill Road. Please apply in person with resume.

Lexington based Internet company seeks MySQL/PHP programmers. Applicants should be familiar with MySQL/PHP development in a Linux environment. We are also accepting applications for internships in IT/Web Development for Spring. Send resume to and/or call 859514-2720 to schedule an interview. Lexington business office seeks bookkeeper/administrative assistant. Must be proficient in Quick Books, accounts payable & receivable, invoicing, filing tax reports. Parttime 20-25 hours/week on site. $12-$13/hour. Email resume to Lifeguards and Pool Managers needed. Professional Pool Management is hiring for clubs and waterparks in Lexington, Louisville and Richmond. $8–$15/hour. Email for application. Live-in student interested in Veterinary Medicine to share 2BR house with male preVet student at Gainesway Small Animal Clinic. Rent and utilities paid for cleaning clinic. Part-time work hours available. Apply in person with resume at 1230 Armstrong Mill Road.

The Race For Education is seeking teaching interns for the Starting Gate afterschool program. Applicants must be education majors. Interns will receive a $1000 scholarship per semester worked to be used for tuition. Each intern must commit to working two nights per week and one Saturday per month. Interns are also eligible to apply for the RFE’s Assets for Independence Program, which could qualify them for an extra $4000 to be used for tuition costs. Interested applicants should contact Mandy Otis at 252-8648 or Tony Roma’s is now hiring servers. Experience preferred. Apply in person M-F, 2pm4pm, @ Lexington Green Mall or Wilson Landscape Supply is looking for Sales & Nursery people with plant interests. Full and Part-Time hours available. 2700 Palumbo Drive or 859-269-5795. Writers & Interns Wanted: Lexington based Internet company seeks writing staff. Applicants should be familiar with social media, ebusiness and/or technology. Visit for examples. This is a great opportunity to earn extra cash while building your resume/portfolio. We are also accepting applications for internships across our company for Spring. Send resume with writing samples to and/or call 859-514-2720 to schedule an interview. YMCA is looking for group leaders/counselors for our before/afterschool programs and summer camps. Download a job application at: Contact Jamie Massie, Staff Development Director, (859) 226-0393 or

Lost & Found

Part-Time scratch cook for Saturdays, 2:007:30pm, additional hours possible, at Chevy Chase retirement community. Please call Ric, Kelly or Tom at 266-2581. PT Receptionist at Small Animal Veterinary Clinic. Great people skills are needed. Apply @ Richmond Road Veterinary Clinic, 3270 Richmond Road or 859-263-5037 or

Retail Sales: Are you a “people person”? Are you mature/responsible? If so, and you’re interested in sales, apply Monday-Friday, 10:00-5:00 @ Sunglass Works in Fayette Mall.

Idle Hour Country Club Staffing Full and Part Time Seasonal Positions. AM/PM, Weekends, Holidays Required. Part-time Receptionists, Servers, Bussers, Snack Bar, Kitchen Staff, Lifeguards. Competitive Wages, Uniforms, and Meals. Apply in Person, Tues – Sun, 1pm – 5pm. Immediate Interviews. No Phone Calls Please. 1815 Richmond Road, Lexington, KY 40502.

Campus Downs, 3BR/2BA Condo. $375/bedroom, utilities included. Washer/Dryer. 859-983-0349

Minova has an immediate opening for a Human Resources Intern for our North American headquarters in Georgetown, Kentucky. This is a full-time paid summer internship. We are looking for a student interested in making Human Resources their career of choice. This position will be responsible for the administrative support of our HR department including but not limited to personnel filing, assisting in the recruiting and selection process, data entry, employee relations, special projects, and more. Interested applicants should submit their cover letter and resume to

Researchers at the University of Kentucky are looking for individuals between the ages of 21 and 35 who have received a DUI in the last 2 years to participate in a study looking at behavioral and mental performance. All participants will be compensated for their time and participation is completely confidential. For more information, please call 859-257-5794

Bluegrass Sitters is currently expanding and is in need of sitters. If you would like to work when it is convenient for you, like to interact with children in a positive entertaining educational way, call us @ (859)368- 8438 or apply on line @ Bud Ambassadors needed! Responsibilities include supporting Anheuser Busch brands and KY Eagle marketing plans in local markets while providing our customers with onpremise promotional marketing and merchandising. This position is ideal for people with outgoing personalities and who like to have fun! You must be 21 years of age and not employed at a retail establishment that sells alcohol. Please submit your resume to or apply in person at 2440 Innovation Drive, Lexington.

LOOKING FOR Male & Female Social Drinkers 21-35 years of age with or without ADHD. Researchers at the University of Kentucky are conducting studies concerning the effects of alcohol. Volunteers paid to participate. Please call 257-5794.

Seasonal help needed at Lexington Country Club. Servers, bussers, summerhouse, pool attendants, cooks, dishwasher & child care. Apply in person. Tuesday-Friday, 9:00-5:00. 2550 Paris Pike. Seasonal Outdoor Summer Camp Director Needed. Interested applicants should email resume and employment application to or call 859-2260393. Deadline is Friday, April 27, 2012. Seeking teachers for Toddler Program (1-3 years old). Must be 18 years old with high school diploma or GED. Full-Time and PartTime positions available. Apply in person @ 3271 Beaumont Centre Circle. Seeking: Female Student to care for two children over the summer. 5 days/week needed. Must have own transportation/clean driving record. Previous experience a plus. I am willing to work around planned vacations/needed days off. Candidate will be asked to provide references and copy of transcript. If interested please send emails and resumes to STUDENTPAYOUTS.COM. Paid survey takers needed in Lexington. 100% FREE to join. Click on surveys. Summer Jobs - Laborers: Forget retail and fast food – work with your hands and learn new skills. Local real estate company seeking summer help turning vacant apartments. Duties include trash-out, cleaning, basic repairs for drywall, painting, carpentry, plumbing, etc. Hourly wage $8- 10/hour, depending on skill level. Opportunity for overtime, reliable transportation required. Please provide a list of skills, previous experience and summer availability to The Kentucky Kernel wants you for its ad staff. What kinds of students are we looking for? Motivated. Outgoing. Organized. Business savvy. Dedicated. What will you get? A fun, flexible, job. Valuable sales and account management skills. Amazing co-workers. Experience facilitating the buying, selling and production of advertisements. And, oh yeah, a nice paycheck each month. If you think you have what it takes, and you wouldn’t mind bringing in some cash to pay your bills each month, send us a resume. email: Mail: 026 Grehan Journalism Bldg, University of Kentucky, Lexington, KY 40506.

Found: 01/23 - Beaded Bracelet at Limestone and Virginia. Call 859-361-0770. LOST: Gold Apartment Key. Lost along Prall Street or by the Business Building, Wednesday morning, between 9:00am-9:30am. It has a rubber cover, shaped like a cupcake, over the top part. If found, Please contact 859-866-1991. LOST: Set of multiple keys on an empty UK I.D. holder. Lost around campus. Please call 270-590-3629. LOST: UK keychain with 5 keys on it, around campus/Two Keys area. Please call 606-219-7920.

Real Estate For Sale 3BR/2BA CONDO FOR SALE. Above Lansdowne Shoppes - Walk to Harry’s, Drake’s, Baskin Robbins. Close to UK. Stainless Appliances, Vaulted Ceilings, Upgraded Lighting. Immaculate Condition! $134,900. CALL Tim Patrick @ 859-227-1747.

Real Estate Wanted How to Turn a Quarter into Thousands! Do you have a house that’s not worth a quarter? Well, would you take three or four thousand for it? Call M. S. Karrington at 859-3683170.

Roommates Wanted Roommates needed. Secure and nicely remodeled apartments., 859-983-0726

Things To Do Call 502648-3464

Yard/Garage Sales Estate/Yard Sale @ 751 Zandale Drive. Saturday, 8am - ???? Early birds welcome!

The Kentucky Kernel is not responsible for information given to fraudulent parties. We encourage you not to participate in anything for which you have to pay an up-front fee or give out credit card or other personal information, and to report the company to us immediately.

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