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UK softball to play Ole Miss Cats travel to Oxford, Miss., Wednesday


The Lukewarm Truth Calipari successfully recruits again


Fielden brings SG ‘to its roots’

The goodbye guys

By Rachel Aretakis


Anthony Davis, left, Doron Lamb and Terrence Jones said Tuesday they would enter the 2012 NBA draft, along with the other two starters.

Davis, Kidd-Gilchrist, Jones, Lamb and Teague declare for draft There were no surprises at Tuesday’s announcement for UK’s five underclassmen and their NBA intentions, even if head coach John Calipari tried to manufacture some suspense. AARON “Anthony, Doron SMITH and Terrence have deKernel cided to put their columnist names in the NBA draft,” he said, referring to each of the players sitting to his right, and then pausing for full effect as he looked to his left. “And Marquis and Michael have also decided to put their names in the NBA draft.” It only cemented what everyone has suspected for the last few weeks: these The combined stats of these five players during the 2011-2012 season. 93.28 percent of points

92.35 percent of shot attempts 92.91 percent of minutes 94.47 percent of rebounds 96.23 percent of assists 95.06 percent of blocks 96.69 percent of steals 0






five players — three freshmen, two sophomores, all starters — had taken UK to a national championship together, and they would leave for the NBA together. No one should begrudge any of them for their decisions. I don’t really think anyone is, but it still deserves to be said in case anyone does. These five accomplished everything they could as a team and did it together. Now they get to achieve their own dreams individually. “We figured if we all came back we could try to have an undefeated season or something,” Marquis Teague said. “But we felt like it was the best decision for all of us to move on.” It was a joint announcement, but not a joint decision. The players said they had their own process for deciding and their own timetables for finalizing their choices. After talking about it “a few days” after winning the title, Teague said, the players went their own ways. Teague bypassed being a “top-10 pick next year” because he thought he had proved enough this season. “I feel like I’m ready this year,” he said. Lamb completed two dream seasons — a Final Four and a championship — and now gets to go to the league he’s been following all his life as he grew up in New York. “My friends keep texting me, ‘You’re a pro. No joking around anymore,’” he said. Jones turned down a projected latelottery pick and no title to be a projected late-lottery pick with a title.

“It’s special to be part of something like this,” he said. Kidd-Gilchrist ends up going to the pros, but he’ll remember his “brothers” forever. “I got friends for eternity,” he said. Davis becomes a near-lock to be the No. 1 overall draft pick. He maintained that the decision was “tough,” even as everyone around him said it should be easy, and said he only finalized his decision Monday night. His mom wanted him to stay in school, but his dad — well, his dad fully realized what he had just done, as did Calipari. “He didn’t wrestle me (to go),” Davis said, “but he kind of said, ‘All right. Let’s not kid yourself.’” That’s about how it felt with all five of them: a sliver of possibility that some might come back. It was a possibility you had to laugh at. Let’s not kid ourselves: it always felt like the inevitable conclusion would be everyone going. And that’s just fine. They leave behind memories of a historic season, one that won’t be forgotten by UK fans or players any time soon. “We had a hell of a year,” Lamb said. He said it on the edge of the Joe Craft Center practice floor, where the 2012 national championship banner was absent. The players were announcing their departure before what they earned had even arrived. That’s how it goes at UK, and it’s worked out just fine. “I’m proud to say,” Calipari said, sitting between his five NBA-bound underclassmen, “that I was able to spend a year with them.”

Four years ago, Micah Fielden was registered for classes and ready to attend the University of Miami. But during his last week in his hometown of Lexington, he decided to give UK a shot. After a four-hour tour and seeing the agricultural biotechnology program, he changed his mind. “I’ve had an amazing experience here,” said Fielden, the outgoing student body president. “I wouldn’t have gone anywhere else.” Student Government this year wasn’t about creating new, large programs. It was about focusing on its mission. “Student Government is getting back to its roots,” said Todd Cox, the Student Government adviser, “and they accomplished that.” As this year comes to an end, the new Student Government staff members will transition into their positions, including incoming president Stephen Bilas. While students are preparing to move on, Fielden is, too. “I think a year in office is a good thing to have, then you need to elect new people and get a fresh perspective,” Fielden said. “With one year, there’s really not a ton you can do.” Fielden said that’s why it is important to be focused on what needs to be accomplished. “I tried to be cautiously optimistic about getting a lot done,” he said. In the past few years, administrations have created big projects that people can see, Cox said. Though he said that isn’t bad, “I think they kind of lost their way when it came to governmental relations.” This year’s administration made sure they improved major programs, “but they weren’t going to necessarily add a huge program because they really See FIELDEN on page 2


Fielden, an agricultural biotechnology senior, speaks at a groundbreaking ceremony Tuesday for a new campus dorm.

UK breaks ground on new dorm

Alumni plaza will be unveiled

Hall is first phase in plan for private housing

Reception at King Alumni House will follow ceremony for new UK tradition The Wildcat Alumni Plaza and wildcat sculpture will be unveiled at 3:30 p.m. on Friday. President Eli Capilouto, the UK Marching Band, the acoUstiKats, and Paws and Listen will join UK alumni, faculty, staff and students to celebrate a new tradition. A ceremony will be at the plaza off of Avenue of Champions across from Memorial Coliseum. A reception will follow at the King Alumni House on the corner of Rose Street and Euclid Avenue, according to a news release. STAFF REPORT

By Kellie Oates


Officials, including UK trustees, Student Government President Micah Fielden, UK President Eli Capilouto, Lt. Gov. Jerry Abramson and Lexington Mayor Jim Gray attended the ceremony.

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University, state and city officials, as well as a private development company, broke ground Tuesday for New Central Residence Hall. The hall will be a 600-bed living learning community with classrooms and meeting spaces, said Randy Churchey, Education Realty Trust’s president and chief executive officer. EdR is one of the nation’s largest developers, owners and managers of collegiate housing, and it has been working with UK. This event was the first step in the multi-phase project that will bring new See HALL on page 2

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2 | Wednesday, April 18, 2012

FIELDEN Continued from page 1 want to get back to their roots,” Cox said. From implementing the Wildcat Interest Group, to rallying in Frankfort for higher education as well as in Washington, D.C., Student Government has been active in state and national politics. “I think both Micah and I wanted to use this opportunity to be transparent and represent students,” Vice President Nikki Hurt said. She said it’s a reason why they created Wildcat Interest Group. Cox said Fielden has had more of a presence in the political realm, such as hosting the gubernatorial forum. “I think that this administration really understood what the purpose of Student Gov-

ernment is, which is to provide services and programs and really be the voice of the students,” Cox said. The best thing the administration has done this year, he said, is returning to being a representative body. “It’s hard to make everybody happy, but I think they did a much better job this year of living their actual mission statement,” Cox said. Representing students A lot more goes into being student body president than one might think. Fielden represented students as a member of the Board of Trustees, working with more than 20 influential individuals who make decisions for the university. He also is the face of the student body to the community. He is present at public events, ranging from the recent groundbreaking of the

New Central Residence Hall, to being a leader at the Rally for Higher Education, or by encouraging students to stay safe during Final Four celebrations. “He really tried to advocate for the students,” Hurt said regarding Fielden’s role on the Board of Trustees and in Frankfort. Having similar interests and the same major, Hurt said they made a good team. “We were able to build off each other’s strengths,” she said. Hurt said Fielden communicated well with the Senate. “I would like for (students) to remember that SGA was an open environment where if you had a question or idea or concern you could come talk to us,” Hurt said. She thinks that Fielden has done a great job, and said he will be successful no mat-

ter what he does. “He’s really passionate about what he does, and I think that’s evident,” she said. “He is already a hard worker and he really tries to make a difference in the lives of UK students.” Future plans Last semester, Fielden also was the president of Delta Sigma Phi fraternity. He said that was the hardest semester he has ever had. After graduation, Fielden will be taking a year off to do an internship and then will apply to law school. Fielden said he will miss “just the whole college feel,” after he graduates, but he is ready. This summer, Fielden will return to Haiti, where he and his family have been doing service work for most of his life. There he will teach English and meet two new

students who will come to UK through the Haitian Scholarship Program. Earlier this year, Fielden was involved with bringing students Pedro Jean-Baptiste and James Blanc to UK from Haiti through the program. He said it was one of the top moments of the year. Another accomplishment Fielden noted was helping found the National Campus Leadership Council. Fielden currently serves on the executive committee of NCLC, which represents a little more than two million students. The council helps facilitate communication between students and policymakers. “The goal of it is to represent the student opinion to the lawmakers at the White House,” Fielden said. A humble president Cox said the position of president and the power and

influence that comes with it can often go to presidents’ heads. “I think the best thing I’ve seen with working with Micah is that it never has,” Cox said. “He continues to, at the end, remain humble.” From the first time they met, Cox said he has been impressed with Fielden. “He wants to be a better version of himself,” he said. Fielden is willing to accept feedback, he said, and asks those around him what he can do better. “I think that’s a real testament to someone’s character and maturity,” he said. Cox said he has seen that Fielden has Student Government’s best interest at heart. “He still is the same person he was a year ago, from the perspective of an everyday student,” Cox said.


housing at the most affordable price. “Today we break ground on more than one building,” Capilouto said, “we’re breaking ground on a brighter future for our students, faculty and staff.” Student Government President Micah Fielden discussed how vital it is that administrators understand the importance of university housing. “By improving our residence hall facilities, the university is investing in the students and the student experience,” Fielden said. Fielden said this investment will help UK continue to attract and retain bright students from across the country and world.

Pamela May, vice chair of UK’s Board of Trustees, said she was stunned and surprised by how quickly the plan came to life. Those involved in making this dream a reality proved that with “focus, determination, hard work, plans and money things can happen, and happen very quickly,” May said. May said the base for UK is undergraduates and that is why attracting them is important. Undergraduates are “the group upon which we will build our future,” she said. New Central will be located on Haggin Field and will be available for undergraduate occupancy in the fall of 2013.

Continued from page 1 life to UK’s on-campus housing. The new residence hall is one aspect of the “Kentucky Promise,” which President Eli Capilouto said is “the idea that through the students we educate, the research we conduct and the service we render, our university serves as the best beacon of hope for this commonwealth’s future.” Capilouto said cuttingedge technology and amenities are expected of a modern flagship university, and New Central Residence Hall will display these aspects through high-quality campus

‘Chimpanzee’ focuses on entertaining With a wealth of informative TV wildlife programming already in the marketplace, Disneynature faces a Darwinian dilemma. How can the studio’s zoology unit create films that will put paying audiences in theaters? In “Chimpanzee,” the strategy is clear: Make dramas, not documentaries. With its emphasis on entertainment rather than edification, the film occupies a warm-and-fuzzy middle ground between “The Jungle Book” and Animal Planet. The new nature film follows a baby chimp named Oscar and his clan, observing them as they forage, use tools, play games, and care for one another. Just like humans, our primate relatives grapple with issues of dominance, family organization, reciprocation, competition and altruism. They even make war, fending off a rival pack of chimps that wants their nut grove. We face most of the same problems, and sometimes we come up with the same solutions. Filmmakers Alastair Fothergill and Mark Linfield get intimately close to their subjects. In shots of chimps learning to crack hard-shelled nuts with rocks, you can almost feel the sting when they whack a toe instead. When Oscar’s

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life takes a sad turn midway through the film, the story becomes a real-life “Bambi of the Apes.” Tim Allen’s folksy narration fulfills its mission, which is not to deliver Jane Goodall-quality anthropology but to show kids that wild animals are amazing. So are the jungle plants. Some of this visually gorgeous film’s most indelible images show puffballs shooting out spores in slow motion, phosphorescent fungi glowing at midnight, and delicate mushrooms growing in time-lapse hyperspeed. The film is not designed to answer every question but to inspire youthful curiosity. The youth-friendly plotline involves Oscar’s primal need to find his own place in the heirarchy, while the group battles villainous antagonist Scar and his pack. Purists may object to covering animal tales with cheesy sentimentality, but there’s nothing wrong with capturing your viewers’ hearts en route to their heads. At one touching turn, I heard a small voice in the row behind me stoutly declare, “I am not crying.” Job well done.

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kernelsports sam rothbauer

sports editor |

UK beats Cincinnati for second time this season Freshman Mahar strikes out 5 in 6 shutout innings By David Schuh

Powered by three home runs and a dominant starting pitching performance, the UK baseball team beat Cincinnati 7-0 Tuesday at Cliff Hagan Stadium. UK (33-5, 11-4 SEC) beat the Bearcats for the second time this season. The Cats’ freshman starting pitcher, Sam Mahar, gave up two hits and struck out five in six shutout innings. He didn’t allow a hit until the first batter of the fifth inning. “I just wanted to keep pumping the strike zone and let my defense do the work,”

Mahar said. “I had a lot of confidence to just put it in there knowing they were going to make plays.” Freshman Austin Cousino, celebrating his 19th birthday, launched a home run into the parking lot over the right field fence to lead off the first inning. Three batters later, junior Luke Maile went the other way, sending a line drive over the left field fence, his team high 10th of the year. The Cats led 2-0 after one inning. Maile continued the hot hitting against his hometown team. In two games against UC this season, he is 5-6 with three home runs, three RBIs

and four runs. UK added a run in the third, then senior Thomas McCarthy singled in two more in the fourth to break the game open. Another home run in the fifth by sophomore J.T. Riddle was the final run for either team. The Cats’ bullpen pitched four innings of a two hit, no run relief.

“I was very pleased with our effort tonight, especially on the mound,” UK head coach Gary Henderson said. “It was a good night for Sam Mahar. Six innings in his first start of the year — I’m very pleased with that.” The Cats entered the game sixth in the country in home runs with 41. Six behind the nation’s leader, that will surely improve next week. It was the 14th game this

season that UK has won by five runs or more. “The season has been great so far,” Cousino said. “But, we still have five more weeks in the SEC and a lot can change. We hope to be one of those teams to stay hot.” The No. 2 Cats will return to the field Friday night when they host No. 1 LSU in the first game of a crucial three game series. First pitch is scheduled for 6:30 p.m.

Next Game Who: UK vs. LSU When: Friday at 6:30 p.m. Where: Cliff Hagan Stadium Televised: Fox Sports South

This season has been great so far. ... We hope to be one of those AUSTIN COUSINO, freshman centerfielder teams to stay hot.”

UK softball will play struggling Ole Miss team By Cody Porter

UK softball travels to Oxford, Miss., Wednesday to play a doubleheader against an Ole Miss squad that is currently on a six-game skid. Four of the games lost by Ole Miss during its six-game losing streak were by five or more runs. Despite its recent struggles and having a conference-worst 16-24 record, UK head coach Rachel Lawson spoke highly of the Rebels. “This is the best season they’ve had in a few years,” she said. “They have dominant pitching. They throw the ball well.” Senior Kendall Bruning handles the brunt of their pitching. So far this season she

holds a 12-12 record in 29 ap- of creating on offense,” Lawpearances and 149.2 innings of son said. “They’re a real action. scrappy team.” Bruning’s innings more Cantillo’s .365 batting avthan double those of junior erage leads a team that also Erinn Jayjohn, who has 65.2 has two other .300+ batters in innings of work. sophomore Londen Ladner Though (.333) and senBruning has ior Corrine struggled this Doornberg season, her (.316). 111 strikeIn comWho: UK vs. Ole Miss outs rank parison with When: Wednesday at 5 p.m. second only UK, the Where: Oxford, Miss. to UK senior Rebels have C h a n d a four batters Bell’s 141. with higher Lawson averages at also acthe plate than knowledged all but one of the producUK’s batters. tion of Ole And that Miss’ offense, which is led by one batter is junior Kara Dill. sophomore RT Cantillo. Dill leads both teams in aver“They’re doing a good job age (.379), hits (58), total

Next Game

bases (79), at-bats (153), doubles (10) and triples (4). The Rebels hold a 26-14 advantage over UK all-time, but since Lawson arrived to

Lexington, the Cats lead the series 6-3. The opening game of UK’s doubleheader begins at 5 p.m. Eastern time Wednesday.

Game two will begin approximately 30 minutes after the conclusion of game one, and it is scheduled for 7 p.m. Eastern time.


4 | Wednesday, April 18, 2012

2012 Best of UK

Athletic Team— Men’s Basketball

Greek Event— The Main Event Kentucky Kernel Writer— Aaron Smith Professor— Dr. Holbein Easy “A” Class— PSY 101 Food on Campus— Ovid’s – Spicy Beef Wrap Place to Eat on Campus— Student Center Place to Meet People— Student Center Place to Study— W.T. Young Place for First Date— Movies Place for Movies— Movie Tavern Music Store— CD Central Bookstore— Kennedy’s Place to Exercise— Johnson Center

Non-Greek Event— DanceBlue

Women’s Clothing Store— Forever 21 Grocery Store— Kroger Coffee House— Starbucks Late Night Munchies— Tolly Ho Pizza— Mellow Mushroom BBQ— Billy’s Bar-B-Q Fast Food— Raising Cane’s Italian— Olive Garden Mexican— Chipotle Oriental— PF Chang’s Sandwich Shop— Firehouse Subs Bar or Nightclub— Tin Roof Place to Dance— Two Keys

Thank You UK Students for voting

Kennedy Book Store

the BEST bookstore on campus! We’re Winners and so are the Cats - come buy your Championship gear here!

Residence Hall— Blanding

Place to Shoot Pool— Cats Den Hear Live Music— Tin Roof Local Band— Sundy Best Local Radio Station— 98.1 The Bull Spring Break Destination— Panama City Tanning Salon— Sun Tan City Apartment Complex— Newtown Crossing Website— Facebook Watch Sports— BW3s

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luke glaser | features editor |

Lukewarm: Cal’s new recruits LUKE GLASER Kernel columnist

UK men’s basketball head coach John Calipari has revolutionized space travel, financing and captaining a craft that is capable of unprecedented speeds and the capacity to travel across galaxies to explore new lands. Through this revolutionary invention, perhaps the greatest feat man has ever accomplished, Calipari has successfully discovered life on another planet. We are, dear readers, not alone. But, perhaps more exciting than the aforementioned statement, which will no doubt change life as we know it, is this: UK has successfully landed new recruits. It was announced Tuesday

on ESPNU that Prixchax and Jabglarg, alien Zarthogs from the distant planet Plutragh-9, have signed with UK and will be donning blue next year. The two freshmen, brought to UK from the distant galaxy of Quex J17, are rumored to actually be green-skinned carnivores who enjoy raw flesh, preying upon the meek and are pretty good with a roundball. Plutargh-9, a toxic planet consisting of putrid swamps, rivers of parlous sewage and the piercing cries of the masses, is the home of the Zarthog species, a fierce and war-like clan surprisingly adept at the game of basketball. “All hail John Calipari,” said the Most High Sports Administrator and Consumer of the Innocent, Boggard-Pithu. “May the timid tremble before your mighty footsteps and the weak be sacrificed upon your wooden court. It is our wish that Prixchax and Jabglarg serve you well.”

Prixchax, a lifelong UK fan, was ready to sign on immediately. After much speculation and universal media attention, Jabglarg chose UK over being Military Dictator and Lord of the Enslaved, Emperor Torturer of the Citizenry at the University of North Carolina. Prixchax and Jabglarg are balanced players who can acclimate to a variety of positions. The catch is they must constantly be fed human flesh, their only dietary source locally available. For the time being, UK basketball fans are happily volunteering for the sacrificial job. “I mean who wouldn’t,” said one junior. “My great-grandchildren will point to my picture one day and say ‘That’s pappy. He was messily devoured by actual UK basketball players.’ It’s any fan’s dream.” The Kernel has also uncovered documents that reveal

the NCAA is currently investigating the intergalactic trip as a potential recruiting violation. “How dare they,” Xacktharg, the Feared Leader and Most Glorious Father of all Zarthogs, in reference to the administration’s investigations. “May their bones be crushed and their children thrown to the mines to work for eternity.” Until the investigation is complete, Calipari plans to add Prixchax and Jabglarg to his already impressive list of freshmen. How Calipari plans to use the versatile Zarthogs is yet unknown, but UK basketball fans hope to see even more carnage than usual this season. And that, dear readers, is the Lukewarm Truth. Not quite hot, but definitely not cold. The editors of the Kentucky Kernel neither confirm nor endorse the ideas and opinions expressed in this article. Because, really, who in their right mind would?

Festival could fund scholarships By Rashad Bigham

A creative team has embarked on taking a three-day event with potential for thousands of guests and bringing it to Fort Boonesborough State Park in Richmond, Ky., calling it the Jubilo Music & Arts Festival. Fist pumping, crowd surfing and dancing until the sun comes up seem to be appropriate actions for this event. Robyn Burkett Baker, founder of Jubilo and former organizer for Master Musicians Festival in Somerset,

Ky., is now looking forward to starting her own festival. Baker’s team is made up of 10 college graduate volunteers who have an interest in Appalachia. “The idea of this festival was started from the question of how we can help students from Appalachia get to college who don’t have the money,” Daniel Shields, the lead graduate organizer, said. “This festival was a great idea and is lot of fun planning, but it is time consuming.” Jubilo’s mission is to do meaningful work in the Appalachia, and all organizers

plan to do just that. The Jubilo team has a goal of $25,144 to raise as a kick-start for the festival. All of the proceeds from the Sept. 13-16 festival are being used to provide scholarships for tuition and housing for college prospects from Appalachia. “Hearing about what they plan to do with proceeds makes me even more ready to support them because I know how tough it is to go to college from a small town,” Demichael Kay, a political science graduate, said. The festival will consist of live music, camping and

large art displays created during time at Jubilo. Shields said the festival is targeting a diverse crowd, drawing inspiration from all forms of music: rock, pop, hip-hop, contemporary and more. Those interested can get involved with Jubilo by going to and making a pledge. The website details information on pledging and prizes, consisting of backstage passes, T-shirts and more. “Our team is committed to making it happen, so we’re striving,” Shields said.

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eva mcenrue | opinions editor |

kernel editorial

UK basketball players making smart career moves by turning pro All five of UK’s starters announced on Tuesday their intentions to forgo the rest of their college careers and enter the NBA draft this June. The issue of college players leaving early to turn professional has had its fair share of debate in recent years as it becomes more and more common, and there have proven to be many sides to the issue. Over the last few decades, the reason people attend college has shifted. When fields were general and majors less specific, most came to college simply to learn. As fields have become more specialized and majors increasingly specific, the majority of students arguably attend college presently in order to secure a job upon graduation. These five players secured a job, and they did so at record-setting pace. Forget trying to attain a high-paying job after four, or perhaps even three years of college; these players will earn the big bucks after one. It is hard to argue against their decision, for it is true that nearly all of us as students have the same mindset monetarily as do they. Certainly the vast majority of college students would leave early and choose to pay a lesser amount of tuition if they had a high-paying job waiting for them at their departure date of choice. In the past several years, UK has become the trademark university when it comes to basketball players leaving early to turn professional. A slew of players have come through its doors being rather certain that they will leave after just one year to head off to the NBA. John Wall, DeMarcus Cousins and Anthony Davis are a few examples. Players leaving college early to play a professional sport certainly makes sense, but perhaps we should re-evaluate what it means to be a student athlete in today’s climate. If academically benefiting is the purpose of college, then athletes leaving college early would seem to be putting their athletic experience above their learning experience. There is a fine line between identifying oneself as a student and putting one’s profession above all else, whatever that may be.

UK Resnet needs greater efficiency By Neal Querio

I have loved my experiences here at the University of Kentucky. I have met so many great people here, and can’t wait to come back for another semester. With that being said, there is a major problem on this campus that needs immediate attention and resolution: UK Resnet. A lucky few are able to retain Internet connection long enough to have time to complete certain online assignments and submit them before losing service. For the rest of us, logging onto Blackboard is a major challenge. One must refresh the window multiple times, switch back and forth between Resnet connections, or just give up altogether. I cannot even begin to count how many times I have just grown so frustrated with having to jump from connection to connection before just giving up. Forget about attempting to do any research for a paper in the dorms. Granted is an excellent service. It’s fast, reliable and accessible in major buildings on campus such as the Student Center or library. Such locations are great places to get assignments done. Many people, however, are more comfortable doing their homework in the privacy of their own rooms so they can listen to music or whatever else helps them be more productive. Students cannot do that when they are constantly losing connection.

Even online video lectures that a teacher posts for a class take an eternity to load when using Resnet. Attempting to enjoy any free time as well with the use of Netflix, Pinterest, StumbleUpon or Skype or to keep in touch with family and friends becomes a battle to maintain a decent connection. From personal accounts, I know a multitude of people who, during the week of registration, got no Internet service for two days. They tried connecting in their rooms and in the dorm study ultimately resulting in perhaps 10 minutes of solid Internet usage. The University of Kentucky is not the only college that uses Resnet services. In fact many schools such as University of Illinois, Purdue and University of Texas also use Resnet as their Internet provider. Even in these schools the Resnet service is less than reliable. No matter which university a student attends, if he or she is living on campus then for nine months out of the year that student is using Resnet. Why make those nine months any more stressful than they already are? As college students, we have enough to worry about with exams, living on our own, balancing our finances, and making friends. Accessing the Internet should not be a source of concern. By improving the Internet service or switching to another provider, the university will help in creating a less stressful environment for its residents. Neal Querio is a freshman. Email

kernelclassifieds Call 859.257.2871 to place an ad • Ads can be found at • DEADLINE - 4 p.m. the day before publication

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5BR/2BA HOME! By Campus - Off Red Mile Road! Huge rooms. Awesome yards/decks. Parking. All Appliances. $325/month. Call 859-333-1388. Ground floor Studios 1 block from UK. Leasing starting June. $500 - $570/month, with parking, utilities included, cable, central air, washer/dryer, mini-kitchens. 859-537-0463

For Sale

3-6 Bedroom campus rental Houses and Apartments. Washer/Dryer. Appliances furnished. Call Kevin at 859-619-3232.

2009 Cub Cadet LT1050 Hydrostatic Drive, 25 hp Kohler Engine (116 hours), 50 in deck. Has new belt, air filter, fuel filter and oil change. Blades 1 yr old. Also comes with the Cub Cadet 17 cu. ft. Utility Cart. Ready to go!..$1750, Will Deliver! For more information or questions please call 859-621-4563

4-5 Bedrooms, $1,380-$1,800/month. W/D, Dishwasher, walking distance to campus, off-street parking. Leases start in August. Call 859-351-9473.

Pre Law Summer Study Party! Watch basics of law lectures from excellent homestudy paralegal course. Invite friends! Excel next fall! 26 DVDs. $300. OBO. 859-278-4064

Campus Area Housing: We have several units still available for Fall 2012. For more information, please visit: or contact: Steve: 859-519- 9466, or Keith: 859-396-3273, Now leasing for 2012-2013 school year. Newly remodeled 2&3 Bedroom/2 Bathroom Condos within walking distance to campus. All appliances included. $800-$1,000/month. Call 859-333-6320. Wildcat Textbooks Apartments: 2-3Bedrooms Now Leasing for Fall. Best on campus. 30 feet from B&E. Luxury, vaulted ceilings. All appliances. W/D. Call 859-621- 3128 or

Pre-leasing for July - Center Court - 2 bedrooms, $1,300-$1,450. Beautiful units! Kitchen fully equipped, w/d, parking. Call 859-523-2363 or

3 Bedroom 3 Oversized BR/3 Private Baths: ONLY 1 MILE FROM CAMPUS!! $1200/month. Call Kelley @ 859.225.3680 For Details

1 Bedroom 1BR/1BA Apartment, 162 North Hanover. Walking distance to bus stop and Woodland Park. Central Air, W/D on site. $550/month + electric. $250 deposit. 859- 230-8079

3BR/2.5BA Luxury Townhouse/private development, close to campus. Richmond Road. All electric, 2-car garage, hardwood, large bedrooms, security systems, custom kitchen, dishwasher, W/D. August lease. $1,150/month. (859) 288-5601 3BR/2BA Large Apartment. Walk to class. W/D, D/W, Electric utilities, ENERGY EFFICIENT, Private parking. GOING FAST! Call Brian @ 859-492-5416 or WWW.232WALLER.COM

Efficiency Apartment available in August., 859-983-0726 Great security! Great location! Condo, 1BR/1BA. $625/month, including all utilities. Close to UK, Central Baptist & St. Joe. Call Brad 859-983-0434. Large Efficiency Apartment, $440/month + utilities. Perfect location for those attending UK. 1/2 block from Main Campus, 1 block from Main Library, Grocery, Laundry within walking distance. Unfurnished. Call 859- 270-6860 Anytime. Pre-leasing for July/August - Efficiency/1 bedroom - 1 block to UK! Starting at $425.00/month, some include utilities, w/d, parking. Call 859-523-2363 or

2 Bedroom 2BR/1.5BA Luxury Townhouse/private development, close to campus. Richmond Road. All electric, hardwood, large bedrooms/vaulted ceilings, security systems, custom kitchen, dishwasher, W/D. August lease. $825/month. (859) 288-5601 2BR/1BA Apartment for Fall Semester on Press Avenue. Available in July. Please call 859-233-1760 2BR/1BA Apartment. 113 Hagerman Court. 1 Block from Campus and Downtown. All Appliances. All Electric. $350/month. Call 859-333-1388.

Campus Downs, 3BR/2BA Condo. $375/bedroom, utilities included. Washer/Dryer. 859-983-0349 Pre-leasing for August - 3 bedrooms - Townhome, 2 full baths, w/d, parking, all electric, affordable and efficient. Call 859-523-2363 or

4 Bedroom 4BR/2.5BA Luxury Townhouse/private development, close to campus. Richmond Road. All electric, 2-car garage, hardwood, large bedrooms, security systems, custom kitchen, dishwasher, W/D. August lease. $1,400/month. (859) 288-5601 4BR/2BA HOME! By Campus - Off Red Mile Road! Huge rooms. Awesome yards/decks. Parking. All Appliances. All electric. $325/month. Call 859-333-1388. NEW and Nearly NEW 4BR HOMES. Only a few left. Very nice. Close to campus. View at Showing daily. Call or text James McKee, Builder/Broker 859-221-7082 or email

5 Bedroom 174 Prall Street, 5BR/3BA House. Across street from UK. Leasing for 2012-2013 school year. Lease/deposit $2,000. Call 859-333-8129 or 859-338-0987.

Help Wanted Baristas, Bartenders, Servers, Line Cooks, Stewards (Shakespeare and Co. Downtown Lexington). Shakespeare and Co. CaféRestaurant will be Opening Soon! Be a part of the outstanding team that will introduce our US flagship property in Lexington, Kentucky! Our Café-Restaurant & Lounge ambiance is reminiscent of the Victorian era which results in a comfortable, yet chic dining experience. International and local favorites are available on our eclectic menu which offers all-day breakfast, lunch and dinner 7 days a week. If you have a great smile, a winning personality, experience and the drive to be part of our exciting trend setting team, apply in person Monday, April 16th thru Friday, April 20th, 12:00pm to 4:00pm at Shakespeare and Co., 367 W. Short Street at the Corner of Broadway & Short St. in Downtown Lexington. All Shifts are available for the following F/T & P/T positions: Baristas, Servers, Cocktail Servers, Bartenders, Stewards, Line Cooks. Visit our website at Do not respond via e-mail. You must apply in person. We look forward to seeing you at Shakespeare and Co. Bellini’s Fine Dining restaurant hiring full & part time servers. Must be polished & professional. Apply in person 115 West Main Street. Lexington Bluegrass Sitters is currently expanding and is in need of sitters. If you would like to work when it is convenient for you, like to interact with children in a positive entertaining educational way, call us @ (859)368- 8438 or apply on line @ Camp Counselors, Male/Female, needed for great overnight camps in the mountains of PA. Have fun while working with children outdoors. Teach/assist with A&C, Aquatics, Media, Music, Outdoor Rec, Tennis & more. Office, Nanny & Kitchen positions available. Apply on-line at Caregiver needed for 2 sick women in home. $8/hour. Call 859-309-0081. Charlie Brown’s is hiring servers. Apply at 816 Euclid Avenue. Child Care Center needs Part-Time Assistants for afternoons after 2:00, and some extra hours for May term and the summer. Call 253-2273. deSha’s Restaurant & Bar, 101 N. Broadway, now hiring bussers, food runners, host/hostesses and experienced servers. Must have some M-F daytime availability. Call Lee Ann to set up interview. 859-259- 3771

Full & Part-Time Day & Evening Server Positions available at Georgia’s Kitchen (Lexington, KY). Georgia’s Kitchen, Artisan Vintage Restaurant is now open for Dinner. We are located at 900 N. Broadway just North of Downtown Lexington. We currently have full and part time, day and evening Server positions available. If you have a great smile, a winning attitude and experience, please send your resume to or apply in person Tuesday – Friday 2:00pm-4:00pm. We look forward to having you as a member of our team. Visit us on- line at

Part-Time childcare, 15-20 hours/week. $10/hour. Must have driver’s license. Various hours, evenings and weekends. References required. Non-smoker. Text/call 859333-2656 or email resume’ to Part-time clerical position available (year round) at Gainesway Small Animal Clinic, 1230 Armstrong Mill Road. Please apply in person with resume.

Healthy Volunteers Needed for Behavioral Studies Researchers with the University of Kentucky College of Medicine, Department of Behavioral Science are recruiting healthy volunteers ages 18-50 to participate in ongoing multiple research studies that evaluate the behavioral effects of prescribed FDA approved medications. Qualified volunteers will be paid for their participation. Studies involve completion of 1 to 47 testing sessions depending on studies for which you may qualify. Studies are run in a pleasant setting during daytime hours. Snacks, movies, video games and reading materials will be provided. To apply visit our website at: Idle Hour Country Club Staffing Full and Part Time Seasonal Positions. AM/PM, Weekends, Holidays Required. Part-time Receptionists, Servers, Bussers, Snack Bar, Kitchen Staff, Lifeguards. Competitive Wages, Uniforms, and Meals. Apply in Person, Tues – Sun, 1pm – 5pm. Immediate Interviews. No Phone Calls Please. 1815 Richmond Road, Lexington, KY 40502. Kids Place looking for front desk opener. Hours: 9:30am-1:00pm, Monday-Friday. Duties include opening Kids Place, answering phone calls, working cash drawer & customer service. Apply in person @ 3882 Mall Road. Leather, Inc., Lexington’s Home for Luggage and Gifts, is now hiring for part-time sales help. Apply in person at Lexington Green. Lexington based Internet company seeks MySQL/PHP programmers. Applicants should be familiar with MySQL/PHP development in a Linux environment. We are also accepting applications for internships in IT/Web Development for Spring. Send resume to and/or call 859- 514-2720 to schedule an interview. Lexington business office seeks bookkeeper/administrative assistant. Must be proficient in Quick Books, accounts payable & receivable, invoicing, filing tax reports. Part- time 20-25 hours/week on site. $12-$13/hour. Email resume to Lifeguards and Pool Managers needed. Professional Pool Management is hiring for clubs and waterparks in Lexington, Louisville and Richmond. $8–$15/hour. Email for application. Live-in student interested in Veterinary Medicine to share 2BR house with male pre- Vet student at Gainesway Small Animal Clinic. Rent and utilities paid for cleaning clinic. Part-time work hours available. Apply in person with resume at 1230 Armstrong Mill Road. LOOKING FOR Male & Female Social Drinkers 21-35 years of age with or without ADHD. Researchers at the University of Kentucky are conducting studies concerning the effects of alcohol. Volunteers paid to participate. Please call 257-5794. Looking for writer/marketer with a passion for photography for part-time 5-hours/wk work. $10/hr. Work from home. Email for more information. Maintenance, Junior Technician: Full-time summer, flexible part-time in fall. Some HVAC and general maintenance experience preferred. Duties include basic repairs in HVAC, plumbing & small appliances for local apartments and rental homes. Must be organized, dependable, available for on-call rotation and willing to learn. Starts $10- 11/hour. Send resume to to apply.

New Vibrant Mediterranean Restaurant on the Go in Downtown Lexington wants Energetic, college students to be part of a New Exciting Enterprise. Call 859-455-8741 ask for Adel

Tony Roma’s is now hiring servers. Experience preferred. Apply in person M-F, 2pm- 4pm, @ Lexington Green Mall or Wilson Landscape Supply is looking for Sales & Nursery people with plant interests. Full and Part-Time hours available. 2700 Palumbo Drive or 859-269-5795. Writers & Interns Wanted: Lexington based Internet company seeks writing staff. Applicants should be familiar with social media, ebusiness and/or technology. Visit for examples. This is a great opportunity to earn extra cash while building your resume/portfolio. We are also accepting applications for internships across our company for Spring. Send resume with writing samples to and/or call 859-514-2720 to schedule an interview. YMCA is looking for group leaders/counselors for our before/afterschool programs and summer camps. Download a job application at: Contact Jamie Massie, Staff Development Director, (859) 226-0393 or

Researchers at the University of Kentucky are looking for individuals between the ages of 21 and 35 who have received a DUI in the last 2 years to participate in a study looking at behavioral and mental performance. All participants will be compensated for their time and participation is completely confidential. For more information, please call 859-257-5794 Retail Sales: Are you a “people person”? Are you mature/responsible? If so, and you’re interested in sales, apply Monday-Friday, 10:00-5:00 @ Sunglass Works in Fayette Mall. Seasonal help needed at Lexington Country Club. Servers, bussers, summerhouse, pool attendants, cooks, dishwasher & child care. Apply in person. Tuesday-Friday, 9:00-5:00. 2550 Paris Pike.

Lost & Found FOUND: A White iPod shuffle was found near the Whitehall Classroom Building on a sidewalk on Wednesday, January 18th around noon. Call 859-955-0123. FOUND: Long-hair, beagle-size female dog with UK collar. Found in Chevy Chase area. Call 233-0044, Lexington Humane Society. FOUND: Set of keys on several keyrings. UK band. Found in Designated Driver Van the weekend of 4/13. Call 859-312-0175. Found: 01/23 - Beaded Bracelet at Limestone and Virginia. Call 859-361-0770.

Seasonal Outdoor Summer Camp Director Needed. Interested applicants should email resume and employment application to or call 859-2260393. Deadline is Friday, April 27, 2012.

LOST: Gold Apartment Key. Lost along Prall Street or by the Business Building, Wednesday morning, between 9:00am-9:30am. It has a rubber cover, shaped like a cupcake, over the top part. If found, Please contact 859-866-1991.

Seeking teachers for Toddler Program (1-3 years old). Must be 18 years old with high school diploma or GED. Full-Time and Part- Time positions available. Apply in person @ 3271 Beaumont Centre Circle.

LOST: Set of multiple keys on an empty UK I.D. holder. Lost around campus. Please call 270-590-3629.

Small, private HJ farm needs basic barn help for all weekends and some weekdays. Must have hands-on experience and know basic equine first-aid. Call Lin @ 859-421- 4769 between 6:00am-6:00pm or Paige @ 859-333-4318 STUDENTPAYOUTS.COM. Paid survey takers needed in Lexington. 100% FREE to join. Click on surveys. Summer Jobs - Laborers: Forget retail and fast food – work with your hands and learn new skills. Local real estate company seeking summer help turning vacant apartments. Duties include trash-out, cleaning, basic repairs for drywall, painting, carpentry, plumbing, etc. Hourly wage $8- 10/hour, depending on skill level. Opportunity for overtime, reliable transportation required. Please provide a list of skills, previous experience and summer availability to The Kentucky Kernel wants you for its ad staff. What kinds of students are we looking for? Motivated. Outgoing. Organized. Business savvy. Dedicated. What will you get? A fun, flexible, job. Valuable sales and account management skills. Amazing co-workers. Experience facilitating the buying, selling and production of advertisements. And, oh yeah, a nice paycheck each month. If you think you have what it takes, and you wouldn’t mind bringing in some cash to pay your bills each month, send us a resume. email: Mail: 026 Grehan Journalism Bldg, University of Kentucky, Lexington, KY 40506. The Race For Education is seeking teaching interns for the Starting Gate afterschool program. Applicants must be education majors. Interns will receive a $1000 scholarship per semester worked to be used for tuition. Each intern must commit to working two nights per week and one Saturday per month. Interns are also eligible to apply for the RFE’s Assets for Independence Program, which could qualify them for an extra $4000 to be used for tuition costs. Interested applicants should contact Mandy Otis at 252-8648 or

LOST: UK keychain with 5 keys on it, around campus/Two Keys area. Please call 606-219-7920.

Real Estate Wanted How to Turn a Quarter into Thousands! Do you have a house that’s not worth a quarter? Well, would you take three or four thousand for it? Call M. S. Karrington at 859-368- 3170.

Roommates Wanted Roommates needed. Secure and nicely remodeled apartments., 859-983-0726 Share 3BR/2.5BA, furnished townhome in Tates Creek/Man ‘O War area. Garage/off street parking. Utilities/internet included. $425/month plus deposit & lease. 859-494- 1099

Things To Do Call 502- 648-3464 Printing Workshop & Lecture. Boston Graphic Designer, Michael Russem, speaks for King Library Press Book Arts Event, Friday, April 20th, 7:30pm. Special Collections King Library Building. Free. Workshop Saturday, April 21st, 8:30am @ King Library Press - $45 (includes lunch). Pre-registration required to or call 859- 257-8408.

The Kentucky Kernel is not responsible for information given to fraudulent parties. We encourage you not to participate in anything for which you have to pay an up-front fee or give out credit card or other personal information, and to report the company to us immediately.


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The pages of the Kentucky Kernel for April 18. 2012.

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