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Former UK vendor accused of discrimination UK has contracts with two other companies that do the same sort of business. Organizers of Lexington’s Within these contracts, a nongay pride festival have filed a discrimination and equal opdiscrimination complaint portunity clause is included. The clause states that a against Hands On Originals, a former vendor that UK has “contractor is subject to and paid roughly $200,000 since shall comply with all applicable federal, state and local July 2011. GLSO signed an official laws and regulations governcomplaint Wednesday with ing equal employment opthe Human Rights Commis- portunity and affirmative acsion for Hands On Originals’ tion.” Sexual orientation and refusal to print T-shirts for the fifth annual Lexington Pride gender identity aren’t specified in UK’s clause but fall under Festival. Aaron Baker, president of Lexington ordinance 201-99, GLSO, said the group gath- known as the Fairness Ordiered quotes from a variety of nance, which the complaint local companies and decided was filed under. In 1999, sexual orientaHands On Originals had the best price. Committee mem- tion/gender identity was added bers called the company back to the ordinance to protect and gave descriptions of the against discrimination in housing, employment and public design. Baker said one of the accommodations, said Raycompany’s owners started mond Sexton, interim execuasking questions about their tive director for the Lexington-Fayette Urorganization ban County and what it Rights Comwas promoting. If they have mission. “Everyone “ T h e has equal enPride Festival a right to do that, joyment of T-shirt printgoods and ing quote where does it end?” of would not be CATHERINE BRERETON services businesses ophonored due English and gender and erating in to the fact women’s studies junior Fayette Counthat the Tty,” he said. shirt compaFew pubny is a Chrislic accommotian organizadation cases tion,” GLSO’s are filed each year, and they official complaint said. Baker said the T-shirt de- are mostly employment relatsign never used the word ed, Sexton said. He said he “gay,” and instead said “Lex- couldn’t recall the last time ington Pride Festival” with there was a sexual orientation the number five, representing public accommodations case. “This is still untested after the number of years the festi10 years,” he said. “There val has taken place. He said the company re- haven’t been any big judgferred GLSO to another com- ments, so it should be interestpany that would honor the ing to see if and how it plays out.” quote. Allie Huddleston, director “This is really the first time we have run into this sort of OUTsource, a campus orof problem,” Baker said. “My ganization that promotes direaction was, ‘What does this versity for GLBTQQA stuhave to do with anything?’ dents, said she wants to start a This has nothing to do with dialogue between community printing T-shirts or not print- members. “I hope people gain an uning T-shirts.” During this fiscal year, derstanding of one another,” UK has done around she said. Huddleston, who is also a $200,000 in business with host of OUTLoud! Queer StuHands On Originals. However, UK spokesman dent Radio on WRFL, said Jay Blanton said in an email she wants Hands On Originals to the Kernel that the compa- to understand why people are ny’s contract with UK expired so offended. last week. See VENDOR on page 2 By Kayla Phelps

Pitino, Calipari have storied relationship of rivalry By David Schuh

As UK approaches one of the most monumental sporting events the commonwealth has ever seen, the universty will also see a coaching matchup that is rich with history. And, depending on who is spoken to, one that is mired in controversy. The relationship between UK head coach John Calipari and University of Louisville head coach Rick Pitino dates back to 1988, when Pitino reportedly played a key role in helping Calipari obtain the head coaching job at the University of Massachusetts. Pitino claims to have written a $5,000 check to cover a portion of Calipari’s first-year salary, according to a March 26 article. At the time, Pitino even referred to Calipari as one of his “three or four really good friends in coaching,” according to a 2011 Sports Illustrated article. But, as far as fans know, that’s

where the pleasantries stopped. As each coached returned from unsuccessful stints in the NBA in the early 2000s, they found themselves competing at least twice a year in Conference USA: Pitino at U of L and Calipari at the University of Memphis. That’s where the rivalry began. Memphis and U of L battled for conference championships for four seasons before Pitino’s squad made the jump to the Big East in 2005. When Sports Illustrated approached Pitino to talk about Calipari for that article, he said, “I really don’t know him, so I’d prefer not to.” Somewhere in that time, the relationship went sour. Calipari has had past contention with several coaches, including Jim Calhoun, University of Conneticut head coach, John Chaney, former Temple head coach, and Bob Knight, former Indiana University head coach. He has always played the “little brother” role: leading the underdog

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to unprecedented heights while holding no punches in the process. Some say it’s his fatal flaw and his greatest attribute. However, it can rub people the wrong way. Then there are Pitino’s recruiting battles. In 2004, Rajon Rondo, a point guard from Louisville, wanted to play for the Cardinals. But, Pitino had his eyes set higher, namely on Brooklyn phenom Sebastian Telfair. Pitino stopped recruiting Rondo and went all in for Telfair, who gave him a verbal commitment at the start of his senior year. Rondo gave up and signed with UK. In August, Telfair decided to put his name in the draft. He was selected 13th overall. Not only was Pitino left with nothing, he lost a good player to the rival school in the state. Now, Pitino was becoming the little brother. He was losing recruits to UK, he was losing games to UK (he’s lost eight of 12 in the rivalry) and See COACHES on page 2


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Safety a concern for celebrations Campus, Lexington officials urge students to be smart By Drew Teague

---President Eli Capilouto said Wednesday that should UK win the national championship, classes will still be held on Tuesday. Capilouto, along with city officials, discussed Lexington’s plan for dealing with UK’s Final Four celebrations at a news conference. The main theme from all the officials was on keeping the celebrations safe so no one is injured. Officials also

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discussed the use of social media and cameras to determine who has started fires. Lexington Mayor Jim Gray said a lot of history is happening this weekend, but citizens need to make sure the city survives through it. “This is the time to have a good time, but we also know we want to come through Saturday," he said, "with our neighborhoods and our citizens fully intact as well.” Gray said he wants all people to remember the goldSee CONCERN on page 2


2 | Thursday, March 29, 2012

VENDOR Continued from page 1 “I think as a business, they have that right,” she said. “But it doesn’t make sense for them to refuse good money.” Hands On Originals did not return a Kernel’s phone call and message as of Wednesday night, but the company issued the following statement to the Lexington Herald-Leader this week: “Hands On Originals

both employs and conducts business with people of all genders, races, religions, sexual preferences and national origins,” said Blaine Adamson, an owner of the company. “However, due to the promotional nature of our products, it is the prerogative of the company to refuse any order that would endorse positions that conflict with the convictions of the ownership.” Catherine Brereton, a junior double major in English and gender and women’s studies, is a Gaines Fellow for 2011-2012 school year.

As part of the fellowship, she organized a service project honoring the LGBT community. She said regardless of whether someone is a member of the LGBT community, she thinks the decision is morally wrong. “If they have a right to do that, where does it end?” she said. To discriminate at that level would open the floodgates to many other issues, Brereton said. “It’s homophobia,” she said. “They can dress it up however they want.”

Blanton said that UK is reviewing the case to determine the future of a third vendor. Baker, the president of GLSO, said numerous organizations have started to raise awareness about the issue. A “Boycott Hands On Originals” Facebook page was created and now has more than 1,000 fans. According to a HeraldLeader article, Fayette County Public Schools Superintendent Tom Shelton said Wednesday that a temporary hold will be placed on Hands On Originals. The school district and Lexington city

government have done $28,548.41 and $53,585.27 in business with the company, respectively, since July 2010, according to the article. Baker said he is shocked that the company’s decision not to print the T-shirts was based on Christian beliefs. “At our meeting, I looked around the table and counted the numerous people who go to Christian churches,” he said. Baker said members are working with the Human Rights Commission on its investigation. He said he hopes

COACHES Continued from page 1

Julia Roberts a villian in new film “Mirror Mirror” marks a historical moment in cinema: Julia Roberts’ debut as a villain. After nearly 25 years of mostly playing heart-of-gold types _ be they a pizza waitress, a prostitute or a crusading lawyer _ Roberts becomes the Evil Queen in this snarky version of the Snow White tale and lays down the gauntlet in an opening voiceover: “This is my story, not hers.” If only! Roberts threatens to steal this movie, and someone should have let her. She clearly relishes the change of pace, playing the queen as a chirpy, malevolent matriarch straight out of a reality show _ “The Real Housewives of Ye Olde Fiefdom,” perhaps. But as this muddled movie stabs around desperately for the right comedic tone, it loses track of its best asset. In fact, it squanders nearly every member of its fine cast, including the appealing Lily Collins (“Abduction”) as 18-year-old Snow White; Armie Hammer (“J. Edgar”), poking fun at his airbrushed good looks as Prince

Alcott; and Nathan Lane, Broadwaying it up as Brighton, the queen’s hapless henchman. Even the Seven Dwarfs, reimagined as harddrinking bandits, are played by charismatic actors like Jordan Prentice (“In Bruges”) and Martin Klebba (the “Pirates of the Caribbean” films). So what’s the problem? Director Tarsem Singh (“Immortals”) magically saps the life out of every performance, but in fairness, he’s stuck with a script that twists old material in ways it has already been twisted. Characters lapse into modern-speak (“This queen radiates crazy!”) and Snow does some feminist sword-swinging, but that’s a far cry from the inspired satire of the 1987 classic “The Princess Bride” or even last year’s passably clever “Puss in Boots.” That’s too bad, because “Mirror Mirror” could have been a shining moment for Roberts. Instead, this movie reflects poorly on everyone. MCT

he managed one Final Four while the lateTubby Smith/Billy Gillispie years in Lexington managed zero. And that’s how things have changed since 2009. Calipari’s hiring at UK was a perfect storm of sorts in the saga. His fiery personality combined with the recruiting platform he now had was immediately dominant. Since Calipari has taken the job at UK, he is now in control of one of the premiere programs in the country. No longer UMass, no longer Memphis, but UK. Not only is he the head of one of the most historic programs in history, he is U of L’s, and Pitino’s, biggest rival. When asked about their relationship on Tuesday in a press conference, Calipari said,

Horoscope To get the advantage, check the day's rating: 10 is the easiest day, 0 the most challenging. Aries (March 21-April 19) — Today is a 7 — Store away extra provisions. Domesticity calls for the next two days, and a full pantry is a treat. Besides, you can feed those who help with a home project. Taurus (April 20-May 20) — Today is an 8 — Disregard an impertinent suggestion. The more you learn, the more you value true friends. Your family's there for you, too. Explore and study an area of passion. Gemini (May 21-June 21) — Today is an 8 — Don't get stuck in silly arguments (even if tempted). They're time-wasters. Check your lists, and spend any extra minutes on fun. Gather up love and riches today. Cancer (June 22-July 22) — Today is a 9 — Give in to talk of love. Your self-discipline is impressive,

that this issue will raise awareness to local community members. “We aren’t seeking monetary damages, we just want to raise awareness that this type of discrimination is occurring in Lexington,” he said. “We don’t feel it is acceptable. We just want the entire community to be aware it is going on and make their own decisions about doing business with the company.” Sexton said the case is still in its earliest stages and the target timeline to reach a decision is about 180 days.

“It’s fine. We don’t send each other Christmas cards, but if I see him in public and I’m recruiting, we’ll spend some time. But it’s fine.” Fast-forward seven years from Rondo. Another star point guard Marquis Teague was thought to be destined to play at U of L. His father played for Pitino at Boston University and every recruiting guru was told he would give the Cardinals his commitment. But, at the last moment, Teague had a change of heart and committed to UK in April. It was another loss for Pitino, but this was a loss to Calipari. Pitino has had a successful season, taking a sometimes offensively plagued, injury-prone team to a Big East Championship and deep into the tournament. And now, he faces UK and Calipari in the Final Four. There’s history, there’s controversy and there’s distaste surrounding it. One coach will win and be one step away from the elusive national championship.

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Thursday, March 29, 2012 | PAGE 3

CONCERN Continued from page 1 en rule during times of celebration this weekend. Capilouto echoed Gray’s safety concerns for the students who would be celebrating, reminding them that the nation will have its eye on the city. “The University of Kentucky and Lexington share much; we share a very positive brand. Now the nation, and certainly the world, is watching,” Capilouto said. “Through our conduct, which is going to reflect positively on our community, I know that we’re going to give other reasons to have something good to talk about.” Capilouto said students who choose not to act responsibly will be dealt with swiftly through proper procedures. “I ask our students especially, through our conduct, we respect this community of Lexington, we honor a 150 year tradition,” Capilouto said. “So how we conduct our self this week has implications for our future, so I ask you to honor all the great work of our student athletes.” Keith Jackson, interim chief of the Division of Fire, said he wants people to refrain from setting fires this year and for students and citizens to make sure they get out of the way when an emergency vehicle comes down the street. The division will be using cameras and social media to help figure out who has started fires, but couldn’t comment on locations of the cameras, Jackson said. “In the past a lot of guys have lost jobs, have lost their freedom because they were caught on camera,” Jackson said. “We’ll have to determine (if a case is sent to the

Dean of Students), based upon the situation. Me and Joe (Monroe) will make a decision on if we want to send it to the university. Our goal is not to ruin some child.” UK Police Chief Joe Monroe also said students who are acting improperly during celebrations will be dealt with accordingly, whether it be with police or the Dean of Students Office. “We are going to be out in full force this weekend,” Monroe said. “We’re not going to stand for any type of criminal mischief, arson, assaults or acts of vandalism. In addition to any violations that poses a violation of the student code of conduct, they will be handled through the Dean of Students Office.” Monroe said he does not want any of the national attention the city gets to overshadow a possible national championship. Lexington Police Chief Ronnie Bastin said his forces will be out in the normal areas of congregation for fans, but they will be able to respond to other areas that become a concern. Bastin declined to release the number of officers who will be present in certain areas. Kelli Edwards, NCAA police incident commander with Lexington police, said the department’s job will be the same, just with heightened presence by officers. “Our mission, for the next few days, as usual, is the safety of individuals and the protection of property, both public and private, both on and off campus,” Edwards said. “I think we’ve all seen over the past weekend what some of those behaviors are (for celebrations).” Edwards said that bars in the North Campus area have been cooperative and are glad

the police have an interest in their businesses. The police will also be using the mounted force that the city has, said Sherelle Roberts, spokeswoman for Lexington police. Waste management will play a vital role in this weekend’s celebrations. Traffic plans were also made for the weekend due to extra vehicle and pedestrian traffic on North Campus and downtown. Traffic patrol will be in place on Euclid Avenue and Limestone Street on Saturday, Mike Blanton, commander with Lexington police, said. He said parking will be restricted in the 300 block of Limestone and Euclid and Woodland avenues on metered parking spaces. At around 5 p.m. on Saturday and Monday, spots will be blocked and vehicles will be removed, he said. UK Student Government President Micah Fielden brought up the issue of students and couch burning, saying students should not be a part of the activity. “To the student, I’d want to say this: we must be responsible and we must maintain a safe environment while we are celebrating,” Fielden said. “I’m not sure if I should say this, but I feel like burning couches is like rushing the court at Rupp Arena — we shouldn’t be doing it.” Anthany Beatty, UK vice president assistant of public safety, has been through six Final Fours during his time in Lexington in various roles from Lexington police officer to Lexington police chief to a vice president at UK. Beatty said police were unprepared for celebrations during the 1996 championship run, with 25 officers stationed at the intersection of Woodland and Euclid, where around 7,000 people arrived in about 10 minutes.

“We felt like we could handle that,” Beatty said. “Woodland and Euclid became a problem because so many people so rapidly got there that we suffered vandalism, people were injured, damaged vehicles, damaged property. “That experience in ’96 gave us the impetus to better train, equip the officers, more strategic planning not only with Lexington police, but with university police.” Beatty said the biggest change among the 1996 championship, the run in 1997 and another championship in 1998 was the training of police. “The biggest changes were training police personnel about what they were going to see, how to react (and) what the expectations were,” Beatty said. “From a police perspective, police are trained to deal with criminal matters and bad folks who are doing something criminal. This is simply a celebration that people get injured in and it gets out of hand, so you condition them to the mindset.” Beatty said the new ABC36 news van was flipped over and was set on fire, though he doesn’t think the fire was set purposely. He also doesn’t know where the tradition of couch burning began, but said there were dumpster fires in 1996. The Lexington Police Mounted Patrol was important during the celebrations in 1997 and 1998, Beatty said. “It’s difficult to move officers … into (crowded) areas when someone is hurt, but with the training and the skill set we have with the horses, mounted patrol gives us the ability to move in,” Beatty said. “The horses command a level of respect that a person can’t because of their size and the vantage point they give officers.”

I ask our students especially, through our conduct, we respect this community of Lexington.” ELI CAPILOUTO, UK PRESIDENT

The injuries from the 1996 celebrations were more than the subsequent two years, said Beatty, with various types of injuries. “There were a few fist fights. The big concern was that there were several situations where bottles and cans were thrown and someone would get struck somewhere else and we could never tell where that occurred from,” Beatty said. “We had a few people fall from climbing on

buildings, fences, signs and those kinds of things.” Beatty reminds students, like the other city and university officials said, to be smart and have fun while being safe. “The main thing is, again, it is a celebration. Everyone knows and expects that regardless of the outcome of the game,” Beatty said. “Think about other people; respect other people and other people’s property.”


4 | Thursday, March 29, 2012


Cats insist Final Four is ‘just another game’ Preparing to take on a healthy U of L squad By Sam Rothbauer

This weekend marks one of the most anticipated collegiate sports events in the history of the commonwealth. Around 6:09 p.m. Saturday, UK and U of L matchup for the first time in the NCAA Tournament Final Four for a berth in the national championship. The Cats insist it’s “just another game” that just “happens to be against Louisville,” senior guard Darius Miller said. But UK fans are well spoken for, judging by the arguably traditional couch burning tangents and bed sheet slogans hanging from porches and outside of bedroom windows. “Our fans eat everything,” UK head coach John Calipari said. “They are piranhas.” Last year, the Cats were the upset for each team they played on their journey to the Final Four, but in 2012, all that has changed. UK is the overall favorite and has defeated each of its opponents so far in the tournament by double digits. But if fans thought the Final Four matchup was personal before, they’d better prepare for Saturday. “It is a lot more intense now,” freshman point guard Marquis Teague said. “It’s the Final Four, so it means that much more with this big ri-


Freshman forward Anthony Davis dunks the ball during UK’s game against Louisville on Dec. 31. UK won 69-62. valry.” U of L has come off of a season battling injuries. Guards Peyton Siva, Elijah Justice, Mike Marra, Wayne Blackshear and forward Rakeem Buckles were all on the bench for the Cardinals at some point in the season. And besides season-ending ACL injuries to Marra, Buckles and forward Stephan Van Treese, UK faces an improved Cardinal squad, Calipari said.

“I think they are going to be aggressive, they are going to be tough, they are going to be up in you, and you have to withstand that,” Calipari said. For the Cats, the rivalry at stake for fans and the chaos beneath their noses makes no difference. “We’re not going to take it as a rivalry game,” sophomore guard Doron Lamb said. “We’re just going to take it as the next game we play.”

Battles for positions highlight spring football UK president visited practice Wednesday CODY PORTER Kernel columnist

Strolling the sidelines of Wednesday’s spring football practice was UK President Eli Capilouto. “Dr. Capilouto is an old football player, he won a state championship at guard. He is very supportive of our players and he is a down-to-earth guy who just wanted to watch some football today,” UK football head coach Joker Phillips said. More so, the president was seeing the competition of a young, growing team, which is something Phillips has mentioned several times already early in spring practice. “There’s really good, healthy competition that everybody’s trying to help everybody. Everybody’s headed in the same direction, we have the same goals, getting each other better,” he said. “Offense trying to get the defense better; defense trying to get the offense better.” Phillips was vocal in making the point that the team needed to continue to practice at a fast tempo. The faster the team can practice means that they can get more reps in during their allotted practice time. Having such a young group of players, he said every snap is key. “We have to continue to get more reps because we have a lot of young guys that need reps,” he said. For returning players such as freshman running back Josh Clemons, getting the opportunity to feel how the speed of the game translates into improvements for starters and those further down the depth chart. “Seeing those little things in the game that you need to work on, you just need to focus on out there in practice even though the competition might not be as good because of your scout teams,” Clemons said. The wide receiver position

for 2012 is contested. Even though juniors like La’Rod King, E.J. Fields and Gene McCaskill currently sit atop the depth chart, it’s the freshmen Daryl Collins, Demarco Robinson and Bookie Cobbins who are among those who have also stood out to the Cats’ returning starting quarterback in freshman Max Smith. And with that gap in experience, the Cats’ 2011 football season was no stranger to on-

field chemistry issues after they rotated between Smith and junior quarterback Morgan Newton. Having the opportunity to see their various passers is one benefit that King sees for himself and the other receivers during spring practice. “You get adjusted to all the quarterbacks early. That way, all the timing chemistry is down so we can have a good, productive fall camp,” King said.


UK head coach Joker Phillips watches Wednesday’s spring football practice with President Eli Capilouto.

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eva mcenrue | opinions editor |

‘Tucky Tweets We scanned our Twitter feed for the best #BBN tweets during this week leading up to the Final Four. Follow @kykernel to stay involved.

You gon be here 4 awhile. I'm gon call my crew. You gon call yo crew. We can rendezvous at #TheDOMEAroundTwo. #BBN #3

Congrats, Kentucky & #BBN! We'll see you in New Orleans! #FinalFour

Let's hashtag it up: #UKfinal4 #BBN #WeAreUK #NotDoneYet #Back2BackFinal4 #BringOnUofL #DavisForPOY #AnotherBanner #LetsDoThis #LaFamilia

— NCAA March Madness

— Rupp Arena

Let this be known you're either a UK fan or a UofL fan there is absolutely NO in between!!! Go #BBN — La’Rod King

If you think Louisville is gonna beat Kentucky... Slap ya self with 2 hands #WeAreUK #BBN #8 on the way... — Kentucky Engineerin’

— Rex Chapman So many burning couches. I don't understand it, but I like it. #uk #bbn

S/O to UK for making it to the Final 4! Best of luck down in the Big Easy! #BBN #LaFamilia @BrandonWeems10 @AntDavis23 @MikeGillie14

#bbn The 1996 team is the best college team ever ...

— Lebron James — Wesley Jetton

— Antoine Walker

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3 Oversized BR/3 Private Baths: ONLY 1 MILE FROM CAMPUS!! $1200/month. Call Kelley @ 859.225.3680 For Details 3BR Luxury Townhouse. Close to campus. 2-car garage, hardwood, vaulted bedrooms, security systems, custom kitchen, dishwasher, W/D. Available August. $1,200/month. (859) 288- 5601 3BR/2.5BA Townhouse, Regency Pointe, Gated. Nicholasville Road. Pool, newly renovated. Hardwood, new appliances, W/D, patio, currently furnished. $1,000/month. Immediate availability. 270-554-7879 or 3BR/2BA Campus View Condo. Walk to Campus. W/D, dishwasher, balcony, all appliances furnished. Private parking. Available August. No pets. $950/Month. Call or text 859-553-6307. 3BR/2BA Large Apartment. Walk to class. W/D, D/W, Electric utilities, ENERGY EFFICIENT, Private parking. GOING FAST! Call Brian @ 859-492-5416 or WWW.232WALLER.COM

4 Bedroom 4BR/2BA Brand New Home. Addison Avenue. $1,580/Month. Electric. Washer and Dryer. Available August. (859) 513-1206

Help Wanted Attention: Education, Math and/or English Majors! Lexington Kumon Center seeking assistants to help students with math & reading. $10-$12 per hour. Must be available Mondays & Thursdays, 3:00-8:00. Camp Counselors, Male/Female, needed for great overnight camps in the mountains of PA. Have fun while working with children outdoors. Teach/assist with A&C, Aquatics, Media, Music, Outdoor Rec, Tennis & more. Office, Nanny & Kitchen positions available. Apply on-line at Columbia Steakhouse downtown, 201 N. Limestone, now hiring summer servers. Apply in person, 11am-2pm or after 4:30pm, or call 859-253-3135 CPA Office seeks PT Runner M-F for 15-20 hours per week. Duties include filing, stocking, errands. Flexible hours. Must have car and valid license. E-mail resume and references to Efficient, responsible student(s) needed. Lawn maintenance & small jobs on 2 properties in Lexington. Larger jobs available, if desired and qualified. Part-Time. $10/hour. 859-699-1177.

4BR/2BA House - Oldham Avenue. With appliances. Within walking distance to UK campus. Call 606-305-4973 for more information.

General retail and warehouse work needed. Close to campus. Flexible Hours. Visit for more information.

4BR/3BA Large Luxury Townhouse. Red Mile Square. All electric. W/D, security system, 2-car garage. $1,600/month. 859-513- 0373.

Healthy Occasional Smokers Needed for Research Studies. Researchers with the University of Kentucky College of Medicine, Department of Behavioral Science are recruiting healthy non‐daily tobacco users between the ages of 21‐25 to participate in ongoing behavioral studies. Qualified volunteers will be paid for their participation. Studies involve completion of up to 4 testing sessions that are run in a pleasant setting during daytime hours. Snacks, movies, video games and reading materials will be provided. To apply visit our website at:

5 Bedroom 5BR/3BA NEW HOME! By Campus! Huge rooms. Awesome yards/decks. Parking. All Appliances. All electric. $350-$400/month. 859-333-1318.

Looking for dance instructors for 2012- 2013 school year. Must have experience with kids, teaching, and a strong dance background. For information call 288-2935. LOOKING FOR Male & Female Social Drinkers 21-35 years of age with or without ADHD. Researchers at the University of Kentucky are conducting studies concerning the effects of alcohol. Volunteers paid to participate. Please call 257-5794. Looking for students with experience in dance, art, music, or theatre for camp jobs this summer. Experience with children a plus! For information call 288-2925. Man O’ War Golf is looking for full-time or part-time Sales Associates with enthusiasm for working with people. Previous experience in golf business helpful, but not necessary. Please apply in person at 1201 Man O’ War Boulevard. Needed: Part-Time Truck Driver. Donation pick-ups and delivery. 15-20 hours/week. Experience driving a box truck and clean driving record. Send resume:

Part-Time Positions for Sales Clerk and Cashier. Must also be available this summer. Apply in person 8:00am-3:00pm, Mon-Sat. Chevy Chase Hardware. 883 E. High Street. 859-269-9611

4BR/2BA, Off Virginia Avenue. HUGE rooms, W/D, off-street parking, August 1, no pets. Beautiful Home! Call 859-494-5624 or

Landscape contractor needs Full/Part-Time help. Experience preferred. Good pay. Call 859-264-8787 and leave message.

Researchers at the University of Kentucky are looking for individuals between the ages of 21 and 35 who have received a DUI in the last 2 years to participate in a study looking at behavioral and mental performance. All participants will be compensated for their time and participation is completely confidential. For more information, please call 859-257-5794

Pepperhill Day Camp is seeking counselors for 2012. Leaders wanted in swimming, horseback, arts/crafts or ropes. Must enjoy working with children. 859-277-6813 or Physical Therapy Front Office in Richmond. Monday-Friday. Medical, 401K. Full-Time Needed, No Part-Time. Email Ron. PT Tutors and instructors who can teach English language and school homework to Japanese people whose ages range from preschool to adults. Degrees required. Send resume to: Obunsha Bluegrass Academy, 2417 Regency Road, Suite F, Lexington KY 40503. Email: Ramsey’s Diner now hiring servers at all locations. To see all locations, go to Apply in person Monday-Friday between 2-5.

Writers & Interns Wanted: Lexington based Internet company seeks writing staff. Applicants should be familiar with social media, ebusiness and/or technology. Visit for examples. This is a great opportunity to earn extra cash while building your resume/portfolio. We are also accepting applications for internships across our company for Spring. Send resume with writing samples to and/or call 859-514-2720 to schedule an interview. YMCA is looking for group leaders/counselors for our before/afterschool programs and summer camps. Download a job application at: Contact Jamie Massie, Staff Development Director, (859) 226-0393 or

Lost & Found FOUND: A White iPod shuffle was found near the Whitehall Classroom Building on a sidewalk on Wednesday, January 18th around noon. Call 859-955-0123. FOUND: Long-hair, beagle-size female dog with UK collar. Found in Chevy Chase area. Call 233-0044, Lexington Humane Society. Found: 01/23 - Beaded Bracelet at Limestone and Virginia. Call 859-361-0770. LOST: Set of multiple keys on an empty UK I.D. holder. Lost around campus. Please call 270-590-3629.

Lifeguards and Pool Managers needed. Professional Pool Management is hiring for clubs and waterparks in Lexington, Louisville and Richmond. $8–$15/hour. Email for application.

Office Assistant Needed. Tuesday & Thursday. Apply at 860 South Broadway.

4BR/2BA NEW HOME! By Campus! Huge rooms. Awesome yards/decks. Parking. All Appliances. All electric. $350-$400/month. 859-333-1318.

NEW and Nearly NEW 4BR HOMES. Only a few left. Very nice. Close to campus. View at Showing daily. Call or text James McKee, Builder/Broker 859-221-7082 or email

Lifeguard – Louisville. We are seeking summer Lifeguards/Pool Attendants to join our team of professionals at our award-winning apartment community situated on beautiful McNeely Lake on the southeast side of Louisville. Duties include supervising the swimming pool and pool area cleaning in accordance with local and state regulations. Jefferson County Pool Attendant Certification is required. We offer a respectful, friendly and team-oriented environment with a base pay of $10/hour. Hours will average 20–30 per week, including weekends. Please send your resume to Nick at: or Fax to (502)966-2734.

Research Opportunities for Occasional (less than 4 to 5 times per month) Recreational Users of Opioids for Non-Medical Reasons. Researchers with the University of Kentucky College of Medicine, Department of Behavioral Science are conducting research to examine the effects of medications. All information obtained will be kept confidential. You may be eligible if you: are between 18 and 50 years of age; and have recreationally used opioids for non-medical reasons occasionally (less than 4 to 5 times per month) in the past year (for example OxyContin®, Lortab®, Vicodin® or morphine). Eligible volunteers will be paid for their participation. You may be reimbursed for travel. Studies involve completion of one to 40 testing sessions depending on studies for which you may be eligible. Meals, snacks, movies, video games and reading materials will be provided. For more information and a confidential interview, please call 859-257-5388 or 1- 866-232-0038.

Opportunities Rett’s Landscaping now hiring. Flexible hours. Students welcome. Starting pay $9/hour. Contact Rett @ 859-229-5695 Scanner - Part-time scanner needed for summer month for busy real estate development office. Approximately 20-25 hours/week, flexible around classes, $8/hour. Must be dependable, detail-oriented and possess good communication skills. Please send resume, class schedule and/or summer availability to: or Fax 231-3726. Seeking teachers for Toddler Program (1-3 years old). Must be 18 years old with high school diploma or GED. Full-Time and PartTime positions available. Apply in person @ 3271 Beaumont Centre Circle. Servers, expos & bussers positions available. Josie’s @ 821 Chevy Chase Place and Merrick Inn @ 1074 Merrick Drive. Please apply in person. STUDENTPAYOUTS.COM. Paid survey takers needed in Lexington. 100% FREE to join. Click on surveys. Summer Full and Part-Time staff for our K-5 summer camp. We also need a maintenance person. Many positions are available for all ages. Experience in childcare is a must. Apply in person: National Academy Child Care Center, 3500 Arbor Drive, Lexington. The Kentucky Kernel wants you for its ad staff. What kinds of students are we looking for? Motivated. Outgoing. Organized. Business savvy. Dedicated. What will you get? A fun, flexible, job. Valuable sales and account management skills. Amazing co-workers. Experience facilitating the buying, selling and production of advertisements. And, oh yeah, a nice paycheck each month. If you think you have what it takes, and you wouldn’t mind bringing in some cash to pay your bills each month, send us a resume. email: Mail: 026 Grehan Journalism Bldg, University of Kentucky, Lexington, KY 40506. The Spearmint Rhino Gentlemen’s Club is looking for multiple happy, fun loving people! We train. Truck driver minimum age 25 with clean driving record, cooks, Manager trainee 21 years old minimum. Call 859-263-1991, 2PM to 11PM, or stop by.

ACTOR’S TRAINING TO DEVELOP STAGE PRESENCE. REPUTABLE UNIVERSITY OF MASSACHUSETTS MEDICAL SCHOOL MEDITATION PROGRAM. FREE INSTRUCTION AND MATERIALS (VALUE: $300 TO $1800). REQUEST INFO: Want a job in Early Childhood? Get prequalified for a position and earn a $50 Visa Card for participating! Visit for more information.

Real Estate For Sale 1BR/1BA Condo in Tates Creek area. Cheaper than Renting! Washer/Dryer and all Appliances stay. Pool, deck, neutral paint, laminate floors, fireplace. $69,900. (859)327-9776.

Research Opportunities Healthy Volunteers Needed for Behavioral Studies Researchers with the University of Kentucky College of Medicine, Department of Behavioral Science are recruiting healthy volunteers ages 18-50 to participate in ongoing multiple research studies that evaluate the behavioral effects of prescribed FDA approved medications. Qualified volunteers will be paid for their participation. Studies involve completion of 1 to 47 testing sessions depending on studies for which you may qualify. Studies are run in a pleasant setting during daytime hours. Snacks, movies, video games and reading materials will be provided. To apply visit our website at:

Roommates Wanted Roommates needed. Secure and nicely remodeled apartments., 859-983-0726

The Kentucky Kernel is not responsible for information given to fraudulent parties. We encourage you not to participate in anything for which you have to pay an up-front fee or give out credit card or other personal information, and to report the company to us immediately.


6 | Thursday, March 29, 2012

Fielden, Frizzell and the Final Four Student body presidents discuss rivalry game ‘Yep, I’m crazy’


I’m going to go out on a limb here and say the University of Louisville is going to beat the University of Kentucky come this Saturday. I know, I know… you’re thinking that just because I’m the U of L SGA president that I’m siding with the home team (which is on all accounts, correct), but hear me out. The University of Kentucky has done a tremendous job this year. You have unreal talent and are playing NBA ball as a college team. Your march through KURTIS the season toFRIZZELL ward the Final Contributing Four was one columnist that was expected – and that is where your fault lies. We’re not supposed to be here — we were written off, smitten, kicked to the curb like yesterday’s old news. Your fans, who once worshiped Coach Pitino, were saying he was washed up, overrated and that Louisville should divorce from him and move on; heck, many of our own fans were losing faith. Then the improbable happened: we went into the Big East tournament and won the whole shebang. All of the sudden, campus was filled with excitement and hope. Then came Selection Sunday and the near impossible tournament run. First they said that No. 13 Davidson was going to surprise Louisville, a No. 4 seed. Logic: last year Louisville was a No. 4 and lost to No. 13 Morehead State. However, we sent our first set of Wildcats home. Second round was No. 5 New Mexico. We survived the scare there, and still squeaked by with three. Third was Michigan State. Again, we overcame and beat Sparty. Izzo didn’t know what to do. Fourth was Florida. People had little faith yet again, but we took the 13 ESPN experts who picked Florida and fed them Crow. Next are you guys. The Kitty Cats. The Lexington Basketball Academy. The hated brother down the road. We’re little brother. We’re the “Urban School” in the “Big City.” We don’t have Keeneland. We don’t wear ties to football games. We don’t exist, but the pressure is on you to win. You expect to win, yet I’m here today to tell you that you’re not. We’re playing for fun and you’re playing because you’ve invested your athletic budget into a basketball program. That gives us the edge. And besides – no one in their right mind is going to pick us to win, but I am. I guess we’re just crazy here. Good Luck, and Go Cards! Y’all may have the brow, but we have the heart!

Seventy-five miles, 33 AllAmericans and 5 NCAA National Championship titles are some of a few differences between the University of Kentucky and the University of Louisville’s basketball teams. However, this weekend UK will show that it rightfully owns the title of the state’s premier basketball program. With five starting players who will be first round NBA draft picks within the next two years, there is no doubt in my mind that the MICAH Kentucky FIELDEN men’s basketContributing ball team will columnist be playing for our eighth NCAA Tournament Championship come Monday night. But there are more reasons than that. Some would point to this season’s loss to Indiana after a last second ‘Leattner-esque’ shot as the fuel that drove our Cats to beat them in the Sweet 16, but I believe the truth is that the Wildcats have become a much more mature team since that game. After a full season of coaching by Calipari we have seen Marquis Teague transition into the team leader we need him to become, Terrence Jones break out of his slump and become one of the most dominant forwards in the nation and Darius Miller has become the best sixth man in the country, gluing our team together. If we look to the last time the Red and Blue met it was not a pretty sight. Our Wildcats shot merely 29.8 percent from the field and 18.8 percemt from the 3 point line with 21 turnovers and still managed to win by seven. This game doesn’t factor the momentum either team has had in recent days but it is a huge indicator of our ability to bring home the “W” even when we aren’t playing up to our true potential. Finally, this year’s tournament will be played on a “Neutral” court in New Orleans. The University of Kentucky has the single best following in college basketball and I can guarantee come game time on saturday night in New Orleans there will be a sea of blue. Because of such a great following, UK’s fanbase has made playing the Wildcats on a ‘neutral’ court as close to playing in Rupp Arena as possible. I will concede, in November’s election season Kentucky could very well go red, but in March our commonwealth has and always will Bleed Blue. For Cardinal’s fans, we are glad you have made it this far and done wonderful things to put our rivalry on televisions across the nation but be prepared to ‘Brow Down.’

In diligence,

Go Cats! Sincerely, Big Brother Micah Fielden

Kurtis Frizzell University of Louisville

Correction An article in Wednesday’s Kernel did not have the updated location for the UK Alumni Association’s pregame party in New Orleans on Saturday. The party is being held in the grand ballrooms at the Astor Crowne Plaza, 739 Canal St., New Orleans, LA 70130. The event begins at 11 a.m. To report an error, call the Kentucky Kernel at 257-1915 or e-mail

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