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READY FOR REVENGE UK’s Sweet 16 opponent, Indiana, was the only team to beat the Cats in the regular season.




UK fans flooded the Yum! Center for the opening weekend of the NCAA Tournament.

UK stormed away from Iowa State in the second half to advance to the Sweet 16 in Atlanta.

2 DAVIS A NAISMITH FINALIST Anthony Davis was named one of four finalists for the player of the year award.





2 | Monday, March 19, 2012

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ECUADOR Continued from page 1 rural Ecuadorians without shoes. “One patient has ulcers on his feet,” Sipp said. “He took a towel and duct-taped it around his foot. Those were his shoes.” Shoulder to Shoulder Global has placed boxes in all residence halls, the Student Center, the College of Public Health building and the Health Sciences Research Building. Organizers are requesting tennis shoes or any other comfortable shoes for the boxes. All shoes will go to Ecuador with the organization’s brigades this summer. Sipp, treasurer of the UK chapter, said that any amount of help is important. “It’s always good to get involved and help people less fortunate than you,” Sipp said. “Some people say, ‘You should volunteer locally,’ but the world we live in is so global and interconnected that they kind of are our neighbors.” Collins agreed. “There’s tons of needs, but I feel like shoes are a small way we can help,” she said. “We’re taking as many as we can get.”


UK fans celebrate with the Wildcat in downtown Louisville before UK’s third-round game against Iowa State. The Cats won 87-71 and play Indiana next in Atlanta.

UK fans paint a usually red town blue LOUISVILLE, Ky. — Officially, UK’s Round of 32 win over Iowa State was played on a neutral court. Please. The KFC Yum! Center was packed to back the Cats. The dominant color in the AARON arena used to SMITH hosting red? Blue, overKernel whelmingly. columnist Then green, for St. Patrick’s Day. Then yellow, for the opposing team. At its loudest, the Yum! Center was as noisy, if not noisier, than Rupp Arena was at any time this year. Might some of that have been induced by the holiday beverages? Probably.

But man, was the place rocking. “Everywhere we go, our fans follow us and give us a lot of support,” Terrence Jones said. That included Wednesday’s 45-minute practice, which consisted solely of players standing in one spot and shooting jumpers. The entire lower bowl was filled — about 8,000 people, by an eye estimation. It included UK’s opener against Western Kentucky, a rare state school playing a state school in the borders of that same state. It included Murray State’s Round of 32 game against Marquette, when UK supporters were spurred on to cheer for the Racers as loud as the Murray State fans. Louisville proved a good enough host site that multiple

Cats fans attend a pre-game pep rally outside the KFC Yum! Center in downtown Louisville Saturday. The dominant colors in the crowd and arena were blue, and then green for St. Patrick’s Day. national media members clamored for the NCAA Tournament to return to the city in future years. UK might not be able to

play there every time. But the Cats were there this year. And the Yum! Center crowd made sure you knew it.

Fisher also states that “the asserted interest in enrolling a diverse student body is not ‘compelling’ enough to satisfy the Equal Protection Clause of the 14th Amendment,” Bauries said. “UT’s argument is that the ‘Top Ten Percent Plan,’ while successful at achieving a more diverse student body … does not achieve a sufficiently diverse student body overall,” Bauries said. According to the Washington Post story, “since 1978, the court has been closely divided on the use of racial preferences, but it reaffirmed its support for limited use in the 2003 case, Grutter v. Bollinger.” Grutter v. Bollinger upheld racial considerations in university admissions at the University of Michigan law school. Whether affirmative action will remain constitutional in the future is a difficult question. “It will depend on whether the court is willing to continue to recognize diversity in the student body as a compelling government interest,” Bauries said. “There are good arguments on both sides of that issue.” As for the question of whether admissions at UK will be affected by the outcome of the case, law professors agree that it’s not likely. “It will not prohibit any other university from designing an affirmative action plan and arguing that its plan is narrowly tailored, so very little will change,” Bauries said. Salamanca said if UK were to adopt a similar program, “then we would be in the same analytical box as Texas. “I don’t see it affecting us in Lexington — at least not anytime soon.”

‘Frozen Planet’ is a spectacle

Horoscope To get the advantage, check the day's rating: 10 is the easiest day, 0 the most challenging. Aries (March 21-April 19) — Today is an 8 — List your promises, keep them, and gather up the riches. A mid-afternoon nap especially refreshes. Consider new opportunities, then go ahead and apply. Dream big. Taurus (April 20-May 20) — Today is an 8 — The next two days are great for hanging with friends. Dream up some new moneymaking schemes, and set goals high. Get into action. You can do it. Gemini (May 21-June 21) — Today is an 8 — Put on your power suit, and up the action. Someone's watching and measuring. You can do it! Share your elevator pitch when given the opportunity. Cancer (June 22-July 22) — Today is an 8 — Rules simplify things: Stick to basics. Expand

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Sagittarius (Nov. 22-Dec. 21) — Today is an 8 — Work from home over the next two days, if you can. Clear your space and clear your mind. Imagine the people you love being happy. Imagine yourself happy, too. Capricorn (Dec. 22-Jan. 19) — Today is an 8 — Hunt and gather for knowledge to solve a great mystery. Things are falling into place. Plant a tree that will give shade to your grandchildren. Aquarius (Jan. 20-Feb. 18) — Today is a 9 — Let go of things that you don't need, and make room for pleasant surprises. Stick to your budget. Don't spend what you don't have. It's simple (but not always easy). Pisces (Feb. 19-March 20) — Today is a 7 — Hang in there a little bit longer. You're actually doing better than you give yourself credit for. Rewards come to those who persist. You're getting stronger. MCT

REASON TO WATCH: One of the TV events of 2012 plus, it's fun to hear narrator Alec Baldwin say stuff like “... Jakobshavn Isbrae, the world's fastest glacier." WHAT IT'S ABOUT: A Discovery coproduction with the BBC’s renowned Natural History Unit, filmmakers spent four years at both ends of the Earth to capture what is almost certainly unprecedented footage most notably a pod of killer whales acting in tandem to create a wave with their tails that dumps seals off pack ice to (near) certain death. Sunday’s first hour, in fact, is the scenesetter a wonderful sprawl of images, scenes and facts that establishes the visual and even emotional power of the entire series. You will see polar bears in a torrid embrace, icebergs the size of the Pentagon calve off the side of glaciers, ice crystallizing out of frigid air, and an exploding ice dam. The 9 p.m. hour, “Spring,” brings a narwhal traffic jam, an Adelie penguin rock thief, predatory sea slugs and 14-year-old caterpillars.

MY SAY: What is any BBC Natural History Unit blockbuster from “The Living Planet” (1984) to “The Life of Birds” (1998) to “The Blue Planet” (2001) and now “Frozen Planet” if not a laundry list of superlatives? Stunning, beautiful, hypnotic, engrossing, spectacular ... That oughta do it here as well, except “Frozen Planet” unexpectedly adds another word: Unprecedented. Watching a team of orcas create its own miniature tidal wave in pursuit of dinner is one of those transcendent moments that should leave you both speechless and grateful to be alive. But really, it’s one of many here, with others involving penguins, gray wolves, narwhals and even an icy finger of salt known as a “brinicle.” The buzzkill arrives in episode seven when legendary naturalist and voice of the Natural History Unit, David Attenborough, now 85, steps in for Baldwin to explain how global warming is spoiling all this. Until then, enjoy the spectacle. MCT

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monday 03.19.12

UK sweeps defending champs, stays unbeaten | page 8

High court deciding affirmative action case U. of Texas ruling shouldn’t affect UK By Amelia Orwick


Indiana students celebrate after the Hoosiers beat UK 73-72 with a buzzer-beater on Dec. 10, 2011. The loss was UK’s first and only in the regular season.

Right time for revenge UK gets second chance at beating Indiana in Sweet 16 game LOUISVILLE, Ky. — When the bracket came out, UK was staring down plenty of storylines. A rematch with Connecticut a year after losing to it in the Final Four. A rematch with Duke 20 years after The Shot. A reAARON match with IndiSMITH ana, the only Kernel team to beat the columnist Cats in the regular season. Only that last one remains. Only that last one ever mattered. The other two were mostly manufactured. The fans cared, and the media cared. They would provide plenty of talking points and plenty more buzz. But only that Indiana game mattered to this team, to these players. That Dec. 10 loss? That is their loss to avenge. That was the buzzer-beating shot by a player named Christian they care about. “It’s the perfect way (to redeem it),” Michael Kidd-Gilchrist said. This team doesn’t get many chances for that. Only two, and the other (Vanderbilt) is no longer an

option after a loss to Wisconsin. What a way for the tournament to unfold. The Indiana name, just a few slots below UK’s, popped as soon as the brackets were announced. The players didn’t, they couldn’t look ahead at the time. But now that both teams have made it this far and the matchup is official? “I can’t wait,” Kidd-Gilchrist said. He remembers the pain well, that numb feeling of taking a loss, that prickly feeling of watching Indiana fans storm the court even as his own player, Darius Miller, lays in the middle of the floor. There’s no way UK doesn’t come out absolutely jacked up for that game. Controlling that may be the biggest challenge UK faces. But, given the circumstances, it doesn’t seem like there’s any way UK will let a team beat it twice in Terrence Jones is surrounded by Indiana players in the first half of UK’s loss with a season. the Hoosiers on Dec. 10. The Cats will play Indiana Friday in the Sweet 16 in In this season, anyway. Atlanta. “We’re gonna get them back,” Kidd-Gilchrist said. But the Cats thrive on an “us- ESPN advertisement featuring InSure, Indiana will have an against-them” perspective. In this diana guard Christian Watford’s edge for itself. The Hoosiers did, scenario, they can legitimately last-second 3-pointer. after all, win that game. stake a claim to that. “They can show that commer“They’re going to come in It was only two weeks ago that cial every break from now until with a lot of confidence since Jones and Anthony Davis sat in a that game,” Jones said. “Just give they’ve beat us before,” Terrence tunnel outside UK’s locker room us more motivation.” Jones said, “and give us a great and talked about how much they As if the Cats really need shot.” hated — hated — seeing that more.

Students taking steps to help Ecuadorians By Luke Glaser

In the foothills of the Ecuadorian Andes lies the town of Santo Domingo. Mary Collins, a biology junior, visited Santo Domingo for the first time in the summer of 2010. Collins went as a member of a program called Shoulder to Shoulder Global, an international organization whose UK chapter was founded in 2002. The goal of Shoulder to Shoulder Global is to improve the health and well-being of impoverished and underserved communities globally, according to its website.

This mission is undertaken field in a variety of manners as through UK students traveling to doctors, assistants and basic careEcuador biannualgivers. ly to the Hombro Collins’ a Hombro medjob in 2010 ical clinic was to measThere’s tons of ure the weight (“hombro” is Spanish for needs, but I feel like and height of “shoulder”). patients, and it “Every sum- shoes are a small way we was here she mer a brigade noticed the goes down in can help.” problem. May and Au“When MARY COLLINS gust,” said people would President of UK’s Collins, who is come up to my Shoulder to Shoulder Global chapter now president of scales, I nothe UK chapter. ticed they did“We work for a n’t have shoes few days in rural areas.” on,” she said. “When we got back Students work in the medical on the bus at the end of the day,

Newsroom: 257-1915 Advertising: 257-2872 First issue free. Subsequent issues 25 cents.


we were like, ‘I wish there was something we could do.’” So they decided to do something. All through March, Shoulder to Shoulder Global is sponsoring the Shoe Drive for Ecuador, an event that will both bring shoes to those who need them and raise awareness for the mission of the organization. “Shoes are something we take for granted, and people in Ecuador didn’t even have those,” Collins said. Stephanie Sipp, a communication disorders and psychology senior, has particularly vivid memories of the problems that plague these See ECUADOR on page 2

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The U.S. Supreme Court will soon be reconsidering the use of affirmative action in college admission decisions. The Washington Post reported on Feb. 21 that the high court will hear a white student’s claim that the University of Texas’ “race-conscious admissions policy” was the reason she wasn’t admitted in the freshman class. The University of Texas, like several other state universities, uses a “Top Ten Percent Plan,” which automatically admits students who graduate in the top 10 percent of a Texas high school graduating class, said Scott Bauries, a UK law professor. Abigail Fisher is a white student who didn’t graduate in the top 10 percent of her class, Bauries said, and was denied admission even though some non-white students with lower GPAs, class ranks and SAT scores were admitted. At UK, no single affirmative action policy is in place; rather, each decision-making unit, such as scholarship committees and bodies that hire faculty, has its own set of practices, said Paul Salamanca, a UK law professor. “These organizations will look at applications and consider not just racial and ethnic diversity, but also diversity of experience, military service, the ability to play the tuba, among other factors,” Salamanca said. In the case of Fisher v. University of Texas, Fisher claims that the “Top Ten Percent Plan” achieves a great amount of diversity on its own, and therefore further affirmative action is not necessary, Bauries said. See ACTION on page 2

UK softball goes 2-3 in invitational Much like the rain delay that slowed UK softball head coach Rachel Lawson’s squad from taking the field on Friday, the Cats (12-15) also couldn’t slow their opponents’ run production. In its opening round games of the 2012 UK Softball Invitational, UK fell to North Carolina State and AlabamaBirmingham despite a three-run home run by sophomore Ginny Carroll in game one and a UK lead in the late stages of each game. Against N.C. State, Carroll’s homer accounted for UK’s 3-0 lead over the Wolfpack in the seventh inning. Game One saw UK, behind senior pitcher Chanda Bell, shut out the University of Missouri-Kansas City 4-0. Sunday’s consolation final with UAB continued the firepower, but the Blazers brought more than the Cats. UK’s opportunity in the fifth would be its last after the mercy rule gave UAB a 20-7 victory in the bottom of the fifth. The team’s next game will be in Bowling Green Wednesday against Western Kentucky. The first pitch is scheduled for 7 p.m. Eastern time. STAFF REPORT


4 | Monday, March 19, 2012

UK advances to Sweet 16 with win over Iowa State Cats will play Indiana, their only regular-season loss, in Atlanta By Sam Rothbauer

LOUISVILLE, Ky. — The Cats blew past the Iowa State Cyclones to advance to the NCAA Tournament Sweet 16 in Atlanta next week. UK (34-2) defeated Iowa State (23-11) 87-71 Saturday night at the KFC Yum! Center. “I’m proud, really proud of the entire team, but what I like is they competed,” UK head coach John Calipari said. “They played smart. They knew what we had to take

away from Iowa State and they did it.” Iowa State scored the first bucket of the game, but the Cats scored seven straight points to force a timeout for the Cyclones. With UK holding a 9-4 lead, the Cyclones strung together two more baskets to close the gap to 11-8, and Iowa State sophomore forward Royce White was fouled on the play to close the deficit to two. White had been the Cyclones’ leader in scoring for the game until fouling out late in the second half. Senior Darius Miller scored 19 points in UK’s win. “He played great,” Marquis Teague said. “He made great rebounds when we needed them, he knocked down big shots for us that we needed. He just played with a killer mentality tonight.”

He recorded 23 points and nine rebounds. “When he wasn’t backing down, we tried to use our strength in our legs and force him out,” freshman forward Anthony Davis said. “He likes to catch the ball on the midpost instead of backing all the way down and face up and try to beat you off the dribble.” A 3-pointer and long 2-pointer by senior guard Darius Miller gave the Cats an 18-11 lead immediately followed by another three by freshman forward Kyle Wiltjer to extend UK’s lead to 10 points. A jumper by freshman forward Marquis Teague finished off a 10-0 run for the Cats. Teague scored a career-high 24 points along with seven assists and four rebounds. “I felt more like myself tonight,” Teague said. “I was more comfortable out there. Things were just going good for me tonight.” Teague continued with two minutes left in the half to dunk, shoot a mid-range jumper and score a layup on a fast break to give UK a 36-26 lead with 59 seconds to play. The Cats ended the half leading 38-27 after two free throws from Davis. The Cats were scoreless in the first two-and-a-half minutes of the second half while the Cyclones went on a 7-0 run to shorten the lead 3834. “We knew they were gonna make a run,” Davis said. “That’s what all great teams do, so we got in the huddle. Coach Cal told us we’ll be fine.” The two squads battled the next two possessions, with a 3-pointer from sophomore guard Doron Lamb and a layup and-one from Iowa State’s White. The Cyclones then scored backto-back baskets to tie the score at 42 with 15:59 to play, but UK answered with a 6-0 run to lead 48-42 with 14:25 left. Another Miller 3-pointer gave the Cats a 53-44 advantage with

UK not acting like it’s March Team playing like a machine; hasn’t been close with WKU, Iowa State anything. White scored 23, but the rest of the Cyclones shot 16 for 49. “They played smart,” head coach John Calipari said. “They knew what we had to take away from Iowa State, and they did it.” It wasn’t all defense, though. Teague had his best game of the year — “by far, by far,” said Michael KiddGilchrist — scoring a career-high 24 points with seven assists and two turnovers. Miller hit big shots, as he seems to be doing so often now, and finished with 19 points. Anthony Davis had 15 points and 12 rebounds. Doron Lamb hit 5-of-7 threes and finished with 16 points. “I’m proud, really proud of the entire team,” Calipari said. He should be proud. It was a hell of an effort against a good team, a team that posed enough problems to create Kernel an Upset Alert columnist among national media. But after the Only We know this is game, the reaction for a brief moment did the Cats look beatable. the last time this team is — especially when viewed in contrast After grabbing an 11going to be together. So with the opponent point lead at halftime, Iowa State pushed back we’re not quite ready for — showed that this isn’t close to the to tie the game at 42(losing) yet.” end point. all. In the tunnel afThe Cyclones didn’t DARIUS MILLER ter the game, Iowa know it would be their Senior guard State’s pep band let final push of the game. out a thunderous After that, UK went roar as the Cyclones on a blitzing 20-2 run, walked toward the exit, wry smiles on forcing 13 straight Iowa State misses. their faces as they faced the prospect of “We always stay composed,” Margoing home. quis Teague said. “We huddled up and There was none of that for UK. It said, we need to get stops on defense.” was business as usual. The only out-ofThe defense has been UK’s most the-ordinary occurrence was that player important attribute throughout the seainterviews were moved to a different son, and it delivered again. locker room. Not because it was a “setIowa State entered the game shootup,” as Miller said upon receiving the ing 38 percent from behind the arc. In news. Just because more space was this game, it made 3 of 22 (13.6 perneeded to accommodate the growing cent). UK carried out its game plan exact- mass of reporters following this seemingly title-bound team. ly how it wanted to. The Cats left TerNo pep band for UK, because rence Jones to defend do-it-all Royce there’s more work to be done. Two White by himself. Let White score 30, if he can. Just don’t let anybody else do down. Four to go. LOUISVILLE, Ky. — For a six-minute stretch, UK looked un-March-like. Not because the Cats didn’t look polished. Not because the Cats didn’t look like they had been playing together for six months now. Because of the opposite. Because UK looked like a machine, and the NCAA Tournament is not supposed to let teams look like machines and run away from games. March is supposed to induce magical, down-to-the-wire games, not blowouts. But blow Iowa State out was what UK did, winning 87-71 to advance to the Sweet 16. “We know this is the last time this team is going to be together,” Darius Miller said. AARON “So we’re not quite SMITH ready for (losing) yet.”


Freshman Marquis Teague scored a career-high 24 points, along with seven assists and four rebounds, in UK’s 87-71 win over Iowa State. 12:38 to play and brought UK fans to a roar. “He played great,” Teague said. “He made great rebounds when we needed them, he knocked down big shots for us that we needed. He just played with a killer mentality tonight.” After one technical foul for each team, Teague managed to sink another 3-pointer to propel the Cats to a 64-46 lead with 9:46 in the game. UK shot 6-for-7 from 3-point range to gain a comfortable lead late in the half and led by 20 with 7:11 to play at 72-52. “You take your hat off to them,” Iowa State head coach Fred Hoiberg said. “They hit tough shots. Hit shots with the shot clock running

down.” The Cats then easily cruised to advance to the NCAA Sweet 16, leading by as many as 24 points. UK will have a rematch with Indiana, its first loss of the season back in December, on Friday. The Cats are looking at it not as an opportunity to advance to the next round and to see how the two teams have improved throughout the course of the season. “We talked about how we could get a chance to play them again, but we weren’t really worried about it,” Teague said. “We focused on the games we already knew we had to play. We want to take it one game at a time.”

Last week’s UK milestones Terrence Jones joined the 1,000-point club in the NCAA Tournament opener against Western Kentucky. After two tournament games, Jones is up to

Davis now has

166 blocks on the season, exactly double the previous school record for most blocks in a single season. He now sits five blocks away from breaking the SEC single-season record (Jarvis Varnado, 170). Davis has blocked five or more shots 17 times this year.

1,025 points. He’s the 59th UK player to score 1,000 career points.

Led by Davis, UK is four blocks from breaking the NCAA single-season record for most blocks by a team (2003-04 Connecticut, 315). UK has blocked four or more shots in every game this year.

Anthony Davis broke the school’s NCAA Tournament single-game blocks record with


John Calipari officially won his

against Western Kentucky. The previous high was 6, shared by Jamaal Magloire and Nazr Mohammed, who set the record in the same game (1998 Sweet 16).

500 th career game against Western Kentucky, taking into account the 42 wins vacated by the NCAA.

Player stats in 2 NCAA Tournament games combined NAME Davis Kidd-Gilchrist Jones Miller Lamb Teague Wiltjer

mi 76 67 68 61 49 68 11

fg-a 9-17 5-12 12-22 9-15 12-20 13-21 1-3

3-pt 0-1 0-2 1-3 3-6 7-11 1-4 1-3

ft-a 13-17 1-3 5-7 4-5 1-2 9-13 0-0

a 8 3 5 6 0 11 0

TO 3 4 2 1 4 5 3

rb 21 14 21 10 4 6 2

tp 31 16 30 25 32 36 3

Monday, March 19, 2012 | PAGE 5

UK Hoops faces spitting image in 2nd round Cats, Green Bay Phoenix share similarities in stats; star players both finalists for Wooden Award By Les Johns

AMES, Iowa — Mirror, mirror on the wall ... who is the most dreaded of them all? UK Hoops faces a familiar foe Monday night in the NCAA second round — essentially the same team it lines up against every day in practice at Memorial Coliseum. The top two teams in turnover margin in the NCAA are UK Hoops and the Green Bay Phoenix. Those two teams play Monday at 9:45 p.m. EST (ESPN2) in Ames, Iowa, with a trip to the NCAA Sweet 16 at stake. “It’s not going to be very much fun to coach in, but it might be fun to watch,” UK head coach Matthew Mitchell said. “It might be the best game in the country Monday night.” The Cats have led the nation the entire season in turnover margin, at plus-10.9 per game. Mitchell’s trademark “40 Minutes of Dread” full-court defense forces 28.2 turnovers on average a game. “We have to make sure we limit our turnovers,” Green Bay senior forward Julie Wojta said. “We will have to be smart with the ball and make them work for everything they get.” The Phoenix post similar numbers. Green Bay forces 24.7 turnovers per-game, for

a plus-9.2 margin (second in the NCAA). “What impresses me about Green Bay is how much they hustle in the press. A team that hustles and gets after you makes you make quick decisions under pressure,” Mitchell said. “That is what makes it difficult playing a team that presses well.” One of the main advantages of creating turnovers is that leads to more possessions — and more shot attempts. “They (UK) play a fast style, which we really like to play as well, so it should be an up and down game that both teams really enjoy,” Green Bay head coach Matt Bollant said. The Cats have 490 more field-goal attempts on the season than their opponents. They have 31 percent more shots, or 15.8 more shots per game. “The tougher team is going to win. It’s going to come down to which team can make the tougher plays over the course of the game,” Mitchell said. “It is going to be a difficult game.” The Phoenix create turnovers that lead to more shot opportunities as well. They have 315 more attempts for the year (plus-10.2 per game), for 20.9 percent more field-goals attempted. “We pressure the basketball. We get in your face, make you play faster, force


UK Hoops coach Matthew Mitchell instructs his team during a Jan. 12 game. The Cats advanced to the NCAA second round.

you to dribble and do things at a little faster pace than you are used to,” Bollant said. “We want to try to turn those turnovers into layups.” Both teams also are close statistically in points scored per game (UK 74.6, GB 74.8), 3-pointers made per game (UK 6.0, GB 6.7) and steals per game (UK 12.5, GB 12.5). “I think it’s going to be an up-tempo game, which is what we like to do. I just hope we come out with a victory,” UK junior guard A’dia Mathies said. “It’s going to be two good teams playing against each other.” Green Bay does shoot the ball significantly better than the Cats. “I think it’s going to be important to limit their 3point attempts,” UK senior guard Keyla Snowden said. “They live and die by the 3point line, and I think if we can prevent them from getting a lot of attempts up, that will help us slow them down and get them out of what they’re used to doing.” The Phoenix have advantages in field-goal shooting (45.7 percent to 40.1 percent) and free-throw shooting (75.7 percent to 67.1 percent). “We haven’t seen anyone that has their ability to shoot the three from all five positions,” Mitchell said. “They really make them from all different positions.” One difference in the Cats’ favor would appear to be depth. The Cats used 12 players in the first-round game Saturday and have 11 players averaging double-digit minutes played for the season. “I hope that depth can be a factor, but we need better play from Bernisha (Pinkett), A’dia (Mathies), Bria (Goss) and Maegan (Conwright),” Mitchell said. “Those are four guards that I didn’t think played very well Saturday. “We need them to play at a high level defensively, then your depth can be a big difference. Depth is not merely players on the roster — it is performance.” The Phoenix have seven players who average doubledigits minutes played on the season, and played just six players on Saturday. “We can go deeper than what we did Saturday,” Bollant said. “There are enough whistles and the media timeouts are so long, but if we show some fatigue we can go a little deeper. We will judge that as the game goes on.” The Phoenix are led by Wojta, the Horizon League Player of the Year and a John R. Wooden Award finalist.

Team Statistics (prior to Saturday's Game) Points per game Scoring margin Field goal percentage 3-pointers made per game Rebound margin Assists per game Turnovers Opponent turnovers AP Poll ranking Coaches Poll ranking NCAA RPI RealTime RPI Strength of Schedule She leads the team in both scoring and rebounding, averaging a double-double with 19.8 points per game and 10.2 rebounds-per-game. Wojta is a dangerous shooter from long distance, connecting on 42.4 percent of her attempts behind the arc. “She can make the three, she can take it off the bounce. She is an impressive player and you have to do a good job on her,” Mitchell said. “But Green Bay is just so balanced, you can’t just take her out of the game and that means we win. She means a ton to Green Bay. She looks All-American to me.” Green Bay dominated the Horizon League, finishing with a 17-1 conference record and winning the postseason tournament to receive an automatic bid into the NCAA. The Phoenix did play some power-conference teams (Illinois, Georgia Tech and Marquette) prior to Horizon League play, but maintains a strength-ofschedule ranking of just 150th, according to Green Bay forced 30 Iowa State turnovers Saturday night in a 71-57 win in a NCAA first-round game in Ames. “I don’t know if I have seen a team play better than I saw Green Bay play last

UK Hoops 74.6 +16.0 40.1 % 6.0 +2.4 12.4 17.3 28.2 12 11 9 24

night all year,” Mitchell said. “The intensity in which they played with last night — they just played so hard. They really spread you out and it looks like all five players can drive the ball.” The Cats advanced to the second round by overpowering McNeese State 68-62. The Cats’ trio of post players (Azia Bishop, Samarie Walker and Samantha Drake) led a dominating performance on the glass, out-rebounding the Cowgirls 58-40. Mitchell is hopeful that the post trio will continue to produce when the Cats face Green Bay. “The teams are so evenly matched, I think it comes down to who gets their advantages to work for them,”

Green Bay 74.8 +20.1 45.7% 6.7 +0.4 17.8 15.5 24.7 10 10 22 150

Mitchell said. “If we can get the ball inside then that is good for us, but they (Green Bay) make it awful tough to get that done” The winner of Monday’s game will move on to the NCAA Sweet 16 to play in Kingston, R.I., Sunday afternoon against the GonzagaMiami winner. “As I watched them last night, for us to move on to the Sweet 16 — I don’t know of anyone that has a tougher game than we do,” Mitchell said. “They (Green Bay) are ranked in the top-10 nationally, and they look like a top-10 team. You aren’t given trips to the Sweet 16. It’s difficult. You have to earn your way there.”

Star Matchup A’dia Mathies - SEC Player of the Year and John Wooden Award finalist Julie Wojta - Horizon League Player of the Year and John Wooden Award finalist Points per game Rebounds per game Assists Steals Minutes per game

Mathies 15.7 5.3 76 82 29.8

Wojta 19.8 10.2 110 111 33.0


6 | Monday, March 19, 2012

Georgia on your mind? Here’s a travel guide By Luke Glaser

After sweeping wins down the street in Louisville, the Cats are heading south to Atlanta for the next two rounds of the NCAA Tournament. They painted Louisville blue for a few days, and UK fans will no doubt flock to The Big Peach in equal devotion. From game day to off day, and everywhere in between, the Kernel’s got you covered. The Games With a win over Iowa State, the Cats head to the Sweet 16 to face all-too-familiar rival Indiana. The fourthseeded Hoosiers infamously gave UK its only regular-season loss with a desperation basket in the closing seconds of the game in December. Terrence Jones, Darius Miller, Anthony Davis and Anthony Davis’ arms are all hungry for revenge. Prepare for a heated game that tips off Friday in the

Georgia Dome. With a win over the Hoosiers (knock on the closest piece of wood you can find), the Cats would move on to the Elite Eight to play Baylor, Xavier or Lehigh on Sunday. Tickets If you were lucky enough to escape spring break with some leftover funds, or for those of you who skipped spring break and spent the week dreaming of basketball, tickets are available. If you are hoping to see the Cats put our red-clad neighbors to the north back in their place, has tickets available starting at $160. For more confident fans, has a twogame package available. Prices range from $570 to $1,350, depending on seating. This package includes both the regional semifinal and final games. Primesport and Ticketmaster are the official

ticket distributors for the NCAA. Fans looking for cheaper options can visit, eBay or craigslist. The closer you get to game day, the more expensive tickets will be.

Getting to Atlanta As of now, the tip-off time for the UK game is yet to be determined. You can bet on the game starting in the evening, but that shouldn’t stop you from setting off early. Atlanta is famous for peaches, Chick-fil-A and notorious traffic. The travel time to Atlanta is about six hours, and with time allotted for traffic, pit-

stops, hotel check-in and getting to the Georgia Dome, fans

should plan on leaving Friday morning at the latest (the Kernel will take this opportunity to encourage students not to skip class, though we understand it will probably happen anyway). Getting to Atlanta by road is pretty easy. It’s a straight shot down I-75 South. Crossing the Kentucky state line, one southbound lane of the interstate was open as of


S u n d a y, according to the Tennessee Department of Transportation’s website. Be sure to check the traffic situation before you leave. Stuff to do So maybe you get to Atlanta and find that, gas prices being what they are, you have no money for games. Or perhaps you are just going to Atlanta to be part of the scene. Either way, basketball only lasts so long. Fortunately, there are a host of interesting activities in Atlanta. T h e Wo r l d o f



World of Coca-Coca is the Atlanta company’s official museum, with a viewable bottling plant. It offers 60 different products for visitors to sample. The museum will be open every day this weekend.

UK Hoops wins opener behind trio of post players By Les Johns

AMES, Iowa — The tools needed to complete a job are often at the bottom of the toolbox, or as UK Hoops head coach Matthew Mitchell found out — at the end of the bench. A seemingly forgotten trio of post players powered the Cats to a 68-62 win over the McNeese State Cowgirls in the first round of the women’s NCAA Tournament on Saturday afternoon. Interior players Samantha Drake, Samarie Walker and Azia Bishop combined for 26 points, 22 rebounds and eight blocked shots. Their play helped the Cats dominate the Cowgirls on the boards, out-rebounding them 58-40. “Our post players really looked like high-level players today. I was really happy to see some kids that haven’t shown much or haven’t had any confidence go to work for a couple weeks in practice and show up and play well today,” UK head coach Matthew Mitchell said. “They are talented players. ” Sophomore center Samantha Drake earned her first start since Dec. 28 and produced eight points, six rebounds and four blocked shots in 22 minutes. Drake played once in the SEC Tournament, getting just eight minutes of playing time. Sophomore forward Samarie Walker played 21 minutes, scoring eight points and grabbing 13 boards. Walker averages 6.5 rebounds per game. “Coach really pushes us to rebound the ball, and that’s something I focus on more than anything,” Walker said. Freshman center Azia Bishop came off the bench to score 10 points on 5-for-7

shooting from the field. She also grabbed three rebounds and blocked three shots. “Headed into the tournament, I was so disappointed in myself as a coach that those kids weren’t playing better. As a staff, we have been trying to search and watch film and work with the kids to find ways to get them going,” Mitchell said. “Today they looked more like what I expect from them. Hopefully our efforts over the last couple of weeks have worked. Hopefully they leave the arena with some more confidence.” UK turned the ball over 20 times, while forcing a season-low 13. McNeese State felt that a practice drill in which they played five against eight pre-

pared them for the UK pressure defense. “We got a taste in practice of what it was like to be chased for 40 minutes, but then it was more like two hours,” McNeese State junior guard Caitlyn Baggett said. “It wasn’t as bad this game, being only 40 minutes.” The teams traded runs throughout the first half, with UK holding a 31-28 halftime lead. In the second half, UK stretched its lead to as many as 11 points. Although the Cowgirls battled back to within one point, the Cats staved them off and finished off the 68-62 win. “Nobody’s going to remember this score at the end of the tournament,” Mitchell said. “I was proud we won.”


Guard Amber Smith fights for a loose ball in UK’s first-round NCAA Tournament game Saturday. The Cats beat McNeese State 68-62.

Coca-Cola is the official museum of America’s favorite carbonated beverage. The museum features the history of Coca-Cola, a viewable bottling plant and the vault where the secret recipe itself is stored. The museum also features 60 different Coca-Cola products for visitors to sample. The museum is open daily from 9 a.m. until 6:30 p.m. on Friday and until 7:30 p.m. on Sunday (the last tickets are sold an hour and a half before close) with adult ticket prices at $16. The museum opens at 10 a.m. on Sunday. The Atlanta Cyclorama and Civil War Museum is devoted to Atlanta’s position in the war that divided the nation. Features include the world’s largest oil painting (depicting the Battle of Atlanta) and “Texas,” the steam locomotive that played a part in the Great Locomotive Chase of 1862. It’s open Tuesday through Saturday from 9:15 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. Adult ticket prices are $10. In 1996, Atlanta hosted the Summer Olympics, and its legacy remains at Centennial Olympic Park. Visitors looking for less expensive tourist options can tour Olympic venues or just relax. Music at noon also features local bands. All events and attractions there are free, and the park is open until 11 p.m. Hanging out with Wildcats The Greater Atlanta University of Kentucky Alumni & Fan Club watches all of the games at Stout Irish Pub, located at 56 East Andrews D r i v e Northwest. For more information, visit the UK Alumni Association’s website.

editorial board members: Editor-in-Chief Taylor Moak, Becca Clemons, Aaron Smith, Eva McEnrue, Sam Rothbauer and Luke Glaser

monday 03.19.12 page 7


eva mcenrue | opinions editor |

Damage remains, but hope prevails in Joplin TAYLOR MOAK Kernel columnist

JOPLIN, Mo. — There is still hope in Joplin, Mo. Ten months ago, a torna-

do leveled miles of the city, leaving homes flattened and lives changed forever. Hundreds of people died and thousands of homes and businesses were destroyed, but Joplin has not been left behind. Volunteers are everywhere. For example, more than 12,000 volunteers have

gone through the Joplin Family Worship Center alone since May, said Lowell Lane, community liaison at the center. In the months since the tornado, Joplin Family Worship has served as a disaster relief center. And Joplin residents are not shy to let volunteers know they are grateful for

the help. “Thanks for coming to Joplin.” “Where are you from? We’re glad you’re here.” “Your smiles lift our spirits and give us hope.” And that’s the word Joplin has adopted for its own — hope. When the tornado hit the high school, the letters J, L, I

and N of Joplin were blown away, leaving only O and P. Someone taped H before the remaining letters and E after them, so the sign now reads HOPE High School. The scars of the tornado will always remain, but residents don’t try to forget what has happened to them. There’s the woman who would have been driving through the city at the time of the storm with her ninemonth pregnant daughter if it hadn’t been for a flat tire, or the man who survived the storm by covering himself with a couch and praying, or the Chik-Fil-A worker who had 15 friends die in the storm. Locals say the tornado that


hit Joplin was so massive that it would be classified as an EF 6 or 7 if the scales went that high. They say the path of the tornado extends for 17 or so miles, and since it was slow moving — taking about 45 seconds to go over one house — the tornado had time to put thousands of homes and businesses through a shredder. To put the force of the tornado into perspective, St. John’s Hospital was moved 6 inches off its foundation. With such destruction, clean-up will continue for years and years, and Joplin will never be what it was on May 21, 2011. And as much as volunteers have given the city, the people of Joplin offer volunteers a refreshing view of perseverance. With hope, Joplin will rebuild. Taylor Moak is a journalism junior and the Kernel’s editor-in-chief. Email

When the tornado hit the high school, the letters J, L, I and N of Joplin were blown away, leaving only O and P. Someone taped H before the remaing letter and E after them, so the sign now reads HOPE High School.

Students and staff of the Christian Student Fellowship traveled to Joplin, Mo., over spring break to help families rebuild after last year’s tornado.

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The Kentucky Kernel is not responsible for information given to fraudulent parties. We encourage you not to participate in anything for which you have to pay an up-front fee or give out credit card or other personal information, and to report the company to us immediately.


8 | Monday, March 19, 2012

Junior catcher Luke Maile hit two home runs in the weekend series against South Carolina, including a walk-off on Friday.


Infielder Thomas McCarthy high-fives teammates after scoring a run in Sunday’s game. The Cats finished up a sweep of South Carolina with a 6-3 victory in front of a season-high 2,571 fans.

UK baseball sweeps two-time defending champs Cats on 21-game winning streak, longest in school history By David Schuh

The UK baseball team swept the No. 2-ranked, twotime defending national champion South Carolina Gamecocks this weekend at Cliff Hagan Stadium. The sweep pushed the Cats’ record to 21-0, the only remaining undefeated record in the country. They will surely improve from their previous No. 16 ranking when the new poll is released Monday afternoon. “This is the biggest weekend we’ve had since I’ve been head coach,” UK head coach Gary Henderson said Sunday. “We can play with some poise and our group is not scared. They really enjoy competing

— that was pretty evident to everybody here today.” The Cats took the field Friday in their first SEC game trying to prove they deserved their perfect record. South Carolina controlled the majority of the game, scoring in the third, fourth and seventh innings to lead 3-0. But UK’s offense woke up in the bottom of the seventh. With bases loaded and two outs, junior Luke Maile walked to score sophomore Matt Reida. Freshman A.J. Reed then singled in fellow freshman Austin Cousino to cut the score to 3-2. The Gamecock lead remained at one entering the bottom of the ninth. Cousino reached on a hit by pitch to lead off the inning.

Two batters later, Maile stepped in just looking to tie it up. He did one better, sending the third pitch over the center-field fence for the walk-off win. It was Maile’s fourth home run of the season, and the play was No. 4 on SportsCenter’s “Top 10 Plays” Saturday morning. “I went up there with a plan,” Maile said. “I knew I would see a bunch of breaking balls so I tried to stay within myself and put a good swing on it. It worked out.” Saturday’s game was just as closely contested. This time, however, UK got off to the quick start. After Cousino and Zellers both reached to lead off the first, Maile picked up right where he left off, singling to left field to put the Cats up. Junior Cameron Flynn plated Zellers two batters later on a sacrifice fly to make the

score 2-0. The Gamecocks fought back in the sixth. Back-toback doubles to lead off the inning were followed by a sacrifice fly that tied the game at two. But the Cats went ahead again in the bottom half. With a man on second and two outs, senior Michael Williams singled up the middle to score fellow senior Thomas McCarthy. UK led 3-2. An empty eighth set the scene for South Carolina to try to tie it in the top of the ninth. A leadoff double put the Gamecocks in great position, as sophomore Trevor Gott entered for UK to try to stem the tide. He did just that. After a sacrifice bunt to get the runner to third, Gott struck out the final two batters, preserving the win and clinching the series victory in the process. Sunday’s near capacity

This is the biggest weekend we’ve had since I’ve been head coach.” GARY HENDERSON

Fourth-year head coach

crowd of 2,571 was a record high for the season. And UK again fed off the home fans to get out of the gates quick. As is becoming a trend, Maile was the one to make a big play for the offense. With a runner on and one out in the first, the junior catcher launched a hanging slider over the left-field fence to give the Cats a 2-0 lead. South Carolina got one in the second and two in the fifth to take a 3-2 lead. The Cats tied it up in the bottom of the fifth after an RBI sin-

gle by Zellers scored Cousino. UK was at it again in the sixth. Two singles and a walk loaded the bases with one out. Williams then singled to right to score two. A wild pitch on the ensuing batter added another, giving the Cats a 6-3 lead. The UK bullpen took it from there, shutting down the Gamecock offense to secure the three-run victory. “That was a collective series win,” Maile said. “Our bullpen did an outstanding job, we played great defense, got quality starts from the starters and we got base hits when we needed them.” The bullpen was unhittable in the series. They tallied 10.1 innings pitched without allowing a run, striking out 12. The Cats will travel to the University of Cincinnati Wednesday night to take on the Bearcats at 4 p.m.

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