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Rupp hosts ‘Club Paradise’ Drake to perform on Wednesday

Housing fair Tuesday By Rachel Aretakis

Students can go house and apartment hunting without leaving campus on Tuesday, at the Kentucky Kernel’s Housing Fair. The off-campus Housing Fair, in its second year, is from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. in the Student Center Grand Ballroom, where students can win door prizes, such as an iPad or a new Kindle Fire. “There’s no one place you can go in Lexington and essentially ‘visit’ all of the apartment complexes near campus,” Chris Poore, student publications adviser, said. Information on apartment complexes, and some landlords with houses and town homes will be available. There will also be restaurant gift certificates and other giveaways. The fair will mostly consist of apartments, said Hannah Schwartz, the Kernel’s student advertising manager. “(Students) should go to see the different amenities that all of them offer,” Schwartz said. Some places offer amenities such as tanning beds or movie theaters, and the fair allows students to compare housing options, she said. The fair is a great event for students who are thinking about living off campus, Poore said. Booths will be set up in the Grand Ballroom with representatives and information from the various housing options. Schwartz said nobody will be signing leases or contracts at the fair. “There are a bunch of door prizes from local restaurants and stores, so if (students) just register, they have a chance to win,” she said. Prizes range from Orange Leaf and Ramsey’s to an iPad.

Child center opening in August By Elizabeth Royse

Child Development Centers of the Bluegrass will open its doors to a new center on campus in August. The center, which will be located on Alumni Drive across from Commonwealth Stadium, will offer a full-time preschool program for both children with disabilities and typically developing children ages six weeks to 5-years-old. The center will manage itself from its new location on UK’s campus and will offer priority spaces to more than 100 UK faculty, staff and students, said Executive Director Stella Crutcher. She said the center has spaces available for 166 children in the Lexington area. “The new center will offer the same CDCB services as the current center,” she said. “It’s just expected to be expanded.” The current child care center, located on Springhill Drive, provides care for more than 50 children. The new center will cost around $5.5 million to build, with half of that money coming from the CDCB, Crutcher said. Though the campus center offers first priority to UK community members, “CDCB will continue its mission to provide the highest quality early education and intervention services to children with special needs in the community,” Crutcher said. This includes UK families whose children have special needs. It will offer occupational, physical and speech/language therapy for children enrolled in their preschool, as well as for outpatient clients. Accredited by the National Association for the Education of Young Children, CDCB is a four-star program that uses the Assessment, Evaluation and Programming Systemas See CENTER on page 2

Cats travel to Mississippi Junior Twany Beckham returns to old school


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UK Hoops beats Vandy By Les Johns

Key player Sophomore forward Samarie Walker had her first career double-double, scoring 15 points and pulling down 12 rebounds. Walker repeatedly posted up and made herself a big target in the paint, leading to 14 field goal attempts. Turning Point/Key Stretch The Cats got down 4-2, but then held Vandy scoreless for fiveand-a-half minutes during a 12-0 spurt to take control of the game. The Cats forced four Vanderbilt turnovers during the run. The Cats maintained control of the game by a solid margin until a late-game Vandy rally. The Good Depth. The Cats played 10 players and had three score in double-figures. The Bad The 9 p.m. start time on a Monday night led to light attendance at Memorial Coliseum. The 4,624 in attendance was the lowest number to watch the Cats play an SEC opponent in Lexington this year. Stat of the Game The Cats forced 24 turnovers and won the rebound battle 4029, which led to 19 more fieldgoal attempts for the game (6243). What's Next The Cats (22-5, 11-3 SEC) will play their final home game of the season Thursday at 7 p.m. against the South Carolina Gamecocks (20-7, 9-5 SEC). With two games remaining in the SEC regPHOTO BY QUIANNA LIGE | STAFF ular season, the Cats and the Tennessee Lady Vols are tied for first Sophomore forward Samarie Walker looks to shoot the ball during the first half of UK’s game place with identical 11-3 records. against Vanderbilt on Monday. The Cats won 70-61.

Seth Meyers live from UK Comedian’s material includes ‘SNL,’ personal stories By Luke Glaser

Seth Meyers refused to let the audience stand up when he walked onstage, fearful of unreachable expectations. Some students, though, couldn’t help themselves when the “Saturday Night Live” actor made his first appearance to a sold-out crowd at the Singletary Center. “It’s really exciting,” said Amy Baker, pop culture committee chair for the Student Activities Board. “You can tell people are really excited to see Seth and are ready to laugh.” Molly Murdock, a nursing junior, had purchased tickets for her and her boyfriend for Valentine’s Day.

“I love ‘SNL’,” she said. “He’s one of the funniest actors, too.” Rudy Recktenwald, a marketing junior and Murdock’s date, was just as excited. “I saw him at the White House Press Correspondent’s dinner, and wanted to see him here,” he said. Meyers provided for all expectations, from some of his classic “SNL” sketches to more personal stand-up comedy. “I love being on college campuses,” he said. “You can practically smell the futon.” Meyers congratulated students on the successful basketball program. “I get all of my Kentucky highlights from ESPN and ‘Justified,’” he said, referring to the FX

program. “There is one really important thing to say about UK freshmen,” he continued, pointing out that at least one leaves every year to make millions in the NBA. “The NBA are the only employers that are super psyched for one year at UK.” Sporting skinny jeans and cardigan, a far cry from the traditional coat and tie of “Weekend Update,” Meyer’s jokes were sometimes a far cry from his traditional “SNL” material. Much of his comedy was derived from personal stories he told, such as messing up his handshake with President Obama before the White House Press Correspondent’s Dinner and an anecdote about a bar fight in Las Vegas. “If you ever toast someone with not a drink, you’ve had too much to PHOTO BY KYLE WATTS | STAFF drink,” he said. Seth Meyers, a cast member of NBC’s Saturday Night It was interesting hear- Live, performs a stand-up routine at the Singletary See MEYERS on page 2 Center on Monday.

MSNBC to film show at UK 30 Million Jobs tour stopping at College of Pharmacy By Rob Ellery

MSNBC is coming to campus Wednesday to see the potential UK students offer.

Newsroom: 257-1915 Advertising: 257-2872 First issue free. Subsequent issues 25 cents.

The Dylan Ratigan show’s 30 Million Jobs tour has been traveling the country since Jan. 18. “It’s a national current events and public policy talk show that revolves around an is-


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sue that is important and relevant to many students — getting a job,” UK spokesman Jay Blanton said. Blanton said Ratigan will speak with students in the audience, local job recruiters and recent graduates who have been employed. The show will air live on Wednesday from 4 to 5 p.m. at

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the College of Pharmacy. Ratigan will discuss his book, “Greedy Bastards,” at noon in Joseph-Beth Booksellers and an after-show meet up will be held at Coffea Island at 5:30 p.m., according to his website. More information about the show can be found at


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a foundation for its assessment plan and curriculum, according to the CDCB website. Each of the center’s lead teachers in the classroom will be responsible for designing the classroom environment and providing a curriculum to support social, emotional, intellectual and physical development for all children, according to its website. Weekly tuition rates are $210 for infants (six weeks and older), $205 for toddlers (2-year-olds) and $190 for preschoolers. “There is no discount for UK faculty, staff or students that have children in the center, because to sustain the budget, the tuition needed to stay at a set rate for all children,” Crutcher said. “We do, however, offer children who receive therapy services through CDCB, a rate of $10 less per week.” The new, larger center is basically a “win-win for everyone,” Crutcher said. She said it offers another quality option for UK families in the community. For more information about the center and how to apply, visit

ing Meyer’s personal take on the White House dinner, a comedic routine which garnered him lots of attention before another event took the limelight away, “I felt like I did really good at the White House Correspondent’s Dinner. I was expecting good press,” he said. “Instead, we killed Osama Bin Laden.” In good humor about his media snub, Meyers admitted that Obama one-upped him and said, “if my jokes weren’t that good, Osama would still be alive today.” While Meyer’s material consisted of politics, such as the Republican presidential candidates and the European debt crisis, some strayed into fields much different from his political SNL sketches. “I lived in Amsterdam for two years,” he told the crowd. “It’s not what you think. I moved to Amsterdam because weed is legal there.” He also told stories about late nights watching nudity on television as a 13-yearold with his friends. “We would celebrate like we were mission control at NASA,” he said, “if mission

control didn’t want to wake up their parents.” Meyers, introduced as the longest senior cast member of SNL and host of Weekend Update since 2005, would not end the evening without some of his traditional SNL material. Sharing some Weekend Update jokes that did not make the cut of NBC censors, he had the crowd cheering with his familiar anchor impersonation. “College students gain six to nine pounds, due to an increase in beer consumption and a decrease in exercise,” he said, holding note cards and smirking to the front rows. “The rest of the freshman 15 is a baby.” Michael Danahy, an integrated strategic communications freshman, said he did not leave disappointed. “It was a little more relatable, not just news stories,” Danahy said. “That’s the hardest I’ve laughed in a long time.” Meyers walked offstage to a unanimous standing ovation. The second time around, though, he had no problem with it. “Thank you for being a wonderful audience,” he said. “though I was hoping at least one of you would show up on a horse.”

Site lets listeners tell their ‘jam’ NEW YORK — Heard a song you can’t get out of your head? Well, now you can tell the world what song you’re listening to at the moment., a new site, lets you, um, pick your jam, tell folks why you love the tune, then share it on the site and on Twitter or Facebook. It’s like picking a song as your Facebook status, This Is My Jam honcho Matthew Ogle said last month. Your song stays on the site for up to a week if you don’t change it before that time. You can also follow others and lis-

Horoscope To get the advantage, check the day's rating: 10 is the easiest day, 0 the most challenging. Aries (March 21-April 19) — Today is an 8 — Draw upon hidden resources. Provide excellent service. Accept a generous offer. You're gaining authority. Review priorities and contemplate your next move. Taurus (April 20-May 20) — Today is an 8 — A spiritual advisor keeps you on the right path. Share your experience with somebody to whom it would make a difference. Your friends are really there for you. Gemini (May 21-June 21) — Today is a 9 — Consider new opportunities in your career, perhaps by completely reinventing your goals. Make time to help others. What goes around comes around. Cancer (June 22-July 22) — Today is a 6 — Travel and romance both look good for the

ten to their playlists, and comment if you like. “The service is full of obscure gems, old favorites, guilty pleasures and new earworms,” Ogle told NME magazine. “And the way the service asks you to slow down and commit to something is a key part of that.” Last week, on Valentine’s Day in fact, Marvin Gaye’s “Let’s Get It On” was a fave. So was Talking Heads’ “Crosseyed and Painless,” for some reason. Don’t ask, just spread the word of your favorite jam to the world.

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eva mcenrue | opinions editor |

Youth perceptions of capabilities must change I never wanted to be a teacher — and for what I considered good reason. In my mind, the life of a teacher consisted of runny noses, sticky hands, monotonous fire drills and a meager paycheck; the satisfaction of a student’s success EVA could in no way suffice for MCENRUE the work. Kernel Moreover, I never realcolumnist ized the dire need for dedicated teachers. As a child, my dreams were encouraged and education was promoted as the means to obtain any of my adolescent fantasies. Graduating high school and continuing my education at a university was a not only an expectation, but virtually a guarantee. My hometown, Lexington, Ky., ranks 10th among the Census Bureau’s American Community Survey’s list of most educated cities, with 39.5 percent of residents having at least a bachelor’s degree. Data by the 2000 Census Bureau on incomes shows the median income for yearround full-time workers with a bachelor’s degree is $42,877, twice as much as high school dropouts, who on average earn only $21,332.

The ideal that highly educated people will develop better economically abides as a truth. Yet in our society economic success is not dependent solely upon educational merits. One’s socioeconomic status also contributes to educational success rates. A 2010 study by University of California Santa Barbara reveals that 60 percent of upper class students complete college, compared to only 7 percent of lower class students — a ratio of more than 8 to 1. Drive two hours east of Lexington toward Appalachia and slowly the view of mansions, manicured lawns and glamorous horse farms fades, replaced with trailers, Dollar Marts and decrepit strip malls. Poverty in the 49 counties residing in Appalachia is not considered a mere circumstance, but a simple reality. Of the total U.S. population, only 13.3 percent live in poverty. In Kentucky’s Appalachia Region, 16.1 percent of the total population lives in poverty, earning a median personal income per capita of $15,883. In Owsley County, distinct for having the highest poverty rate in the Mid-Appalachia region, 40.9 percent of the total population lives in poverty. Only two hours away from one of the most educated cities in the U.S. is a community structure believing the relationship between education and wealth is strictly endogenous — where the youthful strive for a new life most

often returns to regression. A 2004 Appalachian Regional Commission study reported that in 2000 every county in the Kentucky Appalachia Region had a higher percentage of adults, 23.2 percent, with less than a high school diploma than the rest of the U.S. combined, at 19.2 percent. In the region, higher education is not viewed as the pathway leading to the gates of success, as I was raised to believe. Most high school graduates do not continue their education. The current college attendance are 63.3 percent nationwide, while only 35 to 55 percent of Appalachian high school graduates go directly into post-secondary education. In Appalachia, and nationwide, higher education and wealth is seen as a perpetual societal pendulum — those with a higher education use it to obtain wealth, those with wealth use it to obtain a higher education — that cannot be disaggregated. But the pendulum must stop, perceptions must change and the achievement gap must diminish. As a society, we must begin changing our conversations. Every student deserves the privilege of knowing that graduating college is a viable reality — of knowing that one’s ability to learn does not correlate to one’s economic status. Kentucky must invest in providing not

only the best education to every student, but providing hope and encouragement that we all can achieve our dreams. We must eliminate the acceptance of an impoverished lifestyle. We must end the achievement gap. I never wanted to be a teacher — but now I truly understand why. The life of a teacher consists of motivating students who have been raised to believe they will not succeed, of inspiring students who have little faith in their own future to strive for greatness; it is the most important job there is — and it is crucial that it is pursued, honored and supported statewide. Eva McEnrue is a journalism senior and the Kernel’s opinion editor. Email

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4 | Tuesday, February 21, 2012


Cats head south to play the Bulldogs Calipari said UK must ‘be up for them’ By Sam Rothbauer

UK and Mississippi state battled in their last seven games, both at Rupp Arena and Humphrey Coliseum. UK (26-1, 12-0 SEC) travels to play Mississippi State (19-8, 6-6 SEC) in Starkville, Miss., Tuesday. “They play inspired,” UK head coach John Calipari said, “and we expect that they will play inspired this game.” While the Bulldogs are struggling in league play, they’re 14-2 at home and

ended battles in two of the last three matchups with the Cats in overtime. “They’re a tough team,” freshman forward Kyle Wiltjer said. “We’re gonna approach it like any other game and hopefully go in and get the win.” Mississippi State junior forwards Arnett Moultrie and Renardo Sidney are keys for the game, but Sidney has been sitting out because of back spasms. “It’s day to day with him,” Mississippi State head coach Rick Stansbury said. “I’ll probably know at game

time (if he’ll play). It’s very obvious against a Kentucky team that’s as talented as they are, we need every big body we can get.” Moultrie averages 16.5 points per game and 10.8 rebounds, and he can likely use his matchup with freshman forward Anthony Davis as a chance to prove himself. “(All players) aren’t only playing against the name on the front of the shirt,” Calipari said. “They are playing against the name on the back of the shirt and that is what makes this unique and different.”

Junior guard Twany Beckham returns to his old school in this trip. He remembers the matchup with UK to be a big deal. “It was the biggest game of the season for Mississippi State,” Beckham said. “I know it’s going to be crazy (Tuesday) night and I am just looking forward to getting through another game and getting another win.” Freshman guard Marquis Teague has another physical matchup with senior guard Dee Bost. But Calipari said he feels confident with Teague defending Bulldog’s pick-androll and Bost’s shooting.

Junior Twany Beckham returns to Mississippi State AARON SMITH Kernel columnist

Twany Beckham remembers the peripherals of UK’s six-point overtime win at Mississippi State two years ago — the phone calls to DeMarcus Cousins, the water bottles thrown onto the court. Beckham remembers it from the other side, when he was a member of the Bulldogs and UK rolled in with a No. 2 ranking. “It was the biggest game of the season for Mississippi State,” Beckham said. “The fans got really crazy and really loud two years ago.” Beckham will be sitting on the opposite sideline on Tuesday, when UK (this time No. 1) travels to Mississippi

State. Some things have changed for Beckham since then. He’s wearing a different uniform, obviously, and he’s now playing for his home state school. But he doesn’t expect the environment to be any less accommodating than it was two seasons ago. “I know it’s going to be crazy tomorrow,” Beckham said. Beckham has been texting his former teammates leading up to the game. Mississippi State’s Dee Bost is “already hyped” about the game, Beckham said. Bost is a crucial player, averaging 15.8 points and five assists as the Bulldogs’ point guard. “He’s a tough cover,” Beckham said of his former backcourt teammate. “He’s fast, he’s strong and he can get to the basket. It’s going to be a tough matchup for Marquis (Teague), but he’s going

to be ready for it.” UK will have to be ready for more than just Bost. Mississippi State is on a threegame losing streak to Georgia, LSU and Auburn — not exactly a trio of dominant teams — but the Bulldogs still have plenty of talent. “I know they’ve dropped a couple games, but it doesn’t matter,” Calipari said. “I don’t even like watching those game tapes, because they’re not going to play that way against us. We’ll get their best game. … The talent on their team, no one’s questioning it.” The Bulldogs are led by 6-foot-11 forward Arnett Moultrie, averaging a teambest 16.5 points and 10.8 rebounds per game. That will be a tough matchup for Anthony Davis. “They’re not only playing against the name on the front of the shirt. They’re playing against the name on the back

of the shirt,” Calipari said. “Every game you walk out there, someone’s trying to make a name at your expense.” And a huge factor in this game will be Mississippi State’s 6-foot-10 Renardo Sidney, who is day-to-day with back spasms, according to head coach Rick Stansbury. If Sidney can go — and according to a quote from Dee Bost in The ClarionLedger (Jackson, Miss.) that said Sidney will be ready — it gives UK one of its toughest (and tallest) frontcourt challenges of the season. “It’s very obvious against a Kentucky team that’s as talented as they are, we need every big body we can get … to have any chance at all,” Stansbury said. “When you’re playing Kentucky, you have to hit on all cylinders and hope Kentucky doesn’t play their best.”


Drake to play Rupp Arena Canadian rapper and Cats fan will make concert ‘Club Paradise’ By Kristen Sekinger

Hip-hop and rhythm and blues singer Drake will be performing at Rupp Arena Wednesday at 8 p.m. for his tour “Club Paradise,” featuring his newest album “Take Care.” The Canadian rapper has been heating up the hip-hop industry ever since his “So Far Gone” mixtape came out in February 2009. His new album, “Take Care,” debuted at No. 1 on the U.S. Billboard 200 chart, selling 631,000 copies in its first week. Drake has made it known he is a fan of the Cats, as well as a friend of head

coach John Calipari. On Oct. 16, 2009, Drake made an appearance at “Big Blue Madness” in Rupp Arena. He also attended a men’s basketball game against Louisville in January 2009. Drake returned to UK’s campus on April 27, 2010, to perform his first concert at UK. Paul Sutton, a community communication leadership and development junior, said he’s most excited about Drake’s shout-out to the men’s basketball team. “I’m looking forward to him calling out the UK basketball team because he’s a big fan,” he said. Sutton has lower-level

seats for the concert, and said he is excited to watch Drake perform one of his favorite songs called “Headlines.” Erich Sinclair, a biology and chemistry sophomore who is a big fan of Drake, said he likes Drake because “he is a unique artist with a solid flow.” Many students have stressed that ticket prices for the concert are an issue. Floor seats are completely sold out, but there are still lower-level seats available. Those are priced at $89 a person, and upper-level seats at $48.90 and go to $70 a person. Sinclair said he will not be attending the concert. “I don’t want to pay that much for a ticket,” he said. Other students found that class became a conflict with going to the concert.

if you go What: Drake concert When:Wednesday at 8 p.m. Where: Rupp Arena Admission: $89 for lowerlevel, $48.95 to $70 for upper-level Jen Breseman, a communications freshman, said she likes Drake as a performer because “he is not limited to one style.” Breseman said she wishes she could go to the concert, but she can’t because of a class Wednesday night. For more information about available tickets, go to &event=Drake

“You can’t go under, the kid will pull up and shoot the shot, you have to fight over the top,” Calipari said. “He’s pretty good at going to the basket, but Marquis has done fine. He’ll be fine.” Calipari said each opponent brings its best game when playing UK, and Mis-

sissippi State won’t treat it differently. “We’ve had some unbelievable rivalries at different schools, but obviously they get up for us and we better be up for them or we don’t win the game,” Calipari said. “If we don’t play well against them, we lose.”

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