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Kernel. "It's a great opportunity to ask lots of

year, an on-campus event can help you in

questions and compare apartments. There's no

your search for an off-campus apartment or

other place where you can reach so many


apartment managers at once."

The Kentucky Kernel will host its second

In addition to apartment representatives,

annual Housing Fair on Tuesday, Feb. 21, from

the Kernel will offer information about its new

9 a.m. to 3 p.m. in the Student Center Grand

website,, which offers

Ballroom. Information from all of the major

tips about housing and information about

apartment complexes close to campus will be

many of the apartment complexes around

provided. There will also be door prizes, includ-

UK's campus. A Kernel representative will be

ing an iPad and a new Kindle Fire, restaurant

there to give students a preview of the site.

gift certificates and other giveaways. "If you're new to off-campus housing, or

The site, in addition to offering details about nearby complexes and companies,

looking for a new place to live, the Kernel

offers a list of housing resources, the Kernel’s

Housing Fair is one-stop shopping for all the

classifieds, and a search feature that allows

information you'll need," said Hannah

users to search by number of bedrooms,

Schwartz, student advertising manager at the

neighborhood, price and type of property.

The Kentucky Kernel | Celebrating 41 years of independence


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F you’re still deciding where to live next


Becca Clemons ing and a statement of the estimated cost of

the premises or knowingly permit any person

not know about all your rights as a tenant.


to do so.

To know what to expect, the Lexington-

Fayette Urban County Human Rights Commission details tenants’

Have all electrical, plumbing, sanitary,

heating, ventilating, air-conditioning, and

Landlords must:

other facilities and appliances, including ele-

When requiring a security deposit, pres-

rights as well as landlords’ and tenants’ duties.

vators, supplied or required to be

Read about some of your rights and duties

supplied, in good and safe

below, and see a complete guide and more

working order and condi-

(such as information about security deposits)




before the landlord

before making any

enters the premises,

charge against the secu-

requirements under the Landlord Tenant Act.

except in case of emer-

rity deposit, and the ten-

All information compiled from the website


The following is not a comprehensive list of

ent tenant with a comprehensive listing of existing damages before tenant moves in and when tenant moves out.

Two days' notice

This listing is required

ant must be given a statement of the estimated cost

above. Tenants must:

of repairs.

Tenants have the right to:

and at the agreed time.

of applicable building and housing codes

landlord, signed by both parties, of existing

materially affecting health and safety.

damages at the time of paying a security

the condition of the premises permits.

deposit and taking possession of the premises,

sary to put and keep the premises in a fit and

and not be charged for repairs without the list-

deface, damage, impair or remove any part of

Receive a comprehensive listing from the

Pay rent in the agreed manner Keep the premises as clean and as safe as Not deliberately or negligently destroy,

Comply with the requirements

Make all repairs; and do whatever is neces-

habitable condition.

The Kentucky Kernel | Celebrating 41 years of independence


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F this is your first time renting, you might

tuesday 9am - 3pm




521 S. Broadway, Lexington, K Y 40508

859.368.0177 * N o pur c h a s e n e c e s s a r y. V i sit w w w.T h e L e x A pp e a l .c om / i Pa d2. p d f

Off-campus Safety

Be safe: Renter’s Insurance Allyn Proffitt Maybe you’ve heard that

about what your neighbors

would replace all of your belongings if

renters insurance is expen-

might be doing? What if they

someone broke into your apartment or

sive, but it isn’t. For less than

leave a candle burning and it

a dollar a day, you can insure

starts a fire on their side of the

your belongings.

building? If you have renters

If something happened, how would you replace

Also, your landlord’s insur-

insurance, your lost posses-

thousands of dollars worth of personal belong-

ance doesn’t cover you.

sions will be covered.


Typically a landlord’s insur-

if your apartment caught on fire? If not, you should check out renters insurance.

If you don’t have renters

ance only covers the building

insurance, you can call or visit

its inexpensive and covers all of your posses-

in which you live, not your

local insurance agencies, such

sions, including not just stuff in your apartment,

own possessions within the

as State Farm, Kentucky Farm

but also in your car and even stuff you may have


Bureau and Allstate for a

“Renters insurance is a great thing to have —

in storage,” State Farm representative Emily Earlywine said.

However, Earlywine said if you are cooking something

quote. You can also check online to see if your current

Don’t think you have enough property to

and accidentally start a fire, you are responsible.

insurance company or your parents’ insurance

insure? When you add up the value of your TV,

Liability insurance, something generally included

company offer renters insurance. Rates may vary

laptop, furniture, jewelry, cellphone and

in a renter’s policy, will cover the damage.

based on circumstances such as the age of your

wardrobe, you have more to insure than you think. Collectibles and other items also add up.


Even if you think you or your roommates will never catch the house on fire, did you think

Kernel Entertainment Guide | Housing Guide | Spring 2012

apartment or whether you already have insurance through that company.

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AVE you ever thought about how you

Newtown Crossing 351 Foreman Avenue (859) 226-5600

524 Angliana 524 Angliana Avenue (859) 368-8700

Campus Court at Red Mile 935 Red Mile Road (859) 255-5454


Kernel Entertainment Guide | Housing Guide | Spring 2012

The Lex 521 S. Broadway (859) 368-0177

The Courtyards 845 Red Mile Road (859) 258-2039

Red Mile Village 1051 Red Mile Road (859) 455-8208

The Kentucky Kernel | Celebrating 41 years of independence


120220 Kernel Entertainment Guide in print  
120220 Kernel Entertainment Guide in print  

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