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‘Fashion’s Night Out’ takes place Thursday

Cats finish weekend unbeaten

Check it out in Wednesday’s paper

Professor’s heart leads back to UK By Chase Sanders


Whitney Billings, sophomore outside hitter, digs the ball during UK’s game against Ohio University in the Kentucky Classic on Saturday.

Volleyball sweeps tournament Cats finish weekend without losing a set, capture Kentucky Classic title

Alexandra Morgan, sophomore middle blocker, and Lauren O’Conner attempt to block a spike from Ohio University.

The UK volleyball team (5-2) gave all 1,188 fans in Memorial Coliseum something to cheer about Saturday night following its threeset sweep of Virginia Tech (25-22, 25-22, 29-27) en route to a Kentucky Classic tournament victory. The Classic, which UK hosts every September, also featured Ohio University and Western Kentucky. UK defeated WKU in straight sets on Friday night and followed that performance up with another straight-set victory over Ohio on Saturday morning to complete the sweep for the weekend. “They (the tournament field) are all good teams that we played this weekend,” UK head coach Craig Skinner said in a UK Athletics release. “We talked about being

more consistent and I thought we did that this weekend.” The Cats did not lose even one set in their three matches this weekend. Junior libero Stephanie Klefot was a star for the Cats, averaging almost five digs per set in the tournament. Klefot received MVP honors for her weekend performance, with junior setter Christine Hartmann and freshman outside hitter Lauren O'Conner joining Klefot on the All-Tournament team. After being swept themselves by Cincinnati in Tuesday's home opener, UK will now have to take the momentum it gained from this tournament and ride it into its next home game against in-state rival Louisville on Wednesday. STAFF REPORT

Number of fraternities Gen ed change growing on campus celebrated with art By Amelia Orwick

Sig Ep returns, others to join next year By Taylor Moak

The fraternity side of Greek life at UK saw some changes over the summer. Sigma Phi Epsilon, the fraternity suspended from campus in 2009, returns to campus this fall. Sip Ep did not go through recruitment two weeks ago with the other fraternities, said Susan West, assistant dean of students and director of fraternity and sorority affairs. But the fraternity has two men from its national headquarters interviewing men for the chapter. UK’s Interfraternity Council is try-

ing to expand the number of fraternities on campus, said JR Leach, IFC vice president of public relations. The additions of Beta Theta Pi in fall 2010 and Theta Chi in spring 2011 were part of the IFC’s expansion policy, Leach said. He said UK should want to expand the number of fraternities on campus for four reasons. First, Greeks tend to have higher GPAs overall than non-Greeks. Second, Greek organizations have higher numbers of community service time per member than other organizations do. Third, Greeks have higher retention rates than other students, and See FRATERNITIES on page 2

Newsroom: 257-1915 Advertising: 257-2872 First issue free. Subsequent issues 25 cents.

Doug Boyd’s career as an educator, researcher and administrator in international communications has taken him across international borders for long periods of time, but somehow his heart always brings him back to UK. Boyd recently decided to return to research and teaching undergraduate classes at the university. He stepped down from his position as the president’s chief of staff when former President Lee Todd retired in the spring. Although Boyd was chief of staff for eight years, he never quit teaching. “I only had one request while I worked for President Todd,” Boyd said, “and it was that I could teach one graduate class per year without compensation.” Over the course of his career, Boyd has been a Fulbright professor of mass communication at Cairo University in Egypt, a research associate for the British Broadcasting Corporation for the office of international research in London, and, among other jobs, has worked as a visiting chair of international journalism for AlJazeera Newspaper in Saudi Arabia in 2010. Despite his diverse background and extensive travels, he chose to return to the department of communications as a professor. “I feel there are lots of ways to be fulfilled as a teacher,” he said. He is eager to teach, research and service the university again as a faculty member in the College of Communications and Information Studies. “I think the students are great here, and to have the ability to help out and educate them is really an honor,” Boyd said. Boyd is not the only one who’s happy about his return as a professor. “I’m excited to have him back because he’s a great scholar and a fine person who brings a great deal of academic wisdom and to the table,” said Dan O’Hair, dean of the college. Nancy Harrington, one of Boyd’s former students and a current professor in the college, is also excited about his return to the department. “He’s a fabulous faculty member in all respects, internationally renowned as a researcher, an outstanding teacher and adviser and a dedicated individual,” she said.

UK will celebrate the arrival of its new general education program with a “Nation of Nations” celebration Tuesday at W.T. Young Library. The new program, known as UK Core, was fully implemented at the start of the semester and replaces the former University Studies Program. All students are required to complete the new course of study, regardless of their major. Students will be able to explore the arts and other creative works through “Nation of Nations” under UK Core. “Nation of Nations” is a 10-panel artwork created by Lexington artist Marjorie Guyon. Each panel features a life-size human image with “Have Mercy on Us” written in different languages. Guyon’s exhibit will give students the opportunity to put their creative thinking skills to the test.


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Doug Boyd, chief of staff for former President Lee Todd, has returned to UK as a professor.


2 | Tuesday, September 6, 2011

CORE Continued from page 1 “Guyon’s art work is at once aesthetically rich and intellectually provocative, and as such symbolizes the university’s commitment to the transformative purposes of general education,” said Mike Mullen, associate provost of undergraduate education. Students from various campus organizations will also be participating in the celebration. “The celebration features performances by students in the UK opera program and the UK theatre department,” Mullen said. “In addition, two undergraduate students will speak briefly about their experiences in a pilot arts and creativity class, a UK Core offering from spring of

2010.” A live stream of the event and a voice-thread project will be available, allowing students to participate via the Internet. President Eli Capilouto and Provost Kumble Subbaswamy will host a public reception following the celebration. Since 2008, several reforms have been made to improve the overall quality of students’ educational experiences. Gen ed curriculum now consists of 30 credit hours rather than 40. The hope is that shifting the focus away from classroom time will give students the opportunity to practice more active learning and critical thinking. Bill Rayens, an assistant provost within UK Core, said he believes the new program will benefit the students of today better so than University

Studies. The curricular framework is based on four categories, which include intellectual inquiry, composition and communication, quantitative reasoning and citizenship. UK has received positive feedback from students for its efforts to improve the program. “Students are well aware that their professors have really been thinking hard about how to make their classes more relevant, more dynamic,” Rayens said, “and they appreciate that by and large.” Still, Rayens reminds people that the program is new and obstacles are inevitable. “Of course we are in a period of transition from something well-worn and comfortable to something brand new and challenging. There will be growing pains for us all,” he said.

kernel. we do it daily.

FRATERNITIES Continued from page 1 fourth, Greeks tend to hold more leadership positions on campus. Robert Mock, vice president for student affairs, said

Other changes for fraternities include: Sigma Pi’s charter was revoked by its national headquarters after UK pulled campus recognition for “repeated violations of both Fraternity and FIPG risk management policies,” according to a news release from the Sigma Pi fraternity’s executive office. The release said specific violations include “hazing of new members and having open social events.” Phi Kappa Psi has moved into the house formerly occupied by Sigma Pi. Alpha Gamma Rho moved into the former Lambda Chi Alpha house. Delta Upsilon is scheduled to come to campus Spring 2012, Leach said, and Sigma Alpha Epsilon is scheduled to return to campus Fall 2012. Leach said Lambda Chi Alpha’s return to campus is up to its national headquarters, but it could return as early as Fall 2013.


Lexington participates in annual fashion event Kernel columnist

‘Shark Night’ worst of summer Seven Tulane students plus two bayou rednecks plus scores of sharks plus 3-D add up to zero fun in “Shark Night 3D,” the worst movie of the summer, arriving on the last weekend of the summer. Director David R. Ellis has delivered a heartless, suspense-free 90 minutes of sharks dining out on kids stuck on an island in a Louisiana lake. It’s one of those magical movie locations: There’s no cell reception, and while the power grid serves the island-mansion where the Tulane seven hang out, nobody thought to install a land line. With conditions like these, it’s no wonder Louisiana has to give away the store in incentives to get Hollywood to film there. The island on Lake Crosby is the home of the lovely Sara (Sara Paxton), and she’s brought her friends — the fetching Maya (Alyssa Diaz) and the jock Malik (Sinqua Walls), nerdy pre-med Nick (Dustin Milligan), gameboy Gordon (Joel David Moore), tattoobabe Beth (Katharine McPhee) and pretty boy Blake (Chris Zylka) to celebrate ... something. But things instantly go wrong. Something takes a bite out of one. Then another. And since we’ve seen the opening credits, in which a random bikini bottom is snapped up by a shark, we know what that something is. “Whatever you do, stay out of the water!” Stuntman-turned-director Ellis has journeyed from “Snakes on a Plane” to sharks on

Horoscope To get the advantage, check the day's rating: 10 is the easiest day, 0 the most challenging. Aries (March 21-April 19) — Today is a 9 — You could be tested today. Think actions over before leaping into them. A distant development smiles upon your enterprise, and money comes in. Invest in a powerful tool. Taurus (April 20-May 20) — Today is an 8 — Accept invitations to visit. Doors open in unexpected places, revealing hidden resources. For the next two days, a quest for practical solutions beckons. Gemini (May 21-June 21) — Today is a 7 — Business travel could be ahead. Handle the financial plan, and work out details. Verify intuition with facts. Indulge your literary side. Your home life benefits. Cancer (June 22-July 22) — Today is an 8 — Share a dream with someone. Embellish and add details in writing, crafting a

a lake. And without Samuel L. Jackson, we’re stuck with humorless one-liners, colorless performances and perfunctory digital shark attacks. This situation demanded urgency in the editing and panic in the performances. He manages neither. Other characters include the beer-swilling sheriff (Donal Logue) and a couple of redneck fisherman who insult the black guy and leer at the girls. Joshua Leonard from “The Blair Witch Project” wears filed down teeth and something like an accent to play one of them. He’s supposed to be a shark, I guess. Yeah, stuff flies at the camera — viscera and jaws and boat parts. The best 3-D moment in “Shark Night” is a doozy of a boat wreck in the first act. The underwater photography is pretty, but even the dread that hangs over the movie’s every aquatic moment feels watered down. There’s one decent shock, but the movie lacks jolts, pathos or glee when this deserving character or that undeserving one becomes a shark snack. It’s tempting to look at every 3-D bomb that’s rolled out this summer as evidence of a fad that’s faded. When good (and good-looking) 3-D films such as “Fright Night” fail, what hope does “Shark Night,” a picture with zero ambition and almost no entertainment value, have of tempting us to shell out the extra bucks for those magic glasses?

fine plan. Determine accountabilities and expenses. Travel later. Surprises unfold. Leo (July 23-Aug. 22) — Today is an 8 — You hit the ground running. Hopefully your batteries are recharged, as you have two days of full action ahead. But there's still time for love. It's important to show you care. Virgo (Aug. 23-Sept. 22) — Today is a 6 — Love offers comfort when money is tight, both in the giving and the receiving. Don't resist change. Instead, let it flow naturally. It's okay to grieve when saying goodbye. Libra (Sept. 23-Oct. 22) — Today is a 7 — Confusion's running rampant around your home, causing havoc. Make household changes, and you could discover treasure and hidden resources (at least coins in the sofa). Scorpio (Oct. 23-Nov. 21) — Today is a 7 — Family keeps you on track today and tomorrow. Reassure someone close to you. Discover a bonus or windfall. Practice something you're pas-


sionate about. Sagittarius (Nov. 22-Dec. 21) — Today is a 9 — You have access to new information to better your finances now. Apply it. Make room for other people's generosity. Teach others what you've learned. Capricorn (Dec. 22-Jan. 19) — Today is a 9 — Not everything you try today will work, but nonetheless, it's your day in the sun. Go out, play and share the bright light with others. Bring a hat or sunscreen. Aquarius (Jan. 20-Feb. 18) — Today is a 6 — Contemplate your next move. Taking time to formulate a strategy saves energy later. Avoid risk and expense for the time being. Adapt to change and fresh ideas. Pisces (Feb. 19-March 20) — Today is a 6 — Your creativity flourishes now, even if there's tension (and a bit too much impulsiveness). Destruction is part of the creative process. Tear it down to build it up. MCT

tions of more fraternities to campus also allows the men on campus more of an opportunity to find the group that best fits their personalities. “Every fraternity offers something different,” Leach said. “No fraternity is the same.”

More information


the wish to add more Greek organizations to campus also stems from a financial perspective for the university. He said according to the UK Office of Development, Greek alumni give more money donations to UK than non-Greeks. Leach said the addi-

For only five hours on Thursday, a seven-letter word will have thousands in utter bliss: Fashion. The third annual “Fashion’s Night Out” event will fill cities across the country with glam, celebrities and, yes, sales! According to FNO’s official website, Lexington is one of more than 250 cities participating in FNO. The idea behind FNO was created by American Vogue magazine in collaboration with the Council of Fashion Designers of America, NYC & Company and the city of New York to celebrate all in the name of fashion. In 2009, Anna Wintour (editor-in-chief of Vogue magazine), working with the Council of Fashion Designers of America and others, found FNO to be the answer to boosting the fashion industry’s economy and consumer confidence spending — and it comes to no surprise that in just three years of existence FNO has become an international success.

“Eighteen countries in total — including the U.S. — and retailers in more than 250 cities across the country will be celebrating FNO,” Virginia Smith, Vogue’s fashion market/accessories editor, said in a New York Daily News article. With New York Fashion Week also starting on Thursday, FNO NYC is undoubtedly the most anticipated

FNO location. According to there will be multiple celebrity appearances for the FNO events: Leighton Meester performing with her band “Check in the Dark” at Tiffany & Co. on Fifth Avenue; Sarah Jessica Parker is set to unveil a new shoe collaboration at Manolo Blahnik (that is so Carrie of you, Sarah!); and New York Knicks’ forward-center Amar’e Stoudemire will introduce his collaboration with Rachel Rachel Roy (the two have been rumored to be a couple, since the collaboration). Although the FNO

events are only held between the hours of 6 and 11 p.m., retailers do not expect their efforts to go unnoticed among consumers. “Retail is a truly global industry, and FNO helps to demonstrate how far-reaching fashion is and how many people rely on it for a living — that it’s something that affects everyone,” Smith said, in a New York Daily News article. From 6 to 8 p.m. Bella Rose boutique in Lexington will be having a David Kahn and Annie Griffin FNO trunk show; offering a special 10 percent discount off selected merchandise. Also participating in FNO is the Lexington Fashion Collaborative. The LFC will be setting up a pop-up store with designer’s sample and seconds sale from 6 to 9 p.m., and a runway show beginning at 9 p.m. If you are like me and wish you could partake in all of the fashionable activities that seem so close, yet so distant, there is hope. Along with the thousands of participating stores across the country, more than 200 online websites are also participating in the FNO special offers from 6 to 11 p.m. For more information about FNO and participating stores and websites, visit

tuesday 09.06.11 page 3


eva mcenrue | opinions editor |

Why the Kernel’s conflict with UK Athletics matters TAYLOR MOAK Kernel columnist

This column has not been easy to write. Through many rewrites, revisions and a couple of times of starting over, I’ve tried to answer the question of why people should care about the Kernel’s conflict with UK Athletics. And personally, I wanted to answer a smaller part of that question as to why I care. Yes, I’m the editor-inchief, but why do I feel this is an issue worth fighting for? I’ve given many interviews this past week, and when I’ve been asked the question about why people should care, I’ve given the straight-laced journalistic answer — “We are journalists and pursue the truth, and for UK Athletics to ‘punish’ us because our reporter was doing his job, is not right.” I don’t want this column to be the “high and mighty” or “preachy” journalistic answer. I want to answer the question as a real person. This week has been

hectic for us at the Kernel. Our phones have not stopped ringing, and our email inboxes and Twitter feeds have filled up with support from people all over the country. We, as reporters, are not normally the center of attention, and we like it that way. Journalists should report the news, not be the people in the news. I know it’s been tough on the Kernel reporter and editor whose phone calls sparked this whole controversy. He’s been caught in the middle of wanting to do his job and feeling like he should have just called UK Media Relations. And that’s true. If he had just called Media Relations to confirm that the two students were walkons, he would have been able to attend the “privileged” one-on-one interviews with the men’s basketball team, and this story wouldn’t have made the headlines. But he did call the students directly and his “punishment” did make the headlines. I can’t speak for the other journalists who came to our defense — like the Associated Press Managing Editors or the Society of Professional Journalists —

but I think our struggle with UK Athletics speaks to the bigger issue of a governmental power trying to control the distribution of information. UK looked like a controlling parent trying to punish a disobedient child who didn’t follow certain guidelines, but the Kernel is independent of the university. As journalists, we are not bound by those guidelines, although we generally do follow them. I know many people don’t — and probably never will — understand why our reporter didn’t call Media Relations first. Couldn’t UK Athletics have told our reporter if the students had joined the team? Possibly. But what if UK didn’t want the news released yet? Then, our reporter may have not been able to confirm the story, and who was better to confirm the story than the sources themselves? When the powers that be can control what information is released, people will only hear the sanitized version of the news. This “clean” version often doesn’t tell the whole story and leaves many questions unanswered. And that’s why people

should care about what I’m sure seems to many like the story of a thwarted college journalist. Our reporter was trying to get the true story and was punished for it. Though we are college journalists, we don’t want to settle for being told the news; we want to find the news and report it. Not all of the feedback we’ve heard this week has been positive. Kernel staffers have been called “pretend journalists” and “disingenuous.” Though I’m a toughskinned person, it’s discouraging to know people don’t think we are capable of real journalistic work. I know the Kernel staff has handled itself in a mature way this week — a way that shows we are unafraid to take on an entity that tries to pressure us into being an ineffective news organization. This column may not sway everyone to understand why we took up this battle with UK Athletics, but at least we’ve tried to show our side of the story — the side that hasn’t been fully told. Taylor Moak is a journalism junior and the Kernel’s editor-in-chief. Email

‘Tucky Tweets featuring

Big Blue Nation We scanned our Twitter feed for the best #BBN tweets. Follow @KyKernel to get involved.

Congrats to @WinstonGuyJr21

on being named national defensive player of the week reppin da #BBN - BSpence21

Just need to push through these next couple days till I can properly kick off the #BBN season #tailgating #wildcats

#BBN always claims to be the best fans. We have a great chance to prove it Saturday. Pack Commonwealth Stadium. Be loud. #Rise - Jeremy_Burson

40 days until the college basketball season officially starts... :) #BBN - erica_sears

- cemartin4

A student’s creative guide to avoiding parking tickets PAUL OLIVA Contributing columnist

Getting defeated out of your money is part of being in college. You’re required to pay thousands of dollars for tuition every semester, often financed by student loans with outrageously high interest rates. If you live on campus, your housing fees, which you have to pay up front, could pay the mortgage on a nice condo. Plus, the university mandates that you purchase a meal plan

that, for $9 a pop, is the equivalent of all-you-can-eat prison food. If you live off campus, the university charges an arm and a leg for the privilege of parking your car in K-Lot, conveniently located several miles away from classes. Even your professors go out of their way to over charge you, assigning the newest, most cuttingedge textbook out there, which, by the way, costs about 200 bucks. And just when you think you can’t get cheated any more — you finally wised up and got an apartment off campus, refinanced your insane student loans and did some things you’re not proud

of to pay for that textbook — you park your car on the wrong side of the street on street-sweeping day and get hit with a $30 parking ticket! Seriously?!?! There are several ways to cope with getting a parking ticket. The most obvious solution would be to just pay the damn thing and get it over with. If you’re going to do that, well, you might as well just stop reading now. You probably floss every day, too, don’t you? Your next option is to appeal the citation, which never actually works, so don’t do it. If you want to get creative, you could always put your ticket on someone else’s car. Maybe they’ll pay it.

Look for a nice expensive car like a BMW or a Mercedes; rich people have no qualms about dishing out 30 bucks for a parking ticket; heck, it might even be your professor’s car. Don’t put your ticket on a rough looking car, though. The guy driving the ’91 Ford Focus is just going to put the ticket right back on YOUR windshield. The most viable option, of course, is to simply not pay the ticket! The UK area is patrolled by two separate parking/Gestapo entities: the Lexington-Fayette Parking Authority, aka LexPark, and UK’s Parking and Transportation Service, or UKPTS. LexPark handles all onstreet parking and meters

while UKPTS patrols permit parking lots and on-campus meters. Each agency will allow you to have three unpaid tickets before they tow your car. Once you have three LexPark tickets, start parking in the E-Lot. Once you have three tickets from UKPTS, start driving your friend’s car to class. Rinse and repeat. So what if, God forbid, you forget to keep track of your parking tickets and your car does get towed? First of all, don’t panic. Coming out of class and seeing an empty parking space where your car is supposed to be is the worst feeling in the world, but freaking out is not going to help. Think of this as an opportunity to fi-

nally express your true feelings to the parking gods. Be creative! While I do not condone spitting on, swearing at, tarring and feathering or severely antagonizing anyone, there are still plenty of nice ways to make your opinion known. When all is said and done, you will need to pay all your parking fines plus a modest towing fee in order to get your car back. Someone has to pay for Dr. Todd’s new office. Looks like you’re going to be selling that fancy new textbook back early! Paul Oliva is an accounting senior. Email

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Energetic and mature female staff needed to provide daily assistance to a social active young woman with intellectual disabilities in Lexington. Flexible hours are available M-F / $10 per hour. Minimum requirements: high school diploma and personal transportation. Contact Homeplace Support Services 859936-2010. Mature staff needed to provide daily assistance to person with intellectual disabilities in Lexington. Flexible hours are available M-Sun / $10 per hour. Minimum requirements: high school diploma and personal transportation. Contact Homeplace Support Services 859936-2010. Atomic Cafe’ now taking applications for servers. 10:00am – 4:00pm. Apply in person @ 265 N. Limestone Female Child Care needed, Non- smoker, Thursday evenings 5:30-10:00. 2 children. Some dinner prep and kitchen care. References needed. Contact us at: Office Help at Champion Window Company, corner of Winchester Road & Fortune Drive. Tuesday evenings 3:00-7:00, Saturdays 9:005:00. $9/hour. Email resume’ to Sue @ or call 859-277-9150 Vendors Needed!!! Work UK football games selling various items. Make commission on each item sold. $50 bonus if you work every game (7 total). Please contact or (859) 803-4068. First game September 10th. Front desk receptionist wanted for plastic surgery office. Part-time/flexible hours. Close to campus. Please call 859-254-5665 or email resume to BE A PART OF SOMETHING GREAT! Looking for employees with positive attitudes who are excited to be role models to our Before and After School program participants. If you are up to the challenge, download our

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General retail and warehouse work needed. Close to campus. Flexible Hours. Visit for more information.

Lexington based Internet company seeking applicants for FT & PT positions to develop web based applications and mobile apps. Qualified applicants will be proficient in PHP, MySQL, and JavaScript. Other programming backgrounds will be considered if applicant can demonstrate the ability to learn new technologies efficiently. Send email with resumes/examples to and/or phone Mike McDonald at 859-5142720

Body Structure Medical Fitness is hiring for One Full-Time PT Technician and One PartTime PT Technician. Please call Jay @ 859268-8190

LOOKING FOR M & F Social drinkers 21-35 years of age with or without ADHD. Researchers at the University of Kentucky are conducting studies concerning the effects of alcohol. Volunteers paid to participate. Please call 257-5794 Value City Furniture has Part-Time Warehouse positions available. Applicants must be available for some days, nights and weekends. Background check and drug testing required. Please apply in person at 2321 Sir Barton Way in Hamburg Part-time help wanted. Small family owned retail business. Approximately 20 hours per week. Saturdays a must from 10am - 4pm. Looking for outgoing & motivated person. Apply in person at: Oreck, Idle Hour Shopping Center, 2121 Richmond Rd., Ste# 115, Lexington, Ky 40502 Carino's Italian, 135 Rojay Drive, is now hiring for hosts, servers, and carry-out attendants. Please apply in person. Columbia Steakhouse downtown, 201 N. Limestone, now hiring servers, host/hostess and kitchen help. Apply in person 11am-2pm or call 859-253-3135

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4 | Tuesday, September 6, 2011

5 ways UK should improve in week 2 By Cody Porter

It has often been said that the biggest difference in a team can be seen from week one to week two. Coming off a 14-3 victory over Western Kentucky, many at first glance would think all is well in the Commonwealth, but they would be wrong. Despite claiming the W, the Cats played some ugly football on the offensive side of the ball. If the Cats performance against the Hilltoppers was any indication, they have several areas to improve upon for their week two match-up before heading into a battle week three with in-state rival, Louisville. Based on what I saw in Nashville on Thursday night, here are my top five areas of

improvement for the Cats.

1. Offensive line Heading into this season it was believed that the Cats offensive line would be the one area that would raise no concerns from the coaching staff. It was supposed to be one of the best groups of lineman that UK has ever had, meaning that the passing and running games would have time to grow and learn before heading into the difficult part of the schedule. Needless to say, the Cats were manhandled in the trenches, and in turn, it was the main reason for the struggles throughout the offense on the night. Much of junior quarterback Morgan Newton’s struggles came from the problems on the line. Newton threw three interceptions and was sacked three times. In addition to

the passing struggles, the running game couldn’t aid Newton because the holes made available were narrow.

2. Wide receivers During Monday’s weekly press conference, head coach Joker Phillips summed up the wide receivers’ struggles against the Hilltoppers. “If you’re going to be a pass catcher, you better catch the damn ball,” he said. Of Newton’s 18 attempted passes, only seven of them were caught. A few opportunities for deep balls that would have led to significant gains presented themselves, but the receivers failed to haul in the catch despite Newton putting the ball right into their hands. It wasn’t until the fourth quarter that junior wide receiver La’Rod King pulled in a 31-yard touchdown pass, the longest com-

Cats survive rain, remain unbeaten in soccer UK men defeat Wright State and tie with IUPUI By Ryan Brown

The Cats headed into the UK Invite this weekend 2-0 with tough games against Wright State and IUPUI in front of them. In game one against Wright State, the whole team performed well, with junior midfielder Matt Lodge putting in a strong performance and seemingly being all over the field. He assisted senior defender Brad Walker’s opening goal at the 2:16 mark, the eighth fastest goal in UK’s history. Throughout the game, the Cats dominated possession but couldn’t get their second goal to put the game out of reach until the 81st minute when Lodge notched his first goal of the season off a header provided by junior defender Charlie Pettys’ corner. The score line made the

game seem closer than it was through a late penalty kick that was converted by Bayahtah Roberts of Wright State, even though the game was dominated by UK. Game two brought a different feeling. The Cats started out well with an early goal by Lodge, a volley smashed into the back of net. UK head coach Ian Collins thought that “Lodge’s early goal would open the floodgates” but it didn’t quite turn out that way. After the early goal, UK seemed a bit lethargic from Friday’s game coupled with a few additional injuries. IUPUI responded in the 30th minute with a goal from Matt Guy. A controversial penalty kick was awarded by referee Tony Voulgaris to IUPUI just after half and was converted by Perez Agaba. This led to an unnerving thirty-five minutes for UK because

IUPUI “parked the bus” in front of goal by placing ten guys behind the ball. UK took 18 shots in the second half and IUPUI’s goalkeeper Tyler Keever made several saves to keep the visitors ahead until last week’s National Team of the Week recipient sophomore forward Tyler Riggs scored a last gasp goal in the 85th minute to equalize the contest. The goal was assisted by freshman forward Jonathon Brown. After 90 minutes with both teams ready to head into overtime, the game was sent into a rain delay with the Cats having all of the momentum. “The game was called for safety reasons and we didn’t want anything tragic to happen, but it was disappointing,” Collins said. The Game ended in a 22 draw and allowed UK to remain unbeaten in 2011, 30-1.

pletion for Newton on the night. After the anticipation surrounding Newton had built during the offseason, the junior failed to have his breakout performance against a subpar WKU squad because of many dropped passes.

3. Special teams “(They’re) supposed to be SEC,” proclaimed WKU sohpmore linebacker Andrew Jackson during coverage of Thursday night’s game. When fans think SEC, they think of power and speed. Those same factors weren’t apparent in Thursday night’s game, at least on special teams. The Cats biggest gain on a kick or punt returns was a 19-yard return by senior safety Winston Guy. The Cats coverage on punt returns didn’t allow senior defensive back Ran-

dall Burden to make any Randall Cobb- like plays because as soon as he caught the ball, rather than calling for a fair catch, he was presented with a fierce hit.

4. Pass coverage When looking at the stats on paper, the Cats four interceptions make it seem as if the pass coverage was exceptional, and it was. The problem when breaking down the game film was the deep coverage by the corners, who were often beat, and if it wasn’t for WKU overthrowing the ball or dropping passes numerous times, it may be UK who would have left with a loss. As the season progresses, the Cats will meet more accurate quarterbacks who will be able to take advantage of their receivers ability to catch or distance themselves

from the defender, so the Cats will need to make sure that they can prevent the big play before it hurts them.

5. Composure If fans couldn’t see that the team was rattled early on, it surely became apparent when Newton’s offense was pushed deep into the end zone after he tripped upon taking a snap from center. It could have just been first game jitters, which to an extent is understandable, but on Saturday when the Cats are in front of 70,000 of their own fans, the answers should be made clear as to whether or not it was a one-game problem. If the team is calm and comfortable in Commonwealth Stadium on Saturday, their ability to play up to preseason expectations should be met.

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110906 Kernel in Print  

The pages of the Kentucky Kernel for Sept. 6, 2011.

110906 Kernel in Print  

The pages of the Kentucky Kernel for Sept. 6, 2011.