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Capilouto contract finalized Incoming prez seeks faculty input at meetings By Becca Clemons

UK trustees have finalized the contract for President-select Dr. Eli Capilouto. The board voted Tuesday to give Capilouto a five-year contract, with a base salary of $500,000, said UK spokesman Jay Blanton. With retirement benefits, Capilouto’s compensation will total $625,000. Blanton said that is comparable to outgoing President Lee Todd’s current pay. The contract follows the basic plan of what was outlined in May when the board selected Capilouto, Blanton said. Capilouto was not present for the meetEli Capilouto ing, but he visited campus last week to meet with small groups of faculty. He met with about 60 faculty members total, asking for the groups to be diverse in terms of representing different departments and fields of study. Carey Cavanaugh, director of the Patterson School of Diplomacy and International Commerce, who was part of the first meeting, said he thought that was a good format. “I think to focus on a single college ... would have been a mistake,” he said. Blanton said Capilouto asked what they liked about UK and what they find challenging, and the conversations went from there. “The sense from these disSee CAPILOUTO on page 2

Lofty plans to improve Board approves negotiations between UK and University Lofts for art studio space By Becca Clemons


Above: Reynolds Building No. 1, a former tobacco warehouse, has been home to UK’s art studio students since 1962. Top: Patricia Cruz, left, a Spanish and international economics senior and Chris Bryant, an art education and art studio senior, work on a still life in their beginning painting class in the Reynolds Building. Right: The University Lofts building, located at 236 Bolivar Street, is roughly the same size as Reynolds Building No. 1, at about 100,000 square feet.

The UK art studio department might be finding a new home, after the Board of Trustees approved allowing negotiations toward the purchase of University Lofts. The art department’s current home is in Reynolds Building No. 1, an old tobacco warehouse in need of much renovation. UK officials estimate, however, that purchasing the University Lofts building on nearby Bolivar Street — which currently houses students in apartments with open floor plans — and converting it to an art space would be less expensive than renovating the Reynolds Building. A full renovation could cost an estimated $17 million.

At its Tuesday meeting, the board approved the administration’s recommendation that no more than $6.7 million be spent on the lofts property. University Lofts has a useable square footage similar to that of the Reynolds Building, at 100,000 square feet, according to a UK news release. The lofts have recently been renovated. Some renovations have already been made to the Reynolds Building in the past few years, said UK spokesman Jay Blanton, such as a new air conditioning system. He said the Reynolds Building has been an issue for the bulk of outgoing President Lee Todd’s 10-year tenure. “We have spent a pretty significant amount of money over the years trying to See REYNOLDS on page 2

UK gets $20 million for health Hazing policy, other By Becca Clemons

At a news conference Tuesday, UK officials announced that the National Institutes of Health has awarded UK $20 million for health care research. The funding will be used to support research at the UK Center for Clinical and Translational Science over five years, with the main goal to deliver results of research discoveries to patients more quickly. Making the announcement were President Lee Todd, Provost

Kumble Subbaswamy, Executive Vice President for Health Affairs Dr. Michael Karpf and Associate Provost for Clinical and Translational Science Dr. Philip Kern. Todd called it a historic moment, one that puts UK among other schools in the “Top 20 echelon” of national research universities. Subbaswamy said UK is now part of an “exclusive club” of CTSA holders. Being part of the NIH’s Clinical and Translational Science Awards program represents UK’s success as a major academic re-


President Lee Todd, flanked by Provost Kumble Subbaswamy and Associate Provost Dr. Philip Kern, said the NIH award brings UK closer to the Top 20 goal.

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search institution, Todd said, and puts the school in a position to “improve the economic well-being of the commonwealth,” and “provide a higher quality of life for our citizens.” Karpf said the synergy between clinical and research programs is critical in moving the university forward toward the Top 20 goal. “The stronger your research program, the better your clinical program,” he said. “The stronger your clinical program, the better capacity you have to build research programs.” UK will partner with Marshall University in Huntington, W.Va., for the CTSA program. CTSAs at Ohio State University and the University of Cincinnati will collaborate with UK and Marshall on the Appalachian Translational Research Network, which focuses on community-based research programs to solve the area’s health problems. This project “mirrors the work that we set out to do 10 years ago,” Todd said, “to create a campus culture that realizes … that we are the best hope for changing Kentucky. “And by developing teams of faculty and investigators from various fields of research, we can transform scientific discoveries made in the laboratory into treatments and strategies for patients in the clinic.”


regulations released

Rules aimed at prevention, understanding As part of a group of regulations for students, Todd Cox, assistant diannounced at the end of May, UK’s rector in the Center for Student Innew policy on hazing prevention has volvement and member of the coalition, said in November. He gone into effect. The policy aims at encompass- said the new definition makes it ing all UK groups, organizations, clear what constitutes hazing and teams and individuals, said incom- what does not. ing Student Government President Governing regulations for the Micah Fielden in November, when Board of Trustees — including the the policy was in new process by which drafting stages. members of the univerThe UK Antisity community can adHazing Coalition dress the board — were A complete list of drafted the policy, also released at this and it was sent to ad- regulations can be found at time. ministrative bodies Those wishing to like the Faculty Sengo before the board ate and Board of must submit a written Trustees for approval. petition to the chair of the The policy describes hazing as board at least two business days be“any action or situation created by a fore a scheduled meeting. Petitions member of the University Communi- are available in the Office of the Presty” that is “negligent or reckless in ident or online at nature,” “humiliating or endangers an individual” or interferes with aca- The chair will approve the petition or demics or employment. refer it to an appropriate committee A list outlining actions and situa- of the board. tions that may constitute hazing is inOther new regulations include cluded in the policy, as well as guide- policies pertaining to registration of lines about what to do if hazing is student organizations, the establishsuspected. ment of a sustainability advisory comThis is a new regulation, not a re- mittee and social media policies and vision of an older one. guidelines for UK employees. The old policy didn’t include STAFF REPORT rights of students and protections

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2 | Thursday, June 16, 2011

CAPILOUTO Continued from page 1 cussions is he’s asking the right kinds of questions,” Cavanaugh said. “He’s very much in listening mode.” Rodney Guttmann, director of graduate studies in the Graduate Center for Gerontology, said the faculty did most of the talking, and that Capilouto appeared genuinely interested in what they had to say. “For example, though we were running late, he made sure everyone had a chance to speak their mind, and he was very gracious,” Guttmann said in an email to the Kernel. “I came away feeling good about him.” Capilouto begins his term as UK president at the beginning of July.

New stores come to mall By Megan Tracy

New stores are coming to Fayette Mall and are expected to open in the next several months, most of which are targeted toward the college-aged crowd. Fayette Mall is expected to open a J. Jill and a Forever 21 in the fall. Francesca’s, a women’s apparel boutique, opened its doors in May. The store has generated a large amount of business in the first month of opening. “The business has been amazing. I think it’s better than anyone could have expected,” said Stephanie Love, a Francesca’s sales associate. Forever 21, a popular store with young people, is expected to open its doors to the public in November, just in time for the holiday season. J. Jill is a women’s apparel store, which is also expected to open in the fall. Both J.Jill and Forever 21 are starting construction this summer. “It will be so nice to finally have more stores I like to shop at, at the Fayette Mall,” UK student Chrissy Hill said. “I’m glad I won’t have to drive to Louisville or Ohio to go to my favorite stores.” Not only are new stores opening, but many of the mall’s most popular stores are relocating. Some of the stores relocating include: Ann Taylor, Cache, The Limited, Lids, Moochie & Co, UrbaNation, Victoria’s Secret and Wet Seal. All of these stores have either just moved into their new locations or are still currently under construction. Victoria Secret is undergoing a large remodel by opening a “Michigan Avenue” type store. The new store is going to be in the same location but will offer a wider variety of products. “The new store will offer a larger amount of merchandise and attract more people to this area,” said Kendall Carter, a Victoria’s Secret employee.


Personalized and heavily-used lockers line the hallways of the Reynolds Building. Available to students in art studio classes, many lockers have painted doors to add artistic flair.

REYNOLDS Continued from page 1 address some of the issues there,” Blanton said. He said UK has been in talks with University Lofts management on and off for a few months. Some in the art program think moving the space would be an improvement, even if it takes time to move and adjust. “I feel like it’s constantly dirty,” Chris Bryant, an art education and art studio sen-

ior, said of the Reynolds Building. “I don’t feel like it’s a safe environment.” Willie Robertson, a painting instructor and painting graduate student, said the Reynolds Building has plenty of room, but “it’s not exactly a pleasant environment to be in. It doesn’t encourage or inspire necessarily.” He said, though, that many art students like the “wild and free-spirited” atmosphere of the Reynolds Building. But, “I wouldn’t mind giving up that history or that

community for the sake of the facility,” he said. If the university and University Lofts negotiate a deal, it would still need to be approved by the secretary of finance and state legislature, Blanton said. That process could take about a year to complete. Art students could potentially start using the University Lofts space in fall of 2013 if no complications arise. The Reynolds Building would be converted to storage space for the university, Blanton said.

‘Popper’s Penguins’ a little ‘phony’ Having done Ebenezer Scrooge and the Grinch, Jim Carrey once again plays a cynical old grouch taken on a journey of salvation by cute tykes. This time, with penguins! Purists may be disappointed that “Mr. Popper's Penguins” has ditched the performing birds storyline of the children’s favorite in favor of the familiar “workaholic dad drifting away from his kids” template that is more relatable for movie studio production executives. The film is just another slice off a very stale loaf, but it's earnest and benign. It’s sometimes funny and contains no ingredients that are bad for you, unless you are allergic to sap. Carrey’s Tom Popper is a fast-rising New York City real estate wheeler-dealer one promotion away from the corner office. His climb to the top has distanced him from his ex-wife and two kids who could have stepped out of television commercials. He adores them and maintains both households in mega-affluent style, but where nonfinancial obligations are concerned he hasn't a clue. When he tries to advise his teenage daughter on the school dance snub that threatens to ruin her whole entire life forever, she is thoroughly mortified at his meddling. He's really not to blame, though. His own dad was an explorer forever off adventuring throughout little Tom's childhood. When cartons of penguins arrive at his penthouse door, a bequest from his late father, the famously loyal birds set Popper on a path to redemption that's approximately 200 prat-

Horoscope To get the advantage, check the day's rating: 10 is the easiest day, 0 the most challenging. Aries (March 21—April 19) — Today is a 9 — Consider your career, status and role in the community. Expect tests, challenges and bizarre requests. You'll have the opportunity to take on more responsibility and level up. Taurus (April 20—May 20) — Today is a 7 — Take a short trip that allows for soul searching and introspection. Don't worry about the little things. Consider your deepest priorities. A long, peaceful walk rejuvenates. Gemini (May 21—June 21) — Today is an 8 — Intense activity at work could leave you stressed if you don't keep strong structures for support: budget, schedule and to—do list. Keep to these and get it all done. Cancer (June 22—July 22) — Today is a 7 — Let your partner take over. With a differ-

falls and sentimental moments long. Popper learns Big Life Lessons as he watches the birds bond and breed. His kids delight in his waddling sidekicks, they clamor to do overnights at Dad’s penthouse apartment, and PHOTO BY ALEX LOVAN | STAFF it’s not long before Popper’s ex (Carla Gugi- Art studio senior Chris Bryant works on a still life painting during a summer beginning painting class no) jumps atop him at an ice rink as if it were taught by painting graduate student, Willie Robertson, and held in the Reynolds Building. mating season in the Antarctic. In this film, saying “I love you” solves every problem short of global warming. Carrey is at his best in early scenes with a wicked glint in his eye. He works his crafty, fast-talking ways to bilk property owners out of their buildings and con his business partners into offering him a seat on the board, provided he can scoop up Central Park’s landmark restaurant, Tavern on the Green. As the plot gears begin to grind and he's softened by his squawking, belly-flopping aviary’s antics, the film loses its steam. Angela Lansbury plays the Tavern’s owner, who will only sell to a new owner with solid family values. You shouldn’t need a diagram to know how things will work out. The special effects are fine, with actors and computer-generated penguins interacting plausibly. It’s the film’s view of real life that seems denatured and phony. The images are big, empty and lifeless, the very wintertime snow on the streets looks as if it was being rented by the props department. Carrey is always watchable, but I prefer him manic and mugging, not safe, sentimental and soggy. MCT

ent point of view, the perspective can shift. Work together behind the scenes, and you both learn. Travel later. Leo (July 23—Aug. 22) — Today is a 9 — The excellent work you've been doing has gained notice, and there's lots more coming in. Make the next 12 hours count! Good fortune in money and romance are yours. Virgo (Aug. 23—Sept. 22) — Today is a 7 — It's okay to receive. No overspending. How good are you willing to have it? A change for the better is coming. Let it arrive naturally. Give abundant thanks all around. Libra (Sept. 23—Oct. 22) — Today is a 7 — With Mercury in Cancer, this may be a great opportunity to forward your career through writing. You could start a blog or website. Polish for clarity. Scorpio (Oct. 23—Nov. 21) — Today is a 7 —A solution to an old problem is becoming obvious. You can do it with resources you already have. With keen concentration, your

research bears fruit. Sagittarius (Nov. 22—Dec. 21) — Today is a 9 —You're entering a potentially lucrative two—day phase. Use your imagination to take advantage. Indulge an appetite for glamour with elegant flair. Capricorn (Dec. 22—Jan. 19) — Today is an 8 — You're on top of your game. Travel's good now, if you keep to the budget. Try a variety of approaches, as some won't work. You make a startling revelation. Aquarius (Jan. 20—Feb. 18) — Today is a 7 — Think, but don't overthink. Plan it all out, and have fun with it. Get fresh ideas from friends, and sort out any problems with their solutions. Pisces (Feb. 19—March 20) — Today is a 6 — Surround yourself with friends. Actions speak louder than words. A partner can use a reminder, even though they already know how you feel. Practice kindness. MCT

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Republican debate too ‘uniform’ University Health If you watched the Republican candidate debate, you might have wondered why you bothered. Across the board, the answers were almost uniform. It got to the point where Michele Bachmann, Tea Party darling, said “I agree with (Newt Gingrich),” rather than actually AMANDA making a different WALLACE point than her fellow candidate. She Contributing could have just said columnist “ditto” for the rest of the debate, since most of her responses involved pointing out how many foster children she had helped throughout the years (an impressive 27) or expressing a desire to undo all of the policies made in the last four years rather than bringing anything new to the table. It isn’t the Republican Party that I have a problem with. It’s uniformity in the face of multi-faceted questions. It’s when an entire group votes in block. It’s when there is no answer other than the party line. Perhaps it is a childhood steeped in science fiction culture, but uniformity freaks me out. The Stepford Wives were all the same. The Borg are the same. Human beings, as sci-fi likes to remind us, are different. This is one of the few reasons I appreciate Ron Paul. The debate was less “Republican candidates sparring

against each other,” and more “Ron Paul versus the Republican party line.” As a libertarian, Paul could be accused of being far more liberal in his policies than his fellow candidates. As a teenager in search of a political party, hearing Paul speak made me assume that I was libertarian. His policies are a meshing of extremely liberal and extremely conservative, as per his beliefs in constitutional literalism. For one, he supports the gold standard, limiting the federal government, gay rights, lowering taxes and cutting down on spending in foreign wars (his website covers all of these issues). This should make him more of a “Tea Party” candidate than Bachmann, especially since in the beginning tea partiers were more libertarian. But that was a farcical attempt at differentiating themselves from the Republican standard. In truth, Bachmann is on the Republican party line, and Paul is where he always was — yelling from the bleachers. But why? Paul honestly doesn't have a shot of winning the Republican ticket for President. Why? Because he's too much like what neo-Republicans claim to be but actually aren't. In the time that Republicans have claimed their newfound “Tea Party” ideals, what have they actually done that would make original Tea Party supporters proud? Honestly, not much. And what candidate supposedly “won” the debate this past weekend?

Mitt Romney, who will basically be trying what previous year candidates have done — putting on an extremist front in the face of his own moderatism. It’s so that voters can say they went with the most “right” candidate, without actually having to vote for a truly right candidate. It's comforting. Voters aren’t stupid. They know that Romney isn't as conservative as he likes to pretend to be. The man was once pro-choice, and he has recently been getting hits for helping to establish a state-run health care system in Massachusetts while he was governor. Voters know that the man is not as deeply conservative as he pretends to be, much the same way they probably knew that John McCain was not a “maverick.” It’s like pretending your boyfriend is a bad boy because he got caught smoking at Bible school. Except that in this case, it’s the Republican party deluding itself into believing that it is the true rightwing party of America. I'm sorry, Ron Paul, that you don't have a shot. But in truth, extreme mainstream party candidates are little more than trumped up third-party candidates, there to shout about the issues, but not there to establish any true competition. I, for one, hope that Paul sticks it through far enough for a few more debates. He actually makes them worth watching. Amanda Wallace is an English senior. Email

Service: Here for you in the summer, too It’s summer. Fun in the sun. You’re not supposed to get sick, right? If you’re on campus or in Lexington this summer, and you get sick or need to see a clinician, come to University Health Service. BRANDY We’re here REEVES for you during the school Contributing year, and in columnist the summer, too. If you are interested in coming to see a clinician and utilize our services, we recommend that you purchase the summer health fee. The summer health fee provides the same great services at UHS that you get during the school year. Stop by the second floor check-in desk for information on the summer health fee; you have until June 23 to purchase it. If you do not purchase the summer health fee, you can be seen at UHS on a fee-for-service basis during

Submissions Please limit letters to 350 words or fewer. Guest columns should be no more than 600 words. Be sure to include your full name, class, major and telephone number with all submissions. Telephone numbers will only be used to verify identity.


the summer. Summer tends to be a time of increased visits to the ER, as more people are out and about and participating in higher risk activities. UHS also offers urgent care, so if you injure yourself this summer, head on over to UHS. Remember, though, if your injury is severe or lifethreatening, you better head to the Emergency Room with your insurance card in hand. Too much fun in the sun? UHS clinicians can help relieve the burn and pain of a sunburn, recommend over-the-counter products, and provide information for staying safe in the sun. During the summer, UHS is open Monday through Friday, 8 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. We are not open on Saturdays in the summer. If you are interested in the services provided at UHS, please call 859-323-5823 or visit Brandy Reeves is a health education coordinator for University Health Service. Email

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4 | Thursday, June 16, 2011

Saying goodbye: Liggins AARON SMITH Kernel columnist

At the beginning of the year, before games had begun, DeAndre Liggins was sporting stitches in his lip. The result of an inadvertent elbow while playing a basketball game, the injury was less surprising and more fitting. Stitched lips almost seem natural when its on the face of a gritty and determined player like Liggins. I expected Liggins to receive many more of those throughout the year, because of either his style of play, or by diving for his 37 loose balls per game, or by someone cold-clocking him because of trash talking. He never got those stitches a second time, but he still carried out those three defining as-

pects of his game. Liggins was the ultimate player you only want on your team, and detest if he’s wearing another jersey. He would take you out of your offensive flow, at minimum, and let you know he was doing it. The steady stream of animated discourse had its repercussions: against Tennessee, the officials had to directly tell both him and Calipari that he was being excessive, and in the Southeastern Conference Tournament, punches were thrown in the tunnel after UK exacted revenge against Ole Miss. Both cases were quintessential Liggins — they may have been appalling or made your morals squirm a bit, but they were damn effective. The streetball-raised Liggins was embraced for his tenacious defense. While UK had the exuberant John Wall, the boisterous DeMarcus Cousins and the honorable


DeAndre Liggins, shown here during the SEC Championship game against Florida, is going to the NBA Draft, to be held June 23.

Patrick Patterson two years ago, Liggins gained the most respect from me because of his willingness to embrace a lesser role, despite adjusting to a new coaching era and after being suspended nine games for an undisclosed violation of team rules. Then, in his junior year, Liggins had the chance to progress as a player, and he did. While he never quite developed a solid offensive game — and that maddening Euro-step kept getting called for traveling every time — he had his share of big moments, culminating in the 3-pointer that sent UK to the Final Four (and, unfortunately, in the missed 3-pointer that sent UK home from the Final Four). But for all his merits as a player, it was his personal life that marked a deeper level of love for UK fans. On top of that, he continued progressing as a person, coming out of his self-constructed shell to socialize with his teammates. While he was tough to coach earlier in his career, Calipari repeatedly pointed out Liggins as the guy who most wanted to please him. It’s also this personal life that led Liggins to leave UK, against the (still unknown) advising of Calipari. He’s 23 (the same age as the current MVP and former Calipari-ite, Derrick Rose), and he has an infant child. It’s a decision we can’t hold against him by any means. He may or may not make it in the NBA. A defensiveminded wing player has a place in the Association — Tony Allen of the Memphis Grizzlies is the current model standard — but it’s a difficult niche to carve out for yourself. Calipari warned Liggins that he must be ready for the “worst-case” scenario. Then again, Liggins knows all about worst-case scenarios, and look where he is now. Follow Aaron on Twitter @KernelASmith.

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