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Beaux Arts Ball attendees rave at the annual event to raise money for multiple charities around Lexington. This is the event’s 42nd year in Lexington.

Sacre Beaux! Annual arts ball dazzles By Fink Densford

Elaborate costumes were commonplace among Beaux Arts Ball participants.

Few parties manage to include a drag show, fashion show, fire breathers, costumes ranging from bizarre to absurd and live disc jockeys, both local and national, in Lexington — but the Beaux Arts Ball does it all. Putting together a party this big takes a lot of planning. And that’s just what the three directors of the Beaux Arts Ball found out this year after helping put on one of Lexington’s biggest parties. Madelynn Ringo, Donovan Justice and Geoffrey Sorrel took the Beaux Arts Ball under their wings last year, and had previously worked together

on the Beaux Arts Fall Ball last October. All of the directors are third-year architecture students from UK’s College of Design and helped organize the event around their already busy schedules. “We started thinking about it when they approached us last year, about a week before the last event,” Ringo said. And the time required to prepare only grew from there. “It was a weekly thing, then a daily thing, then, as time went on, an hourly thing,” Ringo said. According to its website, the Beaux Arts Ball is the largest student- A student dances to Ladytron and other musical acts at the Beaux Arts Ball Saturday night, organized by architecture students. See BEAUX on page 2

Former 40-year employee Burch dies at age 72 By Gary Hermann


Chrome Cruiser goes head-to-head with Sing Sing Cindrela in Race 2 on Keeneland’s opening day.

5,000 students go to races More than 5,000 college students visited Keeneland Race Course Friday for opening day of its spring meet and for College Scholarship Day. Ten $1,000 scholarships were given throughout the day to students from various schools. A scholarship was awarded after each race. Keeneland spokeswoman Julie Balog said Friday’s overall attendance reached about 22,000. Balog said the number of college students was close to the record set at last year’s spring

College Scholarship Day. Keeneland spokeswoman Stephenie Steitzer said students from UK, Bluegrass Community and Technical College, Western Kentucky University, Bellarmine University, Georgetown College, Northern Kentucky University and Transylvania University won scholarships. Winners from UK were students James Hank, Kyle Kirk, Austin Jones and Evan Marker.

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Joseph T. Burch, a UK employee for more than 40 years, died April 4, leaving behind a legacy of service to the university. “He was one of the most insightful, Burch thoughtful, kind and caring individuals I have ever known,” Student Services Director John Herbst said. “He was a person we all wanted to work alongside.” Mr. Burch enrolled at UK in 1959. He received his Bachelor of Arts in economics in 1962 and his law degree in 1966, according to his family’s statement. In 1959, he began a job as a UK residence hall adviser. He later was appointed dean of men while enrolled at the UK Law School. He helped write the first UK Student Code. According to a UK press release, Mr. Burch was dean of students, deputy general counsel, assistant to the vice president for business affairs, acting director of athletics, acting vice chancellor, acting

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director of the Tobacco and Health Research Institute and vice president for university relations, which put him in charge of development, alumni affairs, public relations, police and parking. “He was the utility batter for the university,” Herbst said. “When a significant issue came up or there was a vision they needed a skilled person to craft, they went to Joe Burch.” Mr. Burch took over as athletics director for a short time in the late 1980s, with the daunting task of inheriting a UK men’s basketball team under NCAA investigation. “He had a toughness about him,” law professor Robert Lawson said. “That’s probably the reason he was selected to deal with these problem areas, but at the same time he was a very fair person.” Andrew Oppmann, a former editor-in-chief of the Kernel, said Mr. Burch was vital to the Kernel, especially during its particularly fragile years following independence in 1971, when it hovered near bankruptcy in the mid-1980s. “His value to the community and the university was amazing,” Oppmann said in

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an email to the Kernel. “I’ll always know and think of him as my dean of students, but he devoted his entire life to UK.” Mr. Burch was instrumental in the fundraising effort to build the William T. Young Library and in the transformation of UK Public Relations to a marketing and image building organization, Herbst said. “Knowing Joe, the thing he’d be most proud of is the student lives he was able to touch,” Herbst said. Mr. Burch retired from the university in 2001. “He left an absolutely incredible legacy,” Herbst said. “He was one of those rare administrators who developed relationships with the students, faculty and staff. After students graduated they stayed in touch with Joe. Twenty years after graduating, they still called him ‘Dean Burch.’” The Joseph T. Burch Society, a fundraising initiative, and the Joseph T. Burch Young Alumni Award have been named in his honor. “He loved the University of Kentucky better than anything,” Lawson said. “He spent his whole life here. He felt indebted to it, he was a See BURCH on page 2


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UK policemen break from running to eat doughnuts during the Krispy Kreme Challenge 5K.

Running, eating to victory Participants in the second annual Krispy Kreme Challenge 5K devoured glazed doughnuts in between bouts of running. About 300 signed up for the challenge, which raises money for UK’s Habitat for Humanity group. Some dressed up, and some got sick; but all ran some amount Saturday at Commonwealth Stadium.

One participant eats three doughnuts at once during the challenge’s halfway point.

Republicans oppose EPA policy In a largely symbolic gesture driven by growing Republican frustration with the Obama administration’s environmental policies, the GOP-controlled House of Representatives on Thursday passed a measure that would bar the Environmental Protection Agency from regulating greenhouse gases. The 255-172 vote on the measure by Republican Reps. Ed Whitfield of Kentucky and Fred Upton of Michigan came a day after the Democratic-controlled Senate voted down a similar measure sponsored by Minority Leader Mitch McConnell, R-Ky. Earlier this week, the Office of Management and Budget issued a statement saying that if the president were presented with the legislation, “his senior advisers would recommend that he veto the bill.” Despite the fact that the measure is unlikely to net the 60 votes needed to pass the Senate or survive a presidential veto, Whitfield, along with coal mining and manufacturing organizations and lawmakers who rep-

Horoscope Aries (March 21-April 19) — Today is a 6 — Your partner offers excellent support now. A balanced checkbook is only part of the story. Don't forget to breathe deeply. Be grateful for what you have. Passion or compassion? Don't worry, you'll think of something. Taurus (April 20-May 20) — Today is a 7 — Might as well listen ... you might have to compromise. Don't let worries about money interfere with love. Still, resist impetuous spending. Take tasks slowly to minimize error. Gemini (May 21-June 21) — Today is a 7 — Too much of a good thing causes problems. There's not as much as you hoped, and not as little as you feared. Still, anticipate some resistance to spending cuts. Cancer (June 22-July 22) — Today is a 7 — It could be a difficult time to be on the road, or pursuing romance. Be patient, and al-

resent states that rely heavily on those industries, claimed victory. “Over the last two years, the Environmental Protection Agency has been particularly active in advancing an aggressive environmental agenda, without regard to the impact on jobs and the economy,” Whitfield said after the vote. The tension between lawmakers such as Whitfield who hail from coal mining states, and Upton, who hails from a manufacturing state, stems from partisan interpretations of a 2007 Supreme Court ruling, Massachusetts v. EPA, which held that the agency should regulate greenhouse gases under the Clean Air Act. Republicans often accuse the Obama administration of interpreting the ruling too broadly and say the EPA’s efforts are crippling the economy. Democrats counter that it’s sound science, not the EPA, that’s guiding policy.

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run, non-profit organization in the state of Kentucky. So, why would students in a demanding architecture program take on so much responsibility? “Because Beaux Arts is awesome,” Ringo said. “It’s the best party, it’s the funnest day of the year and it’s such an awesome tradition in the architecture school.” Justice said that it was an amazing chance for them to learn and grow and that he couldn’t turn down the opportunity. “We’ve learned how to be a promoter, a graphic designer; it has been crazy,” Ringo said. “It’s like running a business.” Ringo said that she had been happy to see other people coming together to help make the party work and help organize the night’s other events. The ball’s fashion show, drag show and fire ensemble were organized by separate directors and united for the night’s festivities.

“There have been so many opportunities that have been given to us from running this event, because we can always take it further into our lives,” Justice said. But setting up the Beaux Arts Ball isn’t really about the directors, Ringo said. It’s about supporting Lexington. “It’s all about Lexington, serving the local organizations — letting those people who’ve never played in front of a crowd of more than 100 people, now they’re going to play tonight in front of thousands,” Ringo said. Justice said that while he loves the opportunity to learn from the event, it’s really about supporting the arts. “We are here to support the arts here in Lexington, so a lot of the installations you see tonight were from artists we try to help support,” Justice said. In 2008, the Beaux Arts Ball was able to raise $23,000 for charities and scholarships, according to its website. Last year, the Fall Ball raised $17,000, which Justice said helped them put on an even more amazing event this spring.

BURCH Continued from page 1 big part of it, and he went to his grave feeling that way about the University of Kentucky.” Mr. Burch is survived by his wife, Sue; his son, Darren; brothers, Ron (Janice) Burch and Fred (Sandy) Burch; sisters, Lois (Jim) Huff and Linda Loschiavo; sisters-in-law, Barbara Petersen, Lynn (Phil) Robertson and their families; and many nieces and nephews. According to his family’s obituary, a private service will be held at a later date. Mr. Burch will be buried at Highland Cemetery in northern Kentucky.

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shannon frazer | opinions editor |

Cats vs. Dogs: Why UK didn’t beat UConn Some people are cat people, and some people are dog people. I’m definitely more of a dog person; even though I do truly love my Wildcats. But are there obvious reasons our Kentucky Wildcats couldn’t succeed in the battle against the University of Connecticut Huskies? Considering the Final Four outcome, a dog person might simply agree: It’s because dogs EMILY dominate and are ultimately, RALENKOTTER well, better than cats. Looking at Guest the common characteristics of columnist both mascots, they seem to match the actual teams’ performances in the Final Four games. Dogs are known to travel in packs and look for a single leader to follow. For the Huskies, one leader stands out the most: Kemba Walker. Cats are more independent and don’t search for a specific leader; they are also more territorial in the wild when hunting for food and don’t share as much as dogs do. In previous games throughout the tournament, there were evident leaders in key wins: Brandon Knight, Josh Harrellson, DeAndre Liggins. But did anyone really step up against UConn to be the standout leader for UK? The Wildcats missed a surprising number of important shots in the game, putting them down 10 points at halftime. Were some of those missed shooting opportunities due to the wrong shot decisions and not

sharing their “food” very well, or, in Kentucky’s case, the ball? Cats are known for some incredible features. They are extremely flexible and have running and jumping capabilities unlike most animals. The Wildcats have shown this powerful strength they possess against other teams by hustling and charging the court, finishing plays successfully by scoring on most possessions. But against the Huskies? The dogs fought back with intense aggressiveness cats just can’t match. Dogs obey and try to please their owners as much as possible. Dogs are generally more playful, too. Cats are more serious and aren’t as sociable like dogs. Were the Wildcats too stern, nervous and overly cautious during the game, when they should have been more relaxed and fearless, like the Huskies were? Whether or not the animals that represent each school mean anything about the way they play basketball, I think they play a part in why the Wildcats lost against the Huskies. Even climbing and clawing their way back into the game in the second half (something dogs can’t do) all the way to the final seconds, the effort wasn’t quite enough. The dogs trumped the cats, leaving a devastating loss for the Wildcats and a triumphant win for the Huskies. A big advantage cats have against dogs? Cats are said to have nine lives. UK did lose nine games this season, so let’s hope this gives us an outlook that our Wildcats won’t lose anymore than that number in the future. Emily Ralenkotter is a communication disorders freshman. Email


I have some information that I want to pass along, and then I have some questions that I would like someone, anyone — maybe some intrepid reporter, or dare I suggest the administrator — to ask and answer. A university campus is a place where a word has great value. The words “genocide,” “holocaust,” “lynching” and “abortion” are very specific words with real, very specific meanings. Genocide means the calculated, very specific eradication of a selected group of people — usually due to race, creed or culture — performed by a government. The Holocaust was the calculated genocide, or removal, of millions of individuals — Jews, homosexuals, mentally disabled and Romani — during World War II by the German government in an attempt to purify a race. Relatives of that atrocity live among us and do not need to see lies spread about it. Lynchings were performed across the South for nearly a century. The individuals involved did not mean to eradicate all African-Americans. They did mean to spread fear and intimidate people. So lynching is not genocide. Relatives of those awful incidents live among us and do not need to see lies spread about it. Abortion does not fit the definition either. Abortion is an elective

medical procedure that is legal in the United States. No government is trying to eradicate all fetuses. No private group of individuals is trying to eracidate all fetuses. Therefore, the whole project is premised on a lie; repeating the lie does not make it true. No genocide is being performed upon fetuses. And again, there are individuals who have chosen to have this legal, elective medical procedure in their lifetimes, and they do not need to see lies spread about it. This information is an attempt to clarify a disturbing abuse of free speech perpetrated upon us over the course of the last few days. Now, my questions are simple: Why was this patently untruthful display allowed on our campus? And if allowed, why was it not placed in the “free speech” space? Some students have told me that it was informational and therefore was allowed within our core space. So, I wonder, if the Ku Klux Klan or NeoNazis come to campus to distribute their informational material, will they also be given prime real estate in the academic core of our campus? This precedent seems to establish this placement as new policy. Can someone get a truthful answer from the administrator who unleashed this ugly, pain-provoking and dishonest display? Melinda Johnson History doctoral student

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Pepperhill Farm Day Camp is now accepting applications for summer camp counselors in the following areas: horseback riding, swimming, arts & crafts, canoeing and archery. Apply: 2104 Eastway Drive, Lexington or Call: 859-277-6813

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Tennis Instructor, Waterski Instructor, Office Asst. Apply on-line at Construction Help Needed, Full- or Part-time. Apply in person @ 1170 Industry Road. Now hiring part time Nanny for 2 girls, ages 7 and 12. Must have reliable transportation, be available afternoons, and be able to accommodate the girls’ very active schedule. Position will extend into summer so we are looking for someone who is fun, energetic, creative, and knows how to swim. Please email resume and references to Lex. Lawn & Landscape is looking for PT/Seasonal help. Go to to see job, requirements and apply. Lifeguard – Louisville: We are seeking summer Lifeguards/Pool Attendants to join our team of professionals at our award-winning apartment community situated on beautiful McNeely Lake on the southeast side of Louisville. Duties include supervising the swimming pool and pool area cleaning in accordance with local and state regulations. Jefferson County Pool Attendant Certification is required. We offer a respectful, friendly and team-oriented environment with a base pay of $10/hour. Hours will average 20 – 30 per week, including weekends. Please send your resume to or fax to (502)966-2734. Summer Jobs – Labor: Local real estate company seeking summer help turning vacant apartments. Duties include trash-out, cleaning, basic repairs for drywall, painting, carpentry, plumbing, etc. Hourly wage $8-10/hour, depending on skill level. Opportunity for overtime, reliable transportation required. Contact Please provide a list of previous skills or experience and availability for summer. Servers!!!! Ramsey's Diners now hiring for servers at all locations. Please apply in person. Personal Trainers Needed: Snap Fitness Leestown and Harrodsburg Road. Qualifications - passion for fitness, sales skills, positive attitude, PT certifications. Flexible hours, send resume to Earn Cash Today! Donate Plasma and earn up to $50 today and $300 in a month! 1840 Oxford Circle, 859-2548047 or 817 Winchester Road, 859-233-9296. New or 6 month Inactive Donors bring this ad for $5 Extra! Part-time warehouse help close to campus. Great job for reliable college student with flexible schedule. Apply in person at 573 Angliana Ave. M-F 9-5. PT Tutors and Instructors who can teach English language and school homework to Japanese people whose ages range from preschool to adults. Degrees required. Send resume to: Obunsha Bluegrass Academy, 2417 Regency Rd., Suite F, Lexington, KY 40503. E-mail: Leasing Consultant – Part-time: Are you a star performer? Are you results oriented? Would you like to determine your own income potential? We are seeking a driven Leasing Consultant to join our team of professionals. We offer a respectful, friendly and team-oriented environment with a competitive base pay of $8/hour, plus excellent commission opportunities. Hours needed are Monday, Wednesday mornings and weekends, averaging 20 hours per week. Reliable transportation required. Previous sales experience and an outgoing personality are most successful in this position. Please send resume to Accounting Office Assistant – Part-time: Accounting majors preferred for local Real Estate development company with excellent growth opportunities. Work hours are flexible on Wednesday, Thursday & Friday, up to 25 hours/week. Full-time available over summer. $8/hour, close to campus/downtown. Please send resume & class scheduled to

WEDDING PHOTOGRAPHY ASSISTANT needed for several Saturdays in the Spring, Summer and Fall of 2011. Responsibilities include assisting with lighting, posing and photographing. Photography experience required. Send resume and portfolio to or to 218 Sycamore Rd, Lexington, KY 40502.

Healthy Marijuana Users Needed for Behavioral Study. Researchers with the University of Kentucky College of Medicine, Department of Behavioral Science are recruiting healthy volunteers ages 18-40 to participate in a research study to evaluate the behavioral effects of marijuana. Qualified volunteers will be paid for their participation. The study involves completion of 8 to 16 testing sessions and are run in a pleasant setting during daytime hours. Snacks, movies, video games and reading materials will be provided. Please call (859) 2773799. Investigators will return your call to discuss eligibility. Or visit our website at

Camp Counselors, male/female, needed for great overnight camps in the mountains of PA. Have fun while working with children outdoors. Positions still available – Unit Leaders, Director of Arts & Crafts,

Lifeguards and Pool managers needed. PPM is hiring for clubs and waterparks in Lex, Lou and Richmond. $7.50 – $13.00/hour. Email for application.

PartTime-Front Office-Plastic Surgery, Tues-Thurs Only 8am-5pm, Mon-Weds-Fri Only 8am-5pm, Marketing or Communications majors preferred. Email résumé to STUDENTPAYOUTS.COM. Paid survey takers needed in Lexington. 100% FREE to join. Click on surveys. Work/Study & Earn at the same time. If you have a class schedule that permits & reliable transportation, you could work for Lifeline escorting our elderly clients to dr. visits, shopping, etc. CALL: Lifeline Homecare, Inc. 859-273-2708 or email: BARTENDING! UP TO $250 a day. No exp. Necessary. Training provided. 800-965-6520 x-132

Professional Services FREE!! RxCARD!! SAVE $100's On Your Prescription Meds At Over 56,000 Pharmacies! Go Online, Search Prices and Locations! HONDA SERVICE AND REPAIR, ALPINE IMPORTS, SINCE 1980, NEXT TO WOODHILL MOVIES 10, CHECK US OUT AT CARTALK.COM UNDER FIND A GREAT MECHANIC 269-4411

Wanted Researchers are recruiting social drinkers with or without ADHD for studies concerning the effects of alcohol. Looking for Male and Female participants between 21-35 years of age. All participants are compensated for their time. Please call 257-5794.

Roommates Wanted Female Roommate needed! The Lex Apts for summer. Pool, workout room, media center, walk to UK. Rent Negotiable. Cal 859-717-8231 Female Roommate Wanted to sub-lease 4BR townhouse from May 1st – July 31st, Red Mile Square. $370 + utilities. Available May 1st. Call 859-446-6552 or 859-553-6096 $520/4BR. Need Roommate. All inclusive. 859-455-8208 $619/2BR. Need Roommate. All inclusive. 859-455-8208 Roommates wanted. Brand new. Student housing complex. 859-455-8208 1-2 Roommates Wanted for House in center of campus. or 859-433-2692 Roommate Needed. Extremely nice. All utilities, Cable TV & Highspeed Internet included. Dennis @ 859-983-0726. Female Roommate Wanted: Female Student a Must. 1BR for sub-lease, near UK. $375/month + utilities. Available immediately. 859-588-5757

Lost & Found KEY LOST, March 26-27. Key is on a blue lanyard. Please call 502-876-4780. FOUND! Apartment Key on a lanyard, on campus. Please call 257-2871. Lost: Black & Green Flip Phone, Sony Ericsson. Email Found: Beautiful silver and pearl earring on the sidewalk between Mines & Minerals and Hilary J. Boone Center. Call 859 229 7256 to describe and claim. FOUND- TI-84 plus calculator in room CB 207. Contact the Math department, 257-6802, to claim.

Travel BAHAMAS SPRING BREAK: $189 – 5 days or $239 – 7 days. All prices include round trip luxury cruise with food, accommodations on the island at your choice of thirteen resorts. Appalachia Travel 1-800867-5018,

The Kentucky Kernel is not responsible for information given to fraudulent parties. We encourage you not to participate in anything for which you have to pay an up-front fee or give out credit card or other personal information, and to report the company to us immediately.

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Chad Wright is thrown out sliding into second base against Auburn. The Tigers swept UK this weekend.

Auburn completes sweep of Cats By Ethan Levine

You couldn’t ask for a better day for baseball as the UK baseball team took on the Auburn Tigers on Sunday afternoon in the finale of their three-game weekend series. After dropping the first two games of the series to the Tigers, the Cats couldn’t salvage a win on getaway day, losing by a score of 8-2, giving Auburn the series sweep. After scoring two runs in the bottom of the first inning to take a 2-0 lead, UK’s offense failed to get on the scoreboard the rest of the afternoon. Taylor Rodgers, the Cats’ starting pitcher, managed to keep UK (16-17, 2-10 SEC) in the game for most of the afternoon, exiting the game with two outs in the

seventh inning, with the game tied at two runs apiece. “I didn’t really want to come out of the game, but that’s not my choice,” Rodgers said. “I felt really good today. I’ve been working on some stuff throughout the week, and it paid off today.” But once Rodgers exited the game, the script changed dramatically for UK’s bullpen. UK head coach Gary Henderson brought Trevor Gott in to relieve Rodgers and close out the seventh inning after a tie at first base, which would have represented the final out of the inning, was awarded to the Auburn base runner rather than UK’s defense. “Clearly the guy is out,” Henderson said of the play after the game, “but beyond that break, which would have put a ‘0’ on the board, we have to

field the next ground ball.” Unfortunately, the Cats were not able to field the next ground ball, as the game got out of hand quickly. Gott allowed four runs before recording the final out of the seventh inning, two of which were credited to Rodgers, who took the loss. This weekend, the bullpen allowed 19 runs to Auburn in eight innings of action, six of which were allowed in the final two and one-third innings of Sunday’s game. The defense certainly did not help the bullpen, recording four errors on the afternoon, three of which were recorded in the eighth inning. “I wouldn’t blame it on the bullpen today,” Henderson said. “We obviously drifted mentally there in the seventh inning defensively, and

Premieres Live From Keeneland Friday, April 15, 4:30 PM

For the first time ever, The Late DDouble will premiere from Keeneland, Friday, April 15, at 4:30 PM. You’re invited to join the TVG crew live at the track! Our pros will be there, breaking down the Maker’s Mark Mile, interviewing fans, and more.

Cruise by for your chance to win prizes and be on TV!

Come early to get your spot by the TVG set set!!

4201 Versailles Road, Lexington, Kentucky 40588 s (859) 254-3412

the game got away from us.” After the sweep by Auburn, the Cats extended their conference losing streak to nine games in a row. The streak includes sweeps at the hands of Alabama, South Carolina and now Auburn. With a game at rival Louisville on Tuesday, and a three-game series at Ole Miss to follow, UK will need to find a way out of its funk if they want any chance at postseason play. “I think all we have to do is stay positive,” Rodgers said. “I think (Tuesday’s game at Louisville) will be kind of like a stepping stone. If we can win that and just kind of roll on out for the rest of the season, we should be good; especially with the in-state rivalry we have.”

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