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UK earns bye in SEC tourney GRE to change this summer

By Aaron Smith

KNOXVILLE, Tenn. — UK has certainly been bipolar, depending on the location of its games this season. But now, they’re simply bye-winning. A 64-58 win on Tennessee’s Senior Day gave UK (22-8, 10-6 Southeastern Conference) a No. 2 seed in the SEC Tournament and a first-round bye. Head coach John Calipari said it might have bumped UK up to a No. 3 seed in the NCAA Tournament if the Cats take care of business in the SEC, and that the win was “as much about that seed in the (NCAA) Tournament.” UK certainly didn’t look like a top seed in the first half against Tennessee. DeAndre Liggins was the only UK player to make more than one shot in the first 20 minutes, scoring all six of his points in that time frame. “I let guys know in no uncertain terms, DeAndre was the only guy who showed up in the first half,” Calipari said. “He was by himself.” Calipari had been yelling and stomping with a special vigor throughout the first half. Heading into halftime, down seven, the players knew what was coming. “I wasn’t friendly, let me say that,” Calipari said. “It was nothing to do with execution, just competitive spirit. I went right down the room.” Still, Calipari has men-

By Jarrod Thacker


Brandon Knight drives against the defensive pressure of Tennessee in Knoxville on Sunday. The Cats’ win over the Vols earned them a first-round bye in the SEC tournament. tioned before that it has to be his players’ team, not his. So the players huddled up before stepping on the court to resume play and promised to give “110 percent effort,” Terrence Jones said. UK proceeded to go for the 50-50 balls Calipari has been imploring them to go

after, winning most of them — including those that mattered most, at the end of the game. Josh Harrellson, who Calipari said “did nothing” the first 37 minutes, grabbed two big rebounds. One allowed UK to keep possession from the two-minute mark to

the one-minute mark. Free throws at the end of that sequence gave UK a five-point lead, enough to carry it to the end of the game. “In the second half we came out with a whole different swagger,” said Jones, who did the same himself. See BBALL on page 4

Beginning Aug. 1, aspiring graduate students will face an untested challenge when seeking admission to post-baccalaureate studies. A revised Graduate Record Examination (GRE) General Test will be available late this summer, after undergoing several alterations to its question structure and methodology. The GRE General Test is a standardized assessment created by Educational Testing Service (ETS) used by many programs across the nation to evaluate a student’s aptitude for graduate-level work, in addition to other variables, such as recommendations and undergraduate records. The examination will still be comprised of three core sections: analytical writing, verbal reasoning and quantitative reasoning. “ETS is always looking for ways to refine and improve the tests we design … We wanted the test to more closely reflect the kinds of tasks and skills students will encounter in graduate and business schools,” ETS Press Relations Director Thomas Ewing said. Ewing said the modified exam will reflect more reallife scenarios; eliminate vocabulary-focused questions, such as ones using antonyms and analogies; feature more focused analytical writing tasks; and use an imbedded, software calculator.

What will change? The revised GRE General Test will include: — More real-life scenarios — Less vocabulary-focused questions — More focused writing tasks — Use of imbedded software calculators He said that while the revised exam has a different score scale, current GRE exam results will continue to be accepted. GRE scores are good for five years from the test date. Luckily for students who have not been administered the test, ETS believes that while the revised test is longer, the revision will make the test more user friendly. The new exam interface will allow students to skip, review, revise and change questions within a section. Test preparation service Kaplan affirms that instead of each correct answer making the successive question more difficult, the new system will adapt based the percentage of 20 questions that are correct. “I am optimistic that the test will be friendlier for the students,” Patricia Bond, senior assistant dean in the UK Graduate School’s Office of Graduate Admissions and Recruitment, said. “It is my understanding that the changes See GRE on page 2

Failure Student brings UK Hoops runner up in SEC to world news to UK launch By Chandler Howard

By Drew Teague

Space lab looks to future after satellite falls By Fink Densford

A few UK students have learned firsthand just how hard it can be to make it into space. The UK Space Systems Laboratory is looking to the future after their satellite, KySat-1, failed to reach orbit Friday with NASA’s Glory mission. Students had gathered together to watch the launch, which, in addition to the $424 million NASA satellite, contained the small satellite designed and built by UK students. “There was a sense of excitement and nervousness in the room,” Daniel Erb, the student director of the SSL, said. “We had done it before, up to the T-minus seven minute mark.” The previous launch attempt a week earlier had been scrubbed at seven minutes due to a simple computer glitch, and the launch had to be rescheduled. The students were hopeful, but nervous, about this launch as liftoff approached, Erb said. Six minutes after liftoff, however, NASA announced that the vehicle’s velocity was underperforming, and that it See SPACE on page 2

One student is trying to bring the international world closer to the UK community. MeNore Lake, a biology sophomore, is starting a monthly publication to inform the UK community about international news and its local impact. It will be called “The World Report.” The idea came to Lake as a result of her family’s Ethiopian roots and the exposure to international discussion that took place at their dinner table, as they talked about current events in the international community. While at UK, the international news seemed absent from her current “world,” Lake said.

Get involved Contact MeNore Lake at to get involved. Visit the Student Organizations website for more info. “The biggest part of the transition into college was feeling as if I lived in two different worlds,” Lake said. “There was one, the college course world, doing homework, and on the other hand I would go home every weekend … and I’d be exposed to the world news, and I’d talk about it with my family. So I had a need to integrate those two aspects that I feel are important.”

Newsroom: 257-1915 Advertising: 257-2872 First issue free. Subsequent issues 25 cents.

Lake has had a difficult time starting The World Report, bringing the idea to several people, until she reached Dr. Yung Soo Kim, a professor in the School of Journalism and Telecommunications, who decided to help her. Lake has reached out to various groups and organizations on campus to help reach the mission of The World Report, “to strive to be inclusive of all the university’s groups.” “(We’ve reached out) to the Office of Multicultural Affairs,” Lake said. “I’ve also reached out to the School of Journalism, where my adviser is. I got invited to visit and speak to a journalism 101 class and let them know about the group.” Lake asked the dean of the College of Arts & Sciences if she could present her organization to those dean’s list students at their reception and was granted permission. She will be speaking Wednesday at the reception in the Hilary J. Boone Center. Her adviser, Kim, said he decided to help her because he has been an international student, as a native Korean, and he feels The World Report would greatly benefit not just the American UK students, but the international ones as well. “I believe the presence of the international community in the UK is getting bigger and bigger as more and more international students See REPORT on page 2


NASHVILLE, Tenn. — With 3:09 remaining in the Southeastern Conference Tournament championship, the Tennessee Lady Vols walked onto the floor waving their arms, beckoning their fans to get louder. But they didn’t need to; their team was already winning by 25. A blistering 76.2 threepoint percentage from the Lady Vols told the story of the game; but when they weren’t making shots, UK wasn’t hitting any shots of its own as the Cats fell to Tennessee 90-65. Season concluded, No. 16 UK now awaits an expected at-large bid to the NCAA Tournament, which begins on March 19. “We have had some tough times this year, some very deflating losses,” head coach Matthew Mitchell said. “But each time, this group has been able to bounce back … This is another chance for us to bounce back and show the great character these kids have.” For the full story, visit


UK guard Bernisha Pinkett drives to the basket against Tennessee on Sunday. The Cats lost in the SEC title game.

Institute connects cultures By Charlie Cecil

Honors students at UK are being challenged in an open competition for the chance to be selected to the US-United Kingdom Fulbright Summer Institutes. The institutes provide an opportunity for students to learn about a new culture while improving academic skills at a top in the line uni-

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versity in the United Kingdom. To apply, the student must be 18 or older and a U.S. citizen with a passport. The student is expected to have a confirmed minimum of a 3.5 GPA. Students must be freshmen or sophomores to be eligible. The director of the program at UK is Dr. Lisa Broome-Price. “The mission of the Ful-

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bright Program is to promote cultural understanding, so an eagerness to learn about the culture and heritage of the UK is important,” BroomePrice said. The institutes are looking for those who are strongwilled, independent and willing to venture out and make the most of a whole new experience in learning. See FULBRIGHT on page 2


2 | Monday, March 7, 2011

REPORT Continued from page 1 and faculties come to UK,” Kim said. “Reaching out to those internationals (students) and encouraging them to communicate with other UK members, not only internationals ... would be valuable.” Lake said the group is growing, but she wants stu-

SPACE Continued from page 1 would not make orbit. The fairing, a clamshell enclosure that separates the satellites from the rocket, did not separate, and left the rocket too heavy to make orbit. After the announcement, Twyman Clements, a graduate student with SSL, said there were about five minutes of dead silence in the room. “It was like watching part of your family die. They still had video on the rocket going, we could still see it, but

dents from all over UK to contribute their views. There are still leadership positions available for The World Report, she said. “Since I have reached out to all these different organizations, I have received really great feedback,” Lake said. “With that global scope of (The World Report), anybody that has any type of interest in development of a consciousness to the world

should fit in here.” Though The World Report is starting out as a monthly online publication, Lake said she would like eventually to see a possible bimonthly print version. “Our goal will be fulfilled and realized when my peers can distinctly view The World Report as a presentation of the elements of their future and their world,” Lake said. “I think the best

way to approach that and to achieve that is through immediately available text.” Lake wants The World Report to be as available to the UK community as possible, taking examples from other already established organizations. “The effect of the Kernel now is gigantic — everyone reads it. I see everyone, students and employees, reading it,” Lake said. “I imag-

you knew it wouldn’t happen,” Clements said. NASA reported that the rocket and its payload crashed somewhere in the southern Pacific Ocean. “My stomach dropped, I basically had to leave the room,” Erb said. “We knew at that point.” The same fairing separation problem had plagued an earlier launch in 2009, but NASA investigated and fixed the failure at the time. “It just underscores how hard it is to put something in space,” James Lumpp, associate professor and director of the SSL, said. “Even the best

engineers in the world can have problems.” The crew stepped outside and watched the sun rise together, trying to focus on the future of the lab, and realized it was just another day, Lumpp said. “We all just kind of went outside, watched the sun rise,” Erb said. “We did some primal yelling, you know, to release some stress. Then we tried to relax.” “It was nice, we were all family,” Clements said. “We all went through that together.” The SSL wasn’t only invested in the satellite, howev-

er. The lab also has designed and actively supports equipment on the International Space Station, which they continue to work on and improve, Clements said. “For the engineering students to design the satellite, to build it, to get it on the pad for the rocket — that was 95 percent of the educational experience,” Lumpp said. The SSL still has an engineering model of the satellite and hopes to have it running and ready for a future launch with NASA. “We’ll still get there,” Lumpp said, “this is just a setback.”

GRE Continued from page 1 will better address the critical thinking and reasoning skills needed in graduate education.” Students who want to make the UK Graduate School fall 2011 deadline have to take the unrevised GRE exam, but other students have the option of taking either test. For students who register to test in August or September 2011, $80 will be taken off the $160 exam, with scores being sent out by mid-November.

US heightens travel alert MEXICO CITY — A new U.S. government advisory urges a “heightened sense of alert” for Americans living or traveling in central Mexico — a destination for many North Texas residents — after drug cartel gunmen fatally shot a U.S. agent and wounded another there. The agents were ambushed in San Luis Potosi state on Tuesday. Immigration and Customs Enforcement agent Jaime Zapata later died of his wounds. Agent Victor Avila was wounded. In North Texas, the second-largest population of immigrants is from San Luis Potosi, and many of them travel to their hometowns on federal Highway 57, where the attack on the agents took place. About 300,000 natives of San Luis Potosi state live in Texas, many of them in North Texas, said Peggy Jaramillo, president of the group Your House San Luis Potosi in Texas, which provides immigrants with help and information. Traditionally, about 60 percent of them return to their hometowns at some point

each year, often at Christmas or in the summer, but that number has fallen by about half as concerns about security have grown, she said. Jaramillo said she and other Mexicans are “definitely thinking twice before traveling not just to San Luis Potosi but anywhere in the country.” The route is also popular for Americans vacationing in the states of San Luis Potosi, Zacatecas and Guanajuato, with its popular community of San Miguel de Allende, a second home to thousands of Texans. “For every American who does visit, there are 100 of their American friends who ask, ‘Are you crazy?’” said Dan Scher, co-owner of Casa Puesta del Sol, a bed and breakfast in San Miguel popular with Americans and Mexicans. “We're grateful that we're getting more Mexican tourism because tourism from the U.S. is dead.” Scher and his wife, Gabriela, plan to offer discounts, a rarity, to lure tourists as spring break and Easter near.

“Get on a plane and fly, don't drive,” he advised. “I wouldn't.” Whether the U.S. advisory affects Texas-Mexico commercial ties remains to be seen. One business security consultant said Friday that plans to move goods — everything from food to televisions, jeans and auto parts — would go ahead as planned. “That highway, which is our NAFTA highway, has been dangerous for quite some time,” a U.S. corporate security consultant said, speaking on condition of anonymity. “This incident only makes us that much more cautious.” Surface transportation trade between the U.S. and Mexico totaled $28.6 billion in November 2010, up nearly 20 percent over the prioryear's same month, according to the latest data available from the Bureau of Transportation Statistics. Texas led all states in trade with Mexico, with imports and exports totaling $10.3 billion.


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ine, ‘What if they were reading The World Report?’ I imagine how that would change and transform the university and its people.” Lake said it is hard not to deal with international issues at this point, and following just local news and issues is not enough for a person. “The world is fully connected. There’s no island that’s isolated,” Lake said.

FULBRIGHT Continued from page 1 Those selected must be engaged in all assignments and be willing to participate in classroom discussions. The program does not end when students travel back home; they are expected to take all that they have learned and use it to continue in their undergraduate studies. There are three institutes available to UK students. The schools are Newcastle University, Roehampton University and the Wales Summer Institute. Students are required to pick one school of study before applying. The competition is open to all students in all areas of study. According to BroomePrice, the Fulbright Institutes have a prestigious history dating from 1948. “The global program was conceived by U.S. Sen. J. William Fulbright in the aftermath of World War II to

“You can’t live solely off of domestic politics and influences.” Lake has not set an official date for the first meeting. Those interested in becoming involved with The World Report can contact her at Check out the website for The World Report at

For more information To apply, visit /fulbright-awards/for-uscitizens/summer-institutes Applications are due by April 15. promote leadership, learning and empathy between nations through educational exchange,” Broome-Price said. She said that Fulbright once said that the goal of the exchanges was to generate a deeper understanding of difference cultures and peoples of the world. Applications are due no later than April 15.

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shannon frazer | opinions editor |

Palmer to say ‘bye-bye Bengals’? Pull the plug; it’s time to cut the lights on this soap opera we’re calling a relationship. It’s time to part ways and find someone new. The public off-season feud between Cincinnati Bengals owner Mike Brown and quarterback Carson Palmer has elevated to new heights. Palmer has said he would rather retire than play another down as a Bengal. Then, to prove he wasn’t messing around, he put his house on the market, and even more recently he reiterated the fact that he wants out of Cincinnati. The Bengals are now in a think-fast sitGARRETT uation — they can let Palmer go and look BONISTALLI for a quarterback in the draft via trade, or Guest they could keep Palmer, refuse his trade recolumnist quest and try to work things out. The Bengals currently own the fourth pick in this year’s draft and will more than likely seriously consider taking a quarterback. Missouri's Blaine Gabbert (3,186 passing yards, 16 touchdowns, 232 rushing yards, 5 TDs), Washington’s Jake Locker (2,265 passing yards, 17 TDs, 385 yards rushing, 6 TDs) and Heisman Trophy Winner Cam Newton (2,854 yards passing, 30 TDs, 1,473 yards rushing, 20 TDs) of Auburn are the top three rated quarterbacks thus far, in that order, according to Scouts Inc. If the Bengals choose not to take a quarterback with their pick they can opt to trade for one. The Titans have already said that Vince Young won’t be back next year. Donovan McNabb’s agent has said that his client would like to be traded out of D.C., and with MVP candidate Michael Vick recently signing his tender, it appears that backup Kevin Kolb’s ticket has all but been punched out of Philadelphia. The Bengals entered the 2010 season ranked as the seventh youngest team in the league with an average age of 26.6 years old, according to However, the nucleus of their offense (Palmer, 31, running back Cedric Benson, 28, and wide receiver Chad Ochocinco, 33) is an average of 30.6 years old. And even though Palmer has lead the Bengals to two division titles (2005, 2009) in his tenure as quarterback, he is yet to ever win in the postseason. Along with that, his 20 interceptions were the third most in the league last year and his eight fourth-quarter interceptions were also tied for third most. The two sides haven’t done much for each other lately in what is considered a “What have you done for me lately?” business. Bringing back Palmer for a ninth season would just be delaying the inevitable, which is his departure from Cincinnati. The NFL draft is scheduled to begin April 28, and with somebody new likely in the cards, the Bengals and their future are on the clock. Tick tock. Garrett Bonistalli is a journalism senior. E-mail

TAYLOR CARDEN, Kernel cartoonist

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4 | Monday, March 7, 2011

Cats ‘grow up’ in quality road win Win in Knoxville gives UK confidence for postseason NICK CRADDOCK Kernel columnist

KNOXVILLE, Tenn. — At long last, the elusive quality road win the Cats desired came to fruition, but only with a healthy dose of irony. Just when the Cats finally squeak out a win on the road, the schedule lists no more true road games ahead for the Cats this season. Sure, the Cats managed to spoil the Tennessee Volunteers’ sendoff of six seniors in a hostile Thompson-Boling Arena and spoil the festivities surrounding the retirement of former Vol great Allan Houston’s No. 20 jersey, but something better than finding a cure for persistent road woes occurred. It was the improved play based on a change in mindset rather than a change in venue that was the most impressive aspect of UK’s 64-58 win over the Vols. “What I told them was ‘We grew up today,’” UK head coach John Calipari said. “For the first time this year that we played the way we started and then we changed it: North Carolina

BBALL Continued from page 1 Jones finished with 15 points and 12 rebounds after shooting 1-for-9 in the first half. Swagger, and improved accuracy. After hitting one of five threes, UK opened the second half with a flurry, burying five 3-pointers to capture a 43-37 lead. Three came from Knight, who rebounded from a two-point first half en route to leading

we did it, we couldn’t change it. Georgia on the road we did it, we couldn’t change it. Mississippi on the road we did it, we couldn’t change it. Arkansas on the road we did it, we couldn’t change it. Here, we changed.”

“Everyone knows the NCAA tournament isn’t played on the road.” JOHN CALIPARI UK head coach

Coincidentally, last year UK failed to find the winning formula to win on the road at South Carolina or at Tennessee, the only two Southeastern Conference away venues the Cats managed to exit with victories this season. But on this trip to the peak of Rocky Top, the Cats discovered some Dalai Lamaesque mountain wisdom about the ways of winning tough games that has escaped them all season: The turnaround. “We came out in the beginning of the first half lackadaisical, we weren’t ready to play,” UK junior guard Dar-

UK with 19 points. “Second half I knew we would get it going,” Jones said. “We weren’t going to stay shooting that bad the whole game.” UK had to fight off not only Tennessee in the second half, but foul trouble and a lack of timeouts. Everyone in the six-player rotation except Jones was in foul trouble by the opening minutes of the second half. Liggins and Doron Lamb ended up fouling out, and

ius Miller said. To speak to Miller’s point, consider that UK was shooting a paltry 28.6 percent from the floor at halftime, including a combined 2-of-15 from freshman phenoms Brandon Knight and Terrence Jones. The Cats had also burned through four of their five timeouts for the game, a result of the Vols’ relentless attacking on defense as much as it was UK’s lack of fire, or what Calipari calls the “will to win.” “How in the world were we only down seven?” Calipari asked. It took only roughly five minutes of the second half for Jones and Knight to make a stretch of plays drastically different from those they made in the first half to turn the seven-point deficit into a seven-point lead. From that point on, Calipari used his “grind-it-out” offense, UK survived foul trouble, committed only four turnovers and endured for the win — with one timeout to spare. Theoretically, UK’s road ahead shouldn’t be paved with 21,000-plus orange-clad fans berating players with verbal assaults. “Everyone knows the NCAA Tournament isn’t

“In the second half, we came out with a whole different swagger.” TERRENCE JONES UK freshman forward

Darius Miller played the last six minutes with four. UK also had burned all


Robots make rounds in UK hosptial Devices designed to make deliveries By Fink Densford

These robots won’t beat you at Jeopardy, but they might just beat you in a race across the hospital. The Kentucky Clinic is now using two TUG robots to make deliveries across the hospital, traveling amidst the staff and patients within the hospital on their journey. Two robots, named Bot 1 and Bot 2, make deliveries of samples across the UK Hospital, from the clinic where they’re collected to the laboratory that they’re tested in. “Everyone thinks they’re a floor sweeper or waxer or something,” Sherri Arnold, a lab technician at the Kentucky Clinic said. The trip that the robots take is roughly 1/3 each way, and the robots take it 11 times a day, Pamela Lee-Miller, the Kentucky Clinic lab coordinator said. On their journey, the robots will remotely call elevators, open doors and travel across a bridge between the two facilities. The robots will speak to let people around know when they’re calling and entering elevators, or if they’ve become stuck on their route. Pamela said the entire trip takes 20 to 40 minutes depending on foot traffic through the hospital. If the robots get stuck, the staff can activate a camera on the front to see what the problem is. Peter Seiff, vice president of business development with Aethon, the company that supplies the robots, said that the robots can pull up to 1,000 pounds on a level surface, and their battery life allows them


Bot 2, a hospital transport robot, is able to deliver specimens as a result of a series of pre-programmed commands, like taking an elevator. to run for six to eight hours before they need a full charge. “I was very reluctant in the beginning, and now it frees me up to not have to look for staff who get distracted on their trips,” Pamela said. The robots are not replacing any employees in the lab, but are taking over a task that

“Everyone thinks they’re a floor sweeper or waxer or something.” SHERRI ARNOLD Lab Technician

employees struggled to find time to do before, Sherri said. “We’ve tried to hire temporary employees to do the running, and we’ve not had much success,” Pamela said. Pamela said that the robots did take some getting used to. The clinic worked with a team to time them correctly, and now has a scheduler that automatically sends the bots at the start of every hour. “If we have to go back to manual runs, it feels like we’ve stepped back into the ice age,” Pamela said. The UK Hospital only uses two of the robots for

now, but the robots are becoming a common sight around hospitals. Around 150 hospitals use the robots now, with about 400 units in service, said Peter. Most hospitals that use the robots for lab applications have between two and four, but hospitals that used them for food and trash service have used up to 20 of the robots. “Typically, our philosophy is robots are best utilized in areas that are dirty, dull and dangerous – as long as we stick to those things, there’s always an advantage to stick to robots,” Peter said. Peter said the company is always refining the product to make it work better in the chaotic environment of the hospital. Even the voice had been changed to make it friendlier. “It used to say ‘navigating around obstacle’ whenever it found something, or someone, to move around. We had to change it, because people were offended by being referred to as an obstacle,” said Peter. Newer models of the TUG are able to dynamically switch platforms for their trips, allowing them to pull one type of cart, food trays, to their destination, and take a different type, like one that contains trash, to a different location.

played on the road,” Calipari said. True as that may be, the NCAA Tournament is also not played at home, where the Cats have won 33 consecutive games. UK’s recent wins over NCAA Tournament-bound Florida and Vanderbilt, and the most-likely NCAA Tournament-bound Vols, have boosted the chance for a better seed while simultaneously boosting the play of a young team experiencing the home stretch of a collegiate season for the first time. “I just feel the last three games have been real tough teams,” Jones said. “Beating Vandy and Florida at home prepared us for this away game and just playing with high intensity.” But, this quality road win should be most helpful in UK’s preparations for postseason play, where one loss sends you packing and freshman mistakes can be the undoing of a team, as can lackluster spells of play. Winning tough games away from home is the only way to practice avoiding such downfalls and the Cats excuted in their last chance to do so. “This was a big step,” Calipari said.

but one timeout in the first half, two by Calipari during the opening minutes and two by Liggins trying to keep possession for UK. That meant UK would have to stave off any Tennessee runs without the help of regrouping with timeouts. Calipari instructed his players to either let Tennessee grab the ball to force a jump ball or throw it off their legs, if trapped. Somehow, UK didn’t even


Darius Miller shoots a layup in Sunday’s much-needed road win against Tennessee.

have to use that final timeout, executing enough down the stretch to get a victory. After the game, UK knew what it had accomplished. Jones saluted the crowd after the buzzer sounded. In the postgame press conference, with Knight, Jones and Darius Miller sitting at a table together, they were more loose than any other time this season. They laughed at each other’s answers. They joked with reporters when one

enunciated Eloy Vargas’ name incorrectly. It had the feel of a team that knew it had just gotten an important bye, while grabbing an elusive road win at the same time. “This was as much about that seed in the (NCAA) tournament,” Calipari said. “And I told that to the guys. Everything we do is about that seed. It was huge, for that, for us. But it was also Senior Night for Tennessee, so great win.”

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