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Northern Northern invasion invasion APRIL 21, 2010

Canadian rapper makes his mark on American music scene WEDNESDAY

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Officials to answer tuition questions By Austin McNeill


UK students enjoy their night on the front porch of a house on University Street Friday. University Street runs perpendicular to Elizabeth Street.

Not an ‘easy’ street Students, police recognize safety issues near campus By Andrew Pillow

For many students on UK’s campus, Elizabeth Street has a reputation that precedes any real notion of the neighborhood a few blocks away. Frequent parties, abduction, assaults and gunshots are all things residents of Elizabeth Street are all too familiar with. The area in and around Elizabeth Street has developed a history among students and neighbors as a problem area, but there is a growing perception not much is being done to solve the neighborhood’s problems. Some students say they do not feel safe walking around in the area. “Oh, I don’t walk around at night,” said Maggie Tincher, a second year physical therapy student. Tincher, who is relatively new to this area of off-campus student housing, said she hasn’t had any problems yet, but is well aware of the history. “We’ve only lived here for like a year, so I never had anything happen but you always hear people talk about State Street (which crosses Elizabeth Street),” Tincher said. “We keep the doors locked.” The problems plaguing the Elizabeth Street area are seemingly numerous. Alcohol and party violations, female students being picked up by strangers and later sexually assaulted, and more incidents dot the headlines seemingly every semester. For some, the crime is so bad they fear for loved ones being the next target. “I feel fairly safe but I understand girls not feeling safe,” said Marc Ruberg, a business enter-

If You Go What: Tuition and fees forum When: Wednesday at noon Where: Worsham Theater in the Student Center Admission: Free and open to the public

Party goers walk to their next destination at the intersection of University Street and Elizabeth Street Friday night. prise junior. “I’ve driven my girlfriend to class when she had night classes cause she doesn’t feel safe.” Ruberg, who has lived in the area for about two and a half years, said he has seen it all, in terms of crime in the area. “People have been abducted right near Elizabeth two years in a row now,” Ruberg said. “Someone got shot across from my house, a drug deal gone bad or something. I heard the shots and

the police showed up like 15 minutes later.” Not everyone shares the thought that the neighborhood is too dangerous. 3rd District Councilwoman Diane Lawless, who’s district includes the Elizabeth Street area, said students are generally safe but also suggested students can be safer in their planning and habits. “I think in most cases (students) are (safe),” See Elizabeth on page 4

— Marc Ruberg, Business enterprise junior, on the presence of police on Elizabeth Street

Olympic experts comment on games By Grant Labriola

Olympic torches and memorabilia littered The M.I. King Library lobby Tuesday as two Olympic aficionados shared their stories of the historic games. UK alumnus and Olympic announcer Tom Hammond and CEO of two Olympic Festivals and memorabilia collector Jack Kelly spoke to a crowd of about 20 people on the Olympic events they’ve covered and attended. Hammond spoke of the incredible athleticism shown at the Olympics and the heart and soul put

into the games. Covering difRochette decided her mother ferent events opened his would still want her to commind to enjoying different pete after many had told her sports, he said. she shouldn’t. Hammond said After his coverage of the the event brought 14,000 peoOlympic women’s figure ple to their feet. skating event in the Vancou“Everyone was silent as Hammond ver Games, he said it is by she took the ice,” he said far the toughest event an athabout the emotional night Rolete could excel in. chette performed. “When she took “There is no one rebounding for her bow there wasn’t a dry eye in the you, it’s just you and the ice,” Ham- place.” mond said. “Most will only get one The emotions contributed to shot at it.” Hammond’s awareness of his enjoyHammond also spoke about ment of covering the events. Joannie Rochette, the Olympic figure Everything from T-shirts to skater whose mother passed away books to Olympic torches were on two days before her performance. display at the speech as part of Kel-

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UK to host new lab Ky. becomes leader in learning reform By Brian Shlonsky

The police are around but it seems like they’re more around to bust up parties than to make sure everyone is safe.”

Students will have a chance to let administrators know their thoughts on tuition face to face Wednesday. Frank Butler and Angie Martin, vice presidents for finance, are hosting a forum to discuss tuition and fee rates for the upcoming academic year on Wednesday at noon in the Butler Wo r s h a m Theater in the Student Center. Students received an e-mail announcing the forum on Monday. UK spokesman Jimmy Stanton said the forum is an opportunity for students to receive preliminary information related to tuition for next year and also to ask any questions they may have. The forum will focus on tuition and fees, which are used to fund student services. Alyssa Lanter, an integrated strategic communications junior, said she would like to hear the administrators answers because she feels unaffected by the fees she pays. “The yearly tuition increases are ridiculous because I never see any changes that affect me personally other than the payment,” Lanter said.

ly’s extensive collection. Kelly said collecting is a major part of his life. “Acquiring something used by an Olympic athlete has always been really special to me,” Kelly said. “I’ve always been a collector, since my childhood baseball card collection.” Kelly urged those in attendance to attend events like the Olympics, World Equestrian Games and sporting events in general, because each event could be one of a kind. Kelly also had some advice for those who decide to attend such events. “Grab a permanent memory and take it home, even if it’s something small,” he said.

A new lab at UK looks to help transform education in Kentucky as part of a partnership for higher learning. Kentucky, along with Maine, New York, Ohio, West Virginia and Wisconsin, was chosen as one of the six states to lead the nation in developing transformative educational practices as part of the Chief Council of State School Officers’ Partnership for Next Generation Learning. “Being one of only six states selected represents the hard work Kentucky has done over the last 20 years, beginning with early educational reforms,” said Mary John O’Hair, dean of the College of Education. “Kentucky was chosen because of all the exciting things happening here, and the collaborative work See Lab on page 4

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PAGE 2 | Wednesday, April 21, 2010 Opinions Editorial

Athletics plan achievable, realistic goal for university


Setting goals seems to have become a trend at UK since President Lee Todd instilled his top-20 plan. UK athletics has followed suit with the implementation of its 15 by 15 by 15 plan. The plan was implemented two years ago by UK Athletic Director Mitch Barnhart. The plan’s mission is to see UK athletics win 15 conference and national championships, as well as rank in the top 15 of the Learfield Sports Directors’ Cup rankings, all by the year 2015. When the plan was put in place, it allowed UK athletics seven years to achieve the goal. In just two years UK has brought home four championships, thanks to the UK rifle team and the UK men’s basketball team, putting UK at the needed pace to achieve 15 championships by 2015. While that aspect of the goal shows promise, the bar is set relatively high with regards to reaching a ranking in the top 15. UK athletics has never been ranked higher than

A burning question for Sandra How could the actress not have known husband Jesse James was a cheater? Us uncovers the truth By Mara Reinstein Her name is Merilee Gerth. She used to work at Jesse James' West Coast Choppers shop in Long Beach, California, was once a topless dancer and, on April 12, became the fifth woman in a month claiming to have slept with Sandra Bullock's husband. For the Oscarwinning actress, 45, the news was just more humiliating evidence that James, 41, is not the faithful family man whom she praised throughout the recent awards circuit not to mention the five years of her marriage. "She now believes she truly had been living with a monster," a source close to the actress tells Us. "He's a serial liar and a deadbeat. She was living under his spell and is now uncovering all the lies that he told her, questioning everything." Us has the latest details on the scandal.

How did Jesse fool her? "He became a whole different person when they

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were together," a former West Coast Choppers staffer tells Us. "He could really separate the cheating self from his married self." Not surprisingly, the indemand movie star and the bluecollar bikeshop owner (and reality TV vet) also spent much time apart. "They had separate lives," one pal says. "Whenever I saw her at a showbiz event without him, Sandra would say that it wasn't Jesse's kind of thing." Not that she was hurt about it: "She would glow just at the mention of Jesse's name." With that kind of unwavering love and trust, sources say she was completely unsuspecting of his clandestine affairs. "She was really duped," a Bullock pal says. "She knew she was marrying a bad boy but thought she had reformed him into a wonderful man. She didn't know he had a double life." In fact, exstaffers at James' bike shop tell Us that even though their boss' infidelity was an open secret (he even bedded one mistress in his office), Bullock was in the dark. Says a former employee: "I doubt she was aware of anything." COPYRIGHT 2010 US WEEKLY

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15th by the Learfield Sports Directors’ Cup. However, Barnhart’s plan shows an initiative to not become complacent with past finishes. By aiming to achieve a higher level of success, he has set a standard to which each of the individual programs within UK athletics can strive to achieve. In an April 11 Kernel article, Barnhart acknowledge the strides made by the programs so far. “… it means our coaches and athletes have really done some special things so far this year,” Barnhart said. Striving for improvement should always be applauded, especially through the means of implementing reachable goals. Whether or not the top-20 plan is reachable remains to be seen, although, many would argue its intention is admirable. On the other hand, strides have already been made toward the 15 by 15 by 15 plan and have already proven it to be a realistic goal.


Cats look to continue success with 2010 signees By Chandler Howard

While some Cats fans remain fixated on the recent signing of basketball star Brandon Knight, the softball program is focusing on its own 2010 class. UK head coach Rachel Lawson has notched seven letters of intent for next season, including two Kentucky natives. “The recruiting class is going to be very strong and have a lot of potential,” Lawson said. “But we are having to replace such a great senior class from this year. We are hoping they can come in and fill the spots up the middle that we are losing. Any time you lose so many positions in one part of the field, it is going to be a bit of a rebuilding process.” The 2010 freshman class is going to be required to fill spots held by notable athletes. Shortstop Molly Johnson, second baseman Natalie Smith, pitcher Amber Matousek, and outfielders Destinee Mordecai and Jennifer Young make up the list of graduating seniors. The incoming group includes two pitchers: Lauren Cumbess, of Normal, Ill., and Ellen Weaver, of Salem, Va. The duo will enter into the rotation with a UK pitching

squad that ranks near their experience at the top in the SouthUK. eastern Conference. “The biggest “The pitchers are change I learned is in going to have to fall the pace of the game,” in line with Chanda UK junior centerfield(Bell) and Rachel (Rier Meagan Aull said. Lawson ley), who have been “Everything here is so much faster than it equally strong in two different ways for us,” Law- was in high school. It really is son said. “Lauren Cumbess is a whole new game.” Aull played alongside one probably going to be one of the best athletes we have ever signee, Emily Jolly, at signed into UK. She is very Owensboro Catholic High mature for her age and I ex- School, as did freshman Jespect her to be able to con- sica Adkins. Aull expects the incoming freshmen to experitribute right away.” Lawson also looks for- ence the same changes she ward to the left-handed did during the transition from Weaver providing UK a dif- playing at the high school ferent look in the circle than level to playing collegiately. “In high school, you are it typically shows. But after bringing in only typically the best athlete on three freshmen last season, your team,” Aull said. “But the incoming class of seven when you come to college, presents more of a challenge almost everyone you play against was the star of their to the team. “Ideally, you only want to high school team, too. It is bring in four to five kids in a frustrating at first, but I know class,” Lawson said. “When (the incoming class) will adyou bring in this many, you just to it. The advantage is try to make sure the athletes that it drives you to work are mature and are able to hard so that you can be the learn quickly, which I believe best. “I am excited for the inthis class will be able to do. They will be in a position coming freshmen to be able where they have to make an to be a part of the awesome immediate contribution to the things UK has been accomplishing over the past couple team.” The seniors-to-be await of years. We have done so the task of providing the much since Coach Lawson freshmen with knowledge has been here and it is great they have gathered through to be a part of.”

Wednesday, April 21, 2010 | PAGE 3

Sports While the UK football team has had recent onfield success, it is not believed star UK players, such as Trevard Lindley, pictured, will be drafted any earlier than the second round. PHOTO BY ADAM WOLFFBRANDT STAFF

Draft a bust around campus Draft, draft, draft. It’s all people are talking about this week (between talks about recruiting, obviously). NBA Draft, NFL Draft, heck, maybe even the MLS Draft (just kidding, that one already happened). But around these parts, specifically on UK’s campus, the buzz has waned significantly. The obvious KENNY reason is the closest NFL COLSTON team is at least an hour Kernel and a half away and no columnist teams reside in this state. The second, and probably less obvious reason, is what was once billed as the best NFL Draft former UK players would have in a long time has been a big bust. There’s at least two guys who were considered first round football talent at some point in their careers. The first, Micah Johnson, had his stock peak about the time he graduated from high school. The second, Trevard Lindley, watched himself slip from his position as the best corner in the Southeastern Conference and a late first round selection to the possibility of a Friday second round selection. From two to zero means little to no interest in ESPN’s primetime first round Thursday night, and slight interest in Friday. Maybe the diehards will watch the final rounds on Saturday, but I wouldn’t count on it. But UK’s first round shutout since Tim Couch was drafted by the Browns in 1999 is a bit perplexing. It’s not like UK players aren’t succeeding in the league. Wesley Woodyard and Keenan Burton are two recent Cats slowly making a name for themselves in

the NFL. About half a dozen more players are on that same level and another half dozen are bouncing around on practice squads and as career backups. With UK players, an NFL team is usually getting a high quality, solid character type of player with a nose-to-the-ground work ethic and usually a little bit of a chip on their shoulders. And it’s not like UK has a bad crop of talent trying to make it into the NFL. In addition to Lindley and Johnson, there’s also John Conner, Corey Peters and Alfonso Smith, among others. The stats may not be as impressive as others and this group didn’t win any conference or national championships, but that doesn’t mean this group doesn’t have talent. It does. But then, as we all know, the NFL Draft isn’t just about talent. It’s about who you played for, how tall a player is, the name recognition and more. If the NFL Draft was perfect, they’d probably replace it with something imperfect, just because. In the meantime, UK players will wait for days to hear their names called and to find out where their NFL careers will begin. UK fans will be more intrigued with the latest basketball commitment or this Saturday’s Blue-White game. The draft will probably be an afterthought, the same way UK players have been to NFL teams. Maybe “Operation Win” will change this notion or maybe it won’t and UK players will still remain late round picks that excel under the radar. Either way, as it stands now, the NFL Draft doesn’t matter in these parts. Kenny Colston is a journalism senior. Email

PAGE 4 | Wednesday, April 21, 2010 News

Greeks look to fight child neglect By Neal Bassett

UK Greek Intervarsity is teaming up with an international organization on Wednesday night to create a better future for children. Viva, a non-profit organization, works with local networks to eliminate deprivation, exploitation, abuse and neglect for children, according to its website, UK Greek Intervarsity first joined with Viva in December 2009 and UK is the first school to have partnered with Viva. UK Greek Intervarsity alumni adviser Anthony Humphress said philanthropy events like Viva are vital to the Greek community on campus. “It is important to Greek students to attend this event because they have a lot of influence on non-profits,” he said. “Whenever we can give back it’s great for the students and children involved.” Humphress said the event on Wednesday is an opportunity for members of Viva and UK Greek Intervarsity members and volunteers to get together and get to know one another. He said the event is a kick-off for a future event in September where they can implement the strategies they develop Wednesday night. Humphress said bringing representatives from the organization to campus is a great opportunity for students to get an idea of what they can do to help. “This event gives Viva a chance to tell us their goals and what they need and allows us to help them achieve that,” he said. The event will feature a video from the International Director explaining how the UK Greek community can help and how they can team up with Viva, as well as a Q&A session. According to Viva’s website, these kinds of events are an effective way of building relationships, practically resourcing and equipping people and developing new ideas and strategies. Viva is also partners with more than 43 Christian networks with 8,000 members to help take care of more than 1 million children. Humphress said a similar event last year had about 400 people in attendance. He said he would like to continue that support this year as well. “It would be great to have a turnout like that, and to have a representative for every house present,” he said. “The best way to get involved is to come to this event.”

ELIZABETH Continued from page 1 Lawless said. “There have been situations where somebody will show up at a gathering and unlock a window so they can return and break in. These are some precautions (students) can take to make sure they are safe.” Students said there is no shortage of police presence in and around Elizabeth Street, but some question whether their main priority is safety or party control. “The police are around but it seems like they’re more around to bust up parties than to make sure everyone is safe. Just making sure everyone is quiet basically,” Ruberg said. UK Police Chief Joe Monroe said it is natural for students to feel like police in the area are only concerned about parties, because they are indeed a point of emphasis. Monroe said UK Police has a joint task force with Lexington Police to help curb drinking and related incidents. “We are changing that whole culture and maybe that’s why students feel like they’re being picked on,” Monroe said. Monroe said he can understand people wanting to get together to have fun, but the police have an obligation to make sure things do not get out of hand. “We are not trying to discourage people from having fun,” Monroe said. “We are trying to make them be responsible.” Because of the increased party patrols, student alcohol related deaths and citations have decreased over the last five years, Monroe said. In regards, to the two abductions, Monroe said investigations into both are ongoing, but such instances could be prevented with the proper precautions. Monroe said the investigations into the abductions are in

LAB Continued from page 1 from pre-school to graduate education to take pockets of innovation happening in our schools and make them work together.” The Kentucky P20 Innovation Lab: A Partnership for Next Generation Learning being built at UK, will be the primary innovation lab in the state, collaborating with the Western Kentucky University Center for Excellence in Teaching and Learning. UK’s College of Education will accommodate the lab, but efforts are expected to eventually involve other Kentucky universities, school dis-


A couch and mattresses are left out on the curb of Transcript Avenue near Elizabeth Street. Trash and parties have been a main concern for residents of the area. progress, and are definitely not being ignored but points out future abductions could be helped with ongoing initiative. While students complain about safety and unfair targeting by police, the permanent residents in the area believe a few bad students are causing the problems the neighborhood faces and are making their peers feel unsafe. “It is unfortunate that the irresponsible behavior of a very small percentage of students give others a black eye,” Lawless said. “Peer pressures for those students they see being disrespectful to the neighborhood to clean up their act would also help a lot.” The safety issue in neighborhoods near campus is not a problem unique to UK. Un-

tricts statewide and more of UK’s own colleges. UK announced its commitment to spend $1.5 million over the next three years to launch the lab. “UK can help younger kids because after doing a survey in our 17 colleges, we found that there are 180 different partnerships with schools around the state,” O’Hair said. “We want to pull those partnerships together to target issues in schools such as motivation, engaging learning, dropout rates and early childhood education.” According to a release by the College of Education, The Partnership for Next Generation Learning is designed to help states move from their current systems

fortunately, neither is the tension between students and residents. Monroe said police can fix the safety issue, but the second problem some say is up to the residents. Solving both may be the solution to solving Elizabeth Street’s ills. “The neighbors would love to get to know the students better and have a good relationship with them.” Lawless said. “It is nice if they can go to the neighbors and introduce themselves and swap phone numbers and let them know that they want to be a part of the neighborhood and if either have problems, the students or the other residents, they call each other.”

to a new design for public education and influence federal policy to scale, support and sustain what works. The partnership seeks to

“Being one of only six states selected represents the hard work Kentucky has done over the last 20 years ...” MARY JOHN O’HAIR College of Education dean

create and scale a new system of personalized public education where every child — from early childhood through adolescence —

is prepared for life, meaningful work and citizenship. “The old design featured pockets of excellence throughout education; we now are looking to take what we know works well and help make more schools incorporate those practices,” O’Hair said. O’Hair said UK’s undergraduate and graduate students can play a large role in developing strong early childhood education by leading the way and learning to be engaged in local schools and communities. “University students’ knowledge, excitement and models of learning are some of the best ways to help younger students,” O’Hair said.

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4BR 2 BA W/D, A/C. Kentucky Ave $1200/mo. No Pets. Avail 8/01. 351-3370

200 E. MAXWELL. SMALL, FURNISHED efficiency for 1 person. Private outside entry, living bed combo, private bath/kitchen, A/C. Parking. $385.00. 797-3309 1BR - 657 South Limestone - across from Law & Graduate Schools. Avail Aug 1. From $615 $675/mo + low util. Includes reserved parking + W/D. for specifics and photos. 1BR A/C. $450/mo. 159 N Hanover, Avail May 1. 3513370 1 Bedroom apartments 5 minute walk to uk, quiet study environment, nice. Call 255-4188 1BR, apt at campus court for sublease. May-July, pets allowed! $719/mo. Call 330-607-8319. Center Court 1 Bedroom - South Upper St. New, large, 1BR, 1BA condo, HW floors, security system, W/D, covered gated parking, pvt courtyard. Quiet. Easy walk to downtown, med center, dental, law, and pharm schools. Ideal for couples. Available June 1st. $1150. Contact, 2734100. 1BR APT. AVAIL. 05-16-10. Near UK. $450/mo. all util. paid, parking. Call 489-3371 Best Buy. Assigned, safe parking, one block UK. 368-9775, 562 WOODLAND STUDIOS: $475/mo. includes H2O. Call 502-552-7216 Studio Apts. 422 Aylesford at Rose Lane. New Appliances, Clean! $470/MO water included. August. 509-2227. 1BR Apt. in Historic House. 398 Linden Walk. $565/mo. Clean! Laundry. Utilities included. Available May. 509-2227 Efficiency - 2 blocks to UK! Starting at $325.00. Pets, a/c, 523-2363 or 1 Bedroom - 2 blocks to UK! Starting at $395.00. Pets, a/c, 523-2363 or 2 Bedroom 123 MONTMULLIN ST: Front Apt. . 2BR, 1BA, central heat/air, w/d. $760/mo. $700 security deposit. Private parking & water is provided. Tenants pay their gas/elec. Call John 859-492-3255 2 bedroom units available, or call 859-252-4656 2BR/1Bath second floor duplex, off Fontaine, nice neighborhood, hardwood floors, off-street parking, prefer medical/grad. Student, $800/month. Please email inquiries to

3BR, 1BA HOUSE: W/D, off-st. parking, all elec. H2O pd. $975/mo. 859-351-9473 3BR, 1BA. 311 Linden Walk. $950/mo + utilities. MOVE-IN SPECIAL. ONE MONTHS RENT FREE! On-site parking & coin laundry. Call CMI Properties at 859-273-7389. Campus View Condo, 3br, 2ba, completely remodeled. All appliances including washer/dryer. Comes with 3 parking passes. Available now. Rent $999 month. Call 502-460-1048 3BR, 2.5BA: Luxury townhouse. Richmond Rd. Large BRs, custom kitchen, 2car garage, security systems, hardwood flooring, all elec. Appliance packages with w/d. $1100/mo. 859-288-5601. 3 Bedroom 2.5 Bath townhouse off Red Mile for $1,000/month. Call David at 859-533-7575 for further information. 3 Bedroom house, walk to UK, with hot tub and deck, lots of interior space, comes with a 46” flat panel tv – call 255-4188 or for our specials 3BR 2BA, New Home by campus. Huge rooms, awesome yard/deck. Ample parking, all appliances, all electric. Won’t Last. $325/month/person. 859-2294991 3BR 1BA, Gorgeous, Walk to UK. Lg rooms.W/D, dishwasher, Microwave, hardwood floors, off street parking. Electric HVAC. $936/mo. 859-948-0205. 3BR - $975-1125/mo. W/D, hardwood floors, off-st. parking. 859-351-9473.

Walk to campus. Newly renovated 3BR 2BA 1st Flr condo. New Paint, new carpet.,. Washer/Dryer included. $895.00/month. Short term available. 502593-7421.

2BR 2BA Center Court – New, Best Location, Ccnter of UK Campus. Brand new construction., hardwood flrs, marble counters, ceramic tiles. 2 Parking spaces, 3rd flr security. Cedar St. side, private courtyard, private shaded deck, best flr plan. W/D. $1,350/mo. Long term lease available. Call 859285-0770.

3BR, 2BA. Walk to campus. W/D, d/w, elec. Util. Energy efficient, private parking. Going fast! Call Brian Erwin 859-492-5416. 3 BR (2 Keys apts.) Across from UK. Hardwood, laundry room, security, on-site mgmt. $1,200.00/month, includes all utilities. 859-230-3072 Luxury Heatherwood Town home, Chevy Chase (Near UK) 3 BR 3.5 Ba ,2054 sq ft, living, deck/loft, W/D, DW, 1 car garage 859-983-8377- $1300mo +dep

2 BR/1 BA HISTORIC UNITS located in the Henry P. Kinkead House (403 N. MLK Blvd), circa 1893, unique historic and period features, hardwood, stunning fireplaces and mantles, wanescoting and crown molding, updated kitchens and baths, rent ranges $695-$775 plus utilities, AUGUST 1, or 859-396-9022.


2 Master Bedrooms, 2.5 baths, 246 Simba Way, near New Circle & Richmond Road. W/D included, $670/

4BR State St, Large front porch, parking, W/D, D/W. Avail 8/01. No Pets. $1950/mo. 859-333-8307.


1–2 Bedrooms – South Hill Station Lofts; 1 to 2 block to UK! Internet/Parking included. Contact Kelley for available offers at 859-225-3680

4 BR, w/d connections, central air, covered porch, basement, off-street parking, 1000/mo + utilities. 859.338.7005.

1 BLOCK FROM CAMPUS: 1 & 2BR, a/c , parking. $395 & up. 269-4129, 608-2751.

4 Bedrooms - 2 blocks to UK! Starting at $1,500.00. Pets, a/c, some w/d, 523-2363 or Large 4 BR, 2.5 BA duplex w/garage, deck, W/D in unit, new carpet and paint. $1,000/mo + deposit. Move in after finals. 628 Big Bear Lane off Tates Creek Road. 278.0970. Quiet 4 BR, 2.5 BA unit with washer/dryer, garage, deck. Available now or for fall. 4 units available. Big Bear Lane off Tates Creek. $1,000/mo. 278.0970 4 BR, 3 BA, all electric. FP, 2 miles from campus. 2973 Candlelight, $900.00. 229-8515 4BR/2BA Cute House. 125 Westwood Dr. Electric Heat. 2 Kitchens, Large L,R, Clean, Nice! $360/ea. 509-2227. 4 BR 2 BA new homes by campus. Huge rooms, awesome yards/deck, ample parking, all appliances, all electric. Won’t Last. $325.00/person/month. 859-229-4991.

1,2,3,4,5,6 +7 BR Houses & 1BR Apts. Walking Distance to Uk. Visit our website for showing timer. Or call 859-255-4188. !!!Are you an upper classman or Grad Student? Are you looking for a house in a nice quiet neighborhood close to campus? Call 859-229-4991. NEWLY REMOLDED 2&3BR student condo’s along with 4 – 6BR houses. All appliances, W/D included. Please call 859-621-1339. 2-3-4 BR, 5-10 min to campus, Tates Creek area, garage/off street parking, avail. April-Aug., all electric, $699 – 875/mo. or call 859219-0184 3,2,1 BR 1 BA new homes by campus. Huge rooms, awesome yards/deck, ample parking, all appliances, all electric. Won’t Last. $300.00/person/month. 859-229-4991 3,4,5,6 BR Houses on campus. 859-433-2692.

Camp Counselors. Energetic and reliable students needed for summer science camps. Apply on-line at

Gymnastics/ Motor Skill Development Instructor. Are you an energetic, self-motivated individual seeking a fun and challenging opportunity working with children and teaching gymnastics classes? If so, you may be just the person we’re looking for! As a The Little Gym Instructor, your primary responsibility will be to teach great classes based on our proven curriculum and teaching methods. You will be working with a dynamic team of individuals who are committed to providing outstanding customer service and a Membership experience that is second to none! Send your résumé to Camp Counselors. Male and female, needed for great overnight camps in the mountains of PA. Have a fun summer working with children in the outdoors. Teach/assist with A&C, media, music, outdoor rec, tennis, aquatics and much more. Office, Nanny, & Kitchen positions also available. Apply on-line at Lexington Country Club Staffing Full and Part Time Seasonal Positions. AM/PM shifts, Weekends, Holidays Required. Server, Busser, Snack Bar, Kitchen Staff, Summerhouse, Pro Shop and Pool Attendant. Competitive Wages and Flexible Schedules. Apply in Person Wed-Sat 1pm-4pm; 2550 Paris Pike, Lexington, KY 40511. No Phone Calls Please. The Cellar (downstairs of Signature Club) Now Hiring for all positions. Apply in person Mon- Fri 9-5, 3256 Lansdowne Dr. PT administrative specialist needed at busy medical office. Must be available 20-25 hours/week through summer and fall. Must have excellent computer skills. $9.50/hr. Please fax resume to 859-264-0447 or drop off at 3475 Richmond RD, Ste 210.

5 Bedroom 5 bedroom unit for $379 per person, or call 859-252-4656

Summer help wanted. Prepping sales yearlings. 859-873-6777. All size houses. 3,4,5,6 BR. Walk to campus. State, Waller, University Ave. area. Lease begins 08/01/2010. Won’t last! SIGN EARLY FOR BEST HOUSES.. Bob 859-539-5502. Near Campus: 4/5BR. Waller Ave., Lexington Ave. All appliances including w/d. Call Kevin 859-6193232, 4/5BR 2BA House, 1430 Elizabeth St. New tile bathrooms, Big closets, sundeck, W/D, Nice! $350/ea. 509-2227.

Huge 5 BR 4BA house on Waller Ave. Very large bathrooms, great location. 502-819-2883 5 Bedroom, 3 bath houses walking distance to uk. Lots of amenities. Flat panel tv’s, hot tubs, sleeping lofts, lots of room. Call 255-4188 or for our specials. 5BR TOWNHOME off Tates Creek Rd. Garage, w/d. $1375/mo. Avail. Fall or sooner. RRG. 859-312-5412 5BR Houses. Walk to campus. Front & Back porches. W/D. NICE! 859-539-5502. 5 Bedrooms - 2 blocks to UK! Starting at $1,875.00. Pets, a/c, w/d, 523-2363 or 5 BR 3 BA new homes by campus. Huge rooms, awesome yards/deck, ample parking, all appliances, all electric. Won’t Last. $350.00/person/month. 859-229-4991. 6 Bedroom 6 bedroom units starting at $375 per person, or call 859-252-4656 6BR Houses. Walk to campus. Waller Ave area. Great Prices! 859-539-5502. 6 Bedroom 3 bath house. Walk to UK. Huge private enclosed back yard, lots of parking. All the amenities including a 46’ flat panel tv. Call 255-4188 or see www.wildcatproperties.comfor our specials. 1-7 Bedroom Listings NOW PRE-LEASING 1-4BR HOMES: Close to UK!

Summer Special. 6 Bedroom Houses available May. Park Ave & Westwood. DW, W&D. Dennis 859-9830726

HELP WANTED: PART-TIME, 10-20 Hours/wk. Office/Grant Assistant needed. Duties include scheduling, budget management, regular email communication with individuals involved with programs, and administrative duties. Previous work experience in administrative setting preferred. $10/hr. Position open for inquiries until April 30, 2010. Call 859-257-3780 for more information, or email interest/resume to Wanted Violin teacher for 10 yr old. Call Frank 859494-8080.

6 Br,, 5 Br., 3 Br, 2 Br walk to campus, off-street parking. Available Aug 2010. 859.338.7005 Summer Lease Available. New home by campus. Huge rooms, awesome yard/deck, ample parking, all appliances, all electric. Won’t Last. $310.00/person/month. 859-229-4991.

Merrick Inn now accepting applications for experienced bartenders. Walk – in applicants only Mon – Fri 1-4. Lexington Tennis Club. Now hiring PT front desk receptionist/bar. Must be 20 yrs old + 1 day. Email REAL ESTATE SALES – No previous real estate

Local Insurance office is seeking PT receptionist. Employer can work around class schedule. Please send resume to John L Wood Insurance LLC, 1316 Versailles Rd., Lexington, KY 40504. Email: Seeking student interested in working with 14 yr old, high functioning PDD girl. Hours flexible July – early Aug. Hamburg area. Experience preferred. 914-9802880. THE MOON NIGHT CLUB now hiring for security and doorman. Call Wed & Thur. between 10am – 2pm. 335-6666 for interview appt Bar Lexington downtown now hiring for summer patio. Bartenders, security, bands, singers/songwriters and DJ’s. Go to, or call 859-523-7694.

KEENELAND is seeking applicants for part-time Seasonal Gift Shop Sales Associates to work during its Spring Meet April 2-23. Flexible hours. Please contact Kristi Barrett, Monday-Friday, 9:00 a.m.-5:00 p.m., at 859-288.4190. RAMSEY’S DINER now hiring servers and cooks. Apply in person M-F 2-4pm. ! BARTENDING! UP TO $250 a day. No exp. Necessary. Training provided. 800-965-6520 x-132 Lifeguards and Pool Managers Needed. PPM is hiring for clubs and waterparks in Lex, Lou and Richmond. $8 – 15.00/hour. Email for application. Summer Jobs – Labor. Local real estate company seeking summer help turning vacant apartments. Duties include trash-out, cleaning, basic repairs for drywall, painting, carpentry, plumbing, etc. Hourly wage $8-10/hour, depending on skill level. Opportunity for overtime, reliable transportation required. Contact Please provide a list of previous skills or experience and availability for summer. Seeking individual to stay with woman overnight. $8.00/hr. 859-309-0081

Personals Self Defense. Good exercise. Life long friendships. The UK Karate club accepting beginners Monday’s 6:30 - 8:30pm. Buell Armory. Email: Call 421-4335 Adoption - loving, creative home awaits your baby through adoption. All NYC has to offer. Expenses paid. Call or email Ellen toll free: 888-868-8778.

Wanted ALCOHOL RESEARCH at the University of Kentucky. Health social drinkers between 21 to 35 years of age are needed for studies on the effects of alcohol on behavior. Participants will be financially compensated for their time. Movies, a hot meal, and non-alcoholic beverages will be provided after the study in a comfortable setting. Call 257-3137 for more information Research Opportunities for Users of Stimulants for Non-Medical Reasons. Researchers with the University of Kentucky College of Medicine, Department of Behavioral Science are conducting research to examine the effects of medications. All information will be kept confidential. You may be eligible if you: are between 18 and 50 years of age, are using stimulants for non-medical reasons (for example, Adderall®, Ritalin®, Amphetamine, or Ephedrine). Eligible volunteers will be paid for their participation. You may be reimbursed for travel. Studies involve completion of one to 46 testing sessions depending on studies for which you may be eligible. Meals, snacks, movies, video games and reading materials will be provided. For more information and a confidential interview, please call 859257-5388 or 1-866-232-0038. VOLUNTEERS PAID TO Participate in multiple studies. Researchers at the University of Kentucky are recruiting participants diagnosed with ADHD and for studies concerning the effects of alcohol. Looking for M & F social drinkers between 21-35 years of age. All participants are compensated for their time. Please call 257-5794

Help Wanted Seeking Female Student to care for two children over the summer. 5 days / week needed. Must have own transportation. Candidate must truly enjoy children and have the energy level, imagination and desire to keep summer fun! Willing to work around planned vacations / needed days off. Candidate will be asked to provide references and copy of transcript. Art & gymnastics a plus but not required. If interested please call 232-2703 or send emails to

Help Wanted PT landscape maintenance, mowing, odd jobs for small farm residence. $9/hr. Contact 806-1000.

NO GREASY FRIES or funny hats. PT, apply in person. Re-Kid, Regency Center, Idle Hour Center

Free Rent/utilities + salary of $24,000/yr for live-in help for disabled practicing attorney. Afternoons off every week day. 502-819-2883.

Campus Houses for Rent. 228 & 230 Waller Ave. 5BR 2BA, Two story, living room, W/D, patio. All Ele. 1800 sq ft. new, along with others. Call Steven 859621-3313 Call Robbie 859-621-3312.

management consultant. Please call Leslie at 859269-2639

Earn $20/hr Teaching Physics or Chemistry in Lexington, KY. Nights/Weekends Email Resume to:

Day Camp Counselors needed for Swimming, Horseback Riding, Ropes, Art’s & Crafts. Email for information to:,

BRAND NEW 4 BR: VERY ENERGY EFFICIENT. New & nearly new homes close to campus. 2 car garage, very, very nice. Showing daily. Call James McKee 859-221-7082. View at

3BR, 2BA Condo. Walk to Campus. A/C. W/D. New Flooring. Avail Aug. $925/MO. Call 806-7292

3 Bedrooms - 2 blocks to UK! Starting at $1,080.00. Pets, a/c, some w/d, 523-2363 or

Townhouse 7-10 min from UK. 2 or 3 BR, 2.5Ba, garage, W/D. $900-1100/mo. 619-2877

HARDIN PROPERTIES.NET now leasing Studios, 1,2BR apts. Also, three 4/5-BR Houses remaining for August. 509-2227

3BR 2BA, $415/mo per person washer/dryer utilities included contact Lizz: 847-226-7522.

Immaculate 3 BR, W/D, DW, HW, Fenced yard, security system, all ele. Garage. Perfect for upperclassmen or graduate students. Available July, $990/mo. (502) 773-5070.

1,2,3BR apts avilable for fall semester. Across from B&E. Best on campus. Call 621-3128.

4BR 2 BA W/D, A/C. Oldham Ave $1200/mo. No Pets. Avail 8/01. 351-3370

3BR, 2BA. WALK TO campus. $850/mo. Large master w/ Bath & walk-in closet, a/c, All appliances incl washer/dryer. Low util. No smoking/pets. 510-6087676, Greg 859-225-3334 x. 101


Center Court 2BR. $1400/mo “includes all util, W/D, condo dues, Internet/Cable TV” 859-494-8075;

4BR 2BA, $1220/mo. + utilities. W/D, D/W. walk to UK. Off street parking. Avail 5/15. 948-0205

LIFEGUARD – Louisville, southeastern side, for beautiful apartment community. Part-time to fulltime over summer. $9-11/hour. Requires certification. Contact Jeanne at

Looking for a self motivated student to help grow scientific sales in Lexington, This position is a part time position (15-20 hours per week) and hours are built around class schedule. Responsibilities would include day to day contact with customers and customer support type tasks. If you are interested, please submit your resume to me at

4BR home. D/W, off street parking. 2 blocks to campus. H2O pd $1,150.00/month. 859-351-9473.

1BR apt. 305 E. Maxwell. A/C, HW, porches. Avail. June 1, $430./mo. 396-3822

Summer leases: 1 bedroom apartments available. Cheap. Call 255-4188

Great houses on campus. Walking distance. 1BR and up. Call now 859-433-0956

4BR, 1BA, HW, d/w, off street parking, Water paid.. $1200/mo. 859-351-9473

3BR 2.5BA townhome. New paint. Centrally located. Convenient to campus, fayette mall, tates creek centre and public library. $850.00. 338-1717.

3BR 2BA Near Rupp Arena. Off street parking. $800 + Dep. 269-7878, 619-0913

Apt’s and parking spaces for May and Aug. 1 blk campus safe and patrolled .. Call 368-9775 between Noon and midnight,

experience needed - seeking proven sales ability in any industry. Candidates with completed real estate courses or recently licensed are preferred. Hourly paid position, while you learn on the job. Hours are 1p-6p, three weekends per month. Send resume to

JOIN LEX”S MOST EXCITING CHILDREN’S RECREATIONAL BUSINESS. Monkey Joe’s is looking for high energy, enthusiastic employees. Flexible hrs + good pay. Apply in person at 1850

Roommates Wanted

Bryant Rd. Call 859-264-0405

Female Roommate needed! Fully furnished with exception of bedroom! Very nice, safe area close to UK! Email if interested

PT RECEPTIONIST NEEDED. Apply 860 S. Broadway.

Brand New – Roommates wanted. 859-455-8208.

Now Hiring Baskin Robbins Richmond Rd. Must be avail night/weekends. 266-9305. 7.25/hr to start. PT Yard & Garden work. Close to UK, Hourly wage. 269-0908 ATOMIC CAFÉ NOW hiring servers & bussers. Apply in person. 265 N. Limestone. 10-4 Tues.-Sat. JENNY CRAIG has job opening for full time weight

The Kentucky Kernel is not responsible for information given to fraudulent parties. We encourage you not to participate in anything for which you have to pay an up-front fee or give out credit card or other personal information, and to report the company to us immediately. CONFIDENTIAL PREGNANCY ASSISTANCE

Birthright 2134 Nicholasville Rd. 277-2635 suite 6 24-HOUR HOTLINE 1-800-550-4900


The pages of the Kentucky Kernel for April 21, 2010


The pages of the Kentucky Kernel for April 21, 2010