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YOUNG GUNS UK baseball beats Florida behind freshman pitchers APRIL 19, 2010


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Dough-Nuts 5K raises more than $9,000 for Habitat for Humanity By Roy York

On Saturday, 301 runners learned what happens when a 3.1 mile run is mixed with one dozen Krispy Kreme doughnuts. It's not pretty, but the pain was worth the gain. UK Habitat for Humanity raised more than $9,000 through the UK Habitat for Humanity Krispy Kreme Challenge, a 5K race with a twist. Those who accepted the challenge had to finish the race in under one hour while stopping to eat 12 doughnuts at the halfway mark. “This turned out to be much more money than we were originally anticipating,” UK Habitat President Eric Ellis said. “By working closely with Lexington Habitat we were able to host the event much more cheaply than expected. We also received bigger sponsorships than we expected, and we were very excited about that.” The money raised from the event was donated to Lexington Habitat for Humanity and will be used to build houses for families who live in poverty-level housing. For the 2009-10 school year, UK Habitat donated $25,500. Lance O'Cull, the challenge winner and graduate of UK's Patterson School of Diplomacy and International Commerce, turned in a time of 23:28 for the course. He reached the doughnuts in just over eight minutes and looked unfazed at the finish, but O'Cull admitted he had practiced at a sim-

UK Cadet Mallory Bierman hangs on for her life as Cadet Wes Schadler pulls her along a one-rope bridge in the woods Sunday morning at Artemus Training Base. The MS 3 cadets went through a series of six stations on Sunday where they were timed while executing tactical missions.

Under fire Cadets prepare for career-determining missions

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Photos and story by Britney McIntosh

ARTEMUS, Ky. – Wind sweeps through the thickly wooded hills, muffling the crunch of branches under a squad of combat boots carefully creeping to the objective of their mission. An eerie quiet falls over the empty countryside as the camouflage-clad soldiers raise their guns to the top of a bunker, housing unfriendly forces in Arabian garb. PHOTO BY ROY YORK | STAFF

Accounting junior Dan Wavering struggles to finish the dozen doughnuts at the halfway point of the UK Habitat Krispy Kreme Challenge on Saturday. Wavering finished the 5K race with a time of 47:05.

Food, music entertain Japanese festival-goers By Zach Walton

Japanese and Kentucky culture collided this weekend and UK students took part in the celebration. The annual Sakura Festival took place at Yuko-En on the Elkhorn, the official KentuckyJapan Friendship Garden of Georgetown, Ky., over the weekend to showcase the best that Japan and Kentucky have to offer during the garden's 10th anniversary. The festival displayed traditional Japanese acts such as swordmanship and Noh theater, along with UK students performing a song and traditional dance and jazz music. Nobuko Patton, a UK Japanese language instructor, along with her husband, Nathan Patton, organized the event. With good weather contributing to the large turnout, Nobuko said festival-goers could enjoy the variety of international culture. “We try to do new things every year with the jazz trio and African drums performing,” she said. “We have martial arts and other international culture. We're not sticking to Japanese culture, we want to introduce people to world culture. It's See Festival on page 7

A Japanese harp is played during the annual Sakura Festival at Yuko-En on the Elkhorn in Georgetown, Ky. on Saturday. PHOTO BY SCOTT HANNIGAN STAFF

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At the single-hand motion of the platoon leader, the quiet breaks. After seven minutes of machine gun booms and constant paint ball splattering, the mission is complete and the forces are taken hostage. For the Army ROTC cadets at UK, these types of drills are a part of their biannual field training exercises meant to prepare them for life after college. The event is especially important to the 27 cadets in their third year of ROTC, MS 3’s, who receive their final training before being evaluated at a summer course. This course, called LDAC, will essentially determine the cadets’ careers upon graduation, said Captain Joey Orr. “This is our last chance to really train them before LDAC, and this training is imperative to their success,” Orr said. The ROTC students arrived at Artemus Training Base on Friday morning, and the MS 3’s immediately broke off from the rest, taking on a higher stress level of activity than the other cadets. They began by doing day and nighttime land navigation on their own, going out on quests to find different points See ROTC on page 8

MS 2 Cadet Josh Lynch takes a break early Saturday morning with other cadets in his squad while waiting to do a electronically-simulated shooting drill.

University of Louisville MS 4 Cadet Paige Young gets taken as an a POW after MS 3 cadets executed a mission to take over the bunker she was occupying with a paintball machine gun.

Fraternity lights up the volleyball court By Drew Teague

One fraternity turned out the lights to get the games started with the UK women’s volleyball team. Pi Kappa Phi painted up under black lights for a new event, “Blacklight Volleyball,” to benefit its philanthropy, Push America, a charity that works to improve the lives of disabled persons. On Saturday night Pi Kappa Phi started a six-team tournament in Alumni Gym with three members of the UK volleyball squad in attendance to referee and line judge the tournament. With such a large-scale event, Pi Kappa Phi has been working for a while to get this event pulled off, said Tyler Frazier, telecommunications junior

and Push America Chair. “You have to jump through a lot of hoops to set something like this up,” Frazier said “We really had to get a head start on (planning).” A team of Phi Sigma Rho members came prepared with a volleyball decorated with highlighter. The members were excited at the chance to compete, said Cassie Cox, a member of Phi Sigma Rho and electrical engineering freshman. “We wanted to do Sigma Spike but that got canceled, and we were like, ‘Oh, blacklight volleyball, we’re going to do it,’ ” Cox said with a laugh. The outer edge of the net glowed purple under the black lights and green lines lit up the net, helping participants see where to hit the ball. Frazier said he thought this would be a


Members of Phi Sigma Rho play a game of Blacklight Volleyball at Alumni Gym Saturday night. great event, especially after hearing of it at a leadership conference. “This idea came up and someone had done it and said it was successful,” Frazier said. “I

thought it would go great at UK, with such a great sports tradition.” According to the Facebook See Blacklight on page 7

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Alert system making progress, needs work KERNEL EDITORIAL


Will basic cable mean lesser guests for Conan O'Brien? Conan O'Brien is headed to basic cable. Will Hollywood's biggest stars follow? For almost every talk show host, A-list guests set a program apart from its competition. Land the exclusive couch visit from George Clooney, and expect a flood of TV watchers to follow. Rivalries among the current crop of chatterers can be crazily competitive: If you want your biggest clients to grab an invitation from Oprah Winfrey, you better not book them on any other talk show first. While hosting "The Tonight Show," O'Brien didn't always draw strong ratings among TV's insomniacs, but he did collect a steady stream of pop culture luminaries, particularly among music acts and up-and-coming actors. With O'Brien (who lost his NBC gig in January when the network returned prime-time washout Jay Leno to his former late-night slot) moving from a big network to cable television's TBS, his viewership could slip dramatically, even with TBS pledging to promote O'Brien's November launch aggressively. This year, TBS is No. 7 among cable networks, averaging 1.7 million prime-time viewers, according to Nielsen Co. figures. NBC, on the other hand, may be last among the major networks, but it still has an audience that's more than three times larger. Studio marketing executives say O'Brien won't necessarily enjoy the same priority as he did on "The Tonight Show" and his previous talk show, "Late Night," but he could still be a key destination for younger, hipper performers. Russell Brand, yes. Russell Crowe, no. One executive says that if "The Tonight Show" suffered from poor lead-ins from NBC's anemic prime-time

Some areas on campus are safer than others. The armed robbery that occurred April 12 at Cooperstown Drive and Oldham Court around 10:15 p.m helps hammer in this point. According to an April 13 Kernel article, three armed suspects robbed two victims of a wallet, a laptop computer, two cell phones and cash. This is the second robbery to occur in the area within a two-month span, and although there may not be any connection between the two crimes, it's clear students may want avoid that area at night. UK students complain about how UK Alert does not get information out quickly enough, and some of the argument is valid. UK has to give its students as much safety information as possible to preserve campus safety. Additionally, some students live in close proximity to where the two robberies have occurred and no student should have to endure such safety concerns. So, instead of using the UK Twitter account to tell students to “make like a snow bunny,” use the Twitter account as a means to get out the same message UK Alert is sending. The same goes for Facebook. Yes, there is a need for more transparency so concerned individuals aren't left in the dark. Visiting a website with no information



lineup, the situation will be even more dire at TBS, larded with reruns of shows such as "Seinfeld," "Family Guy" and "The Office." Did anyone even know that TBS already had a late-night talk show hosted by comedian George Lopez? But another marketing guru says that if O'Brien's new show is good and the ratings are good, talent will follow. The best comparison, some say: Comedy Central's "The Daily Show," whose Jon Stewart welcomes a pretty impressive crop of cultural and political names. Let the booking begin. MCT

To get the advantage, check the day's rating: 10 is the easiest day, 0 the most challenging. Aries (March 21-April 19) — Today is an 8 — Grab this Monday by the tail. You find several ways to work around objections and satisfy demands. Imagination is working overtime, yet you still find common ground. Taurus (April 20-May 20) — Today is a 6 — Your desires fly on angel wings straight to the mark. Associates jump at the chance to do something for you today. Let them. Gemini (May 21-June 21) — Today is a 5 — You only need to change your tone of voice to throw the emotional weight off your shoulders and avoid confrontation. Try a less aggressive posture. Cancer (June 22-July 22) — Today is a 6 — Invest in clear communication concerning your long-

can be somewhat disconcerting to students and parents who receive an alert. Using social networking, something students routinely check, will get the message out quickly without the lag of the phone alert system. As always, time is the most important issue in emergency situations. Students, if you have to be out at night, be responsible and utilize campus safety measures and refrain from unsafe behavior. A situation like this is avoidable if the proper steps are taken to ensure safety. Furthermore, the bare minimum information should be enough of an incentive to pressure students to stay out of an area where a crime has occurred. In a perfect world, UK Police would be able to get information to the proper UK officials instantaneously so the situation can be disseminated to campus just as quickly. However, dissemination of accurate information takes time and UK has to release information as the situation develops. UK must be creative in sending out its alerts so they reach students as soon as possible, and students must use the services in place and avoid walking into a potentially dangerous situation. Until crime ceases, certain places will always remain safe and others will be known for their safety issues. Utilizing its resources, though, UK can ensure that despite the situation, students will always be aware and safe.

range goal. A practical outline relieves stress for everyone. Keep track of progress. Leo (July 23-Aug. 22) — Today is a 5 — You'd love to fly away and take your luck with you. How about making sure your partner comes along? The love and excitement is far sweeter when shared. Virgo (Aug. 23-Sept. 22) — Today is a 7 — Arrange a group discussion concerning imaginative ideas. Creativity increases in direct proportion to practical logic. Trust your thinking. Libra (Sept. 23-Oct. 22) — Today is an 8 — Create dynamic flow in household tasks by clearing a comfortable workspace and gathering tools and materials before starting. Scorpio (Oct. 23-Nov. 21) — Today is a 5 — Instead of beating yourself up or missing the point in an important discussion, why not ask questions and see if you gain


Sagittarius (Nov. 22-Dec. 21) — Today is an 8 — You can carry creative activities forward if you keep your imagination engaged while also discussing practical requirements.

Capricorn (Dec. 22-Jan. 19) — Today is a 6 — Use all your wiles to communicate a desire that others may not share. You need this, so choose words thoughtfully. Aquarius (Jan. 20-Feb. 18) — Today is a 6 — No matter how hard you try today, stress creeps in. If you must say what's on your mind, choose words that have no sharp edges. You don't want to cut anyone. Pisces (Feb. 19-March 20) — Today is a 7 — Almost everything falls into place when you wish for it. Enjoy this fleeting moment. Persuade others to think big and ask for the moon. (C) 2010 MCT

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CD Central celebrates 15th anniversary with music By Zach Walton

Lexington’s resident record store celebrated its 15th birthday on Saturday the only way it knew how— with music. CD Central celebrated its 15th anniversary in conjunction with Record Store Day by having local bands perform and hosting a store-wide sale in appreciation of the customers that have created a culture around the local store. In retrospect of the event, owner Steve Baron looked back on the origins of the store as a place that catered to the used CD market. He said the store has grown to accomodate almost every music demographic. CD Central was founded when the majority of record stores sold mostly new CDs and there wasn't really a market for used CDs. Baron saw this as a big growth market and opened CD Central with 95 percent used stock. In the past 15 years, the store has grown and has been able to appeal to a broader audience with the addition of records, DVDs and posters. “We moved to our current location in 1999, we were able to spread out and get bigger,” Baron said. With its location next to UK's campus, Baron views the store as a great market to appeal to college students, but they’re not the only people to shop at CD Central. “We get people from all over,” Baron said. “We get people in their 30s and 40s, older folks who get jazz here. There's a broad cross-section to appeal to. We're the only record store in the New Circle Road area so we can serve UK but much more.”

The store had its true anniversary at the end of March, but with the inception of Record Store Day three years ago, Baron moved the anniversary back in order to celebrate them together.

“Any good city should support one good record store; we want to be that store.” STEVE BARON Owner, CD Central

"We created our own holiday to remind people that record stores are still around," PHOTO COURTESY OF MATT JORDAN Baron said. With 15 years behind them, Baron CD Central patrons look through racks of discounted CDs in the store's parking lot for CD Central's 15th looks to an uncertain future but hopes that anniversary on Saturday. CD Central will be around for another 15 years. “I don't know where we'll be 15 years, let alone five years, from now,” Baron said. “Music distribution has changed with fewer record stores as a result. Any good city should support one good record store; we want to be that store.” The employees share a similar sentiment, as Michael Lunsford will tell you. “We provide an alternative to a pretty mainstream town,” Lunsford said. “You can find things that are only here. We also support local bands.” The music scene is constantly changing, but CD Central will keep the music playing for students and the community for years to come. Lunsford hopes the scene will continue to foster music lovers like him. “We're all music geeks here,” he said.

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Athletes visit Nicaragua during break By Garrett Bonistalli

Five UK athletes found themselves visiting an orphanage during their unconventional Spring Break trip to Nicaragua. UK football players Jacob Lewellen and Marcus Davis; volleyball players Ann Armes and Sarah Rumley; and women’s soccer player Laura Novikoff all made the trip to the Central American country. The trip was made possible through Athletes in Action, an international Christian sports ministry program. While in Nicaragua, the athletes spent the bulk of their time at an orphanage, participating in games and getting to know some of the kids, an experience that moved Lewellen, a freshman defensive end, the most during his stay in Nicaragua. “To me, what stood out the most was the fact that these kids are so hurt on the inside, but they put on a smile and cling to the people that come out, and they really attach to them. They show you love and they wear a smile even though they’re hurting,” Lewellen said, “It’s really re-enforcing to yourself to say that you can come back to the states and nothing that we’re experiencing here is as bad as what they’re experiencing (in Nicaragua).





Novikoff “We should always have a smile on our face for the opportunities we have here ... I really saw how it impacted me when I got back and now I look at life a lot differently.” Like Lewellen, Davis, a junior center and three-time SEC Academic Hon-

or Roll student, was encouraged the most by the relationships he formed with the kids at the orphanage. “I would have to say (what that stood out most) was how great it was to connect with the kids. The kids were able to trust and befriend us; they really wanted to be with us,” Davis said. “I think it would have been easy for them to say that these are just more visitors. But instead, they genuinely wanted to be around us.” Along with the experience, Davis said he made a new friend at the orphanage during his stay. “I made a pretty good friend down there, a kid by the name of Ayuhendo,” he said. “He showed me a lot about his culture and just the things they do to have fun. It was fun and it was great, I loved hanging out with him. If I could go back and hang out with him and see him again that would be great. And if not, I hope he’s blessed with whatever he’s doing.” When asked if he would go back to Nicaragua or visit another developing country, Lewellen gave a clear-cut answer: Yes. “I would definitely go back, and if not to Nicaragua then to any other place,” Lewellen said. “I got the hunger to see other places in developing areas and to see how they can impact my life as much as I can impact their lives.”

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FESTIVAL Continued from page 1 good to get interested and involved with culture and have a different perspective of yourself.”

“We’re not sticking to Japanese culture, we want to introduce people to world culture.” NOBUKO PATTON Japanese language instructor

UK students Katie Siler, Aly Proctor and Austin Moss along with UK alumna Sabrina Sheikh performed the popular Japanese song “Kitte no Nai Okurimono,” which translates to “a gift with no stamp,” in front of a pond at the garden. After the song, the group performed a variant of a traditional Japanese dance called “Soran Bushi.” By acting out the casting and pulling in of nets, the dance signifies the art of fishing and the way of the fisherman.

The performances allowed students to experience a richer image Japan, said Nobuko. “As a teacher, when I took the students to perform last year, they felt strongly tied to (the) culture,” Patton said. For the first time at the Sakura Festival, UK students and a professor performed jazz pieces for the audience. The set was played by pianist and assistant professor of jazz studies Raleigh Dailey, bassist and music graduate student Danny Cecil, and drummer and mechanical engineering graduate student James Polley. While Polley had been playing jazz for a long time, this was the first time he had performed at an event like this. “It's the first time I've mixed my love of Japanese culture with music,” Polley said. The crowd was sizeable this year but the organizers hope to draw larger crowds as the event continues to grow. Volunteers for the festival hope to make the event and the Yoko-En on the Elkhorn garden a place the Commonwealth can be proud of, Nobuko said. “Keep coming back, it will keep getting prettier and prettier,” said Nathan Patton.



Continued from page 1

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page, Pi Kappa Phi wanted teams to be creative and make blacklight jerseys, which is exactly what the members of Phi Sigma Rho did. They decorated their shirts with highlighters, with their team name on the front and a number and nickname on the back and wore tall white socks as well. “We started (working on our shirts) a couple of hours ago,” Cox said. Between games, the three UK volleyball team members were out on the court bumping and setting the ball to each other as best they could with the lack of light that they weren’t use to. Gretchen Giesler, an engineering sophomore and UK women’s volleyball team member, thought the event was a great idea. “It’s really hard, because it’s dark, but I think it’s a fun idea,” Giesler said. With the cooperation of the volleyball team, Frazier said, Pi Kappa Phi earned more than just their help this game. “We actually formed a partnership with the volleyball team, and we are going to be their ball boys for the coming season,” he said.

ilar event at North Carolina State University. “After (the N.C. State race), I promised myself I would never do that again,” he said. Other runners were not so lucky. Brandon Murray, a chemical engineering senior, turned in a time of 50:10 as sweat washed the last of the glaze from his face. Doubled over and breathing heavily, he walked past the doughnut mascot offering challengers a victory Krispy Kreme. Two minutes later he lost his breakfast. “The last three (doughnuts) were the worst,” Murray said. “I was smashing three of them together and dripping water on them to get the sugar off … It took me like 23 minutes to do the doughnuts.” Even some who trained for the event struggled. Dan Wavering, an accounting junior, said he practiced eating Kroger doughnuts a few days before the week. Before

the race, he said he was on pace to eat the dozen in just under seven minutes and said he would make up time with his eating pace. “I know I won't throw up,” Wavering said. “I think I'll finish in under 45 minutes.” He made good on his promise to keep the doughnuts down, but he turned in a time of 47:05. “I was on pace for the first eight (doughnuts), but it took me like 10 minutes for the last four,” Wavering said. “I'll definitely come back next year. I've got the experience. Maybe I'll get more in shape.” UK Habitat hopes to make the event an annual fundraiser. The event started at N.C. State in 2004 with 12 runners but has grown to 5,500 runners in 2009. Ellis think the UK version can rival that event within a few years. “We’re talking about having group awards, a costume competition, and other twists to make the event better,” Ellis said. “We’re also considering timing the Casual Runner division to appeal more to serious runners … We plan to grow it as much as we possibly can in order to raise as much money as we can for Lexington Habitat.”

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UK defeats Florida behind Wijas’ Sunday performance By Aaron Smith

For the first time in the last four conference series, UK left the weekend a winner behind an unexpected but effective arm. After having lost leads in the previous three Sunday Southeastern Conference games, UK (22-14, 5-10 SEC) grabbed a 6-5 win against No. 7 Florida (25-10, 10-5 SEC) on Sunday. “We like winning on Sunday,” junior second baseman Chris Bisson said. “We would like to win on Friday and Saturday, too, but we’ll take it. And we beat Florida. We can beat anybody.” With Alex Meyer, UK’s usual Sunday starter, out with mononucleosis, the Cats turned to freshman pitcher Walter Wijas on the mound. He entered the game as a question mark, having pitched only 8.2 innings in relief on the year and no more than two innings in a game. “It was kind of like old times,” said Wijas, who was a starter in high school. “I was just throwing to the

glove and throwing as hard as I can.” But Wijas came out strong, mixing up his pitches and painting the corners. He retired the first 10 batters he faced. “My fastball was moving a lot,” Wijas said. “It has some good action and was down in the zone, getting ground balls. It was kind of surprising, but I fell into a little groove.” Bisson acknowledged the importance of someone stepping up in the absence of Meyer. “For us not to have (Meyer) we could have easily thrown in the towel and said ‘This isn’t going to be good,’ ” Bisson said. “Walt said, ‘No, I’m going to carry the team for a couple innings.’ To get that from a freshman, if you look at the score, that’s a pretty good job.” While Wijas was sending Gator after Gator back to the dugout, UK was sending Cat after Cat across the plate. UK tagged Florida starter Anthony DeSclafani for eight hits and six runs in the first three innings, giving Wijas a comfortable cushion. “Playing against Florida, a

freshman, anyone could have expected him to just say, I’m a little nervous,” said Bisson, who helped produce two of the early runs. “For us to get him some insurance, get him the confidence, it was incredible, and Walt did a great job.” Florida threatened throughout the rest of the game, twice loading the bases but failing to score more than one run in either situation. The second time Florida loaded the bases, junior pitcher Nick Kennedy induced a ground ball to escape the jam. “That’s why you win the game, the ability to drive in runs in that situation or the ability to get out of it,” UK head coach Gary Henderson said. “We’re talking about coming in and getting the ground ball double play or get the punchout, whatever the situation may be, those are the things that determine whether you win or lose.” That was especially true in this game, as UK’s offense shut down after those first three innings as Florida started climbing back, posting a run in the fourth, sixth and


Junior second baseman Chris Bisson helped UK score early against Florida on Sunday. The Cats held on for a 6-5 win. eighth innings. Suddenly only down three, Florida put a scare into UK in the ninth inning with a two-run home run by Josh Adams that closed the lead to one. But Matt Little escaped the potential comeback to pick up

his sixth save of the year. “The fact that it’s a one-run win is big,” Henderson said. “Not just a win on Sunday but to win a close one in the league is a big deal… I suspect the kids feel good about that.”


ROTC Continued from page 1 based on their ability to read a terrain map and follow it without any light to guide their way. They slept outside in the rain while on patrol as the other cadets slept soundly in barracks. On Saturday the cadets had to perform as a team by executing various paintball missions called lanes. They took their cooperative and leadership skills to the next level by mixing in with cadets from the University of Louisville. “It was mission after mission after mission,” said MS 3 Mary Awoniyi. “We had to eat on the fly, and when you were tired you had to suck it up because you knew your leadership would need you to be really motivated so you could get your mission done. It was tough to keep a smile on your face and just keep going.”

MS 3 Cadet Paige Houts waits with her platoon to execute one of their tactical missions on Saturday afternoon. For each mission a platoon leader is selected and the cadets are evaluated on their leadership and ability to take instructions. MS 3 Dakota Lawler shared Awoniyi’s sentiments about the hardships of the missions. “This has been very difficult but the training we receive here is priceless and has prepared us for this summer at LDAC,” Lawler said. Lt. Colonel Cummins of the UK ROTC said the weekend was a great way to gauge

the cadet’s education thus far in their careers. “This really forces them to do critical thinking and it is a great replica of what they will soon see as young leaders in the Army,” Cummins said. After three days living outdoors, strangers became comrades and painfully constructive criticism became

MS 3 Cadet Mary Awoniyi executes an operation with her squad on Sunday afternoon. The situation replicated a chemical warfare emergency and the cadets had to complete their task with simulated blindness. lessons which will stick with the cadets as they continue in their careers to defend their country. A cadence echoes across

the hills on Sunday, falling in time with the steps of the tired cadets making their way back to the barracks to clean up and head out. Smiles and

laughs appear where stress lines fell around their eyes just hours before as they head back to fall in step with their fellow Cats.

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The Kentucky Kernel

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1 Bedroom apartments 5 minute walk to uk, quiet study environment, nice. Call 255-4188

3 bedroom apts near campus. Dennis 983-0726 3BR 2BA Near Rupp Arena. Off street parking. $800 + Dep. 269-7878, 619-0913 3BR, 1BA HOUSE: W/D, off-st. parking, all elec. H2O pd. $975/mo. 859-351-9473 3BR, 1BA. 311 Linden Walk. $950/mo + utilities. MOVE-IN SPECIAL. ONE MONTHS RENT FREE! Onsite parking & coin laundry. Short term lease available. Call CMI Properties 859-273-7389.

1BR, apt at campus court for sublease. May-July, pets allowed! $719/mo. Call 330-607-8319. Center Court 1 Bedroom - South Upper St. New, large, 1BR, 1BA condo, HW floors, security system, W/D, covered gated parking, pvt courtyard. Quiet. Easy walk to downtown, med center, dental, law, and pharm schools. Ideal for couples. Available June 1st. $1150. Contact, 2734100.

Campus View Condo, 3br, 2ba, completely remodeled. All appliances including washer/dryer. Comes with 3 parking passes. Available now. Rent $999 month. Call 502-460-1048 3BR, 1BA apt Between downtown & UK. No Pets. $930/mo. + util. 888-254-3807. 3BR, 2.5BA: Luxury townhouse. Richmond Rd. Large BRs, custom kitchen, 2car garage, security systems, hardwood flooring, all elec. Appliance packages with w/d. $1100/mo. 859-288-5601. 3 Bedroom house, walk to UK, with hot tub and deck, lots of interior space, comes with a 46” flat panel tv – call 255-4188 or for our specials

209 Conn Terr. 4BR 2BA, 2 Kitchens, 2 living rooms, 859-361-4811 4BR, 1BA, HW, d/w, off street parking, Water paid.. $1200/mo. 859-351-9473 4BR home. D/W, off street parking. 2 blocks to campus. H2O pd $1,150.00/month. 859-351-9473. 4 bedroom units starting at $389 per person, or call 859-252-4656. 4 Bedroom, 3 bath house with deck and covered porch, modern construction, huge bedrooms and great kitchen. Walk to UK, call 255-4188 or for our specials. 4 BR/2 BA - 3/4 mi from campus; 2200 sq ft; W/D included; $1400/month +

Best Buy. Assigned, safe parking, one block UK. 368-9775, 562 WOODLAND STUDIOS: $475/mo. includes H2O. Call 502-552-7216 Studio Apts. 422 Aylesford at Rose Lane. New Appliances, Clean! $470/MO water included. August. 509-2227. 1BR Apt. in Historic House. 398 Linden Walk. $565/mo. Clean! Laundry. Utilities included. Available May. 509-2227 Efficiency - 2 blocks to UK! Starting at $325.00. Pets, a/c, 523-2363 or 1 Bedroom - 2 blocks to UK! Starting at $395.00. Pets, a/c, 523-2363 or 2 Bedroom FOR RENT: 2 BEDROOM APT, UPSTAIRS, WALK TO UK, VIRGINIA AVE AREA, VAULTED CEILINGS, OFFSTREET PARKING, $800/MONTH, WATER PAID, JENNY 494-5624 OR

!!Waller Ave. 1& 2BR free internet/cable television. $465/565. 859-494-8075.

3BR 2BA, $415/mo per person washer/dryer utilities included contact Lizz: 847-226-7522. 3BR, 2BA Condo. Walk to Campus. A/C. W/D. New Flooring. Avail Aug. $925/MO. Call 806-7292 Immaculate 3 BR, W/D, DW, HW, Fenced yard, security system, all ele. Garage. Perfect for upperclassmen or graduate students. Available July, $990/mo. (502) 773-5070. 3 Bedrooms - 2 blocks to UK! Starting at $1,080.00. Pets, a/c, some w/d, 523-2363 or Walk to campus. Newly renovated 3BR 2BA 1st Flr condo. New Paint, new carpet.,. Washer/Dryer included. $895.00/month. Short term available. 502593-7421. 3BR, 2BA. Walk to campus. W/D, d/w, elec. Util. Energy efficient, private parking. Going fast! Call Adam 859-338-8243


Lifeguards and Pool Managers Needed. PPM is hiring for clubs and waterparks in Lex, Lou and Richmond. $8 – 15.00/hour. Email for application.

4BR, 2BA. 311 Linden Walk. $1,100/mo + utilities. MOVE-IN SPECIAL. ONE MONTHS RENT FREE! Onsite parking & coin laundry. Short term lease available. Call CMI Properties 859-273-7389. 4BR 2BA, $1220/mo. + utilities. W/D, D/W. walk to UK. Off street parking. Avail 5/15. 948-0205 4BR 2 BA W/D, A/C. Woodland Ave $1400/mo. No Pets. Avail 6/01. 351-3370 4BR 2 BA W/D, A/C. Kentucky Ave $1200/mo. No Pets. Avail 8/01. 351-3370 4BR 2 BA W/D, A/C. Oldham Ave $1200/mo. No Pets. Avail 8/01. 351-3370 4 BR, w/d connections, central air, covered porch, basement, off-street parking, 1000/mo + utilities. 859.338.7005. 4 Bedrooms - 2 blocks to UK! Starting at $1,500.00. Pets, a/c, some w/d, 523-2363 or Large 4 BR, 2.5 BA duplex w/garage, deck, W/D in unit, new carpet and paint. $1,000/mo + deposit. Move in after finals. 628 Big Bear Lane off Tates Creek Road. 278.0970.

1 Block from campus. 4-5 BR houses on State St. Lg front porches, HW Floors, W//D, private parking, lg yard/deck. $385/person. Avail Aug. 1. Call Susan 859-333-8307. 1,2,3BR apts avilable for fall semester. Across from B&E. Best on campus. Call 621-3128.

1 BLOCK FROM CAMPUS: 1 & 2BR, a/c , parking. $395 & up. 269-4129, 608-2751.

Summer help wanted. Prepping sales yearlings. 859-873-6777.

1,2,3,4,5,6 +7 BR Houses & 1BR Apts. Walking Distance to Uk. Visit our website for showing timer. Or call 859-255-4188.

HELP WANTED: PART-TIME, 10-20 Hours/wk. Office/Grant Assistant needed. Duties include scheduling, budget management, regular email communication with individuals involved with programs, and administrative duties. Previous work experience in administrative setting preferred. $10/hr. Position open for inquiries until April 30, 2010. Call 859-257-3780 for more information, or email interest/resume to

5 Bedroom, 3 bath houses walking distance to uk. Lots of amenities. Flat panel tv’s, hot tubs, sleeping lofts, lots of room. Call 255-4188 or for our specials. 5BR TOWNHOME off Tates Creek Rd. Garage, w/d. $1375/mo. Avail. Fall or sooner. RRG. 859-312-5412

JOIN LEX”S MOST EXCITING CHILDREN’S RECREATIONAL BUSINESS. Monkey Joe’s is looking for high energy, enthusiastic employees. Flexible hrs + good pay. Apply in person at 1850 Bryant Rd. Call 859-264-0405

NEWLY REMOLDED 2&3BR student condo’s along with 4 – 6BR houses. All appliances, W/D included. Please call 859-621-1339. 2-3-4 BR, 5-10 min to campus, Tates Creek area, garage/off street parking, avail. April-Aug., all electric, $699 – 875/mo. or call 859219-0184

4BR State St, Large front porch, parking, W/D, D/W. Avail 8/01. No Pets. $1950/mo. 859-333-8307. 208 Conn Terr. 1 blk from Med Ctr. 4BR, 2BA. 859361-4811

All size houses. 3,4,5,6 BR. Walk to campus. State, Waller, University Ave. area. Lease begins 08/01/2010. Won’t last! SIGN EARLY FOR BEST HOUSES.. Bob 859-539-5502. Near Campus: 4/5BR. Waller Ave., Lexington Ave. All appliances including w/d. Call Kevin 859-6193232,

5 Bedrooms - 2 blocks to UK! Starting at $1,875.00. Pets, a/c, w/d, 523-2363 or

4/5BR 2BA House, 1430 Elizabeth St. New tile bathrooms, Big closets, sundeck, W/D, Nice! $350/ea. 509-2227.

5 BR 3 BA new homes by campus. Huge rooms, awesome yards/deck, ample parking, all appliances, all electric. Won’t Last. $350.00/person/month. 859-229-4991.

Summer Special. 6 Bedroom Houses available May. Park Ave & Westwood. DW, W&D. Dennis 859-9830726

6BR Houses. Walk to campus. Waller Ave area. Great Prices! 859-539-5502. 6 Bedroom 3 bath house. Walk to UK. Huge private enclosed back yard, lots of parking. All the amenities including a 46’ flat panel tv. Call 255-4188 or see www.wildcatproperties.comfor our specials. 1-7 Bedroom Listings NOW PRE-LEASING 1-4BR HOMES: Close to UK! Visit or call 859-5131206

3 OR 4BR TOWNHOMES: Off Sherrard Circle. Contact Sara at 859-621-3578 Historic Properties. 1,2,3,4BR units. UK, Downtown, Transy. Aug 1. Exposed brick, HW, charming. 859396-9022. Apt’s and parking spaces for May and Aug. 1 blk campus safe and patrolled .. Call 368-9775 between


PT RECEPTIONIST NEEDED. Apply 860 S. Broadway. !!!Are you an upper classman or Grad Student? Are you looking for a house in a nice quiet neighborhood close to campus? Call 859-229-4991.

5BR Houses. Walk to campus. Front & Back porches. W/D. NICE! 859-539-5502.

6 Bedroom

Self Defense. Good exercise. Life long friendships. The UK Karate club accepting beginners Monday’s 6:30 - 8:30pm. Buell Armory. Email: Call 421-4335

Wanted Violin teacher for 10 yr old. Call Frank 859494-8080.

4 BR 2 BA new homes by campus. Huge rooms, awesome yards/deck, ample parking, all appliances, all electric. Won’t Last. $325.00/person/month. 859-229-4991.

Campus Houses for Rent. 228 & 230 Waller Ave. 5BR 2BA, Two story, living room, W/D, patio. All Ele. 1800 sq ft. new, along with others. Call Steven 859621-3313 Call Robbie 859-621-3312.


HARDIN PROPERTIES.NET now leasing Studios, 1,2BR apts. Also, three 4/5-BR Houses remaining for August. 509-2227

4BR/2BA Cute House. 125 Westwood Dr. Electric Heat. 2 Kitchens, Large L,R, Clean, Nice! $360/ea. 509-2227.

Summer Jobs – Labor. Local real estate company seeking summer help turning vacant apartments. Duties include trash-out, cleaning, basic repairs for drywall, painting, carpentry, plumbing, etc. Hourly wage $8-10/hour, depending on skill level. Opportunity for overtime, reliable transportation required. Contact Please provide a list of previous skills or experience and availability for summer. Seeking individual to stay with woman overnight. $8.00/hr. 859-309-0081

1–2 Bedrooms – South Hill Station Lofts; 1 to 2 block to UK! Internet/Parking included. Contact Kelley for available offers at 859-225-3680

4 BR, 3 BA, all electric. FP, 2 miles from campus. 2973 Candlelight, $900.00. 229-8515

5 Bedroom

Day Camp Counselors needed for Swimming, Horseback Riding, Ropes, Art’s & Crafts. Email for information to:,

Townhouse 7-10 min from UK. 2 or 3 BR, 2.5Ba, garage, W/D. $900-1100/mo. 619-2877

Quiet 4 BR, 2.5 BA unit with washer/dryer, garage, deck. Available now or for fall. 4 units available. Big Bear Lane off Tates Creek. $1,000/mo. 278.0970

BRAND NEW 4 BR: VERY ENERGY EFFICIENT. New & nearly new homes close to campus. 2 car garage, very, very nice. Showing daily. Call James McKee 859-221-7082. View at

KEENELAND is seeking applicants for part-time Seasonal Gift Shop Sales Associates to work during its Spring Meet April 2-23. Flexible hours. Please contact Kristi Barrett, Monday-Friday, 9:00 a.m.-5:00 p.m., at 859-288.4190. RAMSEY’S DINER now hiring servers and cooks. Apply in person M-F 2-4pm.

Call 502-649-0032.

Luxury Heatherwood Town home, Chevy Chase (Near UK) 3 BR 3.5 Ba ,2054 sq ft, living, deck/loft, W/D, DW, 1 car garage 859-983-8377- $1300mo +dep


Lexington Country Club Staffing Full and Part Time Seasonal Positions. AM/PM shifts, Weekends, Holidays Required. Server, Busser, Snack Bar, Kitchen Staff, Summerhouse, Pro Shop and Pool Attendant. Competitive Wages and Flexible Schedules. Apply in Person Wed-Sat 1pm-4pm; 2550 Paris Pike, Lexington, KY 40511. No Phone Calls Please.

Idle Hour Country Club, Staffing Full and Part Time Seasonal Positions, AM/PM, Weekends, Holidays Required. Part-Time Receptionist, Servers, Bussers, Snack Bar, Kitchen Staff, Lifeguards. Competitive Wages, Uniforms, and Meals. Apply in Person WedSun 10am-4pm. Immediate Interviews. No Phone Calls Please. 1815 Richmond Road, Lexington, KY 40502.

! BARTENDING! UP TO $250 a day. No exp. Necessary. Training provided. 800-965-6520 x-132

3BR - $975-1125/mo. W/D, hardwood floors, off-st. parking. 859-351-9473. 3BR, 2BA. WALK TO campus. $850/mo. Large master w/ Bath & walk-in closet, a/c, All appliances incl washer/dryer. Low util. No smoking/pets. 510-6087676, Greg 859-225-3334 x. 101

ond to none! Send your résumé to

New, modern 1 & 2 BR condos available at CenterCourt, just 2 min. fr/UK. PARKING INCLUDED Call or text Carrie (859.333.6236) or Penny (859.312.7289).

3,4,5,6 BR Houses on campus. 859-433-2692.

Center Court 2BR. $1400/mo “includes all util, W/D, condo dues, Internet/Cable TV” 859-494-8075;

2BR, 1.5BA LUXURY Town house. Richmond Rd.

Summer Sublet: male apt, Royal Lexington, $409, until Aug. 5th. Dates Negotiable. Nick 206-323-7290

3BR 1BA, Gorgeous, Walk to UK. Lg rooms. $936/mo. Electric HVAC. 948-0205.

2BR 2BA Center Court – New, Best Location, Ccnter of UK Campus. Brand new construction., hardwood flrs, marble counters, ceramic tiles. 2 Parking spaces, 3rd flr security. Cedar St. side, private courtyard, private shaded deck, best flr plan. W/D. $1,350/mo. Long term lease available. Call 859285-0770.

2 Master Bedrooms, 2.5 baths, 246 Simba Way, near New Circle & Richmond Road. W/D included, $670/ month, $500 deposit. 859-230-8899.

5-6 bedroom house available in May and August. Dennis 983-0726

3,2,1 BR 1 BA new homes by campus. Huge rooms, awesome yards/deck, ample parking, all appliances, all electric. Won’t Last. $300.00/person/month. 859-229-4991

3 BR (2 Keys apts.) Across from UK. Hardwood, laundry room, security, on-site mgmt. $1,200.00/month, includes all utilities. 859-230-3072

2BR 1BA Newly renovated. 1 secure garage parking space. 301 Newtown Pike, $650/mo. Plus util. No Gas. Pictures available. 859-351-1593 or

Great houses on campus. Walking distance. 1BR and up. Call now 859-433-0956

utilities; 468 Bob O Link Dr; large deck & basement; 1 year lease -July or Aug start.

3BR 2BA, New Home by campus. Huge rooms, awesome yard/deck. Ample parking, all appliances, all electric. Won’t Last. $325/month/person. 859-2294991

1BR APT. AVAIL. 05-16-10. Near UK. $450/mo. all util. paid, parking. Call 489-3371

Noon and midnight,

Summer Lease Available. New home by campus. Huge rooms, awesome yard/deck, ample parking, all appliances, all electric. Won’t Last. $310.00/person/month. 859-229-4991.

Help Wanted Looking for a self motivated student to help grow scientific sales in Lexington, This position is a part time position (15-20 hours per week) and hours are built around class schedule. Responsibilities would include day to day contact with customers and customer support type tasks. If you are interested, please submit your resume to me at Gymnastics/ Motor Skill Development Instructor. Are you an energetic, self-motivated individual seeking a fun and challenging opportunity working with children and teaching gymnastics classes? If so, you may be just the person we’re looking for! As a The Little Gym Instructor, your primary responsibility will be to teach great classes based on our proven curriculum and teaching methods. You will be working with a dynamic team of individuals who are committed to providing outstanding customer service and a Membership experience that is sec-

PT Yard & Garden work. Close to UK, Hourly wage. 269-0908 ATOMIC CAFÉ NOW hiring servers & bussers. Apply in person. 265 N. Limestone. 10-4 Tues.-Sat. Charlie Brown’s is hiring servers. Apply @ 816 Euclid Ave. JENNY CRAIG has job opening for full time weight management consultant. Please call Leslie at 859269-2639 Farm Help Wanted. Work with owner on Fayette County Farm. Cattle exp, Tractor driving exp. a must. Flexible Hours. Great Outdoor job. 272-8300. Help Wanted PT landscape maintenance, mowing, odd jobs for small farm residence. $9/hr. Contact 806-1000. PT veterinary technician needed, Local veterinary clinic is looking for PT tech. Must have exp. Flexible hours. Email resume to Lifeguards wanted at Greenbrier Country Club. Please call Josh Osborne at 299-5002 for info. Local Insurance office is seeking PT receptionist to work through Sept. Employer can work around class schedule. Please send resume to John L Wood Insurance LLC, 1316 Versailles Rd., Lexington, KY 40504 PT cashier, must be avail this summer. Chevy Chase Hardware. 883 E. High St. 269-9611. Seeking student interested in working with 14 yr old, high functioning PDD girl. Hours flexible July – early Aug. Hamburg area. Experience preferred. 914-9802880. Full or part time, all summer. 5/10 thru 8/10, solo farm work, Jessamine County, cut grass & weeds, basic carpentry, repair/paint fence, tractor experience desirable. $8.000/hour. Motivated, reliable, disciplined individual only accepted. Send resume to:; fax: 859-223-4658.

Research Opportunities for Users of Stimulants for Non-Medical Reasons. Researchers with the University of Kentucky College of Medicine, Department of Behavioral Science are conducting research to examine the effects of medications. All information will be kept confidential. You may be eligible if you: are between 18 and 50 years of age, are using stimulants for non-medical reasons (for example, Adderall®, Ritalin®, Amphetamine, or Ephedrine). Eligible volunteers will be paid for their participation. You may be reimbursed for travel. Studies involve completion of one to 46 testing sessions depending on studies for which you may be eligible. Meals, snacks, movies, video games and reading materials will be provided. For more information and a confidential interview, please call 859257-5388 or 1-866-232-0038. VOLUNTEERS PAID TO Participate in multiple studies. Researchers at the University of Kentucky are recruiting participants diagnosed with ADHD and for studies concerning the effects of alcohol. Looking for M & F social drinkers between 21-35 years of age. All participants are compensated for their time. Please call 257-5794

Roommates Wanted Female Roommate needed! Fully furnished with exception of bedroom! Very nice, safe area close to UK! Email if interested Brand New – Roommates wanted. 859-455-8208.

THE MOON NIGHT CLUB now hiring for security and doorman. Call Wed & Thur. between 10am – 2pm. 335-6666 for interview appt Bar Lexington downtown now hiring for summer patio. Bartenders, security, bands, singers/songwriters and DJ’s. Go to, or call 859-523-7694. PT Front office assistant for plastic surgery center MWF or Tue, Thur all day. Email resume to: PT or Fulltime sales clerk.. Flexible hours and days. Afternoons, evenings, weekdays, or weekends position available. Apply at Rite Aid 878 E. High St. Earn $20/hr Teaching Physics or Chemistry in Lexington, KY. Nights/Weekends Email Resume to: NO GREASY FRIES or funny hats. PT, apply in person. Re-Kid, Regency Center, Idle Hour Center

The Kentucky Kernel is not responsible for information given to fraudulent parties. We encourage you not to participate in anything for which you have to pay an up-front fee or give out credit card or other personal information, and to report the company to us immediately. CONFIDENTIAL PREGNANCY ASSISTANCE

Birthright 2134 Nicholasville Rd. 277-2635 suite 6 24-HOUR HOTLINE 1-800-550-4900

PAGE 10 | Monday, April 19, 2010

Charity game makes first splash on campus By Brandon Goodwin

While planes and sparks flew overhead in Louisville, kick balls launched into lower orbit and bodies slipped and slid down the third and home baseline for the first annual Splash Ball tournament at UK on Saturday. The Phi Sigma Kappa fraternity and Chi Omega sorority worked together to organize Splash Ball 2010, a philanthropy event that mixes the rules of kick ball with a Slip ‘N Slide between third and home base. The idea behind Splash Ball originated last semester with integrated strategic communications senior Justin Linne, a member of Phi Sigma Kappa and an employee of the Kentucky Kernel. Linne transferred to UK from South Carolina in the spring of 2008, where a similar event, called the Phi Sigma Kappa Sorority Slam, took place. Usually there were seven teams that participated in the Sorority Slam, Linne said, but there was not a Slip ‘N Slide incorporated into the game and participation was only open to sororities. Splash Ball is open to any co-ed team wanting to participate.

“Having been on two campuses, I’ve seen that the more creative and interactive the philanthropy, the more successful the philanthropy will be.” Linne said. “That’s why Splash Ball will be so fun, even to watch.” Two teams were present for the UK game. The Alpha Omicron Pi sorority and the Lambda Chi Alpha fraternity joined forces to take on the Delta Delta Delta sorority and the Sigma Nu fraternity. Alpha Omicron Pi and Lambda Chi came out as the first Splash Ball tournament champions. “Ideally we wanted more teams to participate,” said architecture freshman and Phi Sigma Kappa member Philip Marchetti. “But people recognized that it was the first year and weren’t sure about it.” Part of the reason for the low participation was due to cool weather and Thunder Over Louisville occurring the same day, Marchetti said, but it was also low because the InterGreek Programming Assembly did not sponPHOTO BY ALLIE GARZA | STAFF sor the event. Splash Ball 2010 participants watch as marketing sophomore and Delta Delta Delta sorority member Jill “Everyone had a really good time,” Linne Green attempts to score a point for her team and slide into home base. said. “I think the teams who didn’t show up will regret it when they hear how much fun it was.” Splash Ball raised $350 for Phi Sigma Kappa’s philanthropy, Special Olympics of Kentucky.

Mechanical engineering freshman Travis Polk slides to base on a Slip ‘N Slide of oil for the Splash Ball 2010 event on Saturday. PHOTO BY LATARA APPLEBY STAFF

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