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Coverage of UK baseball’s Wednesday night game against Western Kentucky University APRIL 1, 2010




Tickets to Calipari bottle signing offered only online By David Baker

Dragging yourself out of bed on a Friday morning for an 8 a.m. class may not provide much motivation, but dragging yourself out of bed to get head basketball coach John Calipari’s autograph may provide more. Those wishing to purchase the new Maker’s Mark bottle with the face of Calipari on it can do so statewide Friday, and those hoping

to get their bottle signed can do so at Keeneland on Friday, April 9 — if they manage to secure a ticket from Instead of giving out tickets through a lottery, Keeneland will work through Ticketmaster, and 1,200 tickets will be available. Calipari will begin signing the limited-edition bottle, which is the second in a three-year series to create an endowment for the UK Symphony Orchestra’s outreach

program, at 8 a.m. that Friday. “We think it’s tremendous that there is such interest in the Cats and the coach,” said Jay Blanton, director of marketing and communications at Keeneland. “ ... we are thrilled and honored to be part of a program that, over the years, has generated millions of dollars for such causes as cancer research and music education across the Commonwealth.”

UK president Lee Todd, head basketball coach John Calipari and Maker's Mark president Bill Samuels look at the Calipari edition bottle. PHOTO BY BRANDON GOODWIN STAFF

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Gaines Center offers creativity By Chelsea O’Connor


Members of Pi Kappa Phi fraternity play a game of wheelchair basketball Wednesday evening. The event benefitted Push America, an organization that aims to serve people with disabilities. It was the first year the fraternity held the event, and the organization hopes to host the event in the future.


To truly understand someone it may not take walking a mile in his or her shoes — it may take sitting in his or her wheelchair. Pi Kappa Phi fraternity hosted a wheelchair basketball philanthropic event on Wednesday night to benefit Push America. According to its Web site, Push America is an organization that is “building leaders of tomorrow by serving people with disabilities today.” The money raised from the event will aid mentally and physically disabled children, said Tyler Frazier, a telecommunications junior and Pi Kappa Phi member. Frazier said Cardinal Hill Rehabilitation Hospital donated the wheelchairs for the fraternity to use, so facilitating the event did not cost the fraternity. Pi Kappa Phi’s national organization owns Push America, so it was only natural the UK chapter worked with them for the philanthropy event, Frazier said. The fraternity got the idea of wheelchair basketball because of the strong ties UK has to the sport. “UK has such a rich basketball tradition,” he said. “(We wanted to) show people basketball from the side of the disabled.” But those in attendance did not see the high-octane, polished attack that characterized the UK basketball team this season.

The sounds of the game were even different. The squeak of tennis shoes on the woodpaneled floor was absent, replaced by the sound of wheels spinning. And one could hear the players’ frustration, though mixed with laughter. The players’ futility became evident — the first game took 10 minutes to play. Each game was to five points. “Wheelchair basketball players are tougher than regular basketball players,” said communications sophomore Andrew Burns. “It totally makes you realize how lucky you are to be able to use your legs,” he said. “Because you realize how much you need to use your legs.” Frazier said the goal of the event was empathy training,highlighting one of Push America’s core values. Psychology-chemistry junior Austin Jones said the empathy training was successful to a certain limit. “We were able to use our legs a little, but someone else might not be able to do that,” he said. “I was able to understand a little bit what it was like, but I’ll never be fully aware unless, God forbid…” But there is one main difference between PHOTO BY SCOTT HANNIGAN | STAFF playing wheelchair basketball for a philanthropy event and actually being wheelchair- Andrew Burns of Pi Kappa Phi shoots the ball while being defended by fraternity brother Michael Funk during their wheelchair basSee Wheelchair on page 4 ketball game in the Seaton Center Wednesday night.

A group of UK students are working to complete independent projects aiming to positively influence the Lexington community. Between 11 to 13 Gaines fellows are selected every year from a pool of applicants, and if accepted, the students must complete hours in humanities and take part in the independent jury project. “It has given me the ability to join a close fellowship of individuals studying a variety of subjects who are united by our common passion for learning and our desire to impact and play an active role in our community,” he said. Chapman said the program has given him a greater appreciation for a variety of subjects that he otherwise would not have been exposed to. The program consists of eight credit hours of humanities-based seminars during the fellows’ junior year, said Nazeeha Jawahir, a chemistry and philosophy junior. Jawahir said the students choose their own project that two advisers in the field related to it judge, one from UK and one from the local community. “For me, I've been trying to help organize a free medical clinic with volunteers from my local mosque, so one juror was a UK professor who leads our local mosque, and my other juror was a medical doctor who will be one of the volunteers,” she said. As seniors, fellows write a thesis on any humanities-related topic, which they will defend in front of a committee, Jawahir said. The program is located in three historic buildings between UK and downtown Lexington to establish a relationship between the campus and surrounding community, according to the Gaines Fellowship Web site. Students in any major can apply to be a Gaines fellow, and for more information visit the Web site, ( h t t p : / / w w w. u k y. e d u / O t h erOrgs/GainesCenter/.).

Biking across America: One student’s adventure to fight Alzheimer’s By Brian Shlonsky

The beginning of the summer will find one UK student with the back tire of his bicycle touching the Pacific Ocean, ready to embark on a cross-country bicycle ride to help raise money and awareness for Alzheimer’s disease. On May 25, UK biology sophomore Cameron Hamilton, along with five Western Kentucky University students, will begin a 3,197.8 mile cross-country bike ride starting in Oceanside, Calif., and ending in Yorktown, Va., in an attempt to raise $75,000 for their organization Fijis Across America, in partnership with the Alzheimer’s Association of Greater Kentucky/Southern Indiana. According to the Fijis Across America First issue free. Subsequent issues 25 cents.

Web site, WKU student Tyler Jury founded the organization because he wanted to cycle cross-country and aid in the fight against the disease that killed his grandfather after a four-year battle. “Tyler was my best buddy throughout high school, and last July when his grandfather died, he had just gotten into cycling,” Hamilton said. “He told me he was going to do something to raise money and awareness about Alzheimer’s, so I committed to do the ride with him.” So far, Fijis Across America has raised $11,327, much of it through donations on the organization’s Web site. “People can do a sponsorship on a permile basis,” Hamilton said. “For example, if a person were to donate a penny per mile, we would be able to collect $32.”

The ride is expected to last 54 days and end on July 18, and it will be difficult at times, Hamilton said. “It’s surprising how after four to six hours how much of your body starts to hurt,” Hamilton said. “Not just my legs, but my shoulders will start getting sore from leaning over the handlebars for so long.” Hamilton has been training for the ride since last August. He knew he was up for the challenge after successfully riding the 50 miles from Bardstown to Harrodsburg with all his possessions in a converted kitty litter bucket. Hamilton said the cyclists would be stopping along the way to make appearances at different places and take part in See Biking on page 2

Biology sophomore Cameron Hamilton, left, with the bike that will carry him cross-country in an effort to raise money for Alzheimer’s. PORTRAIT BY ADAM WOLFFBRANDT STAFF

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memory walks, which are large events that bring awareness to Alzheimer’s. “We have different people hosting us and having us stay, so the more events we attend and appearances we have the longer we’ll be on the tour,” Hamilton said. Fijis Across America will compete in the Pepsi Refresh Project beginning Thursday,

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‘The Last Song’ debuts Any film based on a novel by Nicholas Sparks _ from "The Notebook" to "Dear John" _ is going to be sentimental. It's how the actors wade through the emotional bogs that make or break the film. Miley Cyrus throws off the blond wig of Hannah Montana to play rebellious teen Ronnie in the latest Sparks-born production, "The Last Song." Ronnie does nothing to hide her contempt when she and her little brother (Bobby Coleman) are sent from New York City to a beach town in Georgia to spend the summer with their father, Steve (Greg Kinnear). This is a summer of discovery _ both good and bad. The role of Ronnie pushes Cyrus to play a defiant, distraught and distant teen. It's a huge stretch for Cyrus. And at this point in her acting career, the role is just beyond her reach. It would have helped if Sparks _ who wrote the story with Cyrus in mind _ had done a better job to match the character to the actress. Just listen to Cryus speak for 10 seconds and you'll get the point. Director Julie Anne Robinson

Tickets for the bottle signing go on sale this Saturday at 10 a.m. on Ticketmaster. Keeneland officials decided on the new ticket distribution method with the goal to maximize the limited amount of time Calipari has and to also control traffic, safety and security issues, according to a Keeneland news release on March 24. “We believe it is an efficient, effective, fair and safe way to accommodate the incredible interest in this event, particularly given the



was smart enough to cast Kinnear, who provides the right acting edge. Only Cyrus' scenes with Kinnear have a spark of truth. Kinnear has a knack for playing characters with heavy hearts who are more complex than they seem ("As Good As it Gets," "Auto Focus," "Flash of Genius"). That ability is what makes "The Last Song" more sentimental than melodramatic. At least Kinnear gets a chance.

Kelly Preston, who plays his exwife, is reduced to less screen time than a music video. Except for Kinnear, "The Last Song" could have been a Disney Channel movie with its familiar boymeets-girl storyline. "The Last Song" doesn't hit any major sour notes. It's just a familiar tune that could have used some better supporting voices for Kinnear. MCT

To get the advantage, check the day's rating: 10 is the easiest day, 0 the most challenging. Aries (March 21-April 19) — Today is a 7 — Pretend that you're in charge of the world. Everyone else acts that way today, so you may as well, too. Use your creativity for practical results. Taurus (April 20-May 20) — Today is a 6 — Keep your eye on the prize. Visionary ideas feed into your practical assessment of the situation. An older person supplies necessary logic. Gemini (May 21-June 21) — Today is a 7 — All good ideas today come from actions behind the scenes. Channel everyone's thoughts into one logical plan. Creativity moves forward from there. Cancer (June 22-July 22) — Today is a 6 — Prepare to change your mind in a big way today. Oppor-

with a chance to win a $25,000 grant that would aid in replacing worn equipment and supplies for the ride, Hamilton said. The Pepsi Refresh Project aims to encourage people, businesses and non-profits to make positive impacts in their communities, and anyone can enter and vote for their favorite ideas, according to its Web site. To vote for Fijis Across America, students can register and vote at People can also track the cyclists’ route, learn more about Alzheimer’s and give donations on the organization’s Web site, (

understandable limits on the coach’s time during this busy period,” Blanton said. “Safety is our top priority in everything that we do at Keeneland — whether on the track or off of it. We’ve been doing these signings for several years now, and we work diligently to ensure both a fair and effective process as well as a safe one.” According to the news release, each person is limited to one ticket, and tickets will be free with a $1 handling fee that will be donated to Galilean Children’s Home in Liberty, Ky. Those with tickets to the signing should be in line no later than 7 a.m., and they will be allowed to camp out overnight under the grandtunities come from several directions. Don't try them all. Choose carefully. Leo (July 23-Aug. 22) — Today is a 7 — Early indications suggest grabbing opportunities and making adjustments later. The initial ideas are strong, but they benefit from a dose of logic. Virgo (Aug. 23-Sept. 22) — Today is a 6 — Make time for sympathetic communication. By helping others resolve their difficulties, you put your own troubles in perspective and boost your self-esteem. Libra (Sept. 23-Oct. 22) — Today is an 8 — What seemed like a lot of mental work yesterday becomes a balanced, practical plan today. Two people agree with your assessments and move forward wholeheartedly. Scorpio (Oct. 23-Nov. 21) — Today is a 7 — Most of your work involves direct contact with others today. The impact is a heartfelt, pri-

If you go What: Calipari bottle signing When: Friday, April 9 at 8 a.m. Where: Keeneland Admission: Tickets must be purchased through this Saturday starting at 10 a.m. to attend.

stand starting Thursday night, according to the news release. Twenty-four thousand copies of the bottle will be available to buy, and for more information on the bottle signing, contact Blanton at vate matter.

Sagittarius (Nov. 22-Dec. 2) — Today is an 8 — Circumstances put a wrinkle in your plan. Gather the team to consider practical options. Solutions may come from an unexpected source.

Capricorn (Dec. 22-Jan. 19) — Today is an 8 — You get the results you deserve. Hopefully, this means that today's opportunities fall into place to produce a satisfying result. Aquarius (Jan. 20-Feb. 18) — Today is a 6 — Somehow responsibilities seem distant or vague. To clarify your position, use practical language and follow the logic. Put it in context. Pisces (Feb. 19-March 20) — Today is a 5 — Your favorite person embarks on a new plan, and you feel left behind. As you struggle to catch up, you realize they're waiting for you. You'll make it. (C) 2010 TRIBUNE MEDIA SERVICES

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UK student breaks mold of the gaming world By Martha Groppo

Mayling Yap is a senior English major who likes Patsy Cline and Desperate Housewives — and she’s one of the top-ranked video gamers in the state. Yap holds position No. 7 on the elite “power ranking” list of the 10 best Super Smash Bros. gamers in the Indiana/Kentucky area. Yap is the lone girl on the power ranking list, and one of the few female participants in a pastime traditionally dominated by Y chromosomes. Yap’s game of choice is Super Smash Bros. Brawl, a game for Wii that can be played at regional tournaments. Only about four of every 100 gamers she encounters at the tournaments are female. She said the dearth of girls can be traced to “probably just the stigma that goes with video games.” In Yap’s experience, boys often judge female gamers. She said it is intimidating and often pushes girls away from the culture. “Unless you are assertive, it’s hard,” Yap said. For Yap, the op-

portunity to break into the male gaming world started at home. Yap said her interest in video games probably originated with the time spent playing video games with her two brothers as a child. She said her experience playing with her brothers and male friends opened the door for her. Her current standing in the Smash Bros. community is her own doing, however. Yap is president of the VG Cats club at UK, a club she started last fall for fellow Super Smash Bros. players. “We needed a room to practice in and now we can reserve rooms,” Yap said. Starting the VG Cats gave Yap more clout in the gaming world. “I am the president, so they can’t exactly say, ‘No, you can’t play,’ ” Yap said. Now Yap is an integral part of the Smash Bros. gaming community and a tournament organizer. At the last tournament, she finished 17th out of 52, though she said she could have done better. Part of the reason Yap likes playing Super Smash Bros. is because of its social elements. “The thing with this particular game is it makes you mingle,” Yap said. As good as Yap is at Super Smash Bros., it’s not her best game. “Technically I’m better at Tetris,” Yap said. She said she plays other genres of games, like the occasional role-playing game. Recently, Yap tackled a

new game played by her boyfriend. “I learned how to play Street Fighter, mainly just to beat him,” Yap said witha grin. “I learned it in a week and managed to beat him. Super Smash Bros. remains Yap’s favorite game, however. She likes the community that has grown out of the Smash Bros. Tournaments, and doesn’t mind being one of the only girls. “It doesn’t really bother me. I relate to boys better,” she said. She hopes that new members — male or female — join the VG Cats club. She said the current members are eager to help anyone new even if they are only minimally interested. She said Smashfests, days when Super Smash Bros. players get together to practice, help everyone get better. The VG Cats club meets mainly on Saturdays at noon in room 111 of the Student Center. Yap admits that the gamers often play until 8 p.m., though Saturday is usually the only time she plays all week. Eight hours of playing Super Smash Bros. goes by quickly for Yap, who has become such a part of the gaming social scene despite being a girl. “It’s not so much the game I like anymore — it’s the community.”

A spring cleaning guide to a good relationship So you’ve come to grips with all the outrageous (and possibly punishable by law) actions you committed over spring break. But it’s not as easy as simply coming back to class and repenting. In the lazy winter months, it’s easy to find yourself unmotivated. But spring is a time to bring forth a better, cleaner you. This might even include ALISON de-tagging the booty shakCARSON ing contest shots from Kernel Panama. columnist The stuffy, un-revealing sweaters of winter’s grip are a far cry from skimpy skirts and outdoor keggers. No, it’s not the pollen making you feel a little weird — it’s the tanned brunette in the pink tank top. There’s a sort of relationship between 70 degree weather and hormones that seem to make spring a time of

year for students to get a little crazy. The season serves as reminder of why you love being in college. Warm weather is just an invitation for every hot girl in a bikini to flood to the apartment complex’s pool. Basketball courts everywhere are filled with shirtless juniors sporting six packs. Unless, of course, all they drank were six packs during the snowy months. With all the energy around campus, it is a perfect time to do your own spring cleaning. And while most of us need to throw out the Mad Mushrooom box that’s been laying on the floor for the past three weeks, it’s just as necessary to clean up your relationships. Don’t let a little trash like a bad relationship dirty you up. Throw them out. The first step in cleaning is to remove the clutter. If you’re going to have fun in the sun, being newly single is always a start. After all, opening the window and letting in a little air is refreshing. If the thought of buying a Valentine’s present was too much to bear, there isn’t another

gift-giving holiday in sight. That means you can dust the cobwebs off and open yourself up to a relationship. Why not smell the newly blossomed roses and give a spring fling a shot?

Don’t let a little trash like a bad relationship dirty you up. Throw them out. The first step in cleaning is to remove the clutter. If you’re going to have fun in the sun, being newly single is always a start. With the final weeks of the semester ahead, it’s the perfect opportunity to go out with a bang. Reunite with old friends and make new ones. It’s fitting to put the best you forward in the season of rebirth.

Go Green. Recycle this Kernel.

Try exercising outside again. Getting back in warm weather shape is great for mind, body and spirit. And with all the spring skin, it’s important to put your best appearance forward. Yes guys, this means “manscaping” your chest. Girls aren’t exactly jumping to approach the gorilla on the sand volleyball court. And no ladies, tanning to the shade of unprecedented darkness only screams high maintenance and it’s kind of creepy. So clean out all the garbage you’ve been holding onto and get organized. It’s time to embrace a new and improved you this spring season. Alison Carson is a journalism sophomore. E-mail



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Code change balances claims, levels system On a college campus, students’ rights are easily the most important piece of policy in place. So when UK adapts the Student Code of Conduct, every student should be paying attention. According to a March 25 Kernel article, the Student Code Committee has proposed several changes to the Student Code of Conduct to add fairness to the process. The revisions primarily relate to cases of sexual assault, stalking and domestic violence, with the major purpose being to ensure the process is fair for both the accuser and the victim. Additionally, sexual assault and similar violations would be categorized as separate cases under the proposed plan. The code is reviewed yearly, but the proposed changes would be the first variances in the code since 2005. While it may not seem like a big deal for UK to specifically define and categorize certain offenses, it helps to further promote UK’s dedication to campus safety. Not only is due process more clearly outlined and enforceable in situations where there is a victim and an accused party, but it shows UK is valuing its students’ safety by separating categories for sexual assaults and violent crimes. Recognizing the need to handle specific situations differently, combined with taking suggestions from students, faculty and staff also shows the university is looking to incorporate those the policy affects, rather than handing down policy that may or may not affect campus. The only way to have a truly safe campus is to involve those who are being kept safe, and UK must continue to enhance this aspect of the university.

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BRETT HATFIELD, Kernel cartoonist

Avoid being an April fool, finish strong Some things are much harder than they look — getting through the month of April is no exception. It may seem like you can do it all no probWESLEY lem, but it ROBINSON can lick Kernel you worse columnist than anything if you’re not careful. With the urge to finish coming on strong, students are highly susceptible to giving in to the pressure and not finishing the way they set out to initially. Even the most well-prepared students can lose their stamina and perform far below their expectations.

But how does one prematurely deploy before the semester has ended? Well it takes a little creativity to make things happen and keep the semester entertaining. Start off by enjoying yourself and taking pleasure in the experience. Obviously, you want to focus on getting the difficult things done, but you have to reward yourself for all of your hard work, too. Spend time doing things with other people. Decompress and allow for free time to relax and relieve stress — after all, you aren’t the only one in that position, and there are other people to share the struggle with. Don’t let up on the gas just because you’re ready to quit. Push yourself even harder, because

somewhere buried inside you have a lot more to give if you just focus. That doesn’t mean spending your time down in the depths of the library, but putting your head down and plowing through all of the trouble. It will be worth it in the long run. Maintaining the same level of energy from the start is the most crucial aspect to success. The same hard work put in after those New Year’s resolutions has to be put in when the days start to get a little hotter and the days get longer. May is the proverbial payoff where in one shot, you can blow all the effort you have put into the semester. No one wants to put in all that work up front and end up failing to close the deal.

Remember, the shortest distance between two points is a straight line, but slow and steady often is the pace it takes to win the race. In the end though, it is up to you to determine where the ball drops, so whatever it is you do, make sure you give it 100 percent and do it right. You can take the situation lying down, but it won’t be as enjoyable as when you are fully engaged in activity. My mom, like a lot of other people’s moms, always taught me to never quit, even when I may come up short. So use the remainder of the semester to finish strong, and remember: That’s what she said. Wesley Robinson is a Spanish senior. E-mail

Media reports indicate shaky future for basketball roster


By Ben Jones


Wide receivers Matt Roark and Chris Matthews try to block a kick during last season’s win over Vanderbilt. UK head coach Joker Phillips said the special teams will be renamed special forces this season.

Faster tempo, talk of undefeated season highlight first day of spring practice By Metz Camfield

“Now we have to come back,

It’s a new season, a new head coach and a new pace on the field for the UK football team. With the head coaching reins now in the hands of Joker Phillips, the Cats took the field Wednesday morning for their first spring practice of the year. “It’s a lot more intense,” said juniorto-be wide receiver Randall Cobb. “He picked up the energy, he brought in

learn from our mistakes and we have get back at it. Those little mistakes ... we aren’t going to have them this year.” CHRIS MATTHEWS senior-to-be wide receiver

some coaches who are real high-energy.” The Cats said they aren’t doing conditioning sprints at the end of each practice as they had done in the past, but instead are getting their conditioning in by sprinting from drill to drill. Cobb said he liked the move because it made them play and move faster and have a greater sense of urgency on the field. That urgency and speed will be See Football on page 6

Several media outlets reported from the McDonald’s All-American game in Columbus, Ohio on Wednesday that a mass exodus could be occurring from the UK basketball program. According to reports, UK head coach John Calipari told freshman center DeMarcus Cousins that only four players from this year’s team will be returning next year. Cousins is expected to enter the NBA Draft along with fellow freshman phenom John Wall, and junior forward Patrick Patterson is widely expected to do the same. Seniors Mark Krebs, Perry Stevenson and Ramon Harris will graduate. Reports from Columbus indicated that sophomore guard Darnell Dodson will also declare for the NBA Draft. Conflicting reports surrounded freshman big man Daniel Orton. Orton’s father, Larry, told reporters earlier in the day that his son would test the NBA Draft waters without hiring an agent, but a UK Athletics statement released late Wednesday indicated Orton had not made a decision yet. "I have not declared for the NBA Draft,” Orton said in the statement. “I'm currently weighing my options and will make a decision prior to the deadline." If all those players leave, the Cats would return only Darius Miller, DeAndre Liggins, Jon Hood and Josh Harrellson for next season. Phone calls to Larry Orton and Tywanna Patterson on Wednesday night were not immediately returned. UK Athletics spokesman DeWayne Peevey declined to comment on the situations of any of the other players in a text message to the Kernel.

WHEELCHAIR Continued from page 1 bound, and that is what was bothering Jones. “I [was able to] just stand up and walk off,” he said. This was the first wheelchair basketball event Pi Kappa Phi has hosted, but it is something that Frazier hopes will become much more successful in the future. “I can see this being a big event — it’s something fun, you can laugh with it, get a little exercise,” Frazier said. “And you can come out of it with a little more understanding of people with disabilities.”

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562 WOODLAND STUDIOS: $475/mo. includes H2O. Call 502-552-7216 Modern Condo, 1BR, 1BA City Courts Bamboo Floors,$850. 269-2222. Very Unique 270 Lyndhurst, 1BR, 1BA, HW Floors. $495. 269-2222. Studio Apts. 422 Aylesford at Rose Lane. New Appliances, Clean! $470/MO water included. August. 509-2227. 1BR Apt. in Historic House. 398 Linden Walk. $565/mo. Clean! Laundry. Utilities included. Available May. 509-2227 Efficiency - 2 blocks to UK! Starting at $325.00. Pets, a/c, 523-2363 or 1 Bedroom - 2 blocks to UK! Starting at $395.00. Pets, a/c, 523-2363 or 2 Bedroom 2BR 2BA Center Court – New, Best Location, Ccnter of UK Campus. Brand new construction., hardwood flrs, marble counters, ceramic tiles. 2 Parking spaces, 3rd flr security. Cedar St. side, private courtyard, private shaded deck, best flr plan. W/D. $1,350/mo. Long term lease available. Call 859285-0770. 2BR, 1.5BA LUXURY Town house. Richmond Rd. Large BRs, custom kitchen, security system, hardwood flooring, all elec. Appliance packages with w/d. $765/mo. 859-288-5601. NICE TOWNHOME. 3175 Kirklevington 2BR 2BA Parking, A/C. $795. Avail.03/08. CALL 859-609-3981 2 Bedrooms - 2 blocks to UK! Starting at $625.00. Pets, a/c, 523-2363 or

HOUSE FOR RENT, 320 S.Broadway Park. Spacious 3 br. 1ba with w/d, Off street parking-close to UK 6 available. $1,200/mo. Modern Property Management, Inc. 859-388-2000 3BR HOUSE, AUGUST 1, beautiful full interior renovation, homely exterior, new kitchen and bath, new insulation and new electrical wiring. 322 American Avenue. $945 plus utilities. Reserve Now! 859-3969022. Walk to campus. Newly renovated 3BR 2BA 1st Flr condo. New Paint, new carpet.,. Washer/Dryer included. $895.00/month. Short term available. 502593-7421. 3BR 2.5BA townhome. New paint. Centrally located. Convenient to campus, fayette mall, tates creek centre and public library. $900/mo. 338-1717. 3BR, 1BA Home in Chevy Chase. $975/mo. 1 yr lease. Avail now. All appliances, HW floors. 859-5521190. 3BR, 2BA. Walk to campus. W/D, d/w, elec. Util. Energy efficient, private parking. Going fast! Call Adam 859-338-8243 3 BR (2 Keys apts.) Across from UK. Hardwood, laundry room, security, on-site mgmt. $1,200.00/month, includes all utilities. 859-230-3072 Luxury Heatherwood Town home, Chevy Chase(near UK) 3BR, 3.5 BA, 2054 sq. ft. living rm, deck, loft, washer/dryer, 1 car garage. 859-983-8377. $1350/mo. + Deposit. 4Bedroom 4BR home. D/W, off street parking. 2 blocks to campus. H2O pd $1,150.00/month. 859-351-9473.

2 Bedroom Center Court - 2 min walk to campus!

4 Bedrooms - 2 blocks to UK! Starting at $1,500.00. Pets, a/c, some w/d, 523-2363 or 4BR house with 46 inch tv, hot tub large enclosed patio, and covered porch, call 255-4188

NOW PRE-LEASING 1-9BR HOMES: Close to UK! Visit or call 859-5131206

Modern Property Management, Inc. 859-388-2000

Large 4 BR, 2.5 BA duplex w/garage, deck, W/D in unit, new carpet and paint. $1,000/mo + deposit. Move in after finals. 628 Big Bear Lane off Tates Creek Road. 278.0970. Quiet 4 BR, 2.5 BA unit with washer/dryer, garage, deck. Available now or for fall. 4 units available. Big Bear Lane off Tates Creek. $1,000/mo. 278.0970 4 BR/2 BA - 3/4 mi from campus; 2200 sq ft; W/D included; $1400/month + utilities; 468 Bob O Link Dr; large deck & basement. Call 502-649-0032. 4BR 2.5BA Townhome in Historic South Hill. Short walk to UK campus. Off street parking. $1,400./month + Utilities.. Call 859-338-6778

1–2 Bedrooms – South Hill Station Lofts; 1 to 2 block to UK! Internet/Parking included. Contact Kelley for available offers at 859-225-3680 HARDIN PROPERTIES.NET now leasing Studios, 1,2BR apts. Also, three 4/5-BR Houses remaining for August. 509-2227 1 BLOCK FROM CAMPUS: 1 & 2BR, a/c , parking. $395 & up. 269-4129, 608-2751. 1,2,3,4,5,6 +7 BR Houses & 1BR Apts. Walking Distance to Uk. Visit our website for showing timer. Or call 859-255-4188. !!!Are you an upper classman or Grad Student? Are you looking for a house in a nice quiet neighborhood close to campus? Call 859-559-7594.

4BR/2BA Cute House. 125 Westwood Dr. Electric Heat. 2 Kitchens, Large L,R, Clean, Nice! $360/ea. 509-2227.

BRAND NEW 4 BR: VERY ENERGY EFFICIENT. New & nearly new homes close to campus. 2 car garage, very, very nice. Showing daily. Call James McKee 859-221-7082. View at 5 Bedroom 5BR Houses. Walk to campus. Front & Back porches. W/D. NICE! 859-539-5502. HOUSE FOR RENT – Walking distance to campus! House is a 5 BR with 3 full baths. Call 859-806-2384 for details. No Pets HOUSE FOR RENT, 360 Woodland Avenue. 2 story 5 br.2, Stove/fridge/w/d hookup. $2,400 mo. Modern Property Management, Inc. 859-388-2000. 5BR house for August call 255-4188 5 Bedrooms - 2 blocks to UK! Starting at $1,875.00. Pets, a/c, w/d, 523-2363 or 5 BR 3 BA new homes by campus. Huge rooms, awesome yards/deck, ample parking, all appliances, all electric. Won’t Last. $350.00/person/month. 859-559-7594. 6 Bedroom 6BR 3BA house available for August – walk to UK call 255-4188 or 6BR Houses. Walk to campus. Waller Ave area. Great Prices! 859-539-5502. 7 Bedroom 7BR, 3BA $357.00 each, + utilities. 859-433-0996. 1-7 Bedroom Listings New, modern 1 & 2 BR condos available at

Full or part time, all summer. 5/10 thru 8/10, solo farm work, Jessamine County, cut grass & weeds, basic carpentry, repair/paint fence, tractor experience desirable. $8.000/hour. Motivated, reliable, disciplined individual only accepted. Send resume to:; fax: 859-223-4658.

Server and Food Expo positions available at J.J. McBrewster’s. Open Mon. thru Sat. 11a.m to 9:00p.m. Qualifying applicants should have restaurant experience, great references, and available to work nights and weekends. Day shifts are also available. Apply in person Mon.- Fri., 2:30 to 4:30 at 3101 Clays Mill Road. Earn $20/hr Teaching Physics or Chemistry in Lexington, KY. Nights/Weekends Email Resume to: NO GREASY FRIES or funny hats. PT, apply in person. Re-Kid, Regency Center, Idle Hour Center PT receptionist needed, Fri 9-7, Sat 9-4. Send info to PO Box 8049. Lex, Ky. 40533, care of the manager PT TEACHING POSITION: 3pm-6pm. Mon-Fri. Education, early childhood preferred but not necessary. Cheryl Dalton 277-1520 PT summer assistant needed during some of the summer months to watch & transport daughter age 11 too and from activities. Must have own transportation. Flexible schedule. Price negotiable. 828337-2483.

4 BR, 3 BA, all electric. FP, 2 miles from campus. 2973 Candlelight, $900.00. 229-8515

4 BR 2 BA new homes by campus. Huge rooms, awesome yards/deck, ample parking, all appliances, all electric. Won’t Last. $325.00/person/month. 859-559-7594.

Seeking student interested in working with 14 yr old, high functioning PDD girl. Hours flexible July – early Aug. Hamburg area. Experience preferred. 914-9802880.

Mystery Shop in Your Area. We have great assignments available at tanning salons, restaurants and more! We pay you. You never pay us. Join our team today!

HOUSE FOR RENT, 258 Kentucky Avenue. Spacious 4 br. 2 ba. House, Stove, fridge, dw, mic, w/d hookup, $1,800 mo.

Rooms for rent in 4BR house near uk, available immediately up through mid July only. Call 255-4188 or www.

Hardware. 883 E. High St. 269-9611.

NEWLY REMOLDED 2&3BR student condo’s along with 4 – 6BR houses. All appliances, W/D included. Please call 859-621-1339. 2-3-4 BR, 5-10 min to campus, Tates Creek area, garage/off street parking, avail. April-Aug., all electric, $699 – 875/mo. or call 859219-0184 3,2,1 BR 1 BA new homes by campus. Huge rooms, awesome yards/deck, ample parking, all appliances, all electric. Won’t Last. $300.00/person/month. 859-229-4991

Idle Hour Country Club, Staffing Full and Part Time Seasonal Positions, AM/PM, Weekends, Holidays Required. Part-Time Receptionist, Servers, Bussers, Snack Bar, Kitchen Staff, Lifeguards. Competitive Wages, Uniforms, and Meals. Apply in Person WedSun 10am-4pm. Immediate Interviews. No Phone Calls Please. 1815 Richmond Road, Lexington, KY 40502. ATOMIC CAFÉ now accepting applications for servers. Apply in person 265 N. Limestone. TuesdaySaturday 10-4. A PT Pharm Tech at Walmart Nicholasville. No experience needed. 885-9490.

3,4,5,6 BR Houses on campus. 859-433-2692. All size houses. 3,4,5,6 BR. Walk to campus. State, Waller, University Ave. area. Lease begins 08/01/2010. Won’t last! SIGN EARLY FOR BEST HOUSES.. Bob 859-539-5502.

Help Wanted PT cashier, must be avail this summer. Chevy Chase

Car Wash hiring responsible, dependable, enthusiastic team members. No experience needed, flexible scheduling, submit resume & contact info to

Personals Self Defense. Good exercise. Life long friendships. The UK Karate club accepting beginners Monday’s 6:30 - 8:30pm. Buell Armory. Email: Call 421-4335

Wanted VOLUNTEERS PAID TO Participate in multiple studies. Researchers at the University of Kentucky are recruiting participants diagnosed with ADHD and for studies concerning the effects of alcohol. Looking for M & F social drinkers between 21-35 years of age. All participants are compensated for their time. Please call 257-5794 Are you suffering from Adult ADHD? Do you smoke tobacco cigarettes? Do you have difficulty paying attention, focusing or organizing? Are you easily distracted? Do you sometimes feel fidgety and restless or act on impulse without thinking? Do these symptoms interfere with completion of your daily activities? Are you NOT currently taking medications to treat these symptoms? If you answered yes to some of these questions, you may be eligible to participate in a research study. Researchers with the University of Kentucky departments of Behavioral Science and Psychiatry are conducting an outpatient study examining the behavioral effects of FDA-approved medications. If you are between the ages of 18 and 50, smoke and have some of these symptoms, call 859-257-5388 or toll free at 1-866-232-0038 for a confidential interview and for more information about this study. Qualified volunteers will be compensated for their time. You may be reimbursed for travel. ALCOHOL RESEARCH at the University of Kentucky. Health social drinkers between 21 to 35 years of age are needed for studies on the effects of alcohol on behavior. Participants will be financially compensated for their time. Movies, a hot meal, and non-alcoholic beverages will be provided after the study in a comfortable setting. Call 257-3137 for more information

Roommates Wanted

4/5BR 2BA House, 1430 Elizabeth St. New tile bathrooms, Big closets, sundeck, W/D, Nice! $350/ea. 509-2227.

Summer Lease Available. New home by campus. Huge rooms, awesome yard/deck, ample parking, all appliances, all electric. Won’t Last. $310.00/person/month. 859-559-7594.

CONSTRUCTION CLEANUP HELP needed PT either MWF or T/TH. Must have valid drivers license and be familiar with the Lexington area. Please Call 2761200.

Blind person seeking personal assistant/personal trainer. Call 269-8926

Near Campus: 4/5BR. Waller Ave., Lexington Ave. All appliances including w/d. Call Kevin 859-6193232,

Summer Special. 6 Bedroom Houses available May. Park Ave & Westwood. DW, W&D. Dennis 859-9830726

Lifeguards and Pool Managers Needed. PPM is hiring for clubs and waterparks in Lex, Lou and Richmond. $8 – 15.00/hour. Email for application.

Landscape contractor needs summer help. Experience preferred, No Moving. Full or P/T, full days only. 859-264-8787. KEENELAND is seeking applicants for part-time Seasonal Gift Shop Sales Associates to work during its Spring Meet April 2-23. Flexible hours. Please contact Kristi Barrett, Monday-Friday, 9:00 a.m.-5:00 p.m., at 859-288.4190. RAMSEY’S DINER now hiring servers and cooks. Apply in person M-F 2-4pm. ! BARTENDING! UP TO $250 a day. No exp. Necessary. Training provided. 800-965-6520 x-132

Female Roommate needed! Fully furnished with exception of bedroom! Very nice, safe area close to UK! Email if interested Male roommate to share furnished town home 4 miles off campus. Off street parking. Water & electric included. 12 month lease to start Aug. $450/mo. 859-494-1099. Roommate needed! Move in May, year lease. $325 includes utilities. 5 min walk to UK. 502-321-6233. Brand New – Roommates wanted. 859-455-8208. Roommate needed 4BR house, males only. Shared utilities. $300/mo. 5023482408.

The Kentucky Kernel is not responsible for information given to fraudulent parties. We encourage you not to participate in anything for which you have to pay an up-front fee or give out credit card or other personal information, and to report the company to us immediately.


Birthright 2134 Nicholasville Rd. 277-2635 suite 6 24-HOUR HOTLINE 1-800-550-4900

PAGE 6 | Thursday, April 1, 2010

Conference play proves tough for softball as it prepares for away series By Chandler Howard

The Southeastern Conference is primarily known for its brutal football schedule, but softball programs across the region would argue it brings challenging competition to their sport, as well. Recent years have seen the SEC evolve into one of the most dominant conferences in collegiate softball. It currently boasts five teams in the top 25 of the USA Today/National Fastpitch Coaches Association poll, second only to the Pac-10, which has six. Additionally, the conference now has a representative at the top of four Division I statistical rankings: combined ERA (Louisiana State), home runs per game (Florida), stolen bases per game (Georgia) and slugging percentage (Florida). Ten of the 11 SEC softball programs are presently above a .500 winning percentage on the season, a feat surpassed by only one other conference. UK (20-14, 5-8 SEC) has witnessed the difficulty of their conference opponents firsthand. While boasting a non-conference record of 15-6, the Cats have already suffered eight losses in the SEC. UK head coach Rachel Lawson focuses her team on the idea that the majority of their toughest games are behind them. “The SEC is just that difficult of a conference,” Lawson said. “Based on opponent rankings, there is no team that has played a more difficult conference schedule than we have so far. When it is all said and done, I believe the conference will even itself out and we will land where we deserve to be.” The opponents Lawson speaks of are No. 8 Alabama, No. 11 Georgia and No. 16 Tennessee. UK finished 2-5 against those teams. Though the Cats can mark three ranked opponents off


Senior second baseman Natalie Smith, right, congratulates a teammate during UK’s 3-0 loss to Louisville on March 10.

their schedule, they still must face No. 6 Florida and No. 12 Louisiana State in April. For now, the team is looking

“Based on opponent rankings, there is no team that has played a more difficult conference schedule than we have so far.” RACHEL LAWSON UK head coach

ahead to its immediate opponent in Mississippi State. The Cats will travel to Starkville, Miss., this weekend to face the Bulldogs (20-16, 3-7 SEC) for a three-game series. Statistically, UK and Mississippi

State appear to be evenly matched. As of Wednesday afternoon, the Cats held an edge over the Bulldogs in team ERA, 2.51 to 4.58. However, Mississippi State holds the advantage in batting average with .318, besting UK’s .254. The teams also feature similar fielding percentages, with the Cats ahead by .007. A focal point for UK falls on Mississippi State’s senior All-American catcher Chelsea Bramlett, who leads the team in hits, runs scored and total bases. “(Bramlett) is such a fast player,” senior second baseman Natalie Smith said. “We have been preparing for not only her, but also their pitchers, like we do for our opponent every week. Sharpening our defense, particularly our bunt and short-game defenses, is our main focus.” but his teammates around him to produce a good season. That itch to get back on the field after a long, cold winter was shared by Cobb, who joked after practice Wednesday that he was starting to get tired of new strength coach Rock Oliver working them so hard. Cobb said he excited to get back on the field finally after the conditioning program. “It feels great just to be in the football atmosphere,” Cobb said. “Being able to catch balls, being able to run routes … I’m really looking forward to spring ball.”

Lentz gives up football


Junior-to-be Randall Cobb said he’s noticed an increase in intensity in practice that he thinks will translate into games.

FOOTBALL Continued from page 1 necessary if the Cats hope to accomplish what Cobb and fellow wide receiver Chris Matthews hope to accomplish in 2010: an undefeated season. “I feel that we can really do it,” Matthews said. “We lost a couple games last year, we could have had 10 wins, easily … Now we have to come back, learn from our mistakes and we have to get back after it. Those little mistakes we had last year, we’re not going to have this year.”

Matthews said knowing how close the Cats were last year serves as a motivation for them going into this season. He said the close losses last season ate him alive. Three of UK’s five regular season losses last season came by a touchdown or less, including a six-point loss at home to Tennessee in overtime. Matthews, who transferred from junior college in Los Angeles following his sophomore season, said he was itching to go out for his first spring practice. He said he didn’t want to divulge any of his personal goals, but said he had them written down in his room and feels they will not only help himself,

UK head coach Joker Phillips announced after practice Wednesday that junior-to-be safety Matt Lentz would be giving up football because of concussions. Phillips said all the tests run on Lentz came back negative, but Lentz and his family decided to file for a medical scholarship. Lentz will be a student coach for the Cats this season and was seen at practice in a sweatshirt and shorts. “It breaks my heart because I had a huge part in getting Matt here,” Phillips said. “Knowing how much this program means to him and his family and him to have to give up football.” Lentz finished the 2009 season with 19 solo tackles and 3.5 assisted tackles. He broke one pass up and intercepted a pass against Louisiana-Monroe. Lentz was projected to move from free safety this season to strongside linebacker. Phillips said the move was to add some experience and depth at the position. “The game goes on, and Matt understands that,” Phillips said. “Life goes on for him and we’re just excited about getting him to be a part of our staff.”


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