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MARCH 31, 2010

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UK head coach Matthew Mitchell walks off the court after UK’s loss to Oklahoma in the Elite Eight. It was the Cats’ second appearance in the regional final.

Sent home too soon(er) Oklahoma ends Cats’ run at Elite Eight

By Nick Craddock

KANSAS CITY, Mo.—The most successful season in UK women’s basketball history is over. The Cats (28-8) were denied their first trip to the Final Four in their second Elite Eight appearance after falling to the Oklahoma Sooners (27-10) 88-68 on Tuesday night at the Sprint Center. In their 11th straight appearance in the NCAA Tournament, the Sooners were paced by senior Nyeshia Robinson’s 31 points on their way to their second consecutive Final Four. UK’s defense, its bread and butter, gave up its worst shooting percentage all season on the biggest stage.

VIP event expands reach Take Back the Night including community By Genevieve Adams

Students will join forces with the community this weekend to shine a light on a topic that may be uncomfortable for some to face. The Violence Intervention and Prevention Center is sponsoring Take Back the Night on Wednesday to take a stand on the issue of violence against women. Beginning at 7 p.m. from three

different locations, VIP encourages members of the community and students to come out and march for change and policy progress concerning violence against women. Event coordinator Sally Evans said Take Back the Night will hopefully inspire change among society. “We want to see continued policy change and show people this important issue in a new way,” Evans said. “We do this rally and march to literally shed light on the darkness. Usually the night is associated with darkness, being alone and silence, and statistically is the time when See VIP on page 3

If You Go What: Take Back the Night When: Wednesday from 7 to 8:30 p.m. Starting points: Patterson Office Tower; Triangle Park; 3rd Street Coffee at Limestone and 3rd Street. All groups will meet at the Courthouse Plaza and proceed from there. For more information: Contact the VIP Center at 859-257-3564

Entering the game, OU’s halfcourt execution concerned UK head coach Matthew Mitchell, while OU head coach Sherri Coale believed her team, led by third team AllAmerica point guard Danielle Robinson, were equipped to handle the defensive intensity of the Cats. “We’ve played guards that quick before… we just turned the ball over too much,” junior guard Amber Smith said. The first five minutes of the first half demonstrated anything but OU’s poise, as the Cats jumped all over the Sooners with a 13-2 run to open the game. The Sooners did not make a field goal in the first 6:14 of the game as they began a paltry 1-for-8

from the field. However, the Cats’ quick start was their saving grace in the first half because they trailed 43-39 at the break once OU found its offensive rhythm. “They fought back from an early deficit and really took control of the game,” Mitchell said. “Oklahoma really absorbed our initial blow.” Following the slow start, the Sooners started to find their shooting touch, converting 17 of their next 20 shots, as Robinson and OU senior forward Nyeshia Stevenson seemingly drove to the basket at will, combining for 27 of the Sooners’ 43 points at the break. See Hoops on page 3

Obama signs bill to relieve education costs By Katie Saltz

President Obama signed a piece of legislation Tuesday morning that is being considered one of the most significant changes in the history of student financial aid reform. Obama signed The Student Aid and Fiscal Responsibilities Act Tuesday morning at Northern Virginia Community College. The act includes intentions to make paying for college and completing a degree easier. Obama hopes by enacting these

changes, the U.S. will produce the most college graduates in the world by 2020. Virginia Governor and Chairman of the Democratic National Committee Tim Kaine held a conference call Tuesday afternoon to discuss the significance of the act. “The Student Aid and Fiscal Responsibilities Act is a huge step forward for students and also for the American economy,” Kaine said. See Aid on page 3

Three vying for SG presidency, voting starts Wednesday By Rachel Bryant

The following guide will help with how to vote in the Student Government elections starting Wednesday. View the full story from each candidate online at and use this guide on election day.


Watson Harding and Solange Minstein take pride on the fact that they are the only independent ticket on the ballot this year, meaning they are not affiliated with any Greek organization on campus. The pair feels that by being unaffiliated it will help with being able to openly represent the whole student body.


Michael Haag and Julie Colgate are running because of the passion they share for UK and the desire to make a positive change. The two feel they have gained the experience needed by holding many different leadership positions throughout campus.


Ryan Smith and Kelsey Hayes are vying for a second term in office as Student Government president and vice president. By having already served a year, Smith feels that they will be able to get right to work, bypassing the learning period.

How To Vote

Harding/Minstein Platform

Haag/Colgate Platform

Smith/Hayes Platform

Students can vote online by going to and using a Link Blue ID and password to log in. Polls will be set up on campus at the Student Center near the Starbucks and in White Hall Classroom Building from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. Wednesday and Thursday. The results of the election will be announced at approximately 8 p.m. Thursday on the Student Center Patio.

Making the basketball lottery system fair True student voice in the Board of Trustees ■ Push for gender-neutral facilities and inclusion of gender identity and expression in the university’s non-discrimination policy ■ Advocate a responsible drinking policy on campus ■ Stand in solidarity with any attempts by UK faculty and staff to unionize and demand a living wage

■ Create transparency buy redesigning the Student Government Web site ■ Bridge the gab between UK and Lexington ■ Discuss the issues student organizations face by hosting a forum at the beginning of fall semester ■ Support student organizations on campus not only financially but in person as well ■ If allowed, be more of a part in the experience of first-year students

■ Seeing through initiatives that were started last year ■ Create a safe-driver program providing transportation to students off-campus during late hours ■ Create a peer-to-peer textbook exchange program ■ Maintain relationships with city officials ■ Lobbying in Frankfort to show the issues that students face

■ ■

First issue free. Subsequent issues 25 cents.

Newsroom: 257-1915; Advertising: 257-2872

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African Student Association offers a ‘Taste of Africa’ By Erin Shea

Inside Sandra’s heartbreak Rocked by her husband's alleged affair, Bullock faces reports of Jesse James' dark past and cheating. It's not every day a resident of Seal Beach, California, wins an Oscar. So on March 8 the morning after Sandra Bullock took the best actress trophy for her role in The Blind Side one neighbor wanted to congratulate her by dropping off flowers and a card on her doorstep. Much to his surprise, the Academy Award winner herself opened the door. "She was so giddy and gleeful!" he tells Us. "She graciously thanked me for the flowers. She looked like she was on top of the world." Exactly one week later, that world was shattered. According to several sources, that's when her publicist called her with shocking news: A tattoo model and stripper named Michelle McGee was claiming she recently had an 11-month affair with Jesse James, Bullock's husband of nearly five years. "It was probably one of the most devastating pieces of information she's ever gotten," friend and longtime costumer Joel Voorhies says of Bullock, 45, who moved out of the couple's roughly $3Êmillion mansion on March 15, two days before she tellingly skipped The Blind Side's London premiere. (The March 22 Berlin event was also canceled.) "She's such a private person, and she waited so long to find true love," says Voorhies. And her heartbreak is only getting worse, as new and damning details emerge about the man with whom she shared her life. Multiple sources tell Us that McGee is not the first woman to have had dalliances with the tattooed two-time divorce, 40, during the marriage. "This is just the first person who has gone public,"

says one source. Says another, "This is not an isolated incident. When Sandra is away, he gets bored." Us has also viewed a photo in which James, wearing a German soldier's hat, gives the Nazi salute and mimes a Hitler mustache with his fingers. Yet Bullock - who's a loving stepmom to James' 6-year-old daughter Sunny - was unaware of her husband's vicious double life. Says one insider, "She was completely duped." Now Bullock is left to grieve her broken marriage. "It's as bad as when her mom died in 1997," says one insider. "She just can't look at him and can't talk to him." And the fact that his illicit behavior went public while she was basking in the glow of the recent awards season makes the pain sting even more. (One source says that McGee, who was paid $30,000 for her story, deliberately waited until after the Oscars.) "She feels embarrassed to show her face after giving that Oscar speech," adds the source. "He ruined her life." To that end, Bullock has gone into such a deep seclusion most of her loved ones haven't heard from her. "She is completely sealed off," says one friend. "Her voicemail box is full. All of her friends are devastated, but they know she needs to be alone." One person who has reached her: Leigh Anne Tuohy, whom Bullock portrayed in The Blind Side. "Leigh Anne told Sandra she is there for her," Sue Mitchell (the real-life Miss Sue in the film) tells Us.


Breaking a stereotype and opening up a new cultural world is the goal one student organization has for campus Wednesday night. The annual Taste of Africa event, put on by the African Student Association, will be showcasing African culture for UK students, faculty and staff. “Africa Redefined” is this year’s theme, said President of the African Student Association and economics junior Chibale Zulu. There will be slideshow presentations, drama, poetry readings and much more, Zulu said. “After surveying students, we have noticed that people have the wrong perception of Africa and its people,” Zulu said. “There are several stereotypes that exist in the minds of people and it

Horoscope To get the advantage, check the day's rating: 10 is the easiest day, 0 the most challenging. Aries (March 21-April 19) — Today is a 6 — Most effort happens behind the scenes today. You're creating a product that others will appreciate for its simplicity and charm. Taurus (April 20-May 20) — Today is a 7 — Light a fire under a partner or co-worker. Everyone needs to contribute today. At least one person works behind the scenes. Gemini (May 21-June 21) — Today is an 8 — You feel the urge to apply pressure to others. Not good. Instead, apply compassion liberally. Count to 10 before speaking. Cancer (June 22-July 22) — Today is an 8 — If you're willing to push the envelope, you'll discover new territory

is our goal to rid them of these misguided stereotypes.” Zulu was born in Zambia and raised in both Zambia and Ethiopia, and feels a need to share his culture with his peers. Since coming to Kentucky in 2007, he said he has had a chance to see his friends’ culture here, and now he wants to share his and help people get the best perception of his life back home. Zulu said when comparing the two cultures there are many similarities. Zulu said people need to know the truth about African lifestyle, and know what they see about Africa in the media is not always accurate. “If people experience the event they will see how Africa’s many perceptions given on the media are far different from how life really is,” Zulu said. For many students, this presentation will be a once-

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If You Go What: A Taste of Africa When: Wednesday from 6 to 8 p.m. Where: Student Center Grand Ballroom Admission: Free. Food will be provided. in-a-lifetime experience, Zulu said, and it’s important to learn about the many cultures represented at UK that contribute to our diversity. He encourages all to come out and said the night will greatly increase the amount of knowledge that people have about Africa. “Not only are we going to showcase the better side of Africa but also the truthful side,” Zulu said. “Whether rich or poor, positive or negative, we want the ignorance to be overcome with the truth.”

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Greeks ‘stomp’ for charities By Hope Smith

At least ten UK fraternities and sororities will take some stomps toward a better community on Wednesday evening. Stomp-A-Palooza 2010, which is presented by Alpha Phi Alpha and Kappa Alpha Theta, will showcase dozens of Greeks performing their original step show routines. “A step show is a performance by various organizations using stepping, which is essentially a type of dance where you use your body as a percussion instrument,” said Andrew Pillow, Stomp-APalooza co-chair and a Kernel staff writer. One popular example of a step performance crew is “STOMP,” a group who uses their hands, feet and common items like trash can lids,

old washboards and metal poles to produce music and dance. “People are going to see something that they have never seen before,“ said Julie Rosing, Kappa Alpha Theta’s vice-president of public relations. “Stepping is a fast-paced, exciting thing to watch and experience live.” The performing groups have been practicing their four-to-seven-minute routines for weeks. Experienced Alpha Phi Alpha steppers have been coaching participants along the way. Stomp-A-Palooza is a friendly competition held to raise money for philanthropies, but trophies are still at stake. “It is an actual competition judged by a panel of five … but definitely good-natured between teams,” Rosing said.

Last year, groups made beats on the floor with yellow bats, drew inspiration from the film “300” and combined foot stomps and arm sways in near-perfect harmony in front of about 600 people to raise more than $3,000. This year, the proceeds from the ticket sales will be given to Alpha Phi Alpha’s philanthropy, the Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Memorial Fund, and Kappa Alpha Theta’s philanthropy, Lexington Court Appointed Special Advocates. “CASA volunteers advocate for children that are placed in the family court system due to neglect, abuse or dependency,” Rosing said. “It is sometimes hard for us to have a hands-on experience with it, so the easiest and most tangible way that we can show our devotion to

Increase in major means good things for computer sciences By Drew Teague

One major seems to be shooting for the stars, and it’s not on the ‘Arts and Sciences’ rocket. The computer science major has seen a steady increase in its students over the past two years and wants to continue to grow. According to the Taulbee Survey, which UK was involved in, over the past two years there has been a 14 percent increase in students majoring in the computer science field during their college career. Dr. Jerzy Jaromczyk, director for undergraduate studies for the computer science department, said he is glad to see this trend emerging and the number rising. “The current enrollment for Spring 2010 in our computer science undergraduate program is on the level of 200 students,” Jaromczyk said. “In the two previous years it was 174 and 184 students, respectively.” With this increase, Jaromczyk said there are many reasons why so many students are coming into this major and pursuing degrees, the main explanation being the rapid development and importance of technology in our lives. “With computers and other computing devices, including mobile phones, more and more important in our lives, many students recognize that developing new software and working in very interdisciplinary environment is a very exciting profession,” Jaromczyk said. With the rise in the number of students, the entire department is

HOOPS Continued from page 1 The start of the second half was a continuation of the Sooners’ potent offensive performance. OU went on 15-4 run following halftime. Robinson and Stevenson combined for 11 of the 15 points. UK answered with a 6-0 run to cut the lead to eight, but OU countered with an 110 run of its own to stretch the margin to 19 points with 6:23 left in the game. “At the end (of the game) we just weren’t ourselves, we weren’t the same defensive team that we’ve usually been,” Dunlap said. Overshadowed by Robin-

■ Invests $36 billion over 10 years to increase the maximum annual Pell Grant scholarship to $5,550 in 2010 and to $5,975 by 2017. Starting in 2013, the scholarship will be linked to match rising costs of living by indexing it to the Consumer Price Index. ■ Invests $750 million to bolster college access and completion support for students. It will increase funding for the College Access Challenge Grant program, and will also fund in-

computer science is a safe choice for motivated students.” JERZY JAROMCZYK director of undergraduate students for computer science department

Jaromczyk and the rest of his department are constantly preparing in the ever-changing field of computer science, because they are always expecting the interest and students in the major to increase. “I believe that it will (continue to increase),” Jaromczyk said, “and at the same time, Computer Science departments, including ours, develop new curricula that reflect emerging needs.” With all of the various reasons students settle on particular majors, Jaromczyk said computer science is a very interesting field that would be a good fit for many students. “It is natural to consider all the factors in selecting profession,” Jaromczyk said. “I think, however, that computer science is a safe choice for motivated students.”

novative programs at states and institutions that focus on increasing financial literacy and helping retain and graduate students. ■ Invests $2.55 billion in Historically Black Colleges and Universities and Minority-Serving Institutions to provide students with the support they need to stay in school and graduate. ■ Invests $2 billion in a competitive grant program for community colleges to develop and improve educational or career training programs.


them as our philanthropy is to raise as much money as possible to donate to this great organization.” This is the sixth year Stomp-A-Palooza has been held, and it was originally started by Alpha Phi Alpha, Pillow said. Organizers are expecting a bigger turnout this year due to increased marketing and decreased ticket prices. “People can expect to see well put-together, exciting and humorous shows,” Pillow said. “People should come out to support the causes and just be entertained.”

Continued from page 1

“I think, however, that

How SAFRA may affect you

What: Stomp-A-Palooza When: Wednesday at 7 p.m. Where: Singletary Center Admission: Tickets cost $6


welcoming the incoming students next year in a special way. “We are glad to see this increase and are able to accommodate our students and many more,” Jaromczyk said. “We will welcome them in a new building next year and we are working on improving our instructional space.”

son and Stevenson, who sported matching red hairdos, was UK junior Victoria Dunlap’s 31 points — two shy of tying her career high. OU, champions of the Kansas City Regional, will meet the one-loss Stanford Cardinal (35-1) in the National Semifinal on April 4. The overall No.1 seed Connecticut and fourth-seeded Baylor will clash in the other National Semifinal. Still, Mitchell believes this season is a stepping stone to greater things for his team, which loses only two players —Amani Franklin and Lydia Watkins — to graduation. “I don’t think there’ any question that when we reflect back on this season, we’ll know this was a spe-

If You Go

most violence occurs, so to show people they are not alone and there are people standing together and rallying for change is very powerful.” Unlike last year, when the march included mainly just UK students, there will be three different locations where the march will begin so that the community, high school students and other surrounding universities can participate. Evans said the event is not only a way to raise awareness but to advertise prevention. Booths with information about preventing violence and staying safe, especially in a campus atmosphere, will be available at the Courthouse Plaza after the march. Amber Lambert, one of the main coordinators for the event, is an avid advocate for the prevention of violence and believes students should come out because so much more can be accomplished in numbers. When people look around and see how many people want to be involved and help the cause, it’s comforting and empowering, she said. “We can accomplish so much more collectively than individually,” Lambert said. “How someone coming out of a bad situation, such as dating violence or sexual abuse, can see her support in numbers and know that they are not alone in this battle for a more secure and just life.” Another part of the Courthouse activities will be the Bluegrass National Organization of Women poem contest reading, organized by Brittany Moore. Chosen from many poems entered by students from several high schools in the area, Breanna White’s poem “Silent Voice” showed the judges what it meant to be affected by violence yet not have the voice to do anything about it. To conclude the night, there will be a candlelight vigil to remember the commitment to the cause. Kristen Lambert, an event organizer, is participating in the march for her fifth time. She said hearing fellow students tell stories of real experiences is what makes Take Back the Night so special to her. “Hearing about their own personal experience, it becomes more real to them and me,” Lambert said. “I go to school with these people, I know these people. To see what really is going on and a hopeful side to it, seeing the number or people that come out and support, seeing everything that the community and UK is doing to prevent this problem.”


Brittany Henderson and A’dia Mathies reflect in the locker room after the Cats’ loss. cial basketball team,” a choked up Mitchell said. It’s not even about not going to the Final Four tonight, it’s about being in that locker

AID Continued from page 1 Kaine said one change the act will bring about is eliminating unnecessary subsisides on students loans. SAFRA will eliminate grants given to private financial institutions, and the new bill will provide lower-interest loans directly from the government.

room with a bunch kids that pushed it to the limit. I told them back there I wouldn’t trade places with coach Coale.”

President of the College Democrats of America Katie Naranjo was present for the conference call and applauded the work that went into the creation of the bill. “No one should be denied education just because they can’t afford it,” Naranjo said. “We are very lucky to have not only a president who listens to young people, but members of Congress who will help pass landmark legislation like this.”

OPINIONS Wednesday, March 31, 2010

KERNEL EDITORIAL BOARD Kenny Colston, editor in chief Wesley Robinson, opinions editor Melissa Vessels, managing editor Ben Jones, sports editor Allie Garza, managing editor Matt Murray, features editor The opinions page provides a forum for the exchange of ideas. Unlike news stories, the Kernel’s unsigned editorials represent the views of a majority of the editorial board. Letters to the editor, columns, cartoons and other features on the opinions page reflect the views of their authors and not necessarily those of the Kernel.

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Second term for Smith/Hayes right choice When it comes to Student Government elections, the choice is usually between relatively similar candidates, with platforms differing only slightly, if at all when boiled down. This year is no different in that aspect. Ryan Smith and Michael Haag are both trying to prove their way is the best way to make this campus a better place. The difference between the two is experience — which is why the Kernel is endorsing Ryan Smith for a second term as SG President. While the Smith administration isn’t perfect (not that any SG administration ever has been or will be), the things Smith has accomplished in the past year are enough to warrant another year to implement ideas. The compromise Smith worked out with the city council to bump student housing limits from four unrelated individuals per house to six was a needed breakthrough in a debate threatening to permanently destroy the relationship between students and the city. His “no” vote on Wildcat Coal Lodge was admirable as well. In the past, many SG presidents have voted in step with the other trustees, even when the majority of students were against whatever the board was supporting (Nick Phelps’ “no” vote on a green free is one notable occasion). But Smith seemingly has none of the drawbacks his predecessors had. In a position usually more of figurehead than anything else, Smith is following in Tyler Montell’s shoes and getting things accomplished. Many SG Presidents like to tout insignificant changes or new programs as reasons why they can make this campus better. But smaller initiatives, like book rentals, don’t make a difference. True dead weeks, split finals weeks, exam week parking and housing compromises do. It’s a shame the other major candidate, Haag, hasn’t had the same opportunities afforded to him to prove his case to lead SG. And hearing more substance about what he wants to do, rather than just being the guy running against Smith, would have been nice. The bonds Smith boasts with trustees and administration is crucial to SG leadership. Things aren’t changed when a new student comes in every year and wants to shake things up — doing so renders the job ineffective. But working for change within the system has been proved to be the best for students. With another year at the helm, Smith can accomplish some projects like split Finals Weeks, changing the BOT speaking policy and having a strong partnership with UK Police. At the same time, if elected, the pressure will double on Smith to get things done. In a job where one year is usually all one gets, Smith would be afforded an extra year. With that comes extra responsibility. Campaign promises will need to be followed through and results on the serious issues, not how many more students signed up for TallyCats, will need to be delivered. SG elections are important when you have candidates serious about helping better this campus. With an incumbent running for a second term, it’s easy to stay away from the polls and not worry about what’s going on, but doing so is a disservice to yourself. No matter who you vote for, make sure to vote in SG elections. After years of questionable use, those who take part in SG are finally trying to make a difference, even if it’s a small one, on this campus. Everyone else should be too, and it starts with voting Wednesday and Thursday.

Follow the Kernel at for the latest campus updates

BRETT HATFIELD, Kernel cartoonist

Government underwhelming performer First, it’s the students. Then, it’s the landlords. Could it now be the government? In the last couple of weeks, a local situation involving student housing and a national issue involving health care reform, ended with similar fates and lessons for both government and students to ponder. AUSTIN The nearly seven SCHMITT Contributing months of drama surrounding student columnist housing came to a not so dramatic end last week when the Lexington-Fayette Urban County Council reached a compromise with landlords, students and whoever else wanted to be included. A bitter debate over the past several months saw blame shift between the students and the landlords. However, if you look a little deeper, the Lexington city government may be the problem. Driving this fight from the beginning, the government failed to find the root of the problem, which is the exact reason why it took months to reach a weak compromise on this issue. The students got what they wanted because it will only affect a small percentage of students who live in houses with more than six people. The landlords got what they wanted because they are not being told which houses they can or cannot rent to students. That leaves the government — did it get what it wanted? Despite the positive vibes coming from the meeting, I honestly do not think this is what the government wanted. This government had the chance to do something truly significant in changing policy, instead it set-

tled for a ground rule double. In no way do I support city government’s attempt to severely restrict student housing regulations, but why create a problem that was important enough in September to majorly reform real estate rules and then settle in April on something that doesn’t really affect anybody? Look in the mirror, government representatives, and ask yourselves, did you really do anything? The city government realized it couldn’t really fix anything, so it felt the need to do something, and that one thing it could do was change the definition of a family. Throw the doomsday scenarios out the window. Breathe easy landlords and students because everything will be OK. Landlords walk away looking like heroes while the government puts its head down and walks back to the bench. On a larger scale, the federal government just wielded a deal similar to what Lexington city government did. While health care is not student housing, the way both governments dealt with the issues were similar. The federal government knew health care needed reform — everyone knew health care needed a reform. Therefore, the government, including President Obama, made reform priority No. 1. The opportunity lay right in front of them, ripe for the taking. And what did they do? Hit another ground rule double. Charged with reforming health care, the federal government put together a bill neither side could agree on and attempted, in vain, to push it through the legislative process by any means necessary. Legislators knew they had to do something or else all their efforts and talks over the past several months would have gone down in the history

books as just a footnote. So they did something. They used a loophole in the U.S. Constitution (the longest standing document in the history of democratic government, by the way) to push through an imperfect bill. People can rejoice in the streets and Democrats can pat themselves on the back, but what did they really accomplish? This country has stood behind the legislative process for over 200 years to insure democracy is served and bills that shouldn’t be passed are not passed. When a bill comes to a vote and the votes aren’t there, it is sent back for re-tooling. It should not be jammed down the throats of the American people on a technicality. Sure, the precedents are in place for this process, but those instances were not used on legislation that affects every single person on a daily basis in the country. Compare the federal government’s actions with the actions of the Lexington city government. They both had great opportunity to do something significant. They both felt the pressure from both sides. They both reached a compromise. They both felt the pressure to do something, no matter what it was. Yet in the end, they both did something that let down all parties involved: they did something while not doing anything at all. Both situations do not provide end all, be all resolutions that will stand up for years to come. Attorney generals from 13 states already filed lawsuits against the federal government. Trash will continue to pile up in the streets of Lexington. The sun will keep rising in the morning and governments will keep failing to rise to the occasion. Austin Schmitt is a finance sophomore. E-mail


Evolving technology changes the culture of modern music Remember aimlessly thumbing your way through the shelves of your local record store as some obscure artist found his or her way from the stereo on the cashier’s desk and into your ears? Probably not, and if you do, it’s probably been a while. MATT What about MURRAY scrolling your way Kernel through the iTunes columnist music store listening to 30-second samples of music in the comfort of your own home? Chances are the latter option is a great deal more likely than the former. The changes in the music industry have rippled out further than the industry itself — it’s changing the culture of music. The beginning of the music industry’s decline can be traced back to the turn of the millennium when Napster blazed the trail of illegal piracy that would follow in its

wake. The music industry, much like the journalism industry, is not dying, but merely changing. There is still money to be made from music. Artists still sell out arenas, and records still go multi-platinum (albeit not to the degree they once did). However, as a result of the public’s accessibility to music, record companies are forced to lessen the amount of acts they can sign onto their label, consequently shrinking the number of bands they can expose to audiences. But these bands are now able to gain exposure for themselves. The Internet and it’s social networking services such as Twitter, Facebook and Myspace give artists the means to ensure that if they want to be heard, they can be. The simple truth is that the days of tangible media are fading. Camera film has been rendered obsolete by compact flash cards, while millions of books can be read from a single Kindle device. Netflix lets us stream movies straight to our TVs, and has almost single-handedly put


Record stores are becoming obsolete with the rise of MP3’s, iPhones, and online music Web sites. Blockbuster out of business. The CD racks that once outdated record players are now just as archaic as their predecessor thanks to MP3 players that can hold more than a

thousand albums in their little halfpound frames. While these products certainly offer a level of relative ease to users, what is missing is interaction

— face-to-face conversation with a stranger about their favorite records, or the best concerts they’ve ever seen. Social tendencies have pervaded a generation that texts one another to make plans and uses the Internet as a means to avoid leaving the house whenever possible. Assuming we can adapt from these setbacks, the changes that face the music industry don’t need to be unfortunate ones. While the days of reading the linear notes of an album are gone, those same journalists and writers are in fact more accessible thanks to the Internet. Is it really unfortunate that instead of reading a small write-up about an artist in the sleeve of their CD case, you can instead get that same writer’s up-tothe-minute music recommendations and thoughts from his tweets? It’s time to put nostalgia aside. As Bob Dylan wrote, “The times they are a changin.’ ” There’s no need to resist — they’re changing whether we want them to or not. Matt Murray is a journalism junior. E-mail

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For Sale Own a piece of UK history. 2010 Ford Mustang Signature Series. Coach Cal autograph on both doors and also the trunk. 5 year 60,000 mile extended warranty (purchased), 4 liter V6, 2 door, black cloth interior, CD, cruise BEST OFFER OVER $25,000 (RETAIL $27,000 on paperwork from Paul Miller) Contact:

For Rent 1 Bedroom 1 BR units City Court, HW floors, secure parking, close to campus, great dining and night life. Call or text Carrie (859.333.6236) or Penny (859.312.7289).

3BR, 2.5BA: Luxury townhouse. Richmond Rd. Large BRs, custom kitchen, 2car garage, security systems, hardwood flooring, all elec. Appliance packages with w/d. $1100/mo. 859-288-5601. 3BR - $975-1125/mo. W/D, hardwood floors, off-st. parking. 859-351-9473. 3BR 2BA, $415/mo per person washer/dryer utilities included contact Lizz: 847-226-7522. Large House 1835 Nicholasville 3BR, 2BA/Basement/$799/269-2222. 3BR, 2BA. WALK TO campus. $850/mo. Large master w/ Bath & walk-in closet, a/c, All appliances incl washer/dryer. Low util. No smoking/pets. 510-6087676, Greg 859-225-3334 x. 101 Very spacious, 234 Simba Way 3BR,2BA/W/D/$700/269-2222. 3BR, 2BA Condo. Walk to Campus. A/C. W/D. New Flooring. Avail Aug. $925/MO. Call 806-7292

4 br. 2 ba. House, Stove, fridge, dw, mic, w/d hookup, $1,800 mo. Modern Property Management, Inc. 859-388-2000 Rooms for rent in 4BR house near uk, available immediately up through mid July only. Call 255-4188 or www. Large 4 BR, 2.5 BA duplex w/garage, deck, W/D in unit, new carpet and paint. $1,000/mo + deposit. Move in after finals. 628 Big Bear Lane off Tates Creek Road. 278.0970. Quiet 4 BR, 2.5 BA unit with washer/dryer, garage, deck. Available now or for fall. 4 units available. Big Bear Lane off Tates Creek. $1,000/mo. 278.0970 4 BR/2 BA - 3/4 mi from campus; 2200 sq ft; W/D included; $1400/month + utilities; 468 Bob O Link Dr; large deck & basement. Call 502-649-0032. 208 Conn Terr. 4BR 2 BA updated Kitchen. 859-3614811.

3BR 2BA, 250 Lexington Ave. Short walk to campus. All electric. No Pets! $1,140/mo. + utilities. 277-4680.

4BR 2.5BA Townhome in Historic South Hill. Short walk to UK campus. Off street parking. $1,400./month + Utilities.. Call 859-338-6778

1BR APT. AVAIL. 05-16-10. Near UK. $450/mo. all util. paid, parking. Call 489-3371

3BR house on Waller, 255-4188 or

4 BR, 3 BA, all electric. FP, 2 miles from campus. 2973 Candlelight, $900.00. 229-8515

Great Location, Great Security. 1BR $595, 2BR $695. All utilities included. Call Brad – 859-983-0434.

Immaculate 3 BR, conveniently located 5 miles from UK. Lots of amenities, perfect for upperclassmen or graduate students. Available July, $990. (502) 7735070.

4BR/2BA Cute House. 125 Westwood Dr. Electric Heat. 2 Kitchens, Large L,R, Clean, Nice! $360/ea. 509-2227.

Summer Sublease - 1 BR, On Campus, Across from Law School, Avail. May 15-July 31: Dates and Price Negotiable - 606-367-0102

1BR apartments available 5 minute walk from campus for lease beginning in March, April, May, June, July and August. Prices beginning at $350 per month, call 255-4188 Best Buy. Assigned, safe parking, one block UK. 368-9775, 562 WOODLAND STUDIOS: $475/mo. includes H2O. Call 502-552-7216 Modern Condo, 1BR, 1BA City Courts Bamboo Floors,$850. 269-2222. Very Unique 270 Lyndhurst, 1BR, 1BA, HW Floors. $495. 269-2222. Studio Apts. 422 Aylesford at Rose Lane. New Appliances, Clean! $470/MO water included. August. 509-2227. 1BR Apt. in Historic House. 398 Linden Walk. $565/mo. Clean! Laundry. Utilities included. Available May. 509-2227 Efficiency - 2 blocks to UK! Starting at $325.00. Pets, a/c, 523-2363 or 1 Bedroom - 2 blocks to UK! Starting at $395.00. Pets, a/c, 523-2363 or 2 Bedroom Center Court – New, Best Location, Ccnter of UK Campus. Brand new construction. 2BR 2BA, hardwood flrs, marble counters, ceramic tiles. 2 Parking spaces, 3rd flr security. Cedar St. side, private courtyard, private shaded deck, best flr plan. W/D. $1,350/mo. Long term lease available. Call 859-2850770. 2BR, 1.5BA LUXURY Town house. Richmond Rd. Large BRs, custom kitchen, security system, hardwood flooring, all elec. Appliance packages with w/d. $765/mo. 859-288-5601. NICE TOWNHOME. 3175 Kirklevington 2BR 2BA Parking, A/C. $795. Avail.03/08. CALL 859-609-3981 2 Bedrooms - 2 blocks to UK! Starting at $625.00. Pets, a/c, 523-2363 or 2 Bedroom Center Court - 2 min walk to campus! Luxurious 2BR, 2BA, $1,500.00 plus elec. Heat, parking, w/d. NO PETS, 523-2363 or 2 BR Duplex 10 min drive to campus. $600/mo.Call for detail 859-351-3000 2BR 1BA 305 E Maxwell. Central AC, hardwood, balcony 2nd flr, off street parking. $550/mo + utilities (approx $70/month). 859-396-3822` 3 Bedroom 3 Bed/2 Bath Condo. Walking distance to campus. Off street/visitor parking, W/D. $1100/month plus utilities. Available August 8. 419-344-1246

3 Bedrooms - 2 blocks to UK! Starting at $1,080.00. Pets, a/c, some w/d, 523-2363 or HOUSE FOR RENT, 320 S.Broadway Park. Spacious 3 br. 1ba with w/d, Off street parking-close to UK 6 available. $1,200/mo. Modern Property Management, Inc. 859-388-2000 3BR HOUSE, AUGUST 1, beautiful full interior renovation, homely exterior, new kitchen and bath, new insulation and new electrical wiring. 322 American Avenue. $945 plus utilities. Reserve Now! 859-3969022. Walk to campus. Newly renovated 3BR 2BA 1st Flr condo. New Paint, new carpet.,. Washer/Dryer included. $895.00/month. Short term available. 502593-7421. 3BR apts. DW, W/D. Close to campus. E. High St and Richmond Ave. Dennis 859-983-0726, 3BR 2.5BA townhome. New paint. Centrally located. Convenient to campus, fayette mall, tates creek centre and public library. $900/mo. 338-1717. 3BR, 1BA Home in Chevy Chase. $975/mo. 1 yr lease. Avail now. All appliances, HW floors. 859-5521190. 3BR, 2BA. Walk to campus. W/D, d/w, elec. Util. Energy efficient, private parking. Going fast! Call Adam 859-338-8243 3 BR (2 Keys apts.) Across from UK. Hardwood, laundry room, security, on-site mgmt. $1,200.00/month, includes all utilities. 859-230-3072 Luxury Heatherwood Town home, Chevy Chase(near UK) 3BR, 3.5 BA, 2054 sq. ft. living rm, deck, loft, washer/dryer, 1 car garage. 859-983-8377. $1350/mo. + Deposit. 4Bedroom 4BR home. D/W, off street parking. 2 blocks to campus. H2O pd $1,150.00/month. 859-351-9473. 4 BR, w/d connections, central air, covered porch, basement, off-street parking, 1000/mo + utilities. 859.338.7005. 4 BR House, 2 Baths, Very Nice, 10 min. walk to UK, Avail. Aug. No smoking/No Pets. $1600/mo+utilities (859)-536-5929. 4 Bedrooms - 2 blocks to UK! Starting at $1,500.00. Pets, a/c, some w/d, 523-2363 or 4BR house with 46 inch tv, hot tub large enclosed patio, and covered porch, call 255-4188 HOUSE FOR RENT, 258 Kentucky Avenue. Spacious

4 BR 2 BA new homes by campus. Huge rooms, awesome yards/deck, ample parking, all appliances, all electric. Won’t Last. $325.00/person/month. 859-559-7594. BRAND NEW 4 BR: VERY ENERGY EFFICIENT. New & nearly new homes close to campus. 2 car garage, very, very nice. Showing daily. Call James McKee 859-221-7082. View at

HARDIN PROPERTIES.NET now leasing Studios, 1,2BR apts. Also, three 4/5-BR Houses remaining for August. 509-2227 1 BLOCK FROM CAMPUS: 1 & 2BR, a/c , parking. $395 & up. 269-4129, 608-2751. 1,2,3,4,5,6 +7 BR Houses & 1BR Apts. Walking Distance to Uk. Visit our website for showing timer. Or call 859-255-4188. 1 - 6 Bedroom Apartment/Houses available in May and August. Dennis (859) 983-0726 !!!Are you an upper classman or Grad Student? Are you looking for a house in a nice quiet neighborhood close to campus? Call 859-559-7594. NEWLY REMOLDED 2&3BR student condo’s along with 4 – 6BR houses. All appliances, W/D included. Please call 859-621-1339. 2-3-4 BR, 5-10 min to campus, Tates Creek area, garage/off street parking, avail. April-Aug., all electric, $699 – 875/mo. or call 859219-0184

HOUSE FOR RENT, 360 Woodland Avenue. 2 story 5 br.2, Stove/fridge/w/d hookup. $2,400 mo. Modern Property Management, Inc. 859-388-2000.

Near Campus: 4/5BR. Waller Ave., Lexington Ave. All appliances including w/d. Call Kevin 859-6193232,

5BR house for August call 255-4188

4/5BR 2BA House, 1430 Elizabeth St. New tile bathrooms, Big closets, sundeck, W/D, Nice! $350/ea. 509-2227.

5 BR 3 BA new homes by campus. Huge rooms, awesome yards/deck, ample parking, all appliances, all electric. Won’t Last. $350.00/person/month. 859-559-7594.

6BR Houses. Walk to campus. Waller Ave area. Great Prices! 859-539-5502. Summer Special. 6 Bedroom Houses available May. Park Ave & Westwood. DW, W&D. Dennis 859-9830726 7 Bedroom 7BR, 3BA $357.00 each, + utilities. 859-433-0996. 1-7 Bedroom Listings New, modern 1 & 2 BR condos available at CenterCourt, just 2 min. fr/UK. PARKING INCLUDED Call or text Carrie (859.333.6236) or Penny (859.312.7289).

Idle Hour Country Club, Staffing Full and Part Time Seasonal Positions, AM/PM, Weekends, Holidays Required. Part-Time Receptionist, Servers, Bussers, Snack Bar, Kitchen Staff, Lifeguards. Competitive Wages, Uniforms, and Meals. Apply in Person WedSun 10am-4pm. Immediate Interviews. No Phone Calls Please. 1815 Richmond Road, Lexington, KY 40502. ATOMIC CAFÉ now accepting applications for servers. Apply in person 265 N. Limestone. TuesdaySaturday 10-4.

Leasing Consultant – Part-time. Are you a star performer? Are you results oriented? Would you like to determine your own income potential? We are seeking a driven Leasing Consultant to join our team of professionals. We offer a respectful, friendly and team-oriented environment with a competitive base pay of $8/hour, plus excellent commission opportunities. Hours needed are Tuesdays, Thursdays, Saturdays and Sundays, averaging 20 hours per week. Previous sales experience, reliability and an outgoing personality are most successful in this position. Please send resume to, and visit our website

Summer Special. 6 Bedroom Houses available May. Park Ave & Westwood. DW, W&D. Dennis 859-9830726

Landscape contractor needs summer help. Experience preferred, No Moving. Full or P/T, full days only. 859-264-8787.

Summer Lease Available. New home by campus. Huge rooms, awesome yard/deck, ample parking, all appliances, all electric. Won’t Last. $310.00/person/month. 859-559-7594.

KEENELAND is seeking applicants for part-time Seasonal Gift Shop Sales Associates to work during its Spring Meet April 2-23. Flexible hours. Please contact Kristi Barrett, Monday-Friday, 9:00 a.m.-5:00 p.m., at 859-288.4190.

Help Wanted

1 Block from campus. 4-5 BR houses on State St. Lg front porches, HW Floors, W//D, private parking, lg yard/deck. $385/person. Avail Aug. 1. Call Susan 859-333-8307.

Server and Food Expo positions available at J.J. McBrewster’s. Open Mon. thru Sat. 11a.m to 9:00p.m. Qualifying applicants should have restaurant experience, great references, and available to work nights and weekends. Day shifts are also available. Apply in person Mon.- Fri., 2:30 to 4:30 at 3101 Clays Mill Road.

NOW PRE-LEASING 1-9BR HOMES: Close to UK! Visit or call 859-5131206

Earn $20/hr Teaching Physics or Chemistry in Lexington, KY. Nights/Weekends Email Resume to:

1–2 Bedrooms – South Hill Station Lofts; 1 to 2 block to UK! Internet/Parking included. Contact Kelley for available offers at 859-225-3680

NO GREASY FRIES or funny hats. PT, apply in person. Re-Kid, Regency Center, Idle Hour Center

Personals Self Defense. Good exercise. Life long friendships. The UK Karate club accepting beginners Monday’s 6:30 - 8:30pm. Buell Armory. Email: Call 421-4335

PT summer assistant needed during some of the summer months to watch & transport daughter age 11 too and from activities. Must have own transportation. Flexible schedule. Price negotiable. 828337-2483.

A PT Pharm Tech at Walmart Nicholasville. No experience needed. 885-9490.

6 Bedroom 6BR 3BA house available for August – walk to UK call 255-4188 or

PT TEACHING POSITION: 3pm-6pm. Mon-Fri. Education, early childhood preferred but not necessary. Cheryl Dalton 277-1520

3,4,5,6 BR Houses on campus. 859-433-2692.

5BR Houses. Walk to campus. Front & Back porches. W/D. NICE! 859-539-5502.

5 Bedrooms - 2 blocks to UK! Starting at $1,875.00. Pets, a/c, w/d, 523-2363 or

PT receptionist needed, Fri 9-7, Sat 9-4. Send info to PO Box 8049. Lex, Ky. 40533, care of the manager

3,2,1 BR 1 BA new homes by campus. Huge rooms, awesome yards/deck, ample parking, all appliances, all electric. Won’t Last. $300.00/person/month. 859-229-4991

All size houses. 3,4,5,6 BR. Walk to campus. State, Waller, University Ave. area. Lease begins 08/01/2010. Won’t last! SIGN EARLY FOR BEST HOUSES.. Bob 859-539-5502.

5 Bedroom

Apply in person Richmond Rd, Idle Hour Plaza or call 502-322-6872.

RAMSEY’S DINER now hiring servers and cooks. Apply in person M-F 2-4pm. ! BARTENDING! UP TO $250 a day. No exp. Necessary. Training provided. 800-965-6520 x-132 Lifeguards and Pool Managers Needed. PPM is hiring for clubs and waterparks in Lex, Lou and Richmond. $8 – 15.00/hour. Email for application. CONSTRUCTION CLEANUP HELP needed PT either MWF or T/TH. Must have valid drivers license and be familiar with the Lexington area. Please Call 2761200. Car Wash hiring responsible, dependable, enthusiastic team members. No experience needed, flexible scheduling, submit resume & contact info to

Wanted VOLUNTEERS PAID TO Participate in multiple studies. Researchers at the University of Kentucky are recruiting participants diagnosed with ADHD and for studies concerning the effects of alcohol. Looking for M & F social drinkers between 21-35 years of age. All participants are compensated for their time. Please call 257-5794 Are you suffering from Adult ADHD? Do you smoke tobacco cigarettes? Do you have difficulty paying attention, focusing or organizing? Are you easily distracted? Do you sometimes feel fidgety and restless or act on impulse without thinking? Do these symptoms interfere with completion of your daily activities? Are you NOT currently taking medications to treat these symptoms? If you answered yes to some of these questions, you may be eligible to participate in a research study. Researchers with the University of Kentucky departments of Behavioral Science and Psychiatry are conducting an outpatient study examining the behavioral effects of FDA-approved medications. If you are between the ages of 18 and 50, smoke and have some of these symptoms, call 859-257-5388 or toll free at 1-866-232-0038 for a confidential interview and for more information about this study. Qualified volunteers will be compensated for their time. You may be reimbursed for travel. ALCOHOL RESEARCH at the University of Kentucky. Health social drinkers between 21 to 35 years of age are needed for studies on the effects of alcohol on behavior. Participants will be financially compensated for their time. Movies, a hot meal, and non-alcoholic beverages will be provided after the study in a comfortable setting. Call 257-3137 for more information Blind person seeking personal assistant/personal trainer. Call 269-8926

Roommates Wanted Female Roommate needed! Fully furnished with exception of bedroom! Very nice, safe area close to UK! Email if interested Male roommate to share furnished town home 4 miles off campus. Off street parking. Water & electric included. 12 month lease to start Aug. $450/mo. 859-494-1099. Roommate needed! Move in May, year lease. $325 includes utilities. 5 min walk to UK. 502-321-6233. Brand New – Roommates wanted. 859-455-8208. Roommate needed for a great apt close to the corner of Lexington Ave & Maxwell. 2BR 1BA, W/D, D/W, off street parking. If interested call 614-5782231. Roommate needed 4BR house, males only. Shared utilities. $300/mo. 5023482408.

Travel Vacation Week Rentals. Panama City 1BR, April 23rd, Branson 2 BR April 24th, Hilton Head 2BR, May 29th, all full kitchens, washer/dryer. 859-224-2398

O’Neills Pub has immediate openings for 3 servers.

The Kentucky Kernel is not responsible for information given to fraudulent parties. We encourage you not to participate in anything for which you have to pay an up-front fee or give out credit card or other personal information, and to report the company to us immediately. CONFIDENTIAL PREGNANCY ASSISTANCE

Birthright 2134 Nicholasville Rd. 277-2635 suite 6 24-HOUR HOTLINE 1-800-550-4900

PAGE 6 | Wednesday, March 31, 2010 Sports

Fans should be proud of Calipari’s first season For the last few days, things have been rough. People are walking around campus in dark clothes, hoods up and eyes down. The only thing cutting through the solemnniKENNY ty is the COLSTON wind Kernel whipping columnist around Patterson Office Tower. There’s no joy or celebration, even though spring is here and Keeneland opens on Friday. It’s like a notable figure suddenly died and, like in the ancient Roman and Greek days, we are having a week of mourning to hail the tragic loss. So who passed? Achilles? Odysseus? Another great warrior or king? That’s the only explantation I can think of in regards to the all black attire, sad faces and general heaviness that has plagued UK’s campus for the last several days. Wait? The men’s basketball team lost on Saturday, you say? They made it to the Elite Eight, didn’t they? First time in five years for that, right? Well then why is everyone so sad? I’m kind of surprised Lexington didn’t throw a parade. It’s time to change back into the spring colors, soak in the sun and enjoy what’s happened in the last year. After five years of downfall, the Cats are back. Blue is back. Let’s take a quick look at some milestones UK achieved this year alone: ■ The first to 2,000 wins. ■ Winning its 44th regular season conference title and its 26th conference tournament title. ■ Reaching the Elite Eight for the first time in five years ■ Having two freshmen (John Wall and DeMarcus Cousins) named All-Ameri-

cans, a feat no other school has ever accomplished. That doesn’t even touch the many exciting games, Big Blue Madness, the John Wall dance (and shots, shots, shots, shots, everybody! Sorry, got carried away), and watching this team excel against all odds breaking records and carving a path that will never be forgotten. So, remind me, why is everyone so sad again? No national title? Ah, I see. But thinking on it, was this year really the year to go for banner No. 8? Think about it: Tubby Smith won No. 7 in his first year on the job. For the remaining 10 years he coached at UK, he could never top what he did in his first year. How do you top a national title? You can’t. Smith eventually left because he achieved his top goal in his first year. Years 210 were always in that shadow. It’s an awful way to have to coach. Do you want the same problem with John Calipari? So everyone, listen up. Remove the funeral garb. Spend the next couple of weeks walking around campus with a smile on your face. Head over to the Johnson Center and hope the UK basketball team has wandered over to shoot hoops with the commonfolk (like they did on Tuesday) or hang around the blue courts between the Craft Center and Wildcat Lodge. Enjoy Patrick Patterson, DeMarcus Cousins, John Wall and the rest. It may be the last time you see these UK legends. Buy up jerseys, posters, books, whatever you can get your hands on. You’ll regret not doing so in a few years when the reality of this team’s purpose sets it. Because this year isn’t a one-time thing. It’s not like UK has a bad coach who got lucky with a few kids and made a run. UK has real talent, both on the sidelines and on the court. And if there is a mass


The UK men's basketball team celebrates UK being the first college basketball team in history to reach 2000 wins against Drexel at Rupp Arena on Monday, Dec 21, 2009. exodus of players from this year’s squad, you can rest assured that a whole new batch of superstar freshmen will take their place. The Elite Eight isn’t going to be a possibility every year, it’s going to be a destination. And a national title will come in due time. Players come and go. That’s why fans buy jerseys and posters to remember them. “There’s always next year” is a familiar saying for many fans who have teams with subpar performance year in and year out. The difference is, UK fans can say “there’s always next year” and know that could mean a national title. That’s something to smile about, isn’t it? Kenny Colston is a journalism senior. E-mail

Phillips ready to start first spring practice By Aaron Smith

On the eve of his first official practice as head coach, Joker Phillips sounded more than ready to be back on the field rather than back on the road. “The third phase (of Operation Win) is spring football, which excites me more than anybody because everything comes to a screeching halt as far as touring the country and talking to alums,” Phillips said. “Now, it’s time for some football.” And time for Phillips to be the man in charge for the first time in his career. He’s gone through the recruiting and offseason process, and now it’s time to step onto the field. “The thing a head coach has to do is, number one, make sure the offensive and defensive schemes are sound,” Phillips said. “We have to make sure we’re fundamentally sound. And the third thing is making sure we’re playing with effort.” Phillips, although he was promoted from inside the program, has already left some military-like fingerprints of his own on the program by renaming the special teams unit. “We are renaming it the special forces, to go along with our military approach,” Phillips said. “Our punt team will be bombers. We will rename our units with military terms.” While that may seem like a simple cosmetic change, Phillips also has implemented a new approach on defense concerning thirddown stops. But he said it’s not only how to get those stops, it’s what happens once you get them. “We’ve put a huge emphasis on how to run off the field,” Phillips said. “We want to be excited when we do get a stop, be sprinting off the field. The guys got excited about that because they can get off and drink Gatorade and watch the offense.” And, of course, that brings up the question of who the defense gets to watch take the


UK head coach Joker Phillips said he’s emphasizing keeping the defense excited as it runs off the field after a stop. snaps while they are drinking the Gatorade. The position battle at quarterback between Mike Hartline, Morgan Newton and Ryan Mossakowski has become the burning question entering spring practices. All three are getting equal amounts of repetitions, Phillips said, and the situation will play itself out. “Offensively, the one thing we have to do is come out where we’re comfortable throwing the football,” Phillips said. “That’s going to require finding out who our quarterback is.” And what determines who ends up under center during the season? “Who can get us in the end zone,” Phillips said. “That’s what a quarterback is measured on.”

The third phase (of Operation Win) is spring football, which excites me more than anybody ... It’s time for some football.” — Joker Phillips, UK head coach


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