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Music in


By Madison Griffin

The weather seems to be tuning around. We finally saw the sun and felt the temperature rising that week before spring break! Drivers rolled down their windows and turned up the volume of the radio sending a mixture of beats, lyrics and genres of music out into the air. Music is a huge part of everyday life. We listen to it while we get ready in the morning, while we’re at work and most of all when we walk to class or drive somewhere. So what is the best type of music to listen to while doing these activities? When driving a long distance such as on vacation or back home, the majority of people like to listen to upbeat music. While researching the topic, I found there is no specific genre that is better for driving than the other; it depends on the driver’s mood. After reviewing songs from multiple playlists available on the internet, a few songs appeared repeatedly on driver’s playlists. Of course these songs were the ones written about driving and traveling in general, such as “Highway to Hell” and “On the Road Again.” Here is a playlist for other songs that appeared to be appropriate driving music.

Walking to a new


The number of people walking will begin to increase with the temperature as well. Whether you are walking to class or walking to work, you will more than likely have your iPod in hand and headphones in ear. The genre of music that is good for walking, like driving, depends on the traveler’s taste in music. Here is a list of songs that appeared popular for walkers.

Venues host local, national artists 03.24.10

Afroman Cosmic Charlie’s - 10 p.m. Sarah Borges And The Broken Singles The Green Lantern - 8 p.m.


Concert By Ron Shock Comedy Off Broadway - 8 p.m.

03.29.10 Third Eye Blind Buster’s Billards and Backroom - 8 p.m.

Music”- Rihanna “Please Don’t Stop The t “Just A Girl”- No Doub es “Stayin’ Alive”- Bee Ge U2 “It’s A Beautiful Day” “Lucky Star”- Madonna ael Jackson “Rock With You”- Mich Morrison “Brown-Eyed Girl”- Van n Timberlake “Rock Your Body”- Justi u Go”- Wham! “Wake Me Up Before Yo Santana “Why Don’t You and I””- Rob Thomas “Streetcorner Symphony oclaimers “I’m Gonna Be”- The Pr smith “Walk This Way”- Aero

04.09.10 Born Cross Eyed

Cosmic Charlie’s - 10 p.m.

04.10.10 Drive by Truckers, Langhorne Slim Buster’s Billiards and Backroom - 9 p.m.

Brass Band Concert- Equestrian Brass 04.11.10 Lexington Calvary Baptist Church - 4-5 p.m. For more concerts in the area go to

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When Irish

eyes are smiling By Ashley Perr

Shamrocks, pots of gold, leprechauns and green beer can only mean one thing...St. Patrick’s Day. As if we aren’t already excited enough for the warm weather March brings and the NCAA tournament, March 17th gives us something else to celebrate. t Patrick History oroyf SofaSinaint Patrick goes alril tithshe

The st y. A B e fourth centur s way back to th e of Maewyn Succat and hi e m H na e s. th er id by ra y bo by Irish ed ck ta e at av e sl er a me family w d forced to becoa slave, he an d pe ap dn ki as was uring his time d in Ireland. D become a missionary an to eIr m ea of y dr countr had a ty back to the e bring Christiani d from slavery and for th pe ca es land. He

Student Traditions Whether you are in Ireland or not, there are plenty of opportunities to celebrate the Irish holiday here in the states. Courtney Brown, a Communications Senior, said her favorite St. Patrick’s Day celebration took place in Chicago. “I will never forget the year I was in Chicago for the tradition of dyeing the Chicago River green. The streets were flooded with people.” 4 | Kernel Entertainment Guide | 03.24.10

a priest and s, he became n name. ar ye n ee ft fi istia next trick as his Chr chose Saint Pa in Ireland, Saint Patrick As a priest g the shamrock to repreusin taught religion Trinity. He died on March y ol H of preaching sent the ter thirty years respect, the af , D A 1 46 r 17th To show thei arch 17th to M God’s word. d te ca di de and . country of Irel which marked the birth of St , m hi r be em rem Patrick’s Day. Iri

sh Traditions

was introduced by Parliament The Irish began celebrating St. requiring that pubs Pat rick clo ’s se on March 17th, Da y as a religious holiday by atte nding church in the ten out of control. because the drinking had gotmorning and celebrating in the Currently, Dublin hosts a six feast and dancing. Over severa afternoon with a -day festival to and beer became a tradition. l years, drinking ale showcase Ireland and its culture. The festiva l— It became so much of which drew in nea a tradition that a law, later rly one million people las repealed, t year— features parades, loc al art, concerts and fireworks.

Typically, St. Patrick’s Day falls during the week of Spring Break, which allows many students, like Senior MaryBeth McCullum, to celebrate in other states. “Last year in St. Petersburg, me and all my friends spent the day on the beach wearing our green bathing suits. We made sure to pinch anyone not wearing green!” Katie Burks, a Merchandising Senior, says she will never forget a local St.

Patrick’s day parade she attended in Louisville a couple of years ago. “Me and my best friend went to a St. Patrick’s Day parade in the Highlands. I never knew there were so many Irish people in Louisville. They are so proud of their heritage. I saw families of five generations celebrating on floats, throwing green breads and shamrock glitter into the crowd.” Hope your St. Patrick’s Day was filled with the luck of the Irish!

Yellow is far from Mellow




Yellow is the “it” color this spring. It’s bright, fun, sunny and puts people in a good mood. The challenge is choosing the shade that will work the best for you and your features. Blondetourage If you have blonde hair and medium to dark skin, go with bright yellow tones. If you have tanned skin, you can pull off the pastel yellow look. If you have platinum blonde hair that’s almost white, stay away from pastel and pale yellows. They will definitely wash you out. Go for bright yellow. You don’t want your hair and your outfit to blend in. If your skin is pale, go for a dull, medium yellow and pair it with colors like

dark blue or gray. That combo will take the intensity of the yellow down and compliment your skin tone.

Brunette Brigade If you have dark hair, go for a medium yellow— not too pale, not too bright. Mustard yellow will also look good with your dark features. If you have medium dark skin, consider yourself lucky! You can get away with every shade of yellow. Your options are endless. If

your skin is dark, though, stay away from anything too bright. Lighter yellows that are slightly bright will compliment your skin the best.

Redhead Mafia If you have red hair, go with shades of yellow that have red undertones like gold and honey. Gold tones are suitable for every skin tone and hair color, so if you’re having trouble picking the best color for you, go for the gold.

Tips About Wearing Yellow • It looks best as a one piece—dresses. • It looks good with gray, white and navy blue

• It looks good with jeans, especially dark denim • Stay away from yellow and black unless you’re going for an 80’s vibe • Yellow works well as an accessory— scarves, jewelry, shoes, etc. • Yellow prints are perfect if you’re nervous about picking the best shade

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A walk outside Weather changes permits outdoor activities, fitness

(502) I’ve thrown up so many times in the third floor bathroom of Baldwin that they should probably just name it after me.

(859) I don’t think I have ever been told that I am ‘too drunk to pet the stingrays’ by a cop before.


With warmer temperatures on the rise, it is time to bust out of the gym and give your usual workout a makeover. Working out outside can be just as challenging as the gym and it is always good to mix things up every once in a while. UK’s campus provides fun outdoor activities to help anyone who needs a change from their normal routine. Running, jogging or leisurely walking at the arboretum is a great way to get some exercise. The arboretum offers 2-mile trails, has beautiful scenery and is pet friendly. Running around campus is always an option. Although it may lack the flowers and trees of the arboretum, it provides larger hills for those needing a challenge. Also, it does not restrict distance. Running around campus supplies tons of course options, so your routine would never get old. Do not limit yourself to running! You can try riding a bike, skate boarding or rollerskating around campus. Other cardio options besides running can be fun and will take your mind off of your workout. You can always play a sport. Go to the

6 | Kernel Entertainment Guide | 03.24.10

tennis courts next to the Johnson center or the basketball courts on north campus. Find an open field and play lacrosse, soccer or flag football. Playing a sport while working out is the best way to exercise without feeling like you worked out. If you still need that structured gym-like workout, try going to the track located in south campus. The standard quarter-of-amile track is a great place to do sprints or to work on distance running. The good thing about being able to run on a track is the bleachers that surround it. Running up and down bleachers is a great way to do cardio and tone up thigh and butt muscles. Also, you could always find a flat grassy surface under a tree, lay your mat down and do some yoga or Pilates. Both yoga and Pilates are great ways to build and tone muscle and you can enjoy the sunshine while doing it. So as temperatures increase, it is time to break out of your normal routine and into a new one. Start this spring off with a new and improved workout so that when summer roles around, you’ll have that perfect bathing suit body.

(859) This guy just walked into class and first thing he did was grab the garbage can, walk to his desk and say ‘just in case.’

Cosmic Charlie’s: Lexington’s best live music venue BY COLIN WALSH




Cosmic Charlieʼs


388 Woodland Ave










(859) 309-9499


overwhelmingly impressive. The stage is enormous and the lighting is spectacular; when you step foot in the door, you know you’re in a bar that was built specifically for live music. Cosmic Charlie’s hosts a wide variety of musical performers, some local and some national; and, in an ode to the great state of Kentucky, they offer a bluegrass performance every Sunday. No performance would be complete, however, without a good drink; and, with twenty-six beers on tap, Cosmic Charlie’s doesn’t disappoint. Located next to Lynagh’s Irish Pub and Big Daddy Liquor on Woodland Ave., Cosmic Charlie’s is literally a stone’s throw from its predecessor; so students and Lexington residents who retain fond memories of “the Tank” won’t have to travel far to replicate the experience in a much more spacious and exciting venue.

Not too long ago, University of Kentucky students used to cram themselves into a tiny little bar on the corner of Woodland and Euclid to hear spectacular live music on a weekly basis. It had a ton of character, and plenty of fond memories. That campus-staple, The Fish Tank, has since closed down. Its owners recognized the “Tank’s” popularity and ability to book talent, and decided to move on and expand. In the fall of 2009, Cosmic Charlie’s was born. Or the Fish Tank grew up. Either way you look at it, a fantastic new bar has been added to Lexington’s list of places to have great time. The most recent addition to the University of Kentucky bar scene takes the idea of the Fish Tank and multiplies it tenfold. For those who fondly remember “the Tank,” Cosmic Charlie’s will be


Shots from the

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