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AWARD SEASON COMES TO THE BLUEGRASS: Wall, Cousins, Patterson and Calipari earn recognition for season MARCH 9, 2010


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UK fire marshal recommends closing of SAE By Wesley Robinson

Following an incident over the weekend where a student was wrapped in toilet paper and set on fire, UK Fire Marshal Greg Williamson has recommended the Sigma Alpha Epsilon house be closed for two semesters. UK Police Chief Joe Monroe said police found a student wrapped in toilet paper like a mummy after responding to an alarm early Saturday morning. Sean Dunn, an inter-

national studies sophomore, took out a match and lit the toilet paper on fire, Monroe said. According to the police report, the victim was in flames up to his shoulders. When he realized he was burning, he performed the stop, drop and roll technique, which set the carpet on fire. The report says when Dunn saw the carpet on fire, he began to stomp out the flames. After the fire was extinguished, Dunn attempted to clean up the fire damage with toilet paper.

“We don’t believe it was (hazing), nothing has led us to believe it was hazing,” Monroe said. Monroe said the victim had no injuries and needed no medical treatment, but he had singed pants. Dunn sustained first-degree burns on his hands and was charged with first-degree arson, first-degree wanton endangerment and tampering with physical evidence, according to the police report. “Obviously they used poor judgment which was clouded by the use of alcohol. We did find numerous

alcohol violations in the building,” Monroe said. “We will probably wrap (the investigation) up in the next few days, and we will turn it over to the Dean of Students for their investigation.” Dunn declined to comment on the investigation. When officers were making sure everyone was out of their rooms, they came across a locked door and retrieved a key to enter, Monroe said. When police entered the room, a fight occurred, which led to police charging international studies junior


Joe McKinley with third-degree assault of an officer. The Dean of Students Office has shut down the fraternity following an order from its national headquarters to suspend all of SAE’s fraternity-related events, and the fire marshal has recommended the fraternity house be closed until January 2011. Williamson said numerous violations occurred inside the house, including doorways severed and covSee SAE on page 6

Student chosen for Cambridge scholarship By Drew Teague


Business sophomore Matthew Ellis jumps for a frisbee during the nice weather in front of the Alpha Tau Omega house on Monday.

Spring awakening

With temperatures reaching into the 60s on Monday, students could be found playing Frisbee, volleyball and lounging in the grass, enjoying a break from winter weather. Temperatures are expected to stay in the upper 50s to mid-60s for several more days.

Above: Spanish freshman Clara Malone (right) and biology freshman Chloe Lawson enjoy the nice weather near Kirwan and Blanding towers on Monday. Right: Civil engineering freshman Taylor Menard dives for a volleyball in a game with his friends on Monday.

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Cash donations ‘running the same’ for 2009-10 fiscal year By Katie Perkowski

With higher education funding in the spotlight for the next two-year Kentucky state budget, some may wonder how universities are currently doing in some areas of fundraising. The fiscal year goes from July 1 to June 30, and about seven months have passed for the 2009-10 fiscal year. By Feb. 28 last year, UK had received about $46 million in cash donations, and as of Feb. 28, 2010, UK had received about $42 million in cash donations, according to the gift activity report provided by the Office of Development. First issue free. Subsequent issues 25 cents.

The University of Cambridge is where one UK student will be studying literature thanks to a scholarship from a charity organization. Jason Grant, an English and linguistics junior, received a scholarship from the English-Speaking Union Kentucky Branch, according to a news release. Grant’s scholarship is helping him attend the University of Cambridge to study modern Grant and pre-modern British writers like E.M. Forster, Wordsworth and Byron. The English-Speaking Union is a charity using English as a common global language to nurture conversation and the exchange of ideas, according to its Web site. Grant said he hopes to become a novelist and a literature professor, so Cambridge will be a helpful experience to him. “Studying at Cambridge is not only a way to study literature in an intensive, critical environment, but a way to discuss literature with students and academics that care about the field,” he said. “The University of Cambridge is one of the most important places of learning for literature. It’s almost the epicenter of literary studies.” Grant said he has always loved writing but at one point wanted to go a physics and math route. After a high school program with those two subjects, he said he realized he should pursue English instead. Grant said he has never been to England, so he is particularly excited to study abroad there. “ … except for a Spring Break spent in Montreal, Quebec, Canada, I’ve never been outside of the United States,” he said. “I love traveling; getting to see London and Cambridge — which both have so much culture, history and art — will be more than enough to keep me excited for the month I

During the 2008-09 fiscal year, UK received a record amount of cash donations, which was about 18 percent higher than the previous fiscal year’s approximate $57 million, said Mike Richey, vice president and chief development officer for the Office of Development. Richey said one factor to take into account when looking at the last two fiscal years is the $2.8 million estate gift Felix E. Martin left to UK last year, which accounts for some of the difference. “We’re basically running the same,” he said. “ … so when you’re talking about how you’re doing, sometimes you’ll get a big gift, and there’s no way that universities are See Donations on page 6

Campus observatory to hold SkyTalk lectures By Brian Shlonsky

It took 110 million years for the light from an exploded star to reach the Earth, and it took UK students moments to witness this phenomenon using a telescope at UK’s student observatory. Since its opening during the 2008 spring semester, the MacAdam Student Observatory, located at the top of Parking Garage 2 between W.T. Young Library and the Chemistry-Physics Building, See Observatory on page 2


Students look at Mars through the telescope at UK’s MacAdam Student Observatory on Monday evening. Newsroom: 257-1915; Advertising: 257-2872

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Oscar hosts fail to bring special effect to show "No one wants to do it alone," Neil Patrick Harris sang at the start of Sunday's Oscar telecast on ABC. Maybe co-hosts Steve Martin and Alec Baldwin did need each other for moral support, but you have to wonder, why not just let Harris emcee next year's Oscar broadcast solo? It'll cost half as much, and, as he's proved at so many other awards shows, there is nothing Harris cannot make more awesome, especially when he's surrounded by high-kicking showgirls. Martin and Baldwin are, of course, gifted comic actors in their own rights, but they're used to the spotlight. Doing a double act requires an easy chemistry that the duo lacked at first. As they loosened up, their opening routine, in which they lobbed softball jokes at the famous people in the first few rows, became more effective (Martin: "There's that damn Helen Mirren." Baldwin: "That's Dame Helen Mirren." Martin also noted that "Precious" was "the one film that really lived up to its video game.") The hosts' jokes recalled the gently mocking barbs of the Billy Crystal era, and the few changes to the broadcast — presenters standing on a podium in the middle of the audience to introduce leading nominated films — weren't radical. (Shifting the career-achievement awards to a separate

ceremony and showing a few highlights during the Oscar telecast proved to be an excellent idea.) Never mind that sharing didn't seem to come naturally to the hosting duo; the broadcast as a whole had a bit more vim and sparkle than it has in past years. And if some jokes didn't quite land, well, as Harris sang, "at least there's someone to share the blame." The midshow valley of less interesting categories can't be avoided, but new producers Bill Mechanic and Adam Shankman mixed in some high points amid the dull patches. You still may not be convinced that the short-film awards can be inherently interesting, but with the creative introductions to those categories, this year's Oscarproducing team gave it a real try. Among the most effective midshow moments: a delightful montage of segments starring characters from the nominated animated films; a deft comic routine from Tina Fey and Robert Downey Jr., who gave out the original screenplay award after she mocked ad-libbing actors and he characterized writers as "sickly little mole people"; and an appearance by Ben Stiller in full "Avatar" makeup (he made all the expected Na'vi jokes, but many were amusing). MCT

has been a place where UK students and other astronomy aficionados can come and view space. AST 191 and 192 students are able to stargaze using the 20-inch reflecting telescope positioned in the center of the dome-shaped observatory, bringing topics in lectures and photographs to life. “When you look through the telescope, it is a new and exciting experience to see for your very own, light that has traveled billions of light years to get to your eye,” said Timothy Knauer, director of the observatory. The UK Department of Physics and Astronomy started a free public outreach program called Kentucky SkyTalk to spark outside interest in astronomy by sponsoring grade schools to come on visits. “We are trying to get the public interested in astrono-

If you go What: “A Galaxy of Giant Planets” When: Thursday at 7 p.m. Where: Room 153 of the Chemistry-Physics Building Admission: Free and open to public my, and the program will be good for the university and surrounding community,” Knauer said. In addition to the 1,800 undergraduates that visit the observatory each year, Knauer expects about 900 more visitors to come for the SkyTalks. “There’s no question that Saturn is the perennial favorite,” Knauer said. “It always gets ‘oohs’ and ‘ahs’ from first-time viewers, and I’ve noticed that professional astronomers usually find the time to take a peek, maybe ‘just to check the seeing.’ ” Accounting sophomore Jonathan Cayot visited the observatory as part of his

AST 191 course. “I thought it was really cool because it gives you an idea of what’s really up there,” Cayot said. “The images I saw through the telescope could have been clearer, but I liked it because there is only so much you can see in books without seeing the real thing.” The startup costs to build the observatory that included the facilities and salaries were around $1 million, Knauer said. For this month’s SkyTalk, physics and astronomy professor Raymond LeBeau will speak on the Kepler mission in a lecture titled “A Galaxy of Giant Planets” at 7 p.m. Thursday in room 153 of the Chemistry-Physics Building. Presentations are on the second Thursday of each month and are free and open to the public. For more information on the observatory and the SkyTalks, visit their Web site, (

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Wall, UK rake in awards By Metz Camfield

If you missed the Academy Awards Sunday night, have no fear. The awards season has just begun for the UK men’s basketball team. UK freshman guard John Wall was named the Yahoo! Sports National Player of the Year and Freshman of the Year. Joining Wall on the Yahoo! Sports first-team AllAmerica list is freshman forward DeMarcus Cousins. Junior forward Patrick Patterson was named an honorable mention to the list. On March 2, UK head coach John Calipari was named to the Yahoo! Sports All-Coaches first-team. Calipari has been the architect in transforming and building the Cats from a National Invitation Tournament team one year ago, to a likely No. 1 seed in the NCAA Tournament one week from now. Yahoo! Sports named Wall, Cousins and Patterson first-team All-Southeastern Conference performers. Wall was named by Yahoo! Sports as the conference Freshman of the Year and Player of the Year, and Calipari was named the conference Coach of the Year. Sporting News named Wall Freshman of the Year. Cousins joined Wall on Sporting News’ All-Freshman Team. also handed out their league honors Monday, and their was a strong blue tint to them. Wall was named Southeastern Conference Player of the Year and Freshman of the Year, and Calipari was named the SEC Coach of the Year. Wall, Cousins and Patterson were all named first-team All-SEC selections. The electric 6-foot-4 guard from Raleigh, N.C., will likely be taking in postseason awards by the droves in the next few weeks. Wall is one of the top candidates for the Wooden Award, given to the country’s top player, the Naismith Trophy, given to college basketball’s player of the year, and is one of the final six candidates up for the Bob Cousy Award, given to the nation’s top point guard. Wall leads the Cats (29-2, 14-2 SEC) in scoring (16.8 points per game), assists (6.2


Freshman guard John Wall won several awards Monday, including National Player of the Year by Yahoo! Sports, and Freshman of the Year by Yahoo! Sports and Sporting News. assists per game), steals (1.8 steals per game), minutes (34.7 minutes per game), and is third in rebounding (4.0 boards per game). Perhaps most impressive is his play in the clutch. Wall said after the Cats’ game at Georgia on March 3 he may not be the best shooter, but he knows how to score in the clutch. The numbers don’t lie. In the last two minutes and overtime this season, Wall has scored 66 points in 70 minutes with just six giveaways. That’s 37.7 points per 40 minutes in crunch time.

Cats close regular season at No. 2 The Cats finished the Southeastern Conference as the No. 1 team, but they finished the regular season as

the No. 2 team in the Associated Press top 25. After defeating Georgia in Athens, Ga., on Wednesday night, the Cats closed out the regular season on Senior Day with a 74-66 win over Florida to cap off an 18-0 record at home. UK received two firstplace votes. Kansas (29-2) regained the No. 1 ranking after losing it one week prior. The Jayhawks defeated Kansas State and Missouri last week. The nation’s previous No. 1 team, Syracuse (28-3) , dropped to No. 3 in the polls. The Orange lost to Louisville in the Cardinals’ final home game at Freedom Hall before moving to their new arena next season. Two of the Orange’s three losses this season came to the Cards.

Duke (26-5) stayed at No. 4 despite losing to Maryland on the road Wednesday evening. Duke likely saved themselves by pummeling rival North Carolina by 32 at home on Saturday. Coming in at No. 5 this week is National Player of the Year candidate Evan Turner and the Ohio State Buckeyes (24-7). Though the Buckeyes only played one game last week, a 73-57 win over Illinois, previous No. 5 Kansas State lost twice. Again, the SEC got only three teams in the AP top 25. Joining UK in the rankings are Tennessee (23-7, 11-5 SEC) and Vanderbilt (23-7, 12-4 SEC). Tennessee is No. 15 this week and Vanderbilt fell to No. 20 after losing on Saturday to South Carolina.

Cause for relief: Cats’ bullpen throwing strong By Aaron Smith

With the last frame in mind and the game on the line, UK entrusts its bullpen to lock down the win. When UK head coach Gary Henderson strides from the dugout to the mound and raises his arm in a singlehanded summoning of a relief pitcher, UK feels the game is in good hands. “The biggest part of the bullpen is having someone you can count on to be effective,” Henderson said. “That guy is Matt Little.” A right-handed junior, Little has emerged as a bigtime pitcher in big-time situations. He’s picked up three saves in three attempts this year, allowing just one earned run and striking out 14 through 11 innings. He feels the game is in good hands when he enters, too. “I wouldn’t say the game is over,” said Little about having to close out a game. “But I like our odds. I trust my stuff.” Entering the game with the pressure bulging in the ninth inning, it is that confidence that is needed for closers. “When you get called on it’s going to be one of the biggest spots in the game,” Little said. “How you do can be the difference between winning and losing. That’s what I love about the bullpen. I want the ball in my hands.” Little, who was named one of College Baseball Newspaper’s three national players of the week, is more than the traditional one-inning specialist. On Saturday, he showed his versatility


Junior right handed pitcher Matt Little was one of three players named National Player of the Week by College Baseball Newspaper. Little has stuck out 14 batters in 11 innings of work. coming out of the pen, throwing four shutout innings against Monmouth while his team rallied from a six-run deficit to pick up the win. “You never know when you’re going to get called on,” Little said. “I’m here to do whatever the team needs. I’m just trying to get zeroes on the scoreboard.”

But there’s more to a bullpen than one lockdown closer. Depth can be the difference between an airtight bullpen and a leaky one. The Cats have multiple arms that can bridge the chasm between starter and closer, including sophomore Braden Kapteyn. “The biggest chance is we have more arms,” Henderson

said. “We have an older Braden Kapteyn, we have some new pitchers and we’ll get to give guys an opportunity to play as we start playing midweek games.” Kapteyn, although not a full-time relief pitcher (he also plays first base and is often used in the designated hitter spot to get his bat in the lineup), is a dependable arm in the bullpen. As a freshman, he earned a team-leading four saves. He’s picked up one save this year when he bailed UK out of a bases-loaded, ninth-inning jam against Bowling Green on Feb. 27. “Our bullpen is a lot stronger than last year,” Little said. “A big part of that is our depth. We have lots of guys who can come in and shut opponents down.” The improved bullpen was tabbed as a key for UK in the preseason. Last year, ravaged by injuries and lacking solid depth, the bullpen was a lock waiting to be picked by rallying opponents. Henderson cautions that the season is young, and unexpected things can and will happen. But so far this year, the bullpen has been a lock holding sturdy against the prods and pokes of opponents. And it might turn into a near-impenetrable safe as the season progresses with the return of junior Nick Kennedy, a right-handed submariner who is currently injured. “Ten games into the season, 46 to go, the bullpen is still in flux but it’s off to a pretty decent start,” Henderson said. “It’s got a chance to be a strength. If we can get Nick back, get him healthy, it has a chance to be better.”

OPINIONS Tuesday, March 9, 2010

KERNEL EDITORIAL BOARD Kenny Colston, editor in chief Wesley Robinson, opinions editor Melissa Vessels, managing editor Ben Jones, sports editor Allie Garza, managing editor Matt Murray, features editor The opinions page provides a forum for the exchange of ideas. Unlike news stories, the Kernel’s unsigned editorials represent the views of a majority of the editorial board. Letters to the editor, columns, cartoons and other features on the opinions page reflect the views of their authors and not necessarily those of the Kernel.

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Potential hiring shows respect to fair process In the past few years, UK has had to fill several high-level administration positions, which required interviewing and bringing in several qualified candidates. Each time, UK has publicized the opening, made general interviews available to the public, and let campus and the larger UK community know exactly what is going on. Robert Mock Jr., is the latest of these well-qualified candidates to come to UK and interview. The result — Mock has been invited to negotiate for the position as vice president for Student Affairs. According to a Feb. 26 Kernel article, Provost Kumble Subbaswamy said in an e-mail to the Kernel he has invited Mock back to campus to discuss negotiations for the job. Although nothing has been finalized, Subbaswamy said in a separate e-mail that Mock has the “background, energy, enthusiasm, and innovative thinking necessary to lead Student Affairs at this challenging time.” The hiring process UK has adopted should be applauded, because it is going after the best candidates regardless of race, ethnicity, culture or background. The goal isn’t to arbitrarily fill a position, but rather to bring in an individual best suited for UK. In the case of Mock, he comes from a Southeastern Conference school, has dealt with a tobacco ban and is involved with Greek life, and will be able to hit the ground running if negotiations pan out. With recent administration hirings like J.J. Jackson, and now Mock, along with the Provost, dean of students and other high-ranking minorities in the administration, UK is showing a top-down commitment to diversity. Specifically, these hirings help UK and its goals for recruiting and retention purposes, which have been on the UK agenda for quite some time. Transparency throughout the process has allowed campus to give valuable input and feel as if the administration isn’t just hiring people that will suit their purposes, rather than the needs of the university. Too often, dealings of this nature are done behind closed doors and individuals are hired based on who they know and not their merit. It may not be “official,” but UK committing to Mock shows its commitment to practicing what it preaches.

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BRETT HATFIELD, Kernel cartoonist

Opportunities abound to make a difference This could be the most overused statement from 2008 to 2010, but it fits so well under the circumstances, so I’m inclined to use it: In these harsh economic times, is it possible for something to be free? I’m talking about absolutely free, no catches, no fees, nothing. Is it also possible that all that is NOHA EL MARAGHI asked in return is Contributing good will? Yes. It is possible columnist with organizations that have always been here to serve the community. Non-profits will not stop serving the community just because money is tight. You would think the complete opposite would happen that when people feel the painful pinch of finances they would not help others. However, people are helping now more than ever, not necessarily financially, but with anything they can do. Not only non-profits, it is a full cycle of average people giving, businesses giving, bands performing and so on. College students are known for their “brokenness.” They will do unimaginable things just to get by and still go to that 8 a.m. class. Very few of us have a reliable surplus of our own money that can be spent where we please. Extra emphasis is put on being “our own,” because a few have parents’ credit to dip into whenever something extravagant comes to mind. Those fortunate enough to have dispos-

able income won’t use it to give to charity because it’s not their own money to spend. Nevertheless, college students have something so valuable. Almost no other demographic of people have this tool. It is the combination of fewer commitments than a working mother and good health. School is a huge commitment, but compared to a family and a full-time job, a college student will have more leisure time. In addition, with our age, we are blessed with good health and very strong willpower to accomplish anything we want. A high school student may have this too, but we college students get the perk of freedom. We are free to go anywhere, do anything and make our own choices. This is the tool we can use to give to the community because now, more than ever, service is needed, and this is the best time to give it. An optimal example of this is an event the United Way of the Bluegrass is hosting called “10,000 hour show.” It is a concert that will bring Augustana to Lexington. It is a less traditional way of community service. The 10,000 in this case doesn’t stand for money raised, it stands for hours people will volunteer in total to be able to attend the concert. The concept is 1,000 tickets available; if 1,000 people volunteer anywhere for 10 hours each, this will equal 10,000 hours volunteered in total. This is brilliant, because it takes money completely out of the equation. The concept is very applicable to

the times and is aimed at us, the college student. What do college students have? The power of health and innovation of new ideas. What don’t we have? Money. It’s perfect, and the perk of seeing Augustana live in concert isn’t so bad either. Some will say they weren’t faced with the opportunity to volunteer. Or maybe they will say they’re from out of state so they’d rather help back home. Or that they’d rather help people that need it more, like those who are disaster stricken. Face it — Lexington is your home now, and for the average student, it will be your home for at least four years. There are endless opportunities here in Lexington to help people in the community and people around the world. You might not see them, but according to an article in the HeraldLeader, there are nearly 2,000 homeless people in Lexington alone. This is a conservative figure. If you want to help internationally, find a relief fund, like the dinner held last Saturday by the Muslim Student Association to raise funds for Haiti. There you can help set up or be a server. There are plenty of opportunities. So on a lazy Saturday morning, find a place that needs you, wake up your roommate and go volunteer anywhere. In addition to that invaluable feeling you get, you can log in those hours at the United Way of the Bluegrass Web site, ( and redeem a free ticket to see Augustana. Noha El Maraghi is a journalism senior. E-mail


Parking problem extends too far Politicians lack the necessary responsibility, integrity

If there is one thing that unites us as students at UK, other than the high regard we place on our athletic teams, it is the utter disgust we have for the atrocity that is parking on UK’s campus. My hatred for the university’s parking system began freshman year and being relegated to the infamous KLot. K-Lot, for those who have not had the “privilege” of parking there for a semester, is on the complete opposite side of UK’s academic facilities, which garners a 25-minute walk for its patrons when attending class. My latest quarrel with the UK parking organization isn’t directly related to K-Lot, but the individuals that take it upon themselves to enforce parking regulations with unequivocal gusto when it isn’t their job to do so. I recently fell victim to one of these people when “using” the Baptist Campus Ministry’s parking lot for a quick trip to Ovid’s. I chose to park in BCM’s parking lot under the advice received from my roommate who regularly attends the organization’s functions. I do not make it a habit (or encourage) to make illegitimate use of parking lots, but I made an exception in this case because of the brevity of my business. At the same time I had pulled into a spot at the BCM, a woman was walking out to her car in the lot.

I had remembered her face from a previous BCM gathering I attended, so I knew she was a student. Shortly after walking out of Ovid’s, I found out that the same girl had made a call to Bluegrass Towing Service, and they were able to extract my vehicle from the parking lot within the 10 minutes I spent getting food. What surprised me most, other than the absence of my car, was the fact that this girl was not part of the BCM staff. There was no compensation involved in this ordeal for her. She simply felt the need to go out of her way to do somebody else’s job; when getting paid to care about something is one of the most American of traditions. It is what separates us from the communists, so this lady’s logic was quite perplexing. To call her a vigilante would be a crime that she would therein take upon herself to report as well. This BCM “representative,” I believe, was sending a contradictory message to what her Christian organization would promote. So, I ask, where was the compassion in this ordeal? What happened to the Christian principle to “turn the other cheek”? And where would Jesus park if he attended UK?

Drew Littrell mechanical engineering junior

Submissions Please limit letters to 350 words or fewer and guest columns should be no more than 600 words. Be sure to include your full name, class, major and telephone number with all submissions. Telephone numbers will only be used to verify identity.


When you hear the word politician, what comes to mind? I think about words such as rich, greedy, corrupt, etc. Yet, when I think about early politicians such as Benjamin Franklin, Abraham Lincoln or George Washington, the words leadership, excellence and perseverance come to mind. So what has changed since then to lower public opinions about our politicians? I believe it is how our system of government is currently functioning. I consider myself a very patriotic person and am truly blessed to live in this great country, but I will admit we have a few problems. For example, look at the recent events involving the health care bill. Sen. Ben Nelson from Nebraska literally sold his vote to the highest bidder. Nelson was the last Democrat to support the bill. His turning point came when the federal government offered him 100 percent coverage of the state of Nebraska’s health care bill. Does this form of bribery not strike anyone else as immoral? Should our senators be allowed to take bribes such as this?

Before answering that question, ask yourself what would those great men like Franklin, Lincoln or Washington believe? They would be outraged at how our government is functioning and how our leaders are acting. Our senators are no longer making decisions based on morals or even representing the opinions of their statesmen (polls proved many Nebraskans were upset with Nelson’s deal), but rather wheeling and dealing for government money/benefits for their state. Keep in mind, I am not saying every politician is guilty of this act, but there seems to be a trend forming. If a bill such as the health care bill is passed, it should be passed properly and fairly. It should affect every state the same, for better or for worse. There should be no selling of votes inside the Senate. What this country needs most is to return to what the framers of our Constitution had in mind and end these acts of bribery. Charles Bearse mining engineering junior

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The Kentucky Kernel

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3 BR 1 BA. All appliances, off street parking. Close to campus. $1000.00/month. 859-351-9473.

2BR duplex, 10 min drive to UK campus. $600/mo. Call for details 859-351-3000

Luxury Heatherwood Town home, Chevy Chase(near UK) 3BR, 3.5 BA, 2054 sq. ft. living rm, deck, loft, washer/dryer, 1 car garage. 859-983-8377. $1350/mo. + Deposit.

2BR 1BA 305 E Maxwell. Central AC, hardwood, balcony 2nd flr, off street parking. $550/mo + utilities (approx $70/month). 859-396-3822

2BR 1.5BA Townhome Richmond Rd. All electric, hardwood, washer/dryer, security system. $825.00/month. 288-5601

1 BR/efficiency, renovated. Refinished hardwood, new kitchen, new bath, new lighting. $375 + Util. short term lease avail. if needed. 859-396-9022 1-2 BR apts across for B&E bldg. Best on campus, only a few left. Above Wildcat text & Pizza Hut. 6213128 1 BLOCK FROM CAMPUS: 1 & 2BR, a/c , parking. $395 & up. 269-4129, 608-2751. *****PRE-LEASING FALL 2010**** 1 & 2BR apts. Red Mile Rd. Walk, bus or pedal to class. $385 $445. Short term leases ok. No Individual leases. Small pet ok. W/D connections + on-site laundry 24 hr ER maintenance. Landlord on-site. $200 deposit, $25.00 App fee. 255-2765 or Look for Brookstone Apts. EHO. 1,2,3,4,5,6 +7 BR Houses & 1BR Apts. Walking Distance to Uk. Visit our website for showing timer. Or call 859-255-4188. 1BR renovated unit across from law/grad school. Close to UK hospital. Refinished Hardwood, new kitchen, updated baths. $450. +, 396-9022. 1 - 6 Bedroom Apartment/Houses available in May and August. Dennis (859) 983-0726 Preleasing Now! 1-5BR houses. 859-513-1206. !!!Are you an upper classman or Grad Student? Are you looking for a house in a nice quiet neighborhood close to campus? Call 859-559-7594. 1BR across from campus (2 keys apts.) Hardwood, vaulted ceilings, security, on-site maintenance,

3 BR, 2 BA. WALK TO campus. $850/mo. Large master w/ Bath & walk-in closet, a/c, All appliances incl washer/dryer. Low util. No smoking/pets. 510-6087676, Greg 859-225-3334 x. 101 3 BR 2.5 BA Luxury Townhome, Richmond Rd. All electric, custom kitchen, washer/dryer, dishwasher, hardwood, security system, 2- car garage. Available Aug. $1000.00. 288-5601.

2 BR, 1.5 BA TOWNHOME in Tates Creek area for rent. $650/mo. Please call Amber at 492-1122

HARDIN PROPERTIES.NET now leasing Studios, 1,2BR apts. Also, three 4/5-BR Houses remaining for August. 509-2227

3BR 2BA, large apt, Walk to class, all elec. W/D, dish included. GOING FAST. Call Adam 859-338-8243.

4 Bedrooms - 2 blocks to UK! Starting at $1,580.00. Pets, a/c, some w/d, 523-2363 or

2BR avail 08/01/10. Near UK all utilities pd, parking. $575/mo. 859-489-3371..

1BR Apt. in Historic House. 398 Linden Walk. $565/mo. Clean! Laundry. Utilities included. Available May. 509-2227

3 BR, complete interior renovation. New Kitchen, new bath, new lighting, refinished hardwood, yard, garage. Short term lease avail. if needed. $695 + Util. 859-396-9022.

2BR 1 BA Lexington Ave. Dishwasher, hardwood, off street parking, Avail may $750.00/month. 288-5601 NEWLY REMOLDED 2&3BR student condo’s along with 4 – 6BR houses. All appliances, W/D included. Please call 859-621-1339. 2-3-4 BR, 5-10 min to campus, Tates Creek area, garage/off street parking, avail. April-Aug., all electric, $699 – 875/mo. or call 859219-0184 2 & 4BR apts. Large, NICE, 339 Aylesford. $370/person. 523-1066, 299-1386 3,2,1 BR 1 BA new homes by campus. Huge rooms, awesome yards/deck, ample parking, all appliances, all electric. Won’t Last. $300.00/person/month. 859-229-4991 3,4,5,6 BR Houses on campus. 859-433-2692. garymiel@aol All size houses. 3,4,5,6 BR. Walk to campus. State, Waller, University Ave. area. Lease begins 08/01/2010. Won’t last! SIGN EARLY FOR BEST HOUSES.. Bob 859-539-5502. Walk to campus. Newly renovated 3BR 2BA 1st Flr condo. New Paint, new carpet.,. Washer/Dryer included. $895.00/month. Short term available. 502593-7421. 222 University A. 3BR, Porch, Hardwood floors, basement. $1050.00 +, Call 619-8988 or 619-9462. WALK TO CAMPUS. Campus Downs 3BR, 2BA. All appliances including w/d. 3rd floor cathedral ceilings. 859-433-5966 3BR homes. All appliances, off street parking. Close to campus. $960.00 - $1150.00/month. 859-351-9473. 3 Bed/2 Bath Condo. Walking distance to campus. Off street and visitor parking. $1250/month plus utilities. Available August 8. 419-344-1246 3BR apts. DW, W/D. Close to campus. E. High St and Richmond Ave. Dennis 859-983-0726

208 Conn Terr. 4BR 2 BA updated Kitchen. 859-3614811. 4 bedroom 4 bath house Available May or August — sign a leave beginning in May and get $1000 cash for spring break. For details call 255-4188 or see our website Spring Break Specials – sign a lease before spring break and get cash for spring break and flat panel TVs, or call 255-4188. 4BR 2.5BA Townhome in Historic South Hill. Short walk to UK campus. Off street parking. $1,400./month + Utilities.. Call 859-338-6778 4BR 2BA homes. All appliances, off street parking. Walking distance to campus. $1,280.00 – 1,400.00/month. 859-351-9473. 4 BR, 3 BA, all electric. FP, 2 miles from campus. 2973 Candlelight, $900.00. 229-8515 4 BR 2.5 BA Red Mile Sq. Townhouse, New Construction, All Electric, Large BR, Washer/Dryer, Dishwasher, Hardwood. Close to campus. 12 month lease available May & Aug. $385.00/BR. 4BR/2BA Cute House. 125 Westwood Dr. Electric Heat. 2 Kitchens, Large L,R, Clean, Nice! $360/ea. 509-2227. 4 BR 2 BA new homes by campus. Huge rooms, awesome yards/deck, ample parking, all appliances, all electric. Won’t Last. $325.00/person/month. 859-559-7594.

5BR 2BA house, all appliances, all electric, water paid. Walking distance to campus. $1,625/month. 859-351-9473. 5 BR 3 BA new homes by campus. Huge rooms, awesome yards/deck, ample parking, all appliances, all electric. Won’t Last. $350.00/person/month. 859-559-7594.

Summer Special. 6 Bedroom Houses available May. Park Ave & Westwood. DW, W&D. Dennis 859-9830726 6 Bedroom House available August. Park Ave. DW, W&D. Dennis 859-983-0726 Summer Lease Available. New home by campus. Huge rooms, awesome yard/deck, ample parking, all appliances, all electric. Won’t Last. $310.00/person/month. 859-559-7594.

RAMSEY’S DINER now hiring servers and cooks. Apply in person M-F 2-4pm. Lifeguards and Pool Managers Needed. PPM is hiring for clubs and waterparks in Lex, Lou and Richmond. $8 – 15.00/hour. Email for application.

7BR, 3BA $357.00 each, + utilities. 859-433-0996.

Help Wanted

Leasing Consultant – Part-time. Are you a star performer? Are you results oriented? Would you like to determine your own income potential? We are seeking a driven Leasing Consultant to join our team of professionals. We offer a respectful, friendly and team-oriented environment with a competitive base pay of $8/hour, plus excellent commission opportunities. Hours needed are Tuesdays, Thursdays, Saturdays and Sundays, averaging 20 hours per week. Previous sales experience, reliability and an outgoing personality are most successful in this position. Please send resume to, and visit our website

Lexington Lawn & Landscape is hiring for Seasonal work. Go to and scroll down to SEASONAL CREWS and apply on-line. Now Hiring Baskin Robbins Richmond Rd. Must be available nights & Weekends. Starting at $7.25/hr. 266-9305. PT teachers & gymnastics instructors needed. Apply in person @ 3500 Arbor Dr. Car Wash hiring responsible, dependable, enthusiastic team members. No experience needed, flexible scheduling, submit resume & contact info to


Self Defense. Good exercise. Life long friendships. The UK Karate club accepting beginners Monday’s 6:30 - 8:30pm. Buell Armory. Email: Call 421-4335

RUNNER POSITIONS AVAILABLE in large downtown Lexington Law office. Start dates will be in June 2010. Part-time and possible full- time. Email resume to or fax to 859/367-3827. JOIN LEX”S MOST EXCITING CHILDREN’S RECREATIONAL BUSINESS. Monkey Joe’s is looking for high energy, enthusiastic employees. Flexible hrs +

Roommates Wanted

Brand New – Roommates wanted. 859-455-8208. Share my House!! Near Thornton’s on S. Broadway. $275/month. Call or Text Chris 859-5598689 anytime.

Lost & Found

Atomic Café Now Hiring server. Apply in person 265 N Limestone. Tue – Sat 10 – 4. Dance and Fitness Instructors needed for summer camps. Please email contact info to

4BR, 2BA, WALLER AVE: All elec., off-st. parking, w/d, new carpet. $1000/mo. 859-288-5601.

Are you suffering from Adult ADHD? Do you smoke tobacco cigarettes? Do you have difficulty paying attention, focusing or organizing? Are you easily distracted? Do you sometimes feel fidgety and restless or act on impulse without thinking? Do these symptoms interfere with completion of your daily activities? Are you NOT currently taking medications to treat these symptoms? If you answered yes to some of these questions, you may be eligible to participate in a research study. Researchers with the University of Kentucky departments of Behavioral Science and Psychiatry are conducting an outpatient study examining the behavioral effects of FDA-approved medications. If you are between the ages of 18 and 50, smoke and have some of these symptoms, call 859-257-5388 or toll free at 1-866-232-0038 for a confidential interview and for more information about this study. Qualified volunteers will be compensated for their time. You may be reimbursed for travel. ALCOHOL RESEARCH at the University of Kentucky. Health social drinkers between 21 to 35 years of age are needed for studies on the effects of alcohol on behavior. Participants will be financially compensated for their time. Movies, a hot meal, and non-alcoholic beverages will be provided after the study in a comfortable setting. Call 257-3137 for more information

9BR 3BA house off Rose St. August lease, $2,000 + utilities. 859-948-5000.

4BR - $1260-1500/mo. W/D, hardwood floors, off-st. parking. 859-351-9473.

Rentals available. Walk to UK. 4-6 BR. Call Kevin @ 859-619-3232.

Tony Roma’s Now Hiring hostesses and servers. Apply in person, Mon – Thur 2-4 pm. 859-272-7526. 161 Lexington Green Cir.

FOR RENT. Next school term available July/Aug. 6BR University Ave. 4 BR Oldham Ave. 2-4 BR units Transylvania Pk. Call 859-797-8850. J & S Properties

4 BR, 3 BA, all electric. FP, 2 miles from campus. 2973 Candlelight, $900.00. 229-8515.

4/5BR 2BA House, 1430 Elizabeth St. New tile bathrooms, Big closets, sundeck, W/D, Nice! $350/ea. 509-2227.

BARTENDING! UP TO $250 a day. No exp. Necessary. Training provided. 800-965-6520 x-132

6BR 3BA house off Rose St. August lease, $1,600 + utilities. 859-948-5000.

BRAND NEW 4 BR: VERY ENERGY EFFICIENT. New & nearly new homes close to campus. 2 car garage, very, very nice. Showing daily. Call James McKee 859-221-7082. View at

Available May, Downtown, close to arts and science center. Nice 4BR 2BA hardwood, fenced yard, appliances, AC, W/D. $1,600 + utilities. 859-272-8568.

VOLUNTEERS PAID TO Participate in multiple studies. Researchers at the University of Kentucky are recruiting participants diagnosed with ADHD and for studies concerning the effects of alcohol. Looking for M & F social drinkers between 21-35 years of age. All participants are compensated for their time. Please call 257-5794

Available Aug, 5BR 2BA, 224 Forest Park Rd. AC, appliances, W/D, parking, No Pets. $1,600.00 + utilities. 859-272-8568. 5BR 2BA house, all appliances, all electric, water paid. Walking distance to campus. $1,625/month. 859-351-9473.


good pay. Apply in person at 1850 Bryant Rd. Call 859-264-0405

Going out of town? Your dog deserves a vacation @ Uptown Hounds. 7 Days Private Hounds Room, 3 playdates, ice cream treats, & daycare evaluation only $299. Close to UK – 859-255-BARK(2275)

MISSING: Toshiba Laptop U205. REWARD, NO QUESTIONS ASKED… Taken from car in the UK Hospital Parking Garage on 2/24/2010. Call George 502-376-6205.


BAHAMAS SPRING BREAK: $189 – 5 days or $239 – 7 days. All prices include round trip luxury cruise with food, accommodations on the island at your choice of thirteen resorts. Appalachia Travel 1-800867-5018,

LEARN TO SWING DANCE WITH THE HEPCATS. Great way to meet people, plus good exercise. Beginner class starts March 15th. Only $30.00 for the entire 6-Week class.; 859-420-2426;

The Kentucky Kernel is not responsible for information given to fraudulent parties. We encourage you not to participate in anything for which you have to pay an up-front fee or give out credit card or other personal information, and to report the company to us immediately. CONFIDENTIAL PREGNANCY ASSISTANCE

Birthright 2134 Nicholasville Rd. 277-2635 suite 6 24-HOUR HOTLINE 1-800-550-4900

PAGE 6 | Tuesday, March 9, 2010

No new robbery information UK Police Chief Joe Monroe said no new information has been discovered about the robbery on campus Friday night. “The circumstances we are looking at are questionable,” Monroe said. “We encourage anybody with information to call, and they can talk to an officer if they are comfortable, or they can e-mail or send a text anonymously, too.” Those wishing to submit an anonymous tip can visit, ( — KATIE SALTZ

UK beats Florida in blood battle UK beat the University of Florida in a competition over the weekend — but it did not have to do with players shooting a ball into a net. For the second year in a row, Kentucky donors beat Florida donors in the “Big Blue Slam” blood drive, which ended Friday, according to a Kentucky Blood Center news release. UK had a total of 1,543 donors, and 1,481 donors gave representing Florida, according to the news release. About 270 UK students, faculty and staff gave at the blood drives on campus last week, said Stephanie French, executive director of marketing and communications for the Kentucky Blood Center, in an e-mail to the Kernel.

Blood donation numbers n Donors representing UK: 1,543 n Donors representing Florida: 1,481 n Number of UK donors on Friday: 351 n Number of Florida donors on Friday: 288 ACCORDING TO THE KENTUCKY BLOOD CENTER NEWS RELEASE

UK students and staff were not the only ones donating for the competition, however. The Kentucky Blood Center had drives in more than 60 counties in Central and Eastern Kentucky and at four donor centers in Beaumont, Andover, Pikeville and Somerset, French said. French said the week was particularly helpful, because it stocked the shelves right before Spring Break, when campus and high school drives stop. Those who registered for the competition and those who register to donate for the Kentucky Blood Center during the month of March are eligible to win tickets to the NCAA Final Four. To make an appointment to donate or find the drive closest to you, visit (www.kybloodcenter. org). — KATIE PERKOWSKI

Free Spring Break shuttle offered to students For students without a car

CAMBRIDGE Continued from page 1 am in England.” Susan Carvalho, associate provost for In-

on campus, getting a ride to the airport for Spring Break may be a hassle, so UK Parking and Transportation Services is lending a hand. A free shuttle to the Blue Grass Airport will run Thursday and Friday, with pickup times will at 6 a.m., 8 a.m., 10 a.m., noon, 2 p.m. and 4 p.m., according to a news release. To schedule a pickup, students must e-mail their name, campus address, phone number, date, time and location of pickup to with “Spring Break Shuttle” in the subject line. A PTS representative will call to confirm pickup time and location, according to the news release. Students must submit the ride request at least 48 hours in advance of when they need to be picked up, said Chrissie Balding Tune, UK PTS spokeswoman. After Spring Break, students are responsible for finding their own ride from the airport back to campus, but they can find information about LexTran, which runs Monday through Friday, at Students can also receive a 10 percent discount with a student ID from American Taxi, which accepts PLUS account and charges between $16 and $20 for the cab fare, according to the news release. — KATIE PERKOWSKI

ternational Programs, nominated Grant for the scholarship, and Grant said he has been working with her since his sophomore year. “Dr. Carvalho and I have been working … on researching theories [like] magic realism in contemporary literature, especially in Gabriel Garcia Marquez’s writing,” Grant said.

Go Green. Recycle this Kernel.

SAE Continued from page 1 ered with sheets, beds improperly covered and too many candles. “There are violations in all houses ... if you find one or two violations, it’s not that big of a deal,” he said. “ ... but if you find 40 or 50 of them, you have a problem.” The house passed an inspection in the past week, Williamson said, but the violations were not visible during that inspec-

DONATIONS Continued from page 1 going to be able to come back every year and say, ‘well we’re going to get this big gift.’ ” The total amount of pledges expected for the 2009-10 fiscal year is about $62 million, according to the gift activity report, but Richey said variables to take into consideration when looking at these numbers include new expectancies and new pledges. “That includes new pledges, you know where somebody has gone out and they want to create a scholarship … of, let’s say $100,000, and they say, ‘I’m going to give you $20,000 a year to fund this $100,000

tion. “It was not the incident that got the house (closed),” Williamson said. “It was the incident plus the condition of the house.” SAE has revoked Dunn’s membership, and the fraternity’s headquarters is investigating the incident, according to the SAE Web site. Dunn’s arraignment is scheduled for Wednesday at 1 p.m., and McKinley’s is scheduled for Thursday at 1 p.m. UK Police and the fire marshal will share reports with the Dean of Students to determine whether or not the fraternity will return to campus.

By the numbers July 1, 2008-Feb. 28, 2009: UK had received about $46 million in cash donations July 1, 2009-Feb. 28, 2010: UK had received about $42 million in cash donations

scholarship,’ so that’s counted as a new pledge,” Richey said. Richey also said the capital campaign that UK ran until 2007 caused amounts soon after to be higher than normal, because the campaign caused some people to give threeto five-year pledges. The next capital campaign will be when UK turns 150 years old in 2015, he said.


The pages of the Kentucky Kernel for March 9, 2010.


The pages of the Kentucky Kernel for March 9, 2010.