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UK 22K Fans break record for GameDay attendance MONDAY

FEBRUARY 15, 2010

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Both sides lose in aftermath of S.C. letter to UK All bets are off. There will be no exchange of Firefly Vodka or Woodford Reserve Bourbon between two Southeastern Conference student governKENNY ments. COLSTON With a letter Kernel sent to UK Stucolumnist dent Government President Ryan Smith, University of South Carolina Student President Meredith Ross

ended a tussle between two fanbases. In the letter, Ross cited utmost respect for UK and apologized for a Jan. 26 resolution the South Carolina student senate passed claiming athletic dominance over UK and possession of a better mascot. It’s a real shame, considering the fun that could have been had leading up to the two basketball teams’ rematch in a little under two weeks. Smith, who saw the letter on Sunday, said a lot of time wasn’t spent on his end with the original resolution, but he was gracious for the second letter.

“I appreciated the letter,” Smith said. “It hasn’t occupied a lot of our time. We’ve been working on some other things. I didn’t know (about the second letter), hadn’t thought about it. But I’m looking forward to Feb. 25 when we can show them some good Kentucky hospitality.” Smith has taken both letters with a rolling of the eyes. He has taken the high road. But no one would have blamed him if he played along and took the YouTube bet with his counterparts in Columbia, S.C. The blame doesn’t lie on either student government though. Both are full of college students looking

to have a good joke from time to time, and with a strong interest in their own athletic teams, the more fun they can have, the better. Instead, fans of the Big Blue Nation and South Carolina ruined the fun this time. Already known for taking basketball a little too seriously, UK fans should have laughed at the letter and responded with a playful jab at overall excellence and a reminder that the Gamecocks have to return to Rupp Arena. South Carolina fans have a lot of bragging rights that are evident in the original letter, but they should

have seized the moment and continued to challenge UK and its fans. Isn’t that what college athletics is all about: Having fun, throwing verbal shots at each other and letting it all play out on the court? Instead, we have two fan bases that took a joke by a bunch of college kids trying to have some fun and blew it all to hell. Why does it have to be that way? UK fans, already known for being sore losers nationally, decided to solidify that reputation. Survey See Colston on page 3

UK 73, TENNESSEE 62 Liggins finds success in new role as stopper By Ben Jones

Lecture to note future impact of Iraq War By Taylor Moak

An author visiting UK will encourage students to search beyond the bullets and bombs of the present to examine how a war can influence the future. Foreign news correspondent Tom Ricks will visit campus on Monday to discuss his views on the war in Iraq. Ricks has written four books, and his newest book, “The Gamble: General Petraeus and the Ricks American Military Adventure in Iraq,” focuses on the American presence in the Middle East. Ricks said he will be speaking to students about how the war will affect the world in years to come. Ricks is the contributing editor to Foreign Policy magazine. He is also a U.S. military writer for The Washington Post, a former military writer for The Wall Street Journal and a part of two Pulitzer Prize-winning teams, according to The Washington Post’s Web site. In an e-mail to the Kernel, Ricks said he wants students to consider how Iraq will affect their futures. “The U.S. invasion of Iraq was the biggest mistake in the history of American foreign policy,” Ricks said. He also said he doesn’t think America can “just walk out.” “I aim to get them to think about the future of Iraq,” Ricks said. “And about how they are likely to be dealing for decades with the consequences of the American invasion of that country.” Robert Farley, an assistant professor in the Patterson School of Diplomacy and International Commerce, said he was excited to bring a journalist of Ricks’ caliber to speak at UK and that students could learn from Ricks’ knowledge of the Iraq war. “(Ricks) knows as much as anyone about what’s going on in Iraq,” Farley said. “(He) conSee Iraq on page 3


Freshman guard John Wall had 24 points in UK’s win over Tennessee, one shy of his career-high.

Second-half run lifts No. 2 CATS over volunteers By Metz Camfield

Eric Bledsoe has his confidence back. One game after saying he had lost the confidence in his shot, Bledsoe found it in the second half against Tennessee, combining with fellow freshman John Wall to score 21 of the Cats’ final 23 points to lead UK (24-1, 9-1 Southeastern Conference) to a 73-62 victory. “Today, Eric showed so much courage in what he did and how he played,” UK head coach John Calipari said. “It was a great game. I liked what I saw.” Bledsoe scored all 16 of his points in the second half while shooting 5-of-6 from the field and 3-of-4 from beyond the arc. Bledsoe also tallied two assists and didn’t turn the ball over in the second half. With 10:12 remaining in the second half, Tennessee (18-6, 6-4 SEC) led UK 52-50. Over the next 7:28, Wall and Bledsoe guided the Cats to a decisive 20-4 run, combining to score all but two of the points. The run was

highlighted by back-to-back Bledsoe 3-pointers from each corner that ignited a Rupp Arena crowd of 24,402 fans waiting to explode. “We weren’t pushing at the bottom and those guys were wide open in the corners,” Tennessee head coach Bruce Pearl said. “ … If I’ve got a chance to get beat by Eric Bledsoe from the three versus DeMarcus Cousins or (Patrick) Patterson in the inside, I think that’s the risk we took, the game we took, and obviously it made us tight.” The Cats’ two other points not scored by Bledsoe or Wall in their 20-4 run came from sophomore guard DeAndre Liggins. Yet again, Liggins provided an energy boost for UK on the defensive end of the floor, catching the attention of Calipari and apparently that of a few other onlookers. “He’s becoming a real high profile prospect, just so you know that,” Calipari said. “I mean, everybody that’s evaluating my team is all of a sudden — DeAndre is now being talked about. You’ve got people that absolute-

Greek Sing takes the stage 24 UK chapters raise money for Make-A-Wish

If you go

By JP Lepping

By Hope Smith


The Alpha Phi Alpha brothers perform their routine for Greek Sing on Saturday at Memorial Coliseum. Jen Deluke said. “I like to see the different ideas people come up with … There were some tough acts.” The audience appeared too en-

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ticed to worry about the upcoming UK basketball game. See Greek Sing on page 3

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Lincoln postcards provide history lesson

Walking into Memorial Coliseum on Saturday night before Greek Sing, guys in too-short jean shorts and girls in strikingly bright and glittery eye makeup were met with uncomfortable stares, but the view was everyone’s gain. UK sororities and fraternities from 24 different chapters soon gathered separately onstage to perform four-minute dance routines to raise money for the Make-A-Wish Foundation. “As a freshman, I was really excited,” Delta Gamma member

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DeAndre Liggins has scars all over his knees. The sophomore guard hasn’t undergone ligament surgeries or suffered a freak accident. Those scars are from diving for loose balls. Liggins “I try to do all the dirty work,” Liggins said. It’s not a role he was expecting when he signed on at UK in 2008 as a high-profile point guard prospect, but it’s something he’s come to relish. Liggins finished with seven points, four rebounds, four assists and two steals in UK’s 73-62 win over Tennessee on Saturday at Rupp Arena. He also held the Volunteers’ leading scorer, Scotty Hopson, to 10 points on the night. After sitting out for much of his freshman season on the bench, Liggins found himself in a similar situation to start this season. He sat out the first nine games before finally making his first appearance of the season against Indiana on Dec. 12. Waiting wasn’t the easiest thing for Liggins, but now he said he couldn’t be happier with his role on the team. “I waited patiently,” Liggins said. “I was humble, I was positive, and now it’s paying off.” When he emerged from the cocoon of his warmup jersey on the end of the bench, Liggins had transformed from a point guard to a high-energy stopper. “There’s no such thing as a 50-50 ball with DeAndre,” UK head coach John Calipari said. “He gets them. He goes and gets the balls.” When that happens, there

Carl Howell has a passion for Abraham Lincoln. He also has the largest vintage Abraham Lincoln postcard collection featuring 20,000 postcards that highlight nearly every aspect of Lincoln’s life. On Monday at 3 p.m., Howell will arrive on campus to give a presentation on his unique collection of antique postcards. Howell started collecting in the early 1970s and now has thousands of postcards featuring Lincoln, many of which will be on display in the Margaret I. King Library for the free exhibit. Howell will speak about how he acquired his nationally-recog-

What: Carl Howell’s collection of more than 20,000 Abraham Lincolnthemed postcards When: Monday at 3 p.m. Where: Margaret I. King Library Admission: Free and open to the public

nized collection and how the nation’s 16th president inspired him. History professor Mark Summers will join Howell on Monday and will give a presentation on Lincoln’s life and legacy. As a child, Howell said he See Lincoln on page 3

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‘Rip the Runway’ showcases local talent at Kentucky Theater By Martha Groppo


NBC rivals to bob and weave during Olympics The Winter Olympics dominate prime time for the next two weeks, but "Lost" isn't going anywhere. And "American Idol" certainly won't get out of the way of bobsled and luge. With the games opening Friday night in Vancouver, British Columbia (7:30 p.m. on NBC), competing broadcast networks will side-step, benching some (but not all) shows for the duration. CBS Entertainment president Nina Tassler defines her network's strategy as "sort of a mixed bag between new shows and repeats," adding that the plan is "putting the shows out there, letting the fans come to the shows as they see fit, and whoever is going to watch the Olympics is going to watch them anyway." Comedies especially are likely to go into reruns, even though February is a ratings sweeps month. Viewers will watch comedy repeats, the networks have learned, so CBS' Monday night sitcoms and ABC's Wednesday comedy lineup will be what the networks like to call "encores" for the next two weeks. So-called procedural dramas, like the various editions of "CSI" and "NCIS" on CBS, will mostly be in reruns during the Olympics. But ABC will air new episodes of "Grey's Anatomy" and "Private Practice" next Thursday, opposite the men's figure skating finale. "Desperate Housewives" and "Brothers and Sisters" will be first-run on two Sundays, Feb. 21 and 28, and "The Deep End" will be new through what ABC bills as its "finale" (not season finale)

on Feb. 25. "Lost," which began its final season Feb. 2 on ABC, will air straight through, Olympics or not, with a repeat of the previous week's episode scheduled at 8 p.m. Tuesday. With a "Lost" lead-in, ABC will also keep "The Forgotten" on the schedule this month, although possibly the goal is simply to burn off episodes. Even though the Winter Olympics are heavy on figure skating, popular with young female viewers, the CW will air new episodes of "One Tree Hill" and "Life Unexpected" both Mondays during the Olympics. "Smallville" will also be new on Fridays. Fox is a special case. "American Idol" is just now getting up to speed, and analysts expect the talent competition to beat the Olympics on at least a couple of nights. "Idol" will reveal its Top 24 on Wednesday, with the first live performance show Feb. 23 followed by the first live results show Feb. 25. During the two weeks of the Olympics, "Idol" will fill eight of Fox's 20 hours of Monday-Friday prime time. "Bones" and "Fringe" have already aired "winter finales" on Fox (both return April 1), and "House" will be in reruns during the Olympics. But time won't stop for "24," which began its new day on Jan. 17 and will air straight through. The new dramas "Human Target" and "Past Life" will also air first-run episodes. MCT

Dance, comedy, rap and modeling are coming together at UK. On Monday night, “Rip the Kentucky Runway,” an event inspired by the BET show “Rip the Runway,” will take place at the Kentucky Theatre. The event may not precisely resemble the TV program, but one advertisement promised it “will be packed with the hottest people in the entertainment industry across the state.” Event planners hope the event will showcase Kentucky talent in a unique way. “We don’t feel that overall Kentucky has been acknowledged as an entertainment state,” said Richard Ford of KRS Entertainment, the company financing the event. Ford said that he and his brother had the idea for “Rip

Horoscope To get the advantage, check the day's rating: 10 is the easiest day, 0 the most challenging. Aries (March 21-April 19) — Today is an 8 — If you allow your mind to wander a bit, you'll discover creative ideas at every turn. Turning them into productive results seems almost too easy. Enjoy it. Taurus (April 20-May 20) — Today is a 7 — A dream image may stick with you as you begin your day. Expand it and apply its mojo to all your activities. Gemini (May 21-June 21) — Today is an 8 — Track developments in your career field. A new contact provides optimism. Use your skills to conclude a transaction that satisfies everyone. Cancer (June 22-July 22) — Today is an 8 — Optimism begins and ends the day. Take advantage of this commodity. Spread it

the Kentucky Runway” when they were struck by the diversity of talent in Kentucky. “We were thinking of ideas to bring all of it together,” Ford said. “Kentucky has some talented entertainers who are intense about their work.” Ford said “Rip the Kentucky Runway” is something different for UK students to do with their weeknight and students interested in the arts may particularly enjoy the event. “The most unique thing about this show is all of the ethnicities,” Ford said. He said people from all different backgrounds will be participating. The performers’ talents will be as diverse as their ethnicities. “Rip the Kentucky Runway” is a fashion show, but it will begin with a performance from a local dance team. A comedian, local photographers and designers will also contribute. around. The more you share, the more you get to enjoy it yourself. Leo (July 23-Aug. 22) — Today is an 8 — Whatever you failed to complete yesterday, you get another chance now when an associate opens the conversation. Business almost takes care of itself. Virgo (Aug. 23-Sept. 22) — Today is an 8 — View each task on your list as an opportunity to learn. A lighter touch may get the job done without breaking essential parts. Tidy up after yourself. Libra (Sept. 23-Oct. 22) — Today is a 7 — Get busy on a household project that promises to restore emotional balance for at least one person. Tighten a screw here and seal a lid there. Scorpio (Oct. 23-Nov. 21) — Today is an 8 — Contact a female who's closely in touch with a customer's needs. Make sure the solution reflects well on the person who pays the bills.

If you go What: “Rip the Kentucky Runway” When: Monday at 8 p.m. Where: Kentucky Theater, 214 E. Main Street Admission: $8 before 4 p.m. on Monday, $22 at the door

“We have some great designers,” Ford said. The event, which is a collaboration between KRS Entertainment, P.I. Modeling and Southern Belle Promotions, will highlight popular rappers as well. “This show is basically a showcase,” Ford said. Student tickets are available at the Kentucky Theatre box office before 4 p.m. on Monday for $8. At the door, tickets will be $22. The show begins at 8 p.m. on Monday at the Kentucky Theatre. Sagittarius (Nov. 22-Dec. 21) — Today is an 8 — Things are about to get complicated. Use your creative powers to simplify wherever possible. Dress for flexibility.

Capricorn (Dec. 22-Jan. 19) — Today is an 8 — To get the most done today, first align with your partner, then divvy up the work. A female helps with your part so that you can support others. Aquarius (Jan. 20-Feb. 18) — Today is an 8 — A lot of folks have their fingers in the pie today. Although you don't want to deplete resources, you'll probably run through some cash now. Spend wisely. Pisces (Feb. 19-March 20) — Today is a 7 — If you charge ahead with your own creative ideas, you may leave others in the dust. Soothe their ruffled feathers. This push gets the work done. (C) 2010 TRIBUNE MEDIA SERVICES

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GREEK SING Continued from page 1 Weeks of work went into every routine. Last year, Greek Sing raised $100,000 for the Make-A-Wish Foundation. This year’s goal was $115,000. The total amount raised will remain unknown until Wednesday, but Kaelyn Query, Chi Omega co-chair of Greek Sing, said the silent auction and ticket sales should bring them close to their goal. The FarmHouse Fraternity bared it all in tight bikini tops and wigs for its production of “The Little Mermaid.” The ladies of Pi Beta Phi showed the audience how to save the day with their own interpretation of classic superheroes, including the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. Alpha Phi Alpha members imitated suave secret agents in their routine. Alpha Phi held its own in the sorority’s very first appearance at Greek Sing with their “A Phi’s On Phire” piece. Delta Delta Delta was determined to be the overall champs with its flashy “Let’s Play a Delta Game” act. Characters from Call of Duty, Pac-Man, Donkey Kong and Mario all slugged it out onstage to bring home the win. The smooth secret agents of Alpha Phi Alpha came in first place in the fraternity division, followed by Phi Kappa Tau in second and Sigma Pi in third. Kappa Delta won first place in the sorority category for its “KD Anatomy” routine. Kappa Alpha Theta took second,

IRAQ Continued from page 1 tinued to follow Iraq, even after it’s fallen out of the headlines.” Farley said event planning began about five months ago, and he was delighted Ricks chose UK as a place to stop during his lecture series. Carey Cavanaugh, direc-

What: Tom Ricks’ lecture on his newest book, “The Gamble” When: Monday at 7:30 p.m. Where: W.T. Young Library auditorium Admission: Free and open to the public

tor of the Patterson School, helped organize the event.

Continued from page 1 1,000 people, media types to the regular fan, and the odds would be overwhelming in UK’s favor as to which team is better and which team will go further in March. Instead of realizing this, many UK fans took the low road and forgot the bigger picture. South Carolina fans turned on some of its own, an even worse infraction. In the end, everyone lost. So UK fans, rejoice. The South Carolina Student Government has surren-

Continued from page 1 watched his father collect Lincoln artifacts. A native of Lincoln’s birthplace, Hodgenville, Ky., Howell said he inherited his father’s passion to find pieces of history that told the story of Lincoln. He said the town printed many postcards for tourists and other Lincoln enthusiasts, and Howell was drawn to the souvenirs.

and Delta Gamma took third. For the first time ever, the highest points category tallied a tie. The judges could not decide between Delta Delta Delta and Kappa Delta. Behind the many hours of practice each group puts into its routine, all of the participants keeps the people they will be helping in mind. This year, Greek Sing raised money for a 16-year-old Tates Creek resident named Lauren who was recently diagnosed with ovarian cancer. Lauren had already organized a

If you go




The Sigma Chi brothers reenact the "Call On Me" music video by Eric Prydz for Greek Sing on Saturday.

Cavanaugh said Ricks is not a politician or a military man, so his analysis of the war in Iraq is objective. She said Ricks’ lecture would be relevant to students. “For half of (students’) lives, the U.S. has been involved in two wars,” Cavanaugh said. “ ... Those wars aren’t over yet.” Ricks said other stops on his tour include Harvard University, Johns Hopkins

dered. You won the victory, but lost the reputation war, again. And South Carolina fans, be ashamed for the backstabbing you did to your own fans, your own students. There’s still some victories left to be had. One of the two teams will win on Feb. 25 and one fanbase will be able to gain or retain bragging rights. “I’m sure all 27,000 students will be excited to see South Carolina come to town,” Smith said. They sure will, but it would have been better if a select few hadn’t ruined the fun between two student governments. Kenny Colston is a journalism senior. E-mail

“I collected postcards just like a kid would collect baseball cards,” Howell said. Howell said many of the cards in his collection were printed before 1920, and his experience with Lincoln artifacts has allowed him to coauthor three books that feature parts of his collection and his insight into the history of Central Kentucky counties. Last fall, Howell came to UK to give a separate presentation about Lincoln’s life. He brought many Lincoln ar-

fundraiser last fall to raise money and awareness for those battling cancer, and the Greeks at UK are rewarding her hard work and fighting spirit with a trip for her and her family to Hawaii. Her father was happy to say the cancer is now in remission in his thank-you speech after the acts. “This is just an awesome event because cancer really can touch everyone’s life,” Kappa Alpha Theta freshman Kristen Fries said. “Unfortunately, a lot of people I know are affected by cancer in some way.” University, George Washington University and The Naval Postgraduate School. As for future work, Ricks said he is “hanging up (his) war correspondent’s hat” and plans to write a book about the history of American generalship. Ricks’ lecture will be at 7:30 p.m. on Monday at the W. T. Young Library Auditorium. The event is free and open to the public.

online at

See a full copy of the letter sent by the South Carolina Student Government

“I collected postcards just like a kid would collect baseball cards.” CARL HOWELL Abraham Lincoln postcard collector

tifacts, including a taste of his famous collection. Though he presented some postcards last fall, Howell says this is the first time he has held an event just focus-

ing on his postcards. Deirdre Scaggs, director of Special Collections and Digital Programs at UK, said she invited Howell to host another exhibit after seeing the reaction to the Lincoln history show at UK last fall. “He is an interesting guy with an honest passion,” Scaggs said. The postcard display will be open to the public from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. in the Margaret I. King Library throughout the month of February.


Calipari’s adjustments show Cats can handle anything thrown at them Sometime in the first half Saturday night (or is that GameNight?), Tennessee head coach Bruce Pearl threw something at UK it wasn’t expecting: The 3-2 zone. The Cats know they’re going to go up against a lot of zone this year because of the nature of their personnel. John JAMES PENNINGTON Wall said UK was well-versed in runKernel ning the offense columnist against a 2-3 zone or even a 1-3-1 zone. But what about the 3-2 variety? “No, that’s our first time,” Wall said. Not in the days of practice leading up to the Tennessee game. Not even all season. This team of occasionally insurmountable youth had never seen this particular defense, and it was playing like it. First-half shooting under 36 percent indicated the Cats were confused, frustrated and looking for answers. They made it to halftime relatively unscathed. Heck, they were 30-29 heading to the locker room. Something had to happen, or UK would have lost its (gasp) second game of the year. Abra cadabra! UK came out of the locker room weathered veterans of the 3-2 zone. The second half yielded 53.8 percent

Next time somebody wonders aloud about Calipari’s salary, remember: He’s paid like that because of his exceptional skill. shooting and just six turnovers from the Cats’ offense. But how so suddenly, against a defensive scheme Calipari admitted didn’t even sniff the scouting report? “When we had halftime, I told them, ‘Guys, they are playing a 3-2 zone and that is not your fault. That is my fault,’ ” Calipari said. “ ‘I am not blaming you, but here is what we are going to do in the second half and how we will attack.’ ” No practice. No walk-throughs. A group of 18-, 19- and 20-year-olds often criticized for its inexperience (and even worse, playing like inexperienced players) sat down and listened to what their coach wanted from them. All of this against the No. 12 team in the country, lest we forget. Instead of withering, falling victim to frustration and futility, the Cats flourished. The young players shined particularly bright: Wall finished with 24 points and Eric Bledsoe scored 16, his highest output in over a month.

All was made possible because UK sliced through a defense it had never even seen. Next time somebody wonders aloud about Calipari’s salary, remember: He’s paid like that because of his exceptional skill at what he does. DeAndre Liggins said the coaching staff had not even mentioned playing against a 3-2 zone this year. “Not at all,” Liggins said. “But that’s great coaching by Coach Cal. He just plugged it in. He’s a great coach, and he’s very smart. I love him.” Of course, a brainy coach can only do so much halftime improvisation. The burden falls on the players to execute. Earlier Saturday, ESPN College GameDay analyst Jay Bilas called UK “the most talented team in the country by far.” They proved it in the second half of the game. “It’s basically saying that we’re executing and listening to what the coach is telling us,” Wall said. “He’s the coach for one reason: He knows what to call and what to do to help us score.” So the next time an opposing coach throws an unexpected wrinkle in the gameplan to defend against the Cats, which, from here on out, every opposing coach surely will try to some degree or another, you can bet if nothing else, UK will be prepared. Even if they haven’t prepared for it a single second. James Pennington is a journalism senior. E-mail

OPINIONS Monday, February 15, 2010

Page 4

KERNEL EDITORIAL BOARD Kenny Colston, editor in chief Wesley Robinson, opinions editor Melissa Vessels, managing editor Ben Jones, sports editor Allie Garza, managing editor Matt Murray, features editor The opinions page provides a forum for the exchange of ideas. Unlike news stories, the Kernel’s unsigned editorials represent the views of a majority of the editorial board. Letters to the editor, columns, cartoons and other features on the opinions page reflect the views of their authors and not necessarily those of the Kernel.


Lawless harsh in housing plan decision making In her short time on the city council, Diane Lawless must have gathered a lifetime’s worth of political backstabbing to deliver. Elected to a seat representing UK, Lawless ran a campaign focused on being a voice for students in a city that seems to largely ignore them. She said wanted to help students stay in Lexington after graduating. She wanted to clean up the neighborhoods around campus, which isn’t such a bad goal if you know what many of the houses look like. “It’s about respect, letting students know they are a respected, valued part of the community,” Lawless said in a Nov. 9, 2008 Kernel article, a few days after she was elected. Yet last week Lawless let all the students she’s supposed to represent know just how much she personally respects them. Working as the head of the Moratorium Work Group that has drafted changes to legally define family in order to “clean up” the student housing around campus, Lawless has basically made political move No. 1 and executed it perfectly. Instead of bringing students to the table, she’s keeping them in the dark and playing to the group she thinks will have a better chance at re-electing her: permanent residents who share the neighborhoods with students. Outside of the committee, no one was aware of the changes Lawless and Co. were drafting. Not landlords and definitely not Student Government President Ryan Smith. “We’re the sole group being affected by this policy change, and we’re the group that is being reached out to the least,” Smith said. “I have not received one call or e-mail from Lawless (about these changes).” And it’s not for a lack of trying, especially on Smith’s end. Go to any public meeting, even court cases, regarding students, and their landlords and/or the city and Smith will probably be there. But the new rules, with exceptions for fraternity and sorority houses and dorms, were drafted without Smith at the table. So much for respecting students. The good news is that Lawless’ political ploy has a few more hoops to jump through before being passed into law. These council and committee meetings should be full of students taking the opportunity to finally let Lawless and the rest of the city council know that they are an influential group in Lexington. Instead of grouping all students into one big partying mass, individual landlords should be held responsible for the damage and decay of the homes surrounding campus. They collect large security deposits to insure against damage. Why not take that money and actually use it to fix a damaged or decaying home? Instead of making those landlords responsible, Lawless did the quickest and easiest thing she could: take it out on the students. What she doesn’t seem to realize is students will never go away. With UK’s desire to expand without increasing the amount of dorm rooms, students will just move farther and farther out into the city. Moving them out of one district en masse will just create headaches for other districts. “It’s not about students at all,” Lawless said. “It’s a problem all over the city with different populations … If me and 17 of my friends were living (in one house), there would be the same issue.” That type of gross overgeneralization by Lawless is the problem itself. The only places that have 17 or more people are the buildings that are exceptions to the rule. Most students just need a place to split the rent and utilities because living in the dorms is too expensive. But if the goal is to create neighborhoods that students want to continue to live in after graduating, consider the mission a failure. Keeping students in the dark about kicking them out isn’t the correct way to invite them to stay once they enter the real world. Lawless has shown she doesn’t care for them now. Will she care for them then? Only if they stick around to vote for her.

Weekly Poll Question Who is to blame for the proposed Student Housing Plan? Students, the Lexington-Fayette Urban County Council or landlords? Results will be published in Friday’s Kernel. Vote online at

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BRETT HATFIELD, Kernel cartoonist

Hoops fix filled by women’s basketball Hey, may I ask you a few UK basketball trivia questions? Which UK basketball player wears No. 34 and is a legitimate All-Southeastern Conference candidate? No, it’s definitely not DeAndre Liggins. Which UK basketball player wears No. 1, earned recognition as the best high school TIMOTHY basketball player in the KROBOTH Commonwealth of Kernel Kentucky and is still a columnist starter? No, it can’t be Darius Miller. Which current UK basketball head coach is not named John Calipari?  If you paid attention during ESPN’s College GameDay broadcast from Rupp Arena, you may have learned from Coach Cal that the other UK basketball head coach is Matthew Mitchell. But can I safely assume UK women’s basketball junior star forward Victoria Dunlap and freshman guard A’dia Mathies did not immediately come to mind? Judging by the sparse sprinkling of UK students in the Memorial Coliseum crowds at home games this season, including UK’s 16-point win over No.19 Georgia this past Thursday, the UK women’s basketball team is one of the best-kept secrets on campus. Students pack Memorial Coliseum for ticket lotteries and student-only practices, but they don’t show up for women’s basketball games. As for Thursday’s win, Mitchell’s

Cats have claimed eight straight SEC victories en route to a 9-2 conference record and sole possession of second place in the SEC standings behind only coaching legend Pat Summit’s Tennessee Volunteers. Overall, the Cats have posted a stellar 21-3 record and risen to No. 17 in the Associated Press rankings. Where have you been? You may have participated in the recent outcry against the current student ticket lottery system for UK men’s basketball home games. However, why rant against the ticket lottery’s great injustice when you do not capitalize on opportunities to attend UK women’s basketball games? You reply, “Why on earth would I want to go to a women’s basketball game?” Why not? Comparing AP rankings, Mitchell’s Cats trail Cal’s No. 3 Cats by only 14 positions and with the new poll coming out this week, that gap will likely shrink. Mitchell’s Cats have established themselves as a force to be reckoned with in the women’s college basketball world. You are skeptical. “They may be relatively good for a women’s college basketball team,” you say. “But come on, Tim. It’s women’s basketball. Their quality of play cannot be that good.” Don’t be too sure. Although Mitchell’s Cats may not be the best jump-shooting team you will see, Dunlap’s rebounding and inside offensive skills, which have garnered averages of over 17 points and 8 rebounds per game, may surprise you. 

The lightning-quick Mathies, averaging nearly 13 points and 2.5 steals per game, offers glimpses of uncanny athleticism and creativity as she darts into the lane for a basket. And if nothing else, Mitchell’s Cats’ all-out hustle and suffocating team defense is impressive. “That almost sounds interesting,” you respond. “But isn’t women’s basketball boring?” As I watched the Cats soundly beat the No. 19 Georgia Bulldogs, “boring” was far from my mind. Their all-out effort on the court inspired a raucous crowd that filled Memorial Coliseum with contagious energy. “But going to women’s basketball games definitely isn’t cool,” you protest. Judging by their recent appearances to watch Mitchell’s Cats in person, John Wall, DeMarcus Cousins and Scott Padgett don’t think so. Are you too cool for Wall, Cousins and Padgett? Looking for a loophole, you reply, “Doesn’t Cousins wear weird Eskimo hats and Peter Parker glasses? I am pretty sure I am cooler than him.” Listen, I can’t make you go to the remaining women’s basketball games against Florida and South Carolina. But why not try putting aside your bias against female athletes for a night? If UK is a true basketball school, its students should support their nationally ranked basketball team, regardless of athletes’ gender. Tim Kroboth is a political science and economics junior. E-mail


Economy ruined by credit, improper habits It’s no secret: the participation of voters under age 24 is abysmal. Most college-age citizens are apathetic to politics, but they are the voters who should care the most. When the American government was in its infancy, its spending was limited by the revenue it could collect in taxes. Today’s government has no limitations.  When the executives of Goldman Sachs need bonuses, Congress swipes their credit card. When Washington fancies a new stimulus package, again Congress swipes the credit card. When the next election draws near — and this is when money falls from the heavens — Congress perfunctorily reaches for the credit card. It has been half a century since America’s representatives didn’t take out a loan to cover their immoderate expenses. Now the creditors are beginning to call. 

The national debt accumulated by the central planners in Congress has crested $12 trillion. The annual interest on the debt alone is over $164 billion. What college students should quickly realize is that the national debt represents a claim on future taxes, taxes that soon will be imposed on us. The de facto credit card is the Federal Reserve; every deficit is furnished by their printing press, along with every penny of inflation. It is instrumental in redistributing wealth away from the middle class. When politicians pander for votes, the students of Kentucky should take note of the issue of the Federal Reserve. The fall of the Fed will be the flowering of your future. Brent Black economics junior

A letter from a student in a parallel universe My friend attends UK in a parallel universe. A letter he recently sent makes me proud to live in this universe and seriously wonder about his. “Dear Paul: By far the biggest thing going on here is the recent success of our academic team. Now ranked No. 2 in the country, they unequivocally hold the student body’s attention. Juan Gaul, their young but cognitively dexterous captain, will almost certainly accept a prestigious firm’s multimillion dollar salary offer in lieu of continuing his undergraduate education beyond this year. Doing so will preclude him from residence in the controversially named Wildcat Tobacco Lodge. Currently under construction, the state-of-the-art dormitory will exclusively house members of the much-heralded academic team. For obvious reasons, public outcry was fierce when the name was first announced. Proponents of the name reminded the protestors that Kentucky tradition is rich with tobacco imagery and that many Kentucky farmers would face economic hardship if not for the crop. Another controversial administrative action of late was the ban on using coal-derived electricity anywhere on campus.

The act boosted UK’s status as a leader in the Green Movement at the expense of greatly inconveniencing a large number of students who are “addicted” to fossil fuel power. One trustee eloquently pointed out that, “The by-products of fossil fuel combustion are known carcinogens. Because they are emitted into public air, even someone like me who chooses only to use solar power has to breathe them in. This ban is for the collective common good.” Wily students not wanting to leave campus just to charge their Zunes have established an underground network of illegal extension cords. Snaked through adjacent buildings and sidewalks where coal power is permitted, the cords allow coalers to shirk the so called “Culture of Compliance” officials rely on to enforce the ban. Basically nothing has changed except that now you have to be somewhat discreet. The only time I do it is when I need to charge my laptop before class. Come on, do they really expect me to go 50 minutes without getting on MySpace?” Charles Paul Olivia business economics senior

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The Kentucky Kernel

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What those numbers showed, give or take, was this year we are projecting a league-wide loss of about $400 million.” — David Stern, NBA commissioner

UK fans fill Rupp, set GameDay attendance record By Metz Camfield

alum, said he has a good feeling for the passion the UK fans hold for the sport because he grew up with CrimOne sign said it all for the Big son Tide football, and UK head coach John Calipari is “perfect” for Blue Nation: “We’re back baby.” ESPN’s College GameDay re- the fans. “I don’t think we’re knuckleturned to Rupp Arena for the first time since Feb. 10, 2007 when the headed enough to think they came to Cats played Florida. The 22,144 just see our show,” Davis said. “They screaming fans, which nearly tripled came out because they wanted to use the previous GameDay record of our show to exhibit their passion that 8,159, ate it up from beginning to is, frankly, unmatched for their team, and for their sport.” end. The show fea“It was extraortured its usual Statedinarily gratifying They came out Farm halfcourt shot for us,” ESPN Colbecause they wanted by a fan and signs litlege GameDay host tered the crowd, Rece Davis said. to use our show to along with large “And it was great to just be a part of.” exhibit their passion cutouts of UK President Lee Todd, First While the show that is, frankly, Lady Patsy Todd and started at 11 a.m., great Jodie ESPN college basunmatched for their UK Meeks. At the concluketball analyst and team, and for their sion of the show, anaformer Notre Dame lyst Hubert Davis led head coach Digger sport. the other two anaPhelps pumped up the crowd before the RECE DAVIS lysts, Phelps and Jay 10 a.m. Sportscenter ESPN College GameDay host Bilas, in their rendiPHOTOS BY BRITNEY MCINTOSH | STAFF tion of the “John Wall preceding GameDay. ESPN analyst Digger Phelps dances with the UK dance team at College GameDay. There were 22,144 fans at GameDay, the Dance.” Phelps gave the pep Fans weren’t the only ones to most ever for the show. band instructions and told the crowd when and what to chant for different watch GameDay. Many former players, including Kenny Walker, Richie basketball like ‘Kentucky,’ they need spots. After the broadcast finished at Farmer, Cameron Mills, Wayne to be good,” he said. “It makes noon, Phelps told the fans it was “the Turner, Chuck Hayes and Jodie everybody else better. If the SEC has greatest day ever at College Game- Meeks, as well as former head coach to keep up with Kentucky, it pulls up Joe B. Hall were also in attendance the entire conference.” Day.” The crowd fed off Phelps, the to see the festivities. Bilas said he had never seen anyLast season the GameDay crew thing like what he saw Saturday, and band and each other throughout the morning. Chants of “C-A-T-S” and was debating whether or not UK when he first heard UK was going to “Go Big Blue” echoed through the would even make the NCAA Tourna- try to sell out Rupp Arena for the storied arena and the party atmos- ment. Now they’re debating whether show, he couldn’t believe it. When UK head coach UK will be the No. 1 overall seed in the show finished, Bilas said as far as phere never died. John Calipari The previous attendance record the tournament. talks with atmospheres go, Saturday’s GameRece Davis said having UK back Day was the best “by far.” for GameDay was set a couple ESPN’s Rece weeks ago when the crew visited in the national picture is very impor“The idea that you would walk Davis during ColManhattan, Kan., for the rivalry tant to college basketball. into an arena at 11 in the morning lege GameDay “When you have a fanbase that and have a packed house and it game between Kansas State and at Rupp Arena cares as much as they do, and when would be that kind of passion behind Kansas. on Saturday Davis, an Alabama native and you have a brand name in college it is hard to imagine,” Bilas said. morning.


Go Green. Recycle this Kernel.

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ly love him.” Liggins logged 28 minutes against the Volunteers, scoring seven points, grabbing four rebounds and dishing out four assists to go along with a block and a pair of steals. The Cats began the game on a 6-0 run before succumbing to a 12-1 Tennessee run. The Cats then went on a 10-0 run of their own to take a 20-14 lead with 7:43 remaining in the half. By the time the buzzer sounded at halftime, the Cats led Tennessee 30-29. At the end of the first half, Bledsoe was 0-3 from the field and nearly invisible in the game plan. Calipari said he told Bledsoe if he wasn’t shooting, he was going to be taken out of the game. “If you don’t shoot it, they’re playing five versus four,” Calipari said, referring to his conversation with Bledsoe. “They’re not playing you in that corner, which is what happened in the first half.” Bledsoe said he did not hesitate on his shots in the second half and let it fly. The magnitude of the game aided Bledsoe in finding his confidence, and he said he feels like he’s back. Bledsoe said Calipari didn’t care if his shots went in or not because he was confident in UK’s big

Freshman guard Eric Bledsoe goes for a dunk in UK’s 73-62 win over Tennessee on Saturday at Rupp Arena. Bledsoe had 16 points, all in the second half. PHOTO BY ZACH BRAKE STAFF

men to grab the rebounds. “In the second half of this game, Coach just told me to shoot it,” Bledsoe said. The rivals traded baskets and small runs throughout the second half until the 10:12 mark when the Cats held the Vols to four points in seven minutes and 28 seconds of basketball. The Cats’ 14-point lead built up in the run was the biggest lead of the game for either team, and capped off a

day when the Cats celebrated hosting ESPN’s College GameDay. “I think there was a real passion that we played with right there, and our guys really dug in, and we were taking charges,” Calipari said. “We were coming up with loose balls and there were a lot of plays that we made. … If (Bledsoe) doesn’t make those threes, and we don’t make a couple of free throws, it is a different ballgame.”

year and did a good job with that. Now that he’s transitioned to the wing, it just shows that he’s a very skilled player and he’s able to do a plethora of things.” Continued from page 1 Patterson said Liggins’ increased confiare more scars on his knees, but he also finds dence is the biggest difference he’s seen in himself with more minutes. He had a season- him this year. Though he hasn’t earned his high 28 against the Vols. That would have first start of the season to this point, he’s been inconceivable for Ligslowly gained a bigger and gins in his role last year as foothold on his spot in I waited patiently. I bigger point guard, but his ability to the rotation. play on the wing has given Senior guard Ramon Harwas humble, I was him the chance to play simulris did not play against Tenpositive, and now it’s nessee, which was the first taneously with star freshmen guards Eric Bledsoe and John time he has sat out all season. paying off. Wall. Sophomore guard Darnell Calipari said Liggins’ DEANDRE LIGGINS Dodson started, but played ability to play and guard mulsophomore guard 13 minutes, less than half of tiple positions has earned him what Liggins registered. attention from scouts. Junior Sophomore guard Darius forward Patrick Patterson said Liggins’ ca- Miller, who once held a tight grip on a startpacity for making the shift from position to ing position, saw only seven minutes on the position is a testament to just how talented court as Liggins continued to see his role on he is. the team grow. “He’s very multi-talented,” Patterson “He’s as valuable to our team right now said. “He was able to run the point guard last as anyone,” Calipari said.



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