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FEBRUARY 8, 2010





Why celebrate Valentine’s Day?

Madison Griffin PR WRITER

Feb. 14 is a day when friends and lovers show each other appreciation and affection. Most of us celebrate this holiday because it is a social norm. Most of us don’t even know why we celebrate this romantic day year after year. Valentine’s Day is believed to include aspects of Roman and Christian traditions and is named after its patron, St. Valentine, characterized as a romantic who possibly died around 270 A.D. So what is the big deal about St. Valentine and why does he receive credit for the universal day of love? There are several legends surrounding the life of St. Valentine and what he did to deserve a holiday in his honor. One such legend infers that Valentine was a priest during the third century of Rome where he married

young lovers. The marrying of these single reason for declaring Feb. 14 a day of love. men to their lovers was against the rules of Others believe the reasoning is due to reliEmperor Claudius II. Once Valentine’s pracgious celebrations that took place on this midtices were realized, he was sentenced to February day. It is speculated that the Chrisdeath. tian church began celebrating Valentine’s feast An alternative legend, and to try and “Christianize” the my personal favorite, believes Lupercalia, a pagan festival An alternative that Valentine, while being imdedicated to fertility. Around legend, and my personal 498 A.D., Pope Gelasius deprisoned, fell in love with his jailor’s daughter. Prior to his clared Feb. 14 as Valentine’s favorite, believes that scheduled death, he sent a note Day based on the marriages Valentine, while being that took place because of a to the daughter. The note is presumed to be the first valenimprisoned, fell in love Roman system of romantic tine in which he sincerely with his jailor’s daughter. pairing. signed, “From Your Valentine.” France and England began This phrase is now seen on an celebrating this day in the Midinfinite number of greeting dle Ages, believing that since cards, flowers and other gifts every year. this day was the commencement of the birds’ mating season, it was romantic. Some believe that Valentine’s death is the

Whether Valentine’s Day began as a result of a romantic saint or a collection of beliefs over different religions and societies, one thing is for sure: Valentine’s Day has become one of the most celebrated days of the year. The holiday not only affects individual’s feelings for one another, but also their wallets. According to, retailers sell an average of 1 million cards, 180 million flowers and $36 million worth of candy equaling an outstanding profit of $14 billion annually. So for those of you who believe Valentine’s Day is only about showering your significant other with gifts of affection, know that you are not only celebrating your love for one another but celebrating historical events as well. Have a great Valentine’s Day!

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Madison Griffin

Gifts for your valentine


Deciding on a Valentine’s Day gift or activity can be difficult for couples no matter how long you have been together. Dinner is always a popular and appropriate activity to do for the evening. Whether you want to spend some money on your valentine or be creative with your gift, here are some gift ideas for all of you couples depending on how long you have been dating. 1 month or less: You have not been together for long so there is no need to go all out for the holiday. Bring flowers if you want and have dinner at a restaurant that has a more fun atmosphere as opposed to a romantic one. Go see a movie or watch one at one of your houses. 2-4 months: Go to dinner at a slightly more romantic restaurant. Bring a Valentine’s Day card and write a short message in it. If you’re closer to four months, things might be a little more serious. If you want to

buy a gift, do not spend a great amount of money and be sure to get something your significant can enjoy with you, like concert tickets. If you want to go the more creative route, make a CD of songs that remind you of each other. 6 Months: Create a coupon book. The coupon book can be created on the computer or manually. Write coupons for a free kiss, massage, a date, etc. Another idea would be to buy a canvas picture frame with no decoration (can be found at any craft store or Wal-Mart) and cut out words or phrases like “love,” “kiss” and “you and me” from magazines and glue them to the frame. Then you can

Movies Local restaurants Staying in

Wii competition Make dinner together Watch both an action flick of his choosing and every girl’s favorite- “The Notebook” Make fun out of household chores or decoratingaccomplishing a task together means you can see the rewards of your day. Just relax and spend time together- use this day to not leave the house and appreciate each other

place your favorite picture of the two of you in the frame. 9 Months: By this point, you have many keepsakes from your relationship. Collect these items and put them into a box. Decorate and present this “love box” to your significant other as a reminder of the great times you have had throughout your relationship thus far. 1 Year or more: You are obviously serious in your relationship now. If you are spending money, jewelry, like earrings or a watch, could be appropriate. If you want to save money or just be creative, like many do, a scrapbook is a creative and fun way to show your love and dedication on Valentine’s Day. You can start a scrapbook and complete several pages each with a different theme. Pictures from specific holidays, games or other events would be appropriate for this.

Unique Valentine’s Day date ideas by Katie Bosworth

New Releases at the traditional movies Indie, art films at smaller theaters Combine dinner & a movie at the Movie Tavern

Natasha’s- nightly favorites and unique menu items Paisano’s- fine, local, intimate Italian dining Aqua Sushi at Malone’s- Kentucky tradition in a classic romantic setting Merrick Inn- Kentucky favorite; intimate fine-dining restaurant


Long distance

Ice skating Check out a new restaurant Indoor batting cages Cooking class at Williams Sonoma

Care packages Send a card with a gas card or flight voucher- you may not be together on Valentine’s Day but you’ll see each other soon

Franchised Chains

Melting Pot- fondue, entertaining dining experience Bd’s Mongolian Grill- create your own stir-fry- fun, exciting servers and dining Coldstone Creamery- pick your flavor and add your mix-ins to create a sweet treat for after dinner

Movies for the single crowd 1. He’s Just Not That Into You 2. John Tucker Must Die 3. The Breakup 4. Sex and the City: The Movie 5. My Bloody Valentine 6. Clueless

7. Now and Then 8. Mean Girls 9. Fight Club 10. Fatal Attraction 11. In Good Company

The middle-ground movies 1. Failure to Launch 2. How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days 3. Pretty Woman 4. 500 Days of Summer 5. You’ve Got Mail 6. When Harry Met Sally 7. Love Actually 8. Never Been Kissed

Movies for the romantically involved 1. The Notebook 2. The Holiday 3. A Walk to Remember 4. Tristan and Isolde 5. Sleepless in Seattle

6. P.S. I Love You 7. Dirty Dancing 8. Casablanca 9. Titanic 10. An Affair to Remember


9. 10 Things I Hate About You 10. 40 Days and 40 Nights 11. Knocked Up 12. Bridget Jones’ Diary 13. The Ugly Truth 14. Forgetting Sarah Marshall 15. Couples Retreat 16. 27 Dresses 17. Bride Wars 18. The Sweetest Thing

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Singled out on Valentine’s Day

By Courtney Thomas

Who says Valentine’s Day is just for couples? Here are a few ideas for everyone who feels like Valentine’s Day is just “Single-Awareness Day.” Round up some of your single friends and hit up local restaurants, bars, bowling alleys or whatever else you can think up. Have a blast and forget about the day. For girls, it might be Brad Pitt or Johnny Depp. For guys, it might be Jessica Alba or Megan Fox. Regardless of your celebrity crush, spend the night watching your favorite hotties on the big screen. Head out to

the movies or watch a movie at home while eating some popcorn. You’re guaranteed to spend the night with some serious eye candy. Treat yourself. Since you won’t be treating your significant other to a present, go ahead and splurge. Get a mani/pedi or buy the newest addition to Madden. Hang out with the opposite sex. There is nothing wrong with asking out someone of the opposite sex for a platonic date. Make

sure he or she knows that this is simply for fun and go have a good time. Do the usual. There is no better way to get over the V-Day blues than just doing your normal routine and pretending it doesn’t exist. Go to work, do homework, or do some laundry. Even though these options might sound boring, you’ll feel better getting a jump-start on the week instead of sulking about being alone.

Treat yourself. Since you won’t be treating your significant other to a present, go ahead and splurge.

Exercise! This will clear your mind, tone your body and keep the endorphins flowing. You’ll also feel more relaxed and will sleep better. Sleep. You can always use the night to catch up on your sleep. Get ready for bed a bit earlier and wind down sooner. College students are generally sleep deprived so catch up when you can! Go to a party or host a party. There are always tons of single men and women at parties ready to mingle. Forget Valentine’s Day and get ready to flirt. Who knows, you might end up with your own sweetheart for the night.

25 songs to mix for your Valentine’s Day playlist Compiled by Katie Bosworth

“And I Love Her”- The Beatles “As Long As You Love Me”Backstreet Boys “Because You Loved Me”- Celine Dion “Can’t Help Falling In Love”- Elvis Presley “Hero”- Enrique Iglesias

“The Way You Love Me”- Faith Hill

“Your Song”Elton John

“Wonderful Tonight”- Eric Clapton “Open Arms”- Journey “Fly Me To The Moon”Frank Sinatra “I Wanna Love You Forever”- Jessica Simpson “Always On My Mind”- Willie Nelson

“Everything I Do, I Do It For You”Bryan Adams “Let’s Get It On”“I Could Fall In Love”- Selena Marvin Gaye “I Will Always “Woman”- John Legend Love You”“Fallin’”- Alicia Keys Whitney Houston “Iris”- Goo Goo Dolls “I Will Still Love You”- Britney “I’ll Be”Spears “My Heart Will Go On”- Celine Dion Edwin McCain “Remember Me”- Marc Anthony “Still In Love”- Brian McKnight “Thank You For Loving Me”Bon Jovi

“I’ll Make Love To You”- Boyz II Men “Thank You”- Dido “Breathe”- Faith Hill

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Best and worst Valentine’s Day gifts Kristina Betsworth



David Baker Journalism Sophomore

“The key to my heart is through my stomach. The best present would be a girl making me dinner.”

Kelsey Caudill Journalism/English Sophomore

“The best Valentine’s Day present would be tickets to the UK-Tennessee game … or Patrick Patterson with a bow.”


Phill Bruno Journalism Sophomore

“Practically anything from a gas station while you’re on the way to meet the person.”

Jordon Hall Journalism Sophomore

“Unlike normal girls, stereotypical Valentine’s Day presents aren’t my thing. To me, the worst would be a box of chocolates.”


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