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Surry Power Station 2007 Fall Edition In This Edition Letter of Welcome Photo Contest Surry Remembers JP Surry Serves The SPS Volunteer Corner The SPS Team Surry Celebrates Family And Much More...

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The Power Line

Created by the Employees of Surry Power Station


Letter From The Editor

This newsletter has been created by your coworkers and friends. Our goal is, “To celebrate the people of Surry Power Station.” We recognize the diversity and talent that exists at this station and have attempted to communicate these through The Power Line. We are following in the footsteps of the Sounds of Surry, the original newsletter created by the SPS staff. It is my hope that we have compiled a publication that is entertaining and informative. I was honored with the task of coordinating a staff of hard working, dedicated people who handled assignments for the newsletter as well as maintaining their full work schedules. The newsletter staff put a lot of time and effort into this endeavor and we plan to continue to publish an issue quarterly.

The Power Line is intended to reflect the people of Surry Power Station. Your feedback and submissions will assist us in meeting this goal. We invite you to visit the “Surry Newsletter” website on the Surry homepage and submit feedback, articles and photos. We look forward to hearing from you! Tammi Jones, Editor

On The Cover : Top Left - Susan Corbin’s granddaughter Kaleigh Top Right - Linda Warren’s daughter Chalinda Center Left - Roy Lane’s grandson Jaikoby Center Right - Tammi Jones’ son Matt Bottom Right - Lois Little, Renee Stief, and Margaret Hangach


The Power Line - Fall Edition

The Power Line Staff Management Liaison Editor Content Editor Content Co-Editor Layout Editor Layout Co-Editor Secretary Design

Staff Members

Carolyn Brown Charlene Chotalal Curt Lycke Cynthia Catoe-Warren Elaine Sparrow Linda Waller Lois Little Maria Groshner Mike Holle Sam Maggio Sandy Easley Scott Brazil Sherry Adkins Sue Redman Susan Turner Vivian Johnson Wanda Brim Yulanda Shivers

Kenny Sloane Tammi Jones, Station Safety and Loss Prevention Kara Ewell, Operations Support Stuart Kardian, Engineering Tom Norris, Engineering Phillissia Clinton, Human Resources Margaret Hangach, Nuclear Safety & Licensing Char Stump, Nuclear Graphics

Maintenance Engineering Engineering Information Technology Outage & Planning Radiation Protection Management Engineering Engineering Maintenance Nuclear Site Services OE Human Performance Nuclear Site Services Records Management Chemistry Radiation Protection Nuclear Site Services Business Systems

In This Issue:


Letter From The Editor..................................................2 The Power Line Staff.....................................................2 Name The Newsletter Contest...................................... 4 Photo Contest................................................................4 Surry Remembers JP....................................................6 Surry Serves Our Surry Family Away From Home........................... 8 My Baby Boy..............................................................9 Support Our Troops....................................................10 A Soldier Is Not Just A Soldier.................................... 11 Advertise And Support Our Troops............................. 11 The SPS Volunteer Corner Surry Volunteers In Full Swing................................... 12 Volunteers Rebuild Playground.................................. 13 It’s Christmas In July..................................................13 Relay For Life ... The Facts........................................ 14 United Way Kick-Off...................................................16 United Way Golf Tournament..................................... 20 Science Teachers Visit Surry Power Station.............. 20 Surry First Aid Team To Gain Field Experience.......... 21 Surry Volunteers At The Pork, Peanut and Pine Festival.....................................................................21 The Surry Power Station Team A Chat In The Corner..................................................22 The Next Generation: SPS New Hires....................... 23 The Next Generation: Engineering New Hires........... 23 In Memory..................................................................24 Surry Team Members Retire....................................... 24 Out On The Green With Wes Walker......................... 24 Employees On The Go...............................................27 Surry Power Station Service Awards.......................... 28 Graduates Abound!....................................................29 Employees Earn National Certification....................... 29 SPS Employees Compete In Fitness Challenge............. 30 Volleyball....................................................................31 Surry Celebrates Family A SPS Family Legacy.................................................32 Remember When.......................................................34 Do You Know?............................................................35 What’s Your Hobby.....................................................36 SPS Family Announcements Graduation Announcements.................................... 38 Wedding Announcements........................................ 40 Birthday Announcements........................................ 40 Baby Announcements.............................................42 Surry Family Photos...................................................43 Surry Pet Corner........................................................44 Cook’s Corner............................................................45 Christmas Party Announcement................................. 46 Crossword Puzzle......................................................47


The Power Line - Fall Edition

Name The Newsletter Contest Congratulations to Stacy Byrd for winning the “Name the Newsletter” Contest. Mr. Byrd never has to work another day in his life, no just kidding!!! He does, however, win a gift certificate. Senior Management selected Mr. Byrd’s entry out of 148 entries. Thanks to all who entered the contest. We hope you enjoy the 2007 Fall Edition of The Power Line.

Photo Contest For each quarterly issue of The Power Line, the newsletter staff will solicit entries for a themed photo contest. The theme for our inaugural issue is “Summer Fun.” From photos depicting families on the beach, to wildlife enjoying their natural habitats, we received over forty exceptional photographs that highlighted the many ways one can experience “Summer Fun.” Congratulations to Kenny Sloane, our very first photo contest winner! Kenny photographed this anonymous surfer while vacationing in Hawaii. He will receive a fifty dollar gift certificate and his photograph will be framed and displayed in a prominent location for the duration of the quarter.

First Place Kenny Sloane

Second Place - Chuck Tudor 4

The Power Line - Fall Edition

Third Place - Dave Sanderson

Honorable Mention

Sam Maggio Honorable Mention

Berry Shelton Honorable Mention

Barry Bryant Honorable Mention

Thank you to all who submitted! Please visit the SPS Newsletter website where the staff will list a theme and guidelines for our next photo contest! Check out some of the other photos that were entered in the contest. The contest offered a competitive group of photos for the judges. Below are additional Barry Bryant Honorable Mention


The Power Line - Fall Edition

photos submitted for the contest.

Surry Remembers JP submitted by: Phillissa Clinton

Dominion Virginia Power lost its longest serving employee, James Porter Winfree, who passed away after his battle with cancer on May 27, 2007. JP, as he was known to family and friends, began his career over 58 years ago and was a Nuclear Operations Procedure Writer at Surry Power Station at the time of his passing. He joined the utility’s predecessor, Virginia Electric & Power Co., in September 1948 as an operator at Possum Point Power Station in Dumfries. He was among the first employees selected from the Fossil & Hydro group to train as VEPCO geared up to go nuclear during the late 1960s. He passed the test for nuclear operator in 1969 and subsequently became a control-room operator at Surry, where he helped pioneer the use of nuclear power for the company. He was also a dedicated member of the IBEW union for 42 years. JP had a passion for the union. He even tried to convince the nurses at the hospital that they needed to unionize. As a tribute, a few of Dominion employees have submitted their favorite JP Winfree memories. “JP was highly respected for his significant plant operations knowledge.” - Kenny Sloane, Plant Manager, SPS “JP was not only highly respected at Surry, but throughout the entire nuclear business unit. Everyone knew him and he will be remembered for his immense knowledge and loyal service.” - Bill Benthall, Supervisor of Nuclear Station Procedures, SPS “What makes this man’s time on Earth so amazing is that he was a Dominion Power employee for 58 years. People who have had a near-death experience say that their spirit went through a dark tunnel and then they saw a bright light at the end of the tunnel. I like to think that JP didn’t view death as the end of his career in power generation. It was more like the final transfer to do the Master’s work on the other side.” - George J. Pitonyak, Retired, Surry Power Station “As many know, JP was the keeper of the north side coffee break room of the admin building. He did not take this responsibility lightly and was an advocate for upgrading the north and south break room areas. He would approach Don Jernigan and Kenny Sloane every chance he got to talk about appropriating dollars for the upgrade. JP would say, ‘Now what is $12,000 to Dominion? That is a small drop in the bucket.’ Well, JP’s persistence produced successful results. The north and south break room areas are near completion. I only wish that JP was still here to see and enjoy his dream.” -Lois Little, Executive Assistant, SPS “We remember how he only charged 10 cents per cup of coffee for a long time, and then when he had accumulated too much money, he would have free coffee for a period of time. Not many people running a coffee mess would do this.” -Keith Stacy, Nuclear Procedures Writer, SPS “JP was never known to beat around the bush. If he had something to say, by gosh, you were going to hear it straight up and to the point. When JP was still in OPS as a Reactor Operator, he was always on site one hour early to get the coffee made for himself and the rest of the MCR staff for his shift, before he would even think about taking turnover for duties, no matter how busy the team was when he came in.” -David Bowden, Check Operator, SPS


The Power Line - Fall Edition

“His son had an actual Dodge Charger from “The Duke’s of Hazzard” television show and JP used to drive it around to keep it running... including to my house and blowing the “Dixieland” horn to get my attention. JP liked working on cars.” -Jerry Ashley, Nuclear Engineer, SPS “On the way to JP’s coffee canteen for my morning coffee, JP and I would always exchange ‘good mornings.’ Occasionally, I would linger for a moment to chat with him about work, the question he planned to ask at the next Dominion shareholders’ meeting, world events, his health, my health, or local restaurants. (My husband and I would sometimes see JP and Mildred at local eateries). My chats with JP were a bright spot in my morning . . . I miss those bright spots.” -Candee Lovett, Nuclear Engineer, SPS “I would listen to JP argue his point until his opponent gave up, or finally figured out that JP was right all along. But then there were those moments at 3:00, just about every day, when he would call his wife Mildred, and ask her if she needed him to stop by the store and pick up some bread or milk. That was a tender side of JP I had never seen before, and will always remember. You will be sadly missed sir!!!” -Char Stump, Nuclear Graphics, SPS “I knew JP long before I came to work at SPS. He and Mildred would visit me at Outback Steakhouse, where I waited tables throughout college. JP would tell me (and my dad), ‘I have no use for cold soup. Bring me the hottest soup you can find in the kitchen. I can wait for it to cool down, but I cannot heat my soup up at the table.’ He and Mildred were always a pleasure to have in my section. Last week a friend from the restaurant stopped me. She asked, ‘Hey, I haven’t seen my regular customer in a while. Maybe you know him. He works at Surry and his name is JP.’ JP touched the lives of so many people around this community. We miss you, JP.” –Kara Ewell, Process Assistant, SPS


The Power Line - Fall Edition


The Power Line - Fall Edition

Surry Serves Our Surry Family Away From Home submitted by: Curt Lycke The brave men and women of the world’s finest fighting force have many of our Dominion Surry Power Station family members amongst them. One of its bravest is 2nd Lt. Matthew A. Jones, the son of Bob and Tammi Jones. Bob (Electrical Maintenance) and Tammi (Station Safety and Loss Prevention) are both Surry employees and both are very proud of their son, who has been stationed in Baghdad since June. Matt is a 2006 VMI graduate and is married to Kory L. Jones of Smithfield. He was stationed at Fort Benning, GA before deploying first to Kuwait, and then on to Iraq. He serves with the 3rd Brigade, 3rd Infantry Division and according to Tammi, he is doing well. It was tough at first getting use to 120° heat, but Matt has adjusted and he is doing alright. He spends what free time he has watching DVDs and reading. He also finds time to email his wife and his parents 2-3 times a week and tries to call home every other week. Tammi says at first it was hard to let her son go, but the emails, coupled with her commitment to be as brave as her son, have gotten her through the separation. Her son has been 8

The Power Line - Fall Edition

touched by the conditions he has observed in Iraq. The conditions and resources available to help the Iraqis and Iraqi children in particular are always in short supply. Encouragingly though, his resolve is emboldened by the progress that the rebuilding is making, as well as the local National’s commitment to rebuilding their country. There is no assurance of leave time, and 3rd Brigade is scheduled to return in June 2008. In the meantime, if you would like to send this brave warrior your best wishes, you can do so at the following email address: tnecx@yahoo. com. If you wish to write him a letter, his address is at the bottom of this column. Either way is a suitable method to send your thoughts and prayers for a purposeful ending with a safe return. And don’t forget about the camouflaged-colored “Support Our Troops” barrels placed throughout the station. These barrels list items service members overseas need, and when collected, will be sent to Iraq to provide comfort to brave warriors just like Matt. Correspondence for Matthew Jones may be sent to: 2LT Matthew Jones HHC 2-69AR 3RD BDE 3RD ID APO AE 09390

My Baby Boy submitted by: Mike Holle It was early 2005. “You have three messages,” called out from the answering machine. I pressed the button to replay them. After a quick rewind the first began, “Hey dad, it’s Ryan.” Ryan is my favorite son. It is purely coincidental that he is my only son! He was nineteen, in the US Army and stationed in Germany. The Iraq War had been going on for about two years and I knew it was just a matter of time before I would get the first dreaded phone call. “My unit is being deployed to Iraq!” he said. As the next fifteen or so long months dragged by, I waited for the second dreaded phone call. It came in mid 2006. “Hi dad,” Sara, my oldest daughter, beamed through the phone. After the usual pleasantries and getting the newest updates in her life, I asked if she had heard from Ryan. “Yeah,” came the reply. “He’s doing okay now. His shoulder is healing up fine.” “What happened to Ryan?” I said, almost crawling though the phone. “Oh, you didn’t hear?” “No!” “He got injured by a road side bomb a week ago.” It came across so matter-of-factually, almost as if it was an everyday common place thing, something that happened in every town in America. “Is he okay? What happened? How bad is he?” I peppered through the phone. “Ahhh…I thought he had called you.” “No. What happened?” I repeated. 9

The Power Line - Fall Edition

She went on to tell me that Ryan had been injured by an IED (Improvised Explosive Device), the weapon of choice for insurgents in Iraq. In July 2007, my phone at work rang. “Engineering. Holle.” I answered. “Hey hun. It’s Krista.” Came my sweet wife through the phone. “Guess who just called?” “Ahh…the President?” I sarcastically answered, leaning back in my chair, grinning. “No. Ryan!” “Oh great. How’s he doing?” “He’s doing well. He’s coming to visit.” Ryan’s unit was now stateside and he was stationed in Fort Drum, New York for the rest of his tour of duty. “Great! When?” I asked. “This weekend. Can you take a couple of days off?” The back of the couch in the family room is still cracked from a father-son wrestling match held the last time Ryan and I were together, almost five years ago. Most of the times we have talked on the phone, he has boasted how much bigger he was and that he was ready for the second round of our infamous couch-o-rama wrestling match. The weekend Ryan came home, lightning storms grounded almost all of the flights out of LaGuardia. Finally, after a $360 dollar plane ticket, a battery of phone calls and two round trips to Richmond International Airport, I got to see my baby boy. At the TSA checkpoint, my wife and I waited anxiously. I kept looking for him through the sea of faces. After several passengers from his flight walked by, I saw a

tall, tan squarejawed man with an army bag walking towards us. My baby boy! I can never tell him this, but my first thought was, “Crap! He just might be able to take me in a rematch.” The weekend went by so fast! We caught up on a lot of things. It was good! He told us what he could about his missions, he told us about the people he had met, but what I remember most was what he told me about the day he got injured by the IED. He rolled up his sleeve and pointed to a twoinch scar on the outside of his arm. “We were on patrol walking down a street,” he said. “My pack was full of ordnance and equipment. I tried to leave some of the equipment at the base, we

didn’t need it. The Lieutenant said he wanted me to carry it. It was all metal, heavy and a pain to carry in the heat. I had just gotten by a wreck of a car when the bomb went off. Because of the blast, I was dazed for a few seconds. When I got my bearings back, I headed to my buddies that were hurt. Quickly, another patrol came to our aid. Minutes after the other patrol got to us, the Sergeant from the other patrol pointed to my right arm and asked if I was okay. As I looked down, I saw something I hadn’t noticed before. I had blood on me from my buddies, but it was my blood running down my arm dripping from my hand. As I took off my pack, and dropped it to the ground, I noticed that it had been all but shredded by the shrapnel from the blast. The only piece that hit me was the one that grazed my arm. The metal in the pack had saved me.” My family has been praying for Ryan the entire time he has been in the Army. I’m here to tell you that God hears and answers our prayers! My God bless our troops!

Support Our Troops Pictures were unavailable for the following:

SPC Nathan Web - Nephew of Harold Stevens

LCPL Sean Wirshing - Son of Dean Wirshing

Corporal Josh Lambert - Son of Teresa Lambert

Sgt. Matt Rogers - Son of Johnny Rogers

Sony Ashburn - Nephew of Rick Ashburn

Major Matt Ashburn - Nephew of Rick Ashburn

LCPL Erdley Wright - Friend of Charlene Chotalal

David Quinn - Surry Employee

David Raines - Surry Employee


The Power Line - Fall Edition

A Soldier Is Not Just A Soldier submitted by: Maria Groshner

A soldier is an ambassador. A soldier is a counselor. A soldier is a builder. A soldier is a co-worker. A soldier is a negotiator. A soldier is a neighbor. A soldier is a teacher. A soldier is a caretaker. A soldier is a mentor. A soldier is a leader. A soldier is a helper. A soldier is a peacemaker. A soldier is a friend. A soldier is a provider… of freedom. To our brave and courageous troops, we thank you!

PFC Greg Howells Son of Greg Howells

TSGT Brandon Hobeck

Son of Liz Hinton Pictured With His Son Tanner


The Power Line - Fall Edition

SPC Brandon Segovia Son of Denise Segovia

HMC(SW/AW) Hospital Corpsman Chief C. J. Cwiklinski Son-in-law of Jean Trehern

Advertise And Support Our Troops submitted by: Tammi Jones

The “Support the Troops” operation began over a year ago through the efforts of Bev Robinson and others from Innsbrook. These individuals gathered and shipped personal letters of thanks along with packages of food, candy, toiletries, books, DVDs, and CDs to deployed troops. The first parcel was sent to soldiers serving in Iraq in August of last year. In the “Troop Support Updates,” Bev reminds us that our care packages truly do make a difference to those who receive them. Through the hard work of Kenny Sloane, Yolanda Shivers, Toni Huber, Billy Thompson and several others, Surry Power Station employees have recently stepped up their involvement in Dominion’s “Support the Troops” campaign. Collection containers have been made available for donations from SPS employees, and camouflage painted barrels with yellow ribbons are a visual reminder of the endeavor to lift troop spirits. In addition, a patrioticthemed table was established to accept monetary donations. In an effort to further promote and champion these campaigns, The Power Line will offer advertising space to Surry employees in upcoming issues. For a small donation, employees will be able to showcase their personal business ventures in an advertisement section of the newsletter. All donations will be processed by the Surry Volunteer Council and will be designated specifically for troop support. Stay tuned for more information regarding this exciting advertising opportunity that will benefit our friends and family fighting overseas.

The Surry Power Station Volunteer Corner SPS Volunteers In Full Swing submitted by: Linda Warren SPS Volunteer Council, Chairperson

We are already over half-way through 2007 and the Surry Volunteers are very busy helping our local communities. Several major projects have already been completed and many more projects are quickly approaching, some of these include: Surry Parks and Recreation Summer Youth Program - Over 100 youth between the ages of five and seventeen visited the SNIC to learn more about Dominion and nuclear power. Christmas in July reminds you that many people depend on others for aid even in the summer months. Dominion employees donated food baskets to support the Foodbank of Southeastern Virginia. Skyanchor Camp Project - Volunteers are repairing a hurricane damaged playground area located at Skyanchor Camp. Skyanchor raises awareness of the obstacles that physically, emotionally, and mentally challenged people face every day. Support Our Troops - Adopt a service member, donate funds, or place useful items into one of the camouflage barrels located around the station.

Reminder: Don’t Forget! Dominion allows each salaried employee one work day a year (with pay) to volunteer as they choose to help in the communities (with supervisory approval). There are numerous volunteer activities that you can become involved in, including supporting your local neighbor. The Surry Volunteer Council encourages individuals and teams to take advantage of these volunteer opportunities. In addition, the council would like to track all activities pursued by our employees. If you participate in a volunteer activity, please fill out one of the volunteer forms located on the Surry Volunteer Council website or contact a council member. Submissions will be used to provide well deserved recognition to our Surry employees as well as for input in the annual reports. Volunteer Today A little can mean a lot when we all give. For more information regarding volunteer opportunities, please contact one of the following Surry Volunteers: Council members Luther Jones, Management Support Linda Warren, Chair Susan Turner, Vice Chair Maria Groshner, Secretary Tin Myint, Treasurer

Mentoring Program - Volunteers are working to create a mentoring program at local schools. You may volunteer to read aloud, mentor or tutor local students.

Phillissia Clinton, Advisory Committee Member Eastern Region

The following ongoing projects need your continued support: • United Way Campaign • American Red Cross Blood Drives • Relay For Life Campaign • Adopt-A-Highway - 5 miles along Hog Island Road • Annual School Supply Drive • Christmas Angel Tree, Stockings, and Baskets

Sandy Easley

Don’t forget about our Recycling Programs that support various organizations. Collect paper, eyeglasses, toiletries, used cell phones, Farm Fresh receipts, Campbell soup labels, and Box Top for Education labels. 12

The Power Line - Fall Edition

Charlene Chotalal Alsendia Wells Wendy Jones Sharon Carawan Curtis Lycke We all salute our very own volunteers. Thank you to the First Aid, Fire Brigade, and Confined Space Rescue teams.

Volunteers Rebuild Playground

It’s Christmas In July!

Skyanchor is a non-profit facility, located on Colonial Trail West in Spring Grove, Virginia. Its purpose is to teach able bodied children the challenges a disabled person faces. Activities include restricted arm badminton, wheelchair basketball, wheelchair bowling and the crutch obstacle course, just to name a few.

The Christmas spirit hit Surry early this year. Employees and their families gave generously to the first annual “Christmas in July” Food Drive. Bright, Christmas-green barrels and colorful baskets were used to collect the food donations. To increase the holiday spirit, a basket decorating contest was held. Food and financial contributions were raised for the local Foodbank of Southeastern Virginia.

submitted by: Susan Turner

Skyanchor’s playground was damaged during Hurricane Isabelle and has been closed. That’s where the Surry Volunteers came in. We have taken on the job of rebuilding the playground. From removing a couple of trees, stumps and broken wood, there was a lot to be done. After clean up is complete, Surry volunteers plan to rebuild the playground equipment.

submitted by: Maria Groshner

The Engineering Department got into the Christmas spirit by holding their annual GrazeA-Thon early this year to coincide with the food drive. Everyone was encouraged to bring in a contribution. At press time, over $100 and three barrels of food were received at Surry. Because contributions typically are lower in the summer, this early Christmas celebration will be warmly received by families in need.

Photo: Maria Groshner

Stay tuned for photographs from the exciting revitalization of the Skyanchor Playground.


The Power Line - Fall Edition


The Power Line - Fall Edition

Relay For Life...The Facts

submitted by: Tom Norris Surry Power Station employees play a huge part in supporting Isle Of Wight/Surry Relay for Life, through participation as event and committee chairs, team captains, and team members. Many of us also participate in bake sales, auctions, yard sales, and car washes in our communities. Generous corporate and individual sponsorship exists here at the station and throughout the community. The combination of these efforts helped Isle of Wight/Surry Relay for Life become a nationally recognized event. Here are some facts you may not know: • One Surry employee, Lois Little, was instrumental from the start. A meeting that began with five individuals in 1991 evolved into a four hour event known as “Making Strides” and finally into what we now know as “Relay for Life” in 1994. Unofficially known as “Ms. Relay” in some circles, Lois’ passion, drive, and charm, were major factors in the growth and success of the event. • Surry Power Station has formed a Relay Team EVERY year! • This year our team, The Power Of Hope, raised $10,658.55, and was ranked 5th of 48 teams. This year’s team included Lois Little, Karen Beale, Carolyn Brown, Sharon Carawan, Sandy Easley, Robin Everitt, Charlene Chotalal, Robin Gynn, Margaret Hangach, Marlene Haskett, Donna Hines, Toni Huber, Janean Sealey, Alsendia Wells, and team captain Candee Lovett. • Surry employees either captained or participated in approximately one fourth of the IOW/ Surry teams. • IOW/Surry ranked in the top ten per capita nationwide for the last five years. • IOW/Surry ranked NUMBER ONE per capita in 14

The Power Line - Fall Edition

the South Atlantic Division in 2004 and 2005. • IOW/Surry raised $218,201 ($6.46 per capita) in 2006. • IOW/Surry received the Regional Spirit of Relay Award in 2006. • As of July 31, IOW/Surry has raised $237,556 ($220,000 goal)! To quote Rick Bodson, 2007 Production Coordinator, “IOW/Surry does Relay right!”

Photo: Flame of Hope

Photos: Top - Cancer Survivors are cheered on during the Relay Survivor Lap. Left Center - Relay Campsite Bottom Left - Dave Sanderson Bottom Center - Karen Beale and her daughter Whitney Bottom Right - Jim and Janice Smart walk alongside Don and Candee Lovett.


The Power Line - Fall Edition


The Power Line - Fall Edition

submitted by: Margaret Hangach and Tammi Jones The SPS 2007 United Way Campaign Kickoff offered employees an opportunity for fun in the sun, and to learn information about local community service organizations. Mr. Don Jernigan kicked off the festivities with encouraging comments, and multiple agencies delivered speeches regarding their services. The event included something for everyone. Fellow employees served up a generous fried chicken lunch and snow cones. While some enjoyed sitting in the shade and chatting with coworkers, others cheered and teased as supervisors took their turn sitting in the cage of the dunking booth. Despite the warm weather, the basketball court was occupied most of the afternoon. A miniature golf course was available to anyone who wanted to test their skill on the greens. The volleyball and horseshoe tournaments brought out fierce competitors and enthusiastic spectators. Jason Marshall and Tye Xinos were the winners of the horseshoe competition. The Operations team, Shawn Gervais, David Bowden, Kara Ewell, Greg Stephens, John Ott, Robert Bracey and Ken Grover won the volleyball tournament. Music was provided by Forte, followed by Brian Pinner, and DJ Tom Norris.

The Horseshoe Tournament Winners

The Volleyball Tournament Winners

Enjoy a collage of photographs from our 2007 United Way Kick-Off. 16

The Power Line - Fall Edition


The Power Line - Fall Edition


The Power Line - Fall Edition


The Power Line - Fall Edition

2007 United Way Kickoff


The Power Line - Fall Edition


The Power Line - Fall Edition

United Way Golf Tournament A Success submitted by: Scott Brazil The annual United Way Golf Tournament was held on August 3rd, at Cypress Creek Golfers’ Club in Smithfield. Organized again this year by Scott Hanson (O&P), the event was a complete success. Over 140 golfers enjoyed a day of fellowship and fundraising, with over $10,000 raised for the United Way. Much of the support was provided by our vendors, such as Areva, Siemens-Westinghouse and the Atlantic Group. Thanks to Scott Hanson, our vendors and tournament participants for their support of the United Way. Pictured are some of the teams that participated.

Science Teachers Visit Surry Power Station submitted by: Maria Groshner Over 20 Math and science teachers from Virginia visited Surry on July 21st, as part of the 2007 four-day Science Teacher Workshop on the Science of Nuclear Energy & Radiation. David Christian welcomed the teachers to Surry. The teachers enjoyed hands-on activities at the SNIC and an overview of nuclear power generation at the “See-through Reactor.” They also experienced a few minutes in the life of a reactor operator through various reactor simulations at the Training simulator. The event was sponsored by the Virginia Section of the American Nuclear Society, Virginia Chapter of Health Physics Society, North America Young Generation Nuclear, and Women in Nuclear – Lynchburg Chapter. Dominion was one of the corporate sponsors. The event was held primarily at the beautiful campus of University of Richmond with additional tours at the MCV Medical Center and Science Museum of Virginia.

20 20

The Fall Edition Edition The Power Power Line Line -- Fall

Participants from Surry included Charlene Chotalal, Faron Clair, Maria Groshner, Skip Irwin, David Sanderson and David Wilson. The workshop organizers included Dominion employees, Sama Bilbao, Sophie Gutner and Rebecca Fawls, all of Innsbrook.

Surry First Aid Team To Gain Field Experience submitted by: Paul Petro The seven volunteer members of Surry Power Stations newest First Aid Team class are serving with the Surry Volunteer Rescue Squad to gain field experience in the local community. The class consists of five Security Officers and two Operators. Upon successful completion of the course, these volunteers will be state certified EMERGENCY MEDICAL TECHNICIAN - BASIC. They will then join the other fortynine certified First Aid Team members in protecting the health and safety of their fellow employees. In the photo above the class performs a contaminated patient drill.

Pictured are Front Row: Dan Silvis, Mike Siviglia, Instructor, Donna Burns, and Shateek Major. Back Row: Wave Tench, John Visser, Dustin Griggs and Jason Taylor.


The Power Line - Fall Edition

Surry Volunteers At The Pork, Peanut and Pine Festival submitted by: Charlene Chotolal Surry Volunteers sold tickets at the front gate of the 2007 Pork, Peanut and Pine Festival July 21st and 22nd. The festival began in 1976 as one of the four projects of the Surry County Bicentennial Committee. It was to commemorate the three main cash crops in Surry County. The festival is unique because it is a low-key, relaxed family day and no alcohol is allowed on the premises. Country, Blue Grass and Gospel music is presented on stage both days of the Festival.

Pictured are Chemistry’s Joshua Ashby and a Chippokes Volunteer as they show off their safety vests before selling tickets.

Advertise Your Company Here!! See details on page 11.

The Surry Power Station Team

A Chat In The Corner With Matt Adams submitted by: Scott Brazil Welcome to “A Chat in the Corner,” a regular feature of The Power Line. My mission of “The Chat” is to ask our leaders, from Supervisors to the Site Vice President, to tell us a little about their families, hobbies, likes, dislikes and about their life away from the station. The inaugural edition of “The Chat” features our Director-Nuclear Safety and Licensing, Matt Adams. Matt has been a member of the Surry team since 1997 and was excited to be the first to be interviewed. SB: Tell us about growing up, going to school. MA: I was born in Newport News, but grew up in Virginia Beach. I lived in Virginia Beach from the time I was six until I went away to college. I graduated from Bayside High School in 1976 and graduated from UVA in 1980 with a degree in Mechanical Engineering.

day…that was probably the worst. A monotonous job with a little bit of risk. SB: What do you do to relax? MA: I like to fish. I enjoy fishing with other people, but I also like to fish by myself. I like doing stuff on the boat with my kids, they like doing that. I have a smaller boat now than I used to, but I can still get out almost enough to keep me happy. I’m primarily a “bay-type” fisherman, but if anyone says the word “fish” I’m there. SB: What is your favorite vacation spot? MA: Abaco, in the Bahamas. It’s a recent find for me. My kids are already sick of it and we’ve only been there twice, I’ve even been to the same house twice. SB: Did you have any sports heroes when you were growing up? MA: Oh yeah, I had plenty. Pete Rose, I grew up a big Cincinnati Reds fan back in the 70’s, with the whole Big Red Machine thing. In basketball, I liked Jerry West. My dad always looked up to him. SB: What’s your favorite sport? MA: Basketball. SB: Your favorite college team?

SB: Tell us about your family.

MA: The University of Virginia.

MA: I live in Williamsburg with my wife Patty, my son Nick (16) and my daughter Emma (13). My parents still live in Virginia Beach in the house that I was raised in, and my wife’s parents still live in Richmond, about a mile from the house where she grew up. Our family is still close by, living halfway between them in Williamsburg is nice.

SB: Do you have a favorite pro sports team?

SB: Tell us a little about your history with Dominion. Where and when did you start? MA: I started at North Anna on June 16, 1980. Over the years, I worked in Operations, Maintenance, but mostly in various Engineering positions. I transferred to Surry in 1997 as the Engineering Manager, following Toby Sowers after his eight-year stint in that position. Those were hard shoes to fill, but fortunately, he was around to give me a lot of mentoring. SB: If you hadn’t chosen a nuclear career, what kind of work do you think would have made you happy? MA: Charter boat fishing captain. (Note from the Interviewer: Matt absolutely did not hesitate with his answer to this one. Something tells me he’s thought about this one before.) SB: What’s the worst job you ever had? MA: I’ve never had a really horrible job, but I did work a saw at a truss factory in Norfolk for eight to ten hours a 22

The Power Line - Fall Edition

MA: The Redskins. SB: Do you have any pet peeves? What bugs you? MA: Traffic issues, dealing with Tidewater traffic. You know, I drive to Virginia Beach a lot and going across that tunnel is frustrating. I like to visit my parents and go boating down there…it seems like we’ve been dealing with that for twenty years and I haven’t seen a whole lot of progress. SB: Tell us something about yourself that we might not already know. MA: I had a pretty serious injury when I was young. I played high school football at Bayside and I broke my neck. I was paralyzed for a period of time until I had surgery. It was pretty scary. I had to learn to walk again. I was in the hospital for a month or two, six months in a hard collar, then probably another six in the soft collar. It was a long road, but fortunately I was young. SB: If you could invite three people, other than your immediate family, to dinner, who would you invite? MA: George W. Bush. I’d invite his dad (George H.W. Bush) too, that might be fun….you said three, right? Maybe a sports guy, a sports hero kind of guy. I’d have to think about that one.

The Next Generation: SPS New Hires submitted by: Lois Little Please join us in welcoming the following new employees to Surry Power Station: NAME



Jonathan E Klingler



Pamela M. Torres-Jimenez


Mechanical Design

Maria S. Groshner


Project Management

Anthony L. Picott


Electrical Engineering

Jonathan D. Ford


Electrical Systems

Mark A. Zimmerman



Jed A. Brink


Shift Operations

Ryan K. Doskocil


Shift Operations

Bryce Jordan


HP Operations

Jason W. Eggart


Emergency Preparedness

David C. Henry


Surry Training Center

Joshua T. Schmidt


Shift Operations

Kara Y. Ewell


Ops Support

Michael J. Siviglia



William R. Skora



Charles Kevin Meeks



Jeffrey K. Jones


Site Services

Rachel L. Rabb


Shift Operations

Matthew P. Winter


Civil Design

Lincoln B. Marcoux


Shift Operations

Christopher J. Lates


Shift Operations

Don A. Nicely


Mechanical Maintenance

Bradley J. Stockton


Mechanical Maintenance

Robert L. Joakimson


Shift Operations

Brian Ferlis


ISI Material NDE

Joshua B. Duc


Reactor Engineering

Matthew T. Gross


Rapid Response

David A. Raines


Primary Systems

Keith S. Britt


Electrical Engineering

Joseph A. Barbee


Civil Design

Joshua A. LaFrance


Electrical Engineering

Adina Kelly LaFrance


Reactor Engineering

James R. Olliver


Primary Systems

Stephen Pizzariello


Engineering Programs

Louis C. Portella


Shift Operations

Mark Smith


Rapid Response

Samuel G. Vines


Project Management

Victor Christopher Cabral


Electrical Engineering

Cynthia K. Shepheard


System Management

Joseph L. Martin


Shift Operations

Anthony L. Silvio


ISI Material NDE

Jeffrey Dennis Odegard


ISI Material NDE

Aaron Moyer


Electrical Systems


The Power Line - Fall Edition

The Next Generation: Engineering New Hires submitted by: Stuart Kardian This year a plethora of new Engineers has arrived at Surry Power Station. Skilled Engineers and many recent college graduates form this new wave of fresh talent that brings innovative ideas, knowledge, and experience into the Surry family. For the first time in the history of Surry, full classes are being sent through Basic Engineering Training (BETs), where students spend about five months in twenty classes. Instruction ranges from Reactor Theory to MRule to Operations. From quickly adapting to detailed procedures, to gaining knowledge of plant design and layout, this ambitious young generation is anxious to learn. These engineers are continually absorbing the nuclear language which is filled with technical jargon, including everyone’s favorite: the never ending list of acronyms. Perhaps those engineers who interned with Dominion have a head start on the rest, but each individual strives not only for personal, but also for group success. With a new world of knowledge opening before them, this group still manages to find time for fun. After relocating closer to the plant these new employees are exploring their new communities. Some attend the volleyball sessions after work, while others enjoy activities including SCUBA diving, various sports, and taking flight lessons towards a Private Pilot License. If you see any of these new faces in the hall, be sure to stop and welcome them.

(Left to Right) Back : Keith Britt, Joshua LaFrance, Cynthia Shepheard. Middle: Jon Ford, Stuart Kardian Front: Pamela Torres-Jimenez, Matthew Winter, Samuel Vines, Joseph Barbee NOTE: Not all new hires are pictured 23

The Power Line - Fall Edition

In Memory Al L. Bell, Welder 2nd Class, passed away August 29, 2007. Al worked for Dominion Surry Power Station since March 1983. Ted Lee Lipford, Mechanic, passed away on August 15, 2007. Ted worked for Dominion Surry Power Station since March 1982. In addition, a Blood Drive was held on August 22, 2007 in memory of Ted Lee Lipford.

Surry Team Members Retire submitted by: Lois Little Doug Warren, Welder 1st Class in the Maintenance Department retired in June 2007 after 27 years of service. Marty George, Welder 1st Class in the Maintenance Department retired in June 2007 after 27 years of service.

Additional Retirees for 2007 Floyd E. Balus, Engineering (Nuc. Predictive Technician) June 2007 George R. Huber, Operations (Hi Pressure Auxiliary Operator) March 2007 James Kunkle, Operations (Control Room Operator) February 2007 John G. Lee, Maintenance (Electrician) May 2007 24

The Power Line - Fall Edition

Out On The Green With Wes Walker submitted by: Kara Ewell Saturday, July 21, 2007, over 40 Dominion employees gathered at Cypress Creek Golf Course to celebrate Wes Walker’s retirement. The day, organized by Wayne Worely, included a golf tournament followed by a cookout. Wes Walker, a Chemistry Technician, retired this July after 27 years of service. I had the chance to interview Wes in the cafeteria just before his last day. Wes came to Surry Power Station in 1980 after being laid off from the Ford plant. His first job at Surry was as a Shift Operator. Kenny Sloane stopped by our table and recalled working with Wes in the early days. “Back on shift we used to work in the Type C Testing office in the Polishing building. We would carpool every day.” Wes quickly chimed in “And on pay day, Kenny would say ‘How much did you make, Wes?’ and I would say ‘Kenny you are clearing more than I’m making!’” After 10 years with Operations, Wes accepted a position as Trainer and Test Administrator in the Training Department. At the time Wes had never spoken before a group. Since he was comfortable on the golf course, Wes asked his supervisor if he could use his three-iron as a pointer while teaching. He laughs as he recalls, “My boss said it would be fine… that is, until the NRC came for a visit.”

Roughly five years later, the training center was making a transition to NET training. Class instructors were becoming obsolete, and Wesley again found himself with the potential of being let go. However, he happened to be in the right place at just the right time. As part of the Vision 2000 program, he was able to lend his Operations experience to the Chemistry Department. He transferred and became a Step 1 Chemist Technician. “Back on shift, my friends used to call me lucky… It took me a while to realize it meant ‘Lucky to have a job.’” As a Chemistry Technician, Wes analyzed primary samples to maintain reactivity and secondary samples to keep the plant in good working condition. I asked Wes, “What’s the best part of working for Dominion?” His response, “The people.” “Other than getting up at 5 a.m., this job and the company have been great to me. But really, I am fortunate because of the groups I have worked with. I’ve worked in different departments, and I know people from every department. They’ll help you out. All you have to do is ask for help.” Wes continued, “I have no complaints. Who could find a better job? You can’t. You can keep looking for a better job, but there are none out there!” Some of Wes’ favorite memories include Dominion Employees, such as, an annual golfing tradition titled the “Nuclear Buddy Open” or “NBO.” The tradition started in 1988 when four 25

The Power Line - Fall Edition

Out On The Green With Wes Walker

friends from Surry took a golf trip together. The group has traveled and golfed together every year since. Groups have ranged from 12 to 24 employees and the excursions have included places like Myrtle Beach, Pinehurst and Scottsdale, AZ. Besides his power on the golf course, Wes has also been known for his skills on the softball field. He played shortstop on a Norfolk Municipal League team that would play up to 99 games a summer. The team even participated in two national championships in 1969 and 1970. In 1979, Wes was inducted into the Tidewater Softball Hall of Fame to commemorate his talents. Similar to his appreciation for his colleagues, Wes credits his softball success to his teammates. “I played with a fantastic first baseman. All I had to do was throw it close to first base and he’d dig it out. He made me look good.” Wes’ spirited athleticism will no doubt lead to an exciting retirement. He plans to work at a golf course one day a week in exchange for golfing privileges. He said he simply cannot become a couch potato because, as he puts it, “My wife, Frances, is very worried that I’ll sleep too much.” 25

The Power Line - Fall Edition

Out On The Green With Wes Walker

Wes also prefers an active retired life. He recalled, “I ran into John Peterson, who retired from Virginia Power when I first got here. He’s like 85 or 86 years old now and looks super. I asked him, ‘What are you doing?’ He said that he had joined the Y. So that is what I am going to do, join the YMCA and form a regular routine.”

time next year, you’ll be shooting four under par.”

But nothing is routine about Wes and Frances’ travel plans. He says “We love to take trips to the islands… Aruba, St. Martin, and Freeport.” The couple is also planning a cruise with friends to celebrate retirement. When Wes is not on the golf course, exercising or traveling the globe, he will most likely be spending time with his grandchildren. “My daughter in Maryland is a stay at home mom of two, and my son is an analyst at OJRP and a father of one.”

Wes Walker says good-bye to Cynthia Tynes

However, his wife Frances, who is semi-retired from Towne Bank, has her own plans for Wes’ retirement. “She said she was going to give me a list of things to do each day.” Wes politely objected, “No way! I’ve been working by a POD for 27 years! You can ask me to do anything, but please don’t write it down.” Wes says that now his friends are calling him lucky because he gets to retire first. But Surry Power Station is lucky to have had an employee like Wes Walker. Almost thirty years ago, we inherited a softball legend from the Ford Plant whose winning spirit became a role model for optimism and teamwork in the work place. Over the course of our interview, several people stopped to thank Wes for his service. I cannot think of a better way to wish Wes well than by quoting the Operations Department’s Steve Davis, “It’s been a pleasure, Wes. Maybe by this 26

The Power Line - Fall Edition

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Employees On The Go submitted by: Lois Little


Old Position

New Position

Todd Mayer

NDE Specialist

Sr. NDE Specialist


Craig Olsen

Supv. Nuc Engineering

Mgr – Nuc Site Engineering-Surry


Daniel Schoenster

Engineer II

Nuclear Engineer III


Janean Sealey

Engineer II

Nuclear Engineer III


Brenton Baker

NDE Inspector

Sr. NDE Inspector (FC)


Waverly Jones

Engineer I

Engineer II


Dennis Strickland

NDE Inspector

NDE Inspector (FC)


McKnight Garner

Nuc Chemistry Tech T1

Nuc Chemistry Tech T2


Robin Gynn

HR Representative

Administrative Assistant III


Jonathan Klingler

Nuc Chemistry Tech T1

Nuc Chemistry Tech T2


Darryl Latimer

Health Physics Tech T2

Health Physics Tech T3


Jason Marshall

Maintenance Helper

Electrician Trainee (Rev)


Timothy Saeger


Maintenance Helper


John Blommel

Engineer I

Nuclear Engineer III


Collin Bruce

Nuc Engineer III

Supv Nuc Engineering


Anthony Damizia

Unit Supervisor

Nuc Procedures Writer III


Derek Dunlap

Nuc Chemistry Technician Technical Specialist II


Trina Jones

Nuc Security Officer

Nuc Security Officer II


Frank Nowak

Nuc Engineer III

Supv Nuc Engineering


Mark Pittman

Nuc Technical Specialist

Supv Nuc Engineering


Eric Smetak

Nuc Security Officer

Nuc Security Officer II


Gregory Howells

Nuc Security Officer II

Nuc Security Officer III


Timothy Morris

Nuc Security Officer II

Nuc Security Officer III


Vernon Swink

Nuc Security Officer

Nuc Security Officer II


Phillissia Clinton

Process Assistant IV

Human Resources Representative


Wesley Martin

HP Technician

Sr. Business System Analyst



The Power Line - Fall Edition

Change Date

Surry Power Station Service Awards submitted by: Lois Little and Kara Ewell

30 Years of Service Barney Hall Barry Garber Bernard Hyman Henry Chandler Randy Kulp

25 Years of Service Alva Moore Alvin Williams Bill Parker Brenda Welch Charles Clark David Llewellyn David Souza Don Karns Donald Brandyberry Donald Williamson Elaine Sparrow Eric Basel Eugene Peters Gary Gibson Greg Solloway Haskel Matthews James Carson Joel Williams John Koons Lonell Hardy Michael Ringler Pamela Lee Paul Hiebing Paul Rippeth Phillip Parks Richard Ashburn Richard Driscoll Richard Patterson Roger McEntire Steve Wightman Steven Lange Ted Lipford Thomas Reynolds Timothy Cyburt Vincent Stouter Wayne Fisers William Dooley William Elliott William Martin 28

The Power Line - Fall Edition

20 Years of Service Anthony Ruffin Anthony Turner Brian McClenaghan Brian Harris Bruce Poston Char Stump Charles Martin Cynthia Howell Dale Jones Denise Segovia Donald Kaus Elizabeth Hinton Jack Gilliam James Custer Jeffrey England John Bisbing John Grau John Heide Joseph DelPrincipe Karen Beale Keith Johnson Larry Dudley Melvin Eley Michael Jones Michael McCray Paul Paxson Peter Jurewicz Rawleigh Dillard Raymond Green Robert Morris Wayne Croshaw William McKinley

15 Years of Service David Livingston Don Vestal John Ott Ron Ewald

10 Years of Service Amy Epps James Behm James Gibson Kevin Labat Richard Schreiner Steven Coffin Trace Niemi

5 Years of Service Adam Dewey Christopher Walker Daniel Jones David Grantham Dean Keaton Donald Dobbs Edward Gray Edwin Enos Gregory Howells Gregory Stephens Gordon Chai Harold Stevens Henry Pulley James Walikangas Jennifer Rickmond Larry Proper Laurier Dumont Leslie Bullard Melissa Hite Michael Church Peter Quartuccio Richard Prescott Ronald Humphreys Scott Laine Stephen L. King Steven Livesay Terry Hughes Timothy Cepukenas Timothy Keating Timothy Morris William Rose

Graduates Abound! submitted by: Maria Groshner What has 13 smiles, two teams, and survived more than two years of research, writing, and presenting papers? Why, it’s the graduates of Averett University’s, Master of Business Administration, Class of 2007! It took years of once-a-week classroom studies, teamwork, and individual study to attain this goal. The official graduation ceremony will be held on the Averett University campus in Danville, Virginia, in December 2007. Natalie Yonker took advantage of travel to China for one class, which was a great cultural experience. Even though the program was challenging, it was “worth every bit of sacrifice,” according to Scott Rawls. He, along with others, was grateful for Dominion’s support. Duane Boone learned not only about business, “but more importantly, I learned a lot about myself.” Teamwork was essential for success, as career, family, and personal demands occurred throughout the program. Rebecca Lane said the class pulled together to get through these demands and sums it up nicely, indicating, “We shared and benefited from each person’s talents and this in turn, assisted in our own personal growth.”

Employees Earn National Certification submitted by: Maria Groshner Three Surry employees received notification that they passed the national Fundamentals of Engineering exam. This entitles them to the Engineer in Training Certification, which is the first of two steps necessary in receiving the Professional Engineer Certification. The recipients include Hal Warren, Supervisor of Electrical/I&C Design Engineering, and new hires, Cynthia Shepheard and Tyler Gross. All work in the Engineering Department. The Fundamentals of Engineering exam includes an eight-hour test with 180 questions. Cynthia and Tyler both recently graduated from the Mechanical Engineering program at Old Dominion University. They will pursue the Mechanical Professional Engineer Certification after they have fulfilled the necessary time requirements as Engineers in Training. Hal has been with Dominion for 23 years. Based on his education and experience, he is eligible to pursue the Control Systems professional engineering exam in the fall. Congratulations, Cynthia, Hal, and Tyler!

Below: Hal Warren reviewing station drawings.

(Left to right, front row): Chris Enroughty (Engineering), Rebecca Lane (Finance), and Janean Sealey (Engineering). Seated, second row, left to right: Allen Harrow (Engineering), Donna Mason (Nuclear Access Services), and Jo Ann Eley (Sation Procedures). Standing, left to right: Waverly Jones (Engineering), Natalie Yonker (Nuclear Analysis & Fuel/Engineering), Ken Grover (Operations), Craig Olsen (Engineering), John Blommel (Engineering), Duane Boone (Radiological Protection), and Scott Rawls (Health Physics).

Hal Warren, Supervisor of Electrical Design Engineering, graduated from the MBA program at Liberty University in 2007. Previous positions include: I&C Technician, Lead I&C Instructor, Lead LORP Instructor, Design Electrical/ I&C Engineer, and Supervisor Design Electrical/I&C Engineering. As Hal puts it, he is still trying to figure out what he wants to be when he grows up! Congratulations graduates! 29

The Power Line - Fall Edition


The Power Line - Fall Edition

SPS Employees Compete In Fitness Challenge submitted by: Cynthia Catoe-Warren The Surry Power Station Fitness Center is sponsoring a weight loss contest. The contest began on June 4, 2007, and will end on October 4, 2007. There are separate categories for men and women. The following prizes will be awarded in October: • Men, 1st Place – $100.00 Credit Card • Women, 1st Place – $100.00 Credit Card • Men, 2nd Place – $50.00 Credit Card • Women, 2nd Place – $50.00 Credit Card • Men, 3rd Place – $20.00 Gift Certificate to the Cafeteria • Women, 3rd Place – $20.00 Gift Certificate to the Cafeteria Twenty contestants have signed up for the contest and have challenged themselves to a weight loss goal. However, the purpose of the contest is to challenge the members of the Surry Power

Station family to become more health conscientious. In order to help the contestants with their weight loss challenge, a representative from Weight Watchers will be coming to Surry for a free consultation. Please take the time to join the judges in congratulating each contestant for participating in the contest. The judges believe that the contestants are winners already because of their decision to become more health conscious. Contestants are: Darleen Byrd (Fitness for Duty),

Charlene Chotalal (Reactor Engineering), Mike Fanguy (Reactor Engineering), Dan Jensen (Primary Systems), Tom Norris (Engineering Coordinator), Mitchell Scott (Rapid Response), Delores Smith

(Engineering), Sherry Swindells (Mechanical Maintenance), Karen Thornton (Component Engineer-

ing), Carlos Verdaguer (DTech Solutions Support),

Matt Winter (Civil Design), David Wong (Component Engineering), and Robert Zoldork (Operations).

The Judges are: Cynthia Catoe-Warren (IT), Mi-

chael DiSisto (Electrical Maintenance), Leon Pet-

taway (Training), Brenda Welch (SCM-GEN Nuclear

Sourcing), and Natalie Yonker (Reactor Engineering).

The members of the Fitness Center would also like to take this opportunity to thank Don Jernigan for our well-equipped Fitness Center.


The Power Line - Fall Edition

Volleyball submitted by: Charlene Chotalal During the summer of 2007, employees from various departments got together on Tuesday and Thursday afternoons to play some non-competitive volleyball. Here are some of the stars.

Above: STA Alan Bialowas is always on his Agame ready to support the team. Top Right: Engineering Co-op Josh Duc bumps the ball while Berry Shelton watches. Center Right: Mike Disisto demonstrates the proper form to ‘bump’ a volleyball. And Bottom Right: NLO Greg Stephens gets ready to spike the volleyball! 31

Stay tuned for more action shots!

The Power Line - Fall Edition


The Power Line - Fall Edition

Surry Celebrates Family A SPS Family Legacy submitted by: Kara Ewell On July 30, 2001, Robert “Bobby” Portlock, Jr. reported for his first day of work at Surry Power Station, just as his great, great grandfather reported to Reeves Avenue Power Station almost 100 years before him. Five generations of the Portlock Family have

witnessed the progression of energy production with Dominion. As the Portlock Legacy developed, energy production and Dominion progressed with them.

Pictured above: John T. Portlock (Bottom row 2nd from the left) and Cecil Portlock (Standing 8th from the left) worked together at Reeves Power Station.

The legacy begins with John Thomas Portlock who was born in the late 1800’s and worked as a Turbine Monitor at Reeves Avenue Power Station. Reeves Avenue was one of the first power stations in the area affiliated with Virginia Electric and Power Company (VEPCO). Pictured right: John T.

Portlock’s Reeves Avenue employee identification badge.

In addition to being a public utility, Reeves Avenue also supplied power to the public trolley lines in Norfolk, Virginia. In 1938 John’s son Cecil Earl Portlock began 32

The Power Line - Fall Edition

working at Reeves Avenue. Cecil, an Operator, carpooled with his father until he retired. As the power industry emphasized nuclear energy production, VEPCO downsized Reeves Avenue to make way for Surry. Pictured right: John T. (center) and his son, Cecil (right)

Declining transfers to Mt. Storm and Yorktown, Cecil accepted an offer to divide his time between Reeves and Chesapeake Energy Center, which was then called Portsmouth Power Station. After thirty-six years of service, Cecil retired in 1974 for health reasons. He was awarded a station vacuum gauge, engraved “To Old Dad Portlock on Retirement from Reeves Avenue 1974,” for his service. At the time of Cecil’s retirement, his son John M. Portlock was stationed in Florida, serving as an Air Traffic Controller in the Air Force. John received a humanitarian reassignment to Langley Air Force base to assist his mother and father. John recalls, “Dad passed away in 1975 and I remained at Langley. In 1981, I was alerted that orders were coming for me to go to Germany. I elected to retire and stay in Virginia instead. Mom suggested I visit Bob Dougherty, a friend of my father’s who had accepted a position at Yorktown Power Station after Reeves Avenue. I met with Bob and he was very positive. He said he would find a place for me at Virginia Power, and two weeks later I was hired as a Security Guard at Yorktown Power station.” Though there were offers to join the Operations

Department, John M. remained a Security Officer at Yorktown for thirteen years until he accepted an early retirement package in 1994. In 1994 John’s son, Robert “Bob” Portlock, Sr., returned from Saudi Arabia where he was working under commercial contract for the Saudi government. He traveled to Saudi Arabia after serving thirteen years in the Army repairing artillery-locating radars in the field. Bob decided, “After a year in Saudi Arabia, I wanted to return home and settle down.” John’s retirement and networking efforts paved the way for a fourth generation of the Portlock family. Bob was selected to be a Security Officer for OJRP in Richmond, Virginia. He was also appointed as an instructor for the Security Department’s pepper spray course. In 1999, Bob drew upon his knowledge of equipment repair and accepted a position as an I&C technician at Surry Power Station. Describing his daily responsibilities, Bob explains, “If an operator pushes a button to make something happen, then I&C fixes everything from the button all the way to what happens. The I&C Department gives Operations their automatic control.” In addition to his standard responsibilities around the plant, Bob also climbs the 150-foot Metrological Tower to calibrate and repair equipment that measures wind speed & direction. Bob explains, “Since I used to rappel out of helicopters, heights are no issue for me.” Bob mostly enjoys the diversity his position offers. “You are doing something different every day, both indoors and outdoors.” One day in 2001, Bob learned that the Operations department was seeking applicants for a Foundations Class, a program that prepares individuals to become Shift Operators. At the time, Bob’s son, Robert “Bobby” Portlock, Jr., was a senior at Menchville High School. Bob thought, “Bobby would be a great candidate for the job.” 33

The Power Line - Fall Edition

A SPS Family Legacy

When asked about the application process, Bobby recalled, “Dad told me about the Foundations Class. I came in and took the Mechanical Aptitude test. About a month later I got a call back for the background investigation.”

After completing all of the preliminary steps with flying colors, Bobby officially interviewed for the job and accepted a position prior to his high school graduation. This past July was Bobby’s six-year anniversary with Dominion. He continues to work as a Shift Operator and even takes his dad to lunch occasionally. Bobby hopes to join an upcoming license class and one day become a licensed Reactor Operator. If he does not make it in to the next class, he plans to take a Nuclear Engineering course online to help further his skills. Bob supports Bobby in his pursuit of further education and training, “Finish your degree and keep working until you become plant manager.” Bobby’s favorite parts of working for Dominion are “the people” he works with and the new twelve-hour shift schedule, because it allows him “ample time to spend at home” with his family. Soon Bobby will appreciate this time even more, as he and his wife, Angel Portlock, are expecting their first child on October 22. Over the years, the company has redefined itself from Virginia Electric and Power Company to Virginia Power and finally to Dominion, but the Portlock name has remained constant. Thank you Portlock family, for your hard work and long-standing service. Dominion looks forward to welcoming the sixth generation of the Portlock legacy. Pictured left: The Original VEPCO Mascot “Ready Kilowatt”.

From left to right John M., Bob and Bobby Portlock.

Remember When... submitted by: Tom Norris

Each issue we will look back on the 35 year history of Surry Power Station. For some it will be a nostalgic trip back to our early days of employment, while for others it will be a history lesson of the great heritage of the plant.

IT), Pete Dewitt, Mark Smith, Randy Scherer (Control Room Operator – Licensed), and Bob Griggs. Softball was a serious sport at Surry in the 1980s. This is the Electrical Department softball team from 1981. About half are still em-

Here is an advertisement from my sophomore high school yearbook, the 1971 Krabba of Hampton High School, inviting

visitors to view construction of the plant. Back then we were called VEPCO, an acronym for Virginia Electric and Power Company. Unit 1 began commercial operation in December 1972 and Unit 2 began operating in May 1973. Surry was the company’s first nuclear power station. On a warm summer morning in July 1980, three Electricians decided to go fishing after completing their night shift (and ham it up a bit for the camera). From left to right are Delano Hodges (Outage Planner), Ron Adkins (Senior Nuclear Planner), and Gary Curtis (Outage Planner).

ployed here. How many can you name???

Dig deep into your memory vault and submit photos of days gone by at Surry. Don’t forget to include a fond memory or two and a brief description of the submitted photos.

From 1984, here is a view of the control room and one Operations shift. From left to right Ron Pavlosky (Senior Business Systems Analyst –

34 34

The The Power Power Line Line -- Fall Fall Edition Edition

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Do You Know: Darlene Byrd? submitted by: Sherry Adkins

SA: What CD (album, cassette tape, or 8 track) would friends be surprised that you own?

SA: What is your job title?

DB: “The Very Best of Michael McDonald” by Michael McDonald.

DB: Fitness for Duty Technician.

SA: What are your favorite TV shows?

SA: Where do you live?

DB: DIY and CSI.

DB: Smithfield Virginia.

SA: If money were not an issue, what would you want to do when you retire?

SA: What are your hobbies? DB: Sewing, Reading, Bowling, Gardening, Photography and Needlework. SA: Who is your favorite actor/actress? DB: Denzel Washington, he is not just a handsome man but is also intelligent and caring. The runner-up would be Samuel Jackson. SA: Who is your favorite author and what book are you reading now? Would you recommend it? DB: Julia Flynn Siler, and I’m reading her book: “Death of a Billion Dollar Family Business.” Yes, I would recommend it. SA: What is your all time favorite food? DB: Seafood. SA: What is your most meaningful achievement? DB: I have a wonderful marriage of thirty years and three outstanding children.

DB: I would travel the world and help the needy. SA: Where were you born? DB: Isle of Wight County. SA: When you were little you used to say, “When I grow up I want to be ____________.”? DB: I always wanted to be a teacher. SA: Tell us your favorite childhood memory. DB: All my Christmas mornings were memorable. My parents would sing Christmas songs. F amily would gather and we enjoyed the smells of Christmas in the air. SA: What are the different jobs you have had in your life? DB: I have been a telemarketer, a salesperson and a recruiter. SA: If you could live anywhere, where would it be? DB: Florida, without a doubt.

DB: People who hurt animals.

SA: If you had $5 Million to spend and had to do it in five days and you could not spend it on family or yourself, what would you do with it?

SA: If you won the lottery, what would you do next?

DB: I would start a charm school for young girls.

DB: I would build a new house and travel the world.

SA: Tell us about your pets.

SA: Do you collect anything?

DB: Rusty is our saggy old mixed breed dog that we all love.

SA: Do you have a Pet Peeve?

DB: Teddy Bears and Angels. SA: Do you play an instrument or sing? DB: No instruments. SA: Any other talents we need to know about? DB: I sing a little. SA: What music are you listening to at this time in your life? Who is your favorite artist? DB: Love songs by Luther Vandross. 35

The Power Line - Fall Edition

SA: Who’s the cook at home? DB: I do all the cooking. SA: How do you spend your free time? DB: What free time? I try to catch up on my sleep. SA: Who has had the most influence in your life? DB: My parents have had the most influence in my life.

Do You Know: Darlene Byrd? SA: Are you a task oriented person or a people person? DB: I would say that I am both, I love being around people, but I am also a stickler for completing what is before me. SA: Is your cubicle messy or organized? DB: It is organized most of the time.

What’s Your Hobby? Jim Minton My wife, son and I like to go “RVing” as a hobby. We have a 32’ Rockwood Travel Trailer towed by a Ford F350 4x4 Diesel. This year we

SA: What is your favorite sport that you participate in or watch on TV? DB: Tennis. SA: Do you squeeze the toothpaste from the middle or end of the tube? DB: The middle. SA: What is your favorite song? Do you know all the words to it? DB: “Lost” by Robin Thicke. I know most of the words and the rest I hum. SA: What is your all time favorite movie? DB: Any Hallmark movie. SA: When you were a child what was your favorite show? DB: I always loved the Andy Griffith Show. SA: If we were to have karaoke at the next company Christmas party, would you sing for your co-workers? DB: A Big NO!

Pictured Above are Sherry Adkins and Darlene Byrd.


The Power Line - Fall Edition

have traveled to Asheville (NC), Pigeon Forge (TN), Lancaster (PA), Nags Head (NC), Chippokes State Park (VA), Luray (VA) and Appomattox State Park (VA). We are also planning an upcoming trip to Pocahontas State Park (VA). One of our greatest joys is experiencing wildlife in their natural habitat. It is a pleasure to watch my five year old son see wildlife in their natural habitat, rather than in enclosures at zoos and theme parks. While camping at Cades Cove in the Great Smokey Mountains National Park (TN) for the Fourth of July, we encountered a total of eight bears, including a mother and three cubs. I was able to snap these photos of a bear relaxing on the side of a hill. On another trip to Luray on Skyline Drive, I was fortunate enough to come across a Timber Rattlesnake as he crawled along the roadside. In the one picture, you see what happens when you get

too close. He curled up and started to rattle just to let me know he was the boss and I was too close. That was an experience! When camping in state or national parks, there are precautions that are taken to keep bears away, such as special dumpsters for trash that are bear proof and warnings about not leaving food out or feeding bears. Since we camp in a travel trailer, we are less concerned than tent campers have to be. All in all, the camps are safe if precautions are followed. When hiking, the only supplies I take are an aluminum hiking pole, water, camera, and cell phone. I always stay on marked trails, unless briefly straying to follow wildlife. (Jim Minton is a Nuclear Chemistry Technician.)

What’s Your Hobby? Will Murray submitted by: Curt Lycke If you see Will Murray in Component Engineering running towards you, make sure to get out of the way. Will Murray is Surry Power Station’s own Boston Marathon finisher. There are 26.2 miles of Boston streets with his tread on it. In a race with 20,338 finishers, Will finished 6589th with a time of 3:34:33, less than an hour and a half behind the first place finisher. This race was the culmination of almost two years of preparation and thousands of miles worth of training. Will is from Connecticut and came to Dominion (then Virginia Power) in 1985. He has been at Surry in Engineering since 1991. He first started running in 1998 with a 5K run (3.1 miles) thinking, “Anyone can run 3 miles!” After the first mile he was walking and couldn’t move for a couple of days because he was so sore. His training intensified and by 2005 he was running full marathons in order to qualify for the big one, the Boston Marathon. Qualifying run times are 37

The Power Line - Fall Edition

required to participate in the Boston Marathon and Will did so by finishing with satisfactory run times in four consecutive marathons over a 12-month period. His training for the Boston Marathon began last November. He began his training by running 30-35 hours per week and by February 2007 he was running 50 plus miles per week. By the April 16th marathon date, Will was ready to run. A nor’easter the day before the marathon left conditions less than desirable. The race started at 10 a.m. However, the runners waited at 6 a.m. in the rain at Boston Commons to catch the 1-hour shuttle to the starting line. The rain stopped just as the race started, but the temperature was dropping and the course was windy. At the finish, the temperature was 36 degrees and extremely windy. Solar blankets, provided at the finish, did little to keep the runners warm because the wind was so strong. After the race, Will had six phone messages awaiting him. Confused by the number of messages, Will wondered, “Why are so many people calling?” Will realized that there was a shooting at Virginia Tech, where his son Tim is a student. It wasn’t until the second message that Will actually found out what had happened, and by the third message he was relieved to find that his son was not injured. He finished race day by washing away the soreness in his weary legs with two very large Samuel Adams beers and dinner at a local Boston restaurant. Not one to slow down, Will was back to running again the Friday following the race. He recently ran in a local 8K (4.96 miles) race where he placed second for his age group. He is also registered to run in the Virginia Beach Rock ‘N Roll Half Marathon this September. He says he won’t be running any more marathons anytime soon. Maybe he won’t be winning the $100,000 prize for coming in first, but the shiny medal he got for finishing the race says he will.

SPS Family Announcements submitted by: Kara Ewell

Graduation Announcements Amalia Marie Belcher, daughter of William Belcher, Security Shift Supervisor, graduated from the University of Virginia with a Bachelors degree in Biochemistry in May of 2007. Amalia plans to attend the UVA Medical School. Ashley Noce, daughter of Doug Noce, Health Physicist, graduated from Virginia Tech with a Masters degree of Science – Education in December of 2006. Ashley plans to apply to veterinary school.

Chalinda Warren, daughter of Linda Warren (Organization Effectiveness) and William Warren (NSS) graduated as the Valedictorian of James River Christian Academy for the class of 2007. Chalinda was selected for the National Society of High School scholars. She was also named the Peninsula Metropolitan YMCA Volunteer of the Year. Chalinda will attend Liberty University in Lynchburg.


The Power Line - Fall Edition

Dane Fisher, son of Joe Fisher, Operations Shift Manager, graduated with Honors from Nansemond Suffolk Academy. He is currently enrolled at the University of Virginia and plans to pursue a Premed program. Daniel M. Turko, son of Edward Turko (Six Sigma), graduated from James River High School, Center for Leadership and International Studies. He was accepted to the Pamplin College of Business and the Residential Leadership Community at Virginia Tech. Daniel plans to study Dentistry. Emily Howard, daughter of Ernie Howard (Operations), will become the first student in her county to enroll full-time in college before she earns her High School Diploma. In September 2007, Emily will attend a Business and Fashion Merchandising program at the Johnson & Wales University in Charlotte, North Carolina. This program gives high school seniors an opportunity to earn college and high school credits simultaneously. Emily will walk at her high school graduation with her class in June 2008.

Kate Llewellyn, daughter of David Llewellyn (Training), graduated from Jamestown High School in June 2007. Kate will attend the Virginia Commonwealth University as a Performing Arts Theater major. Kate received scholarships from the Williamsburg Players Community Theater and from the Williamsburg Women’s Chorus. In her senior year, Kate became the first student from Jamestown High School to have performed with the Virginia All-State High School Choir for two years. Kendell Nicole Cobb, daughter of Doug Cobb, Operations Shift Manager, graduated Magna Cum Laude from Churchland High School. She will attend Old Dominion University in the fall and plans to major in Biology. Laura White, daughter of Lloyd White, Senior Safety Specialist, graduated from Isle of Wight Academy in June 2007. She will attend the University of Virginia at Wise to study Management Information Systems and Computer Engineering.

Lindsay Boyd, niece of Lois Little, Executive Assistant, graduated from Isle of Wight Academy in June 2007. She will attend Christopher Newport University and pursue a degree in radiology. Also pictured is Stephen Brown, son of Carolyn Brown (Electrical Maintenance), graduated as the Salutatorian of Isle of Wight Academy for the class of 2007. Stephen will attend Old Dominion University and plans to pursue a degree in Agricultural Engineering. Ryan Terrence Ellis, son of Arkeme Twin-Ellis (Security Department) and Curtis T. Ellis, Sr. (Security Department) will attend the Graduate School of Pharmacy at Hampton University in the fall of 2007. Ryan has attended Hampton University’s accelerated Doctorate of Pharmacy Program since the fall of 2005. Ryan will be entering his third year with a 3.0 grade point average.

Congratulations to all the students for their amazing accomplishments, and best wishes for all future endeavors.

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The Power Line - Fall Edition

Wedding Announcements Tabitha Michelle Jamison and Waverly Timothy Jones, Jr. (Engineering) were married on July 21, 2007 at the Mosby Memorial Baptist Church located at 2901 Mechanicsville Turnpike in Richmond, Virginia. Friend and guest Charlene Chotalal reports, “The weather was great, the food was great, everyone enjoyed themselves, including the happy couple.� Myria Taylor (Station Safety and Loss Prevention) and Larry Black (Operations) were married on August 4, 2007.

Birthday Announcements submitted by: Linda Waller Happy Birthday October

Adkins, Roger

Adkins, Ronald

Blommel Jr., John

Boggs, Sharon

Borden, James

Bray, Scott

Brooks, Samuel

Cabral, Victor

Canter, Glenn

Chapin, Jeffrey

Christian, Lisa

Douglas, Penny


The Power Line - Fall Edition

Eagan, Lance

Evans, Edward

Ewald, Ronald

Finucan, Dennis

Georgianna, David

Gilbert, Frederick

Gillespie, Terry

Gilliam, Brennan

Grays, Ricky

Griggs, Dustin

Hardy, Janis

Hebb, Marvin

Henderson, Johnny

Hodges, Delano

Hughes, Dennis

Huskey, Lori

Jefferson, James

Johnson, Keith

Keaton, Dean

Keaton, Vicky

King, Marilyn

King, Nicholas

Lawrence, Douglas

Livesay, Gregory

Lynch, Robert

Martin, Bryon

Martin, Joseph

Matthews, Christopher

Mccloskey, William

Mcginnis, Jerry

Mckeown, Kelsey

Morris, Timothy

Mushenheim, Ronald

Niles, Kevin

Parson, Anthony

Patrick, Edward

Petro, Paul

Phelps, David

Pittman, Mark

Pollard, Richard

Portlock, Robert

Ragland, Thomas

Raspnti, Anthony

Rayno, John

Rickmond, Jennier

Rickmond, William

Robinson, James

Russell, Arthur

Saeger, Timothy

Sekel, Annie

Sloane, Kenneth

Smith, Nickolas

Spraatley, Selma

Taylor, Myria

Tolley, Rodney

Tran-lam, Phat

Twitty, Levin

Tynes, Cynthia

Walker, David

Ware, James

Wheeler, Victor

Wirsching, Clarence

Woods, Derrick

Zoldork, Robert

Happy Birthday November Brink, Jed

Burton, Edward

Chapman, Joseph

Clark, Scott

Clinton, Phillissia

Cross, Irving

Cuthriell, Terri

Davis, Steven

Dooley, Jason

Eldridge, Wendy

Elliott, Fred

Elliott, William

Ewell, David

Fox, Andrew

Fuller, Pauil

Gallagher, William

Happy Birthday November Gibson, James

Gills, Dabney

Greaney, Michael

Griffin, David

Haduck, Michael

Hammonds, Horace

Hampton, Alvin

Hardy, Walter

Haynes, Gregory

Hickman, Matthew

Hudgins, Hudson

Jordan, Bryce

King, John

Knapp, John

Kurilko, William

Lafrance, Adina

Lasalle, Robert

Lewis, Robert

Lippold, Jessica

Livesay, Eva

Lock, Stephen

Maggio, Louis

Marshall, Shawn

Mavin, Ronald

Miller, Robert

Miller, William

Mitchell, Michael

Murray, William

Murray, Lawrence

Orga, Ronald

Patierno, Claude

Pierce, Travis

Pillow, Reuben

Ponton, Phyliss

Robinson, David

Seward, Frederick

Shorter, Edward

Skora, William

Thornton, Karen

Tudor, Charles

Wilkinson, John

Yzzi, Ralph

Happy Birthday December Adams, Rodney

Anderson, Christine

Beale, Karen

Beaver, Eric

Benthall, William

Bialowas, Alan

Blais, John

Brown, Aaron

Burgess, Christopher

Byrd, Tonya

Carawan, Edward

Carawan, Sharon

Catlett, James

Chamberliss, Raymond

Cool, Stephen

Cyburt, Tomithy

Davis, Steven

Davis, William

Day, Brian

Dewalt, William

Dillard, Raleigh

Duff, John

Eley, Melvin

Enochs Jr., Robert

Etienne, Fritz

Ewell, Kara

Ferreira, Edward

Fisers, Wayne

Ford, Jonathan

Garber, Barry

Goffaux, Jon

Gum, Clarence

Hamilton, Charles

Haskins, David


The Power Line - Fall Edition

Hiebing, Paul

Hilbert-semmes, Lisa

Hines, Donna

Hughes, Barry

Ingell, David

Johnson, Christopher

Johnson, Enoch

Johnson, Jimmie

Johnson, Maude

Jones, Daniel

Jones, Robert

Lafrance, Joshua

Lee, Pamela

Lovett, Candee

Marshall, Donna

Martin, Gary

Mason, Donna

Mccalester, Steven

Mccann, Anthony

Mcclenaghan, Brian

Mcdonald, Gabriel

Medlin, Grady

Norman, Timothy

Norris, Thomas

Olin, Morse

Oliver, Darrell

Olsen, Craig

Portlock, Robert

Ringler, Terry

Rogers, David

Rose, William

Sanchez, Gregory

Schmidt, Joshua

Scott, Mitchell

Smetak, Eric

Smith, Delores

Smith, Mark

Spencer, Kevin

Stanley, Bradford

Stevens, Harold

Strickland, Dennis

Strobel, Christopher

Stump, Char

Taylor, William

Thompson, Jeffrey

Tross, Steven

Wagner-diggs, Michael

Wells, Phyllis

Wheeler, Larry

Williams, Joel

Wilson, Eddie

Wooten, Nancy

Xenakis, Anthony

Xinos, Tye

Special Wishes To All Celebrating Birthdays

Baby Announcements Congratulations to Mr. & Mrs. Ryan Doskocil on the birth of their son, born June 30, 2007 Xavier Doskocil, 8 lbs. 13 oz. Congratulations to Jim and Zhou Stauffer on the birth of their son, born July 27, 2007 Carl Stauffer, 6 lbs. 8 oz. Congratulations to Tonya and Stenette Byrd on the birth of their twins, born June 8, 2007 Trae Denise Byrd, 3 lbs. 15 oz., and Stenette Byrd IV, 4 lbs. 9 oz.

Best Wishes From Your SPS Family


The Power Line - Fall Edition

Surry Family Photos submitted by: Kara Ewell

Pictured Top Left: Pam Lee’s grandchildren Amiah, Alysia and Darrell Jr. (From left to right in foreground). Top Right: Roy Lane’s grandson, Jaikoby McClinton, age 5. Roy works in the Security Department. Center Left: Susie Corbin’s granddaughter, Kaleigh, at 16 months. Center: Char Stump’s niece, Jordan Nealon, at 22 months, having fun at bath time. Bottom Left: Susie Corbin’s granddaughter, Kaleigh, 17 months, and grandson, Zack, 10 months. Bottom Right: Drew Monroe’s daughter, Allison Leigh, at 11 months. 43

The Power Line - Fall Edition


The Power Line - Fall Edition

SPS Pet Corner submitted by: Kara Ewell Renee Stief (Outage and Planning) rescued these two cats in August 2005. They were abandoned in Gulf Port, Mississippi after Hurricane Katrina. Myria Taylor’s show horse Annie, registered name Designer Fashion, is a 7 year old ex-race horse and the granddaughter of Secretariat. Myria shows Annie in Hunter/Jumper competitions in local circuits. Myria speaks proudly of Annie claiming, “She is a sweet girl and a great athlete!!”

Donna Marshall (Operations) is the proud grandparent of two puppy litters! Her miniature dachshund, “Alley,” also known as “Miss Royal Weiner-ness,” gave birth to three puppies on July 4th. Another dachshund, “Sassy,” also know as “Sasafras,” delivered four healthy puppies on July 15th. Donna’s puppies will be given to family members and sold as pets.


The Power Line - Fall Edition

Engineering’s Adina LaFrance and her new Greater Swiss Mountain Dog Vesper.

5 Bean Soup submitted by: Susan Turner Ingredients: 5 cans of any kind of beans (you can even mix them) 2 cans Rotel tomatoes (Mild or Hot) 1 package Hidden Ranch Dressing Mix 1 package Taco Seasoning Mix Water Directions: Rinse beans and put into crock-pot. Cover with just enough water. Add the tomatoes and dry mixes. Put on low and they are ready once they are hot, but you can leave them on all day. ** You can also scramble hamburger and add. You may need a little more water or tomatoes, depending on your taste. This makes excellent chili!

Burger-Bites submitted by: Susan Turner Prep Time: 5 min.

Total Time: 20 min.

Makes: 24 servings, 1 skewer each Ingredients: 1/2 cup KRAFT Honey Barbecue Sauce or BULL’S-EYE Original Barbecue Sauce 1/4 cup grape jelly 1 lb. pkg. (24) small prepared frozen meatballs 1 can (8 oz.) pineapple chunks, drained 1 large red pepper, cut into cubes Directions: Mix barbecue sauce and jelly in large skillet. Cook and stir on medium heat 2 min. or until jelly melts. Add meatballs to skillet; cook 10 min. or until heated through. Skewer each meatball alternately on long wooden skewer or toothpick with pineapple chunk and red pepper. Substitute seasonal fresh vegetables for the red pepper. Substitute fresh pineapple chunks for the canned pineapple.

Got a special family recipe? Write down those ingredient and share with your SPS Family!!!


The Power Line - Fall Edition


The Power Line - Fall Edition

Christmas Party Announcement The 2007 Annual Christmas Party will be held on Saturday, December 15, 2007 at the Kingsmill Resort in Williamsburg, Virginia. In an effort to make this year’s Christmas party even more entertaining, the party will be held in two separate ballrooms and filled with exciting activities. Guests will have the option to mingle in both rooms. In lieu of a sit-down dinner, food stations will be available throughout the night in both locations. Below is the tentative agenda for the party: 6:30 – 7:30 PM - Reception - (Open Bar) 7:30 PM - Welcome - Don Jernigan Blessing of the Food “The Fat Ammons Band” (FAB) – Ground Level Ballroom DJ and Casino games - Downstairs Ballroom Food and beverages will be available in both ballrooms throughout the night. Three drink tickets will be allotted to each guest. Photos will be taken on the ground level ballroom lobby. There will be caricature drawings. Overnight guest rooms will be available. Door Prizes Winners will be announced over the intercom every hour. Guests do not have to be present to win. Be sure to get your tickets when they go on sale in September!

Stay Tuned, More Details To Follow 46

The Power Line - Fall Edition

Crossword Puzzle

Across 1. The purpose of a Nuclear Power Plant is to generate _________ 6. Focus on the ______ at hand 9. Number 11 of the Event Free HU Tools: ______ when unsure 10. Root Cause Evaluation 11. One unit for measuring radiation 12. The proposed storage site for spent fuel is ______ mountain 15. Ten across 16. _______ ____ are lowered into the core to slow the nuclear reaction down. 18. The _____ assemblies work to heat the water in the reactor.

Down 2. When in doubt, fill it out 3. _____-Minute Timeout 4. Surry has three ____ generators which transfer the heat from the secondary to the primary side. 5. The name of the Minor League Baseball team in the Simpsons: Springfield _______ 7. A substance such as water which slows down neutrons 8. Surry is a Pressurized Water ________ 13. ______-235 14. A device for controlling the flow of a liquid through a pipe at Surry 17. Self-checking acronym

The Staff of The Power Line would like to take this opportunity to thank senior management and everyone who made this newsletter possible. Many employees took photos of special events and provided articles. Because of their efforts, we look forward to working on the second edition and hope you have enjoyed our first edition of The Power Line. 47

The Power Line - Fall Edition

Answers provided below

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The Power Line - Fall Edition

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THE POWER LINE (Sept. 2007)  

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