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Software development life cycle SDLC stands for Software development life cycle also known as Software development process. Best software Development Company follows this process step by step and the steps are as follows: 1) Planning and Requirements: in this step you need to make plan about software which one you want to develop ,it include like that how much costing and what resources you need to develop the software ,you can create the model thing for that like as DFD , ERD etc. All these are designed according to market requirement. In this you can also do the market analysis by this you can ascertain the scope for your software. You can plan the project in accordance to the customer requirement. 2) Design: Subsequent to planning you can design the project with concentration, i.e. you can work on converting the model into reality. 3) Implementation: It is a process where software engineers actually program the code for the project. 4) Testing: Is an integral and important step of the software development process. If there is any fault still left in software then can be easily found in testing step and after that engineers remove them. 5) Deployment and maintenance: After the testing, approved for release. Deployment may include installation, customization and period of evaluation. Maintenance specially include that how you can use this Software. To these step you are required to follow anyone model mentioned below: 1) Waterfall model: In this model all steps can be followed as one by one. When you have complete the one step then go to next step .when you started the another step but you want to forget add something in previous steps and you want to add but it is not possible to add in previous step then the solution is you can complete the all step carefully .This model takes more time to complete the project.

2) Spiral model: In this model you can also follow the same steps but when you complete the step then you will come back to previous steps to modify and this model take less time. In this model you can also follow the risk analysis between the 1st and 2nd step .You can analyze that how much possibility of risk and which type of risk may arise. Feasible study can also be done for this to see that why the previous software fail then we can note down the risk and find the solution and follow this in our software. So we can say spiral model is better than waterfall but it is expensive.

Software development life cycle