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By Ky Anh Nguyen

Poems are a different way to present ideas. Poems could rhyme, have rhythm or could even be free verse. Throughout the next five poems, I will be exploring the positive, negative sides of freedom. I will also explore the life of people who don’t have any freedom and the lives of people who have excess freedom.

In the hot desert A lonely lizard survives Through another day Statement of intent: What am I trying to say about freedom in my poem? What literary devices did I use to deliver this message and how did I use them? How do I know that my message is delivered effectively and why do I think this message is important? In this poem, I am trying to connect to the people who every day try and try and will never give up just to earn their freedom. The first line is a metaphor for a obstacle or challenge in life. The lonely lizard is a metaphor for a person although lonely and sad still tries and survives and work so hard no matter what is in their way just to earn their freedom. I used clever word choices like lonely or another to greatly emphasis the boundless challenges the lizard has to face but yet he still survives. I know that my message is delivered very well because I can connect to it. This poem doesn’t necessarily have to be about freedom. It could be about hard times in life were you think you could just give up but in the end you still make it pass. This message I think is very important but the meaning changes between the two types of people. The main one is the people who are having hard times in life should keep on trying because eventually you will earn your freedom. The second message is for the people who has no problems in life to appreciate and help the people who are still struggling.

Freedom is being proud and great Slavery is just a lot of hate With freedom you can easily express With slavery you always are depress Freedom is worth dying to have Slavery isn't even worth half Freedom is the right to choose your own destiny Slavery is the right to stand there helplessly Statement of Intent: In this poem, I am comparing freedom and slavery and the huge differences. I describe how great freedom is and how horrible slavery is. This poem is meant to show that everybody deserves this freedom and the positives it brings and get rid of this slavery that is full of hatred and disrespect. Slavery is something that is destroying the love we humans have for each other. In this poem, the two most noticeable devices that I used were rhyme scheme and contrast. I used the rhyme scheme ABAB throughout the whole poem to make the poem more interesting and not too boring. I used contrast to show the big differences between two things that we can easily get rid of. I think this poem quite successfully delivered my message because many people feel the same way about slavery and will understand that slavery is something that should not exist in this world. I also left the poem at an open ending so that the reader could take the poem even further and connect to it even more.

One normal day In the month of May Or was this day ordinary I was too unwary I was trapped Then kidnapped Sold to a master A total disaster I worked for a day Life was anything but okay Tortured, used And abused So I ran away But had no place to stay Freedom isn’t as good As it is understood Statement of intent: In this poem, I am trying to say that freedom isn’t always as good as it understood to be. People often expect too much from freedom and once they actually have freedom, it doesn’t meet their real expectations of true freedom. I wrote a narrative poem with the rhyme scheme ABAB to tell a story of this person who was captured and enslaved. They then successfully escape and get this somewhat called “freedom” but it was not as good as expected. I have let a lot of others read this poem and most of them understand the message that I tried to pass on. I think this message is very important because people most of the time overestimate how good and exciting freedom is and think freedom is the best thing in the world. I just want to show them that freedom along with everything else in this world has both positive and negative sides to it.

Slavery means being sad And being sad is bad Freedom is delighting And delight is exciting People should get rid of slavery for everyone to be glad.

Statement of intent: In poem this, I tried giving people a little less serious way but still quite effective. The message I tried to pass through this poem is that slavery is such a bad thing and it still exists in this world. I wrote a limerick with the rhyme scheme of AABBA. This made the poem more interesting and easier to read and remember. Most people also agree that we humans should get rid of slavery and will reinforce the message I am passing through this poem. I think message is quite important because slavery in some areas this exists, and it is totally unfair for the slaves, working hard everyday and not getting paid. They never did anything wrong, so why are they treated so bad?

A man is said to have a right to his property, he may be equally said to have a property in his rights. Where excess power prevails, property of no sort is duly respected. No man is safe in his opinions, his person, his faculties, or his possessions. Original: James Madison, National Gazette Essay, March 27, 1792 Statement of intent: I used this quote by James Madison and turned it into free verse poem to show that even freedom itself cannot be free. Even when a man has freedom, that freedom still can be crush by people who excess freedom to do whatever they want to the people or the nation. I used enjambments to make the important words stand out more and make people focus more on the lines itself. It think most people understand this message because problems like this are going on in this world. This is a very important message because we need to get rid or choose the right person to own this kind of excess freedom and rights. If bad people have this power, the world will become a very bad place.

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