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Career Description November 28, 2012 Entry #12 Fashion Designers design items of clothing by sketching out flat sketches and illustrations that go along with their inspiration or theme. They are always on top of the latest trend for each season. Also they choose the types of fabrics to go along with their designs. Some designers specialize in products such as footwear, sportswear or even work wear.

Fashion Buyers travel all over the world following trends at trade fairs and clothing suppliers. They form business relationships with the garments suppliers and negotiate costs. They look for garments that best fit their customers’ demands and buy them. Being able to work well with others is a quality a fashion buyer must have. They are required to communicate with one another specializing in different areas of fashion.

Product development managers are in charge of the product they are designing, producing and selling. They develop a concept for each collection as well as a color palette, prints, patterns and fabrics. Also they manage production, design, and technical design. They attend business meetings to hear and share ideas about future and past product.

#12 journal  
#12 journal