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What kind of media institutions might distribute your media product and why? My media product has a target audience of females aged 20 to 30 with an ABC1 income therefore they are an extremely viable product to publishing companies such as BAUER or IPC Media because of its advertising revenue abilities. I think that after looking at the current magazines that these two companies already publish that they do not have a market for my target audience currently and that it was a bit far reaching for them to make one and be able to attract a new audience into their existing market, I then looked further a field as I new that using a publishing company would get me the broadcasting that I needed and would capitalise upon my products abilities to use the audience as a product for advertising. I came across the publishing company Conde Nast which already published titles such as ‘British Vogue’, ‘Vanity Fair’ and ‘Glamour’ I feel that my target audience fits into there spectrum but because it is a music magazine it will attract a niche audience from their existing market however it will still be large enough to make a profit as it would attract some of their existing audience as well. I feel that this publishing company will find my product the most viable as all/ most of their magazines are aimed at ABC1 high achieving women and men so they will have the brand loyalty of many advertisers who for into the media kit of my magazine and would want to advertise with me. I had thought about being a Self-Publishing magazine however I personally feel that I would not get the circulation that I would be able to achieve from belonging to a publishing company. The reason I had thought about self-publishing was because I felt that it would allow me to take all of the profit for my company and magazine however if I were to use IPC media I would lose a cut of my profit to them. However after I thought about both the pro’s and con’s of both publishing methods I decided that by using a publisher that is prestigious within the market would allow me to gain the circulation and reputation that would benefit my magazine. My magazine would be distributed by a company named COMAG who is owned in part by Conde Nast the publishing company that I would use, it is the largest third party magazine distributor in the UK. They distribute a wide range of titles already ranging from Weekly magazines to annuals. They currently distribute magazines such as Vogue, Men’s Health and Glamour. They currently distribute to newsagents and high street stores, convenience stores, supermarkets, petrol forecourts and travel points. This will get my magazine the circulation that it needs but also the Right circulation that it would be intercepted by my target audience. I do feel that the majority of my target audience, and therefore distribution would be through a subscription to my magazine to be delivered to my audiences houses as this takes the added effort of going out to buy them but having it turn up every moth would be appealing to my target audience as they will be used to getting what they want (for lack of better works). Because of the digital revolution I will most probably have an online version of my magazine to keep up with the current demands and also I would have a sister product such as a website dedicated to the magazine and this synergy would be making strong links between my products benefiting the pair of them by raising awareness and

boosting viewer ship.

What Institutions I shall use  

GRANDE magazine with Conde Nast

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