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INTERNATIONAL PRIVATE INVESTIGATIONS Helping you uncover the truth and protect what matters most.

International Private Investigations 

Helping you uncover the truth and protect what matters most. Knowing the tricks fraudsters, con-artists and liars use is crucial when it comes to catching them. Our experienced team of investigators know what behavior patterns to watch for and exactly where to look to find the evidence you need. All surveillance is carried out in accordance with New Zealand laws, and you will be kept informed of your investigation’s progress every step of the way.

Our Mission Our Team Our team of highly experienced Investigators have an extensive knowledge and skill-set providing individuals, businesses and government agencies with the facts so that they can make informed decisions.


to help you uncover the truth – no matter what obstacles lie in the way.

INTERNATIONAL PRIVATE INVESTIGATIONS We specialize in all forms of Private, Business and Legal Investigations including; personal and domestic matters such as infidelity and childcare investigations, data recovery and forensics, fraud investigations, workplace theft, background checks, corruption, due diligence and locating missing persons and witnesses.

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