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~ Week of October 18th ~ starters Radicchio Salad, apple, chestnut, farm cheese $9* Le PigeOn’s typographic finery for discerning culinarians: anisette petite caps dinner

Vendetta Medium Italic Mastodon Flank

Vendetta Light Italic Brazed flank of antique chicken with moldy penii

Pigeon, foie gras, grapes, riesling $18 Veal Paprikash, gnocchi, roasted corn $12 Pheasant shiitake, mizuna, garlic $13 Sweetbreads, matsutake, garlic, balsamic $15 Scallop, fennel, crab, citrus $14 entrees Pork, squash, truffled mushrooms $24 Chicken, sweet potato, pears, dijon $21 Beef Cheek Bourguignon $22 Duck, toast, kale, peppers $27 Sturgeon, inquire for today’s preparation $29 Lentil Stuffed Cabbage, chanterelles, apples, shallots $19 Burger* potatoes $11 mixed greens $13 * contains unpasteurized eggs

Le Pigeon Dinner Menu  
Le Pigeon Dinner Menu  

I'll have the scallops to start, and then the beef cheek.