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Summer 2012

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Holland Museum 31 West 10th St., Holland, MI 49423 (616) 796-3329 Open Mon, Wed - Sat 10:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m. Sundays 12:00 p.m. - 5:00 p.m. Closed Tuesdays A rchives & R esearch Library (Museum Lower Level) (616) 796-2081 Open Mon, Wed - Fri 10:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m. The Cappon & Settlers House Museums 228 & 190 West 9th St., Holland, MI 49423 Open Fri & Sat 12:00 p.m. - 4:00 p.m. Holland A rmory 16 West 9th St., Holland, MI 49423 (616) 796-3321

IN THIS ISSUE Cover Photo Courtesy of the Holland Museum Archives & Research Library (Panique)

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Letter from the Interim Director Board of Trustees Geoffrey Reynolds, Chairperson Leah Petroelje, 1st Vice Chair Dawn Garcia-Ward, 2nd Vice Chair Susan Wolfe, Secretary Bill Borgman, Treasurer Mary Bamborough Keith Boonstra Steve Bulthuis Kay Danby Jacob Glick Jill Ryan Jerry Shoup Anne Stewart Howard Veneklasen

Staff Mike Dunlap, Facilities Paula Dunlap, Operations Manager David Hawley-Lowry, Facilities Rick Jenkins, Registrar Catherine Jung, Archivist Mary Esther Lee Interim Director Wendy Van Woerkom Civil War Muster Coordinator Kristina Wieghmink Marketing Manager & Editor Taylor Wise-Harthorn Museum & Gallery Manager Visitor Services Staff Kasey Durham Jan Fike Loraine Griffin Phil Harrington Rachel Syens Jasmine Taylor


Dear Members and Friends, In challenging economic times, it is more important than ever that cultural institutions work hard not only to remain solvent, but also to remain accessible and a source of inspiration to their communities. To that end, the Holland Historical Trust is in the process of re-shaping itself in response to new funding realities, but also in response to changing needs and opportunities in our community. Elsewhere in this issue, you will read about the market research we will be conducting to make sure as we move forward, that you, our members and constituents, will be at the table helping us understand how we can better serve your needs. First, since mine is a new “voice” in this publication, let me introduce myself. I have loved museums all my life. It was my privilege for nearly 38 years to be part of the growth and change of one of our sister institutions, the Grand Rapids Public Museum. Among other roles, I was project manager for all aspects of the development of Van Andel Museum Center, and as its first female director, I shepherded the institution through its transition from city department to freestanding nonprofit organization. Since becoming Director Emeriti in 2009, I have served as a consultant to several West Michigan cultural institutions, including the Holland Historical Trust. Since September, I have helped the Trust with several time-critical

projects: the executive director search, strategic planning, and preparation of the documents required for Mary Esther Lee application to Interim Director the American Association of Museums for reaccreditation. This spring, when the City cut Trust funding in half, and the executive director search extended beyond the original timeline, as a result, I agreed to help shepherd the next phase of planning and repositioning the institution from the director’s office rather than from “afar.” In short, I joined the team. Why? Because this is something that really matters. A strong healthy museum in the heart of the community--working in collaboration with schools, elected officials, business leaders, individuals, and other cultural organizations--can have a profound effect on the quality of life in a community. It can provide an anchor for a vibrant downtown and tell the stories of the past that equip us to face boldly and appropriately the challenges of our individual and collective futures. Come join us: The energy of board, staff, and community stakeholders involved in this effort is impressive: visionary, determined, experienced, and willing to tackle the problems. The journey will be interesting, and the payoff, amazing. Here’s how:

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Fund the cause:

“The Holland Museum is a fountain of great culture!”

envelope attached, for your convenience. •

Join the conversation:

by email, in writing, or in person.

- Claire from Taiwan

• Join in the experience: volunteer, attend special events, come to visit, and linger in the galleries. •

Invite others to join in.

My experience in working with museums has been that when people band together to make a difference, change happens. If you join with us as we dedicate ourselves to a new energized vision with a viable funding model, the Trust—and this community— will be forever changed.

I pledge my energ y and my listening ear to you and this effort. Best regards, Mary Esther Lee Interim Executive Director

“Seeing my history again makes me appreciate my life.” - Mr. & Mrs. I from Holland, MI

Your gift makes educational outreach possible! Thank you! Cappon House “Calling Cards” from school tours.

MEMBERS ANNUAL MEETING JULY 31, 2012 7 p.m. (Details to follow.)


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Museum 101 - Communication is Essential Whether you are a museum member, donor, visitor, volunteer, staff or board member of the Holland Historical Trust (HHT), communicating a consistent message to our audience, the Holland area community and beyond, is essential. In our last issue, we discussed the non-profit entity of the Holland Museum, the Cappon House, the Settlers House, and the Holland Armory all operating under the Holland Historical Trust. This is just one aspect of who we are. Our branding or the image of the HHT, the use of either the HHT or Holland Museum logo, identifies who we are as an organization, through a visual graphic. However, most importantly is the message we are conveying to you. Both the intentional message delivered by the HHT stakeholders and the unintended message, how others perceive the HHT, forms our identity. What you think about or how you perceive the HHT matters to us! Every organization wants a positive image, but conveying that message takes certain consideration and special articulation. An organization’s messaging needs to be aligned with their core mission and vision statements.

“To shape the future of the greater Holland area by celebrating and building on those qualities that made it thrive in the past.” - HHT The Holland Historical Trust is shaping the future of the Holland area, by preserving our histories,


in the form of artifact & archival objects, which symbolize and tell the stories of Holland’s magnificent and diverse past and present. Board and staff members of the HHT have been diligently and carefully reviewing HHT’s value to our community. Our intended message revolves around 3 themes: Commitment - The Holland Museum is dedicated to serving our community, through the fulfillment of our mission and vision statements.

Photo Courtesy of the Holland Museum Archives & Research Library

Our objective with this communication piece is to not simply give you a laundry list of what Kristina Wieghmink programs, Marketing Manager events, and exhibits we are offering to you. Rather, it is of utmost importance to the HHT, that we reiterate why we do what we do, why we exist, and how to effectively convey our passion and drive for this wonderful organization. Building our identity is a process that takes many individuals, such as you, to speak the same language with clarity, commitment, and energy that builds strength in our community. All stakeholders of the HHT are representatives. You are important to our messaging and reaching the lives of so many in our community. Thank you for your support and all you do! Sincerely, Kristina Wieghmink, Marketing Manager and staff

Community Service - The Holland Museum is committed to telling the stories of our diverse community and past, through relative, interactive, and enriching educational programming and exhibits, to create a sense of belonging and community pride.

Please feel free to email kwieghmink@hollandmuseum. org or call 616.796.3325 with your feedback on this article, to help us continue to refine our messaging and service to the Holland community.

Public Trust - The Holland Museum holds its accessible collections and archives in public trust, with the responsibility of being caretakers of historical and cultural resources.

Join our email list to stay connected, visit

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Volunteer Update On April 24, we hosted our wonderful volunteers for our Annual Volunteer Appreciation Luncheon. We recognized our top 5 volunteers, who contributed almost 1,300 hours, and all of our amazing volunteers who give their time at the Museum, historic houses, Armory, and off site events. In 2011, 169 individuals and 7 groups contributed 7,635.25 hours. Our volunteers are unbelievable; we truly cannot do it without all of your support! A complete list of our top 5 volunteers and everyone who contributed their time in 2011 can be found in the museum lobby. For more information regarding the Holland Museum’s volunteer program, please visit the volunteer blog at Thank you for your continual support and time!

Upcoming Exhibit

Coming Soon! August 24

An exhibition by Holland’s youth about Holland’s diverse community! In their own voices, the Holland Museum has been collaborating with Latin Americans United for Progress (LAUP). “LAUP’s overall goal is to empower Latinos to be full participants in the life of the larger community. To accomplish this LAUP offers three kinds of programs and services. Through its Adult Education programs, Steps to Success, LAUP offers courses that help Hispanics integrate into society: English as

Taylor Wise-Harthorn Museum & Gallery Manager

a Second Language classes, GED Preparation classes, Computer Training, and employment education. Youth Development programs assist Hispanic youth in completing their secondary education and moving on to higher education and professional careers. Finally, LAUP offers various forms of assistance, Supportive Services, to assist individuals and families in obtaining help with basic needs, so that they can focus on the training they are receiving to become independent, contributing members of their communities.”

Hands-On Holland New children’s stations have been designed and installed in the permanent gallery at the Holland Museum. Kids, primarily grades 3 - 5, will have the opportunity to explore the collections with an interactive guide, filled with maps, drawings, bingo, trivia, and more! (See page 8 for details.)


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Board of Directors Update I would like to welcome Jerry Shoup as our newest Trustee to the Holland Historical Trust Board. Jerry is the Factory Manager for the Holland plant of Heinz North America. Jerry brings his love of history to the Board and a long career of working productively with people. We are looking forward to Jerry’s contributions. Summer has arrived in Holland and things are really happening at the Holland Historical Trust. The Focus Gallery is filled with a wonderful selection of postcard images of Holland from the Mike Van Ark collection. This exhibit, “Wish You Were Here”, will continue until August 5 and should not be missed. The Wichers Gallery continues to host the “Before the Festival” exhibit

about the history of the tulip and its impact around the world. The annual Cappon House Ice Cream Social occurred on June 24 and was sponsored by Macatawa Bank. Also, please mark your calendars for the 2nd Annual Big Red Tour and Cruise on the Holland Princess. This event was so popular last year that we are hosting it again! This event will take place on July 26 and will include a narrated cruise of Lake Macatawa with appetizers, tour of Big Red Lighthouse and dinner at The Piper. Tickets will go fast, so contact the Holland Museum to get your tickets at 796-3329 or stop by the front desk. On August 26, we will be hosting the 7th Annual Vintage Holland Boat Show in front of

Holland Museum Fundraising Event

the Holland Museum, from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. In addition to 40 vintage boats, many of which were made Geoffrey Reynolds here in Holland, Chairperson we will be hosting a few vintage travel trailers and giving away free ice cream, generously donated by Macatawa Bank. With a $3 admissions ticket, you will be entered into our door prize drawing for a model replica of a vintage boat. I am looking forward to meeting all of you at upcoming summer Trust events. I am eager to learn more about you and your reasons for being a member and supporter of the Holland Historical Trust.

Make Make History History Become a Museum Volunteer

Volunteer Open House

Mondays Sept 10 & Dec 10, 2012 & Mar 11, 2013 from 4 - 6 p.m. Contact Taylor for more information 616.796.2080 OPPORTUNITIES:


Collections/Archives Assist Monthly Educational Sessions Docent/Education Docent Make New Friends Clerical Support

10% Discount at Gift Shop

Creative Support

Online Volunteer Newsletter


Appreciation Events Free Museum Membership (after 50 hours)

You will help make history!


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From the Archives Archive Hours: Open Monday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday: 10:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m. Phone: (616) 796-2081

We thank you for thinking of the museum for your collections donations. If you have collection items or archival donations for the collections committee to review, please contact Caz Jung, Archivist, at 616.796.2081 or

Featured Archive Photos

Caz Jung, Archivist Holland Archives & Research Library

RECENT ACQUISITIONS Tulip Time Posters 1988, 1990 Catherine Jung, Holland Tulip Time 2012 Giclee William Paterson, Tarpon Springs, FL Portraits of Geertje Albers, William Zonnebelt, and Mr. & Mrs. Marvin Albers Susan Zonnebelt-Smeenge, Jenison

Laurie Hohl

Laurie Hohl was a national water ski champion. Her display of grace and poise for the sport is demonstrated in this archival photo taken at Lake Macatawa. Laurie graduated from Holland High. Her dad was a pastor and her mom worked at the Holland Sentinel. Sandy Swaney is pictured with Laurie Hohl below.

Fire Call Box Location Board Christopher Tinney, Holland Fire Department 2 Promotional Calendars, one Pastel Portrait Marge Barkel, Holland Holland Christian, Warner-Lambert, Pfizer, Parke-Davis archival items, Holland Sugar Company Office photos Robert Dykstra, Holland

Featured Artifact Mac Bay Lighted Sign This collections item was used in the late 1950s to advertise the Mac Bay Boat Company (which opened in 1948) at boat shows. It is made out of marine grade fiberglass, since the company started making boats out of the same material at that time.


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Success Stories Hello! My name is Drew Timmer, a resident of Zeeland, Michigan, and a recent graduate of Cornerstone University. I began interning at the Holland Museum in January of 2012. My task was to develop and implement new ways to make the permanent exhibit more approachable, hands-on, and fun for kids. I spent my first few weeks learning as much as I could, quickly brainstorming several new ideas. I knew I wanted to design and install some stations in the exhibits where kids could interact with a learning objective. One of the things I worked on was something I called the “smelling station,” a box where kids could smell the unique scents of the four “sacred plants” of the Ottawa Native Americans. Another one of my projects was to design a program guide for the museum’s young guests. This guide contains a variety of activities. It will give kids something to do with their hands, and will help them to discover and learn from the exhibits. All these developments were implemented with the intent to create a better museum


experience for our patrons. Overall, this internship was one I have greatly enjoyed. I highly recommend that anyone considering working in an avenue of history volunteer or intern at the Holland Museum. I think it would be a good experience for you. You’ll learn new things about this community that you never knew, and I know the museum could benefit from even more community involvement. My name is Parker Nugent and I am going to be a junior at Grand Valley State University this fall. My major is Illustration. During my time as an intern at the Holland Museum this past semester, I became aware of how a museum works. Especially when it comes to the marketing aspect. As soon as I started this internship in February, I began designing a brochure for the volunteers of the museum. The marketing director, Kristina, guided me through this project and also let me have freedom to create and design. Having this freedom made me proud knowing

that she and the staff trusted me and my artistic creativity to create successful materials. After the first project, she started me on another. This was an interactive kid’s brochure, designed with Drew Timmer for the kid’s stations in the galleries. Not many people in my program, in their sophomore year, can say they had an internship doing something with Graphic Design or Illustration. I feel very accomplished and ahead of the game because of this opportunity. After this internship, I want to possibly get another internship at a magazine being a spot illustrator. I really want to finish getting my BFA in Illustration and then go to graduate school for a Masters in Illustration, or Art Therapy. This summer, I will be working as a camp counselor and an Arts and Crafts Director at Indian Trails Camp, a camp for developmentally and physically disabled children and adults. The Kutsche Office of Local History at Grand Valley State University helped me out tremendously. I thank Lynelle Brown and Dr. Tucker for the opportunity, and for having the faith in me to do well at the museum. I also want to thank Taylor and Kristina for having trust in me to create great things to reach the Holland community.

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(Continued from Spring 2012 edition)

Seventy-five years of the Holland Museum - what a milestone for our community! The Holland area has seen many changes over these years, from the early settlement with Dutch traditions, to today’s diverse community made up of many cultural heritages now calling Holland home. Holland has also witnessed the development of numerous corporations, neighborhoods, faiths, and families, shaping who we are as a community. The Holland Museum is committed to serving our community as we move forward from building the past seventyfive years, to shaping the future of the greater Holland area. We want to take a moment to pause and reflect on what makes Holland so wonderful! It is our community . . . but what is community? It consists of the people, not only each




By Kristina Wieghmink Marketing Manager


In the Dutch

1937 - 2012 individual, but the time and support we each give to one another and our common values. So, I ask, how can the Holland Museum better give to you? We believe by having the privilege and responsibility of being caretakers of historical and cultural resources. This enables us to tell the stories of Holland. The stories that come through so many individuals, groups, families, and organizations, but we can’t do that without you. We need your thoughts and feedback. The Holland Museum is in the research and design stages of developing a climate study or a market research survey. This initiative is a joint

effort that involves all stakeholders; members, non-members, donors, volunteers, board, and staff. The purpose of this study is to gather your perspective of the Holland Museum, in order to discover opportunities for better serving our community. Whether this is to fine tune our key messaging, develop programs and exhibits, extend the collections and archives, or to better tell our community’s story, your response matters to us. In order to take part in our climate study, please join our e-mail list at located on the left side of our home page. You will then receive an email survey later this year, as we continue to celebrate our seventy-five years, or you may email kwieghmink@hollandmuseum. org. Once again, we thank you for your continued support and trust in the Holland Museum. Be sure to check out our 75th Anniversary exhibit coming September 28, 2012, which will showcase the Holland Museum and our long history in the community.

Get Ready for Battle By Wendy Van Woerkom Civil War Muster Coordinator

The Civil War Sesquicentennial continues as the Holland Museum plans to hold the fourth annual Van Raalte Civil War Muster. This year we are looking forward to building on the momentum of 2011. Last year the event served 3,500 visitors over Saturday and Sunday as well as around 400 local school students, during the Friday education day. This year the committee has chosen to feature the Battle of Antietam. This battle, fought on September 17, 1862, is still the bloodiest day in U.S. history. The casualties of this 12 hour conflict were almost four times that of D-Day and equal to the combat

casualties in the Revolutionary War, War of 1812 and the Mexican War combined. We felt that its 150th anniversary would be the perfect year to take a look back at this pivotal military action, as a time to remember. One new thing the Muster committee will be trying this year is altering the battlefield at the sledding hill. Since a portion of the battle was fought in a corn field, we are working with the Ottawa County Farm Bureau and the City of Holland to plant a small stand of corn. The hope is that the corn will help give visitors a better feel for what Antietam looked like.

Join us on September 22 & 23 as we return to Antietam. This free event will be open to the public from 9 a.m. - 9 p.m. on Saturday and 9 a.m. - 4 p.m. on Sunday with a battle being held both days. We hope to see you there! Photos Courtesy of Deb & Lou Schakel


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Thank You! The Holland Museum would like to thank several individuals and organizations for their recent and continual contributions! Edgar & Elsa Prince Foundation The Owen Foundation The Beekhuis Foundation Louis & Helen Padnos Foundation Steelcase Foundation The Meijer Foundation Cook Charitable Foundation Jack & Carolyn Marquis Penny Buhler Phil Kimberley The Brooks Family Dirk Nykamp Herrick Foundation


Holland Garden Club Fritz Kliphuis Zeeland Historical Society Jennifer Gardner US Army Holland Recruiting Office Company D Veterans Dutch Heritage Commission of West MI Land & Sea Upholstery Hemmingway Maxine Imanaka Darby Enterprises Tami Elhart Veterans of Foreign Wars Henry Walters Post 2144 Vietnam Veterans of America Ch 73 Disabled American Veterans American Legion Willard G. Leenhouts Post #6 Amvets Post #204 Holland Terminal, Inc. Mark’s Detailing Specialists, LLC

Lois Mulder Crane’s Pie Pantry & Restaurant Del Michel Hope Repertory Summer Theater Foster Development, Inc. Adolf Wolf Michigan Office Environments Kathy & Wayne Elhart Carla & Bruce Massalink Nancy & Doug Padnos de Boer Bakkerij Alle Rue Three Chairs Company Tip Toes Lake Effect Gallery Tom Vituj Mary Ann’s Chocolates deVries Photography Canterbury Cottage Firehouse Boat Works & Studio

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Giving Opportunities Happy Retirement, Al! Many of our Holland Museum financial supporters are desirous to help us with much needed resources, but they prefer their dollars to go for something specific, something that we really need, as opposed to placing monies into a “general fund” account. Since you have asked, we are now sharing our “behind the scenes” wish list from each of our areas of operation. These items are considered to be extremely important, yet resources still have not become available to make the acquisition. If you would really like to make a difference and are considering a new gift to the museum, you may want to consider selecting an item(s) from this list. We thank you in advance for your consideration.

General • Funding for Education/Community Program Coordinator. Development • “Pack the Bus” - provide a $250 donation to bring a bus load of local school children to the museum. Your gift covers the cost of the bus, the driver and all admissions. Collections • A-Frame Painting Cart $500 • Various storage materials – $1,000 to $2,500. For details contact 616.796.2081 or Museum Gallery Manager • (2) AED (automated external defibrillator) one for the museum and a second unit for the Armory. $1,200 each • Ticketing system for admission and gift shop sales. Call for details • 24 Easels for the Cappon House & Museum • Medal of Honor Interactive Exhibit Sponsor(s) Museum Facilities Manager • Commercial grade floor scrubber/cleaner • Lawn mower with bagging system • Flag stand • Bicycle racks for museum and Cappon House Archives and Research Library • Haworth Great Openings Lateral Filing Cabinet • 5 Borroughs 88 1/4 x 36 Bookcases $400 each Marketing & Communications • Website Design Services

We are all so grateful for your service! Thank you!

Al McGeehan

“It’s been a wonderful journey.” -Al

Museum Events July 4 4th of July, Museum Closed 12 Tulip lecture 5:30 – 6:30 p.m. 26 Big Red Lighthouse Tour Fundraiser 31 Annual Members Meeting August 5 Postcard Exhibit Closes 23 Latin Americans United for Progress Youth Exhibit, (LAUP) Community preview 5:30 – 7:30 p.m. 24 LAUP OPENS 26 Boat Show at the Holland Museum September 2 Favorite Flower Exhibit Closes 3 Labor Day, Museum Closed 8 Civil War Kids at Holland Museum 10 a.m. – 1 p.m. 21 Civil War Dance at the Holland Armory 29 Free Admission (with coupon) Smithsonian Museum Day 22, 23 Civil War Muster at the Van Raalte Farm 27 75th Anniversary Exhibit, Community Preview 5:30 – 7:30 p.m. 28 75th Anniversary Exhibit OPENS October Museum Closes Sundays for season

Visit us at

Calendar of Events online for more information.


Nonprofit Org. U.S. Postage PAID Holland, Michigan Permit No. 77

31 West 10th St., Holland, MI 49423 616.796.3329


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History for Rent for Your Event! Do you have a special occasion coming up that you want to remember forever? Perhaps a 50th wedding anniversary, a 75th birthday party, or a QuinceaĂąera celebration? Want to surprise your loved one with a unique venue for the celebration? How about renting Holland Museum, Cappon House or Holland Armory for your event? Imagine celebrating a golden wedding anniversary in the beautiful Museum lobby where guests can stroll through the galleries, or stepping back in time at the spectacular Cappon House with your party. Holland Armory will accommodate 440 guests and our Education room is perfect to schedule a meeting. Each space has its own personality, and is sure to add to the celebration. Let us help you create a memory that will last a lifetime. Visit our website or call Paula Dunlap at (616) 796-3321 for details.


By Paula Dunlap Operations Manager, Holland Historical Trust

Holland Museum Lobby Great for parties.

Education Room Perfect for meetings.

Cappon House Dining Room & Kitchen 40 standing, 24 seated Grounds 200 -250 guests Visitor Center 39 guests

Armory Gym 440 guests, Includes kitchen

Conference room 18 guests

Holland Museum Summer 2012 Newsletter  
Holland Museum Summer 2012 Newsletter  

Holland Museum Summer 2012 Newsletter