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New, Interesting Facts about Wheel Repair

Mobile wheel repair is a fairly new, niche service gaining popularity across the globe. Wheels are the focal point of any vehicle, and there is a high demand for services to fix damaged wheels. There are many car service companies that concentrate on this; they have state of the art equipment to repair damaged wheels and restore curved rims. In recent years, rims have become one of the most important parts of the auto industry. There are many different types of attractive high end rims manufactured to suit a variety of cars. A high level of attention is given to the detail and style of rims.

Rim straightening is one of the most important parts of wheel repair. Experienced service providers have the expertise to straighten bent rims of most types of automobiles. Experts have thorough knowledge on everything from 24 inch custom rims to 15 inch OEM rims. They have the proper tools to fix almost any damage that has occurred on chrome, aluminum and steel rims. First, the technicians thoroughly inspect the rim with a highly sensitive measuring instrument. This helps them locate and assess the severity of the damage. The technicians repair the rim to match the original using the wheel straightening machinery.

Cosmetic repair is another important component of wheel repair. The expert technicians are trained to remove gouges, scrapes, curb rash and discoloration of rims that occurs over the years. Using reconditioning tools, clear coat process, and proprietary paints, the damaged rims look brand new. Experts need to have experience and knowledge regarding the different kinds of metallic paints and their finish. If you want to get your car wheel repair fixed, check with your service dealer to see whether or not they have technicians who are experienced in this field.

There are a number of different reasons for needing wheel repair, including hitting curbs and potholes as well as general metal fatigue. To fix these problems, the service providers have technicians who can take care of these. They use high quality Tungsten Inert Gas for welding cracks on the spoke of the rim. Chroming is also an important part of wheel repair, however, not all service providers offer chroming. There are a few service providers who offer physical vapor deposition (PVD), which is one of the most advanced chroming methods. In this method, no dangerous materials are used and no waste is produced. The PVD chrome method does not oxidize under harsh climatic conditions, and it is 80% lighter than the normal chrome.

With so many service providers, it can take work to find the right wheel repair expert. Check whether your potential service providers have authorized and trained technicians to fix your damaged wheels. Check the internet to find the best service provider in your area.

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