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Wheel repair can be a time consuming and harrowing experience. Luckily, KwickSilver is there to provide specialized wheel repairing services throughout Boston, Southern New Hampshire and other areas of the United States. KwickSilver’s expert technicians use patented and state-of-the-art tools for car servicing, making it one of the most reliable and trustworthy companies in the field of wheel repair and rejuvenation.

Alloy wheel repair requires special and specific expertise. The company’s skilled technicians can straighten out and put together any distorted part of the wheel using exclusively designed instruments. Even a small area is repaired with extreme

caution and care. One major part of alloy wheel repair is restoring the shape of the damaged rim. CNC machines are used to cut fine layers from the face of the rim so that it looks brand new. Scrapes, discoloration, and gouges caused over time can also be reversed by using specialized instruments and innovative products.

Pot holes, sharp curbs and aging metal can cause severe cracks on the rims, and to repair these cracks, high quality TIG welders are used. The physical vapor deposition chroming method is best for aluminum wheel repair because they are environmentally friendly. Powder coating, which comes in a vast number of different colors, is a durable method where painted or corroded wheels are stripped of their original coating and powder material is applied with an electrostatic gun, which gives positive electric charge on the powder and an excellent finish.

Soon, KwickSilver will come out with its own range of products for car care. Both the Flow Car Care Products and Kwick6 Tire Shine and Protectant will be green and eco-friendly. The Flow Car Care line products include environmentally friendly car care products like spray-on tire shine, waterless car wash and also green cleaning solutions for brake dust, insects, dirt and fabrics.

The second line of products are made to help preserve car tires and providing them with a beautiful and elegant matte look for nearly six months .This product resists UV damage, discoloration, cracking as well as repels brake dust and dirt. Kwick6 is silicone-free and never washes off unlike other products available in the market. The Kwick6 kit includes- Kwick6 tire coating, cleaner and tire prep solution, a dual use applicator sponge, protective rubber gloves and enough product for up to four vehicles.

Wheels are the most important and easily noticed exterior feature of a car, but because the wheels are constantly in motion and exposed to harsh corrosive materials, the most important job for any car owner is caring for them.

KwickSilver not only provides repairing and rejuvenating services but also invests considerably in research for the production of more innovative products as a way of ensuring greater customer satisfaction and faster solutions for their clients’ wheel problems.

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Aluminium wheel repair  

Kwicksilver certified technicians offer the best wheel repair NH on any OEM or aftermarket wheels, no matter whether they are polished, pain...

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