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AIESEC at Georgia Tech 2010 Annual Report

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A Letter from the President We live in a time of rapid change. Advances in transportation technology have spurred international trade and human mobility, connecting markets and people. This interconnectedness brings new solutions and innovation, the creation of wealth and friendly relations between nations. However, it also brings light to old problems and adds new ones. Inequality, poverty, natural disaster, civil war, government repression, and a host of other issues once specific to a country or region now have global implications. Our world is increasingly complex, and the challenges we face today require innovative solutions. AIESEC has evolved since its birth in postWorld War II Europe. Its network has grown from seven bold students to 50,000 young people in 110 countries and territories. The problems have changed since 1948, but AIESEC continues to be relevant because it always produces exactly what the world needs: young globally-minded leaders. Our network of volunteers runs a respected global internship program that provides our partners with tailored business solutions and our members with life-changing personal and professional development opportunities. In 2010, significant milestones were reached at the international, national, and local levels. Internationally, AIESEC crossed the 10,000 exchange mark for the first time in history, providing 10,000 exchange opportunities in a single year. Meanwhile, AIESEC United States focused its efforts on driving exchange growth at the local level. In February 2011, these efforts paid off, as AIESEC United States regained full membership status in the international association. Locally, AIESEC at Georgia Tech achieved enormous growth. In March, the Local Committee was recognized at the European Exchange Conference in Turkey as the Committee with greatest overall growth in the Western Europe and North America region. In December, Georgia Tech was awarded Best Outgoing Exchange in the United States. Such growth and recognition was possible because of the emphasis placed on community and accountability within the Local Committee

and on exchange quality. AIESEC at Georgia Tech recognizes that the impact of this organization is derived from the delivery of high-quality AIESEC experiences for all stakeholders. By serving as a platform for the development of individuals, we are able to impact our community and the world one person at a time. This report is a summary of the achievements of AIESEC at Georgia Tech in 2010. We are greatful for the continued support of our partners, alumni, Board of Advisors, and the thousands of members of AIESEC globally who make our contribution possible.


Sincerely yours,

Kate Wharton Local Committee President 2010

About AIESEC AIESEC has 60 years of experience in developing high-potential youth into globally-minded responsible leaders. Present in over 110 countries and territories and with over 50,000 members, AIESEC is the world’s largest student-run organization. Focused on providing a platform for youth leadership development, AIESEC offers young people the opportunity to participate in international internships, experience leadership and a global learning environment. What makes AIESEC unique is the youth-driven impactful experience that it offers to its members. AIESEC is run by young people for young people, enabling a strong experience to all its stakeholders. •

Our members are part of an exciting, driven global network. They are able to contribute to societal change while exploring their own vision for a positive impact on society. We are supported by thousands of partner organizations around the globe who look to AIESEC to support the development of youth and to access top talent through our global internship program. Our alumni are leaders within their organizations and communities. They use the experience, skills, and inspiration AIESEC has provided them to be agents of positive change within today’s society.

• •

Our Vision

AIESEC’s Scope

Peace and fulfillment of humankind’s potential.

AIESEC is a global, non-political, independent, not-forprofit organization run by students and recent graduates of institutions of higher education. Our members are interested in world issues, leadership, and management.

Our Approach

AIESEC does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, gender, sexual orientation, creed, religion, national, ethnic, or social origin.

AIESEC members live an integrated development experience. This involves leadership opportunities, international internships, and interacting with a global network to support their development.

AIESEC in Numbers

50,000 members 10,000 leadership roles 10,000 internships 4,000 partners


1,600 universities 470 conferences 110 countries +60 years of experience

Our Values Activating Leadership

Enjoying Participation

We lead by example and inspire leadership through our activities. We take full responsibility for developing the youth leadership potential of our members.

We create a dynamic environment created by active and enthusiastic participation of individuals. We enjoy being involved in AIESEC.

Demonstrating Integrity

Striving for Excellence

We are consistent and transparent in our decisions and actions. We fulfill our commitments and conduct ourselves in a way that is true to our ideals.

We aim to deliver the highest quality performance in everything we do. Through creativity and innovation we seek to continuously improve.

Living Diversity

Acting Sustainably

We seek to learn from the different ways of life and opinions represented in our multicultural environment. We respect and actively encourage the contribution of every individual.

We act in a way that is sustainable for our organization and society. Our decisions take into account the needs of future generations.


Afganistan - Algeria - Angola - Argentina - Armenia - Australia - Austria - Azerbaijan - Bahrain - Bangladesh - Belgium - Benin - Bolivia - Bosnia-Herzegovina - Botswana - Brazil - Bulgaria - Cambodia - Cameroon - Canada - Chile - Mainland of China - Colombia - Costa Rica - Cote dâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;Ivoire - Croatia - Czech Republic - Denmark - Dominican Republic - Ecuador - Egypt - El Salvador - Estonia - Ethiopia - Finland - France - Gabon - Georgia - Germany - Ghana - Greece - Guatemala - Hong Kong - Hungary - Iceland - India - Indonesia - Iran - Ireland - Italy - Japan - Jordan - Kazakhstan - Kenya - Korea - Kyrgyzstan - Latvia - Lithuania - Republic of Macedonia - Malaysia - Malta - Mauritius - Mexico - Moldova - Mongolia - Morocco - Mozambique - The Netherlands - New Zealand - Nigeria - Norway - Oman - Pakistan - Panama - Peru - The Philippines - Poland - Portugal - Puerto Rico - Qatar - Romania - Russia - Rwanda - Kingdom of Saudi Arabia - Senegal - Serbia - Singapore - Slovakia - Slovenia - South Africa - Spain - Sri Lanka - Sweden - Switzerland - Taiwan - Tajikstan - Tanzania - Thailand - Togo - Tunisia - Turkey - Uganda - Ukraine - United Arab Emirates - United Kingdom - United States of America - Uruguay - Venezuela - Vietnam - Zimbabwe


2015 Engage and develop every young person in the world. Our growing physical and virtual reach makes us the most credible and diverse global youth voice. We are recognized across sectors as the first-choice partner for our ability to develop responsible and entrepreneurial leadership. Our collaborative environment empowers every member to have a highquality AIESEC experience, creating a cross-generational positive impact on society.


History of AIESEC at Georgia Tech base. That year, AIESEC GT was one of the five top LCs in the US.

The AIESEC Local Committee (LC) at Georgia Tech was founded in 1987 by Richard Alarcon (MGT ‘87) and current faculty advisor, Dr. John McIntyre. After a few years of growth, the LC achieved Full Member status and became a growing force as a campus organization.

Between 1996 and 2005 the LC continued to build momentum. Michael Flood (MGT ’00) won the top national sales award. James Gardiner (INTA ’99) became the first AIESEC member from Georgia Tech to work on the national staff in New York. Peter Stewart (CE ’96) organized AIESEC’s largest conference – International Congress – in Atlanta in 1997, bringing over 450 delegates from 82 countries together for the international leadership and strategy conference.

In 1990, one of the founding members and then-Local Committee President (LCP), Janie Zibner (Stewart) ran for the coveted position of President of AIESEC in the United States. While she lost by a close margin, the election established AIESEC at Georgia Tech as one of the leading LCs in the country.

In 2005, AIESEC at Georgia Tech took a big hit and lost its entire membership base. It was resurrected by Tiffany Curtiss (LCP 2006) with help from our Alumni and through the past several years has once again become one of the strongest LCs in the Nation. Missy Shields (LCP 2003) also won the coveted position of Member Committee President (MCP) for AIESEC United States.

In 1991, the founding members graduated or went on AIESEC traineeships. Numbers fell and the LC went to “No Status” designation. Shireen Khan (IE’ 93) filled in for the leadership, and brought in an entirely new membership base. By 1994, the National Staff granted the LC the authorization to begin raising traineeships in Atlanta again. The first traineeship was raised with Printpack, bringing in a student from Mexico, Rigoberto Becerra.

Preston Rhea (LCP 2008) led the 2008 “revolution” to return AIESEC United States to a truly student-run organization aligned with the international association. At the 2008 Winter National Conference, Tiffany Curtiss (LCP 2006) became the first elected MCP in12 years.

In 1995, under the leadership of LCP Allen Turner (EE ’95), the LC focused on human resources and developed the internal structure and culture. After a four-year wait, it sent its first student abroad, and sent a record number of members to conferences. The LC was awarded “Best Extension Local Committee” at the National Conference, and again recognized as a “Full Status” committee.

In 2010 at EuroXPRO, AIESEC at Georgia Tech won the Western Europe and North America award for LC with greatest overall growth, one of only three awards given. Later in 2010, Georgia Tech brought its first trainees to Atlanta in four years to work for American Cancer Society. The LC regained full membership status at Summer National Conference and then won the Best Outgoing Exchange award at Winter National Conference.

1996 was a groundbreaking year for the LC. Trainees from Mexico, France, Germany, Brazil, Finland, and Venezuela were brought in to Atlanta; record numbers of members were sent to conferences, and the LC increased its membership

Winter National Conference 2009, Atlanta GA 5

Kate Wharton

Local Committee President

2010 Executive Board

Nabila Nazarali

VP Talent Management

Parth Shah

VP External Relations

VP Outgoing Exchange

Suzanne Clary

VP Finance

Priya Nakra

Karie Champlin

VP Account Delivery

Priya Malhotra

VP Communications


Victor Lesniewski

VP Business Development

Board of Advisors In 2010, AIESEC at Georgia Tech saw several changes to its Board of Advisors. Joy Rogers now works and lives in Istanbul and has taken her leave from the board. Roger Scovil, a longserving and distiguished member, resigned after many years of service. Finally, Thierry Chau stepped down from his position. We are very excited for three additions to the board. Jill Burya from the Georgia Tech Work Abroad office has joined us, along with Wayne McDonnell, an AIESEC alumnus from San Jose and a leading salesman during his time in AIESEC. Most recently, Ken Balog, President of ActiveGroup in Norcross has accepted a position on our Board of Advisors. We are thankful as always for the advice and dedication of these wonderful AIESEC supporters. AIESEC at Georgia Techâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Board of Advisors continues to serve as a model for Local Committees around the nation.

Michael Flood (Chairman) Kajeet, Inc.

John McIntyre (Advisor) Georgia Tech CIBER

Peter Stewart PGi

Jerry Allison

AJC International

Roger Scovil

World Trade Center Atlanta

Thierry Chau

Exalt Communications

Paul Hamill UPS

Joy Rogers IBM

Wendy Johnson

Dale Carnegie of Georgia

Camilla Meyerson Camilla Careers

Wayne McDonell

Sound FX Capital Management

Jill Burya

Georgia Tech Work Abroad

James Hoadley

Georgia Tech CIBER

Ken Balog ActiveGroup 7

2010 LC Performance Report


2010 LC Goals and Focus Areas 20 members of AIESEC at Georgia Tech attended the Spring 2010 Leadership Team Retreat in January. This allowed for significant non-EB input in the goal-setting and planning process. This high level of participation gave general membership greater ownership of LC goals and reinforced the horizontal structure of our LC.

Overview Strengthen External Branding • Develop Communications and Marketing team • Effectively utilize social media • Build alumni relations • Host successful Global Village • Host successful Fall Gala Grow Quality Exchange • Develop Account Delivery Team • 20 Incoming Exchanges raised • 50 Outgoing Exchanges matched Achieve Financial Sustainability • 100% of operations covered by exchange • Re-invest $10,000 in membership • Add $7,500 to endowment fund 9

Membership Report


Conference Attendance Conference Spring Regional Kick-off Seminar (North Carolina) APXLDS (Taiwan) EuroXPRO (Turkey) ILC (Peru) Summer NatCo (Detroit) International Congress (India) Fall Regional Kick-off Seminar (Atlanta) Fall Rowdies West RoKS Winter NatCo (Albuquerque)

Number of Delegates 35 7 1 1 6 3 48 1 15

AIESEC at Georgia Tech places great emphasis on conference attendance. At conferences, members gain valuable skills training, advanced product knowledge, and a personal network. Attending international conferences assures that our members are up to date on policies and strategies and that our Local Committee is aligned with the vision of the organization. Furthermore, members of AIESEC at Georgia Tech frequently take an active role in running conferences by acting as session facilitators or members of the organizing committee. This allows them to gain event planning experience and to share their skills with the network. Much of AIESEC at Georgia Tech’s success can be attributed to high conference attendance. The personal networks of our members have very valuable during the talent sourcing process for our local exchange partners and for our outgoing exchange team’s knowledge of current exchange opportunities abroad.

International Congress 2010 - Hyderabad, India Amira Choueiki, Kate Wharton, and Priya Nakra

“Working on a team of 60 people from 30 countries was the most exhilirating aiesec experience i could ever ask for. I finally learned the true meaning of global understanding.” - Priya Nakra, Congress Committee Member, International Congress 2011

Summer National Conference - Detroit 11

Incoming Exchange Report

TN-taker Novartis John Deere American Cancer Society

TN status 1 realized 1 realized 2 realized

Location Miami, FL Moline, IL Atlanta, GA

Type Management Technical Management

Duration 18 months 8 weeks 18 months

United Parcel Service (UPS) Invesco (MC-raised) Atlanta Harm Reduction Coalition IDEAS

3 raised 1 realized

Atlanta, GA Atlanta, GA

Management Management

12 months 12 weeks

EP(s) matched Fiorella Salvatierra TJ Roshan Lucy Mbuba, Fagner Glinski Tajeshwar Goyal

1 rejected

Atlanta, GA


6-12 weeks


1 rejected

Atlanta, GA


6-12 weeks




Our Interns Account Delivery Team & Reception AIESEC at Georgia Tech is committed to providing quality traineeship experiences. To meet this objective, our LC created the first Account Delivery (AD) team in AIESEC US in recent history. The team is responsible for the development of the training plan during the contracting process, sourcing and matching, intern reception, and customer relations management with our partners after initial contracting. This year, the AD team developed a comprehensive reception packet and reception schedule for our two interns in Atlanta. Our LC hosts reception events and regular LC dinners and provides a constant support system guided by feedback from the interns themselves.

Lucy Mbuba

Fagner Glinski

Fiorella Salvatierra

TJ Roshan

Curitiba, Brazil American Cancer Society

Nairobi, Kenya American Cancer Society

Ayacucho, Peru Novartis

Pune, India John Deere 13

Outgoing Exchange Report

National Recognition At Winter Conference 2010, AIESEC at Georgia Tech received the award for “Best Outgoing Exchange” in the nation for its team participation in the OGX process, innovative partnership with Artemisia-Gray Matters Capital, and overall performance.

Gray Matters Capital Partnership In early March, Artemisia approached AIESEC at Georgia Tech with a proposal to partner with Gray Matters Capital to send ten recent graduates from the Atlanta area to India to work with India’s Affordable Private Schools. AIESEC worked with Gray Matters Capital to recruit, interview, and prepare Exchange Participants for a nine month experience in India.

Amy Sachsenmaier worked as an Account Executive in Amman, Jordan. 14

Our Exchange Participants Name Robert Call Katherine Cherry John Cranshaw Elle Creel Tareq Dowla Jelani Glapion Sarah Mudrinich Nigel Orr Joshua Pinson Jennifer Prats Anney Reese Amy Sachsenmaier Nickolas Seitz Kim Wadelton Kyle Zeman Corin Deans Shanelle Ebanks Allison Gross Danny Landau Ember Melcher Yasmine McMorrin Jasmine Porter Ilana Shushansky Averil Spencer Zimu Yang

Destination Brazil UK Russia Egypt Turkey Cameroon Italy Malaysia China Puerto Rico China Jordan Mexico Indonesia UK India India India India India India India India India India

Type Development Technical Management Development Development Management Education Technical Education Development Education Management Development Technical Technical Development Development Development Development Development Development Development Development Development Development

Company/Project Sidarta Coca Cola Enterprise Saint-Petersberg Organisation of Business Angels Egypt’s International Economic Forum Meet My Friend BIMELA International LDT Cameroon ASD Nikma Circolo Tennis Bumimetro Construction Discover China: Shenzhen New Oriental School Small World: Flamingo Summer Camp Discover China: Wuhan New Oriental School VARCC Arabian Communication Hellen Keller Urbane Indonesia Coca Cola Enterprise Artemisia-Gray Matters Capital Artemisia-Gray Matters Capital Artemisia-Gray Matters Capital Artemisia-Gray Matters Capital Artemisia-Gray Matters Capital Artemisia-Gray Matters Capital Artemisia-Gray Matters Capital Artemisia-Gray Matters Capital Artemisia-Gray Matters Capital Artemisia-Gray Matters Capital

! “My internship in Egypt was absolutely fantstic! I would not have felt comfortable moving to Egypt alone, but knowing I would have the global network of AIESEC to help me acclimate to a new culture made me willing to head to Cairo for the summer with just a week’s notice. That is what is so great about AIESEC. The organization pushes you to take risks and pursue experiences that you wouldn’t otherwise.” -Elle Creel, Egypt

“I got to really experience the Chinese culture, try things I never thought I’d try, and see beautiful places I never thought I’d see.” -Anney Reese, China

“I learned that every person has the potential for positive change, we just have to reach out and create our own opportunities.” -Kyle Zeman, United Kingdom


Online Presence & Media AIESEC at Georgia Tech on the Web LC Website

LC Blog

Facebook Fan Page

AIESEC Georgia Tech



YouTube Channel




LinkedIn Group

AIESEC @ Georgia Tech

Global Village Global Atlanta: International Conferences Global Atlanta: Fall Regional Kick-off Seminar Greenville Business Magazine (print only) Fall International Gala AIESEC promotional video: Georgia Tech Alumni Magazine: (p. 38)


Global Village This spring, AIESEC at Georgia Tech hosted its second Global Village on Georgia Tech’s campus. This event brought together thirteen multicultural student organizations for a display of cultural diversity. AIESEC provided performances, free food, free t-shirts, and even a live zoo. The event attracted over 1,000 students, faculty, and administrators. In addition to furthering the objectives of campus branding, cultural awareness, and OGX promotion, this event provided an excellent opportunity for event planning experience and leadership for the Organizing Committee. Global Village was funded entirely by the Georgia Tech Student Government Association, Auxiliary Services, and the Office of International Education. We are grateful for the support of our sponsors. “Not only did I get to promote cultural exchange, lead a group of amazing AIESECers and stand up to some big people on Tech campus (something I never would have done before), but I got the chance to push myself to the limits and to see something that had consumed my life for months come together.” -Anney Reese, Organizing Committee President

Participating Organizations: IASO, India Club, Bangladesh Students Association, CaribSA, Sigma Beta Rho, Iranian Student Association, Korean Student Organization, Lebanese Club, Pakistan Students Organization, Qurbani, Vibha, Invisible Children, Hellenic Society


Organizing Committee Anney Reese Organizing Committee President Nabila Nazarali VP Logistics Kristen Rieck VP Finance Catherine Hwang VP Marketing Distribution Laura Stahley VP Marketing Jasmine Fu VP External Relations Urvashi Goverdhan VP Communications Emnet Almedon VP Communications

International Gala In November of 2010, AIESEC at Georgia Tech hosted its second annual International Gala at the Georgia Tech Alumni House. The event brought together 75 current and prospective corporate partners, alumni, and other stakeholders (70% externals) for a catered dinner, silent auction, and networking. The keynote speech from Daniel J. Brutto, President of UPS International, was preceded by words from the chairman of AIESEC GTâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Board of Advisors, Michael Flood, and Kiti Kajana, a manager at American Cancer Society, one of GTâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s current exchange partners.

Organizing Committee

New media and non-exchange partnerships were established as a result of the Gala. AIESEC at Georgia Tech was also able to solidify current partnerships, connect with previously engaged alumni in the area, create valuable new leads, make new highlevel contacts within the Georgia Tech community, and promote quality branding by spreading the AIESEC mission and vision to cultural and business organizations around Atlanta.

Eliza Seim

Priya Nakra

Organizing Committee President

Nick Seitz Mansi Shah

Emnet Almedom Shiza Pasha Safkat Alkindi Kibria

(Left to right) Shiza, Emnet, Priya, Nick, Eliza, and Mansi 18

Fall 2010 Regional Kick-off Seminar On October 2nd-4th 2010 AIESEC at Georgia Tech hosted the Southern Comfort Regional Kick-off Seminar. Organizing Committee President Melissa Parham and Conference Manager Nick Seitz put together a fantastic conference. One hundred fifty students from the southeastern AIESEC university chapters including Georgia Tech, University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill, University of Georgia, Appalachian State, Georgia State gathered in Greenville, South Carolina to discuss their AIESEC goals and experiences. The purpose of the conference was to uphold the vision of AIESEC as an international platform that drives young people to explore and develop their leadership potential in order to have a positive impact on society. Through interactive and highly informative sessions given by senior AIESEC members or Alumni, members were trained on how to work in teams efficiently, engage in business meetings to sell the AIESEC brand, and develop their interpersonal, professional, and communication skills. As expected, the international aspect associated with AIESEC was at the conference with the presence of delegates from Guatemala, China, Kenya, Brazil and Germany who not only gave enlightening speeches about their international leadership experiences, but also took an active role in facilitating the training sessions.

Georgia Tech Leading the Nation Regional Chairs: Param Randhawa, Nabila Nazarali National Support Team: Param Randhawa Global Support Team: Priya Nakra

Right: Nabila Nazarali and Param Randhawa 19


Finance Summary

Finance Summary Financial Report Expenses





Outgoing Exchange



Incoming Exchange



Membership Dues



LC Management Printing Expenses 1 Conferences EP Scholarship

Actual $721.12 $0.00 $7,666.90 $425.00

LC Management Actual Budgeted LCP Budget $158.16 Contributions/Donations $5,696.15 $3,500.00 Printing Outgoing Exchange $226.66 Outgoing Exchange $3,655.00 $4,375.00 Fall 2010 Gala $5,830.84 $8,500.00 1 Conferences Business Development $67.42 Miscellaneous $190.95 $0.00 $7,500.00 Incoming Exchange $8,868.75 External Relations $88.66 EP Scholarship SGA Net Income Dues $210.50 Membership $2,133.53 $2,100.00 Talent Management $82.02 LCP Budget $26,585.72 $25,975.00 $3,500.00 Communications and Contributions/Donations $5,696.15 TOTAL: 2010 Balance: Fall Starting 2010 Gala



TOTAL: 2010 Starting Balance:

$26,585.72 $12,989.67

2010 Opening Balance 2010 Net Income

$80.00 $185.00

$425.00 $300.00 $440.00 $100.00 $80.00 $185.00

$23,945.49 $12,989.67 $10,955.82



2010 Closing Balance 2010 Opening Balance 2010 Net Income



$23,945.49 $12,989.67 $10,955.82


!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !#$%&'!($)*+,+)-+!+./+)0+!1)-'23+0!/,$4+-%+3!,+1562,0+5+)%0!*$,!71)%+,!8&%1$)&'!($)*+,+)-+!9:":!!


$5,000.00 $140.00


National Support Staff






LC Balance


Budgeted $500.00 $0.00 $10,050.00


LC Balance 2010 Closing Balance

Actual $721.12 $300.00 $0.00 $440.00 $7,666.90 $100.00

Exchange $226.66 $4,888.88 $5,000.00 Development $67.42 $239.00 $140.00 External Relations $88.66 Miscellaneous $655.28 Talent Management $82.02 National Support Staff $62.73 $25,975.00 Communications and TOTAL $15,629.90 $17,105.00 $348.07 Marketing $12,989.67 Fall 2010 Gala $4,888.88 Account Delivery $239.00

Marketing Outgoing $12,989.67 $12,989.67 $8,500.00 $5,830.84 Fall 2010 Gala Business Account Delivery $190.95 $0.00

SGA Net Income

Budgeted $500.00 $0.00 $10,050.00


2011 Executive Board Karie Champlin

Nick Seitz

Catherine Hwang

Walid Choueiki

Zulaikha Farid

SofĂ­a Lazaro

Urvashi Goverdhan

Sarah Grace Parr

Kyle Zeman

Local Committee President

VP Finance

VP Campus Relations

VP Talent Management

VP Outgoing Exchange - External

VP Communications


VP Outgoing Exchange - Internal

VP Account Delivery

VP Business Development

AIESEC GT Annual Report 2010  

AIESEC GT Annual Report 2010

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