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From Max: I hope you guys are going to enjoy this issue of Monthly because we put a lot of effort in to it. There will be even more great articles, photos, and interviews coming in the future, so keep your eye out for issues to come. Also, if you have any suggestions or would like to be featured in the Monthly, come to our office in the student center or send an email to Tashya at The Student Government meeting with Monsignor Casale on Friday, September 27, 2013


What is one characteristic that you believe every leader should possess?

On September 21, 2013 our SGA teamed with 103 different organizations to clean up FIU Biscayne Bay.

One characteristic that I believe every leader should possess is effective communication. A leaderâ€&#x;s communication plays a vital role in the identity he/she displays as having strong leadership qualities and being knowledgeable. If a leader wants to display effective communication there are two aspects one should focus on: his/her dependability and honesty. The slightest mistake in their use of words will convey to the constituents a lack of leadership. I believe people can tell what kind of leader you are by one conversation. When you have a mature and pleasant personality that can be expressed as smoothly as you can get your point across, you are an ideal leader. Leaders do not only help individuals reach their potential, but a leader is a model of what they can become. By: Giovanni Mentor President of the Student Government Association


Leadership Training provided to STU student leaders and freshmen. Sponsored by Student Affairs


Senior Nicole McInnis was named Sun Conference Volleyball Player of the Week for the week ending Sept. 15. McInnis was dominant in conference road wins at Webber International and at Warner. She averaged 5.6 kills per set, including a kill for match point in the decisive fourth set at Webber International. She also had the kill in set point to give STU a 1-0 lead at Warner. In both matches she led all players on the court in kills, while also serving three aces and averaging 12 digs per match.

goal by senior Ignacio Mateos. Junior Olando Lawrence scored on a spectacular play to cap off the scoring.

Senior Sara Mira was named Sun Conference Women’s Soccer Offensive Player of the Week after registering eight points in two come-from-behind wins for the Bobcats. In a neutral site match vs. 22nd ranked Robert Morris, Mira scored two goals and had an assist to fuel the comeback win. On Sunday vs. NCAA II Saint Leo, Mira scored on a penalty kick with less than four minutes to play before the half. With the score tied 2-2, Mira had the assist to fellow senior Melony Poviones for the game-winning goal in the 70th minute. Mira has seven goals on the season and now ranks second on STU’s all-time list with 44 career goals.

The Men’s Golf team traveled to Daytona Beach, Fla. for the NAIA Fall Preview held at the world-renowned LPGA International golf course. STU’s Carlos Lara finished in a tie for 12th place, shooting one-over-par over the three-round event.

Undefeated through six games, The Bobcats are off to one of the best starts in STU Women’s Soccer history. St. Thomas opened the season 5-0-1 with wins over seventh ranked Mobile, 22nd ranked Robert Morris, and NCAA DII St. Leo. Sara Mira leads the team with seven goals and five assists. Melony Poviones, who controls the action as STU’s center midfielder, has four goals to go along with three goals. Seniors Amanda Trujillo (one goal, two assists) and Courtney Trujillo (three goals) have come up big in the early season. Defensively, the Bobcats have been led by senior Emelie Johansson, sophomore Alyssa Kilbride and sophomore Ashley Taylor. Senior goalkeeper Ariana Lorenzo has recorded two shutouts in the net.

webcast. Every STU home event is televised live at

Men’s and Women’s Cross Country opened their season traveling to Gainesville, Fla. to compete in the UF Mountain Dew Invitational. On the men’s side, the Bobcats were led by Aaron Person, Carlos Colina and Steven Payne. Monica Rekkedal and Amanda Penton were the top finishing women’s runners.

Best of luck to WSTU95 Sports Director and School of Communications student Eugenio Arana who started a fall internship on Sept. 16 with ESPN in Bristol, Conn. For the past two years, Arana has led a group from WSTU95 on live production of STU Sports via live, so if you can’t make it to the game, tune in and watch from your com puter or mobile device.

Keep up with all the action all season long at and follow @STUAthletics on twitter and instagram.

Written By: Philip De Montmollin

STU Women’s Volleyball opened their Sun Conference schedule with a pair of road wins at Warner and Webber International. The Bobcats only dropped one set over the course of the two matches. In addition to McInnis, STU received strong performances by sophomore Sydney Maynard, freshman Dana Nowacyk, senior Rosa Viera, and junior Gaby Huaroto-Luque. Men’s Soccer earned a 3-1 win over rival Northwood to open their 2013 campaign. Junior Francisco Amorena scored STU’s first goal of the year, followed by the eventual game-winning


By: Christopher Carrasco Awesome presence was radiating through our time with each other a the Catholic Campus Ministry beach social. Enjoying fellowship that was filled with a heavy weight of joy exploding in our faces. It was a radical moment to enter a place where we could do away with any unnecessary fears and stubborn ideas in order to embrace the joy of fun; to the point of splashing a hand full of salt water into someoneâ€&#x;s face and laughing, watching the person gag from the salt water! All for the sake of preparing ourselves for a pack-filled semester. Above all, companionship that exults the gift of our presence to which will bear fruit. The purpose of this outing is to remind ourselves that we are created for happiness not for agonizing sadness. If we were not then what we experience at the beach was a lie. The joy we experience testifies a reality to our creation...happiness. We in Catholic Campus Ministry invite you to join with us to continue on this journey of fun in becoming a baller evangelist. Therefore, Catholic Campus Ministry welcomes you with open arms and asks that you take a few minutes and enjoy a cup of joe and a few laughs in our office located in the Kennedy building room 114. Also join us for worship at the gorgeous Chapel of Saint Anthony for daily mass at 12:15pm,Sunday mass at 7:00pm, and the many initiatives we have prepared particularly for YOU!!!


By: Monica Rekkedal

play, and go to movies. She says that she did not like reading books before, but she has joined all the reading events for 3 years. The instructional Coordinator at St. Thomas, Lawrence Treadwell, says that „The Bobcat Reading Week‟ has got many good responses from students and other participants at the University. Most people have told us that they think it was fun, and I have seen many familiar students participate for many of the events we have held. It makes us very happy that so many students like the concept. We started this event for 10 years ago, and we hold an event combined with a book one time per semester. The previous titles for the book event have been the “Hunger games”, “Devil wears Prada”, The “Hobbit” and “Kick runner”. “Bobcat read” has many ideas for how this coming book event is going to be. The event will be the 28 th of November until the 1st of December. Professors will be invited to speak, and students to prepare projects and a dramatic play where the students can allowed themself to be a little childish and live themself into the Star wars action figure world. Ariel Listo, is an eager student who has a passion for star wars, and have a huge collection of all the movies and the action figures back home. He thinks it is cool that the books title is called Star Wars, and is very excited to participate as an action figure in the play. The “Bobcat reading week is an inspirational event where students can get involved with reading books, interact with each other, socialize through events such as movies and play. These reading events are popular amongst the students and all ages are joining every year. The administrators at the library at St Thomas are surprised of the good feedback they have got from most of the students that are participating in these events. Many students have changed their opinions about books. Most would say that they are boring, now many of them things they are fun. Every person has an inner child that wants to be reborn. If you are a star wars fan, and are dreaming about getting into one of the action figures world, then you should join the Reading event. Find your inner child and pretend you are one of the action figures in the star wars movie trying to save the universe. The event will take place at the library at St. Thomas University the 28th of November until the 1st of December. You are more welcome to join.

Are you a Star Wars fan? St Thomas University is holding a reading event for all students at the library the 28 th of November until the 1st of December. The concept of the event is to try to inspire students at St Thomas to participate in reading more books from different authors. The students will also have the opportunity to go to the movies and play a character in a play at St. Thomas. Star Wars is the tile of the book for this semester, and “Shakespeare” is the author. St Thomas University of Miami is known for holding events based on reading weeks to inspire students to be more engaged about reading books, learn more about different authors and to interact with each other for more learning possibilities. The library administrator at St Thomas University, Jonathan C. Roach points out how important it is to choose a title and an author who can create interest within the student body at the University. It is important to choose a good title and reading material to arouse the interest of the students. It is like a commercial. He states If there is something familiar and nice that we want, it attracts our interest in our daily life The title and the author of the book for the reading event this Declaration: This news story is the part of an assignment for semester is “Star Wars” written by “Shakespeare”. The reason COM343-01- Multiplatform Journalism Reporting submitted to why this book was chosen was because people are familiar with the Institute for Communication Entertainment and Media the title “Star Wars”, it is a book that is fun to read, and every (ICEM) at St. Thomas University, written under the supervision teenager or adult has most likely watched the movies or read the of Dr. Sony J. Raj book at least once. The book will also help the students to know more about “Shakespeare” and his style of writing. The book also contains a lot of good information, for example culture and religion. To attract students to join the reading week, Bobcat read is also organizing an event about the book which includes taking the students to a movie and to organize a play where every student can participate and live themselves into the role of being one of the characters of the book “Star Wars” written by “Shakespeare”. Lauren Lightfoot, one of the students at St. Thomas, says that this is a great opportunity to learn a lot about different books, cultures and getting more knowledge in the everyday life. The reading week combined with an event is really fun, and that is a great 7 opportunity to interact with people, get friends, participate in a

On Wednesday, September 25th, clubs and organizations gathered in the Convocation Hall for our annual Student Involvement Fair


When Nicole and Sydney walked in our office they both were surprised by how nice it looks and why they have never been here before. (Editor’s note. People, come and visit our office in the Student Center to get to know your Student Government). Then we started our conversation. You’ve been a captain for 2 years now; do you see any changes in your role from last year? Nicole: I would say my role this year as a captain is more of a mom role; last year most of the girls were my age. I could sit back and let them do what they had to do and just get on them when I needed to. This year we have a lot of younger girls who are first timers in college so I have to get them acquainted with the new life and guide them. I am trying to lead by an example this year.

How do you balance your personal life, school work, and Volleyball? Nicole: My social life has gone down a lot; I don‟t get out much. I am taking six classes and graduating in December, so whenever we are on the road I‟m focused on doing my homework and getting my studies done, especially because Coach takes our phones away. Sundays being homework days, if I get everything done I get to have somewhat of a social life. So, if you actually get free time what interests do you have you besides volleyball? Nicole: My favorite thing to do is play beach volleyball; I also love to go fishing; my family is big on that. We love the outdoors, so anything that has to do with the outdoors I love doing it.

Do you remember the challenges that you faced in your first year of being a captain? What recommendations do you Sydney, this is your first year as a captain. How do you feel have for Sydney as it is her first year of being a captain? about your new role on the team? And what do you think Nicole: In my first year it was hard for me to learn how to lead. about the transition from a regular player to a captain? I would say things and it would come across negatively. So, I had to step back and learn how to give constructive criticism positively to my teammates. To Sydney, I want to say try to reinforce with positives instead of negatives. There are 9 new players on the team and only 5 returners. Two starting players got injured, how was the team able to adapt and what was the toughest challenge for you as a captain?

Sydney: Being with Nicole makes it easier because I know that if I feel like I‟m struggling with something she is always there to pick me up as well as the rest of the team. Last year being a setter I had to learn how to lead the team a lot; the setter is like the quarterback of the team. People would look to me to run the plays, so basically I‟m doing the same thing this year but I feel like I have more respect because of my new role as captain.

Nicole: Everyone on the team has talent and everyone on the team can play any position at any time, so if someone goes down, yes there is someone down on the court, but that just means everyone else has to pick up their level of play to compensate for that person being out. As a captain and a leader for two years what strong suits did you develop last year and what do you plan to work on this year? Nicole: Last year I worked on both the physical and mental aspect of the game. This year as I said before, I want to lead by example, so I made sure I passed my conditioning test and I am continuing to work on the mental aspect of the game. Also, I am focused on making sure all the girls are fighting for the same thing and everyone has the same goals this year.

Nicole McInnis


How did it feel to have 12 road games as a season starter? And what did you learn about the team during those games?

Coaches also told me that you guys have special captain meetings where they teach you how to be leaders on the team. Could you tell me more about it and what did you learn from Sydney: Well, we were definitely faced with a lot of controversy those meetings? because of our injuries and learning how to get together. Especially after a loss. We have to be the ones that have to bring eve- Nicole: At these meetings we talk to coach and tell her if we see rybody else together. So, when people have the tendency to be something that is not working or something that is happening in mad about it, Nicole and I have to be the ones to pick everybody practice. She may change something or change the way she does up and move forward. something that can benefit us. It is like an interactive circle that we do every Monday after practice. Nicole, what do you think about it? Sydney: If there is something sophomores think we should be Nicole: With 12 road games it is tough, because it is a completely doing in practice more of or less of that could benefit us for the new team. For example, I could close my eyes and would know upcoming game, they could tell me and I will relate it back to what Sydney is going to do, because we played together, we Coach. mesh well together, but there are new people on the court, so it is hard to know how they play and to gel with them. It is our job on I like how your coaches are really engaged with you to make the court to make everyone gel together. sure that everybody is becoming a better player and a student, it feels like a family. As a captain and a leader what is your strong side and what do you think you need to work on to become a better leader? Sydney: Yeah... Nicole: That‟s exactly what it is. Sydney: I feel like with Nicole and I, she is the bad cop and I am Sydney: It feels like they are our parents. the good cop. She is the one to get on the players and I will be the one to turn right back around and say, “t‟s okay, you can do it, I also think you are the example of what a team should be you got it.” So, we joke a lot about it on the team. She is not go- like. For the rest of the sports teams on our campus, you are ing to be there next year, I will have to play both of those roles the example for them. myself and be able to tell people things in a constructive way while also being positive. What she [Nicole] is learning how to Thank you for coming here this morning. Good luck in your do this year, I will have to work on next year, because she is not next game and the whole season. going to be here next year. Being able to see when something is going wrong and address it right at that moment; I am not going to have her there anymore. What about balancing your personal life, school work, and Volleyball?

Sydney Maynard

Sydney: It is tougher for her [Nicole], because she is taking more classes. But I am shooting for straight A‟s this year. Now coach makes us do tutoring hours, I can‟t just go back to my room and sleep if I want to; I have to get my homework done. It is working for me this year, because I have no other choice. I feel like I am doing a better job at managing my time compared to last year. As a freshman I didn‟t realize how difficult it was going to be, I would get more and more behind, but now I am on top of it. So, you have tutoring classes as a whole team? Sydney: Yes. It is mandatory for all freshman and those whose GPA are low, but also some people go just to get their homework done. It is every other day for an hour in coach‟s office or in the classroom when she is there. We are not allowed to have our phones and once a week we have to get tutoring hours from our professor or a tutor. If you have a free time what are your interests? Sydney: I like to go to the beach, but I also prefer to watch Netflix. I like movies, so sometimes I can sit on the bed and watch the whole TV series on Sunday. 10

Exercise regularly: Exercise delivers oxygen Itâ€&#x;s not surprising that some college students end and nutrients to your tissues which helps up eating a pop tart for breakfast, fast food for your heart and lungs to work efficiently; lunch, and pizza for dinner. Aside from the lack this gives you more energy to go about of nutrition, it does not provide you with the your every day schedule. much needed energy to tackle your every day schedule. Eating this way increases your chance of getting illnesses and adding extra The Student Health Center is here to help you inches to your waistline. make the best of your campus life experience. Here are some tips: Do not skip meals: Many students have the bad habit of skipping meals. This causes Medical Clinic & Insurance: your metabolism to slow down and it also Monday - Friday makes nutrition absorption less efficient. 9:00am - 4:30pm Keep yourself hydrated: Water is the best source of keeping your body hydrated. If Counseling Services: you do not like the taste of plain water you Monday - Friday can add fruits to give it some flavor. 10:00am - 6:00pm Snack smart: Look for foods that are high in fiber and protein, for example almonds and yogurt. Foods high in fiber and protein keep up your energy.

By: Nurse Nellie 11

The Political Science Club was founded on the principle that in order to be an educated and well-rounded individual we must be politically knowledgeable and civically engaged. We motivate our members to lead by example and encourage political participation because we know that if we don’t participate in the political discourse we cannot expect to enact the changes we desire. Now, we don’t just sit around in a circle and discuss current events. We discuss and debate the important issues of the day, but we are an active member of the STU community and contribute to the campus culture through guest speakers’ series, on-campus debates, and our annual Constitution Day celebration.

We invite you to come and be part of a unique and fun organization that aspires to educate and motivate leaders to make a difference in the world.

Josh: The crime in my neighborhood is really bad. Rachel: How bad is it? Josh: It‟s so bad, the other night I forgot my key to the house and the burglar had to let me in. Q: Where does the one legged man work? A: At IHOP.

Our membership is academically and politically diverse. We have members from many different majors with many different points of view. We value this diversity and think this is an integral part of our club’s success.


October 19th is Parent and Family Appreciation Day at STU! By: Jacqueline House Here‟s how you can help us to make this a great day for parents and families: Mark the date on your calendar and be sure to attend the pre-game pizza party and the basketball game on October 19th. Remember students get free admission to games with their student identification. As a young adult you may take the time to show your Parents and families will get a postcard invitation, appreciation regularly, or you may want to say thank but go ahead and let them know about the you more often than you actually do. Here at St. date in advance. Parents and families get free Thomas University we know how important it is to admission to all games on that day. They can have support from the significant adults in your life. come and stay for the games, or just come to STU wants to join with you to celebrate parent and the basketball game at 7 p.m. that evening. family and the support they give you in helping you We really want them to come to the to reach your goals in life. We also want to say thank basketball game because we are going to you for supporting your educational pursuits at STU. have a special presentation for parents and Whether you are involved in athletics, or one of the families during half-time of the basketball many club and leadership opportunities on campus, game. the support of parents and family members helped Don‟t forget to get your free ticket to enter into you become who you are today. the drawings for free prizes for students and families at the event! In celebration of parents and families, the STU Parents and Families Program is collaborating with Join us! We are looking forward to seeing you. STU Athletics and the Student Government Parents and families can stay tuned to Association to present Parent and Family parents or like us on Facebook at St. Thomas UniAppreciation Day on October 19th, 2013. versity Parents Program for updates, or email us at for any additional information. For Parents and Families Appreciation Day, all families will be able to attend the women‟s volleyball (2 p.m.), women‟s soccer (4 p.m.), and men‟s basketball (7 p.m.) games for FREE. In addition to free admission to the games, parents and families will enjoy a special reception in their honor from 5p.m. – 7 p.m. before the start of the basketball game. We will round out the event with FREE giveaways for parents and families, drawings for FREE prizes for parents and students, a FREE pre-basketball pizza party for students, and the opportunity to take FREE commemorative Parent and Family Appreciation Day pictures. Parents, grandparents, guardians, and other relatives are an important part of the STU community. Everyone has an adult somewhere who has encouraged and supported their hopes and dreams to get them to the next level in life.


By: Tracy Asencio General Manager of WSTU95 Communication Arts Major As a little girl growing up I always looked up to my grandfather. His energy and happiness always brought a smile to my face. My grandfather was superman, a real man of the house who was committed to the safety of his wife and kids and who although, had very little to give, gave as much as he could to not only his family but his friends. A true man, my grandfather, my light, my world. My grandfather was unstoppable, until that day he went to sleep and woke up blind! It was a regular day in Dominican Republic my grandfather was running errands for my grandmother or as he called her "viejita," he came home watched some "novelas," locked all 27 locks in his house and went to bed right next to his queen. The next day as he woke up he screamed at my grandma "vieja" I can't see you, I can't see you." That day marked the rest of my family‟s life forever; it made us realize how

precious life really is. This was my reality check moment. This was when I realized that life is too short to be worried about what other people think or the material things we don't have. I realized that as long as I am breathing and as long as I have a roof over my head and food in my tummy I have everything. It took my grandfather, my superman, to become blind to make me realize how precious my eyes are or how precious my nose is, things that we don't even think to sit back and appreciate. Yet we are so busy trying to enhance our looks by making our nose thinner, or boobs bigger. Let‟s just STOP! Let's be grateful that we are alive and functioning because so many other people out there don't even have the luxury of having shoes. Women, men and children of all shapes and sizes I want you to take a moment and listen to your heart and thank God or whomever you believe in for that gift, because in reality it‟s all you need! Don't wait till something unimaginable happens to appreciate your true gifts.

































Directions: Solve the tredoku, bring it to the SGA office. First three persons to have it correctly completed will receive a special gift.


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