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From Tashya: I want to thank everyone who made this monthly news letter possible. To everyone who took the time to write articles, to Mark Rogers who printed the publication, to Jackson Weber for all the wonderful advisement and most of all to the students and faculty who support the STU Monthly each month. From Max: I hope you guys are going to enjoy the first issue of the redesigned Monthly because we put a lot of effort in to it. There will be even more great articles, photos, and interviews coming in the future, so keep your eye out for issues to come. Also, if you have any suggestions or would like to be featured in the Monthly, come to our office in the student center and let us know. You also can grab the latest issue.


The transition has been really smooth. I love my schedule and my classes. It‟s very different from high school in St. Maarten, where I would have eight to ten classes a day. Now I only have three classes a day three times a week. The first week was a bit hectic, trying to find classes and getting out of the summer mode, but I'm getting there. I did not know what to expect having to live with five other girls but its turning out to be cool. They are very friendly and have introduced me to the "American way of Life”. I'm looking forward to see how the remainder of this year will be.

By: Nikita Mukhi

My transition from high school life to college life in two words would be “Life Changer”. I‟m coming from St. Dominic High School in St. Maarten (in the Caribbean), where we are used to uniforms in high school. In college, it‟s like you wear what you want, however, all that counts is your performance. My arrival at St. Thomas University places me in a diverse playground since I am in an American school now. I come from a country with over 150 nationalities so St. Thomas University hasn‟t shown me anything different in culture that I haven‟t seen before. My biggest transition, I would say is remembering that I hold my future in my hands. Back in high school, if I made a mistake, there‟s someone there pushing me or instructing me on how to avoid or correct it. Now, in college I need to solve it all on my own which is part of the “Life Changer”.

By: Anishka Romeo

College is everything I expected it to be and more! The transition has been easy to handle and stress-free. Being an out of state student, I am surprised at the fact that I'm not homesick. Classes here are a much smaller size than what I had in high school and the schedule works really well for me! I never thought I would like living in a dorm but my dorm is totally adorable and I love it! I love being able to talk to the girls at the end of the day about everything we did and what we plan on doing the next day! They're my STU family! St. Thomas is amazing and I wouldn't want to be anywhere else! Go Bobcats!

By:Jaspreet Thiara

Transitioning from high school life to college life has been easy but difficult. One thing that has been difficult is trying to adjust to not having my parents here to help me and explaining to them how my day had went. I know that they are just a call or click away but it is just not the same. I love having roommates to share the experience with; I would not even know how I would make it through this experience in my life without them. However, the classes seem to be about the same to what I am use to back home. All my classes have less than forty people in them making that transition not hard at all. Every professor that I have is willing to help me in any way possible, making that bond between the professor and the student even easier to achieve. Even though, the cafeteria is not my mom’s homemade cooking; the food is good and I can get use to trying new things that I have never heard of. I do like to try new things, but this experience will give me a better chance to taste different flavors that I would most likely not get at home. I believe that with just a little more time I should have an easier time dealing without my parents and all the other little things to get use to because I am on my own in a different place.

By: Emily Roberts 3

STU ATHLETICS PRE-SEASON PRIMER Here‟s what you need to know heading into the 2013-14 STU Athletics season. Don‟t miss your opportunity to support the Bobcats all season long. The fall athletic season features Men‟s and Women‟s Soccer, Women‟s Volleyball, Men‟s and Women‟s Cross Country and Men‟s Golf. Men‟s and Women‟s Basketball as well as competitive Cheer and Dance highlight the Winter sports season. The spring athletic season features Baseball, Softball, Men‟s and Women‟s Tennis, and Men‟s Golf. Every STU home game is FREE for all STU students, faculty and staff (school ID required). Every STU home game is broadcast live by a student broadcasting team from WSTU95. Eugenio Arana and Kile Shillingford, from WSTU95 bring you all the action. Go to and hit the “Watch Live” button to view the games. STU Athletics is all over the internet and on social media. Be sure to follow the Bobcats on all of these outlets.






Mark your calendar and be there for this Fall‟s home openers. Thursday, Aug. 23, 4:30 p.m.: Women’s Volleyball vs. Indiana Tech Wednesday, Aug. 28, 4 p.m.: Men’s Soccer vs. Northwood Saturday, Aug. 31, 3 p.m.: Women’s Soccer vs. Thomas Women’s Volleyball plays its matches at the Fernandez Family Center. Men’s and Women’s Soccer compete at Bobcat Field, located directly west of the FFC. Good luck to all of STU’s student-athletes. Go Bobcats! 4


My name is Giovanni Mentor and I am the President of the Student Government Association (SGA). I am a Criminal Justice major and Psychology minor. Recently I obtained my certificate in Homeland Security and Terrorism. Previously I was the President of Kreyol Nation. This position has helped to mold me into the STU motto of “Developing Leaders for Life.� This motto has further led me to being involved in many activities since entering St. Thomas University. Through my various activities I have been active in the St. Thomas choir, Cheerleading team, Cross-Country team, section leader in the marching band, and a Student Ambassador for

everyone to keep an eye out for the Common Hour. This was a long and painful process that many people put their reputation on the line for. I advise anyone who have questions or just want to stop by the SGA office, to know that you are welcome to do so.

Admissions. With the academic knowledge, innovative concepts, the help of taking on leadership roles, scholarship opportunities, and community service learned at St. Thomas University, I have decided to give back, especially to the students. I want to take my knowledge and pass it down to the executive board of the next wave of leaders. With that being said I want


Welcome Back Guys, hope your summer rocked! My name is Juliette Metelus, full-time student, Senior, majoring in a B.A in Psychology, Minor in Biology, certifying in Criminal Justice, aspiring Forensic Psychologist, Executive Vice President of SGA, a BOBCAT, campus resident, and active volunteer; all of which are just a few titles which represent my involvement at St. Thomas University. I also have the privilege to work as a full-time lead at one of my favorite sneaker stores, Champs. What I love more than being a leader and great shoes is the fact that I love to travel. My personal goal is to visit all the states in USA, including territories, oversea, countries and cities such as Paris, Italy, Australia, and Russia.

Interesting fact about me is that, I am of Haitian-Dominican descent. I am excited to serve as your SGA VP for the year 2013-2014. Hope to see you around campus!

I am part of a small family, raised in Miami, Florida, but have a larger family divided between, Hispaniola and Bahamas.


Hey Bobcats, My name is Tashya Melville and I currently hold the position of Secretary of Communications for St Thomas Universityâ€&#x;s Student Government Association. I am from the beautiful island of Jamaica and I am currently pursuing a major in Political Science and History. In my spare time I love to entertain my friends and family with my many jokes and antics; I enjoy making the people around me happy. I am also passionate about acting and I appreciate the art of debating with others about controversial topics that affect human life around the world. Music is also something I appreciate very much; I can honestly say it is the bridge that connects my soul to the outside world. My aspiration is to become a Human Rights Lawyer and some day become the next female Prime Minister of my island. My favorite thing about St. Thomas University is the closeness between students and faculty. I love that one on one experience that professors dedicate to each

student, However, I feel like we lack school spirit and this year SGA is making it a mission to try to uplift both students and faculty members so that we can bring back the STU pride. Lets Go Bobcats!


My name is Vanessa Valentin, I was born in Lima, Peru, but I came to Miami at the age of six. This school year, I am your Student Government Association Treasurer. I manage the money of the clubs and organizations around the school. I am in my Senior year here at Saint Thomas University, studying Biology.

My goal is to become an Entomologist to continue doing research at the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA). I am a FCCAgE Scholar, which has given me the opportunity to do internships at the USDA and travel around the U.S. to prestigious conferences. Other than school work, I love to play volleyball. I played volleyball when I was in Dr. Michael Krop Senior High School for three years and also played for South Florida Volleyball Club.


period! Technology is another interest of mine. I am really passionate about how visually small things affect the life of the whole generation; It is just powerful. As the last word, make sure you follow us on Instagram @stu_sga, you will see a lot of great stuff out there.

Wassup everyone my name is Max and I am currently your Speaker of the Senate. Before I start talking about myself, I want to explain what it means to be in my position. As a Speaker of the Senate I represent the whole Senate in SGA and the Senate represents you guys (the students). So, if you have any suggestions on how to make our university a better place, please let me or any other senators know. Other than my position at SGA, I am also a player on the JV Basketball team here at STU. Basketball has been a big part of my life and it helped me to learn a lot about team work which I can easily translate to my work within SGA. I have a wide variety of interests, one of which is music. I canâ€&#x;t live a day without listening to music I like,


Congratulations to BUS 490 – Business Policy students for ranking in the Business Strategy Game Global Top 100 Each week, the best-performing Business Strategy Game companies are measured on four variables; Overall Game-To-Date Score, Earnings Per Share, Return on Average Equity, and Stock Price. The Overall Game-To-Date Score rankings are always based on a 50%-50% weighting for the Investor Expectations and the Best-in-Industry scoring standards, yielding a maximum weighted average score of 110. During the week of Monday, April 15 through Sunday, April 21, there were 4776 teams from 302 colleges/universities participating in the simulation world-wide. St. Thomas University ranked 54th in the Global Top 100 for best Overall Score performance of the week!

Company Name: Diami Score: 109.0 Overall Game-To-Date Score Ranking: 54th Team Members: Yang Peng, Daisy Fernandez, Natalia Rolden, and Julian Vela During the week of Monday, April 22 through Sunday, April 28, there were 3586 teams from 243 colleges/universities participating in the simulation world-wide. St. Thomas University ranked 15th in the Global Top 100 for best Overall Score performance of the week! Company Name: Diami Score: 109.5 Overall Game-To-Date Score Ranking: 15th Team Members: Yang Peng, Daisy Fernandez, Natalia Rolden, and Julian Vela Instructor: Professor Paul Maxwell


On Thursday, August 15th STU welcomed new students.


Surviving the College Experience The college experience can be exhilarating and fun. It is also a time of greater independence; however, with greater independence comes greater responsibility. Tips to make the most of your college experience include: Be organized: keep a planner, mark dates for projects and exams. Be prepared: read ahead, turn work in on time. Be early to class: so you can relax and be mentally ready. Be around: visit places - library, cafeteria, health center, visit people- advisors, nurse, counselor Be healthy: eat small, healthy meals every 3-5 hours (donâ€&#x;t skip breakfast) limit junk food (e.g., candy, chips, sodas) Visit your counselor eat low calorie snacks (e.g., popcorn, Josie Oramas, EdD, LMHC fruits, vegetables) Student Health Center avoid Emotional Eating when stressed, tired, or upset 305-628-6695 do the things you enjoy (e.g., jogging, reading, calling a friend) get plenty of sleep Sources: Drink Responsibly (if you are of legal age) Exercise, Laugh, Read for pleasure, Enjoy rviv5.htm

Josie Oramas 13

Thomas University with Schools, Beach Clean-Up and Caribbean Student Association (CSA) is an organization that consists of all Caribbean countries and islands. It‟s a cultural experience for our members; we

Food/Clothes Drive. CSA plans to form an interaction not only to Caribbean students but to any student from any country.

Our meetings are every Tuesday at 3:15 in

strive to provide a family atmosphere. For this school year,

Kennedy 207. Come out and enjoy the Caribbean

CSA is led by Kile Shillingford (President), alongside his


e-board members: Vice President Cathiana St. Preux, Secretary Jessica Darring, Treasurer Dorcas Jean, Historians Nola Vassor and NeQuan Edwin, and Public

What does a nosey pepper do? Gets jalapeno business!

How do you make holy water? Boil the hell out of it!

Relations Officers Kenyoka Ingraham and Danesha Young. Our expectations for this year are to fill our members‟ college experience with a taste of different Caribbean cultures. We host events such as Game Night, Pump Yo Flag

A robber jumped on a well-dressed man and held a gun to his head. “Give me your money!” he demanded. The man stiffened, but said indignantly, “You can‟t do this to me—I‟m a Congressman!” “In that case,” replied the robber, “give me MY money!”

Parties, Movie Night, etc. We also put together fundraisers such as Patty Sales, Caribbean Food Sale, and the newly added CSA raffle. We volunteer in and outside of St.


8:00 English 101 class may not be the best option for you.

By: Thomas Brezenski, Associate Professor Welcome new and returning students. I am honored to have been asked to provide you with the first „words of wisdom‟ as we begin the new academic year. In your interest, I would like to keep things as concise and practical as possible. This way, it will stick in your mind and you will tend to keep it in mind.

Rule 2: Speak Up There will be times during the semester when you have absolutely no idea what the professor is talking about during class and you think you are the only one in the entire room who doesn‟t understand making you feel like the most clueless person in the Western hemisphere. I can assure you that there are many more of your classmates with that same “Huh?” look on their faces as you. So ask for clarification. Good professors adore students who ask questions because it gives them an opportunity to talk even more, something professors love to do. Rule 3: Keep Up You are provided with a syllabus at the beginning of the semester that contains a class schedule with assigned readings, due dates for assignments and the like. Do not use this vital document as a coaster and forget about it for the balance of the semester. This leads to you falling behind and causing no end of trouble. Remembering that you have an exam six hours before it starts generally causes poor performance, resulting in a score that if it were a temperature, it would cause water to freeze and a letter grade somewhere around a J. Therefore, it is best to keep up with the readings and lecture notes so that you are not in a blind panic come exam time. The same logic applies to projects and papers. The temptation to procrastinate is often very strong leading to you being as nervous as Lady Gaga in her meat outfit at Lion Country Safari. There is nothing worse than staring a twenty page paper in the face the night before it is due and you have not even walked past the library yet. Don‟t let this happen to you. Get a jump on assignments early so you do not end up developing spontaneous carpal tunnel syndrome hammering out a semester paper while mainlining Red Bull as the sun rises. So there you have it. Following these three simple rules, you can have a successful semester. If you have any questions about this column, feel free to come by my office

Rule 1: Show up The biggest and potentially fatal mistake new students (and old ones) make is not coming to class. Unless you are struck by lightning, attacked by a large and angry shark or trapped in a traffic jam on the Palmetto for the rest of your natural life, you should be in class. Getting the notes from a friend is often not sufficient as she may not pick up on the same things you would have. Moreover, many professors have an attendance policy that results in your grade suffering if you have a certain number of absences. Most importantly you and ask me. I love to talk. rob yourself of the educational experience that you are paying your tuition for. That being said, you should schedule your classes so that you will attend them on a consistent basis. If by some chance you are a vampire, an


September 3rd men‟s soccer @ florida southern 6pm September 4th women‟s volleyball vs iu southeast 6pm



Women‟s soccer

@Daytona beach, FL

@ Palm Beach State 4pm

vs georgia gwinnett 12pm

Women‟s soccer

Men‟s soccer

September 8th

September 11


Vs. St. Leo 1pm September 16th

Men‟s soccer @ FLORIDA TECH 6pm September 12th

@ spalding 8pm

Women‟s soccer

@ louisville, ky.

vs robert morris 1pm

September 6th

@babson park, fl.

Women‟s soccer vs cardinal stritch 2pm

September 13

Men‟s soccer vs cardinal stritch 4pm

@ webber intl. 7 pm

Women‟s volleyball vs bethel 1pm vs lourdes 5pm @gerogetown, ky September 7th


September 14th Men‟s/Women‟s cross country @ UF mountain dew invitational

women‟s volleyball

Women‟s volleyball

@ georgetown 11:30am

@ warner 2pm

vs. asbury 3:30pm @ georgetown, ky.

Men‟s golf at NAIA

Women‟s soccer


Vs. SCAD 4pm

@Daytona beach, FL

Women‟s volleyball

September 17th Men‟s golf at NAIA

September 15th

@Northwood 7pm September 28th

@Daytona beach, FL

Men‟s/Women‟s cross country

Men‟s soccer

@ Florida runners 8am

Vs. Brevard 4PM (EXHIBITION)

Women‟s volleyball


Women‟s volleyball

@ Warner 7pm September 27th

September 20


Women‟s volleyball Vs. Embry Riddle 7pm

@ Ave Maria 2pm Men‟s soccer Vs. Webber Intl. 4pm September 29th


Women‟s soccer

Women‟s volleyball

Vs. USCB 2pm

September 21

Vs. southeastern 2pm

Men‟s golf at NAIA

September 25th

Directions: Solve the Sudoku, bring it to the SGA office. First three persons to have it correctly completed will receive a special gift.


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