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and finally, statesman. It shows the human values that underpin the man.

currently undergoing a condition based maintenance that includes building, electrical, civil works and upgrading of the sewer system. The closure of the site has created job opportunities for the local community of Qunu and surroundings.

opportunity to loan its travelling exhibitions to interested institutions. Interested parties are given an opportunity to keep these exhibitions for a duration of six months.

Educational Programmes

Nelson Mandela Museum hosts a myriad of educational programmes in the form of local youth and international youth camps. These camps are educational in nature as they are in sync with the curriculum of the Department of Education. The learners are introduced to leadership programmes where they are taught about ethical, accountable and responsible leadership.

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The geographical location of the youth and heritage centre inspires nature lovers and cultural enthusiasts to visit Qunu. The centre houses a sliding stone where he used to play with his peers, ruins of a rondavel where he was named Nelson on his first day at school, not far from the centre there is a family grave site, a church where he was christened and a residential place where he is laid to rest. It further boasts of accommodation facilities that includes executive rooms and chalets, a conference centre, restaurant, dining hall, sports hall, ablution facilities, sporting fields and exhibitions halls.

Through the partnership with Anne Frank Haus in Lower Saxony County, Germany, the museum affords five South African students selected from different provinces an opportunity to travel to Germany for the International Youth Camp. The camp promotes social cohesion and racial and cultural tolerance as learners from diverse social, cultural and political backgrounds gather together for the duration of the camp.

Opening times: Monday to Friday: 09h00 and 16h00 except Worker’s Day Saturdays: 09h00 to 13h00 Sundays: Closed. Only tours booked in advance allowed between 09h00 to 12h00 Telephone: 047- 501 9500 Fax: 047-532 3345 Email:info@nelsonmandelamuseum. org.za

This multidimensional youth and heritage centre of the museum is

Nelson Mandela Museum provides museums and libraries with an

The site houses ‘Mandela and Luthuli: In Conversation’, the exhibition that brings the interactions and conversations between the Nobel laureates’ to life for ordinary people through a compilation of photographs and quotations from writings – all of which give this exhibition vital and inspiring insights. This historic site further boasts of a Special Library. The second site, Nelson Mandela Museum Youth and Heritage Centre serves as a catalyst for South African youth’s economic and training development. The objective of its establishment is to run structured youth programmes based on human rights, freedom and democracy.

Nelson Mandela Museum Travelling Exhibitions

Travelling exhibitions on offer:

• • •

In conversation: Nelson Mandela and Chief Albert Luthuli Exhibition “For Madiba with Love” Exhibition Parenting a Nation Travelling Exhibition “Dear Mr. Mandela, Dear Mrs. Parks” children’s letters: global exhibition Quilt Exhibition Freedom Exhibition

Interested institutions can contact Collection & Conservation Manager Phumeza Mandela @ 047 501 9520

For more about the museum, visit: www.nelsonmandelamuseum.org.za Please note that no pets are allowed in the Museum. However, working animals such as guide dogs for the blind are permitted.

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