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www.afmsgroup.co.za | email: info@afmsgroup.co.za The rOle Of The resilienT auThOriTy in The cOmmuniTy

The core focus of local government should be delivering frontline services, yet the challenges they face go beyond income generation and corporate strategy. Each municipality has its own unique requirements that demand a tailormade response in order to achieve maximum social value and community resilience. Working closely with local government clients to understand their key community drivers, Afroteq develops holistic and achievable plans that provide the right solutions both for the organisation and the communities they serve.

Key considerations for local government resilience include:

• Support vulnerable communities • Address weaknesses in social care and inequalities • Health and social care working together

Social care & wellbeing

• Effective leadership • Future of local government • Delivery of core services • Training and capacity building

• Strengthen council reserves • Real cost of ownership • Space optimisation • Property evaluation & urban consolidation

Core council services

Local healthcare

LOCAL GOVERNMENT Council finance

Local economy

Master Precinct Planning

• Local health hubs to support communities • Health estates managed by councils

• Creating employment that addresses local business needs • Support for local businesses (retail, commercial, industrial and e-commerce) • Incubation of small, independent businesses • Change in Consumer behaviour

• Creating resilient communities • Providing safe, affordable housing • Regenerating town and rural centres • Maintaining and developing local transport infrastructure • Digital infrastructure and behaviour analysis • Planning policy changes

Driving a Truly hOlisTic apprOach

We take a holistic view of your longterm resilience needs, and combine this with our company’s extensive cross-sector capabilities, best practice processes and systems. Through its subsidiaries the AFMS Group can provide government departments and private sector with


a resilient and integrated approach that aligns: • Corporate Governance • Funding and commercial models • Transformation programmes • Operational efficiency improvement • Procurement and supply chain management solutions

Subsidiary companies of the AFMS Group

• Development solutions • Service asset planning • Risk and programme assurance • Project and programme management • Diversification strategies • Portfolio optimisation strategies • Investment strategies • Precinct Management

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Municipal Focus Volume 52  


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