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Project Tools Business productivity applications

An industry-leading suite of products for transformation. Project Tools hinges on f clients and customers, empowering emp operation and overall digital transformatio transformati

Citizen Engagement

IDP Management

Cemetry Management

Organisational Performance Employee Performance

Rethinking CRM engagement across multiple platforms like never before.

Ensuring the centralisation of all planning and implementation data across financial years.

Comprehensive cemetery management system, fully digitising workflows.

Managing organisational-level strategic outcomes to achieve greater organisational performance.

Empower employees, providing tools and processes for greater collaboration, efficiency and insight.

Document Management

Fixed Asset Register

Help Desk Management

Capital Budget Management

Operational Budget Management

Achieve an mSCOA compliant Fixed Asset Register along with a comprehensive fixed asset policy.

End-to-end secure documentation and tracking of all support and request queries.

Drive efficiency in your capital budget management process linked to your SDBIP and IDP.

Digitise your budgeting workflow to optimize operational efficiency.

Seamlessly track, manage and store documents in compliance with RSA Records Municipal Management Act. 52 Focus

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Municipal Focus Volume 52  


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