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We have a future to build for the youth and the environment

Mr Nkoto Sekete: Regional Manager


he prevailing narrative in South Africa is that of continued crises. We seem to move from one problem, having to forget about it before addressing it, to move on to the next problem. We are bombarded with protests, statistics of a failing economy and snippets of a broken State machinery in a public Commission. And all of this whilst having to deal with a Global Pandemic. We seem to wallow in the negativity and continue to enforce the idea that Government ought to solve our problems; in short, we are developing a dependency syndrome fuelled by the Olympics of Suffering where we compete for the title of biggest problem wins. The role


Municipal Focus

Dr Phetole David Sekete: Medical Doctor

Mr Thabang Sekete: Business Development Manager

of the State is to provide a platform for people to exercise their own agency; when people are provided a supportive platform, they can change the world through their own actions. Buhle Waste (Pty) Ltd was started by a Pioneer, Dr P.D. Sekete, in 1997, who realised that it was his responsibility to work on counteracting the ills plaguing his community. With a bank loan and a dream Dr Sekete bought a truck and employed 8 staff members to clean up the dusty streets of Katlehong. His mission was to prevent communicable diseases in the community rather than cure them. At the time, President Mandela’s transitional Government

could mostly focus on ensuring peace and stability in the country, but the State still recognised the need for relying on and supporting emerging Black businesses in order to fulfil the needs of the people – African solutions to African problems driven by African people. Today, Buhle Waste is a family business that is 100% black-owned and managed. Over the 20 years we have gained experience and developed expertise in the management of general, industrial, hazardous and medical waste. We are a holistic waste management service provider who alleviate the administrative woes of procurement departments by minimising their service providers; our experience in

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